I was invited to meet REDPIN in 1992, after my name came out in his computer in a significant way to warrent meeting, by which it was stated that he would release material to me, and this would help him find recruits.

I am not a member of the Order of the Golden Fleece, nor any secret society on this planet. I have been invited, but I must maintain the ability for Operation Unity Of Emmanuel, and as any initiate will discover at the top: "The Secret Is To Give Away The Secret". But by then, the initiate has sold their body and soul to "the light". Hence the capstone cannot descend, and a substitute capstone is extracted from the reality language pyramid.

I am a part of the extraterrestrial and interdimensional Golden Fleece of Unity. REDPINs own coding shows that. This is a Midway to the POL vs LOP (Love Of Power vs Power Of Love), present battles. Athena is the patron of the time forwards Golden Fleece Order, she gave the cybernetic branch to JASON on the Argo. Time-Reverse-Wave (TRW) Athena from future Andromeda, is the non-local mirror coming to correct the hierarchy. JASON is another Order, which is not connected to the Golden Fleece, and who use Grail Technology (Ananda presents the secret Grail Technology vs Christ Grail Vortexijah Technology, in amazing detail, in The New Universe Series), for their gravity field energy projects, which include human mind control, time travel, and reality engineering (attempts).

I have spoken about REDPIN for many years, and even shown some of his material in workshops, some years ago. He did address some of the Christ Grail brothers and sisters, since our names were on the decoded list.

For this he is exceptionally busy, and you will find it close to impossible to meet with him, unless you have something genuinly useful to pass on, and then gradually perhaps, over time. There are so many time consuming vampires, who just do not care, or see that there are times where we must simply withdraw to recover our strength and do what is necessary to make an active solution to true Unity.

Many people reading this, will be unconvinced, and that is good. We pass on the information, to those who can make good use of it, in service to the Unity of All. And at this point, I do not release any letters, or interviews with him. This artickle is of universal concern, and thus it is being released.

Let us all make a Midway, beyond the daulity's of the Black and White Brotherhoods, and show a further paradigm to all sides, through ALL IS GOD. That the only way through is by the coherency of CompasSION, which in the Boddhisatva Vow, extends to All, into the Ultimate Unity of Unity's ­ without everyone, there cannot be full realised Unity.