Operation Rescue

Essential Solutions For Immunity From The Silent War

Compiled And Written, June 1997,



We all shudder when we again remind ourselves of the gas chambers used during world war 2. Since 1954, however, a new form of warfare was implemented on the global populace - a quite war. The testimony of former military personnel, doctors, bankers, and court released documents, define and demonstrate, overwhelmingly the intentional existence of this silent war, which utilises quite weapons, such as economic tools, biological additives, and cancer forming drugs etc. Overpopulation management, is the excuse, at the forefront, for this gradual attack on the human populces health, and mind. It is not in the scope of this small book to cover the detailed documentation, here (see my book Sovereignty: The Emergency For Independence From The Europian Slave Machine, for documentation, 1993).

With the deliberate suppression of the various cancer cures and causes by the medical CORPORATE establishment when we are now in a global cancer crissis, requires the absolute alertness of ALL who care to survive into the next century and into the next years.

With 1 out 1 persons, in the US, in their lifetimes coming down with one form of cancer or another, and this unbelievably is increasing to with an accelleration of more than one cancer per person, appearing in one lifetime. People, due to lack of inquisiteveness, and lack of reduntent energy, due to extra survivel stress in economic maintainence, are willing to line up to the modern gas chambres, known as Chemo Therapy. Here the nuclear waste, which usually costs billions, each year for the energy corporations to dispose off, is "usefully" dispossed of with a profit, from the sick, and which often disposes of the individual (especially, if they have not negotiated radioactive dosing with their doctors).

In this booklet we then compile, the solutions all around, which are not new, but which have been there all the time, and will be a requirement for all. As we are to help our friends and surrounding sincere fellow human beings, of all backgrounds, inthe balance of the rainbow races, that humanity is a remenent off.


Vitamin C, a rainbow of beauty at the crystal microscopic perspective.



The Orthodox Cancer Cure Hoax


"Everyone should know that most cancer research is largely a fraud

and that the major cancer research organisations are derelict in their

duties to the people who support them."

- Linus Pauling PhD (Two-time Nobel Prize winner).


In the United Kingdom alone, the Cancer Research Fund-Raising Syndicate are now

clawing in over £100 million per year. An army of commission-paid agents, old

ladies with their life savings, school children, posers walking in the Alps with

elephants, marathon runners, tin wavers and unpaid volunteers, have all helped to

create by far the most successful fraud in history.


"Economics and politics simply intertwine in shaping conventional medicine's

approach to cancer. Very simply put, treating disease is enormously profitable,

preventing disease is not."

-British Cancer Control Society.


Nearly one in two of the population have, or will develop, cancer. The vast majority

will choose the drug/radiation/surgery package produced by the vivisection

laboratories, and over half will be dead within two years. According to America's

leading cancer statistician, Professor Hardin B Jones, the orthodox onslaught kills the

patient up to four times faster than the disease does.


By all pointers - incidence, severity and death-rate, the disease has long been out of

control. The causes of cancer are too numerous to list fully, suffice to say that certain

sections of society have been allowed a free hand to do as they wish with our food,

drink, medicine and environment. The petrochemical industry and, in particular, its

pharmaceutical wing, the general practitioner, food processor, cigarette

manufacturer, farmer and radiologist, can all stake their claim as cancer producers.


An endless saturation of the environment with synthetic poisons; a million

prescriptions for petro-derivative drugs, per day, from UK doctors; vaccination;

fluoride waste dumping in the water supply; cigarettes; X-radiation used as though it

were sunshine; and poisoned, adulterated food, have all helped to push cancer

beyond epidemic levels, and yet the attitude of the public is to look the other way and

hope the thing disappears.


The five year survival rates for the major cancers are:

Stomach - 5%

Trachea, bronchus and lung - 5%

Breast - 50%

Oesophagus - 5%

Large intestine - 22%

Pancreas - 4%

Liver - 2%


The definition of cure in cancer is the restoration of health to the cancer patient; the

restoration of the immune system, and the elimination of cancer through this

system. Detecting cancer early enough, attacking the tumour with the

slash/burn/poison version of cancer therapy, and then pronouncing "cured" after

the five year survival period has elapsed, has, of course, nothing remotely to do with

the successful treatment of the disease.


Patients who die from the effects of chemo of radio "therapy" after more than five

years have passed are counted as cured. Being dead or dying does not exclude one

from the figures of the cancer industry's creative statisticians. Claims, by the

fund-raisers and their media-lackeys, of "One third of cases can now be cured" and

"80,000 cured each year"' , may have pushed contributions past the golden £100

million a year mark, but these have only year helped to ensure that the cancer

holocaust continues to worsen.


The only "breakthroughs" by the Cancer Business have been financial. Agencies vie

with each other to relieve the public of their cash in order to fund an endless stream

of totally fraudulent research projects, and keep an army of vivisectors, animal

breeders, and administrators, in cigars and brandy and yachts and aeroplanes.


The cancer industry is sustained by a policy of deliberately facing in the wrong

direction, as was accurately summed up by the American newsmen, Robert Houston

and Gary Null:


"A solution to cancer would mean the termination of research

programs, the obsolescence of skills, the end of dreams of personal

glory, triumph over cancer would dry up contributions to

self-perpetuating charities....It would mortally threaten the present

clinical establishments by rendering obsolete the expensive surgical,

radiological and chemotherapeutic treatments in which so much

money, training and equipment is invested....The new therapy must

be disbelieved, denied, discouraged and disallowed at all costs,

regardless of actual testing results, and preferably without any testing

at all."


The multitude of highly paid vivisectors, animal breeders, petrochemical drug

interests, salesmen, prescribers, surgeons, radiation machine makers and operatives,

equipment makers and the rest, aided and abetted by agents in government, health

departments and the mass media, suppress or attempt to discredit all information on

the safe, effective, rational approach to the disease.


Every couple of months the media agents announce a cancer research breakthrough,

with a particularly good fund-raiser being to parade a "cured" child on the television

screen. Ignoring mischievous cancer statisticians: " I wouldn't be surprised if they are

curing a lot of leukaemia that never existed", the lengthening of survival times

("cures") is down to the fact that less children are being killed within weeks or days

through the effects of lethal, class six, super poisonous "chemotherapy". And whilst

any lessening of the petrochemical drug lunacy is, of course, to be welcomed, the

notion that these cases are steps on the way to the "conquest of cancer" is too bizarre

to warrant intelligent discussion.


Cancer is, basically, a nutritional/environmental disease - it has never been

incurable, nor is it anything to do with bad luck. The medical orthodoxy resisted

vitamin C as a cure for scurvy for over 200 years; the British Navy, alone, lost over a

million men before the academic blockheads could be persuaded to give up their

search for mystery "germs" and wonder cures from the chemical industry and turn

towards the "witch-doctor cures of ignorant savages." All over the world countless

people have been restored to health using naturopathic and other therapies, yet they

have been ruthlessly suppressed in order to protect the vested interests of the cancer



"The use of animals in cancer research has been attacked as

unnecessary cruelty to animals, and defended as absolutely essential

for research progress....From a scientific standpoint, what is pertinent

is that what are called 'animal model systems' in cancer research have

been a total failure....The moral is that animal model systems not only

kill animals, they also kill humans. There is no good factual evidence

to show that the use of animals in cancer research has led to the

prevention or cure of a single human cancer."

-Dr Irwin D Bross PhD


For over two hundred years the inmates of the vivisection laboratories have

tormented to death hundreds of millions of animals. Over 800 ways of inducing

tumours in animals have been found, not one of which is remotely related to a

cancer which has developed spontaneously in a human.

Tumours are implanted under the skin, and then observed as the growth takes over

the body, animals are radiated, limbs become gangrenous and fall off, force feeding

large amounts of toxic substances causes vomiting and fits - until death intervenes.


"The ably exploited fear of this dread disease, caused mainly by the

products issuing from chemical and industrial laboratories, has

become an inexhaustible source of income for the researchers, for the

pharmaceutical industry, and the medical establishment. In the course

of our century, so-called cancer research and cancer therapy have

become a source of solid gold without precedent."

-medical historian, Hans Ruesch (from his book, Naked Empress)


Animal-based "cancer research" fund-raisers include: The Imperial Cancer Research

Fund, The Cancer Research Campaign, The Leukaemia Research Fund, Tenovus

Cancer Research, The Yorkshire Cancer Research Campaign, Cancer and Leukaemia

in Childhood Trust, Institute of Cancer Research, World Cancer Research Fund.


If you support animal-based "cancer research" you are supporting the biggest fraud,

medical or otherwise, in history, and the cruel and senseless torture and killing of

your fellow beings; both human and animal.


You can help to bring vivisection's end one step nearer by joining the BAVA.

Members receive the BAVA journal, the New Abolitionist, four times per year. The

36 page booklet, Cancer Epidemic - A Question of Survival, by naturopath Patrick

Rattigan, is available from the BAVA, price £2.00 inc p&p.

British Anti-Vivisection Association, PO Box 82, Kingswood, Bristol, BS15 1YF


"While the people are being lied to...and drugged and inoculated for the

benefit of the huge chemical combines who own the Press and Radio, it is

obviously necessary to hit back with the truth."

-Lionel Dole, The Blood Poisoners, 1965.


"Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right

includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek,

receive and impart information and ideas through any media and

regardless of frontiers".

-Article 19, Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


The Ultimate Cancer Conspiracy:

Vitamin B17 and Laetrile

by Joe Vialls


During 1950 after many years of research, a dedicated biochemist

by the name of Dr. Ernst T. Krebs, Jr., isolated a new vitamin

that he numbered B17 and called 'Laetrile'. As the years rolled

by, thousands became convinced that Krebs had finally found the

complete control for all cancers, a conviction that even more

people share today. Back in 1950 Ernst Krebs could have had

little idea of the hornet's nest he was about to stir up. The

pharmaceutical multinationals, unable to patent or claim

exclusive rights to the vitamin, launched a propaganda attack of

unprecedented viciousness against B17, despite the fact that hard

proof of its efficiency in controlling all forms of cancer

surrounds us in overwhelming abundance.


In his brilliantly researched 1974 book World Without Cancer,

researcher and author G. Edward Griffin explains the

trophoblastic theory of cancer proposed by Professor John Beard

of Edinburgh University, which states that certain pre-embryonic

cells in pregnancy differ in no discernible way from

highly-malignant cancer cells. Edwards Griffin continues:


"The trophoblast in pregnancy indeed does exhibit all the

classical characteristics of cancer. It spreads and multiplies

rapidly as it eats its way into the uterus wall preparing a place

where the embryo can attach itself for maternal protection and



The trophoblast is formed in a chain reaction by another cell

that Griffin simplifies down to the 'total life' cell, which has

the total capacity to evolve into any organ or tissue, or a

complete embryo. When the total life cell is triggered into

producing trophoblast by contact with the hormone estrogen,

present in both males and females, one of two different things

happens. In the case of pregnancy the result is conventional

development of a placenta and umbilical cord. If the trophoblast

is triggered as part of a healing process however, the result is

cancer or, as Edward Griffin cautions: "To be more accurate, we

should say it is cancer if the healing process is not terminated

upon completion of its task."


Stunning proof of this claim is readily available. All

trophoblast cells produce a unique hormone called the chorionic

gonadotrophic (CGH) which is easily detected in urine. Thus if a

person is either pregnant or has cancer, a simple CGH pregnancy

test should confirm either or both. It does, with an accuracy of

better than 92% in all cases. If the urine sample shows positive

it means either normal pregnancy or abnormal malignant cancer.

Griffin notes: "If the patient is a woman, she either is pregnant

or has cancer. If he is a man, cancer can be the only cause." So

why all of the expensive, dangerous biopsies carried to 'detect'

cancerous growths? One can only assume that medicare pays doctors

a larger fee for biopsies than pregnancy tests.


So how is it that any of us gets cancer in the first place. Is it

exposure to cigarette smoking, intense sunlight or perhaps the

effect of toxic food additives? Dr. Krebs thinks not. All of the

hard biochemical evidence points to the fact that cancer is a

simple deficiency disease of vitamin B17, long ago removed from

our highly refined, western diets. Krebs postulates that the

so-called 'carcinogens' are merely stress triggers that finally

expose the B17 deficiency with devastating effect.


The proof Krebs has presented over the years to support his claim

is impressive. Centuries ago we used to eat millet bread, rich in

B17, but now we chew our way through wheat which has none at all.

For generations our grandmothers used to carefully crush the

seeds of plums, greengages, cherries, apples, apricots and other

members of the botanical family Rosaceae, and diligently mix them

with their home made jams and preserves. Grandma probably didn't

know why she was doing it, but the seeds of all these fruits are

the most potent source of B17 in the world. In the tropics, large

quantities of B17 are found in cassava, also known as tapioca.

When did you last eat some?


Independent research has also proved that a Himalayan tribe known

as the 'Hunza' never contract cancer of any kind so long as they

stick to their native diet which is exceptionally high in both

apricots and millet. However, once exposed to western diets they

become as vulnerable as the rest of us.


The implications of these findings are staggering of course. If

we managed to control Scurvy (vitamin C deficiency) centuries

ago, how is it we cannot do the same for cancer today? The fact

of the matter is that we could if our respective governments

would allow it. Unfortunately most governments have buckled under

the pressure exerted by the pharmaceutical multinationals, the

American Food & Drug Administration, and the American Medical

Association. All three have mounted highly successful 'scare'

campaigns based on the fact that vitamin B17 contains quantities

of 'deadly' cyanide; conveniently forgetting that vitamin B12

also contains significant quantities of cyanide, and has long

been available in health food shops world-wide.


Dr. Kreb's B17 Laetrile was derived from apricot seeds and then

synthesized into crystalline form using his own unique process.

Suddenly, the American FDA bombarded the media with a story about

an unfortunate couple who had poisoned themselves by eating raw

apricot seeds in San Francisco. The story made headline news

across the U.S.A. although several suspicious journalists never

managed to establish the identity of the unfortunate couple,

despite many determined attempts. But the multinational

pharmaceutical/FDA boot had been put in with a vengeance. From

that point onwards eating apricot seeds or B17 Laetrile became

synonymous with committing suicide...


Back in the fifties Dr. Ernst Krebs proved beyond doubt that B17

was completely harmless to humans in the most convincing way

possible. After testing the vitamin on animals, he filled a large

hypodermic with a mega-dose which he then injected into his own

arm! Drastic perhaps, but the adventurous Dr. Krebs is still

alive and well today.


The vitamin is harmless to healthy tissue for a very simple

reason: Each molecule of B17 contains one unit of cyanide, one

unit of benzaldehyde and two of glucose (sugar) tightly locked

together. In order for the cyanide to become dangerous it is

first necessary to 'unlock' the molecule to release it, a trick

that can only be performed by an enzyme called beta-glucosidase.

This enzyme is present all over the body in minute quantities,

but in huge quantities (up to 100 times as high) at cancerous

tumour sites.


Thus the cyanide is released only at the cancer site with drastic

results, which become utterly devastating to the cancer cells

because the benzaldehyde unit also unlocks at the same time.

Benzaldehyde is a deadly poison in its own right, which then acts

synergistically with the cyanide to produce a poison 100 times

more deadly than either in isolation. The combined effect on the

cancer cells is best left to the imagination.


But what about danger to the rest of the body's cells? Another

enzyme, rhodanese, always present in larger quantities than the

unlocking enzyme beta-glucosidase in healthy tissues has the easy

ability to completely break down both cyanide and benzaldehyde

into beneficial body products. Predictably perhaps, malignant

cancer cells contain no rhodanese at all, leaving them completely

at the mercy of the cyanide and benzaldehyde.


Any physician reading this article will probably be shaking with

self-righteous indignation at this stage, muttering to himself:

'Yes, but where is the PROOF???'


Right here! Most people have heard of 'spontaneous remission',

where the cancer simply goes away, hopefully never to reappear.

Spontaneous remissions are exceedingly rare and vary from one

form of cancer to another. One virulent variety known as

testicular chorionepithelioma has never been known to produce a

single spontaneous remission. Perhaps for that precise reason,

Dr. Krebs singled it out for special attention when proving the

effectiveness of B17 Laetrile in providing total control for

cancers. As Edward Griffin recounts:


"In a banquet speech in San Francisco on November 19, 1967, Dr.

Ernst T. Krebs, Jr., briefly reviewed six such cases. Then he



Now there is an advantage in not having had prior radiation,

because if you have not received prior radiation that has failed,

then you cannot enjoy the imagined benefits of the delayed

effects of prior radiation. So this boy falls into the category

of the "spontaneous regression... "


And when we look at this scientifically, we know that spontaneous

regression occurs in fewer than one in 150,000 cases of cancer.

The statistical possibility of spontaneous regression accounting

for the complete resolution of successive cases of testicular

chorionepithelioma is far greater than the statistical

improbability of the sun not rising tomorrow morning."


Wisely perhaps, Griffin notes that because of the adverse

publicity against B17 Laetrile, and because of the difficulties

in obtaining the 'banned' substance, most cancer sufferers turn

to the vitamin as a last resort, long after they have been burned

by radiation therapy, and/or poisoned by chemotherapy. He points

out that once the body organs have been savagely damaged in this

way, there is little if any chance of B17 Laetrile being able to

effect a cure. The body is simply too far gone.


When World Without Cancer was written back in 1974, B17 Laetrile

was freely available in Australia. It is not now. A recent check

with the Australian Cancer Foundation and health authorities

revealed that nowadays Canberra considers each individual case on

its merits, then decides whether the patient should be allowed to

import sufficient of the material for his or her own personal

use. If he or she manages to jump that hurdle, it is then his or

her own responsibility to find a doctor prepared to inject it.

Seemingly the multinational pharmaceutical lobbyists managed to

get to our politicians before Dr. Krebs could get to the

Australian public. Radiation and chemotherapy are highly

profitable, and oncologists have to make a decent living...


Only a few months ago Australian nationwide television carried

the delightful information that two out of every three

Australians can expect to suffer skin cancer at least once during

their lifetimes. On the massive evidence provided by Dr. Ernst

Krebs, Jr. and G. Edward Griffin, that figure could be crushed to

a tiny percentage of the anticipated numbers if Australians were

allowed freedom of choice where B17 Laetrile is concerned. It is

time for Australians to take a stand on this lethal issue.


Now many of the alternative cures for the silent WW3 generated diseases, are being placed under the labels of drugs. Such ancient traditional remedies such as herbs, and in our day vitamins, are already being placed under the drug catagory. Injectable vitamin C, beyond one gram, even in homeopathic form (that is no physical molecule) is illegal and is considered a drug, today in Italy. Hard to believe? Thought you knew you could trust the good old corporations? Perhaps you never had a chance to think. Here is food for thought of prime examples:


Attack On Essential NutrientS By The Health Protection Branch (HPB):

The Who Codex Connection

By Saul Kent, President of The Life Extension Foundation


Kava kava, a rather innocuous anti-stress herbal remedy in use

for several decades in Canada without incident, was recently

prohibited (November, 1996) from sale by the HPB (Health

Protection Branch).


DHEA, a very popular health food store supplement extracted from

wild yam was also the target of the HPB supplement police

(November 13, 1996). Several months previous to this, melatonin

was the HPB victim. All this has gone on despite zero deaths or

even any serious adverse reactions taking place as a result of

Kava kava, DHEA, or melatonin.


Meanwhile, the death toll continues to rise as a direct result of

"safe and effective" prescription and over the counter drugs like

non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDS), cough and cold

remedies containing pseudephedrine, and broad spectrum



Drugs like the NSAIDS which can cause gastrointestinal hemorrhage

and which were previously available on prescription only are now

easily obtainable over the counter. Narcotics like codeine (in

ASA + caffeine + codeine pain tablets) can also be obtained

without any difficulty just by asking the pharmacist.


In the USA, this is not possible and every narcotic requires a

written doctor's prescription. Acid suppressing drugs which can

also cause impotence and candida overgrowth were previously only

available by prescription. The public is now welcome to

experience these side effects via the over the counter route. As

more and more potentially dangerous drugs are accessible to the

public, less and less natural health care products remain



Why is this Happening?

Some of you by now must be wondering if there is any sense that

can be made out of this recent illogical behaviour of the HPB. An

understanding of the Codex connection will suddenly make things

quite clear. Codex is officially known as the United

Nations/World Health Organization (WHO) Codex Alimentarious

(Nutrition Code) Commission. It meets every 2 years, usually in

Rome, and is considered by many legal experts to be the greatest

threat to health freedom in the world today. You will not find

much in the mainstream media on Codex, a secretive group that

would prefer to remain anonymous. Most of what follows is taken

from various web sites on the Internet.


Codex is empowered by governments to set standards of operation

for the health industry. Over 90% of the international

organizations "allowed" to send delegates to the meetings

represent giant multinational pharmaceutical corporations. The

only "consumer" organization is the "International Organization

of Consumer Unions". Neither the natural health care industry nor

the general public have any representation at Codex meetings.


In October, 1996, Codex met in Bonn, Germany, to make radical

changes in the rules governing dietary supplements for member

nations. The proposals of greatest concern were those made by the

German delegation ("Proposed Draft Guidelines for Dietary

Supplements"), which is being sponsored by Hoechst, Bayer, and



These are the three drug companies formed when the Nuremberg War

Trials disbanded IG Farben, manufacturer of the poison gas used

in Nazi concentration camps. Although IG Farben may have been

disbanded, none of its directors were ever penalized for their

actions during the war. They simply divided what remained from

the company and split into three separate entities.


The three Nazi-connected German drug companies have stated their

main purpose as being to "...create a set of international

standards to guide the world's growing food industry and to

protect the health of consumers." If you really believe that, I

have some ocean front property for you at half price in

Saskatoon. The drug company backed proposals call for the



1. No vitamin, mineral, herb, etc., can be sold for

prophylactic (preventative) or therapeutic reasons.


2. Natural remedies can be sold as food but they must not

exceed the potency (dosage) levels set by the commission.

This means that consumer access to dietary supplements will

be limited to the RDA dosage as a maximum limit for vitamins

(vitamin C - 60 mg, vitamin E - 15 mg, etc.). Supplements

without an RDA (e.g. coenzyme Q10) would be illegal to sell

because they would all become drugs.


3. Codex regulations for dietary supplements would become

binding, eliminating the escape clause within the General

Agreement of Tariffs and Trade (GATT) that allows a nation

to set its own standards. This applies to all member

countries of the U.N. Any nation that does not accept and

apply these new standards will be heavily fined by the World

Trade Organization (WTO), creating the potential for

crippling entire sectors of the nation's economy.


4. All new supplements would be banned unless they went through

the Codex approval process.


Five steps have already been taken in the Codex process over the

past few years. Remember Canadian Bill C-7 which was passed

eventually in Canada as C-8? The similarity of the process, the

secrecy, and the wording between the Codex proposals and the

Canadian laws is uncanny.


Voting in favour of adopting the German proposal has been

overwhelming (16 for and 2 against in the most recent vote). The

Codex process is now at "Step Five" - formalization and debate

concerning the specific features. In two years, Codex could jump

from step 5 to step 8 to finalize these restrictions. The Codex

proposals already exist as law in Norway and Germany, where the

entire health food industry has literally been taken over by the

drug companies. In these countries, vitamin C above 200 mg is

illegal as is vitamin E above 45 IU, Vitamin B1 over 2.4 mg and

so on. Shering-Plough, the Norway pharmaceutical giant, now

controls an echinacea tincture which is being sold there as an

OTC drug at grossly inflated prices. The same is true of ginkgo

and many other herbs. Only one government controlled pharmacy has

the right to import supplements as medicines which they can sell

to health food stores, convenience stores, or pharmacies.


According to Dr. Matthias Rath, researcher and author who

discovered a correlation between vitamin C deficiency and heart

disease, the three Nazi-linked drug companies pushing so hard for

the German proposal - Hoechst, Bayer and BASF - are also

manufacturers of heart drugs. Obviously, with the vitamin

competition gone, nothing will stop their profits.


The Spies Among Us

"HPB is interested in receiving any information for

purposes of following up on any firms that continue to

sell or distribute DHEA in violation of the Food & Drug

Act and Regulations".

-D.W. Shelly, Chief, Drug & Environmental Health

Inspection Division.


HPB Chief Shelly is asking you to report any of your colleagues

obstinate enough to sell DHEA. This sort of unpaid spy work was a

favorite tactic of totalitarian regimes like the Nazis before WW

II and the Communists before the Berlin wall came down. How



About a month ago, I was asked by Alive magazine to write an

article about Codex. At the time, Rhody Lake, editor of Alive was

told by representatives of both the HPB and the CNHPA (Canadian

Natural Health Products Association) that Codex was not a threat

to public access to natural health care products.


The facts do not support this belief. While the CNHPA says that

it works on behalf of the natural products industry, it appears

to support the HPB's removal of products from health food store



For example, in an Oct. 9, 1996 press release, the CNHPA said,

"In light of the recent crackdown by Health Canada on the sale of

the hormone, melatonin, in health food stores, the Association

recommends that stores cease the sale of DHEA immediately."


Is the CNHPA in collusion with the HPB? Their actions seem to

indicate that. So do their words: "...the Supplement

Manufacturers' Committee is in almost daily negotiations with

Health Canada in the area of regulatory affairs and working, with

some success, toward special recognition..." What success? The

reality is that these "daily negotiations" have been a dismal

failure, making public access to health products worse than at

any time in the history of Canada. According to John C. Hammell,

legal advocate for the U.S. based Life Extension Foundation, the

Nazi-linked proposals have the backing of Canadian and French

Codex commission representatives.


In June of 1996, the Codex Executive committee created an "expert

panel" on herbs which was expected generate a "negative list" to

prevent public access to certain herbs internationally. The

formation of this "expert panel" was advocated by none other than

the Canadian and Austrailian representatives.


During the October 1996 Bonn, Germany Codex discussions only the

United States and the United Kingdom voted against such a list

and against limiting other supplements to a maximum international



Why then are the HPB and the CNHPA denying that the Codex

proposals will have any impact on the availability of nutritional

supplements in Canada? Either spokespersons for these two groups

are ignorant about the proposals or they are lying to the public

in order to protect drug company interests. After all, several

voting member companies of the CNHPA are owned by or are

subsidiaries of major drug manufacturers or pharmaceutical



Neither group can be trusted to give the public straight answers

about the Codex scam when, in fact, they are a part of the group

trying to outlaw melatonin, DHEA, Kava kava, amino acids, and

several dozen herbs. Some members of the CNHPA are in a clear

conflict of interest since they stand to gain financially when

the supplement prices are boosted through the roof. It should be

noted that the CNHPA was formerly called the Canadian Health Food

Association. Did changing its name have anything to do with drug

company wishes? Further evidence of Canadian involvement with

Codex is the HPB position on what is or is not a food or a drug.

For example, garlic, ginger, licorice, and peppermint are

considered to be foods when sold as spices. If a grocery store

manager makes claims for their therapeutic effects, they then

become drugs via a hocus pocus mechanism which still remains to

be defined. Perhaps one of the drug owned supplement firms that

are members of the CNHPA can explain how this occurs.


If Codex and the HPB have their way, your favourite supplements

will be replaced by expensive, patented, over-the-counter or

prescription drugs. Just look what has already happened to amino

acids like tryptophan. Once available for under $20 for a bottle

of 100 tablets of 500 mg at your local health food store, the

same tablet is now only available by prescription at a cost of

over $120 by prescription.


For more information, documentation, and a plan of action that

you can take to fight the Government(s)/Codex Connection,




Write or phone your federal MPs and make them aware of

the situation and how you feel about it. If you you do

not know who your federal representative is, phone

1-800-282-8060 (in Manitoba), or 1-800-667-3355

(everywhere else in Canada). No postage is required for

letters sent to MPs while parliament is in session.

Also write to the Honourable David Dingwall, Minister

of Health, Health Canada, Brooke Claxton Building, Room

091-6A, Tunney's Pasture, Ottawa, ON K1A 0K9.


Canadian Natural Health Products Association

Suite 205 - 550 Alden Rd, Markham, ON L3R 6A8

Phone: (800) 661-4510, (905) 479-6939

fax: (905) 479-1516


Start a chain letter, creating a cover letter stating

"Make ten copies of this cover page and newsletter,

send it to 10 people locally or around the world.

Continuing this chain letter will bring you more than

just luck, it will help save our God given right to

health freedom and access to natural and safe

supplements World wide."



John Hammell

Legislative Advocate

The Life Extension Foundation

2411 Monroe St. #2, Hollywood, FL 33020 USA

Phone: (800) 333-2553, (954) 929-2905

fax: (954) 929-0507

e-mail: John@lef.org



Phone, fax, E-mail, write as many natural health

supplement manufacturer/distributors and make them

aware of your views and ask them to also represent you.

Look under health foods or vitamins in your local

yellow pages and/or go to a library to find other phone

books to locate out of town companies or ask your local

health food store to supply you with addresses.


Boycott all Hoechst, Bayer, and BASF products. Write to

them and tell them your views.


Please help protect your right of access to natural

products. The entire planet is counting on it!


Here are less serious versions being implemented of the same above procedures, but now in England:



The Department of Health (DoH) is planning

to implement a European Directive

which is likely to lead to the removal

of many herbal products from shops, cut

off supplies to practising herbalists

and put herbal companies out of

business. This change is being rushed

through by the UK government before

the end of 1995.



Officials from the DoH met with members

of the herb industry on 21 September 1994

to say that their lawyers had just

discovered that Section 12 of the 1968

Medicines Act was out of step with a

European Directive (65/65) due to come

into force at the beginning of 1995. The

DoH would be seeking immediate repeal of

Section 12 which gives herbal practitioners

and companies the right to supply herbal

medicines without a medicines licence. This

legislation was passed after considerable

public and parliamentary debate and reflects

rights of practice going back to the

Herbalists Charter of 1543.



Dried or fresh herbs would still be available

but processed herbs including tinctures, pills,

concentrates, capsules and ointments would

all require a licence. Since a medicines'

licence costs 84,000 alone for administrative

fees and as plants cannot be patented there is

no chance of herbal suppliers recouping their

costs. Food law does not apply as European

law defines a medicine as anything which can

be demonstrated to have a medicinal or

physiological effect. The effect of Directive

65/65 will be the destruction of the herb

industry and hence the rights of people to

have access to traditional and natural




Other European governments are not

implementing this Directive and the German

government has voted for a 10 year delay

before implementation. The US government

has just recently reversed legislation so

that herbs and vitamins can be sold freely.

In Australia there is a Traditional Medicines

Evaluation Committee with representatives

of practitioners, suppliers and scientists

which applies different criteria for

traditional herbal remedies to those used

for conventional drugs. Until last month

herbalists in the UK have been consistently

assured that their rights under the

Medicines Act would be unaffected yet the

DoH is now rushing through these changes.



A Herbal Practitioners Alliance has been

formed in the UK with membership of the

National Institute of Medical Herbalists

and other practitioner bodies. The HPA

has already started to meet with the DoH

to find ways of formalising the high

standards of training and practice which

have been established for herbalists here.

Such responsible initiatives towards

licensing of herbalists make no sense if

the DoH is to encourage the decimation

of herbal practice and the herb industry.



Meanwhile there is lots to be done to

stop the threat to herbal medicines.

Please pass on this information to your

friends and relatives - anyone who uses

herbal remedies or might want to at a

future date.


Can you write urgently to your MP and

MEP and make the points above and ask

- why the rush?

- what about consultation?

- what about patients rights to choose

natural medicines?


Thank you for your help

Anne Stobart, NIMH

Consultant medical herbalist

21 Dean Street, Crediton, Devon EX17 3EN


The case is becoming even harder now. Many supplements that have been standard for our health are now classified illegal, and what will happen to you if you have them, is not pleasent, as you will see, from those who have been raided and held at gun point for 12 hours, including the elderly.




The FDA's battle against natural and alternative health care could produce the following casualties:


All Free Form Amino Acids:

These essential nutrients would be eliminated from the market to

be studied for "safety" and then handed over to medical

pharmaceutical corporations to be made into highly expensive

prescription-only drugs. Amino acids have been safely used by

consumers for over 20 years. The ban would include N-acetyl

cysteine (NAC) which is very promising in treatment for HIV and

has been used successfully to treat bronchitis.


Selected Herbs:

Many immune-boosting herbs and treatments for HIV and cancer may

be eliminated. All medicinal herbs are in jeopardy because the FDA

has never granted "generally recognized as safe" (GRAS) status to

any herbs used as medicines. Garlic, for example, is recognized as

safe when it is in food or as a flavor enhancer. But garlic as a

food supplement in a capsule or extract is not GRAS and is

therefore subject to FDA restrictions. Again, ALL medicinal herbs

are not recognized GRAS. The FDA can remove any herb from the

market which is in any way associated with health claims.


All Medicinal Claims For Herbs:

Since medicinal herbs cannot exist without claims, and claims put

an herb in the "unapproved drug" category, the FDA could and would

effectively *censor* much information regarding herbal treatments.

Consumers would be denied access to products and information.

Since the FDA has little respect or understanding for traditional

ethnic herbal treatment and folk remedies, the agency's judgement

with regard to the regulation of claims for products that have

been safely used for hundreds of years is suspect.


Breakthrough and "New Supplements":

As research mounts on newly emerging nutrients, natural compounds,

and herbs, promising treatments are denied to consumers because

the FDA does not understand that which it regulates. Products

which could be benefitting millions of people may become

unavailable because the FDA insists on defining these new products

as "unapproved food additives" or "unapproved drugs."


Cutting Edge Supplements in Jeopardy:

Co-enzyme Q10 All chinese herbs

Evening Primrose Oil Golden Seal Root

Black Currant Oil Selenium



This is what we have already lost:

Chaparral Comfrey Stevia

L-Tryptophan Sassafras Pennyroyal


For more information, contact:

Citizens For Health

Natural Health Care Alliance Of San Francisco

1348 La Playa Avenue #2, San Francisco CA 94122

Telephone Michael at 415-292-4055


For those that offer viable solutions to cancer and the other multiple generated or amplified diseases due to the intensional insertion of chemicles and other deliberate factors, are discredited, and even eliminated. The Health industry is attacked and raided, and treated like criminals. The smallest victory here is soon smuged under the rug by ever more attacks and stories of failed hope alternative cases, when chemotherapy, and other medicinal drugs small percentage is never even whispered at, unless the new medicine arrives - costing lots, and bringing in reems of money. Here follows the clear evidence of A CORPORATE MEDICAL STATE, where health Professionals are raided, for the unsafety of things like blackcurrents OR VITAMIN E. Our fellow human beings, who were just trying to serve and help others, were subjected to guns, intimidated, smashed offices by the raiding troops, and loss of files. Hard to believe in this day and age, a silent war is harder to see - but these episodes are far from silent, only by manipulation of press. See for yourself.





(A list of FDA raids From Life Extension Magazine)


...The FDA's strong arm tactics are used to intimidate and

terrorize Americans into toeing their police state party line on

healthcare and medicine. The FDA's purpose is not just to destroy

the business and lives of their targets but also to spread fear

and terror throughout the land so that others who may be tempted

to rebel against the agency will remain meek and submissive.

We urge you to let the FDA know how outraged Americans are at

their gestapo like raids. Call, write, or fax the seven FDA

officials listed at the end of this article. We've included the

FDA's Chicago office because they've been illegally seizing

products ordered by Americans from offshore companies.

When you voice your protests to these FDA officials, you can now

do more than just complain about the FDA's brutality, you can

tell them to obey the law! As discussed in the enclosed issue of

Life Extension Report, the new dietary supplement health and

education act demands that the FDA give anyone who they wish to

take enforcement action against at least 10 days notice and

opportunity to present their views, before taking action.

The FDA may be willing to ignore the constitution ....but they

may still be threatened by a law passed in 1994.


(Some of the information they printed on these raids are as



Raid: Traco Labs, Inc. - November, 1988

Address: 205 S Main St. Seymour, IL 61875

Phone: 1 (217) 687-2800 - Sid Tracy , President

Reason: FDA claimed that black currant oil was an unsafe

food additive.

Outcome: FDA seized two drums of black currant oil as well

as a large quantity of the capsulized product. On Jan. 28,

1993, the U.S. Court of Appeals ruled against FDA. The judge

said that FDA's definition of food additive is too broad

that even water added to food would be considered a food



Raid: Pets Smell Free, Inc. - Summer, 1988

Address: 350 W. 300 South, Salt Lake City, Utah 84101

Phone: 1 (801) 322-1221, Email Magnum@UTW.com - Mark Geiger

Reason: product designed to prevent pets from giving off

foul odor. (also sold for fishtanks) FDA called it an

unsafe, unapproved drug.

Outcome: Seized entire inventory and business records. PSF

won in court several times but in July, 1994 FDA won on

appeal, FDA wants PSF to sign consent decree but they have



Raid: The Life Extension Foundation - Feb 26, 1987

Address: PO box 229120, Hollywood, FL 33022

Phone: 1 (800) 333-2553 - John Hummell, Political Office

Reason: FDA alledged LEF was selling unapproved drugs

(vitamins in U.S.) and life extension drugs from overseas


Outcome :FDA seized $500,000 worth of vitamins, computers,

files, newsletters, personal belongings, phones riped out of

the walls, and terrorized empolyees. The foundations

leaders, Saul Kent and William Faloon, were indicted on 28

criminal counts (with Maximum prison time of 84 years in

November, 1991. Case is still pending.


Raid: Highland Labs - Fall, 1990

Address: Box 199 Mt. Angel, OR 97362

Phone: 1 (800) 547-0273 - Candy Scott

Reason: FDA claimed that product literature (with False

claims) was being shipped with products to customers. FDA

said these made COQ10 and GeOXY 132 unapproved drugs.

Outcome: After spending $250,000 in legal fees, defendent

was forced to, plead guilty to selling unapproved new drugs.

Six months house arrest. $5,000 fine.


Raid: Hospital Santa Monica - May 12, 1993

Address: 738 Design Ct., Chula Vista, Ca. 91909

Phone: 1 (619) 662-3010 - Kurt Donsbach

Reason: Hospital Santa Monica is an alternative cancer

hospital in Mexico that competes with mainstream hospitals

in the U.S. They were accused of distributing unapproved

drugs. More than 50 federal agents with guns drawn raided

the hospital office in San Deigo, seizing a tractor trailor

of business records, patient charts, and computers. They

also searched employees homes and seized $80,000 found in

the owners safe. Over $300,000 was taken from the bank

accounts of hospital and two vitamin companies.

Outcome: Friends kept the Hospital afloat with cash gifts.

The two vitamin companies were sold at a loss. Donsbach was

forced into bankruptcy. No charges have been filed.


Raid: Natures Way - June 30, 1992

Address: 1375 N. Mountain Springs Parkway, Springville, Utah


Phone: 1 (800) 962-8873

Reason: The FDA seized a quantity of evening primrose oil,

both encapsulated and in bulk from this large manufacturer

during a routine inspection. They also seized a truckload of

primrose oil on the road. The FDA claimed it was an

unapproved food additive.

Outcome: Nature's Way filed a lawsuit to get their product

back, but was forced to remove the vitamin E from it because

the FDA asaid that Vitamin E has not been approved as a food

additive for evening primrose oil.


Raid: Family Acupuncture Clinic - Aug. 14, 1992

Address: 117 Granada, San Clememte, CA 92672

Phone: 1 (714) 361-3976 - Richard Lee, Ph.D., Director

Reason: FDA seized $15,000 worth of Hsaio Yao Tea Pills in

an attempt to strike back at acupuncturists who are taking a

lot of business away from conventional Drs. FDA ignored

California law, under which acupuncturists are licensed to

practice medicine. FDA also ignored the fact that many

insurance companies honor claims for acupuncture including

Aetna, Prudential, and Blue Cross.

Outcome: The seized herbs were shipped back to China by the

FDA after they had rotted. Dr. Lee is still in business.


Raid: Bursynski Research Clinic - Jul. 7, 1985

Address: 1200 Richmond Ave. #260 Houston, TX 77082

Phone: (713) 597-0111 - Dean Mouscher

Reason: Interstate shipping of antineoplastins (cancer

therapy) NCI, Aetna insurance and others pressured FDA into

raiding The Bursynski clinic.

Outcome: FDA seized 200,000 medical and research documents

forcing Burzynski to pay to make copies. No charges were



Raid: Solid Gold Pet Foods - Sep., 1989

Address: 1483 N. Cuyamaca, El Cajon, CA 92020

Phone: (619) 465-9507 (Sissy Harrington McGill, Owner)

Reason: FDA had been harassing McGill over labels on her

holistic pet food products. In March 1990, an FDA agent

seized products from her store without a search warrant and

shut down her store. On July 12, 1990, after being indicted,

she chose a jury trial. Upon appearing for her trial, she

was clapped into leg irons, put into a Maximum Security

Federal Prison for 179 days, and fined $10,000. While

incarcerated she suffered a near fatal stroke.

Outcome: McGill sued the Department of Justice and won a

victory on Feb. 20, 1992. She expects to file a $25,000,000

lawsuit against the FDA.


Raid: H.A. Lyons mailing Service - Oct. 16, 1990

Address: Driven out of business. Formerly in Phoenix, AZ

Reason: Mailing literature on behalf of vitamin companies

with no advance warning, 5 armed agents backed by an armed

policeman raided this home-based business run by a young


Outcome: The owner convinced the agents not to seize her

checkbook and cash. They did seize all her business records

and literature. No charges were filed.


Raid: Nutricology, Inc. - May 9, 1991

Address: 400 Preda Ave. San Leandro, CA 94577

Phone: (800) 545-9960 Stephen A. Levine, Ph.D. owner

Reason: FDA raided Nutricology, seized their bank accounts

and shut them down for 2 days, charging them with wire

fraud, mail fraud, selling unapproved drugs, unsafe food

additives, and misbranded drugs. Twelve armed agents

conducted an exhaustive search of the company's offices and


Outcome: On May 23, 1991 Federal Judge D. Lowell Jensen

denied the FDA's request for a Preliminary Injunction. On

Sep. 10, 1991, the FDA appealed to the 9th Circuit Court of

Appeals, but was again denied. On Sep. 23, 1993 Judge Jensen

denied the FDA's motion for summary judgement and granted

Nutricology's motion to eliminate the wire and mail fraud



Raid: Scientific Botanicals - Fall 1991

Address: 8003 Roosevelt Ave. NE 98115

Phone: (206) 527-5521

Reason: Alleged labeling violations. FDA seized herbal

extract products and literature sent to physicians. FDA

forced the company to stop using its patented trade names

lest they "mislead the consumer."

Outcome: FDA slowly released all seized products, forcing

the company to comply with all demands under threat of being

shut down. Company refuses to talk about their case for fear

of reprisal.


Raid: Thorne Research - Dec. 12, 1991

Address: 901 Triangle Dr. Sand Point, Idaho 83864

Phone: (208) 263-1337, Al Czap, Owner

Reason: FDA claimed that vitamin products sold by company

were "unapproved drugs." FDA agent and 3 U.S. Marshall's

seized the company's entire stock of $20,000 worth of

products and 11,000 pieces of literature intended for


Outcome: Thorne initially notified District Court that it

would fight, but gave up as the expiration date on the

seized products was approaching and it became too expensive

to continue. The company no longer publishes any literature.


Raid: Tahoma Clinic, Dr. Jonathan Wright - May 6, 1992

Address: 24030 132nd Ave. S.E. Kent, WA 98042

Phone: (206) 631-9681, Harry Mills, P.R.

Reason: After L-tryptophan was banned, Dr. Jonathan Wright

continued to prescribe it. The FDA raided him and seized his

supply of tryptophan. Dr. Wright filed suit. The FDA

retaliated by storming into Wright's clinic with armed

sheriffs who terrorized employees and seized vitamins and

other natural therapies, allergy screening equipment,

computers, bank records, his mailing list, and medical


Outcome: In Oct. 1992, Wright filed suit in district court

charging unlawful search and seizure and demanded his

property back. In response, the FDA convened a Federal Grand

Jury and subpoened Wright's clinic records. No charges have

yet been filed.


Raid: Ye Seekers - June 1992

Address: 1221 Blalock, Houston, TX 77055

Phone: (713) 461-0857 (Matt Malick, Vitamin Supervisor)

Reason: In Feb. 1992, Texas health authorities acting under

the direction of the FDA seized 50 products from several

health food stores in Texas including Ye Seekers. Then in

June, they seized more than 250 products including aloe

vera, zinc, flax seed oil, herb teas, vitamin C and coenzyme


Outcome: Although more than 410 products were seized, the

stores haven't filed suit for fear of reprisals. Ye Seekers

noted that Ginsana was seized from them at the same time it

was being advertised on the Larry King TV show.


Raid: Mihai Popescu - June 2, 1992

Address: Out of business - owner in Metro Detention Center

in LA.

Phone: (213) 933-6825 (wife) Leave message.

Reason: FDA claims that Gerovital (GH-3), which Popescu was

selling, is an "unapproved drug." Eight FDA and customs

agents raided Popesculs house with guns drawn, holding his

8-month pregnant wife and 83 year old grandfather at gun

point for 10 hours.

Outcome: They seized his computer and business records and

$5,000. worth of GH-3. Popescu has been in prison for 8

months and expects to be released in 3 months.


Raid: Natural Vision International (NVI)

Address: Driven out of business - formerly in Manitowoc, WI

Phone: Talked to an administrator at Holiday House at (414)


Reason: Opticians and ophthalmologists pressured FDA into an

armed raid of NVI with two federal marshals to seize 17,000

pairs of pinhole glasses, which exercise and strengthen the

eyes. The charge was that NVI had failed to file a premarket

application with FDA. NVI notes that a pinhole is not a


Outcome: Despite the fact that NVI submitted hundreds of

testimonials from satisfied customers, the FDA drove them

out of business by not returning their stock of over

$200,000 worth of pin hole glasses.


Raid: Kirwin Whitnah - May 12, 1993

Address: Driven out of business. Formerly in Middletown, CA

Phone: (707) 928-1915

Reason: Whitnah was promoting the sale of deprenyl. The FDA

considered this "selling an unapproved drug." His house was

raided at gun point when he wasn't home, terrorizing a woman

staying at the house. They found no deprenyl. They seized

his computer, business records, mailing list, literature,

and $4,500 in money orders.

Outcome: No charges were filed, but Whitnah was driven out

of business.


Raid: Waco Natural Foods - May 14, 1993

Address: 1424 Lake Air Dr. Waco TX 76710

Phone: (817) 772-5743 (Tom Wiggins)

Reason: The FDA was looking for deprenyl citrate, a non

toxic supplement. They entered the store with a search

warrant wearing plain clothes. They searched for 4 hours and

seemed most interested in possible links to businesses in

the Seattle area.

Outcome: As soon as Mr. Wiggins, the owner, told the FDA his

attorney was a well known defender and prior District

Attorney in the WACO area, they apologized for the raid and

left with some documents. No charges were filed and the

store hasn't been raided since.


Raid: International Nutrition Inc - Jun 24 1993 and Aug. 3, 1993

Address: PO Box 1644 Santa Theresa, NM 88008

Phone: (800) 535-6442 (G.S. Odin)

Reason: Alleged "misbranding" of "illegal drugs" led 5 FDA

agents, a Federal Marshall, and a PR specialist to enter

with video cameras (instead of guns) in an effort to prevent

a public backlash. FDA seized $1,000,000 worth of vitamin

raw materials and products formulated by Dr. Hans Nieper of

Germany. Also seized were computers and business records.

Outcome: INI has lost 80 percent of its business since the

raid and had to lay off 80% of its work force. No court date

has been set.


Raid: Zerbo's Health Food Store - May 1993

Address: 34164 Plymouth Rd., Livonia, MI 48150

Reason: Reason for the raid was the alleged distribution by

78- year-old Mr. Zerbo of GH-3 to special customers. Armed

U.S. Marshall's and FDA agents cleaned off shelves of

coenzyme Q-10, selenium, carnitine, and GH-3. Mr. Zerbo and

his daughter Claire, who manages store, were indicted on

charges of "illegal drug trafficking."

Outcome: Claire Zerbo wanted to fight her indictment, but

chose not to do so because the FDA threatened her aging,

78-year-old father who has Parkinson's Disease with 7 years

in prison. Because of her fear that her father would die in

prison, they both pleaded guilty. Claire will likely receive

3 months probation. Her father is unlikely to go to prison

for more than 4 months.


November 15,1994 life extention magazine)


In 1993, the FDA announced that your right to purchase coenzyme

Q10, selenium, amino acids, herbals and high potency vitamins

would be taken away by the end of the year. Twenty-four million

Americans (including many of you) responded to the FDA's threat

by inundating Congress with letters, faxes and phone calls that

caused the FDA to back away completely from its proposed ban on

importation of these disease-preventing nutrients.


When you voice your protests to these FDA officials (and

Congress), ...you can tell them to obey the law..., the new

Dietary Supplement and Education Act requires that the FDA give

anyone who they with to take enforcement action against at least

10 days notice and the opportunity to present their views bafore

taking action.


Raymond Mlecko, District Dir.,

FDA Chicago District Office 312-353-5863; Fax: 312-886-3280

Jerome Bressler Compliance Dir.,

FDA Chicago Disrict Office 312-353-7382; Fax: 312-886-3280

David Kessler, FDA Commissioner 301-443-2410; Fax: 301-443-3100

Mitch Zeller, Special Assistant

For FDA policy 301-443-5004; Fax:301-594-6777

Gary Dykstra, FDA Deputy Assoc.,

Comm. for regulatory Afairs 301-443-2894; Fax:301-443-9767

Jim O'Hara, Assoc. Comm.

For Public Affairs 301-443-1130; Fax: 301-594-6004


Now that we have seen the present state of affairs in attempting to elliminate our awareness of nutrients for real solutions, let us embark on the easily available supplements, with which even some of the most drastic cases can be aided. Let us make sure that this knowledge is never lost, and continue to bridge to those who may require this knowledge, and yet do not know. Further, breaking down our knowledge, all the way upto the point where we can utilise the ellements around us to make these very remedies, should civilisation as we know it, collapse. As you will see some of this basic information is also included in the following compilations:




Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy




* What is Hydrogen Peroxide?

* How is Hydrogen Peroxide produced in nature?

* How else is Hydrogen Peroxide made?

* What grades of Hydrogen Peroxides are there?

* What are people using Hydrogen Peroxide for?

* Are the stabilized oxygen products as good as drinking dilute

solutions of H2O2?

* Where can I find Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2)

* Are there storage and transportation guidelines of Hydrogen Peroxide

that I should be aware of?

* Should I store my Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) in the freezer?



Hydrogen peroxide is H2O2. You can think of it as water(H2O) with an extra

Oxygen atom (O1).


How is Hydrogen Peroxide produced in nature?

Hydrogen Peroxide is created in the atmosphere when ultraviolet light

strikes oxygen in the presence of moisture. Ozone (03) is free oxygen (02)

plus an extra atom of oxygen. When it comes into contact with water, this

extra atom of oxygen splits off very easily. Water (H20) combines with the

extra atom of oxygen and becomes hydrogen peroxide (H202).


How else is Hydrogen Peroxide made?

* Chemically - treat Barium Peroxide with Sulfuric Acid. Barium Sulfate

settles to the bottom and Hydrogen Peroxide is drained off. (To

concentrate, it is vacuum distilled.)

* Treat water with ultraviolet light.

* Electricity - silent, or open spark methods.

* Bubble Ozone (03) through cold water.


What grades of Hydrogen Peroxides are there?

3% Hydrogen Peroxide (Drug/Grocery Store Variety)

Made from 50% Super D Peroxide, Diluted. Contains stabilizers - phenol,

acetanilide, sodium stanate, tetrasodium phosphate among them.


6% Hydrogen Peroxide (Used by Beauticians for Coloring Hair)

Comes in strengths labeled 10,20,40 volume. Must have activator added to be

used as a bleach. Stabilizers used unknown at this point.


30% Re-Agent Hydrogen Peroxide

Used in medical research. Also contains stabilizers.


30-32% Electronic Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

Used for washing transistors and integrated chip parts before assembly.

Stabilizers unknown at this point.


35% Technical Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

Contains a small amount of phosphorus to neutralize any chlorine in the

water it is combined with.


35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide (Also 50% Food Grade H2O2)

Used in food products like cheese, eggs, whey products. Also used to spray

inside of foil lined containers for food storage - known as the aseptic

packaging system.


90% Hydrogen Peroxide

Used by the military as a source of Oxygen at Cape Canaveral. Used as a

propulsion source in rocket fuel.


99.6% Hydrogen Peroxide

This was first made in 1954 as an experiment to see how pure a hydrogen

peroxide could be manufactured.


What are people using Hydrogen Peroxide for?

Food Grade (35%) Hydrogen Peroxide can be used in many different ways to

introduce oxygen into the body. Some of these include:


* bathing in dilute solutions of it

* drinking dilute solutions with distilled water

* spraying dilute solutions on your body after a hot shower

* gargle with it

* doctors are injecting dilute solutions of it into their patients using



Are the stabilized oxygen products as good

as drinking dilute solutions of H2O2?

This is a very difficult question to answer. The stabilized oxygen

producers are very protective of their secrets, so we the consumer have no

real way of following up on their claims. Many say their product compares

to 20 drops of H2O2. When information is forthcoming from the manufacturers

as to how they substantiate their claims, this answer will be expanded.


By far, the stabilized oxygen products are more palatable, but they are

also much more expensive. Most people that have taken the products say they

feel the difference. Most are those that can no longer stomach the taste or

stomach upsets that are often associated with oral consumption of hydrogen



Mike Davis, who is a member of the OyxTherapy Mailing List did a comparison

using SuperOxy, Genesis 1000, and 35% Hydrogen Peroxide. See the results

below. Mike also updated this informaion on April 14, 1996 in OxyFile 360.


I have recently received some Quantofix peroxide test strips manufactured

by Macherey-Nagel from H202,Inc. They give a color indication of peroxide

concentration from 0-100 ppm. The test strip is said to also be sensitive

to organic and inorganic peroxides.


Sample Dilution Reading

SuperOxy Plain 1 ml:100 ml 10ppm(-)

Genesis 1000 1 drop:100 ml 10ppm(+)

35% H202 1 drop:150 ml 100ppm(+)

1 ml above:10ml 10ppm(+)


The SuperOxy is said to have twenty drops of 35% H202 per ounce, the 1 ml

sample should contain about .7 drop. The 35% was diluted with 150 ml water

to adjust for the drop amount. It still had to be diluted another ten times

to bring it into the range of the SuperOxy. The Genesis dilution was not

adjusted for drop size which might account for a slightly higher reading

than the SuperOxy. OxyToddy came out to 0 ppm at full strength.


I calculated the dilution of 35% to be 12ppm which agrees well with the

test figure.

This seems to indicate that in terms of peroxide activity as measured with

this technique 35% H202 is easily ten times stronger than either SuperOxy

or Genesis 1000.


Where can I find Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2)

* You can try to located someone in your area on the H2O2 Sources Page

in Oxytherapy.com.

* You can check at your local health food store - they may carry it.

* You can contact either Crossroads or The Family News and they will

ship some to you wherever you are located.

* You can look in the yellow pages and look under chemical companies to

see if they carry it. Many chemical companies sell it (varying grades)

in large containers. If you plan on bathing in it, you will find this

the least expensive way means.


Are there storage and transportation guidelines of Hydrogen Peroxide that I should be aware of?

Absolutely. In the Oxyfiles Area, the ECHO Newsletter has many suggestions,

as well as the following Oxytherapy Mailing List has discussed it in the

following messages:


* http://www.oxytherapy.com/mail-archive/jul96/211.html

* http://www.oxytherapy.com/mail-archive/jul96/212.html

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Oxidative Therapy

(Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy Part 2)



· What is Oxidative Therapy?

· What Chemicals are used in Oxidative Therapy?

· Is this a new form of Therapy?

· How does it work in the body?

· What has it been used to treat?

· How do I know if I would benefit from Oxidative Therapy?

· How is this therapy given?

· What about the safety or side effects of this therapy?

· Is this therapy expensive?

· Does Insurance pay for Oxidative Therapy?

· Can my Physician administer this therapy?

· How do I locate a Physician trained in Oxidative Therapy?


What is Oxidative Therapy?

Most biochemical reactions in the body are 'Balanced' through 'Redox'

mechanisms. Redox means (Red)uction (Ox)idation. Chemically, anytime

a substance is reduced (chemically changed) something else must be

oxidized (chemically changed the other way) for your body to stay in

balance. Oxidation, as an example, is the process which causes 'rust' on

metals (slow oxidation) or fire (rapid oxidation). In the body, some types

of oxidation is thought to be harmful (produces Free Radicals). We even

suggest people take Vitamin E (anti-oxidant) to help reduce Free Radical

formation. We know however, there could be no life if certain types of

oxidation did not occur. The body uses oxidation as its first line of defense

against bacteria, virus, yeast and parasites. Even breathing OXYGEN is an

oxidative process. Without oxidation we die very quickly. Without

OXYGEN for more than a few seconds, serious consequences follow.

Natural chemicals, found in the body, are used in 'OXIDATIVE

THERAPY' to encourage healthy oxidation in the cells and tissue.


What Chemicals are used in Oxidative Therapy?

A number of substances are known to cause oxidation in the body but the

most important of these is Hydrogen Peroxide. Hydrogen Peroxide, when

exposed to your blood or other body fluids, containing the enzyme

'Catalase', is chemically split into OXYGEN and water. Remember how

Hydrogen Peroxide foams when you put it on a wound? The foam is

OXYGEN being produced by the action of catalase on the Hydrogen

Peroxide. A small amount of Hydrogen Peroxide can supply large

amounts of OXYGEN to the tissue.


Is this a new form of Therapy?

Injections of Hydrogen Peroxide are nothing new. It was first reported by

Dr.T.H.Oliver in the British Medical Journal (Lancet) in 1920. Patients

with influenzal pneumonia were treated with Hydrogen Peroxide

infusions with very good results. The use of Hydrogen Peroxide

injections, to generate OXYGEN in the body, have been studied at many

major medical research centers throughout the world. Research reports

have come from Baylor, Yale, Harvard, UCLA, Boston, England, Japan,

Germany, Sweden, Russia, Canada, Nova Scotia and others. Today,

between 20 and 50 scientific articles are published each month about the

chemical and biological effects of Hydrogen Peroxide. More recently the

"Therapeutic Use of Intravenous Hydrogen Peroxide" was reported by Dr.

C.H. Farr at an International Medical Symposium in Czechoslovakia

attended by representatives from 26 different countries. Oxidative

Therapy, introduced by Dr. Farr, is the rediscovery of an old treatment

first reported almost 70 years ago.


How does it work in the body?

There are many theories about the function of Hydrogen Peroxide in the

body and a great deal of scientific material supports almost every one.

Hydrogen Peroxide is produced in the body in different amounts for

different purposes. It is part of a system which helps you use the OXYGEN

you breathe. It is part of a system which helps your body regulate all living

cell membranes. It is a hormonal regulator, necessary fot your body to

produce several hormonal substances such as estrogen, progesterone and

thyroid. It is important in the regulation of blood sugar and the

production of energy in all cells. It helps regulate certain chemicals

necessary to operate the brain and nervous system. It is used in the

defense system of the body against infections and has been found to be

important in regulating the immune system. Scientists are discovering

the function of Hydrogen Peroxide in the body is far more complex and

important than previously realized.


What has it been used to treat?

Oxidative therapy, using Hydrogen Peroxide, has been reported in the

scientific literature* and by physicians in the treatment of the following

conditions or diseases with varying degrees of success.

(*References available to professionals on request from IBOM)


Heart and Blood Vessel Diseases

· Peripheral Vascular Disease (poor circulation)

· Cerebral Vascular Disease (stroke and memory)

· Cardiovascular Disease (heart disease)

· Coronary Spasm (Angina)

· Cardioconversion (heart stopped)

· Heart Arrhythmias (irregular heart beat)

· Gangrene of Fingers and Toes

· Reynards Syndrome

· Temporal Arteritis

· Vascular and Cluster Headaches


Pulmonary Diseases

· Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (lung)

· Emphysema (lung disease)

· Asthma (allergy, lung)

· Bronchiectasis

· PCP (Pneumonia in AIDS)

· Chronic Bronchitis


Infectious Diseases

· Influenza

· Herpes Zoster (shingles)

· Herpes Simplex (fever blister)

· Systemic Chronic Candidiasis (Candida)

· Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (Ebstein-Barr Virus)

· HIV (AIDS) Infections

· Acute and Chronic Viral Infections

· Chronic Unresponsive Bacterial Infections

· Parasitic Infections


Immune Disorders

· Multiple Sclerosis

· Rheumatoid Arthritis

· Diabetes Mellitus Type II

· Hypersensitive Persons (Environmental and Universal Reactors)



· Parkinsonism

· Alzheimer

· Migraine Headaches

· Chronic Pain Syndromes (Multiple Etiologies)

· Pain of Metastatic Carcinoma

· Blood and Lymph Node Cancers


Physicians from around the world constantly share knowledge and

experience and the list of uses for Oxidative Therapy is growing every day.

Since Hydrogen Peroxide is a natural substance produced and used in

body chemistry, there will be discoveries about it's importance in

biochemistry for years to come.


How do I know if I would benefit from Oxidative Therapy?

Only a physician trained in the administtation of Oxidative Therapy can

answer that question for you. You may find your condition or illness

contained in the list above. If treatment of your condition or illness has

been unsatisfactory in the past you may wish to learn more about

Oxidative Therapy. The IBOM Foundation can supply you with the

names of recognized trained physicians in your area.


How is this therapy given?

Very weak, very pure Hydrogen Peroxide (0.0375% or less concentrations)

are added to a sugar or salt water solution, the same as used for

intravenous feeding in hospitals. This is given in doses from 50 to 500

mL, administered into a large vein usually in the arm. It is given slowly

over a period of 1 to 3 hours depending on the total amount given and

the condition of the patient. It is painless except for the very small needle

stick. Treatments are usually given about once a week in chronic illness

but can be given daily in patients with acute illness such as pneumonia or

flu. Physicians usually give 5 to 20 treatments, depending on the

condition of the patient and the type of illness, The patient is rechecked in

1 and 3 months to evaluate the benefits and determine if additional

treatements are indicated. Some patients, especially with chronic illness,

may need to take follow up treatments, in series of 5 to 10, or may need

maintaining indefinitely on a regular monthly schedule. As many as 50

treatments have been administered to several patients without

complications. Your experienced physician must decide how many

treatments are necessary in your individual case.


What about the safety or side effects of this therapy?

Over the past 50 years hundreds of patients have received Hydrogen

Peroxide without setious side effects. Early use of Hydrogen Peroxide was

reported to occasionally cause irritation of the vein being infused. This

troublesome side effect was eliminated after the concentration and rate of

infusion were adjusted downward. The IBOM Foundation publishes and

distributes a Protocol (How To Do It Booklet!) on the proper

administration of Hydtogen Peroxide. It is available to any IBOM trained

physician. A Protocol is the best way for physicians to properly learn about

any new therapy.


Is this therapy expensive?

Expense is a relative term. Persons with chronic diseases pay thousands of

dollars annually to physicians, pharmacies and hospitals for drugs and

therapies which do little more than maintain them at their current level

of sickness. If Oxidative Therapy could save you 1/2 to 3/4 of your current

expenses would you consider it expensive? The expense of any therapy

varies more with the type of illness than type of therapy. Persons with

serious complicated illnesses require more costly test to diagnose and

monitor than less ill patients. Much of todays medical cost is in the testing

rather than treatment. Don't be afraid to ask your physician, in advance,

about cost.


Does Insurance pay for Oxidative Therapy?

This usually depends on your insurance company and type of policy.

Generally, however, insurance companies will not pay for medical service

or care which may be classified as 'not usual and customary'. Usual and

customary simply means all physicians are providing the same service or

treatment for the same disease. Obviously, the average physician is not

using Oxidative Therapy and most are not even familiar with the therapy.

A qualified physician can more easily answer this question on an

individual basis.


Can my Physician administer this therapy?

Any licensed physician may administer this therapy. Only trained and

experienced physicians however are recognized by the IBOM Foundation.

Interested physicians can qualify for recognition by contacting the IBOM

Foundation for information regarding training seminars.


How do I locate a Physician trained in Oxidative Therapy?

For more information contact the IBOM Foundation.


International Bio-oxidative

Medicine Foundation

P.O.Box 61767

Dallas/Fort Worth

Texas, 75261 USA



Note: The Doctors & Clinics List within this site also may be consulted.





NOTE: The information presented in this article has been suppressed by

the medical community for decades due to the reprocussions it would

have on the pharmaceutical industry. First published in 1987, by the newsletter NOW WHAT issue #1 1987. Fortunately some doctors do

not feel the same as the general community and are using these

processes to cure people. Please copy a redistribute this article everywhere, to meet those who need it, half-way. This is service in action.


Several dozen AIDS patients have not only reversed their

death sentences, but are now back at work, completely free

of the disease. They destroyed the virus in their blood by

hyper-oxygenation, known in various forms as oxygen therapy,

bio-oxidative therapy or autohemotherapy. This is a simple,

inexpensive and very broad spectrum process that many feel

could force a complete overhaul of the medical industry.

The two basic types of oxygen therapy are ozone blood

infusion, and absorption of oxygen water (hydrogen peroxide)

at very low concentrations.


It turns out that the AIDS virus cannot tolerate high oxygen

levels in its victims' blood. Not only that, every other

disease organism tested so far has the same weakness. Even

cancer growths contract and disappear when the oxygen

saturation is sufficiently increased in the fluids

surrounding them, since they are anaerobic.


AIDS, herpes, hepatitis, Epstein Barr, cytomegalovirus and

other lipid envelope virus are readily destroyed by

hyper-oxygenating the patients blood with ozone. This was

demonstrated by among others Dr. Horst Kief in Bad

Hersfeld, West Germany. Dr. Kief has already cured a

number of AIDS victims by drawing blood, infusing it with

ozone and returning it to the patient, at regular intervals

until all the virus is gone. (He can be reached through

Biozon Ozon-Technik GmbH, An Der Haune #10, Bad Hersfeld,

D-6430, Federal Republic of Germany). Dr. S. Rilling of

Stuttgart and Dr. Renate Viebahn of Iffezheim are among the

growing number of physicians who have obtained similar

results with their patients. They are with Arztlich

Gesellschaft fur Ozonetherapie and JrJ Hansler GmbH,




For many years the health sciences have been seeking to

identify the primary physical cause of all diseases, and the

cure-all that this basic principal would yield. Now both

have been found, but their utter simplicity makes them

difficult to accept at first, since it seems like if it's

that easy, we should have been using them all along.


Our bodies are composed mostly of water, which is eight

ninths oxygen. Most nutritional studies tend to get caught

up in the small details of biochemistry and overlook our

most abundant and essential element, and the fundamental

role of its depletion in causing illness. Of all the

elements the body needs, only oxygen is in such constant

demand that its absence brings death in minutes.


The main difference, for healing purposes, between benign

microorganisms (including our own cells), and those which

cause disease, is that the later require much lower oxygen

levels. This is due to their more primitive evolutionary

origins, during the ages when free oxygen was far less

abundant. Now their descendants can only survive in low

oxygen environments such as accompany stagnation and decay.

To become a growth medium for such parasites, one has to

have allowed the oxygen saturation of the bodies fluids to

drop well below the optimum level for healthy cell growth

and function.


The simplest substances available for restoring one's oxygen

balance to a healthy range are ozone (O3), and hydrogen

peroxide (H2O2), which is much easier to obtain and use.

They are both highly toxic when concentrated, which has

tended to obscure their germicidal value except as a skin

antiseptic. But when diluted to therapeutic levels (for

H2O2, 1/2 of 1% or less), they are not only non-toxic but

uniquely beneficial.



Ozone overcomes the AIDS virus by a fundamentally different

process than usually attempted by drugs. Instead of

burdening the liver and immune system with more elaborate

toxic substances, ozone simply oxidizes the molecules in the

shell of the virus.


The treatment is remarkably simple. The ozone is produced

by forcing oxygen through a metal tube carrying a 300 volt

charge. A pint of blood is drawn from the patient and

placed in an infusion bottle. The ozone is then forced into

the bottle and mixed in by shaking gently, whereupon the

blood turns bright cardinal red. As the ozone molecules

dissolve into the blood they give up their third oxygen

atom, releasing considerable energy which destroys all

lipid-envelope virus, and apparently all other disease

organisms as well, while leaving blood cells unharmed.


It also oxygenates the blood to a greater degree than is

usually reached, what with poor air and sluggish breathing

habits. The treated blood is then given back to the

patient. This treatment is given from twice a week to twice

a day, depending on how advanced the disease is. The

strengthened blood confers some of its virucidal properties

to the rest of the patient's blood as it disperses.


The disease will not return, as long as the patient

maintains his blood in an oxygen positive state, through

proper breathing, exercise, and clean diet.


A Dr. Preuss, in Stuttgart, has written up ten case

histories of AIDS patients he has cured by this method. But

his and the other physicians' reports are all anecdotal

rather than in the form of "controlled studies", since they

could not be expected to treat some patients and deny

treatment to others just for the purpose of accumulating

evidence. Thus their results are not considered "proof" by

the US medical community. So the Medizone Company in New

York has taken on the task of doing the controlled studies

required for the treatment to be approved in the US for

general use.



In the summer of 1986 Medizone obtained from the FDA an IND

(Investigative New Drug) Approval for ozone, which falls

under the heading of drugs even though it isn't. They

verified that ozone destroys the AIDS virus in vitro, and

completed their animal tests in the fall of 1986. The tests

demonstrated no indication of toxicity, at ten times the

equivalent amount that is proposed for human treatment.


The Medizone Co is at 123 E 54th St. Suite 2B, NY, NY

10022: phone is 212-421-0303. Medizone says that it has

obtained the rights to US patent #4,632,980, on "ozonation

of blood and blood products", from the company

"Immunologics", in exchange for Medizone stock shares. The

patent pertains specifically to inactivating lipid-envelope

virus. In humans, this includes AIDS, herpes, hepatitis,

Epstein Barr virus, and cytomegalovirus, among others.

Medizone obtained tentative FDA approval in April 1987 to

begin human testing, but for a variety of "bureaucratic

reasons" the FDA has postponed the actual start of the tests

eight times now, with requests for further data, some of

which had already been given to them.


Twenty months now have passed [as of December 1988], along

with several thousand AIDS victims, since the first

announced starting date was postponed. The Medizone staff

is hoping to finally begin in the spring of 1989, but are no

longer announcing expected starting dates with much

confidence. "There are no technical problems, but this is

the FDA we're dealing with, after all." As the Company's

future hangs on their decision, no one at Medizone wants to

risk antagonizing the FDA, by speculating about their actual

motives for stalling such a broad-spectrum cure.


All this can be done with virtually no publicity. The

official reason for is that the accepted procedure for

publishing medical breakthroughs is to complete all the

tests first, even though victims may die waiting for the

cautious, methodical testing procedure to run its course.

No one in the industry wants to raise false hopes, let alone

repeat the medical disasters that have resulted in the past,

from rushing approval on new treatments.


On the other hand, the enormously expensive and dubiously

effective drug AZT was widely publicized and many months

before it was approved in the US, as is ongoing research

into possible AIDS vaccines. In fact, FDA Commissioner

Frank Young has even announced a proposal to make

experimental drugs available to AIDS victims as swiftly as

possible, without waiting for full FDA approval procedure to

be completed. So there appears to be a sever double

standard involved here. It seems that highly profitable

"treatments" with serious side effects can be promoted

through massive news coverage, while an actual cure,

repeatedly demonstrated in Europe, with minimal cost and no

apparent harmful effects, must be delayed and kept quiet

while panic and deaths mount. Surely at this stage the

benefits of unauthorized publicity will outweigh the risks.



Ozone infusion also provides a simple method of purifying

stored blood and blood components, eliminating any

possibility of disease being transmitted by transfusion. It

also pre-oxygenates blood to be transfused, greatly reducing

the burden on the body receiving the blood.


This application alone, of the Medizone process has enormous

profit potential, and the treatment will have vast

international demand as the news spreads. This has not gone

unnoticed by various investment analysts. "Confidential:

report from Zurich", "Penny Stock Insider" and "Low-Priced

Stock Edition", among others, are urging their readers to

get in on Medizone now, comparing the opportunity to getting

in on Xerox, IBM, or Polaroid when they were still unknown.


Various physicians have independently discovered ozone to be

also effective against cancer, leukemia, arthritis, coronary

heart disease, arterial circulation disorders. colitis, gum

diseases, and assorted childrens' diseases. Some of these

findings have now been collected and published in the

volume, "Medical Applications of Ozone", available from the

International Ozone Association, 83 Oakwood Terrace,

Norwalk, Ct 06850.


Some of the medical uses of ozone have been appreciated for

years in Europe, Brazil, and elsewhere, as well as its

advantages over chlorine for water treatment (no toxic

residues, 5000 times more rapid disinfection) but its still

relatively unknown in the US.



A much simpler type of Oxygen Therapy uses hydrogen peroxide

(H2O2) which is what ozone (O3) forms on contact with water.

It can be taken orally if diluted with water to 1/200 or

less, absorbed through the skin by bathing in it (anywhere

from 1-8 pints of 3% H2O2 in a standard size bathtub half

full), or in severe cases it can be injected (250 cc of

.075% to .15% or roughly 1/1300 to 1/650). Injections

obviously require a physicians assistance, but self

treatment is possible with oral and skin applications.


The principle is the same as with ozone blood treatment.

All hostile micro-organisms prefer lower oxygen levels than

the bodies cells require to remain healthy. Boosting the

oxygen level revitalizes normal cells while killing virus

and other pathogens.


The domestic sales of hydrogen peroxide are rising at 15%

per year, as the news of this option spreads at the grass

roots level. The rapid expansion of the peroxide movement

is especially remarkable considering there has been almost

no media coverage, and in fact the FDA, American Cancer

Society and other enforcers of established medicine have

tried hard to discourage the practice.


Hydrogen peroxide is the only germicidal agent composed only

of water and oxygen. Like ozone, it kills disease organisms

by oxidation as it spreads through the patient's tissues.


This also destroys cancerous growths which are anaerobic.

Nobel prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg demonstrated over 50

years ago the basic difference between normal cells and

cancer cells. Both derive energy from glucose, but the

normal cell requires oxygen to combine with the glucose,

while cancer cells break down glucose without oxygen,

yielding only 1/15 the energy per glucose molecule that a

normal cell produces. This is why cancer cells have such a

huge appetite for sugar, and also why people who consume

excessive quantities of sugar tend to get cancer more often.


The anaerobic breakdown of glucose by cancer cells forms

large amounts of lactic acid as a waste product, the same

substance formed by fermentation of lactose, as in spoiled

milk. The liver converts some of this back into glucose,

in an attempt to salvage a food source from a toxic waste.

In doing this the liver uses 1/5 the energy per glucose

molecule than a normal cell can derive from it, but that's

three times the energy a cancer cell will get from it. The

more the weak, deranged cancer cell multiply, the more

energy is lost to the normal cells. Thus we find that low

levels of both oxygen and energy tend to occur where cancer

is present, and vice versa. This wasteful metabolism

becomes self-sustaining and dominant unless the oxygen

and/or energy levels are sharply increased, or the cancer's

food source is eliminated.




Dr. Christian Bernard, who performed the first heart

transplant, said in march 1986 that he was taking peroxide

and water himself, several times daily to reduce arthritis

and aging, and he recommended it highly at the time. Since

then he has come under heavy attack by the medical

establishment for this position, and now states that he "is

not involved" with the peroxide movement. But he does not

retract his original endorsement, nor deny that he still

uses it personally.


Over a hundreds physicians are already curing a broad

assortment of "incurables" with this natural anti-microbial

agent. This includes some forty or more in the US. A

principal liaison to these free-thinking physicians is DR.

Charles H. Farr, who wrote "The Therapeutic Use of

Intravenous Hydrogen Peroxide". He directs the

International Bio-Oxidative Medicine Foundation, and

publishes the "IBOM Newsletter" which contains procedural

updates and technical refinements for physicians using

intravenous H2O2 therapy on their patients. By classifying

the treatments as experimental they can get around the FDA's

archaic restrictions for now, until massive public demand

and/or media exposure force official approval.


Dr. Farr summarizes the beneficial effects of H2O2 in

"IBOM" issue #2; these include killing bacteria, protozoa,

yeast, and virus, oxidizing lipids from arterial walls,

increasing oxygen tension intracellularly, stimulating

oxidative enzymes, returning elasticity to arterial walls,

dilating coronary vessels, and regulating membrane

transport. IBOM is at PO Box 61767, Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX

75261; 817-481-9772. Dr. Farr is at 1130 North May Ave,

Oklahoma City, OK 73120; 405-752-0070 and 799-8781.



The oral and skin applications offer the option of home

treatment, as no blood needs to be drawn, and hydrogen

peroxide is cheap and plentiful. Keep it diluted though; in

high concentrations it can irritate sensitive skin and

induce vomiting when ingested. (Veterinarians routinely

give common 3% H2O2 to animals that have swallowed poison,

to make them throw it up.)


The starting dosage is one ounce of .5% (1/200) H2O2 in

water, and some find they need to start with less. As the

peroxide contacts pathogens in the stomach it liberates free

oxygen, so those with high levels of virus and streptococcus

in their stomachs may feel slight nausea while the reaction

is occurring. The dosage is increased by an ounce per day,

up to five ounces on the fifth day, then finally up to five

ounces three times daily for a week (or until disease is no

longer present). Then the dosage is tapered back down over

a five week period.


Food-grade or Re-agent (these are 35%, dangerous if

undiluted) is better for internal use, since the common USP

3% H2O2 contains small amounts of chemical stabilizers and

other impurities. It can still be used if food-grade is

unavailable; it just isn't as pure.


An alternate dosage regimen uses three drops of 35% H2O2 in

a glass of water three times a day, which is then increased

by a drop per dose, per day, up to 25 drops per dose in

extreme cases. Candidiasis victims should start at one drop

per dose, and build their tolerance gradually. Some find

the taste rather bleachy and unpleasant, and may wish to

chase it with plain water. It can also be mixed with fruit

juice, and citrus juices in particular cover the taste

pretty well.


Adding seven drops of 35% H2O2 to a gallon of drinking water

and shaking well purifies it and gives it a pleasant

waterfall-like flavor.


For more dosage details and extensive

references on H2O2 taken internally, contact:

Walter Grotz, box 126, Delano, MN

55328; 612-972-2144. His progress report, "ECHO", costs $1.

He provided much of the material regarding H2O2 in this

article. Another source is father Richard Wilhelm, Box 18,

Union Rd, California KY 41007; 606-635-9297. These

gentlemen have continued the research initiated by Dr.

Edward Carl Rosenow (1875-1966). They have located over

4000 peer-reviewed medical articles on the applications of

hydrogen peroxide, some dating back to the 1800's. They

received the National Health Federation's Pioneer Award in

Medicine this year, for this ongoing research. Walter

Grotz, in particular, has been touring and lecturing

extensively on the benefits of self-administered H2O2,

literally saving lives wherever he goes, and bringing hope

to people who have been told there causes were hopeless.


Dr. Kurt W. Donsbach at the Bio-Genesis Institute in

Rosarita Beach, Baja Mexico (714-964-1535), has achieved a

remission rate exceeding 70% in over 300 patients, at last

count, most of whom had been previously told they were

beyond hope, and had "tried everything else". Bio-oxidative

therapies are now applied to all cases that arrive at this

clinic, and all respond except for those who arrive already

very close to death. The Guadalahara Medical School,

Mexico's largest, is initiating their own tests this summer,

and will add it to their curriculum upon verification.


As Dr. Donsbach has pointed out, no US clinic or

institution has ever tested intravenous H2O2 as a treatment

for cancer, so any claim that it is not effective is not

based on clinical trial, and amounts to willful

disinformation [This has now changed considerably, with major medical breakthroughs for i.v. treatment of cancer with H202 -Ananda].


The Gerson Institute and La Gloria Clinic in Mexico are also

using Hydrogen Peroxide therapies on their patients, after

the staff tested it on themselves and found it beneficial.



Hydrogen peroxide occurs naturally in rain and snow, from

atmospheric ozone, and in mountain streams where rushing

water is continuously aerated. Most of us learned at an

early age to drink only from a stream only where the water

is running white, because that is where it gets cleansed of

germs. The reason is that H2O2 is forming there due to its

rapid agitation, and that's what kills any harmful microbes



By just shaking a bottle of water vigorously for a while you

can tuck enough extra oxygen into it to form detectable

amounts of H2O2, improving its purity, flavor and vitality.


It turns out that the spring waters at Lourdes, France, long

recognized for their remarkable healing properties, are very

high in natural hydrogen peroxide. The spring is fed by

high altitude snow melt, so the snow apparently absorbs

unusually large quantities of ozone on its way from the

upper atmosphere. Other less-known high altitude springs

are said to be likewise effective.


Similar benefits can be obtained in a swimming pool or hot

tub, by discarding the chlorination system and simply

pouring in H2O2, or by bubbling ozone through the water.

One simple method of making pool-grade ozone is to pump air

past an enclosed ultraviolet lamp.


Raw, uncooked vegetables and fruits can contain natural

hydrogen peroxide. Cooking drives off the extra oxygen.

Fresh fruit juices are well known for their blood cleansing

and revitalizing capabilities, particularly when they are

not combined with other foods; this is largely due to the

H2O2 they contain. Reconstituted frozen juices have much

less and are no longer "alive", thus they are not nearly as




Mother's milk contains a high amount of H2O2, especially

colostrum, the first milk secreted after birth, which

activates the newborns immune systems, and key to many other

metabolic processes.


Under conditions of optimum health, H2O2 is produced by the

body's immune system in whatever amounts are needed to

quickly destroy any invading hostile organisms. It is made

by combining water in the body with the free oxygen that is

supposed to be available. When the body is oxygen-starved,

it can't produce enough H2O2 to wipe out invading pathogens,

which can then get the upper hand and cause visible disease.



When penicillin is effective against infection, it is

largely due to the formation of bacterial amounts of H2O2,

when glucose is oxidized by O2 in the presence of penicillin

notatin. (General Biochemistry, Fruton & Simmonds 577.1

F944 p. 339)


Much has been made about the healing properties of

interferon, but it is unbelievably expensive. However, much

of its effectiveness is apparently due to the fact that it

stimulates the production of H2O2 and other oxygen

intermediates, which are a key factor in reactivating the

immune system. (Journal of Interferon Research Vol 3, #2,

1983 p. 143-151.) Thus Interferon may turn out to be simply

a very elaborate way to accomplish essentially the same

thing as H2O2 regimen.


Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) has long been recognized as

essential to the proper use of oxygen by the cells. Dr.

Linus Pauling has demonstrated that large doses of vitamin C

are effective against cancer. The mainstream medical

community still has not acknowledged this discovery, let

alone put it to use, despite Dr. Pauling's previous

credentials. As it turns out, vitamin C actually creates

extra H2O2 in the body.


Organic Germanium (bis-carboxyethyl germanium sesquioxide)

is gaining increasing recognition as a potent healing

substance, primarily through the work of Dr. Kasuhiko Asai.

This compound directly increases the body's oxygen supply,

as it contains a great deal of oxygen in a form that can be

easily assimilated. (See "Miracle Cure: Organic Germanium"

by Dr. Paul Asai, Japan Publications, Inc., Tokyo and New



Taheebo (aka Pau D'Arco or Lapacho Colorado) is a tree that

grows in the Andes and fixes high concentrations of oxygen

in crystalline form in its inner bark. The bark has been

used for centuries by the native peoples of the area to

prevent and reverse illness, and it is one reason, why they

do not get cancer. In recent years it has become popular in

the US, and it gets by the FDA as an "herbal tea" whose

distributors wisely make no medical claims for it. Again,

much of its effectiveness is apparently due to its high

oxygen content, released in solution when brewed as a tea.



There are several common practices that drop a person's

oxygen level far below what it should really be. At sea

level, 20% of the atmosphere is supposed to be oxygen, but

city air gets down as low as 10%, due to smog and removal of

trees. Air that tastes bad induces a tendency to breathe

shallowly, getting even less oxygen to the blood. So does

lack of exercise.


The carbon monoxide (CO) in smog does not normally occur in

nature in much quantity since it's formed by incomplete

combustion of carbon compounds. It is electrically

unbalanced, so it seeks to bond with any available oxygen to

form the more stable carbon dioxide (CO2). Those who

breathe too much carbon monoxide tend to die, fast or slow

depending on the concentration. It strips oxygen molecules

from the blood to form CO2, which the body can't use and

must exhale, at least until its oxygen runs out. The fact

that the body considers CO2 a waste product, by the way,

doesn't say much for carbonated beverages.


Tap water is very low in oxygen, having no opportunity to be

aerated during its journey through the pipes, and being

loaded down with chlorine and various contaminants. Since

cooking drives the extra oxygen out of vegetables, if one

diet is mostly cooked or processed foods, there's yet

another oxygen source lost.



Overeating is so common in the US it's considered "normal".

One cause is the widespread use of oral antibiotics. While

destroying the target germs, these drugs also kill off one's

intestinal flora, which are needed for healthy digestion.

With these friendly bacteria gone, digestive efficiency

plummets. As a result, the sensation of hunger comes more

often and lasts longer, as the body tries to compensate for

ineffective digestion by increasing the amounts consumed.


Even just eating daily, without ever giving the

gastro-intestinal tract a rest, loads down the blood with

toxins and impurities, especially uric acid crystals. Under

a microscope these resemble tiny coffin lids, interestingly

enough, another clue to our Creator's whimsical sense of

humor. When the waste products exceed the cleansing

capacity of the kidney's, the blood ends up just having to

haul it around the body and stash it wherever possible.

These toxins literally take up so much room in the blood

cells that the cells can't take on enough oxygen when they

pass through the lungs. The bloods primary function of

picking up and distributing oxygen gets blocked by overuse

of garbage-hauling function.


Fasting restores health by giving the overloaded blood cells

a chance to dump the toxins and inert matter through normal

organs of elimination at a rate they can handle, instead of

through the skin, as in acne, or other inappropriate places.

If the fast is long enough, accumulated residues in the body

are also scoured out and expelled, giving a considerable

spiritual resurgence once all the backlog is cleared away.

While the debris is flushed out, various toxic reactions may

come and go. Once the blood is cleansed the red corpuscles

have alot more room for oxygen molecules, the oxygen

saturation of the molecules is high, and health and energy

are boosted considerably. Each breath now gives more

life than it was able to in the bloods earlier state.


Most long-lived native peoples, who are not affected by our

more common diseases, either include fasting as a regular

part of their yearly food cycles, or eat much less overall,

than industrialized peoples.


Today many Americans are existing at such high levels of

toxicity, that their toxic reactions when attempting to fast

can seem intense enough to make them start eating again

before any serious cleansing can be accomplished.

Fortunately one can partially bypass the lungs and get the

blood level back up, by taking oxygenated water internally

and through the skin. Several weeks of detoxification of

this regimen will also make it much easier to fast without

discomfort, if one chooses. It reduces appetite, logically

enough, to a level more in line with the body's actual



The bacteria that aid digestion are not killed by oral use of H2O2, as long as it's diluted properly.



Perhaps the greatest potential benefit is the reversal of

the slight brain damage caused by long-term oxygen

depletion, which can be observed in the "average" human, and

is not always all that slight. It's well known that after

about nine minutes of no oxygen, from drowning or whatever,

you can kiss your brain good-bye. By the implications of

constant gradual oxygen starvation in our cities somehow

escape notice, despite the tiredness, depression,

irritability, poor judgement and health problems affecting

so many citizens.


Increasing the oxygen supply to the brain and nervous system

will reverse these conditions. The oxywater regimen

improves alertness, reflexes, memory and apparently

intelligence, and may offer the elderly a new weapon against

senility and related disorders. Alzheimer's and Parkinson's

are reported to be responding to it. Alcoholics who start

taking H2O2 soon loose interest in alcohol, and the thirst

does not come back. Look up what alcohol does to your blood

oxygen and your ability to use it, and you'll see why.


One possible spin-off of a coming major increase in the

blood oxygen supply to human brains is that various

short-sighted and oxygen-depleting activities such as

deforestation, and other intelligent practices, should fade

from the scene. Americans especially, will have an

opportunity to outgrow many stupid things.


It's strange that the common drug aspirin "stops pain" by

interfering with the nervous systems ability to use oxygen,

in the electrochemical reactions needed to transmit

impulses. Though maybe it's not that strange, considering

that the Bayer Company which originated it was a subsidiary

of IG Farben, the German chemical conglomerate that is

famous for, among other things, developing and

mass-producing the lethal gas Zyklon-B specifically for the

exterminations at nazi death camps.



DR Terry McGrath, the CEO at Medizone, confirmed that

Hydrogen peroxide would in principle act much like ozone in

destroying AIDS virus, but pointed out that it's never

likely to be tested and proven in the laboratory. There's

simply no economic incentive, since it's an unpatentable

process and offers no commercial returns than most other

natural remedies. So it's completely up to individual

patients and concerned citizens to push these options out

into the open, immediately, before various companies get too

financially committed to the assumption that AIDS (or any

other disease) will continue to spread and be incurable.


This is a good place as any for the FDA-required disclaimer:

"Information given here is for research and educational

purposes only and is not intended to prescribe treatment."



Human's aren't the only life form to benefit from

compensation for their oxygen deficient air, water and/or

lifestyle. H2O2 in animals' drinking water, not enough to

taste unpleasant, knocks out a growing list of illnesses.

Locally, cats have gotten rid of their feline leukemia and

chlamydia, and are back to their old energetic slapstick

selves. Distemper in dogs has been reversed with H2O2, and

a growing number of farmers are applying it to their

livestock to cut losses from disease and infected wounds.


Plants grow better with an ounce of 3% H2O2 per quart of

water they're given. Spray the solution on their leaves as

well. Seeds germinate faster, with bigger sprouts, when

they are first soaked in 1 ounce of 3% H2O2 to a pint of

water. Instead of cutting trees that are diseased or

otherwise struggling, spray them with H2O2 and water (1 part

3% to 32 parts water).



The obvious question is, if hyper-oxygenation is so simple

and effective, why has it taken so long to discover it?

Ozone is hardly new and hydrogen peroxide has been on the

market for over a century. Why aren't all doctors already

using it ? How come this story isn't all over the major

news outlets?


Turning the question around helps clarify the problem. Jus

exactly what would happen if a cure was discoverer that was

completely effective against the vast majority of diseases,

ridiculously cheap and plentiful, and in most cases could be

self-administered without a physician?


Would the current medical establishment welcome a

breakthrough that could render 98% of all drugs, testing and

disease related surgery obsolete? What would the response

be of the pharmaceutical industrialists, hospital chain

owners, health insurance moguls, AMA, and FDA?


Would you expect to read or hear such an announcement from

any medical journal or media outlet owned by people

financially committed to the medical status quo, which is

practically all of them? How many want to make their own

occupation unnecessary?


And if the cure had already been suppressed once, wouldn't

the possible blame for allowing people to die without it

provide even more incentive continue keeping the whole thing



All right then. This precisely the situation that exists,

and the cure has indeed been around for ages. It has been

independently reported effective against virtually every

disease at one time or another, in thousands of

public-domain medical articles, which had never been

collected or correlated untilrecently. And it is so simple

and basic that concealing it from physicians and the general

public has required a tremendous smoke screen of artificial

complications, narrow specializations, symptomatic

classifications and user hostile treatments.


If this is so, it follows that the more profit-fixed

elements of the medical establishment will not be too

thrilled about the recent surge in interest in oxygen

therapies. The drug industry has expanded enormously since

WWII, while America's level of health has dropped from the

world's highest to the lowest among the industrialized

nations. It does look as if the bottom line has been money

and not health, for a long time.


The battle for the future of medicine, between Nature's

truth and lucrative lies, is about to really heat up. We

can expect to see disinformation articles and newscasts with

persuasive medical experts, some of whom will even believe

what they're saying, warning of the dangers of hydrogen

peroxide, ozone and even regular oxygen. These reports will

attempt to blur the distinction between using therapeutic

dosages at safe dilutions, and the harmful effects of

excessive concentrations. Plenty of grizzly examples are

available, of what happens when various tissues are



Anti-oxygenation propaganda pieces will probably not mention

that over the years the FDA gas approved H2O2 as a skin

antiseptic at full 3% strength, as a hair bleaching agent at

6%, and for internal use as an additive for milk and in

antiseptic long-shelf-life packaging. Nor are they likely

to acknowledge that many European countries use ozone and

H2O2 in their cities' water supply, and that they enjoy much

better health than in the US. And they will be unable to

truthfully cite any examples of people who were harmed by

using H2O2 in the current demonstrated therapeutic



If not enough public move quickly to help spread the news of

this alternative, those who fear it could reduce their

economic power may go so far as to try to knock off someone

who promotes it, while trying to make it look like "too much

oxygen" is the cause. Also, product tampering has thus far

mostly targeted Bayer Aspirin's competitors, in case you

hadn't noticed, but drugstore hydrogen peroxide would not be

immune to such tactics. One approach might be to plant a

contaminated batch in a town where oral use is catching on

and the medical establishment is losing ground, so someone

gets hurt and the story gets nationwide coverage.


It is vital for Americans to realize that current economic

dynamics don't allow the businessmen in charge of health and

industry any incentive at all, to make people permanently

healthy and lose them as customers. It's the same reason

why the energy conglomerates do not encourage citizens to

become energy-self-sufficient, the Pentagon has no incentive

to stop wars, and the American Psychiatric Association sees

no advantage to ending mental illness.


Fortunately the majority of physicians really do want to see

their patients get well. They also wouldn't mind gaining

the respect and admiration with which physicians were once

widely regarded. When it comes down to choice between

saving lives and protecting profits, most will brave enough

to overhaul their medical belief systems, discard obsolete

methodologies, and basically tell the pharmaceutical

conglomerates to go shove it. The rest will simply get left




Most pharmacists have never heard of it, so it's usually a

waste of time to ask them. A number of chemical supply

houses have 35% H2O2 available; check your local directories

and call a few. Under FDA pressure, DuPnnt and possibly

other major chemical companies have recently issued warnings

to their distributors, not to sell hydrogen peroxide to

people who want it for healing purposes. So when you

inquire, if they ask what you want it for, it will

unfortunately be necessary to lie. If you say you want it

as a cleaning agent, that's at least pretty close to the



Several physicians quietly sell it through the mail, but

they aren't the same ones promoting its health properties,

for obvious FDA-related reasons. A good source in

California, though he can ship it anywhere, is Dr A J

McDonald, at PO Box 775, Lodi, CA 95240; 209-368-8681;



Your best move would be to share this information with

owners of health food stores in your area. Call them and

ask if they have food-grade H2O2 (some already do) and tell

them you want it and how it works. Encourage them to carry

it and give them Dr McDonald's address if they don't seem

inclined to track down a local source.


Cleanroom-grade 30% H2O2 (used for cleaning in computer

rooms it is a powerful disinfectant and leaves no residue

when it evaporates) is reported to be just as pure as food

grade and much cheaper. Check with labs that make "water

fabrication" chemicals, or contact the manufacturers of

silicon chips and other computer parts, and the data

processing complexes that might use it in their cleanrooms,

and ask where they buy it. The more sources become known,

the harder it will be for anyone to make it unavailable.



Write your elected officials, send copies of this

information, and point out what will happen to a politician

whose constituents learn he knew of a cure for cancer and

AIDS but didn't tell them about it. Call in on a radio talk

shows and share the good news, or send copies to their

reporters and program directors, especially at

listener-supported stations as these are less likely to

suppress it. Don't assume your local papers have already

heard of this; write letters to editors, and/or send copies

of this report. Tack it on every bulletin board you see,

and post it on all relevant computer bulletin boards.


If you know teachers, physicians, or health officials who

can still think for themselves, tell them about this and

give them the references. Notify your local police

officials that hyper-oxygenation gives them a way of making

sure they'll be safe from infection due to contact with AIDS

carriers. If you really feel bold, walk into the local

hospital cancer's wards and give a copy of this to anyone

who can still read, and slip out the back door before the

doctors walk in. Share it with anyone you know who has a

health problem, even a minor one; H2O2 apparently works on

everything from acne to warts.


Above all, stop buying the idea that cancer, AIDS, and other

"terminal" illnesses are automatic death sentences. When

you hear some celebrity is sick or dying from this or that,

look up their mailing address in Who's Who or whatever, and

mail them this information. If the address is for an agent,

which are notorious for blocking attempted communications to

their client, you might include a cover letter to the agent,

stating that the enclosed vital news is also being sent to

their clients family members, and that if he or she learns

through them that there was life saving information sent but

held up at the agent's, that agent will be out of a job.

Act like you have the clout it takes to make a difference,

and you soon will.


Major scientific breakthroughs go through three stages:

first they are ridiculed, then violently opposed, and

finally they are accepted for being self-evident all along.

Let's see if we can short cut those first 2 stages a bit,




"ECHO", a newsletter on Oxygen Therapy, is available from

Walter Grotz, Box 126, Delano, MN 55328, (1$, 8p);

612-635-9297) have extensive references and case histories

of successful treatments.

"The Peroxide Story" George L Borell, 3035 Rome Ave,

Anaheim, CA 92804; 60 pp, $4.95 plus $1 postage.

The International Bio-Oxidative Medicine Foundation (IBOM)

Newsletter contains technical updates for physicians using

H2O2 therapies on their patients. PO Box 61767, Dallas/Ft.

Worth, TX 75261; 817-481-9772.

Rex Research (PO Box 1258, Berkely, CA 94701) has five

folios on Ozone Therapy; #4 ($2, 10 pp) is specifically on

ozone treatment of AIDS; see also #1, ozone vs a wide

variety of conditions (6$, 55pp); #2, ozone vs herpes,

hepatitis, rheumatic diseases, also dental use ($4, 29pp);

#3, cardiovascular, ozone enrichment of blood prior to

transfusion (4$, 23 pp) and Ozone vs Cancer ($6, 55pp).

The International Ozone Association, 83 Oakwood Ave,

Norwalk, CT 06850; (203-847-8169) has available "Medical

Applications of Ozone" the largest single volume on the

subject, for 50$.

"Self-Treatment for AIDS: Oxygen Therapy" ($12.95, 100pp),

and home remedies for Candida" ($8.95, 112pp) consist mostly

of article reprints, compiled by Betsy Manning, 1600 Larkin

#104, S.F. CA 94109.

"Search for Health", APW, PO Box 3052, Iowa City, Iowa

52244. Tom Valentine, Editor. Includes info on other

oxygenating compounds for internal use, including AEROX,

which they sell, and which is reported to give the same

benefits as H2O2, but tastes better and is more stable,

though more expensive. (We have not yet obtained a sample

for testing.) APW also is a source for full-spectrum

health-enhancing KIVA lights.


Some of the formal medical articles on H2O2 include:

"Hydrogen peroxide mediated killing of bacteria", D P

Clifford and J E Repine, (Molecular and Cellular

Biochemistry 49, 143-149, 1982); Generation of H2O2 in

Biomembranes", T Ramasarma, (Biochemica et Biophysica Acta,

694, 1982, 69-93); "Removal of Cholesterol and Other Lipids

from Experimental Animal and Human Atheromatous Arteries by

Dilute Hydrogen Peroxide", James W Finney, Bruce E Jay, et

al, (Baylor University Medical Center, Dallas, Texas); also

a series on the role of H2O2 in immunity to malaria, in The

Lancet, 12/25/82 p 1431-1433, 1/29/83 p 234, and 2/12/83 p


Medizone International, 123 East 54th St, Suite 2B, NY, NY

10022; 212-421-0303; issues shareholder reports updating the

stateside verification of ozone blood treatment. Hansler

ozone generators will also be available to licensed

physicians through Medizone.

Biozon Technik Co, in Bad Hersfeld, Federal Republic of

Germany, also makes ozone generators for medical use.



Reprinted from NOW WHAT, issue one; $4/issue, or $15/yr.

Order from Waves Forest, PO Box 768, Monterey, CA 93942 USA




If by this point anyone remains skeptical, and has not yet digested the Pharmaceutical and medical corporation conspiracy issues, raising questions such as "surely, if there has been a relevent degree of success, without serious side-affects, I would have seen this evidence in the medicle literature." Well, indeed, there has been such articles. But one must seek to find, it is not handed out on a platter. The following is thus an excellent, establishment article on H202:



Hyperbaric Oxygen:

More Indications Than Many Doctors Realise

---------by Eric P. Kindwall---------

from "British Medical Journal," August 28, 1993 v307 n6903 p515(2)



Subjects: Hyperbaric Oxygenation Therapeutic use

Full Text COPYRIGHT British Medical Association (UK) 1993



Many British doctors are ignorant of the indications for

hyperbaric oxygen and sceptical of its benefits, according to a

recent survey of hyperbaric oxygen facilities. The survey, by the

BMA's Board of Science and Education, concluded that given the

present level of use then provision was sufficient, although

doctors may be underusing the treatment.[1]


They need to know for which conditions hyperbaric oxygen works

and refer accordingly. The telephone advisory service, run by the

Institute of Naval Medicine at Gosport (similiar to the National

Poisons Unit help line), should be better known.

Treatment with hyperbaric oxygen was introduced as an adjunct to

cardiovascular surgery before cardiopulmonary bypass techniques

and deep hypotheria became available. But when surgery in a

hyperbaric chamber was no longer necessary most of the original

researchers stopped studying it. Britain helped to pioneer the

use of hyperbaric oxygen to treat carbon monoxide poisoning,

refractory osteomyelitis,[2] and compromised skin grafts. But

with no formal training programmes and little funding, the

treatment now attracts little attention in Britian.

When administered at pressures greater than one atmosphere,

oxygen can assume properties more akin to a drug than a simple

support for metabolism. In carbon monoxide poisoning, for

example, it stops lipid peroxidation, which spares neuronal cell


It reduces odema by about 50% in post ischaemic muscle through

preserving adenosine triphosphate.[4] In acute burns it reduces

fluid requirements by 35% in the first 24 hours, thus reducing

oedema.[5-8] It reduces white cell adhesion to capillary walls

after ischaemic or traumatic insult, mitigating the no reflow

phenomenon.[9] Red cell flexibility is doubled in about 15

treatments.[10] White cell killing of aerobic bacteria and some

fungi is greatly enhanced at high oxygen pressures,[11]

facilitating control of osteomyelitis[12] and reducing the number

of operations and mortality in necrotising fasciitis.[13]

Extremely important is its stimulation of new capillary and

collagen formation in radiated tissue, normalising tissue oxygen

tensions to permit surgery, healing, and even bone grafting.[14


Finally, it increases tissue levels of superoxide dismutase,

which counters the formation of free radicals after injury,

resulting in better tissue survival.[16] This is particularly

important in cursh injury, replants, and grafts, where free

radical formation is responsible for reperfusion injury.[17]

Although many doctors believe that good research on hyperbaric

oxygen is rare, the converse is true.[18-22] Over 3800 papers

have been published on the topic despite the relative scarcity of

chambers. The Undersea Medical Society began investigating the

claims being made for hyperbaric oxygen treatment in 1977. A

committee (which I chaired) considered 64 different allegedly

improved by treatment with hyperbaric oxygen. In most of them

there was insufficient evidence to warrant its clinical use.

In preparing out original report we consulted the largest private

insurers in the United States, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and the

Federal Health Care Finances Administration. Since then the

report has been continually updated. At present only 12

conditions are approved by the society for reimbursement.[23]

Since 1977 the number of clinical chambers in the United States

has grown from 37 to nearly 300.

For inclusion on the approved list there had to have been

controlled studies or large clinical series indicating not only

the efficacy but also the cost effectiveness of treatment with

hyperbaric oxygen. In disorders for which prospective controlled

trials were impossible or unavailable, evidence adduced for the

efficacy of hyperbaric oxygen had to be at least as convincing as

that used to support reimbursement of other treatments routinely

paid for the insurers. The five major British centres for the

most part limit treatment to those disorders on the approved

list, despite there being no regulation to that effect.

This list can serve only as a guide. Though quite useful in

diabetic wounds, hyperbaric oxygen is only part of a programme of

total wound care. For some diabetic wounds hyperbaric oxygen is

inappropriate if the large vessels distal to the trifurcation at

the knee are occluded or severely stenotic. Crush injury and

impending compartment syndrome need to be treated immediately if

any worthwhile result is to follow. Late referral, which gives

time for oedema, reperfusion, and injury; free radical damage;

and the no reflow phenomenon to do their work, makes the

treatment largely a waster of time and money. For some surgical

patients the potential dangers of further trauma to the wound

during transportation will militate against the use of hyperbaric

oxygen. Experience has shown, however, that patients with severe

carbon monoxide poisoning can be transported safely over long

distances in a properly equipped ambulance or helicopter.

Before transfer a critically ill patient is contemplated it

should be ascertained that the receiving chamber facility can

deliver the necessary level of intensive care. Whenever the use

of hyperbaric oxygen is considered, consultation with the

physician in charge of the hyperbaric oxygen facility is

mandatory to ensure that referral is appropriate. The timing of

hyperbaric oxygen in relation to surgery is also critically

important. For example, in necrotising fasciitis, surgery is the

accepted primary treatment, with hyperbaric oxygen used as a

follow up. With gas gangrene, however, the hyperbaric chamber is

used before surgery (other than for fasciotomy). In the treatment

of radionecrosis the patient should be treated at least 20 to 30

times in the chamber, to induce the formation of new capillaries,

before elective surgery is performed if healing is to be




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Physiological Effects Of Tissue Oxygenation

On Wound Healing

-----------by JoAnne D. Whitney-----------

in "Heart and Lung" Sept 1989 v18 n5 p466(11) - ABSTRACT ONLY




Wounds and injuries Care and treatment

Skin Wounds and injuries

Oxygen in the body

Physiological aspects

Wound healing Physiological aspects

Reference #: A8868463



The availability of oxygen to tissues plays an important role in

the process of wound healing. When skin is damaged, swelling

occurs, fibroblasts (a type of cell) grow, and blood vessels and

connective tissue begin to grow.

During the early inflammatory phase, the process of wound repair

begins with the activation of enzymes and white blood cells which

destroy bacteria and cause blood clot formation. Macrophages

(cells that engulf debris) clear the wound of destroyed cellular

material. The blood flow to the injured area increases, bringing

nutritive substances to the damaged tissue.

Macrophages also stimulate fibroblasts to secrete collagen, a

type of protein that strengthens the tissues. New blood vessels

are formed to continue the supply of nutrients to the wound.

Although the mechanism is not well understood, the wound then

begins to contract and tissue forms from the wound's edge.

Within one to two days, the epithelial cell layer begins to form.

Nutrition, the immune system, oxygen, blood volume, infection,

immunosuppression (caused by drugs or disease) and a decrease in

red blood cells are all influential factors in wound healing.

Oxygen affects the production of collagen, epithelial cell

growth, and the growth of blood vessels. A decrease in the volume

of circulating blood and the concentration of red blood cells can

compromise the amount of oxygen available for wound healing.

Interventions to improve oxygenation and enhance wound healing

include replacing reduced blood volume, monitoring fluids,

watching for signs of infection, and monitoring the overall

healing progress.

- (Consumer Summary produced by Reliance Medical Information, Inc.)



Amadis's Two Cents


Oxygen Therapies are a political and medical hot-potato. Ask your doctor

what Ozone Therapy is, and he/she will probably respond "Never heard of

it!" You might even hear the words "If there was something to it, I would

have heard about it."

Oxygen Therapies have been around for many years, and range from the use of

hydrogen peroxide to Ozone Therapy.

Ozone is by far the most aggressive of all the Oxygen Therapies, and

perhaps the most controversial. Accepted in 16 countries, Ozone Therapy has

met with much resistance in the United States. The FDA does everything in

its power to quell the acceptance of it, but it is slowly gaining

acceptance. The FDA would like people to believe that Ozone is a form of

pollution found in the air, but Ozone in relation to Oxygen Therapies is

produced using high quality Ozone generators from Medical Grade Oxygen.

The main thrust behind the suppression of Ozone appears to be

pharmaceutical based. Only Ozone delivery methods are patentable, so there

is not much money to be gained by pursuing it clinically. On the other

hand, the money that the pharmaceutical companies stand to lose because of

Ozone is where the problem begins. If Ozone Therapy were to eliminate the

use of even 50% of pharmaceutical drugs, billions of dollars are at stake.

I am fortunate to live in Canada where Ozone Therapy is allowed (the

legality of it remains a gray area), but still not widely known. The Former

Deputy Surgeon General of Canada feels that there is something to Ozone

Therapy, as does Canadian National Defence. Many doctors are skeptical of

it, but I feel this is because of a lack of education. Results speak

wonders, and if doctors are truly concerned with patients good health, they

will have no choice but to listen.

I use Ozone Therapy and other Oxygen Therapies for general maintenance of

my health. I do this with some degree of acceptance from my doctor. I have

seen it do wonders on many immune-suppressive disorders. Unfortunately,

many turn to this type of therapy after their bodies have been ravaged by

traditional medical methods (toxic drugs, chemotherapy, radiation, etc.)

and expect miracles. Oxygen Therapies will try to clean up the toxic mess,

but sometimes it is just too late.

I have talked to people that say, "I tried it, but it didn't work for me",

or, "I knew someone that tried it, and it didn't help them." When you get

into an in depth conversation with the person, you find out that proper

protocols using an ozone generator that outputs proper concentrations were

not used.

-Amadis (Dave)


As todays skin care and beuaty products, are extensions of the silent war, being emulsed in petrolium products, such as the propyl alchohol, which enters the immune system within 30 seconds, and allows the intestinal fluke and other parasites the ability to enter the thymus gland, and eat it up etc, clearly it is time for a new skin care awareness to emerge. Oxygen again offers a key. For true long term beauty, not several year beauty's, at the expense of rapid unset of ugliness, disease, and damaged image. Oh do 02.


Oxygen Emuslion: The basics


by Ted Kalli

Vice President

AURA Research

291 Mercer Avenue

Marmora, NJ 08223



This article will mainly concentrate on the various aspects of

the use of oxygen, as related to skin care. To do this, we must

have a basic understanding of one of life's basic elements,

Oxygen. This requires some knowledge of Bio-Chemistry, the

anatomy and physiology of the skin, nutrition, effects of the

environment, etc.

While some of us are not medical professionals, our industry is

getting more medically oriented. The tremendous reception The

Advanced Dermatologics News has received in both the beauty

industry and medical community is a direct result of this trend

and is a prime example of the thirst for knowledge, expressed by

professionals throughout the industry. Therefore, we must obtain

a clear understanding of many terms and procedures common to both

the medical profession and skin care industry.

Educational opportunities abound at trade shows, seminars,

conferences and even with manufacturers. Why manufacturers, all

they want is to sell their product line! Whether or not you use

the products is your professional decision. But, how can you make

this decision without full understanding?


It is up to you can to make your purchasing decision based on the

facts presented. I have attended classes offered by esthetic and

pharmaceutical manufacturers and have found many of them to be

very informative and well worth my time.


In my column much of my text will be direct quotes from reliable

sources. All sources will be listed so you can obtain the

complete text. And now on to Oxygen.


Webster's Medical Dictionary defines oxygen as: an element that

is found as a colorless, tasteless gas in the atmosphere of which

it forms about 21% or combined in water, in most rocks and

minerals, and in numerous organic compounds, that is capable of

combining with all elements, except the inert gases, is active in

the physiological processes and is involved esp. in the

combustion processes. To understand the definition, lets talk

about how oxygen is used in the body.


The following are some excerpts from a consumer information

brochure by International Bio-Oxidative Medicine Foundation

(IBOM). IBOM is a Not for Profit Educational and Research

Foundation. It contains a good description of oxidation.


Most biochemical reactions in the body are 'Balanced' through

'Redox' mechanisms. Redox means (Red)uction (Ox)idation.

Chemically, anytime a substance is reduced (chemically changed)

something else must be oxidized (chemically changed the other

way) for the body to stay in balance.


Oxidation, is the process which causes 'rust' on metals (slow

oxidation) or fire (rapid oxidation). In the body, some types of

oxidation is thought to be harmful producing free radicals. We

now suggest individuals take vitamin E (an anti-oxidant) to

reduce free radical formation. However, there could be no life if

certain types of oxidation did not occur. The body uses oxidation

as its first line of defense against bacteria, virus, yeast and

parasites. Even breathing OXYGEN is an oxidative process. Without

oxidation we die very quickly. Without oxygen for more than a few

seconds, serious consequences follow.


Before I go any further I would like to address Free Radicals.


Dr. Kurt W. Donsbach D.C., Ph.D, in his book O2 O2 O2, gives an

excellent explanation addressing this issue.


The Free Radical Flap

The most misunderstood aspect of hydrogen peroxide is the

contention that it is a free radical. This is false. First of

all, let's define a free radical.


It is an element or compound which has an unpaired or unmatched

electron. This lack of balance causes this substance to have a

very reactive character.


However, it must be noted that these free radicals are very short

lived. Usually in the one ten-thousandth of a second range,

during this short time, these free radicals can cause damage by

joining with other body chemicals and changing their character.

Sometimes they produce a chain reaction by creating new free



That is the negative side. There is also a beneficial side to

free radicals, but let us see what happens to hydrogen peroxide

when it first enters the body through the blood stream (or the



Hydrogen Peroxide + Catalase = Water + O


When hydrogen peroxide enters the blood stream, an enzyme

catalase which is very prevalent in the human body almost

immediately breaks it down to water and atomic oxygen, also

called singlet oxygen or free radical oxygen.


O + O = O2


In less than one ten-thousandth of a second, the atomic oxygen

has become stable O2 oxygen by pairing with another atomic

oxygen. O2 is the kind of oxygen the human body uses constantly.

There is no time for the unstable atomic oxygen to attack a cell and cause any damage.


As mentioned before, there are beneficial free radicals. One of

them is atomic oxygen released when hydrogen peroxide is formed

in the white blood cell (leukocyte) known as a macrophage. This

has a special area called a peroxisone which produces hydrogen

peroxide, breaking down to water and atomic (reactive or free

radical) oxygen which will kill an invading bacteria allowing the

macrophage to engulf and destroy harmful organisms.


Another example of free radical benefit is carbon monoxide (CO),

a deadly form of gas which can kill the human organism if inhaled

in large enough quantities. It can be inhaled but not exhaled,

accumulates in the blood stream reducing the amount of stable

oxygen carried to the cells, where it is needed. To decrease the

amount of carbon monoxide in the blood stream, it must be changed

to carbon dioxide (CO2) a form of gas which is readily exhaled.

This is accomplished by the simple mechanism of adding a singlet

oxygen to the carbon monoxide.


Well, I hope this clears up the free radical issue and we can

concentrate of the beneficial use of oxygen emulsion products in

skin care. To do this we must know something about hydrogen

peroxide, since it is where we get the oxygen and water.


Hydrogen peroxide has been around since the 1870's. It is made up

of hydrogen and oxygen. In fact, hydrogen peroxide is 94 %

oxygen. Whenever hydrogen peroxide comes in contact with the

enzyme, catalase, it always breaks down to oxygen and water. This

is true whether it is on the skin or in the blood stream. It

should be noted that many of the references I will be using

pertain to the oral and infusion use of hydrogen peroxide. Yes,

people do drink very diluted hydrogen peroxide, but not the kind

you buy in the supermarket or drug store. The are several

different grades of hydrogen peroxide. The different grades are

as follows:


3% Hydrogen Peroxide (Drug/Grocery variety)

Made from 50% Super D Peroxide, diluted. Contains stabilizers -

phenol, acetanilide, sodium stanate and tetrasodium phosphate

among them.

6% Hydrogen Peroxide (used by Cosmetologists)

Comes in strengths labeled 10, 20 and 40 volume. Must have an

activator added to be used as a bleach.

30% Reagent Hydrogen Peroxide

Used in Medical research. Also contains stabilizers.

30 - 32% Technical Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

Used for washing transistors and integrated chip parts before

assembly. Stabilizers contained are unknown.

35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

Used in food products like cheese, eggs, whey products. Also used

to spray inside of foil lined containers for food storage - known

as aseptic packaging system. The product of choice in most

applications using hydrogen peroxide.

90% Hydrogen Peroxide

Used as a source of Oxygen at Cape Canaveral. Used as a

propulsion source in rocket fuel.


The 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide, greatly diluted, is what is

consumed by humans by choice. This is not widely practiced in the

United States, but there has been a great deal of research on the

subject. Dr. Donsbach's book, O2 O2 O2 lists 32 such studies in

his bibliography. Many of these studies were done in the United

States at the Mayo Clinic and Baylor University. If you

interested in further information on this subject, look for

Oxygen Therapies, Ed McCabe, Energy Publications, 1988.


This writer is concerned about the external use of hydrogen



Hydrogen peroxide in it's aqueous form is not very stable. When

it is in the emulsion, it is very stable.


In 1990, I introduced oxygen emulsion skin products to the United

States. It was a new concept and many professionals were

skeptical about it. But, in less than two years "oxygen emulsion"

had become a popular industry buzzword.


Why and how does it work? The facts are, very simple. The enzyme

catalase exists in the skin, as well in other parts of the body.

When hydrogen peroxide comes in contact with the skin, it always

breaks down to oxygen and water. In the aqueous form, which is

commonly used as an antiseptic, most of the oxygen escapes to the

atmosphere. This is the 'bubbling' that is often seen on the

surface of the skin.


The oxygen emulsion, which is an oil-in-water emulsion of

hydrogen peroxide, also breaks down to water and oxygen. But, the

oil phase of the emulsion does not allow the oxygen to escape to

the atmosphere. This creates a pressure and the skin becomes the

path of least resistance. When hydrogen peroxide changes from a

liquid to a gas (which happens instantaneously), it increases in

volume 22.4 times. This increase in volume is what causes the

pressure and why it penetrates the skin. The oxygen becomes a gas

only during this instantaneous reaction. When it penetrates the

skin, it is dissolved in the extracellular water and in the

capillary plasma. Molecular oxygen (gas) can only exist in the

lungs. The presence of the oxygen in the plasma of the blood can

be measured using medical monitoring equipment manufactured by

Kontron, a division of Hoffman-LaRoche. "Before and after"

measurements using this equipment will show a dramatic increase

in the partial pressure after application of the oxygen emulsion.


When the oxygen penetrates the skin it acts as a 'vehicle.' It

propels water and other ingredients with it when it penetrates the

skin, if they are of the correct molecular

size. When combined with beta-caroten, the oxygen carries

the beta-caroten with it. Once the beta-carotene penetrates

the skin, its is converted by the body to vitamin A acid. This conversion is well

documented by many published papers on the activity of beta-carotene and other carotenoid.. So in addition to oxygen and

water, we have all the benefits of retinoic acid, without the

adverse side effects.



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The Mechanics of O3 in Medicine



Why? Because even among all the ozone doctors, only a few rare

souls understand the back-away-and-look-at-the-whole-thing

concept. The concept is simple: the human body is 66% water. In

a 150 pound man, there would be 100 pounds of water. It divides

up like this:


Percentage of water making up tissues, organs, fluids and bone

in the human body.


Brain 75%

Heart 75%

Lungs 86%

Muscle 75%

Liver 85%

Kidney 83%

Bone 22%

Blood 83%

Saliva 95%

Perspiration 95%


Some are conditioned to think of ozone as "another drug". It

would be useful to take a minute and forget the idea of putting

a little drug in the body to bring about changes, and instead

look at out task of cleaning up 100 pounds of water as if you

were not a doctor, but an engineer approaching a mechanical

problem. Away from the human body, how would you physically

completely detoxify and completely purify 100 pounds of dirty,

disease-laden water? You would micro-bubble a lot of strong

ozone through it for a long time while running it through

filters. This would rid out 100 pounds of water of any

bacteria, viruses, fungi, pathogens, and any other toxic



Take your thoughts back to the human body. How are you going to

purify 100 pounds of body water? By putting 10cc's of low

concentration ozone in a muscle? Of course not. That may bring

about minor blood chemistry changes, but complete purification?

No. You must *flood* the body with oxygen long enough to purify

it, and at a rate slow enough so that the filters (organs of

elimination) won't clog. The only way to achieve optimum

purification or healing using ozone.


Our 150 pound man with 100 pounds of water has approximately 12

pints of blood in him. His blood is 83% water, so in our case

therefore, about 10 pounds of water. Even if you completely

purify the bloodstream, you are only purifying 10% of the dirty

water problem. The blood circulates through the body 12 to

twenty times per minute, but what about the lymph?


Here's what the AMA said in a "Today's Health" article

(December 1964) by J. D. Ratcliff.


"The Lymph .... as vital as the main bloodstream, the intricate

and all but invisible lymphatic network ... it is one of the

world's rivers of mystery - sluggish, largely unmapped, many

miles long. The Lymphatic system has puzzled physiologists

since early Greek times ... our health, even our lives depend

upon how well this complex system functions.


In contrast to the bloodstream, which follows a swift flowing

closed circuit from arteries to capillaries to veins and then

back to the arteries, the lymphatic system flows slowly in a

single direction. Its initial rivulets - microscopic in

dimension - originate in intercellular space. Fluid gathered

here passes through ever-enlarging ducts until it reaches the

lower neck region, where it empties into veins leading to the

heart to be mixed back into the blood. (Note: it takes 24 hours

for the lymph to completely circulate through the body.)


Much of the mystery surrounding the lymphatic system traces to

the fact that most of its ducts are so fragile that they are

almost invisible - the smallest have walls of only one wall

thickness. And the fluid they carry is ordinarily almost as

clear as water. Moreover, at the touch of a probe, all but the

largest lymphatic vessels collapse, as they do in death.

Exploring such a gossamer stream has called for supreme

ingenuity. In many respects the body is like a vast swamp. Its

trillions of fluid-bathed cells live an aquatic life. The

lymphatic network provides an all-important drainage system."


So, when you're up to your neck in alligators (facing terminal

disease) it is hard to remember that your original objective

was to drain the vast swamp. To purify the water, all of it,

beyond the blood, into the lymph, into the gossamer

passageways, through the organs, within the cell walls

themselves, even the aquatic life surrounding the DNA, how are

you going to do it?


The German clean a pint or more of blood three times a week.

Pioneers in the U.S. inject several syringes of oxygen/ozone

into the bloodstream once a day for six weeks and get great

results, but are we even close to what is needed? Blood and the

lymph eventually carry oxygen to every cell, but what about the

hidden backwaters of the swamp. Maybe the present eventually

carry oxygen to every cell, but what about the hidden

backwaters of the swamp? Maybe the present methods work, but

can we improve the delivery system?


There are four devices now on the market to answer the call of

approaching total purification:



Plastic or ripstop nylon bags with drawstrings at the neck and

cuffs, some with legs, some without. The patient takes a shower

and while still wet with the pores "open", he completely covers

his body, except his head, within a big bag. The bag is pumped

full of ozone made from pure oxygen.



The patient reclines in a large "clamshell" chamber with head

protruding outside while micro-nozzles spray warm ultra-pure

water homogenized with pure oxygen ozone into the body. The

skin capillaries dilate and discharge toxins into the very

hungry 10 megohm ultra-pure water, and absorb ozone into the

skin, lymph and bloodstream at the same time.



Patients lie or sit in a pressurized oxygen atmosphere. The

oxygen pressure on their whole body harmlessly forces oxygen

through their skin and deep into the most hidden body cavities.



This has to be the most advanced medical ozone delivery system

to date. The patient lies in a reclined chair while blood is

withdrawn out of one arm, ozonated at slight pressure

continually, and pumped back into the other arm. A one hour

treatment alone is superior to any other ozone delivery method.

Recent clinical trials had a few patients circulating in the

chair for over eight hours! Imagine the volume of blood, lymph,

and organ purification in an eight hour treatment. Now combine

Polyatomic Apheresis with The Aquacizer and hyperbarics. Total

purification inside and out.


A little ozone can clean the blood up so well that an immediate

blood test will show a state of health, but unless all the

little gossamer ducts are cleaned up, after a few days of the

lymph recirculating, doing its job of picking up debris and

remixing with the blood, a person could test positive again for

a virus. The original PCR HIV test sensed one viral particle in

one thousand units, now it detects one particle in two million.


To be and remain totally PCR or any virus negative -

All the patient's body water must be totally purified.


As we relay elswhere in this book, negative ions dramatically increased Extra Sensory Perception scores that were made in double blind faraday studies by Dr. Andrija Puharich. He also found an immense increase in the healing capability of the body, as negative ions increased the 8 hz bi-hemespheric synchronisation of the two brain halves. It is this 8 cycles per second rhythm, which Dr. Puhrich measured being emitted from the hands of successful healers, and also has been repeatedly demonstrated to be the frequency, at which water electrolysed, actually produces the COHN set of proto-life - this findings were conclusive, and replicated by many. The negative ion increase, allows the body to be flooded by electrons, which then fill in the eight electron orbital positions of the atoms, in the polysacharide cells, forinstance. This changes the cellular charge polarity, and allows only harmoni 8Hz life giving waves to enter into the cells. Here, breathe therapy, and the importance of oxygen takes another dimension. Following are other points for negative ion consideration:


Why Are Negative Ions

So Healthy?


Lenard (1915) found that when water is atomized (e.g. on impact of a

water droplet), negative and positive charges are SEPARATED.


Molecules which are torn from the surface of the water bear a

NEGATIVE charge (small negative ions) whereas large drops or the

entire mass of water are POSITIVE.


This provided an unexpected explanation for the refreshing,

invigorating effect of residences close to a waterfall or spring, or

even after rain.


Some of these reactions which IMPROVE WELL-BEING and physical and

mental capacity have since become known.


Negative ions produce an INCREASE in hemoglobin/oxygen

affinity so that the partial oxygen pressure in the blood

rises but the partial carbon dioxide pressure DECREASES.



METABOLISM of water-soluble vitamins.


In addition, negative ions produce an INCREASE in PH and, in

particular, an INCREASE in the SECRETORY performance of the MUCOSA

with an INCREASE in CILIARY MOVEMENT in the airways.


According to the studies of Fleischer and Pantlitschko, negative

ions probably also IMPROVE BLOOD FLOW by increasing the release of

proteolytic enzymes with fibrinolytic activity.


Wordens studied the adrenals of golden hamsters kept under the same

experimental conditions. The adrenals of animals treated with

POSITIVE ions weighed 33% LESS than the adrenals of animals treated

with normal respiratory air.


On the other hand, the weight of the adrenals from golden hamsters

treated with NEGATIVE ions was 29% HIGHER.


Olivereau found a 30% ENLARGEMENT of adrenals in rats after 20 days

of treatment with NEGATIVE ions. This finding suggests that the

ability of the adrenals to produce glucocorticoids is REDUCED by



Considerable INCREASE in VITAL CAPACITY were observed by M.A.

Vytchikova and A. Minkh in 1959, with the maintenance of blood sugar

and blood oxygen levels.


Thus, in a group of 9 sports students, Minkh found that ergometer

endurance was INCREASED by 260% in 32 days compared with a normal

control group following the INHALATION for 15 minutes DAILY of air

enriched with 1.5 million NEGATIVE small ions per centimeter.


Even before the 1976 Olympics, air ionization in the sleeping

quarters of team members was used to improve performance in sports

centres in the USSR and the GDR [M. Jokl, Prague].


Studies by Altmann in 1975 clearly show that the performance of

school children can, for example, be CONSIDERABLY INCREASED by

changing the electrical conditions of the rooms. Comparable effects

have also been achieved by the use of IONIZED AIR.


According to the latest information in the fields of medicine,

biology and meteorology, it can be definitively established that

atmospheric ions have a biological effect.


Atmospheric electrical factors are a component of our environment

and we humans are clearly affected by ELECTRO-IONIC MICROCLIMATES to a far greater extent than previously imagined.


This finding acquires particular significance since, as a result of

artificial air conditioning (e.g. atmospheric pollution, buildings,

air-conditioning units, heating, electrical installations,

plastics), civilized man spends 50-100% of his time in an



In cities, in closed rooms and in cars, etc., the proportion of

small negative ions in the atmosphere is markedly reduced compared

with undisturbed nature.


An atmosphere with an EXCESS of NEGATIVE ions, such as frequently

arise under open sky, usually INDUCES a complete VEGETATIVE TURN-

AROUND within twenty days.


In the curative phase of this total turn-around, the vegetative

nervous system is normally RESTORED and the course of infectious

diseases is essentially ATTENUATED (weakened) and (healing is)





The information in this paper provides more than sufficient

evidence that negative ion generators can only be a good

investment. The small decorative water fountains which cascade

or spray are not only visually appealing, but also provide the

pleasing sound of moving water. Now with the explanation of

the negative charge from the rupturing of the water molecule,

we can see how the atomizing process is a highly desirable

effect to bring about.


Many of the electronics magazines have ads in the back for

companies which sell surplus. We have seen small plastic

impeller pumps which could easily be built into a fountain or

waterfall. The cost is minimal, something on the order of $5

to $25 for the pump, plastic, plaster of paris, concrete,

fiberglass or earth all can be used to build the fountain.


A very neat and healthful project, in fact, something which

could make money for all you entrepeneurs. Many people would

buy such devices if they were available for a reasonable price.


One in the bedroom, where face it, we spend at least 6 hours

per day, one in the living room or den, where we spend up to 4

hours or more per day. There are lots of possibilites.


For that matter, the atomizer does not have to be decorative,

just a way to moisturize the air with the negatively ionized

droplets. Incidentally, most modern cooling systems use

refrigerated air which means the air is essentially

recirculated and the majority of the moisture is REMOVED.


Have fun and good health to you!


The Father of Oxygen Therapies


The reason so many people have been turned onto Oxygen Therapies is due to the daring and pioneering work of Ed McCabe. For years he has been at the forefront of the public making strides in introducing these cheap solutions, and was struck numerous times by the threatened Medical corporate state. In 1992 he published: O2xygen Therapies - A New Way of Approaching Disease. Many consider the doctor to be the father of Oxygen Therapies. For over nine years now, Ed has dedicated his life to furthering the cause, traveling the world in an attempt to get the word out.



Ed is an investigative journalist and leading international author, speaker, and

expert on the subject of oxygen therapies. His ongoing involvement with advanced

healing modalities encompasses a span of over 25 years. He holds a degree in

Educational Media from the University of Massachusetts, and he became expert on

the subject of oxygen therapies since focusing solely upon them as a research

journalist during 9 years of intensive study, investigation, experimentation,

interviews, and travel.


Although several oxygen therapies have been in use for over 100 years, Ed is the only

person to date who has undertaken a worldwide investigation and publication of

their effectiveness. To do this, he interviews thousands of patients and hundreds of

doctors, and regularly visits many of the major oxygen therapy centers worldwide.


Although oxygen therapies are stated by many experts to be highly effective, before

Ed's published works and his extensive lecturing, these therapies remained mostly

unknown to the general public, and the professional organizations promoting them

were in danger of floundering. The patents on most of the oxygen therapies had

expired years ago, so there had been little interest by the pharmaceutical houses and

the media in promoting them, and almost no advertising had been done to let

people know of their existence. Ed has daily spent the last 7 years of his life actively

changing this situation in order to lessen the all too common and unnecessary

suffering of people with serious diseases. The legion of converts to these therapies

grows daily, and the manufacturers and professional organizations surrounding

them are now flourishing, in very large part because of Ed's focusing the public's

attention on them. He created the Oxygen Therapy movement where there was none



Ed has publications, tapes, and videos which have over 40 distributors in seven

countries, including the largest U.S. health book distributors. Now in its 40th

printing, his best-selling classic book Oxygen Therapies was the first publication in

history to detail all known ways of using special forms of oxygen to oxygenate the

body. Now millions know that the use of oxygen therapies is of prime importance in

order to maintain health and in the treatment of disease.


Ed writes a syndicated newspaper column and numerous national magazine articles

appearing in "Aids Patient Care," "Health Freedom News," "Health Consciousness,"

"Explore!," and "New Perspectives" magazines. He has been a very popular guest on

over 1,200+ radio and television stations and speaking platforms in the U.S.,

England, Scotland, Australia, Canada, Mexico, and New Zealand, including the U.S.'s

"Maury Povich" national television talk show on April 21st, 1993, which devoted a

whole show to the oxygen therapy work surrounding Ed and his associates.


Ed is the Executive Director of The Foundation For The Advancement Of Oxygen

Therapies, a not for profit public service organization. The Foundation is dedicated

to oxygen therapies research, education, and the spreading of the good news about

oxygen therapies through the media.


Ed is also a recipient of The International Bio-Oxidative Medicine Foundation's

prestigious "Special Recognition" and "Distinguished Speaker Awards."


Ed's publications and tapes can be ordered through:

Crossroads and Family Health News 1-800-635-5823]




* O2xygen Therapies - A New Way of Approaching Disease

* Oxygen, Oxygen, Oxygen

* Hydrogen Peroxide, Medical Miracle

* The Use of Ozone in Medicine - 2nd Revised Edition

* Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy - Newly Revised 11th Edition

* The Un-Medical Miracle - Oxygen

* Oxygen Healing Therapies

* The Story of Ozone

* Ozone - Purifier of the Earth and Cleanser of all Living Beings

* Art of Breathing

* Super Power Breathing for Super Energy


O2xygen Therapies - A New Way of Approaching Disease

Product No: K989 Disease $15.00

By Ed McCabe


In this book Ed McCabe reveals:


* Current popular methods of increasing cellular oxygenation.

* Formulas, patents and ongoing lab scientific and medical studies.

* Anecdotal and medical case histories of former AIDS and other

degenerative disease victims, who were treated with oxygenation

methods by health professionals, and are now viral free.


This book is a virtual encyclopedia of all known ways of oxygenating the



Oxygen, Oxygen, Oxygen

Product No: K463 $3.95

By Dr. Kurt Donsbach



Spokesperson who has earned the respect and admiration of his colleagues

with his on target approach to nutritional care and preventive health


In this book Dr. Donsbach answers your health questions as he guides you

the intricacies of the human body.


* Understand the physiology of various conditions.

* Assist the body with nutrition oriented measures.

* Avoid health problems with good prevention.

* Apply proper dietary habits for specific conditions.


Hydrogen Peroxide, Medical Miracle

Product No: B01 $12.95

By Dr. William Campbell Douglass


No other chemical compound comes even close to hydrogen peroxide in its importance to life.

H2O2 is involved in all of life's vital processes. It is truly the wonder

molecule. The cells in the body that fight infection, called granulocytes,

produce H2O2 as the first line of defense against every type of invading

organism - parasites, viruses, bacteria and yeast. The presence of this

amazing substance is required for the metabolism of protein, carbohydrates,

fats, vitamins and minerals. It must be present for the immune system to

function properly. Join Dr. William Campbell Douglass as he reveals how

this fascinating, miraculous healer works to rid the body of disease. Dr.

William Campbell Douglass is a fourth generation physician. His family has

been serving the state of Georgia since 1850. He is a graduate of the

University of Rochester, New York; the University of Miami School of

Medicine; and the United States Naval School of Aviation and Space

Medicine. Dr. Douglass travels the world giving lectures, doing radio and

TV talk shows and gathering information that is not covered by our press.

Dr. Douglass was voted Doctor of the Year in 1985 by the National Health

Federation, and was a founding member and state president of the Florida

American College of Emergency Physicians.



The Use of Ozone in Medicine - 2nd Revised

Product No: B02 Edition $33.95

By Renate Viebahn

Part 1 is devoted to the history of ozone/oxygen therapy and to

its biochemical, technical and clinical applications.

Part 2 presents a selection of ozone equipment, safety precautions and

shows how to treat lesions, burns, virus infections such as herpes and

hepatitis, circulatory disturbances or rheumatic/arthritic complaints with


A special yellow-pages section provides the therapist with an alphabetical

listing of indications and applications (e.g. acne, allergy, bathing

therapy with ozone, cancer, intramuscular injection, the use of ozone in

dental and veterinary medicine, use of ozonized water, wound healing) and

with guidelines for the treatment of each case.

Part 3 offers a comprehensive bibliography of European literature on

ozone/oxygen therapy and other useful information about organizations and

their publications, equipment and its manufacturer. It also offers a sample

of the brochure distributed to patients by the Medical Society for Ozone



Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy - Newly Revised 11th

Product No: K361 Edition $3.95

By Conrad LeBeau


* Bio-oxidative Formulas you can make at home.

* Hydrogen Peroxide and Cancer - the scientific evidence.

* The historical use of ozone in the treatment of AIDS, by Dr. John

Pittman, M.D.

* New immune rebuilding diet plan


The Un-Medical Miracle - Oxygen

Product No: T663 $12.95

By Elizabeth Baker


Demand for the truth, for information, for help, is making The Un-Medical

Miracle - Oxygen by Elizabeth Baker a best seller with over 10,000 copies

in print. Now in a new updated version this book has even more to offer

those who need help and support for their health. Expanded and with more

practical and timely information concerning our greatest resource --

OXYGEN, it is a must reading for all concerned with the critical health

issues of today. The book plays a vital role in understanding the nature of

the therapies available to all of us for combating diseases. The safe and

natural element, oxygen is available to each and every one of us at a

fraction of the cost of standard contemporary medicine. Oxidation is life,

without it we would cease to exist.

A primary aspect of The Un-Medical Miracle - Oxygen is to make readers

aware that the therapies mentioned are not new. They have been around for

the better part of this century and are well documented, not only in the US

but around the world. Why should we let someone else decide the state of

our health and wellness when it is within our own power to do so? Oxygen is

nutrient number one, readily available to help us rebuild and recover, to

heal and not harm.


Elizabeth Baker has given us a book to do just that. It is a book inspired

by a woman who has known the suffering of disease and the road to recovery.

It's Elizabeth's great joy to share the knowledge and information gathered

from her research. Her own experience has proven the worth of her words.

Elizabeth devotes her life to helping others through nutrition and

alternative health therapies. She continues to travel around the world,

making available her wit and expertise on the subject of health and

nutrition in classes, lectures and on radio and television.


This book is the perfect follow up to the UN-MEDICAL BOOK in offering

people the best opportunity for optimal health. Elizabeth has given years

to the study of rejuvenation of health. A mostly raw food diet was a key

turning point in her quest to conquer Addison's Disease, colon cancer,

arthritis and a weakening immune system.


Oxygen Healing Therapies

Product No: 1306 $12.95

By Nathaniel Altman

Scientists recognize that most disease states - including heart

disease, cancer, immune disorders such as candida and infections

related to HIV - are caused by oxygen starvation at a cellular level. We

receive most of our oxygen from the air around us, but breathing isn't

always enough. With the new bio-oxidative therapies you can actually

generate more oxygen in your body to achieve optimum health and longevity.


OXYGEN HEALING THERAPIES is the only book on the subject to place

bio-oxidative therapies in the context oh holistic health. Assembled here

is the latest, most reliable and most accessible information about the

therapies, how they work and what to do to promote the healing process. The

author also shows how you can enhance the effectiveness of the treatment

through diet and the use of minerals, herbs, exercise and visualization.


Nathaniel Altman traveled to Germany and Cuba and interviewed scientists

from Russia, France and the United States to obtain documented scientific

evidence and clinical findings. He demystifies the terms "antioxidants" and

"free radicals", describes oxygen's role as a detoxifying agent and

explores various bio-oxidative therapies that can help restore oxygen to

the immune system at a cellular level and increase vitality.


The Story of Ozone

Product No: B03 $10.00

By Plasmafire International


THE STORY OF OZONE contains a collection of several articles, stories and

letters covering the medical history ozone therapies, uses of ozone

therapies and many different applications of ozone therapies. Some of the

authors include; Saul Pressman, Fritz Schellander, Dr. Kurt Donsbach, Alive

Magazine and the Canadian Government.


Ozone - Purifier of the Earth and Cleanser of all Living Beings

Product No: B04 $71.95

By H. E. Sartori, M.D.


This book, the result of over 40 years of experience with all

aspects of ozone, is perhaps the most complete listing of

applications of ozone compiled so far. It offers detailed protocols for the

effective treatment of degenerative diseases including cancer, AIDS,

rheumatoid diseases, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer, Parkinson, allergies

and immune diseases, infectious diseases, cardiovascular disease,

rheumatoid arthritis and systemic lupus erythematosus, diabetes mellitus,

impotence, cataracts and many other conditions. It also discusses

veterinary ozone applications, sterilization of blood and blood products

with ozone, preservation and enhancement of topical with ozone, as well as

a comprehensive system of environmental cleanup including toxic waste,

destruction transmutation of radioactive wastes, metal separation and

beautification of ecoparks.

Throughout the work, a comprehensive holistic approach is stressed whereby

ozone, in most cases, is the only part of a comprehensive treatment program

which includes diet and lifestyle, specific nutrients, herbal treatments,

homeopathy, EDTA - Chelation, neural therapy, electromagnetic therapies,

cell and thymus therapies and other complementary methods.


Art of Breathing

Product No: T1779 $9.95

By Nancy Zi


Progressive exercises, specific applications, and mental imagery drills

teach the oni yi method of controlled breathing.


Super Power Breathing for Super Energy

Product No: B641 $6.95

By Paul Bragg & Patricia Bragg


Formerly titled: "super brain breathing". Revised and expanded to better

teach readers how to resist disease by using their lungs to the fullest


Breathing deeply' calms the nerves' and fully energizes the body and can

fill us with peace so that we can experience a longer, healthier, more

youthful life.


The next nutrient we now introduce from various perspectives and viewpoints, is the Aloe Vera plant. In addition to its rich nutrients, it also harbours superconductive mono atomic ellements (re Dr. David Hudson's special analysis). Thus it may well be related to the White Lion of alchemy, and certainly provides the body with more mega herz of life force, and thus light. Its other affects are equally astounding.





Digestion & the Immune System

& Aloe Vera MPS


--------By Dr. John C. Pitmann, M.D.--------


Poor digestion results in two primary problems:

1. Food is not broken down into the elemental building blocks necessary

for the body to rebuild itself and generate energy for metabolism. At

a cellular level, toxins are not removed from the cells, sufficient

nutrients are not moved in to the cell, and not enough energy is

produced for cell functioning. This effects all cells including the

immune system cells such as white blood cells, which then lack the

fuel and the oxygen to carry out their normal function.

2. Even more significant is that maldigestion results in food remnants in

the gut causing several pathological reactions. First, there is

irritation of the intestines, causing increased permeability of the

cells in the intestinal wall. Undigested protein can then leak across

into the lymph system and then into the general circulation, with the

immune system reacting to contain the foreign invaders. The immune

system becomes overtaxed and runs down. Oxygen and fuel gets used up;

the immune cells wear out faster and do not reproduce in sufficient



Undigested food remnants can also become a breeding ground for candida and

several types of parasites. Candidiasis produces toxins that cause

increased digestion dysfunction, food allergies, fatigue and a host of

other problems. Ultimately, this causes the immune system to become even

further depressed.


The inflammation in the intestines causes further damage by causing

reactions that produce oxidative free radicals as waste by-products. Then

negatively charged oxygen molecules begin to chop holes in cell membranes

in an attempt to grab a positive charge. This results in further damage to

the intestinal walls and ever increasing permeability. The leaky gut

syndrome increases with more food particles going into the blood.


Research has shown that Aloe mucopolysaccharides have a remarkable ability

to normalize all of these damaging processes, which has the effect of

enhancing the immune system function through improved digestion. Aloe

mucopolysaccharides act as a potent anti-inflammatory agent, stopping the

damage and leakage of the intestinal wall, thereby taking the stress off

the immune system.


Aloe mucopolysaccharides have direct ant-bacterial, anti-viral,

anti-fungal/yeast and anti-parasite effects. Chronic yeast growth can be

controlled so the normal, healthy flora can then thrive more easily.

Furthermore, the macrophages, monocytes, antibodies and T-cells are

stimulated. Phagocytosis (when large white blood cells engulf particles) is

dramatically increased to ingest foreign proteins, such as the HIV virus.

Aloe mucopolysaccharides increases the number and intensity of all immune

cells in the body.


The key to integrating healthy digestion with a healthy immune system is

the oral ingestion of Aloe mucopolysaccharides.


Aloe Vera Saves A Doctor's Life

By Dr. David Wheeler , D.C.

Published In The March/April 1996 Issue Of "To Your Health"


In May of 1995 I believed I was going to die. I was so sick that every living

moment was an agony. I had no idea that I was actually about to undergo

a powerful and unforgettable healing experience.


I had been ill for three years--ever since a trip to India where I came down

with bacterial and amoebic dysentery. Tropical medicine specialists had

prescribed potent drugs, but even so I continued having recurrent nausea,

fatigue, cramping, and bloody stools. Each time the dysentery came back, I

took another course of toxic medication.


In January of 1995, when I took the final course of drugs, the side effects

were devastating. My immune system literally crashed. My throat became

so sore I could barely swallow, my joints hurt unbearably with arthritis,

and lumps appeared in my neck that ultrasound tests indicated were



I had been trained in Network Chiropractic (a gentle and powerful system

of chiropractic developed by Donald Epstein, D.C., and practiced around

the world), and out of this developed my own energetic system of body

work. I am actually able to see energy patterns. Disease appears to me as

energetic patterns of different colors and densities. I had always believed

in the innate healing potential of the human body, so to help heal myself I

left Manhattan to rest in Hood River, Oregon. I believed that rest alone

would heal me.


But even in a setting of sylvan beauty my health continued to deteriorate

rapidly. I returned to New York and my wife was shocked at my

appearance: the swelling in my throat made me look like a bullfrog. She

sent me to a holistic doctor in Toronto who gave me almost every

alternative treatment in the book: ozone, vitamin and botanical injections,

special herbal and nutritional supplements, life crystals, deep thermal

therapy, radionics and more. Nothing had any significant impact. I

returned to Oregon, and began to suffer from brief blackouts.


One morning when I woke, I had severe vertigo, roaring in my ears, and

hearing loss. I sensed I was close to dying. My faith in healing, the whole

edifice upon which I built my practice as a chiropractor--was deeply shaken

and I became so emotionally fragile that I was unable to withstand any

stress at all.


My wife, Meeta, suspended her Manhattan healing practice to fly out to

me. She put me on a diet of raw vegetables and fresh juices. It helped my

joint pain, but other symptoms raged on. My life funneled down to one

single pleasure: Sleep.



My wife and I drove to a bookstore in Portland specializing in alternative

healing. There we happened to see a poster advertising an all-day seminar

by David Hudson, a researcher I'd heard about in Toronto. Hudson had spent

huge sums of money researching a truly wild premise: the idea that there

were elements in the periodic table that consisted of only a single atom

per molecule. He called them monatomic elements.


According to complex scientific literature cited by Mr. Hudson, these

elements could actually generate photons (light particles), and in the body

this transmission of light would allow the body to heal itself. (The theory

behind this supposition involves superconductivity research carried out by

the U.S. Navy on actual living cells, as well as an understanding of how

RNA and DNA communicate.)


There were 11 of these monatomic elements, Hudson claimed, and at a

laboratory in Arizona he had been working with a world famous metallurgist,

Dr. Sicafoose, who had developed methods to study them. Monatomic elements

exist in relatively high concentration in certain plants.


Aloe Vera is one of these plants. According to Hudson, monatomic elements

exist within the structure of the mucopolysaccharide molecules in pure Aloe

Vera gel. The mucopolysaccharide molecule is a complex carbohydrate, which

is many sugar molecules linked together. Mucopolysaccharides have been

demonstrated to have a wide range of healing effects.


The long chain sugars have been isolated and extracted by a laboratory in

Texas, which has developed a freeze dried extract of the pure

mucopolysaccharides, classified by the FDA as an investigational new drug.

However, the lab also manufactures the same extract in a powder that

contains 60% of the pure freeze dried sugars, and remarkably, this is

allowed by the government to be sold as a nutritional supplement.



Was it a lucky coincidence? In Toronto I had purchased capsules of the

mucopolysaccharides, but I hadn't taken them. I went home and emptied

thirty capsules into water, drank the mixture all at once, and within

twenty minutes felt a profound and incredible energy shift. I could

actually watch the light as it began to flow down my arms and legs and

saturated my thymus gland and heart area. Drenched in Light, I sat down and



Within three days of taking the supplement, I was feeling so much better

that I was actually able to go swimming in a river and hike a few miles

with my wife. MY vertigo, cramps, pain, fatigue, depression had decreased

dramatically. And the lumps in my neck began to shrink.


I could hardly believe that I had stumbled upon the answer to my health

crisis. I immediately began to research the scientific literature about

Aloe, and discovered that the plant has different lengths of the long chain

sugars, which correspond to different healing effects (according to Dr.

Ivan Danhof, M.D., Ph.D.). Think of the many different lengths as

necklaces. Some of the necklaces have as few as sixty beads, the longest

have thousands. The kind of Aloe gel and juice that is typically available

in the healthfood store contain only shorter "necklaces" because of a

natural enzyme on the aloe leaf that breaks down these log chain

muccopolysaccrides unless it (the enzyme) is properly deactivated. The

benifits of these shorter lenght chains is limited to anti-inflammatory

properties which is one of the reasons why they're effective in healing

burns and sunburns.


Aloe also contains medium size muccopolysacchride "necklaces" that can help

regulate blood sugar in diabetes, and fight bacteria and viruses. The

longest "necklaces" are the ones that can actually boost the immune system.


The freeze dried powder that I took contains all the different lengths of

the sugar "necklaces." Interestingly enough, only 2 parts per thousand of

the Aloe plant is composed of mucopolysaccharides!


I took 1,000 milligrams--or 1 teaspoon--of the powder a day for four

months, then raised the dosage to 4 teaspoons a day for six weeks, and then

dropped to a maintenance dose of a quarter of a teaspoon daily.


These dosages were based purely on intuition and sensing the changes in my

body: When I first took the powder, I went through a detoxifying phase, and

could not tolerate more than a teaspoon a day. Now, because I am much

healthier, I don't need more than the maintenance dose, and in fact, if I

take more, I don't feel right.


I recently asked my wife what her impressions were at the time I was at my

sickest. She said, "What frightened me was how fast you became ill. You

went in a downward spiral that just got worse and worse. Before that, you

were so vital and involved in life. After you took the Aloe powder I saw

such a dramatic change in your health."


Making The Freeze-Dried Aloe Vera MPS Available

I have decided to distribute the product myself at a reduced price in its

pure powder form, rather than in the capsules.


Now, through word of mouth, individuals from around the country are

contacting me to purchase the product, which I have named, MPS-GOLD. I have

started a company, Light Resources Unlimited. to distribute this product.


A woman in South Fallsburg who was diagnosed with AIDS and had a chronic

fungal infection for several months took the product; within two weeks the

infection was gone. A Vermont woman had suffered from ulcerative colitis

for many years, within a few weeks of taking the product she called me to

tell me 90% of her debilitating symptoms had vanished.


I recently heard from a Lyme's Disease victim who said on the first day she

took MPS-GOLD her energy level improved dramatically. A man from Texas who

has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer is feeling much better and has

weight gain after only two weeks of taking the product.


I've found that MPS-GOLD is effective for spiritual healing as well. It's

as if light works on all levels. A man came to me after meditating in an

ashram in India for eight years. He had returned to New York in good

health, but the stress of living in the city had caused his health to

collapse. He told me that as soon as he took the product this energy field

expanded and he returned to good health.


I believe that the Aloe plant holds great healing potential. I hope to

offer other individuals the opportunity to experience similar healing



David Wheeler, D.C. is a Network Chiropractor. He can be reached at 20 West

20th Street, Suite 803, NY, NY 10011 (212)741-8187


Fundamentals of Aloe Vera

Mucopolysaccharides (MPS)

----DR. Ivan Danhof, M.D., Ph.D.----


The Aloe Vera mucopolysaccharide (MPS) is a long chain sugar molecule

composed of individual mannose and glucose sugar molecules connected

together. There is wide range in the size of the mucopolysaccharide



The varying sizes determine their healing properties:


1. Small/50-600 molecules. Reduces inflammation--which is involved in

such diseases as ulcerative colitis, arthritis, and gastric reflux.

Also helps with the reduction of blood sugar with both type I and II


2. Medium/up to 1500 molecules. Where as vitamins and minerals can only

function outside the cells, mucopolysaccharides are very effective

intracellular antioxidants and free radical scavengers--very important

in preventing and treating arteriosclerosis, heart disease and

Parkinson's disease. With the ever increasing pollution on the planet

and loss of nutrients in the soil, the increase in free radicals and

loss of cellular oxygen will only become worse with time. This makes

Aloe Vera mucopolysaccharides even more important than ever.

3. Large/up to 5,000 molecules. Has a direct anti-bacterial and

anti-viral effect. Important with all the new infectious diseases

cropping up and the older ones becoming more virulent from long term

use of antibiotics.

4. Very large/up to 9,000 molecules. The very large molecules are immune

modulating, which have a powerful healing effect on AIDS, cancer and

many different immune system disorders. It is also this large molecule

that causes the body to produce a natural chemical, tumor necrosis

factor, that functions to shut off the blood supply to tumors.


The mucopolysaccharide molecule is very fragile. When the leaf is cut,

enzymes in the plant are released which breaks down the long chain sugars

of the mucopolysaccharide into simpler sugars, which then results in a loss

of the different healing properties. There are very few products on the

market that can claim to contain stabilized mucopolysaccharides.


Stabilization requires extraction of the mucopolysaccharides in a freeze

dried form; but also the process must include a way to deactivate the

enzymes released in the plant when it is cut. Furthermore, the high

concentration of mineral salts found in Aloe Vera gel must be separated

from the final extract because they are very irritating to the gut. An Aloe

product must be very soothing to the gut to promote healing.


Synergism is a property that many of the large Aloe companies tout who do

not have the patented technology to extract stabilized mucopolysaccharides.

In other words, many of these companies claim that all 200 of the various

ingredients found in Aloe Vera must be present for healing to occur. But

none of these claims have any basis in scientific research, while there is

abundant scientific research to prove that the mucopolysaccharide is the

sole ingredient responsible for all the healing properties attributed to





ALOE & Cancer Research


Research by the immunologist Ian Tizard, Ph. D. and virologist Maurice

Kemp, Ph.D. from Texas A&M led to the discovery that Aloe

mucopolysaccharide is taken into a special leukocyte, the macrophage, and

this cell is stimulated to release messenger molecules called cytokines

(interferons, interleukines, prostaglandins, tumor necrosis factor and

stem-cell growth factors.)


Tumors release a chemical that attracts blood circulation so that malignant

cells have a supply to the tumor and it therefore dies. All of the immune

modulating effects from Aloe contribute greatly to the prevention and

healing of malignant cells.


Colitis and Crohn's Disease

In 1986 there was an initial FDA sanctioned clinical pilot study for

treating ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease with Aloe

mucopolysaccharides, with very encouraging results. In 1993-94 a six center

clinical study was conducted with Vanderbilt Medical Center

Gastroenterology Department. The results were encouraging enough to

continue with a second phase that began in 1995.


Proven Non-Toxic

The Aloe Vera mucopolysaccharide molecule is a complex carbohydrate, a food

chemical, and is totally non-toxic. Gallen Marshall, M.D., Ph.D., professor

of immunology and allergy at the University of Texas Health Science Center

in Houston injected 50 medical students in 1993 with Aloe

mucopolysaccharides, with FDA approval, and confirmed that there were no

toxic side effects (no toxicity in the liver, bone marrow, kidneys and

cells in general).



MPS-GOLD is a freeze dried powder, extracted by a special patented process

from freshly harvested, organically grown Aloe Vera leaves. It is composed

of approximately 60% stabilized longchain mucopolysaccharides and 40%

inactive (inert) plant substances. It contains no added fillers or




Only two thousanths of one percent (.2 or 2 parts per thousand) of commonly

available (store bought) Aloe Vera gel is long chain stabilized

mucopolysaccharides. It takes approximately 7 gallons of these Aloe Vera

gels to make the equivalent - in terms of long chain muccopolysaccharides -

of one ounce of MPS-GOLD!


To Order by Visa or Mastercard Call:


or 212-741-8187 outside of the US


If you would like to order MPS-GOLD refer to price list below for the

quantity you desire. For powerful healing effects, higher doses are

recommended. At three grams a day, one ounce will last a month. For general

healing or maintenance, lower doses are sufficient. At one gram a day, an

ounce lasts about four months.

Included with each order are dosage instructions tailored to specific

healing needs, a review of the scientific literature and a special audio

tape on Aloe mucopolysaccharides by the foremost expert, Ivan Danhof, M.D.,




* 1/4 ounce: $75.00

* 1/2 ounce: $99.00

* 1 ounce: $170.00

* 3 ounces: $400.00 (equals $133.33 per ounce)

* 6 ounces: $775.00 (equals $129.67 per ounce)

* 12 ounces: $1500.00 (equals $125.00 per ounce)


Shipping Charges:

* One to three ounces $10.00

* Four to twelve ounces $14.00

* Over 12 ounces$16.00

New York residents please add 8.25% percent sales tax.

Make Checks or Money Orders payable to:


Light Resources Unlimited.

20 West 20th Street

Suite 803

New York, NY 10011 USA





One of the major nutrient, albeit enzymes, which the human race is an anomaly not to produce themselves, is ascorbate, or Vitamin C. Literally, every animal produces upto 15 gms a day of Vitamin C, and human beings produce ZERO. We are the only beings to be in such a position on Earth (it almost appears to be a deliberate editorship, along with our other anomolies). Vitamin C has overwhelming evidence for stopping most virus's, and even stopping cancer on one injection, and furthermore, literally shrinking tumours. In this domain especially, one can proove a conspiracy is at hand. As even Dr. Linus Pauling, the only single man ever to have won the Nobel Prize two times, was attacked a ridiculed for the rest of his life, for his adament exposures on the evidence for ascorbate treatment against cancer and other diseases, despite his absolute genius, to include the discovery of the single Helix of the DNA, before Francis Cricks double Helix. With the latest research and evidence, this evidence is now even more overwhelming. What follows now is the amunition you may need at hand, in order to defend youself against the silent war, and with which you can actually step beyond the unconscious war programmes inculcated into your doctor, via the Rockefeller and Rothschilde sponsorred education programmes. Millions do not need to die or suffer, if the following would be known and implemented cheaply by them, without side-affects. Millions of dollars could be saved and placed into solutions for a planet that is in dire straits for solutions. WAKE UP HUMANITY and C.






(C) Robert F. Cathcart, III Allergy, Environmental, and Orthomolecular

Medicine 127 Second Street, Los Altos, California 94022, USA Telephone

415-949-2822. Medical Hypotheses, 18:61-77, 1985.



The amount of oral ascorbic acid that a patient can tolerate without

diarrhea, increases somewhat proportionately to the "toxicity" of his

disease. Clinically, in a disease ameliorated by ascorbate, there is a

suppression of symptoms only with very high doses and approximately to that

extent which a nonrate-limited,_antioxidant_free_radical_scavenger, might

be expected to affect that disease process if all harmful free radicals and

highly reactive oxidizing substances were quenched. In most pathologic

processes, the rate at which free radicals and highly reactive oxidants are

produced, exceeds the rate at which the ordinary rate-limited antioxidant

free radical scavenging mechanisms can quench those free radicals and

oxidants. When ascorbate acts as a scavenger, dehydroascorbate is formed;

but if the ascorbate/dehydroascorbate (AA/DHA) ratio is kept high (the

redox potential kept reducing) until the unstable dehydro- ascorbate

undergoes hydrolysis or can be reduced back to ascorbate, the

dehydroascorbate will do no harm. Since even at very high doses, ascorbate

is virtually nontoxic, it may be given in the enormous doses necessary to

quench almost all unwanted free radicals and oxidants. The wide spectrum of

infectious diseases ameliorated by massive doses of ascorbate indicates

some common pathologic processes in these diseases.



Based on my experience with over 11,000 patients during the past 14 years,

it has been my consistent observation that the amount of ascorbic acid

dissolved in water which a patient, tolerant to ascorbic acid, can ingest

orally without producing diarrhea, increases considerably somewhat

proportionately with the "toxicity" of his illness. A person who can

tolerate orally 10 to 15 grams of ascorbic acid per 24 hours when well,

might be able to tolerate 30 to 60 grams per 24 hours if he has a mild

cold, 100 grams with a severe cold, 150 grams with influenza, and 200 grams

per 24 hours with mononucleosis or viral pneumonia. The clinical symptoms

of these diseases and other conditions previously described, are markedly

ameliorated only as bowel_tolerance dose levels (the amount that almost,

but not quite, causes diarrhea) are approached (1-6).





normal 4 - 15 4 - 6

mild cold 30 - 60 6 - 10

severe cold 60 - 100+ 8 - 15

influenza 100 - 150 8 - 20

ECHO, coxsackievirus 100 - 150 8 - 20

mononucleosis 150 - 200+ 12 - 25

viral pneumonia 100 - 200+ 12 - 25

hay fever, asthma 15 - 50 4 - 8

environmental and

food allergy 0.5 - 50 4 - 8

burn, injury, surgery 25 - 150+ 6 - 20

anxiety, exercise and

other mild stresses 15 - 25 4 - 6

cancer 15 - 100 4 - 15

ankylosing spondylitis 15 - 100 4 - 15

Reiter's syndrome 15 - 60 4 - 10

acute anterior uveitis 30 - 100 4 - 15

rheumatoid arthritis 15 - 100 4 - 15

bacterial infections 30 - 200+ 10 - 25

infectious hepatitis 30 - 100 6 - 15

candidiasis 15 - 200+ 6 - 25


There was a remarkable lack of systemic difficulties in these patients that

could be directly related to the massive doses of ascorbate. The majority

of these patients, ill with some acute or chronic disease, were able to

take massive doses of ascorbic acid orally without difficulties. Minor

complaints about ascorbic acid such as it causing gas, diarrhea, or acid

stomach, while common in well persons even at low doses, were rare in very

sick patients. Low or moderate doses (doses substantially below bowel

tolerance) usually had no noticeable immediate beneficial effects, but high

doses (doses just below the amount that would produce diarrhea in a patient

tolerant to ascorbate) would have the effect of markedly suppressing

symptoms as the high dose levels were reached. This sudden effect is often

quite dramatic clinically and is not usually obtained even partially at

lower doses. It is as if a threshold were reached at which point the

ascorbate becomes very effective.


Mixtures of mineral ascorbates (calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, and

sometimes sodium) are used in certain circumstances to increase bowel

tolerance for even more clinical effectiveness but do not clearly

demonstrate the increasing bowel tolerance phenomenon being discussed here.


Knowledge of the known vitamin functions of ascorbate would not have

allowed one to predict these beneficial results. The lack of serious

difficulties with these massive doses is surprising.




Part of the unexpected benefit at the high dose levels is frequently a

feeling of well-being. This feeling of well-being, especially with the more

toxic conditions, is despite the gas and diarrhea sometimes produced. If

the malaise from the basic disease is great (e.g. mononucleosis, acute

hepatitis, viral pneumonia, etc.), the obvious benefit from ascorbic acid

is usually so great that the patient usually cares little about the minor

gastrointestinal disturbances. Lowering dose levels too soon before bowel

tolerance decreases, results in the return of the malaise and other acute

symptoms of the disease.


doses_of_ascorbate_is_one_of_"detox- ification"_as_a_threshold_is_reached.

By raising and lowering the doses, the symptoms of "toxicity" can be

readily turned off and on rapidly by some skilled patients.


I cannot emphasize enough that in "selected" patients (selected only by

excellent tolerance to ascorbic acid, good understanding of the principles

of determining the flexible bowel tolerance doses, and the willingness to

follow directions in fine detail), this effect is invariable, dramatic, and

unmistakable. The patient most likely to experience this effect is the

psychologically stable, not suggestible, practical, not liking to be sick

patient, with a "cast iron stomach." Children and teenagers, much as they

may hate the taste of ascorbic acid in water, make particularly good

patients once they experience the ameliorating effects of these massive

doses. Infants, upon receiving very large intramuscular or intravenous

injections, frequently "detoxify" in minutes to the astonishment and marked

relief of their parents.


These feelings of well-being experienced by tolerant patients from the

ingestion of massive doses of ascorbic acid are definite clinical

indications that no acidosis or other acute toxic metabolic effect is

resulting. Massive intravenous doses of sodium ascorbate are even more

impressive than oral ascorbic acid, because the beneficial effects are even

more dramatic and gastrointestinal gas and diarrhea are not produced.

Patients who ordinarily would be relatively incapacitated, can usually

remain functional and sometimes even participate in athletics if frequent

and massive ascorbate doses are maintained.


Patients must be encouraged to take these massive doses. Patients taking

vitamin C on their own, seldom take doses high enough to discover this

effect. I do not want to give the impression that this method is easy to

use; the mechanics of taking these doses can be very difficult for many

patients. Nevertheless, when properly instructed, the majority of patients

are able to achieve these effects. If a patient is relatively intolerant to

oral ascorbate only because of gastrointestinal complaints, and if his

disease is one that usually responds to oral ascorbate in tolerant

patients, and if the severity of the condition warrants the inconvenience

and expense, then intravenous ascorbate is indicated.


Such effects of these large doses of ascorbate cannot be readily explained

from its known vitamin functions. The spectrum of diseases affected by

massive doses of ascorbate is a wonder in itself, but also gives some hint

at the probable mechanisms involved. The sudden detoxifying effect

experienced clinically only at the very high threshold doses, suggests that

ascorbate is participating in chemical reactions where a critical

concentration of ascorbate is necessary, or where a certain ratio between

ascorbate and certain other reactants must be achieved. The concept that

free radicals and other highly reactive oxidants are a frequent factor in

pathologic processes (7,8) and that ascorbate is an antioxidant free

radical scavenger, could explain much of this.



Chemical reactions involving free radicals and highly reactive oxidants are

necessary in the normal metabolism of cells. Metabolic processes utilizing

oxygen (aerobic metabolism) which release energy are important examples.

Ordinarily, these reactions occur in conjunction with appropriate enzymes

or in the proper places within the cells. While it has been documented that

potentially harmful reactants leak from their normal cellular confines and

are potentially toxic (9), these rates of leakage are usually low enough

for the natural antioxidant, free radical scavenging mechanisms to handle.

One of the causes of natural aging may be that some (albeit small) portion

of stray free radicals inevitably escape quenching (10). While the human

body does contain many free radical scavenging mechanisms for the purpose

of mopping up free radicals, I hypothesize that in_pathologic


o_neutralize the_volume_of_free_radicals_produced. A threshold is reached

where these additional free radicals produced, initiate an inflammatory

cascade, can cause immune suppression, and can result in degenerative




In general free radical scavenging occurs through complex metabolic

pathways involving many steps which are rate-limited. Deficiencies of

nutrients, vitamins and minerals, which make up the enzymes and coenzymes

of these systems can slow down or halt certain pathways.


It is apposite to describe one of these rate-limited, free radical

scavenging mechanisms, to give the impression of its complexity and why it

is rate-limited. The example chosen involves the glutathione pathway which

is possibly one of the most important pathways.


When, for example, a superoxide radical must be destroyed, superoxide

dismutase can catalyze its conversion to O2 and H2O2 (11). Ascorbate,

nonenzamatically, also converts superoxide to H202 but is oxidized in the

process to the ascorbate free radical and dehydroascorbate. The ascorbate

free radical and the dehydroascorbate are reduced back to ascorbate either

by NADH (catalyzed by semidehydroascorbate reductase and forming NAD) or

reduced glutathione (GSH) (catalyzed by dehydroascorbate reductase and

forming oxidized glutathione (GSSG)) (12). Some of the peroxide can be

converted to oxygen and water by catalase but most will be destroyed by a

glutathione-requiring enzyme system. GSH (catalyzed by glutathione

peroxidase) reduces the peroxide to water but in the process is oxidized to

GSSG. The resulting GSSG is reduced by NAD(P)H (catalyzed by glutathione

reductase). The resulting NAD is reduced back to NADH by way of the Krebs

cycle or resulting NADP is reduced back to NADPH by the hexose

monophosphate (HMP) pathway. It is thought that commonly the rate-limiting

step in the last series of reactions is that catalyzed by glutathione

peroxidase and its cofactor selenium, but other substances which could

limit all this are the vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin B2, vitamin B3,

cysteine, etc. Note: the ascorbate used in this example is as in the

vitamin C sense; the small amount available is oxidized to dehydroascorbate

and then must be reduced back to ascorbate by the pathway described, to be

reused as ascorbate. One can easily see how this mechanism and similar

mechanisms could be overwhelmed by a toxic pathogen liberating free

radicals or by an inflammatory cascade regardless of its cause.




I further hypothesize that the pathogens of most acute infectious diseases

depend upon free radical toxicity to defend themselves against immediate

destruction by the immune system. If a pathogen produces free radicals at a

rate sufficient to exceed the rate at which the host can produce free

radical scavengers to protect the immune system, the pathogen will be free

to invade and multiply. The more toxic pathogens produce more free radical

toxins than just necessary to suppress the immune system. The spill over of

free radicals reaches a threshold where an inflammatory cascade in the

tissues affected, is initiated.


Neutrophils liberate free radicals and highly reactive oxidants both

intracellularly and extracellularly in their attempt to destroy pathogens,

in the process termed the respiratory burst (13-18). The respiratory burst

consumes NADPH which must be continually restored if the respiratory burst

is to be maintained. Restoration of NADPH supplies is accomplished by way

of the HMP pathway, by various rate-limited enzymatic mechanisms.


I suggest that if rate-limited enzymatic processes or the limited

availability of the antioxidant free radical scavenging mechanisms of the

leukocytes, superoxide dismutase (18), catalase (20), glutathione

peroxidase, and glutathione (21-23), fall short of being able to contain

and direct free radicals and reactive oxidants toward the pathogen, that

failure causes the free radicals to backfire, damage the host itself, and

initiate an inflammatory cascade.


If a critical tissue concentration of free radical scavenger could protect

the immune system from the free radicals produced by the pathogen, and

would assist the leukocytes in modulating their own free radical

generation, the immune system might be expected to prevail and destroy the

pathogen rapidly by direct phagocytosis. If such a scavenger were found to

be effective in large numbers of infectious diseases, it could imply that

there was a common mechanism of free radical suppression of the immune

system operative in all these diseases. Until such a free radical scavenger

were recognized to exist, the commonality of such a mechanism to all these

diseases might be overlooked. I hypothesize that ascorbate is, in fact,

such a free radical scavenger when used in the doses being discussed. Its

effectiveness in a wide spectrum of infectious diseases is evidence of the

common mechanism many pathogens have of sup- pressing the immune system.


By neutralizing virtually all unwanted free radicals and toxic oxidants,

massive doses of ascorbate can be made to protect the immune system to such

a degree that early in acute viral diseases, the immune system can usually

destroy the pathogen within hours. When used later in the course of an

acute viral disease where the pathogen has established itself

intracellularly in significant numbers of cells, massive doses of ascorbate

can protect the immune system, suppress most symptoms, and prevent

secondary complications until the immune system destroys the pathogen by

secondary means such as with antibodies.


I have found that massive doses of ascorbate work synergistically with

appropriate antibiotics when used against acute bacterial diseases, and

broaden the spectrum of the antibiotics considerably. I have not been able

to explore thoroughly the extent to which ascorbate can be used alone in

bacterial diseases, but I have had some serendipitous clinical evidence

that certain bacteria do very poorly in the face of massive doses of

ascorbate even where antibiotics were not used.


Conditions involving indolent bacterial infections such as chronic

bronchitis, sinusitis, otitis media, tonsillitis, osteomyelitis,

nonspecific urethritis, etc., are frequently cured by massive doses of





tissue_and_the pathogen. When the induced scurvy is eliminated by driving

tissue levels of ascorbate up above a certain threshold, the immune system

usually rapidly eliminates the infection and the affected areas heal.


Where allergies in combination with infections play a major role, massive

doses of ascorbate are helpful but continuing maintenance doses will be

required. In this situation, continuing blockade of the

allergically-induced inflammatory cascade must be maintained.


With recurrent herpes virus infections, very high maintenance doses of

ascorbate seem to prevent some attacks, and bowel tolerance doses will

shorten and reduce the severity of attacks. A topically applied ascorbate

paste (ascorbic acid or sodium ascorbate and water) (24) appears to be

particularly effective on herpes simplex. In chronic hepatitis, ascorbate

may not cure the condition; nevertheless, massive doses of ascorbate will

usually ameliorate the condition; and I have evidence that shedding of the

virus may stop. I have not determined whether the patient will resume

shedding of the virus if large doses of ascorbate are discontinued. In

conditions where a virus has become well established intracellularly, there

are some limitations on the ability of ascorbate to assist the immune




More recently, I have found ascorbate useful in the management of the

acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS). The AIDS patient who has

already suffered a marked suppression of helper T-cells, presents a

clinical problem of management similar to a bubble baby. If, in addition to

the other measures described in my previous reports (24,25), the patient

takes bowel tolerance doses of ascorbic acid orally almost every hour

(intra- venously in emergencies), he may remain clinically well despite the

continuing severe suppression of the helper T-cells. All this must be

started before multiple infections riddle the patient's body with excessive

sources of free radicals. There have been suggestive anecdotal cases which

indicate that in the prodromal period, before the destruction of the helper

T-cells, there might be avoidance of the development of the AID syndrome by

this program. Confirmation of this possibility awaits long- term laboratory

follow-up. There is evidence that a retroviral infection in cats, the

feline leukemia virus, can be cured in the prodromal stage with large oral

doses of ascorbate used in combination with other nutrients (26).




It is my hypothesis that what makes ascorbate truly unique is that very

large amounts can act as a nonrate-limited antioxidant free radical



Clinically, ascorbate is virtually nontoxic (27,28,4). But as ascorbate

acts as an antioxidant free radical scavenger in the body, it is oxidized

to dehydroascorbate. There are animal experiments that indicate that

dehydroascorbate is toxic (29-31). However, dehydroascorbate is not

administered directly to humans as it was in the animal experiments.

Whatever dehydro- ascorbate comes to exist in the human body, comes by way

of the oxidation of ascorbate, as the ascorbate is utilized to reduce free

radicals or other reactive oxidizing substances. The potential of the

dehydroascorbate to do damage should be less than the harmful potential of

the substances it reduces to become dehydroascorbate (the oxidizing redox

potential has been diminished). Therefore a patient should not be expected

to be more toxic from the dehydroascorbate formed than he was from the

original disease unless there is some peculiar specific sensitiv- ity to

dehydroascorbate (see discussion of G-6-PD deficiencies below).


Used in the doses I suggest, there is an even more important mechanism

which prevents toxicity from dehydroascor- bate. I take advantage of a

combination of the facts that even in enormous doses, ascorbate is not

clinically toxic, and that dehydroascorbate is only toxic when there is a

low AA/DHA ratio.




Several (32-36) have hypothesized and reviewed many of the biochemical

advantages of large doses of ascorbate. Of particular interest are Lewin's

calculations and hypotheses (34) that high tissue concentrations of

ascorbate to dehydroascorbate can directly reduce various substances (e.g.

the disulfides). I doubt that tissue levels of ascorbate achieved with

doses much below bowel tolerance are sufficient to significantly accomplish

these reductions under pathological circumstances. Clinically however,

something very dramatic happens as bowel tolerance is approached. I

hypothesize that as a certain threshold ratio of ascorbate to

dehydroascorbate is reached, certain direct reductions of substances such

as oxidized glutathione and adreno- chrome by ascorbate begin. When a

patient is sick or experiencing much stress, the amounts of these

substances which can potentially and beneficially be reduced, increases

greatly. If ascorbate is not available to reduce these substances, those

that escape reduction to nontoxic derivatives by the rate-limited,

antioxidant free radical scavenging mechanisms, damage the patient and

cause symptoms. Under these circumstances, when made available, large

amounts of ascorbate are utilized for these direct reducing purposes. These

ascorbate reductions are not rate-limited, and therefore quench the harmful

oxidants and free radicals almost instantly.


When the potential need for ascorbate for these purposes is satisfied, the

blood level of ascorbate rises and retards the absorption of ascorbate from

the gut. Soon, sufficient amounts of ascorbate reach the rectum to produce



Based on clinical evidence, I hypothesize that ascorbate can maintain this

reducing redox potential under very adverse circumstances, but that the

doses necessary to do this are enormous by any other standards. This

antioxidant free radical scavenging effect of enormous doses of ascorbate

seems not particularly contingent upon other nutrients. However, vitamin

functions of lower doses of vitamin C are frequently potentiated by and

work in conjunction with vitamin A, zinc, selenium, bioflavonoids, and

other nutrients which play roles in various defense mechanisms.


Chayen has discussed the significance of redox couples and has emphasized

that whether a reaction will proceed left to right, or in reverse, depends

upon the ratio of the oxidized to the reduced members of a redox couple. He

suggests designing "redox drugs" as a possible way of treating imbalances

of oxidation-reduction potentials of critical intracellular systems (37).



I would anticipate that if it were possible to eliminate the vast majority

of stray free radicals and highly reactant oxidative substances, the usual

inflammatory cascade would not occur following injury or surgery. Pain,

complications, and recovery times would be reduced. In conditions resulting

from combinations of mechanical derangements, nutritional deficien- cies,

immune dysregulations, hemorrhage with release of free radical generating

iron and copper atoms, and then secondary inflammatory cascades (e.g.

degenerative disc disease, degenera- tive arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis,

ankylosing spondylitis, blunt trauma of the spine, etc.), therapeutic

effects could be expected proportional to what might result from blocking

of the free radicals and the inflammatory cascade. Reversal of the

mechanical and nonfree radical injury could not be expected, although

certain healing mechanisms might be enhanced.


Toxic substances, whose mechanisms of action involve free radical

generation, e.g. toxic poisons such as snake bites and spider bites,

certain drugs, such as barbiturates, chemotherapeutic agents, narcotics,

and powerful oxidizing pollutant chemicals, might be neutralized.

Conditions triggered by allergic reactions and perpetuated by the

inflammatory cascade might be expected to be partially alleviated.

Psychological symptoms resulting from oxidative products such as

adrenochrome and noradrenochrome (38), would be expected to be ameliorated

to a degree.


Tumors invading the body or holding off the immune system by way of free

radical toxicity might be expected to respond to varying degrees. As an

increasing number of human cancers are recognized as probably being caused

and possibly maintained by infectious organisms (e.g. Kaposi's lesions by

the CMV (39), some adult T-cell lymphomas by the HTLV (40), certain

cervical and vaginal cancers by the papilloma virus (41,42)), it should not

be surprising if such tumors would respond in various degrees to ascorbate.

Since any treatment of cancers by a physician with nutritional substances

is incredibly a felony in California in 1984, it may be practical to

recognize early that a tumor caused by a virus should no longer be

considered a cancer (e.g. Kaposi's lesions).


If, to these diseases, we add conditions benefitted which could be caused

or aggravated by actual dietary deficiency of vitamin C, or from an acute

induced deficiency of vitamin C, there is a very close approximation to the

clinical spectrum of disease conditions which in the experience of those

actually using such doses (4,26-28,32,33,43,44), appear to be beneficially

affected. In a rough way, these conditions are ameliorated to the degree

that one might anticipate if this ideal mechanism of being able to quench

all stray free radicals and highly reactant oxidative substances, were

actually accomplished.



There is fear that ascorbate given in large amounts to patients with G-6-PD

deficiencies would cause hemolysis (45,46). In a case where a black man

with G-6-PD deficiency who sustained a burn of one hand was given 80 grams

of ascorbic acid intravenously on each of 2 consecutive days, the patient

subsequently suffered hemolysis, renal failure, a stroke, coma, and then

death (46). There are available for intravenous use, solutions of actual

ascorbic acid rather than sodium ascorbate; ascorbic acid, in my opinion,

should never be used in any large amount intravenously. It must be buffered

to reduce the acidity. There are also preparations labelled vitamin C that

contain preservatives which also should never be used. It was not clear

from the article what preparations had been used.


The sequence of reactions whereby certain drugs cause hemolysis with G-6-PD

deficiency is poorly understood. It appears that G-6-PD deficient cells

lack a mechanism to regenerate reduced glutathione (GSH) from oxidized

glutathione (GSSG) and that this lack may result in several biochemical

alterations, the final result being hemolysis of the red cells. The

maintenance of glutathione in the reduced state (GSH) is probably the most

important function of the HMP pathway. It may be that the hemolysis caused

by certain drugs is initiated by the drug forming either free radicals or

hydrogen peroxide. When peroxides are reduced back to water, GSH is

oxidized to GSSG, a reaction catalyzed by glutathione peroxidase.

Ordinarily the GSSG is reduced back to GSH by NADPH, a reduction catalyzed

by glutathione reductase. The resulting oxidized NADP is reduced back to

NADPH in the first step of the HMP pathway, as glucose-6- phosphate is

oxidized to 6-phosphogluconolactone. This critical reaction is catalyzed by

G-6-PD. G-6-PD deficient cells may be expected to accumulate peroxides

which could then oxidize other red cell components (see review in 47).


As discussed previously, if the AA/DHA redox potential is kept reducing

enough by high enough concentrations of ascorbate, it should directly

reduce the GSSG to GSH. I hypothesize that this mechanism should compensate

for the lack of G-6-PD; but I would offer some words of caution. I have no

clinical experience with this condition. It is apparent, however, that in

the case reported that the redox potential was not kept consistently on the

reducing side throughout the course of treatment and that there might have

been variables not appreciated at the time which were very important.


With the increasing millions of persons taking large doses of vitamin C, it

is inevitable that individuals with G-6-PD deficiencies will take these

doses. Serendipitous data should be collected. I would appreciate receiving

any well documented case histories.


It is important to understand that G-6-PD deficiencies have a wide range of

clinical severities. Severe deficiencies are rare and found in

Mediterranean and Asian groups. Blacks have a milder form but with higher

frequency of occurrence. There is substantial decrease in the activity of

G-6-PD with aging. The possibilities exist that in certain individuals with

various degrees and forms of G-6-PD deficiencies that: 1) vitamin C has no

deleterious effect; 2) vitamin C has a peculiar effect on that person such

that any significant amount causes hemolysis; 3) vitamin C in low or

moderate amounts will produce hemolysis, while massive amounts maintaining

a continuing reduced redox potential will not cause hemolysis and will

prevent the hemolysis from other causes. (This last possibility will not be

determined unless those administering the ascorbate are very aggressive and

do not let up the doses until whatever was the cause for which the

ascorbate was given in the first place, is completely passed.)


As the immense value of ascorbate in the doses I am describing becomes

entirely apparent in normal people, the theoretical possibility of

preventing hemolysis in G-6-PD deficient persons subjected to pathologic

oxidative stress, which would result in massive hemolysis of blood cells

anyway, may be recognized. Meanwhile,


not_be_given_G-6-PD_deficient_patients. I suggest the possibility that all

this may apply to G-6-PD deficiency only to stimulate the collection of

data and to suggest research on the subject.


Calabrese has suggested that megadoses of ascorbic acid might pose a

hemolytic risk to persons with sickle cell trait and sickle cell anemia

because their erythrocytes possess more copper than normal persons and that

ascorbic acid markedly enhances copper induced hemolysis (48). Again I

suggest that it is possible that if ascorbate is given in large enough

amounts during a sickle cell crisis, it may keep the redox potential of the

various problem systems reducing. Vitamin E might futher facilitate

beneficial effects (49).



One might remain unnecessarily cautious in the use of ascorbate because of

my qualification about "tolerant" patients. Any real problems have been

rare. I cannot recall any patient who has been damaged by large doses of

ascorbate (other than the topical effect of the acid on tooth enamel). Some

preexisting gastrointestinal tract difficulties, such as peptic ulcer or

colitis, may have been aggravated by topical effects, but advice on these

is difficult to give because more frequently the same conditions may be

benefitted. All these topical difficulties are circumvented by using

intravenous ascorbate.


A high percentage of persons with food and/or chemical sensitivities may

have nuisance difficulties with vitamin C. However, attempts to have these

sensitive patients take ascorbate should be made because great benefits can

often be obtained, particularly from calcium, magnesium, and potassium

ascorbate, in many of these patients. Frequently, after the administration

of selenium, ascorbate is better tolerated by chemically allergic patients.

Levine has suggested that chemically allergic patients frequently benefit

from selenium because selenium augments the glutathione peroxidase activity

(8). I have had some clinical evidence that certain chemically allergic

patients who force through nuisance problems of low doses of ascorbate, can

derive benefits from consistently taken large doses. It may be that

chemically allergic persons accumulate dehydroascorbate more readily than

others because of a deficiency of glutathione per- oxidase. I had one

chemically allergic patient who responded well to intravenous ascorbate

until an hour after it was discon- tinued. She then developed a severe

headache that lasted several hours. In retrospect, it seems possible that

the intravenous ascorbate was able to maintain a reducing redox potential,

which then returned to the oxidizing side after the intravenous ascorbate

was discontinued.


True allergic reactions seem always traceable to substances from which the

ascorbate is made, or chemicals used in its manufacture, and not to the

ascorbate itself.



Oxalate kidney stones have been suggested as a theoretical problem, in that

oxalate is one of the breakdown products of ascorbate (50). In my

experience clinically, ascorbate in these doses not only does not cause

kidney stones but seems to prevent stones in patients who have had them

previously. The slight increase in the acidity of the urine from ascorbate

(51,52), and the slight diuresis (53) solubilizes calcium salts. I think

that high concentrations of ascorbate, by being bacteriostatic in the

urine, should prevent many of the niduses of infection around which oxalate

stones frequently form. The increased ascorbate concentration complexes

Ca++ and thereby decreases the amount of Ca++ available to complex with

oxalate (34). Here again is the paradoxical situation where with small

doses of vitamin C, it is possible that where most of the nutrient is

oxidized to dehydro- ascorbate and then some to oxalic acid, it is

theoretically possible that there could be a slight increase in tendency to

form stones. However, I find it difficult to believe that if this were the

case, that this tendency would not have been noticed with the millions

taking small doses of vitamin C. I hypothesize that by using the bowel

tolerance method of determining the dosages of ascorbate to be taken, that

no matter how much dehydroascorbate is formed and hence oxalic acid, the

spill of ascorbate in the urine will be kept very high and should prevent

oxalate stones.



I suggest that the enormous draw on ascorbate for free radical scavenging

purposes, can exhaust the vitamin C available for known housekeeping

functions of the vitamin. I term this condition acute_induced_scurvy. This

deficiency starts in the tissues directly involved in the disease; then

blood levels of vitamin C drop (anascorbemia); and then tissues distant

from the primary focus of the disease become involved. Secondary

complications occur which can be averted by fully satisfying the increased

need for ascorbate (4).


A very important part of these very large doses of ascorbate being able to

assist the immune system against pathogens is likely that serum levels and

leukocyte levels of ascorbate are raised enough to drive ascorbate into the

depths of infected tissues. The amount of ascorbate needed to satisfy the

enormous potential utilization of ascorbate as an antioxidant free radical

scavenger in the depths of the diseased tissues is provided. The shut down

of vitamin C dependent housekeeping functions of affected cells and the

shut down of vitamin C dependent immune system functions are prevented.



I think that many crib deaths are caused by this acute induced scurvy even

before it is evident that the infant is sick with some infectious disease.

Kalokerinos (28) has demonstrated the value of vitamin C in preventing crib

deaths. I have seen enormous increases in bowel tolerance to ascorbate in

adults several hours before there was any outward sign of their getting

sick. It is easy to imagine certain vital centers in an infant failing when

suddenly deprived of vitamin C by the ascorbate being used up for acute

free radical scavenging purposes. For_many_reasons, it is unfortunate that

the free radical scavenger ascorbate is the same substance as vitamin

C. Infants tolerate ascorbate well. In addition to substantial maintenance

doses of vitamin C, even infants should be given large doses of ascorbate

when ill. Amounts should be given sufficient to relieve fever,

irritability, and other outward signs of toxicity (4).



While it is not denied that there could be very rare serious complications

associated with the use of massive doses of ascorbate, fear of this

possibility should not retard use of the substance in patients with normal

metabolism. In my experience, the margin of safety (therapeutic index or

selectivity) for massive doses of ascorbate as related to significant

complica- tions is greater than aspirin, antihistamines, antibiotics, all

pain medications, muscle relaxants, tranquilizers, sedatives, diuretics,

etc. Not only is the margin of safety of ascorbate extremely favorable but

when used with most of these drugs, the combination frequently acts

synergistically and has a margin of safety greater than with the drug

alone. While ascorbate may block the effects of some sedatives and

narcotics, massive doses of ascorbate frequently alleviate the need for

those substances.


Clinically, ascorbate in the very large doses described is very effective

and safe as part of the treatment of a wide variety of conditions,

especially infectious diseases. It is my hypothesis that this clinical

effectiveness when a critical threshold is reached, as indicated by bowel

intolerance to ascorbic acid in the form of diarrhea, occurs both because

massive doses of ascorbate can act as a nonrate-limited, antioxidant free

radical scavenger and because acute induced scurvy is avoided. When high

enough tissue levels are reached in tissues directly affected by the

disease processes, the redox potential of the AA/DHA system in those

tissues is kept reducing; substances such as oxidized glutathione are

directly reduced; and stray free radicals are rapidly quenched.


This effect of ascorbate is rate-limited only by the lack of courage of

those administering ascorbate or the tolerance of the patient taking it. I

hope to increase that courage by pointing out the observed lack of toxicity

clinically and the theoretical reasons for that lack of toxicity.


This effect, when understood, opens up a wide range of opportunities to

understand certain pathological processes. It is especially important in

the case of infectious diseases because of the probable common mechanism of

free radical toxicity that many pathogens have of suppressing the immune

system. The increasing bowel tolerance to ascorbic acid can be used as a

fairly accurate measure of the "toxicity" and activity of certain disease



In toxic conditions, the use of ascorbate by the body for these scavenging

purposes, results in such a localized and systemic deficiency of vitamin C

that there is not enough of the nutrient remaining for vitamin C dependent

housekeeping functions. I call this condition acute_induced scurvy. This

condition can be induced by any stress and is responsible for a high

percentage of the secondary complications of many diseases. The magnitude

of this scavenging drain on ascorbate is enormous as revealed by the

increasing bowel tolerance to ascorbic acid somewhat proportional to the

toxicity of the disease process. Only the doses discussed can fully satisfy

this need.


I think that most crib deaths are due to acute induced scurvy.


I have hypothesized here that massive doses of ascorbate may paradoxically

be of benefit in G-6-PD deficiency, but have urged caution until more data

is obtained. Ascorbate, when used with care, can be of great benefit in

chemically allergic patients.


Rinse ascorbic acid and carbonated ascorbates off the teeth as prolonged

exposure may cause damage to the enamel.



Partly supported by the Burton Goldberg Foundation. The author appreciates

the comments of Stephen A. Levine and Parris M. Kidd.



Dr. Cathcart


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The Third Face of Vitamin C



J. of Orthomolecular Medicine, 7:4;197-200, 1993.



Bowel tolerance to orally ingested ascorbic acid increases

with the toxicity of diseases. Bowel tolerance with a disease

such as mononucleosis may reach 200 or more grams per 24 hours

without it producing diarrhea. A marked clinical amelioration or

cure is achieved in many disease processes when threshold doses

near bowel tolerance are given. In a sense, it is the reducing

equivalents carried by free radical scavengers that quench free

radicals, not the free radical scavengers themselves. Ascorbic

acid can be dramatically useful in quenching free radicals

because it is usually tolerated in amounts necessary to provide

the reducing equivalents necessary to quench almost all the free

radicals generated by severe disease processes. Vitamin C

functions are incidental at these dose levels; the benefit is

from the reducing equivalents carried. To the extent that free

radicals are either essential to the perpetuation of a disease or

just part of the cause of symptoms, the disease will be cured or

just ameliorated. These effects are even more dramatic from

intravenous sodium ascorbate.


Keywords: vitamin C, ascorbate, acute induced scurvy, bowel

tolerance, titrating to bowel tolerance, the ascorbate effect,

free radical scavengers, reducing equivalents.



A clinical experience prescribing doses of ascorbic acid up

to 200 or more grams per 24 hours to over 20,000 patients during

the past 23 year period has revealed its clinical usefulness in

all diseases involving free radicals. The controversy continues

over the value of vitamin C mainly because inadequate doses are

used for most free radical scavenging purposes. Paradoxically,

the non controversial use of minute doses of vitamin C in the

prevention and treatment of scurvy has set the minds of many

against more creative uses.


I have found vitamin C exceptionally useful in a very high

dose range. Its usefulness is in three such distinct realms that

I will describe them as the three faces of vitamin C.


1. vitamin C to prevent scurvy

(up to 65 mg/day.)

2. vitamin C to prevent acute induced scurvy (, )

and to augment vitamin C functions

(1 to 20 grams/day.)

3. vitamin C to provide reducing equivalents

(30 to 200 or more grams/day.)()


One might criticize the wisdom of my use of these massive doses but Klenner

had successfully utilized them previously (, , , ). The works of Irwin

Stone (, , ), Linus Pauling (, , ), and Archie Kalokerinos () have

supported many of my observations. It was apparent that in all the studies

yielding negative or equivocal results, inadequate doses were used. In some

studies, doses barely bordering on adequate, tease the investigator with

statistically significant but not very impressive beneficial results.


My early discovery was that the bowel tolerance to ascorbic acid of a

person with a healthy GI tract was somewhat proportional to the toxicity of

their disease (). Bowel tolerance doses are the amounts of ascorbic acid

tolerated orally that almost, but not quite, cause diarrhea. A patient who

could tolerate orally 10 to 15 grams of ascorbic acid per 24 hours when

well, might be able to tolerate 30 to 60 grams per 24 hours if he had a

mild cold, 100 grams with a severe cold, 150 grams with influenza, and 200

grams or more per 24 hours with mononucleosis or viral pneumonia (1, 2).

Marked clinical benefits in these conditions occur only at the bowel

tolerance or higher levels. I named the process whereby the patient

determined the proper dose as titrating to bowel tolerance. These increases

in bowel tolerance in the vast majority of patients normally tolerant to

ascorbic acid (perhaps 80% of patients) are invariable. The marked clinical

benefits are noted only when a threshold dose, usually close to the bowel

tolerance dose, is consumed. I call this benefit the ascorbate effect.


Most patients are started at first with hourly doses of ascorbic acid

powder dissolved in small amounts of water. Later, after the patient has

learned to accurately estimate the dose necessary to achieve the ascorbate

effect, comparable doses of tablets or capsules are also used. Where

patients are intolerant to adequate amounts of ascorbic acid orally and the

severity of the disease warrants it, intravenous sodium ascorbate is used.


Failures are related to individual difficulties in taking the proper

adequate doses. I now have had 22 years to gather clinical experience and

to reflect on this phenomenon (, , , ).


I want to emphasize the importance of this increasing bowel tolerance with

increasing toxicities of diseases. The sensation of detoxification one

experiences at these doses is unmistakable.


The effect is so reliable and dramatic in the tolerant patient as to make

obvious the fact that something very important, that has not been widely

appreciated before, is going on.



Vitamin C probably always functions by being an electron donor. At the

lowest dose level (the first face), it is necessary as a vitamin to prevent

scurvy. It is essential for certain metabolic functions which are well

described and mostly non controversial.


At a second level (the second face) vitamin C is still used as a vitamin

but larger doses are necessary to maintain its basic vitamin C functions

because the vitamin is destroyed rapidly in diseased or injured tissues

where there is an overabundance of free radicals. I described the resulting

state of deficiency, if the vitamin C is not replaced, as acute induced

scurvy (1, 2). There is ample evidence of this depletion of vitamin C by

stress and disease as recently reviewed in the literature ().


Additionally, the recent extensive research on vitamin C has concerned

itself with certain functions that may be augmented by higher than minimal

doses of vitamin C (20). Strangely, any usefulness of these larger than

minimal doses of vitamin C remain mostly neglected by clinicians. This

level is from about 1 to 20 grams a day. Benefits vary from person to



At this second level, as in studies reviewed by Pauling (11) and more

recently by Hemil" (20), there may be expected a slight decrease in the

incidence of colds but a more significant reduction in the complications

and the duration of colds. Personally, I am impressed by the number of

patients (but certainly not all) who tell me that they have not had a cold

for years since reading Pauling's book and taking vitamin C. Patients with

chronic infections frequently have those infections cured for the first

time. Antibiotics work synergistically with these doses. A surprising

number of elderly persons benefit from doses of this magnitude and may

indeed have what Irwin Stone described as chronic subclinical scurvy (10).


The third level of doses (the third face) is virtually undiscussed in the

literature but is the most interesting. These doses range usually from 30

to 200 grams or more per 24 hours. The most important concept to understand

is that while incidentally at these dose levels the vitamin C performs all

the functions of levels one and two, it is mostly thrown away for the

reducing equivalents it carries (3). With these doses it is possible to

saturate the body with reducing equivalents, neutralize the excessive free

radicals, and drive a reducing redox potential into involved tissues.

Inflammations mediated by free radicals can be eliminated or markedly

reduced. In many instances patients with allergies or autoimmune disease

have their humeral immunity controlled while their cellular immunity is

augmented (19). To the extent that free radicals are either essential to

the perpetuation of a disease or just part of the cause of symptoms, the

disease will be cured or just ameliorated.


The list of diseases involving free radicals continue to grow. Infections,

cardiovascular diseases, cancer, trauma, burns both thermal and radiation,

surgeries, allergies, autoimmune diseases and aging are now included. It is

more difficult to think of a disease that does not involve free radicals.

Progressive nutritionists routinely give vitamin C, vitamin E, beta

carotene, selenium, NAC, etc. to counter free radicals. I certainly agree

with this practice. However, there is one important concept neglected.


In the spirit that if you throw a bucket of water on a fire, it is the

water that puts the fire out, not the bucket; it is the reducing

equivalents carried by the free radical scavengers that quench the free

radicals, not the free radical scavenger itself.


Most of the reducing equivalents utilized by non enzymatic free radical

scavengers do not come from the ingested free radical scavengers but come

through glycolysis, the citric acid cycle, NADPH, FADH2, glutathione, etc.

Dietary free radical scavengers carry in on ingestion only a small

percentage of the total reducing equivalents carried by those scavengers

during their lifetime in the body. After their first pass neutralizing free

radicals, the free radical scavenger must be recharged with reducing

equivalents made available in the mitochondria.


Consider the following: Early in this study a 23-year-old, 98-pound

librarian with severe mononucleosis claimed to have taken 2 heaping

tablespoons every 2 hours, consuming a full pound of ascorbic acid in 2

days without it producing diarrhea. She felt mostly well in 3 to 4 days,

although she had to continue about 20 to 30 grams a day for about 2 months.

Subsequently, all my young mononucleosis patients with excellent GI tracts

have responded similarly and have had equivalent increases in bowel

tolerance during the acute stage of the disease.


I believe that the loose stools caused by excessive doses of ascorbic acid

orally ingested is due to a resulting hypertonicity of ascorbate in the

rectum. Water is attracted into the rectum by the increased osmotic

pressure and results in a benign diarrhea. With toxic illnesses, the

ascorbate is destroyed rapidly in the involved tissues resulting in a rapid

absorption from the gut. Of the ascorbate, what does not reach the rectum,

does not cause diarrhea. Intravenous sodium ascorbate does not cause

diarrhea and, in fact, increases bowel tolerance to orally ingested

ascorbic acid while the IV is running. With hypertonicity of the ascorbate

both in the blood and in the rectum, the osmotic pressure of the ascorbate

is more equal on both sides of the bowel wall so no diarrhea results. If

the diarrhea was cause by other metabolic processes, diarrhea would be

caused by intravenous ascorbate.


It should be noted that in some cases of pathological diarrhea, ascorbic

acid stops the diarrhea. Presumably in these cases some of the increased

destruction of ascorbate is from free radicals in the bowel. However, in

most toxic systemic diseases there is no reason to believe that the

destruction of the additional ascorbate occurs directly in the bowel, so it

is a safe hypothesize that this increased destruction occurs in the

interior of the body.


The increased tolerance to ascorbic acid orally provides an interesting and

somewhat useful measure of the toxicity of a disease. Probably it is

somewhat a measure of the free radicals involved in a disease. I describe a

cold that at its maximum makes it possible for a patient to just tolerate

100 grams of ascorbic acid orally without diarrhea, a "100 gram cold."

Patients, appearing to be well, who have a tolerance over 20 to 25 grams

per 24 hours probably have some subclinical condition which is being hidden

by their own free radical scavenging system.


Patients with chronic infections (and a normally strong stomach) can ingest

enormous amounts of ascorbic acid. One of my chronic fatigue patients is

functional only because of his ingestion of 65 pounds of ascorbic acid in

the past 12 months. In 22 years, I, personally, have ingested approximately

361 kilos ( 797 lbs ) ( 4.3 times my body weight ) of ascorbic acid because

of chronic allergies and perhaps chronic EBV.


Considering the reducing equivalents carried by such amounts of ascorbic

acid, one can only guess at the turnover rate of the non enzymatic free

radical scavengers in a patient acutely ill with a 200 gram mononucleosis.

However, one gains the impression that all the non enzymatic free radical

scavengers would have to be rereduced many times a day.



Suppose you owned a farm and on one end of the property there was a barn

and on the other end of the property there was a water well. One day the

barn catches fire and neighbors come with buckets to set up a bucket

brigade between the water well and the barn and are putting out the fire

when the well goes dry.


My use of ascorbate is like thousands of neighbors coming from miles

around, each with a bucketful of their own water, throwing their own water

on your fire once, and then leaving.



Because of the invariable (in patients tolerant to ascorbic acid)

increasing bowel tolerance to ascorbic acid in patients roughly in

proportion to the toxicity of their disease, there has to be something

happening to ascorbate in the sick patient other than its being used as

vitamin C in the classic sense. The amelioration or sometimes cure of

different diseases appears related to the importance of free radicals in

the perpetuation of the paticular disease.


The sudden marked benefit in many disease processes which is achieved at

doses near to the bowel tolerance level suggests that a reducing redox

potential is forced into the affected tissues only at those dose levels.

This ascorbate effect only at the high dose levels is also suggestive that

something other than classic functions of vitamin C is involved. This

ascorbate effect is more compatible with principles of redox chemistry.


Only a small percentage of the total reducing equivalents donated by non

enzymatic free radical scavengers to neutralize free radicals, come in on

the ingested nutritional free radical scavengers. Ascorbate is unique in

that the body can tolerate doses adequate to supply the necessary reducing

equivalents to quench the free radicals generated by severely toxic disease

processes. The vitamin C is thrown away for the reducing equivalents it

carries. Only in this way can the large amounts of free radicals generated

by the most toxic disease processes be rapidly quenched.



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Content (C) 1995 and prior years, Dr. Robert F. Cathcart.


DHEA is presently being attacked by the corporate establishment. It is listed as a drug in Germany, yet it is throughout nature in Saw Palmetto tree, and when our DHEA levels come down to a certain range, we all would get cancer naturally. With DHEA supplementation, we can expect to expand human lifespan 125 years.


The Cognitive Enhancement Research Institute




by Ward Dean, M.D., and Steven Wm. Fowkes


Dehydroepiandrosterone (pronounced

dee-hi-dro-epp-ee-ann-dro-stehr-own), or

DHEA as it is more often called, is a steroid

hormone produced in the adrenal gland. It is

the most abundant steroid in the

bloodstream and is present at even higher levels in brain tissue. DHEA levels are

known to fall precipitously with age, falling 90% from age 20 to age 90. DHEA is

known to be a precursor to the numerous steroid sex hormones (including estrogen

and testosterone) which serve well-known refunctions, but the specific biological

role of DHEA itself is not so well understood. It is difficult for searchers to separate

the effects of DHEA from those of the primary sex steroids into which it is

metabolized. The apparent lack of any direct hormone action for DHEA has

prompted the suggestion that it may serve the role of a "buffering hormone" which

would alter the state-dependency of other steroid hormones. Although the specific

mechanisms of action for DHEA are only partially understood, supplemental DHEA

has been shown to have anti-aging, anti-obesity and anti-cancer influences. In

addition, it is known to stabilize nerve-cell growth and is being tested in Alzheimer's



Our understanding of the specific mechanisms of DHEA in metabolism has recently

been advanced by the publication of The Biologic Role of Dehydroepiandrosterone

(DHEA), edited by Mohammed Kalimi and William Regelson [1990]. This book

presents 24 chapters from scientists around the world who are conducting DHEA

research. The breadth of the work is impressive. As Drs. Regelson, Kalimi and Loria

stated in their introductory remarks, "DHEA modulates diabetes, obesity,

carcinogenesis, tumor growth, neurite outgrowth, virus and bacterial infection,

stress, pregnancy, hypertension, collagen and skin integrity, fatigue, depression,

memory and immune responses." With this wide range of potential clinical uses, it

is amazing that more books about DHEA have not been written.


The introductory chapter, by the editors and Roger Loria, briefly reviews DHEA's

biochemistry, endocrinology, and potential clinical uses. They contend that it is

perhaps the most significant endocrine biomarker known, and further postulate that

all of its effects may be explained by its action as a precursor hormone which

provides "a host of steroid progeny with which to maintain the broad balance of host

response related to species and individual survival."


DHEA and Cancer

Early reports from England [Bulbrook, 1962, 1971] suggested that DHEA was

abnormally low in women who developed breast cancer, even as much as nine years

prior to the onset or diagnosis of the disease. Of the 5000 women followed in the

study, 27 developed cancer. Most of the 27 had abnormally low levels of DHEA. If

low DHEA levels contributed to breast cancer, might the opposite be true? Many

years later, Dr. Arthur Schwartz of Temple University found that supplemental

DHEA significantly protected cell cultures from the toxicity of carcinogens. Cell

cultures usually respond to powerful carcinogens with mutations (changes in DNA),

transformations (changes in cell appearance), and a high rate of cell death. But when

Schwartz added DHEA along with the carcinogen, all three of these effects were

significantly diminished.


Subsequent studies [Schwartz, 1979] identified powerful protective effects of

supplemented DHEA for breast-cancer-prone mice. The results of the experiment

was clear after 8 months. The control animals were "getting cancer left and right"

while the DHEA animals had no tumors. In two later studies with different strains of

mice, Schwartz found 75% and 100% reductions in tumor incidence at 8 months of

age and 50% and 75% reductions at 15 months of age [Schwartz, 1981; 1984]. DHEA

has demonstrated protective effects for cancers of the skin, lungs, bowel, breast and

liver. According to William Regelson, "Whenever [DHEA] has been tested in a

model of carcinogenesis and tumor induction, DHEA has preventative effects."

Although DHEA is now beginning to be tested in human cancer, it is still to early to

know whether the successes achieved in animals will be realized in humans.


The Anti-Obesity Factor

At about the same time that Schwartz was investigating the anti-cancer properties of

DHEA, Dr. Terrence T. Yen was studying the effect of DHEA on genetically obese

mice. Although the DHEA-treated mice ate normally, they remained thin -- and they

lived longer than control mice. This "leanness" effect was also conspicuously noted

by Dr. Schwartz. In another experiment, Dr. M. P. Cleary found that even

middle-aged obese rats lost weight when fed DHEA-supplemented food. Diabetes, a

typical complication of obesity, was also dramatically decreased.


DHEA and Glucose Metabolism

Investigators have shown that DHEA inhibits glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase

(G6PDH), an enzyme that breaks down glucose. There are two glucose-metabolizing

pathways in the body, the catabolic, energy-yielding pathway and the anabolic,

biosynthetic pathway. G6PDH happens to be the first enzyme in the biosynthetic

pathway, the one which results in the synthesis of fatty acids and ribose (the sugar

used in making deoxyribonucleic acid, or DNA). In simple language, G6PDH turns

glucose into fat.


DHEA's inhibition of G6PDH may redirect glucose from anabolic fat-production into

catabolic energy metabolism, thus creating a leaner metabolism. This function of

DHEA is well reviewed by Arthur Schwartz and colleagues in their chapter on "The

Biological Significance of Dehydroepiandrosterone" in The Biologic Role of

Dehydroepiandrosterone. They assert that DHEA-mediated reductions in

ribose-5-phosphate activity may be centrally responsible for the anti-tumor

promoting, anti-tumor initiating, and possibly the anti-atherogenic properties of

DHEA. They also note that DHEA 1) produces hepatomegaly (liver enlargement), 2)

stimulates liver catalase activity (a protective antioxidant enzyme), and 3) causes

proliferation of peroxisomes (cellular organelles which specialize in oxidative

processing and the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide). The absence of such

influences with synthetic analogs of DHEA (like 16-alpha-fluoro-5-androsten-17-one)

prompts Schwartz and colleagues to recommend that such analogs be considered for

clinical applications in humans. Toxicity factors still need to be assessed.


DHEA and Appetite

In different experiments, DHEA supplementation has resulted in increased,

decreased and unchanged food consumption. Dr. Schwartz found that it is the level

of dietary fat influences food consumption. DHEA-treated rats on a high-fat diet ate

less food than control rats while those on a low-fat diet ate more.


Since DHEA inhibits G6PDH activity and suppresses the body's ability to synthesize

fat from carbohydrate, dietary sources of fat become more important. This can affect

changes in appetite. But despite possible increases in food intake, DHEA-treated

animals consistently weighed less than control animals. In other words, increases in

appetite, when indulged, did not negate the anti-obesity property of DHEA.


DHEA and Aging

The body's production of DHEA drops from about 30 mg at age 20 to less than 6 mg

per day at age 80. According to Dr. William Regelson of the Medical College of

Virginia, DHEA is "one of the best biochemical bio-markers for chronologic age." In

some people, DHEA levels decline 95% during their lifetime -- the largest decline of

an important biochemical yet documented.


In animal studies, DHEA extends rodent lifespans up to 50%. The animals not only

lived longer, they looked younger. The graying, course-haired controls could easily

be distinguished from the sleek, black-haired, DHEA-treated animals.


DHEA levels are directly related to mortality (the probability of dying) in humans. In

a 12-year study of over 240 men aged 50 to 79 years, researchers found that DHEA

levels were inversely correlated with mortality, both from heart disease and from all

causes. This finding suggests that DHEA level measurements can become a standard

diagnostic predictor of disease, mortality and lifespan. Furthermore, if animal results

hold true, supplemental DHEA may prevent disease, reduce mortality, and extend

lifespan in humans.


Enhancing Brain Function

DHEA may also be intimately involved in protecting brain neurons from

senility-associated degenerative conditions, like Alzheimer's disease. Not only do

neuronal degenerative conditions occur most frequently when DHEA levels are

lowest, but brain tissue contains many times more DHEA than is found in the

bloodstream. One of the scientists at the forefront of this field of research is Dr.

Eugene Roberts who found that very low concentrations of DHEA were found to

"increase the number of neurons, their ability to establish contacts, and their

differentiation" in cell cultures. He also found that DHEA also enhanced long-term

memory in mice undergoing avoidance training. It may play a similar role in

human brain function.


Drs. Roberts and Fitten report initial research on "Serum steroid levels in two old

men with Alzheimer's disease before, during and after oral administration of

DHEA" in the book The Biologic Role of Dehydroepiandrosterone. Roberts' and

Fitten's data are the best we've seen regarding acute and chronic changes in

numerous hormone levels following various oral doses of DHEA (see adjacent

graphs). Because of the short peak duration of DHEA (heavier line in illustration),

they recommend that future studies or therapeutic trials use time-release capsules or

transdermal patches to provide more uniform delivery of DHEA.


Levels of pregnenolone and 17-alpha-pregnenolone, the direct precursors to DHEA,

were too low to be measured in the two patients illustrated, but Roberts and Fitten

present data from three other Alzheimer's patients. Their data indicate that in all

three patients, "control values for pregnenolone and 17-alpha-pregnenolone not

only were below the means for the population controls, they were lower than the

lowest values." In other words, the highest of the Alzheimer's patients was lower

than the lowest of the population controls. When they were administered 400 mg of

DHEA, all three experienced decreased levels of 17-alpha-pregnenolone.

Pregnenolone levels increased in two patients and fell in the third. In the two

patients experiencing increased pregnenolone and decreased 17-alpha-pregnenolone

in response to DHEA, levels of 17-alpha-pregnenolone rebounded strongly at 24

hours. Roberts and Fitten suggest that "a prolonged inhibition of 17-alpha

hydroxylation occurred as a result of continued DHEA intake."


DHEA and Immune Function

DHEA is known to enhance general immune response. Oral and subcutaneous

DHEA has been observed to protect rodents against the lethality of RNA and DNA

viruses, and lethal bacterial infections. Drs. Loria, Regelson and Padgett report in The

Biologic Role of Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) that a single subcutaneous dose of

DHEA is considerably more effective in protecting against infection than oral dosing.

Intraperitoneal [within the abdominal cavity] injections were completely ineffective.


Dr. Loria and colleagues noted that subcutaneous dosing did not result in the typical

weight loss observed with oral DHEA. Presumably it works by a different

mechanism. DHEA has been reported to counteract the thymic involution

[shrinking of the thymus gland] and immuno-suppression caused by corticosteroids.

But the special role of skin tissues in the immune facilitating properties of DHEA

suggest a different mechanism is involved. Cutaneous immune cells, such as

Langerhans cells and keratinocytes, are believed to play a role in "immune

surveillance" and "antigen presentation." These cells may be a site of DHEA's action.

Subcutaneous injection of DHEA results in the "formation of a local deposit leading

to a relatively prolonged exposure to the lymphoid system." DHEA skin patches

might provide a similar exposure.


The delay in protective effect of subcutaneous DHEA has prompted Loria and

colleagues to postulate that a DHEA metabolite is involved in cutaneous immune

enhancement. In a recent paper [Loria and Padgett, 1993], they advance

androstenediol [5-androsten-3-beta-17-beta-diol] as the active metabolite, the

production of which is predominantly localized in the skin and brain. They found

that androstenediol was significantly more effective than DHEA (10,000 times more

with coxsackievirus B4!).


Neither DHEA nor androstenediol have any direct (in vitro) antiviral activity. The

amount of viral load in heart, spleen, pancreas, liver and blood tissues was

unaffected by either DHEA or androstenediol administration. The effect of these

steroids appears to be strictly mediated through stimulation of lymphocytes,

lymphoid organs, and immune-modulating cytokines [immune hormones].


DHEA: The Buffering Steroid?

DHEA may be unique among hormones for it's lack of specificity for hormone

receptor sites. Just as vitamin E has never been shown to have a specific metabolic

role (it is only proven essential as a general antioxidant), DHEA may serve an equally

general purpose. "DHEA is the first example of a buffer action for hormones that I

know of," states William Regelson. "It is a broad-acting hormone that only

demonstrates itself under a specific set of circumstances. In that way, it is like a buffer

against sudden changes in acidity or alkalinity. That is why when you get older,

you're much more vulnerable to the effects of stress. As DHEA declines with age,

you are losing the buffer against the stress-related hormones. It is the buffer action

that [helps prevent] us from aging." The decrease of DHEA with age may result in

gradual decline of a system for suppressing enzyme systems responsible for creating

the building blocks of new cells, like lipids, nucleic acids (RNA and DNA) and sex

steroids. The resulting rise in enzymatic activity in advanced age may be responsible

for the proliferative events (cancer) and degenerative disease that become more

frequent in advanced age. In this respect, DHEA might be best considered to be an

anti-hormone, which might "de-excite" steroid-sensitive receptors that would

otherwise lead to enhanced metabolic activity.



Exact dosages for humans have not been clearly determined. Daily dosages vary from

5 to 10 mg to as much as 2000 mg, with 5, 10, 25 and 250 mg being the range for typical

tablet and capsule sizes. DHEA is usually split into 2-4 daily doses, especially at the

higher dosage levels.


We recommend that dosage be adjusted to bring blood DHEA and DHEA-S

measurements towards young-adult levels. These blood tests can be ordered by your

physician (don't forget to get your first test before you start taking DHEA).



Because of its generally universal function in human metabolism, DHEA is being

associated with numerous human maladies. For example, DHEA has recently been

found to have a highly statistically significant correlation with vertebral bone density

in postmenopausal women suggesting that DHEA (and other weak androgens) may

protect against osteoporosis. This, and its low toxicity, may tend to give DHEA the

same panacea stigma that the antioxidants vitamin E and C suffer.


Regulatory Difficulties

In Europe, DHEA is already available as a drug in 5 and 10 mg doses (although it has

been hard to obtain). It is used primarily for the treatment of menopause. In the

United States, DHEA must first be approved as a drug by the FDA before it can be

marketed for medical purposes. Unfortunately, this is an adversarial process (the

drug companies advocating for the drug and the FDA demanding proof of efficacy

and safety) which takes up to 100 million dollars and a decade to accomplish.

Without a patent to restrict competition, prices cannot be raised high enough to

recover the investment in the approval process. DHEA is an unpatentable substance.



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Cancer Chemoprevention With The

Adrenocortical Steroid Dehydroepiandrosterone

& Structural Analogs


Author(s): Schwartz AG; Pashko LL


Address: Fels Institute for Cancer Research and Molecular Biology, Temple

University School of Medicine, Philadelphia, PA 19140.

Source: J Cell Biochem Suppl 1993;17G:73-9


Abstract: Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) is an adrenocortical steroid that produces

broad-spectrum cancer chemopreventive action in mice and rats. In the mouse

two-stage skin tumorigenesis model, DHEA treatment inhibits tumor initiation, as

well as tumor promoter-induced epidermal hyperplasia and promotion of

papillomas. There is considerable evidence that DHEA exerts its anti-proliferative

and tumor-preventive action through the inhibition of glucose-6-phosphate

dehydrogenase and the pentose phosphate pathway, which generate NADPH

(required for mixed-function oxidase activation of chemical carcinogens, as well as

for deoxyribonucleotide synthesis) and ribose 5-phosphate (also required for

deoxyribonucleotide synthesis). Long-term DHEA treatment of mice also reduces

weight gain (apparently by enhancing thermogenesis), and appears to produce many

of the beneficial effects of food restriction, which have been shown to inhibit the

development of many age-associated diseases, including cancer. Using the mouse

two-stage skin tumorigenesis model, we found that adrenalectomy completely

reverses the anti-hyperplastic and antitumor-promoting effects of food restriction. It

is not unlikely that food restriction stimulates enhanced levels of adrenocortical

steroids, such as the anti-inflammatory glucocorticoids and DHEA, which in turn

mediate the tumor-inhibitory effect of underfeeding


Smart Basics March 1996 IntelliScope

Precursor Hormones That

Feed The Tree of Life



In April Smart Basics announced that we now carry DHEA

(dehydroepiandrosterone) in 10, 25 and 50 mg. capsules. This is pharmaceutical-grade

DHEA, assayed at 101% purity. The extra 1% is an artifact of the laboratory assay

procedures. We prefer to be painfully truthful when we say our DHEA is 99.8% pure

(the difference reflecting the slight amount of pregnenolone precursor used as the

base). Smart Basics DHEA should not be confused with the Dioscorea (Wild Yam)

extracts that have been on the market for some time now. While Wild Yam products

have been marketed as potential precursors for the body's production of DHEA, we

have yet to see a single study where DHEA-S levels have been elevated by one of

these products.


We've also recently introduced PREGNENOLONE, a naturally occurring metabolite

of cholesterol that acts as a precursor to DHEA and other steroid hormones. Animal

research indicates that pregnenolone possesses memory enhancing activity

approximately 100 times higher than that of other compounds with similar effects.

Used in the 1940's for the treatment of arthritis, pregnenolone has a long history of

use in humans without toxic side effects.


DHEA, or dehydroepiandrosterone, is produced by the adrenal glands, and is the

most abundant, naturally-occurring hormone in the human body. DHEA is often

referred to as the "Mother Hormone" because our body can convert it upon demand

into a host of other necessary health-enhancing hormones such as estrogen,

testosterone, progesterone, and corticosterone. DHEA blood levels reach their peak

around age 20, then decline in a linear fashion, making it one of the most reliable

markers for measuring biological aging. By age 80 DHEA blood levels have declined

as much as 95%, signaling the onset of the aging process.


"DHEA is most abundant in the human bloodstream. Research has found it to have

significant anti-aging effects. DHEA levels naturally drop as people age, and there is

good reason to think that taking a DHEA supplement may extend your life and make

you more youthful while you're alive. Additionally, DHEA may be an important

player in cognitive enhancement."

- Dr. Ward Dean, M.D.


More than just a precursor for the synthesis of other hormones, scientists have also

identified specific body cells designed to bind to DHEA. This receptor function

indicates that DHEA plays a far more direct role in human health than was

previously recognized. There have been over 2,500 published papers documenting

DHEA's multiple benefits, but the most recent paper studied the quality of life

enhancing effect of this natural hormone: "DHEA will improve the quality of life

over a longer period and will postpone some of the unpleasant side effects of aging,

such as fatigue and muscle weakness." The report also stated that those patients

receiving DHEA supplements slept better, had more energy and were better equipped

to handle stress compared to the placebo group not receiving the DHEA.


The potential benefits of DHEA have been known to the scientific community for

over 20 years, but this is the first placebo controlled human study conducted that

sought to assess the therapeutic benefits of DHEA replacement therapy. We'll have

more on this and other studies next month.


" DHEA is currently being investigated as an anti-aging hormone. New evidence

suggests this hormone is so beneficial that it may turn out to be the most important

advance of the decade."

- Dr. Alan R. Gaby, M.D.


To offer a more balanced view of DHEA, especially in light of the many "miracle"

effects commonly attributed to this supplement, Jim English recently had the

opportunity to interview Steven Wm. Fowkes of CERI, (Cognitive Enhancement

Research Institute). In addition to being the director of CERI, Mr Fowkes also edits

the monthly newsletter, Smart Drug News. Steve has consistently been on the

forefront of nutritional science and supplement development, and in the following

interview addresses many questions regarding the use of supplemental DHEA and

Pregnenolone, bringing a balanced view to the topic. We hope the following

information will help to cut through the usual marketing hype to aid our clients in

assessing not only the possible benefits, but the potential risks associated with these



Jim: Steve, thank you for taking the time to speak with us. To start out, what exactly

is DHEA?


Steve: DHEA is a metabolite of cholesterol that acts as a precursor to the sex

hormones estrogen and testosterone. DHEA is an important raw material from

which the body manufactures hormones which are very important to normal

physiological functions. DHEA levels normally decline markedly with age, so we're

interested in knowing if supplemental DHEA may have health-enhancing or

anti-aging properties.


Jim: You're referring to the body's natural production of DHEA?


Steve: Yes. The enzymes that convert cholesterol into pregnenolone limit the

amount of sterols and steroids the body produces. Furthermore, these enzymes

decrease with age.


Jim: So, pregnenolone is actually a precursor to DHEA?


Steve: Exactly, and all other steroids. If you think of the steroid synthesis pathways as

a tree, cholesterol is the root system, pregnenolone is the trunk of the tree, and

DHEA is one of the main branches.


Jim: And the other sex steroids?


Steve: Estrogen and testosterone-and the corticosteroids-would be the crown of the

tree, the leaves. Dihydrotestosterone is maybe one of the leaves that has turned

yellow and is about ready to fall off the tree (laughs).


Jim: It needs to be pruned-that's a rather pastoral picture.


Steve: There's also aldosterone, which is used to regulate sodium and blood pressure

in the body. Another main branch off the trunk would be progesterone, from which

the corticosteroids are produced.


Jim: Isn't progesterone another precursor to the main sex hormones?


Steve: It can be, although typically it doesn't go that way. You can think of it as a

place where the tree branches and then rejoins, but that rather stretches the tree

analogy a bit.


Jim: Can you define some of the more common age-related health problems that can

occur from a decline in the body's production of DHEA.


Steve: Well, we don't really know at this point in time what primary function DHEA

has in the body. We know it has a precursor function, but there may be other direct

effects that DHEA can have in and of itself. DHEA doesn't just sit there, inert,

waiting to be converted into something else; it has an effect. Some of the effects that

we know about are relatively indirect. For example, DHEA provides nutritional

support for the body's repair mechanisms. In this case it has an anti-cortisol effect, so

it moderates the potency of cortisol to minimize the damage that may be caused by



When you get injured or suffer stress, your body produces cortisol, and unrestrained

cortisol levels can have a profound effect not only on our healing ability, but the

immune system overall. If you get stressed-out, your body produces cortisol, and the

degree to which we lose control of cortisol production can interfere with our

immune system, the body's natural repair mechanism. In a sense, elevated cortisol

levels cause accelerated aging and aggravate control of free radicals.


DHEA is also important for the modulation of estrogen. And because DHEA can

produce estrogen and testosterone, there may be a downside for people who

over-convert DHEA into estrogen or dihydrotestosterone. I think that's the real

concern with high-dose DHEA. If you are merely taking a physiological replacement

dose of DHEA in the range of 10-30 milligrams, then the DHEA may not go gushing

down those other pathways. In other words, I don't think high DHEA levels are in

themselves much of a risk, but the enzymes that can convert DHEA into other

steroids could go into overdrive and cause problems. DHEA dosages in the hundreds

of milligrams range could cause dramatic increases in dihydrotestosterone or

estrogen levels, and that's why it's important to have medical supervision with

high-dose DHEA.


Jim: Would someone taking DHEA in 25 milligram doses specifically need to test

blood serum levels to measure their increase in DHEA levels?


Steve: I don't think it's absolutely necessary, but I think it's wise. Even at 25

milligrams, there could be significant increases in dihydrotestosterone or estrogen

that could be aggravating factors in people with benign prostrate hypertrophy (BHP)

or risks of cancer.


Jim: Particularly breast cancer which we know is estrogen respondent.


Steve: And estrogen in men should not be ignored; men get breast cancer, too. In my

opinion, you don't have to measure DHEA or DHEA-S for safety reasons. DHEA

itself is minimally toxic. Even an acute dose of 10-20 grams would probably would

have minimal toxic effects on people. Natural DHEA levels vary dramatically

between people, maybe even by a factor of 20 in people of the same age. If you

compare teenagers and elderly adults, you're going to find them straddling a huge

range. So DHEA itself is not a toxic agent that we need to be concerned about. We do

assume that DHEA and DHEA-S levels indicate to some degree the appropriate

amount, that as long as we do not push it way above normal, we are not going to

have downstream effects. But that may not be true. We may, at fairly moderate levels

of DHEA, convert too much of it into testosterone and other steroids. That

conversion process could vary widely among people, and that's really what we

should be looking at!


Using the tree analogy, we shouldn't be looking at the diameter of the DHEA branch,

we should be looking at the growth of the crown of the tree. Although it is a more

difficult process to measure all of the steroids, I think that it is clinically warranted

when high-dose DHEA is indicated.


We shouldn't be prejudiced by sex stereotypes. Women make testosterone and men

make estrogen. So it's important to look at all the hormones to know what's going

on. For women, a little extra testosterone increases their libido and their enjoyment

of life, and that's often a good thing. But if women take 50 or 200 mgs, too much

testosterone can make them uncomfortable libido-wise or can produce masculine

characteristics, like a deepening voice or facial hair growth. So women should

definitely be careful of those issues. There are significant biological consequences of

taking DHEA, and just because some of them are beneficial does not mean it should

be used like candy.


Jim: Most people I've spoken with want to increase their energy levels to those closer

to those they experienced as adolescents. Are there any specific guidelines people

should follow?


Steve: One factor is how far back you want to push it. The radical approach is to push

DHEA back to age twenty. My advice is to push it back ten to twenty years younger-so

if you're 50, you might want to shoot for a 30-year-old DHEA level-because there may

be downstream problems. In other words, the way in which the body converts DHEA

into testosterone, dihydrotestosterone and estrogen may change with age, so it may

be the case that as we get older we have more of a tendency to produce

dihydro-testosterone and estrogen and less of a tendency to produce testosterone.


Jim: And that could exacerbate the kinds of problems we were talking about earlier.


Steve: Like BPH in men, and endometriosis and breast cancer in women. We don't

have enough experience with DHEA to say absolutely that there is no risk in



Jim: What would you recommend as a dosage for a normal, healthy individual

starting out taking DHEA?


Steve: One 25 mg capsule first thing in the morning (or right before bed) is the

standard recommendation. For those getting medical supervision, they may want to

do it at both times. There may be some usefulness in exploring 5-15 mg dosages.


Jim: Is there any problem with taking DHEA with food?


Steve: It's best to take it on an empty stomach. The liver gets rid of 50% to 90% of

DHEA, and I think that taking it with food tends can increase the percentage of loss. I

think it's best taken on an empty stomach first thing in the morning or right before



Jim: Personally I find DHEA to be pleasantly stimulating so I would likely avoid

taking it right before bedtime.


Steve: Not everybody has that reaction. That's one difficulty with DHEA; you can't

really tell people what they should expect. Some people don't notice anything at all -

I'm like that. A fair number of people notice some hard-to-define feelings of

improved well being.


Jim: Now lets talk a bit about pregnenolone, which you mentioned earlier as the

direct precursor to DHEA.


Steve: Pregnenolone probably has more pronounced cognitive effects. Pregnenolone

and progesterone are produced in fairly large quantities in the central nervous

system, which is unusual given that it could be transported from the liver or adrenal

glands. The brain must have a special need for pregnenolone. Amounts are fairly

large when we're young and our brains are rapidly growing. Also, this may account

for Dr. Eugene Roberts observations that even minute quantities of pregnenolone as

small as a few hundred molecules have a very potent effect on the ability of mice to

learn and navigate mazes1. That's an exceedingly small amount of material.


Jim: Would this increase memory in a person taking other cognition enhancing

products such as piracetam or hydergine?


Steve: There's research that suggests that's the case with piracetam, (2-4) and I suspect

it would be the same with the other cognitive enhancing products. I suspect that this

is one of the reasons that Alzheimer's studies using piracetam have not been

fruitful. Alzheimer's is known to be characterized by exceedingly low sterol and

steroid levels. Therefore, you would expect that this would undercut the piracetam

mechanism. Also, we might expect the combination of piracetam and pregnenolone

would be worth trying.


Jim: When dealing with pregnenolone, would you also recommend that one get

tested by a doctor to establish a baseline to measure one's progress?


Steve: Yes, because your dealing with the same pathways. Pregnenolone is amazingly

safe. I think Dr. Ray Peat recounted an episode where he took a heaping tablespoon

of pregnenolone - and nothing happened. So I would worry only about the

downstream effects.


The advantage that pregnenolone has is that your not "nesting" in only one side of

the tree. Pregnenolone is not committed to any specific steroid pathway. As long as

your body doesn't have some kind of screwy imbalance in terms of the way that

steroids are metabolized, you're feeding everything with pregnenolone. Unless I

know otherwise, I would trust the wisdom of the body to balance it out.


Jim: So basically the body can determine the best use of pregnenolone as it

disseminates it throughout the body.


Steve: And you can measure it by measuring before-and-after DHEA levels. When

you are taking pregnenolone, DHEA is a downstream hormone.


It's important to realize that sex steroids are hundreds of times more potent

biologically - in terms of dose - than pregnenolone or DHEA. That's why I think we

need to pay more attention to what's going on with these end hormones.


Jim: Should someone who is in their 40's, 50's or 60's feel at high risk from taking a

10 mg capsule of pregnenolone or 25 mg of DHEA? What I'm trying to determine is

how necessary is it to go out and get the blood studies, especially if you have a doctor

who doesn't really know what you're asking for.


Steve: I think the risks are minimal when you're dealing with replacement dosages,

i.e., less than the amount your body would produce if it were healthy. When the

DHEA and pregnenolone levels are within the normal range of what the body would

be producing at one's general state of age, that's a fundamentally benign state of

affairs. When you start dealing with dramatic increases in DHEA and/or

pregnenolone, then the issue changes dramatically.


Jim: I know of people that are taking 600 mgs of DHEA a day; that strikes me as

exceedingly high.


Steve: It is. I know people who take from 500 to 2,500 milligrams a day, but they are

typically HIV positive with abnormally low DHEA levels who are dealing with

serious immune system dysfunction. It is not clear to what degree this benefits or

harms them. I believe that estrogen is very counter-productive in HIV positive

people and that it has an immunosuppressant effect. It has, at the same time,

cognitive enhancing effects because of it's neurotoxicity, so it stimulates neurons and

makes people more awake and more alert, but in doing so causes damage like that of

cysteine or MSG would do in excess.


Jim: In other words, you're getting a temporary benefit but your accelerating the

damage at a much higher rate.


Steve: At least causing stress, even if no overt damage is done. I don't know the

mechanism of that excitotoxicity, but I believe it is direct. I've looked into aspartame

excitotoxicity and how it relates to pyroglutamate and piracetam, but I haven't

researched estrogen yet.


Jim: Lets take a little side step here because you raise the interesting issue of

aspartame. We have one or two products which contain very small amounts of

aspartame. Some of our customers are very concerned. They won't take aspartame in

any amount.


Steve: It's a choice. As long as people are informed of the potential risks, that's fine.

My experience is that aspartame sensitivity varies dramatically from person to

person. There are people who can take it with minimal immediate consequences.

Others take it and have immediate overt symptoms, like headaches, blood pressure

changes, ringing in the ears, vision problems or seizures. They just have to stay away

from it, period.


1. Floor, J.F., Morley, J. E.,and Robers, E,. Memory-Enhancing Effects In Male Mice Of

Pregnenolone And Steroids Metabolically Derived From It. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci.

USA 89: 1567-71, March 1992.

2. Burov YV et al. Castrated rats: Influence of amiridine, tacrine and piracetam on

passive avoidance response and brain biochemical parameters. Biological Amines

9(4): 327-35, 1993.

3. Mondadori C, Bhatnagar A, Borkowski J and Hausler A. Involvement of a

steroidal component in the mechanism of action of piracetam-like nootropics. Brain

Research 506(1): 101-8, 1 January 1990.

4. Mondadori C and Hausler A. Aldosterone receptors are involved in the mediation

of the memory-enhancing effects of piracetam. Brain Research 524(2): 203-7, 6 August



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The following is an abstract written by the inventor of CellFood--Everett L. Storey.

Even Albert Einstein gave recognition to Storey for his work with the hydrogen and

oxygen molecule.




by Physical Chemist & Microbiologist Everett L. Storey


In the list of 78 essential elements, the only elements with more than one tenth of 1% volume are oxygen, hydrogen, carbon and sulfur. Concentration is Not a key to success in Advanced Medicine. Greater dilutions seem to provide more electron and deuteron activity of the constructive type.


With this array of useful elements, the human body can be revitalized. Damaged tissues can, with proper exercise and a nutritional diet, be effectively and safely rebuilt. Cancerous tissue wilts and disappears, flushed away with other dead cells due to the fluid rich with magnesium and nascent oxygen released into the bloodstream.


The mind takes control of body functions induced by the electrical currents moving through the fully conductive nervous system.


Just as weight control calls for a new lifestyle... the fight against the common cold...viruses and malignancies must be fought each day with full resources and all-out dedication. Unfortunately cold germs and viruses feed the very conditions from old injuries to system congestion, drawing extra power from any toxins or contaminants found in the bloodstream.


The combinations of elements that might normally result in toxic compounds cease to be threatening in the presence of Deuteron activity. Harmful compounds are broken down into their constituent-free elements on a measured time release pattern. Immune antibodies can be formed as required as well as catalysts, enzymes and vitamins.


It Is time for general acceptance of the concept that even in some terminal cases, our bodies can, given essential building blocks, repair and reconstitute every living cell within a span of 11 months.


Each cough, sneeze, sniffle, sore throat, sore muscle or congestive pain should serve as a warning signal that our glandular, gastro-intestinal, pulmonary, neurological or cardiovascular systems will in some way become or may be under stress or actual attack.


When in doubt, call in an allergist. Time, study and patience can often solve the most baffling problems.

General Practitioners and family-oriented Physicians can aid with the patient's own self-discipline teaching that everyone must become his own body's best friend. No matter how crushed with work, the sincere Physician or Surgeon must push or at least nudge his patient into either mental or physical exertion simply because life generates more life and thus feeds the electrical process of revitalization.


In summary, the winding road to health leads ever uphill from some form of hydrogen, probably Deuterium, its most versatile isotope which is about to be recognized as the creative and sustaining, force of all life.


Physicians and Surgeons by monitoring the progress along life's highway with a view to keeping peopleaway from the exits and moving ever forward can perform the most worthwhile service in the world.




Cellular Food for Advanced Nutrition

The Premier Oxygen Product


The inventor of CELLFOOD Everett L. Storey, was an author, physical

chemist, microbiologist and humanitarian. After more than 24 years of

research and development, CELLFOOD was developed as a broad spectrum,

highly energized liquid. CELLFOOD {Deuterium Sulfate [D2SO4]} is a

proprietary secret formulation, developed from a di-base solution.

Contained in this di-pole formula are "Aerobic" proteins, 17 amino acids,

34 enzymes, 78 major and trace elements and deuterons , electrolytes, and

disolved oxygen.


CELLFOOD has the unique ability to dissociate the water molecule into

nascent hydrogen and nascent oxygen. This "splitting" of the water molecule

results in the release of nascent hydrogen and oxygen gases simultaneously

in a chain reaction that only involves about one five-hundred thousandth of

the available moisture at one time. This results in an additional source of

oxygen available from the water molecule. Some of the benefits of a

mineral-rich and oxygen-rich diet include: high energy levels; better

assimilation and utilization of the food we eat and the supplements we

consume; and the creation of enzymes that are necessary for vitamins to

function, increasing their effectiveness four to five times in the body.

When a body is deficient in oxygen, hydrogen, trace minerals, enzymes,

amino acids and water, it does not have the ability to repair and maintain

itself. It is said to be in a state of disease (dis-ease). Since the

elements in CELLFOOD are suspended in liquid form and are broken down into

an ionic state, they are absorbed at a much greater rate than the same

elements in a tablet form.


CELLFOOD flows throughout the entire body, cleansing and energizing the

system. This highly effective, unique formula may be used for specific

purposes or as an enhancer.CELLFOOD has antitoxic, antiviral and

antibacterial properties. It is also a powerful detoxifier and will help

digest and eliminate toxins from the bowel, such as remains of undigested

foods. CELLFOOD creates an environment in which harmful bacteria and

viruses can no longer thrive. It allows the body to maintain and produce

its own vitamins, catalysts and enzymes, thus helping the body to function

more efficiently while removing waste materials. With the proper

elementals, the body can repair itself, naturally. It also enhances the

natural vital force in the body. It is a nontoxic

oxygen/mineral/enzyme/amino acid formula, which has been developed using

the most advanced scientific methods available. CELLFOOD is a blend between

science and traditional medicine..


Many satisfied clients have claimed that CELLFOOD has helped in the

following conditions:

Arthritis Bladder infection

Cancer Candida

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Common Cold

Diabetes Eczema

Gout Heart Diseases

Herpes simplex Lung conditions

HIV Hypertension

Impotence Menstrual Problems

Nervous system disorders Post Polio Syndrome

Psoriasis Sickle Cell Anemia

Shingles Viruses

And many more



From The Desk Of Ed Mccabe, "Mr. Oxygen"


For over twelve years, I have researched various forms of oxygen [Image]

therapies available worldwide. I have lectured throughout the world

sharing thousands of accounts of amazing health and healing benefits from

increasing the oxygen levels in the body. Perhaps you have attended one of

my lectures, listened to my audio tapes, or watched my video.


If you recall reading my book,Oxygen Therapies: A New Way of Approaching

Disease, you know that our bodies were designed by the Creator to function

on nearly 50% more oxygen than is available in today's atmosphere. By

living in an oxygen deficient environment, and not feeding our cells the

proper oxygen and nutrients needed for clearing wastes, our body fluids and

blood can become toxic. In today's toxic world, nearly everyone can benefit

from increased oxygenation at the cellular level. There is an easy and

effective way to supplement your body's need for increased oxygen: Oxygen

for Life's new product CELLFOOD.


During my numerous appearances on TV and radio, I have consistently

repeated that after twenty-five years of private research, I noted exactly

which supplements people responded to--quickly and with the best results.

Here they are--the five most important things the human body needs in

today's toxic world to regain or maintain health. The five crown jewels of

health are: Lots of cellular OXYGEN, the body cleanser and immune booster;

COLLOIDAL MINERALS, the building block of everything your body is made up

of; ENZYMES, the scavenger / catalysts; good clean WATER, the cleanser and

transport mechanism, and a moral and spiritual BALANCE.


In my experience, from the thousands of interviews I personally conducted,

I have seen amazing results consistently and quickly in people who have

properly applied just oxygen supplementation, or just colloidal minerals,

or just enzymes. Each one has proven to be a powerhouse all by itself. Now,

imagine your level of wellness if you combine all three.


That's exactly why I'm writing to tell you that the folks at Oxygen for

Life have done exactly that. Their new product CELLFOOD actually combines

three of my five crown jewels of health in just one product. CELLFOOD

supplies your body with a diet of OXYGEN, MINERALS and ENZYMES all at once!

CELLFOOD has been refined by brilliant scientists over many years in order

to optimize its synergistic action. The main properties of CELLFOOD are

amazing. It increases the bioavailability of oxygen in the water or juice

you place it in and I believe that this means it also releases oxygen into

the body by taking just a little bit of your body's water (most of you have

over one hundred pounds of water in your body--two thirds of your body is

water) and then, since water is made of oxygen,CELLFOOD safety generates

oxygen right from your internal water and releases it to the cells! Pretty

neat, huh? You know how good oxygen is for you. Just a little bit of

CELLFOOD every day, with consistency, and the cleansing and building

process begin and then continue.


Although CELLFOOD already has enzymes and colloidal minerals in it, to be

sure you're getting optimum nutrition, I would strongly suggest taking

digestive enzymes along with the new CELLFOOD product. Then you will be

sure to have enough basic oxygen, minerals, and enzymes.


OFL DIGESTIVE PLANT ENZYMES are full spectrum replacements for the natural

enzymes that are supposed to be in our food but have been destroyed by the

usual commercial food processing, and the decline of bodily enzyme

production from aging. Without enough enzymes, our bodies cannot properly

digest food, and undigested food particles putrefy in the body and create

an unhealthy fluid environment that disease microorganisms love, People who

take digestive enzymes (including me) report their digestion improves, like

they used to have when they were children. Remember?


The minerals in CELLFOOD are absolutely necessary for 95% of your body's

daily functions. Commercial farming has caused our soils to become mineral

depleted. Due to poor crop rotation and the loss of valuable top soil from

flooding and over-irrigation, much of the natural minerals and trace

minerals has been lost from today's food supply, When a body is lacking

minerals, vitamins have little or no effect. Because CELLFOOD's pristine

sea source and ancient plant source minerals are suspended in a liquid

form, they are more readily absorbed and utilized by the body than minerals

in tablet or capsule form, An easy and effective way to supplement your

body's need for minerals is by using CELLFOOD.


Oxygen for Life's premier liquid nutritional supplement is CELLFOOD. For

optimum cellular nutrition, and ease of detoxification, follow the label



A months supply of CELLFOODcomes in a 8 ounce bottle and cost only $32.00

retail. And a month's supply of DIGESTIVE PLANT ENZYMES cost only $28.00



* [All products can be ordered directly from Oxygen for Life. To

receive a 10% discount please e--mail Timothy M. Sanders, D.D.S.

(Oxygen@wwns.com) and use the word's "Order Only" in your request.

Ordering information will be provided. It's simple to order

CELLFOOD If you wish to buy CELLFOOD at at the wholesale

distributor price please request a complete information pack from

Timothy M. Sanders, D.D.S. (Oxygen@wwns.com) An information pack

plus an immediate ordering number will be provided. Use the word

"CellFood Pack" in your request.]


Remember that CELLFOOD has been tested and used daily for years. It is a

proven product and OFL has received hundreds of positive reports. The OFL

ongoing CELLFOOD research project team would like to tally your personal

results from addi ng CELLFOOD to your diet on a regular daily basis.

Oxygen for Life and I would be most appreciative if you dropped them a note

at the following address:



11555 Rancho Bernardo Rd,

San Diego, CA 92127-1441


Sincerely yours, and Happy Oxygen!

Ed McCabe





Hydrolyses, Carbohydrases Actinium

1. Maltase Antimony

2. Sucase Argon

3. Emulsin Astatine

Nucleases Barium

1 Polynucleotidase Beryllium

2. Nucleotidase Bismuth

Amidase Boron

1. Urease Bromine

Peptidases Calcium

1. Aminopolypeptidase Cadmium

2. Depeptidase Carbon

3. Prolinase Cerium

Esterases Cesium

1. Lipase Chromium

2. Phosphotases Cobalt

3. Sulfatases Copper

Iron Enzymes Dysprosium

1. Catalase Europium

2. Cytochrome oxidase Fluorine

3. Peroxidase Gadolinium

Copper Enzymes Gallium

1. Tyrosinase Germanium

2. Ascorbic acid oxidase Gold


Enzyme containing Coenzymes 1 and/or 2 Hafnitim


1. Lactic Dehydorgenase Heliumn

2. Robison Ester Dehydrogenase Holmium

Enzymes which reduce cytochrome Hydrogen

1. Succinic Dehydrogenase Indium

Yellow Enzymes Iodine

1. Warburg's Old Yellow Enzymes Iridium

2. Diaphorase Iron

3. Haas Enzyme Krypton

4. Cytochorme C reductase Lanthanum

Hydrases Lithium

1.Fumarase Lutetium

2. Enolase Magnesium

Mutases Molybdenum

1. Aldehyde Mutase Neodymium

2. Glyoxalase Neon

Desmolases Nickel

1. Zvmohexase (adlolase) Niobium

2. Carboxilase Nitrogen

Other Enzvmes Nobelium

1. Phosphorvlase Osmium

2. Phosphohexisomerase Oxygen

3. Hexokinase Palladium

4. Phosphoglumutase Phosphorus



Alanine Polonium

Argenine Potassium

Aspartic Acid Praseodymium

Cystystine Promethium

Glutamic Acid Rhenium

Glycine Rhodium

Histidine Rubidium

Isolentine Ruthenium

Lysine Samarium

Methionine Selenium

Thenylalanine Silicon

Proline Silver

Serine Sodium

Threonine Sulfur

Tryptothan Tantalum

Tyrosine Technetium

Zaline Tellurium















Please e-mail your Federal Postal Address and the word "CellFood" to:



To receive a 10% discount when you order call Oxygen for Life at

1-800-619-6994 and tell them that you wish to order as a Preferred Customer and that your distributor is (SANDENT ID # 409-03-7547) . To order at full wholesale you must enroll as a distributor. I recommend that you convince yourself that these products work by trying them first as a Preferred. Customer before you enroll as a distributor. For distributor details e-mail Oxygen@wwns.com or call at 1-615-890-2806 or 1-615-896-8301 or fax at 1-615-890-2806.




Cell Food is a proprietary, super energized, complex concentrate of 78

trace elements, 34 enzymes, 17 amino acids and dissolved oxygen held in a

colloidal suspension. A colloid is a minute particle which is suspended in

a liquid solution. Since most of the bodily fluids (blood, lymph and CSF)

are colloidal in nature and negatively charged, the similarity between Cell

Food and the bodily fluids increases the bioavailibility of the nutrients

contained in CellFood to every cell in the body. This increased availabilty

of nutrients allows the body to function more normaly.


Cell Food is unique due to its ability to create nascent oxygen. Nascent in

Latin terms means newly born. In biochemical terms it refers to this newly

born singlet oxygen as O- that has not yet entered into biochemical

reaction. Free radicals (which many biochemists now believe are a primary

cause of the aging process and degenerative disease) are positively charged

ions of singlet oxygen, O+. Nascent oxygen is negatively charged O-. The

opposite charge of these ions cause them to attract each other, forming

simple pure Oxygen O2. Nascent oxygen "seeks out" and neutralizes dangerous

free radicals, combining to form pure oxygen in the process!!!


(O- nascent oxygen & O+ free radical ion= O2 stable oxygen.)


Cell Food is developed from a di-base, di-pole solution. Cell Food has the

ability to dissociate H2O>O- & H-. simultaneously in a chain reaction that

involves only 1:0005000 available moisture at one time >which yields an

additional source of oxygen to the body. "Splitting" of the water molecule

is performed by means of weakening the bonding electrons (Ionic Transfers).


1. DI-POLE: In the H20 molecule, the density of the electron cloud is

located around the Oxygen atom; the bonding electrons are shifted toward

Oxygen and away from Hydrogen. CellFood allows the bonds in the electron

distribution to be unsymmetrical (Polar). The hydrogen molecule can then be

described as DI-POLE with the Oxygen atom acting as a negative pole and the

Hydrogen as a positive pole.


2. DI-BASE: Generally dissociate in solution into one Hydrogen ion and the

residue of the molecule, the second replacable Hydrogen atom not splitting

off as an ion until the greater quanity of the first has been removed.


Questions And Answers

Q. Does CellFood contain oxygen?


A. CellFood is able to generate oxygen from "splitting" the water molecule.

The concentrate is added to water and at that time begins to generate

oxygen. CellFood itself does not really contain large amounts of oxygen.


Q. What stops the generation of oxygen and hydrogen?


A. Simply stated, when the body needs oxygen, it utilizes the oxygen

needed. Since Cellfood utilizes only one five-hundred thousands of the

available moisture at one time, there is usually plenty more there

available to release if needed. (Note: you will not explode with an excess

amount of oxygen or hydrogen as it is not released until needed).


Q. What is the shelf life of CellFood?


A. The shelf life of CellFood is almost indefinate. Sample batches from 25

years ago have been tested and have actually improved with time (similar to

fine wines).


Q. Can CellFood be used to purify water?


A. Yes. CellFood can be used to purify water that you are somewhat

uncertain about (such as from a river or stream). Simply add 3 drops of

CellFood to 1 pint of water. It will even take the "smell" out of the water

and improve the taste. In earthquake areas (such as CA) CellFood should be

kept available to make sure that stored water that is kept around for

several months can be purified. (Note: It is suggested that CellFood not be

added until ready to use).


Q. How is CellFood used Topically?


A. Mix CellFood with at least 20 parts of water and use this solution for

soaking or dabbing onto the cut, burn or affected area. (Company owners use

a small amount of CellFood in a spa and have experienced tremendous results

with softening skin and other side benefits as well as keeping the spa

water clean and clear).


Q. What is the function of Trace Elements in Cell Food?


A. Trace elements are needed as cofactors for specific enzymes and for a

wide variety of other critical functions such as acid-base balance. Each

enzyme is specific in that it will catalyze only one type of reaction.

There are thousands of chemical reactions that take place within the body,

and therefore we have thousands of enzymes, each with its own shape and

active site.


The ability of enzymes to function may be limited or destroyed by changes

in the intracellular or extracellular fluids in which they are found.

Changes in blood pH and temperature are especially crucial for enzymatic

functions. Acid-base balance must be maintained in order for enzymatic

reactions to proceed normally. CellFood helps maintain this balance.


Q. What is the function of the Amino Acids contained in CellFood?


A. There are aproximately 80 amino acids which are found in nature: only 20

are necessary for human metabolism and growth but, the ones that must be

provided by supplementation are called essential. Amino acids are necessary

for protein metabolism and muscle energy (ATP). CellFood supplies these

needed Amino Acids.



The combinations of elements that would normally result in toxic compounds

cease to be threatening in the presence of deuteron activity. Harmful

compounds are catabolized into the constituent free elements on a measured

time release pattern. Immuno antibodies can be formed as needed as well as

catalyst enzymes and vitamins.


Since catabolism (destructive phase of metabolism- the process of reducing

complex substances to simple substances with a release of heat) feeds on

lack of oxygen, we must provide ample nascent oxygen and hydrogen to every

cell. As well, some bodily processes require hydrogen, we must provide a

means of dissociating water yielding nascent hydrogen and oxygen to

continue this life giving chain reaction.


THE BEST MEDICINE IS HEART ECG COHERENCE, In Plane terms Compasionate Love Heals. Remember to breath, and keep looking up.


This section will be expanded.