SOMANETICS: Somajetic Somasynthesis For Somagenic Somagenesis

Somagenic & Somajetic Alchemy Advices by Ananda

As Published In The Grail Zine magazine for the Grail Ring

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This is the OLD introduction of the book Somanetics, and parts will be in Somagenics the book as well. Included here, so that the GRAIL RING are the first to digest these thoughts in this form, and now on the internet.

These ALCHEMICAL Somajetic elements should only be used complementary to ones daily practice, not instead of ones daily practice.

They are really only useful after a period of long meditation for integration and practice in ones life (including the soft martial arts), coherent brain management, and then all of these areas can be amplified. Weather in Dark Room or in elixir form.

This is the same with C Vitamin, not at all produced in the body, it should not replace ones daily health exercise programme. Nor can the psychoactive amino acids in food, such as Tyrosine or Phenylalanine, be used without ones own emotional health programme. There should be a balance through all the levels. Not to the exclusion of one for the other.

People who may come into this ancient form of Shamanism , Gnosticism, or Alchemy, however, tend to go into a dedicated life of daily practice, which is very well exemplified in the Amazon Basin. The Essenes and the Mandaeans, perhaps took this too far, in their rigid regimes, and that took Christ's rebellion and new procedures for medicine, alchemy and personal practice to change - to iron this out.

-Ananda, January 2000.



Copyright © Ananda January 1999

All Rights Reserved

The Alchemical procedures contained within this book, Somanetics, are highly advanced procedures that were usually presented to the initiates after a long a arduous path of discipline.

If you are seeking to garden the wisdom in this book for the reason of finding a back door to come away from this dimension and go into the domains of the self that are different to your present self, then this book is not for you. We would suggest a path of dedicated meditation, yoga, Chi Kung, and breathwork.

Herein, are some of the alchemical secrets that were kept hidden for good reason, and furthermore, this book does not hand them on a platter, but gives the principles by which one can strive to make ones own gold ­ this is internal alchemy wedded with external alchemy, as Christ said in the Gospel of Thomas "to make the inner like the outer, and the outer like the inner".

Whether these archaic Alchemical secrets were presented to the ancient Egyptian kings, or as the Soma of the ancient Veda's, whether it be the plant alchemy of the ancient Taoists, or the cave dark room alchemy of the Chinese sages and Tibetan Buddhists of the Vajrayana and Bon Po traditions; whether it be the Gnostic Christ teachings, or the Heavenly bread of the line of Kayin, the craftsman; whether it be the Shamans of the Amazon Basin, or the Shem.Ma.Na's of ancient Sumeria; whether it be the Zoroastrians and their Haoma, or Mohammed and the Espand; whether it be the Manichaeans, the Cathars, or the Templers with the Agape Arcanum; or the Northern gods Orthrorir Meade of immortality and wisdom, that Odin bequeathed.

The neurohormone DiMethylTryptamine (DMT), is not a short cut cake from heaven, which lets you off onto a free ride away from your whole self "too disfigured to be rescued". It will not be to the likings of those who enjoy frenzied recreations for relaxation and entertainment (replacement tv) ­ it is a shocking experience whereby one is forced to face the whole of oneself, including all the impurities of the body, by our habits, and even ancestral habits.

Pilots who partake in this element or component of the final stone, alone, go in with white faces, almost in terror by what one is exposed to: one die's and is born again, after facing heaven, and hell. This is very hard for the controlling conscious mind who enjoys the elite status of separation from the entire self, and thus in that egocentric elitism, maintains the disfigurement of the whole organism, and the Holon of the self in coherence.

We, the authors of this book (namely Ananda, and the individual contributors, and the Christ Grail ATON team), do not take any responsibility for your actions that may result from what you may extract from the wisdom contained in these pages. It is presented as public information for those who sincerely want to face themselves, in the entire spectrum (including all impurities that one covers over. For in transmutation of these, the Gold of Phi consciousness results, the dodecahedron and icosahedron philosophers stone of coherence is regained).

We ask you to use your own discretion, and research, to listen to your entire body, and intuition, in every step. We ask you to balance the physical, with the mental, emotional, for coherent spiritual alignment. Balancing every colour of the rainbow equally, in one coherent map, is how one gains the gold of the sunlight 7 as one. Please remember these principles, in balance as you may proceed. At least that is what we would suggest and recommend. Every colour in equal balance, from physical to the spiritual.

This is not an escapist manual. This is a series of procedures that have been implemented, and by some dedicated alchemist apostles, who arduously dedicated themselves to the personal and universal quest of metamorphosis of their entire self, the traces they left for others, as clues, virtually always contained the elements within this book.

But it took them years of dedicated work. Whether it be in making the elixir, then the key is the internal alchemy to transform the Aqua Vitae waters of life, the blood of Christ, and the Soma body Eucharist. The internal alchemy had to overflow with the external. The minimum time for the completion of the "external" stone, was six months of work, on a foundation of years of consciousness and body function self volitioned regulations.

Likewise, with the cave or womb dark room alchemy, as we present in this book, the elements are the same, and are drawn, instead of from plants, from the pineal gland, bones, seed and egg, organs, cells, and blood of the internal alchemist (these elements having come also from the plants we have eaten, to build the body, but it is a longer wave of metabolism, and hence, a greater compactation of memory and experience, gold from lead so to speak, rather than gold from Antimony).

Most predominantly, even in these traditions, there may have been years of preparation with the purifying elixirs, components of the final stone, and certainly years of exercise and will power development. The dark room, as in the Christ story: after the Vinegar of the 4 thieves is given on the cross, Christ is taken into the dark tomb for 3 days, after already having exhibited the superconducting side effects of the Soma (walking on water, halo, healing etc) ­ is usually the final pyramid initiation, in combination with the self made Eucharist stone. It is the initiation of initiations, where you come to face yourself, and where one dies 49 times, as in the Tibetan Book of the Dead and are reborn through 49 gods and demi gods as in the Egyptian Book of the Dead.

The neuro-hormones DMT and 5-MeO-DMT, have been grossly mislabeled by the chemical research industry. These tryptamines are amidst the highest neurohormones produced in man, and are now indicated in the Near Death Experience, Out Of Body Experience, Lucid Dreams, and is measured in the blood plasma of those who are actually dying. It is the most known of the neurotransmitters by the brain, metabolised faster than any other hormone, within 30 seconds, should the Soma beta carbolines not be present in sufficient quantity.


If you are drawn to the stories of DMT and 5-MeO-DMT for a pathway to escape from this crazy world, think again. DMT is absolutely shocking in revelation, no part of the self can remain hidden, even in the microcosm, and when we are filled with toxins, and parasites, which live as conscious experience and even entities at the microcosmic scale, kept into suppression by the unconscious mind veil ­ when this veil is suddenly torn athunder, are you ready to face upto your inner demons; the deeply suppressed parts which you have pressed down deeply into the sess pool hell, "far away" from the conscious mind?

The superconscious mind, embraces the whole self, heaven and hell, no more bars held, the prison prisms are melted. DMT and 5-MeO-DMT forces one to have to face oneself. It can be ecstatic, when integration and purification is excepted, and progress can be immense, in a very short time (since such enormous amounts of suppression a re faced in one time, a death whilst alive). But one would want there to be a Spirit map, and hence the Soma superconducting resonating crystal should be present (this come automatically in the dark room retreat), to open the superconducting door, in the DNA and centrosomes, to the Virtual Spirit.

This is immensely valuable for the one who is ready, ready to face the many dragons as guards of the genetic codes ­ the reptilian codes that personifies the suppressed fears of our ancestors; the species memory of ancient cataclysms and trauma's, never faced upto. But suppressed, shutting off some genetic talents, and becoming "junk" DNA as laziness replaces superconductive interactivity, in the relationship of our biology to the mono-atomic high spin minerals of our bones, DNA core, and centrosome's within our cells, by the neuro-hormones of the pineal, that are superconducting resonating bridges.


This pathway of awakening requires great compassion, wisdom, and humility. It is in humbleness that the adequate humour is revealed by which coherent neutrality can cathedral the self into expansion and conscious integration, fusion instead of fission. From multiple personality disorder, to multiple personalities in one Unified Coherent Order, the unification of the minds: conscious, subconscious, unconscious, cellular mind, molecular mind (genetic mind), atomic and sub-atomic minds. A vast intelligence, of ourselves awaits to be revealed from within a vast universe called the microcosm, which when it has a mirror into mirror coherent fractal cascade to look upto, becomes the internal universal alchemical furnace by which the Diamond of self can be perfected.


We therefore, heartily caution you to proceed. Not believing in secrecy (but respecting the law of privacy), and having come to this level of technical understanding, after our initial actual experience of the theorems presented within these pages, we feel impelled to share the foundation of these discoveries to the seeker of self integration and integrated inner/outer alchemy, compassionately. The very words in this book will act as protectors unto themselves, for one who is not yet ready in self, to face the whole self. Some will attempt only parts of what is contained herein, without internal alchemy, or even external alchemy, and may be disappointed that the golden plate did not present the heavenly cake, and that this book was not the Priest who gives the Agape freely, after all. It is an absolutely personal process, it is you who does the work, and for that work obtain the rewards of the gold.


This book especially is to illustrate the relevance of the ancient dark room techniques for metamorphosis. Even though Emmanuel translated me in the daylight going into twilight hours, they did the majority of the work, and told me that I had to learn to get there myself. The true womb of the dark room, the womb of Isis, enables our Horus Self to be awakened. And this very ancient alchemical science is an intricate science from a vast intergalactic intelligence, known by the ancients of the major traditions of the world, as Gnosis, Hermetic Marriage, Shien union with the Tao and Wu Chi, Anata beyond the Atman Self, and Alchemy.

The making of the Agape philosophers stone, is to make conscious the complexity of the microcosmic constituents of the body, to be implemented in the final conscious alchemicalisation

This book has been aided by the notes of a group of Hermetic Gnostic initiates, who are also scientists, who follow in the footsteps of the Alchemist Falcanelli, who succeeded 800 years ago to transmute the body into Spirit, and who is still around (there are 10 years of CIA documents on him).

Emmanuel in 1992, told me to look at the Soma's Harmine, Harmaline, and DMT, in relation to my light body translation experience with them, when I was 19 in 1989, as a clue in helping me to learn to get there myself.

After some years of dark room research work and experiment, with 72 pilots being brought through, and then coming to the Soma research, and doing extensive investigation and experimentation herein, then I received the papers, which confirmed my working model, wonderfully, by others who are arduously dedicated to self metamorphosis. These many dozens of pages have been used as notes herein.

These scientist hermetic gnostic initiates (non Masonic), also practice the most advanced original sacred dance Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Tantra, meditation and the Bindu, Martial arts, and utilise as an essential key, the Secret of the Taoist Golden Flower procedures, within their alchemy. They claim to have analysed the Eucharist of the Green Lion, and found the essential components within this book, contained in this elixir. As any alchemist knows, one does not drink the stone made by another (Soma and Akacia (Acacia) by itself is only a predecessor of this and is a shared sacrament), for then one would eat the spirit of another, and this leads to ones destruction. Fulcanelli, only gives them clues in the form of punnary and kabalistic jokes. It is up to each initiate to make their own stone from the sacraments that may be shared.

This should act as a warning should you make a discovery. Should you complete a phase of the Green Lion, just because it works for you, does not give one the right to impose it on ones brother, sister, or lover. The naked ingredients are universal, and the body is the alchemical furnace. Thus this book gives the naked components, as clues from which is constructed and built the Church or Temple stone of the Sacrament by ones own alchemy. Thus much of the included components, when not brought through alchemy are, in isolated and even combined form, not the Green Lion. Only you can make the 3 Lions, from White, Green, to Red, and thus pure Infra Red, the true Blood of Christ with the Christ living Body: Soma.

This book is a complementary manuel to THE DIAMOND BODY: Trinitization Light Body Star Ship intensive manuel of internal Vortex alchemy.

You will most probably have come across these words in relationship to these advanced practices, which are as much an integral part to the finished and completed Agape, as are the constituents presented herein. We state this clearly here. You cannot say that we did not warn you. Balance all levels, otherwise you will not obtain gold, but a mush of grey.

Therefore, we highly suggest and recommend that what follows is an essential complement to the Vortexijah Light Body technology, they go together. And the Vortexijah techniques themselves, can be found evidenced as the secret high advanced techniques in the procedures of the alchemists of the ages: from the PaKua of the Taoists, to the Chakra Vajra of the Buddhists, to the Aton, Mu, Ku, and Shem, vehicle of the ancient Egyptians, Sumerians, proto-Mayans, and Akkadians, or the Ruinic Mudra's of the Iggdrasil Sleipnir vehicle of the Scandinavians, these go together. One without the other is like having a pen without paper, bread without butter, a door without a key, a car without fuel, wings without a plane, a canvas without paint or paint brush, electricity without a socket, an astronaut without a rocket.

Do not be surprised if you become disillusioned, or obtain strange results, when the balance of 7 through 3 makes one is forgotten, as an illustration of the coherence of all-encompassing compassionate Love.

---Ananda, April 1999.