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Mechanisms for Deep Penetration of Environmental Dense Weak EM

Noise Interference Into the Body,

& Long-Term Deleterious Effects Thereof

Major T. E. Bearden

All Rights Reserved, March 2000

T. E. Bearden, LTC, U.S. Army (Retired)
Director, Association of Distinguished American Scientists (ADAS)
Fellow Emeritus, Alpha Foundation's Institute for Advanced Study (AIAS)


There are some little-known mechanisms which provide unsuspected deep

penetration of EM "hash" into the living body. By EM "hash" we mean an

environmental dense weak signal flux of some 500,000 signals per square

meter per second or greater. The amplitudes of the signals have little

effect on the mechanisms we are speaking of. They are almost entirely a

function of the signal density. So these signals can be extremely weak, so

weak as to be considered completely benign by the orthodox community.

Accordingly, the mechanisms have apparently not been studied by the

EM-bioeffects community, and have not been taken into account in any major

studies that I know of. We summarize these mechanisms briefly.


1. The "difference frequency" effect. In some respects, to first order the

body tissue can be approximated (not really well, but sufficient to give the

effect when the weak signal environment is dense) as a nonlinear homogeneous

environment. This means that individual sine wave signals absorbed in the

medium have a medium velocity proportional to the amplitude. In other

words, on the curve of the wave itself, the points at higher amplitude

travel faster, resulting in overshoot and wave break-up, etc. From the

conventional view, a single wave thus "dies" quite quickly in a short

penetration distance.


However, now consider the dense weak signals impinging. Oddly, if we take

the difference frequencies between any two real signals, that difference

frequency propagates through a nonlinear homogeneous medium as if it were a

sine wave in a linear medium -- even though the two waves we took the

difference between, individually break up and spread all over. So the

difference frequency propagates far deeper into the body than do the

apparent signal themselves. And oddly, they do produce EM wave effects,

absorption, etc. -- or can be modeled that way. A reference for this effect

is Owen Flynn, "Parametric arrays: A new concept for sonar," Electronic

Warfare Magazine, June 1977, p. 107-112. The major transmission in the body

appears to be primarily through the body water content.


As Flynn shows, any two sine-wave frequencies as simultaneous drivers

combine to produce a sine-wave difference frequency propagating in water,

essentially without sidebands or reverberations. Like laser beams almost!

Its pattern has a main lobe approximately equal to that of the high

frequency drivers, but devoid of sidelobes. The level of the propagating

difference frequency is proportional to both the product of the two

fundamental drive levels and to the square of the desired value of

difference frequency.


2. Amplification of the Difference Frequency. The "difference transmission"

effect is a new form of heterodyning and it is also amplified by the

presence of the hash, which may be considered noise. A reference for such

noise amplification of the difference frequency effect is M.I. Dykman et

al., "Noise-enhanced heterodyning in bistable systems." Physical Review E,

49(3), Mar. 1994, p. 1935-1942.


3. Non-Linear Optical Functioning. As one examines ever smaller regions in

the body, everything is highly nonlinear. Further, we must change our

notion of "current" when we examine these smaller physical regions. When we

have a simple DC current, for example, that is a very gross summation of an

incredible number of individual microscopic actions, currents, etc. The

electrons (in the Drude electron gas) are individually moving intensely all

over the map, at a furious rate, with intense collisions. While there is a

"mean free path", the actual path lengths between electron collisions cover

a very wide range. Hence the electron current exists as a harmonic set of

current frequencies, including well up into the optical range. The overall

average "drift" is the DC current we use in macrophysics. But the actual

"minute currents" themselves are quite something else again.


Any current in a wire or other antenna has the same property of being a

great "averaging" of a very large number of microscopic currents, at a great

number of frequencies up through the optical range. So we really do not

have a nice "sine wave" EM wave transmitted into space from the Drude

electrons in a transmitting antenna, except as a gross "average" of a very

great many frequencies of microscopic EM waves. So a "frequency" of a wave

impinging on the body is actually a very great number of frequencies which

sum to that frequency wave. The point is that the Drude electrons in the

body and other charges receiving the incoming "sine wave" EM wave body's own

potentials and fields that result in the absorption, and so what EM

bioeffects scientists "measure" in the body are actually gross high level

summations. They miss the entire internal rich structuring, and all the

resulting long term deleterious effects from the dramatic alteration of the

internal electrodynamics of the body's own EM fields, potentials, and waves.


We should also point out that the body may have enormous EM fields in its

cell membranes, even at very low potential (voltage). A millivolt

potential, e.g., may be dropped across a 10exp(-9) distance between the last

atom in the membrane and the first atom in the adjacent fluid. That gives

an E-field of 1 million volts per meter! So when we change the internal

makeup of that little "weak" millivolt, in that tremendous E-field we have

made enormous, amplified changes to its internal EM structure, which is to

an enormous set of bidirectional EM longitudinal waves, as we shall see.


In 1903, E.T. Whittaker showed that any scalar potential is actually a

harmonic set of bidirectional EM longitudinal wavepairs. In 1904 he showed

that any EM wave or field is just two scalar potential functions. Since

each of those scalar potential functions can be decomposed into a set of

harmonic bidirectional longitudinal wavepairs, then in effect we can just

replace all potentials, fields, and waves in the body with appropriate

longitudinal EM waves and wavesets. In short, there is a vast "internal"

bidirectional EM longitudinal electrodynamics inside all the little

"summation" fields and potentials and waves that we grossly measure with our



Here is where the EM hash comes in. Those methods of deep penetration

through the body fluid and amplification of it by the noise, actually

amplify the bundles of longitudinal EM waves comprising what we normally

call the fields and waves and potentials in the body.


The longitudinal EM waves (LWs) are never "pure" in nature, but always with

a bit of "transverse EM wave residue". So a practical LW is called an

"Undistorted Progressive Wave". [For a very useful and highly technical

summary, see W.A. Rodrigues, Jr. and J.-Y. Lu, "On the existence of

undistorted progressive waves (UPWs) of arbitrary speeds 0 ( v <( in

nature," Foundations of Physics, 27(3), 1997, p. 435-508. A slightly

corrected version is downloadable as hep-th/9606171 on the Los Alamos

National Laboratory web site. It includes corrections to the published



The UPW is not limited to light speed, but can move slower than the speed of

light (in which case it is called an "electromagnetic particle", or faster

than the speed of light, in which case it is a superluminal wave.


The bottom line is that "normal" EM fields, waves, and potentials are just

giant bundles of longitudinal EM waves with impressed dynamics (e.g.,

transverse dynamics).


Not only that, we can consider "ordinary" EM just "superhighways" for

longitudinal EM waves. Mass is mostly empty space, filled with "ordinary"

potentials, fields, and waves, with a particle here and there, much like the

solar system, e.g. So once we have alteration of longitudinal EM make-up of

weak EM potentials, fields, and waves in the body at any point, those LW

alterations communicate essentially to every other point.


It must also be realized (though the EM bioeffects researchers have seemed

to ignore it) that emission or absorption of a photon at any point in or on

a dielectric, is not just from that point alone. Every point in the entire

dielectric participates in the emission or absorption. A reference showing

that, e.g., is G. C. Reali, "Reflection from dielectric materials," American

Journal of Physics, 50(12), Dec. 1982, p. 1133-1136. The reflected field

from a dielectric material is not generated just at its surface but comes

from everywhere in the interior of it. Note that reflection involves both

absorption and re-emission.


In the EM hash and amplification, by looking at the "internal structures"

LWs that are inside of and compose the "normal" EM, we see that the LWs from

even a reaction seemingly "dying" right on the skin reaches through the

entire body, including the bone marrow. That is because the LW component

itself is vastly penetrating. A reasonably pure LW will penetrate the

entire earth and ocean, with only a small interaction. In the body, the LWs

produced from the hash have lots of TW residues, so one gets interaction all

through the body, weakly.


These are the mechanisms that, while very weak and such that we presently do

not have the necessary instruments to measure them, account for the

long-term deleterious effects of very dense, very weak EM noise radiation.


4. Other Novel Non-Linear Optical Effects. There are a host of laser and

nonlinear optical effects that have been uncovered in intensely scattering

optically active media in the last decade (although Letokhov predicted many

of these as early as 1958). The emission of coherent light -- a so-called

"random laser" -- is one of the effects. It is also called lasing without

population inversion. Recently, some researchers have discovered that

living matter -- vegetables, fruit, etc. -- exhibit similar effects. None

of this appears to have yet been investigated with respect to the EM hash in

our environment, impinging continuously upon the body. However, one

suspects that what happens within the body may be a form of self-ordering,

so that more coherent and amplified "jamming" signals can form in this

manner, deep within the body. Here we have to defer until there has been

more experimental investigation. In ordinary materials, however, the

effects have been demonstrated widely. The body has an enormous number of

trace minerals and compounds within it, many of which are optically active.

Even though still essentially uninvestigated with respect to EM bioeffects,

the effects are important because they exhibit amplification. I presently

hold the hypothesis that an adaptation of this process is responsible for

the rare but sufficiently documented phenomenon of spontaneous human

combustion, particularly if one allows Mills hydrino effects upon the

hydrogen ions in the body, as a result of the sharp discharges of millivolts

that occur widely. Remember, if that discharge of a millivolt occurs across

a sufficiently small distance, an E-field local energy discharge of a

million volts per meter may result. That should be quite sufficient to

sometimes produce the hydrino effect, in which case anomalous heat energy

would be suddenly and locally produced, as well as electrolysis of the H2O.

Given hydrogen, oxygen, and heat energy suddenly in a very small region,

together with a violent million-volts per meter discharge, ignition can

certainly take place. If conditions are just right, the condition may

persist and spread, resulting in an anomalous combustion of the body or some

portion thereof. This would certainly explain the intense local heating in

a body sitting in a chair, with most of the body consumed, but with the

chair little damaged. The hydrino condition simply did not exist in the



5. The Cellular Regenerative System of the Body. In the body, the cellular

regenerative system, which actually restores damaged cells, is very poorly

studied (largely by Becker, and a few others, but then with a totally

insufficient electrodynamics). The immune system heals nothing! Not even

its own damaged cells. It is the Army and the battlegroups, and it meets

the hostile invaders, has a great battle, wins, and litters the battlefield.

Many cells are damaged in that melee. It is the job of the cellular

regenerative system to restore those damaged cells back to health, within

its limited capabilities.


The cellular regenerative system is an electromagnetic system, but not using

conventional EM. Instead, it uses the internal electrodynamics inside the

fields, potentials, and waves that we measure. And it uses primarily LWs,

which also allow it to produce time-polarized EM waves as well.


There are four polarizations of EM waves in quantum field theory: x- and y-

polarizations or any combination give us the familiar transverse EM wave.

This means that the spatial energy transported by the wave is oscillating in

the x- or y- direction, or both in some combination. If x- and y- spatial

energy oscillation is inhibited, the spatial energy will oscillate to and

fro like an accordion, along the line of propagation, which is taken as the

z- axis by convention.


Well, photons carry not only a piece of energy but also a piece of time.

Usually the time component is ignored, which is unfortunate. Time is

actually spatial energy compressed by the factor c-squared, and so it has

the same energy density as mass. In other words, a photon carries two kinds

of "spring" energy: weak spring energy (spatial energy) and very stiff

spring energy (time-energy). Waves are made of photons, and transport

photons, so waves also carry time as well as energy -- and electrodynamics

is grossly deficient in not accounting for this time-energy of the wave as

well as its spatial energy. In fact, no text book or paper has ever shown

an illustration of the EM wave as it actually exists prior to interaction

with mass, but only as it exists after the interaction. The EM wave in

spacetime is not an E-H wave, but an Et-Ht wave. In short, an

"impulse-type" wave. We used the differences in a phase conjugate pair of

impulse waves (as compared to the so-called E-H waves) to derive mechanisms

for EM wave polarization transduction, essential to unlock the secret

mechanism unwittingly used by the cellular regeneration system of the body

and by the Priore device in the 1960s and 70s in France.


Now if x-, y-, and z- directions for the spatial energy (weak spring energy)

of the wave are all inhibited, then the wave is forced to oscillate its

time-energy (stiff spring energy). So that is a time-polarized EM wave. It

is also the most powerful of all EM waves, because of the intense

densification of energy in that time-portion. Since the spatial energy

component in a photon is canonical to the time component, it follows that

the magnitude of the time-component is an inverse function of frequency. In

short, the lower frequency EM waves have the greatest time portion. To

grasp the enormous energy in low frequency EM waves, multiply the time

portion by c-squared. So the highest energy EM waves of all are the low

frequency EM waves! But that extreme high energy is locked up in the time

component, and normally does not transduce into spatial energy, so we do not

even notice it or take it into account.


Anyway, the cellular regenerative system utilizes weak time-polarized EM

waves. Here's why. Take the usual nonlinear optics phase conjugate mirror

and pumping. Heretofore, scientists have always meant pumping by EM

transverse waves, or in other words, by spatial energy pumping. That sort

of pumping of a phase conjugate mirror material will create an amplified

phase conjugate EM WAVE in response to an input signal transverse EM wave.

In short, it will time-reverse EM wave energy input in the signal wave, and

also amplify it.


Now general relativity tells us that, for every nuance in every structure of

the energy and mass energy in a cell, there exists a corresponding exact

correlated curvature of spacetime. So any cell and its dynamics, also

possesses an exact set of spacetime curvatures and their dynamics. Further,

the two precisely interact one with the other.


Let us refer to that precise set of spacetime curvatures and their dynamics

as the "resident engine" (i.e., the resident spacetime curvature engine).


When we pump a cellular mass with time-polarized EM waves, we do a marvelous

thing. The cellular mass and every internal structure, right down to the

genetics and even to the atomic nuclei, are totally nonlinear with respect

to a time-polarized EM wave. So the cell and every part of it acts as an

array of pumped phase conjugate mirrors, pumped in the time domain rather

than the spatial energy domain.


A marvelous thing then happens. The "input signal wave" to the

cell-as-a-time-pumped-phase-conjugate-mirror-set is now the resident engine.

So what is formed by the pumping is an amplified antiengine. A

time-reversed resident engine, amplified. This beast will act upon each and

every component of the cell, right down to the genetics.


For a damaged cell, one may separate its resident engine into two

components: (1) a "normal" component engine which would be there if all the

cell were normal, and (2) a delta component engine which, added to the

normal component engine, produces the actual resident "damaged cell engine"

in the damaged cell.


When you pump such a cell in the time-domain, you produce an amplified

antiengine for the entire resident engine, including both components. So

this antiengine has two components: the antiengine for the resident "normal

cell" component, and the antiengine for the resident "damage delta"

component. Further, the antiengine is amplified, so easily overrides the

resident engine.


In short, what happens is that, by applying that time-domain pumping in

sustained fashion, you time-reverse the damaged cell back to a normal cell

again! Time-reversing the "normal component" doesn't change it, except to

make it just a "little bit younger". Time-reversing the "abnormal or delta

component" moves it back along its previous physical states as it grew, so

that it just gradually disappears, leaving only the resident normal

component and a restored "normal" cell again.


In biology terms, time-domain pumping the diseased cell dedifferentiates the

cell and all its parts back to an earlier physical condition.


That is the way the body heals itself, within its capability, and the

cellular regeneration system performs the time-domain pumping action, though

limited. The Priore mechanism in France rigorously demonstrated the

unwitting use of this natural healing mechanism, in amplified form. Hence

astounding and revolutionary cures were generated in lab animals by the

Priore team, under rigorous laboratory conditions.


We get the time-polarized EM waves in the nonlinear cells, in a two-step

process, by pumping the cells with longitudinal EM waves. The

nonlinearities add the phase conjugate LWs, thereby forming time-polarized

EM waves as the pump waves. (I filed an invention disclosure on these wave

polarization transduction processes).


6. Dense EM weak hash affects all the above mechanisms. Now we are finally

able to comprehend the continual, long-duration damage that can result from

low level dense EM hash.


With the deep penetration mechanisms, we get this hash (which is just a mess

of longitudinal EM waves) and its effects throughout the body. Well, that

interferes directly (at low level) with the cellular regeneration system.

That system also controls the immune system, and several other very

sensitive and essential body systems such as some regulatory systems,

cellular growth control, the centralized cellular control system (Popp's

system), etc.


All this is now "noise jammed" at low level by the impinging massive numbers

of low-level longitudinal EM waves. Cellular metabolism, control

mechanisms, regulatory mechanisms, etc. are all affected. Over the long

term, a great variety of deleterious effects will then result in the body,

the cells, the metabolism, etc. Everything from an increased tumor

formation, to difficulties in the immune system, to autoimmune disorders, to

cancers and leukemias, to asthma, to hormonal disorders, to

atheriosclerosis, to diabetes, etc. Our present medical science will track

and detect the physiological, metabolic, hormonal, biochemical, and cellular

disorders, but will not detect the causes at all, or even monitor the body's

electrical regulatory and control system changes. Eventually the

functioning of the body regulatory and support systems will be sufficiently

affected and degraded that the body's ability to resist disease and continue

to function will be impaired, a little at first, then a little more, and

finally such that opportunistic diseases begin to ravage the body,

eventually one of them killing the individual.


None of the above effects have ever been the subject of rigorous scientific

investigation, and in fact the necessary instruments and tools have not even

been developed. Gross energy deposition still forms the bulk of the

investigative EM bioeffects techniques, sometimes altered for frequency.

That is totally inadequate to investigate and detail the subtle, long term,

deep penetration, interference effects of the EM hash in our environment.


I hope this helps you understand some of the problems in EM bioeffects that

have not been experimentally investigated, but that do exist and do affect

millions of persons. The gross physical results do show up in epidemiology

studies, but cause and effect eludes the experimental investigators since

they do not have appropriate models, tools, test environments, etc.