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Grail Zine: Gridworks THE PHI GRID Breakthrough

The Mathematics of Simplicity That Embody the Unity Of Compassion Through Fractal Coherent Complexity

By Ananda November 1999, updated February 2001


The head of the ATON Institute GEB domain, grailed Thomas Faltejsek, has made the PHI grid breakthrough. The fractal secret gravity cascade grid of the dodecahedron and magnetic icosahedron is now developed and ready to download for 30 days, for humanity.

It looks like Thomas has taken the quantum leap, and it is now finally available to the Grail. The PHI Grid, something I remember dreaming about amidst a Dark Room gathering in Norway, February 1995, is now an actuality. Please support this Grail Brother. he went steps that many "experts" around the world failed to complete, and they had a paid schedule. Thomas made the foundations of this programme by playing with his children on the computer, after his fultime work. It is the simplicity of the child that brings forth the unity of complexity through gravity fractality, the coherence of the breathe of the Dove and the Phoenix of Compassion.

For a reminder and for those who have not had Grail Zine 4, November 1999, I paste in here a previous sharing of the work then in progress. Thomas has come far and wide, since then, and also in himself. He is sharing this precious work with the world, where it should be for all of humanity. Now this reality matrix logic and logistics is made available in Y-Our hands, no longer a Mysterium of the Elite consortiums.

We salute, commend and congratulate Thomas for having strived forwards with the "impossible" or improbable, an A-stone-ishing venture coming to its full Overt Externalisation, like the approaching Omega Point Star Ship beyond history, of which this is one the shadows of the Face of this All Is God.

--Ananda, February 16th, 2001


The Earth Grid Programme Is Here


An interesting development, the brother of engrailed Peter, Thomas, another enGrailed one, has actually taken the step of making the dodecahedron world grid into software. Luckily, since he did not tell me, to surprise me, he chose the dodecahedron, I was working very hard on the Icosa math, so the two can gell. He of course has been invited onto the Board of the GEB department of the ATON Institute.

Now since you love geometry, and projects that can render geometry into final simplicity and freedom for all humanity, you may very well feel that your heart cup will want to overflow in letting this project grow into an Universal Grail. It is an exciting step. I would enclose my letter to Thomas, which now follows. I have added some additional thoughts on a galactic cartography, and time cartography, on a planetary and galactic revolutionary scale. These thoughts are herein copyrighted, until they can be made copyright for humanity...

I trust you will be as excited as I in this...

Here's some Aqua to GnosiPHI your Grail Cup to precipitate further Morning Alkhemical Dew:


Dear Thomas,

Greetings. Congratulations. It is good to see that you actually instigated

what we were talking about in 1997, Onederful. Also great that you took the

dodecahedron, because I took the Icosahedron. Not into software, but just the

mathematics and longs and lats. Knowing that at any scale the icosahedron

can morph into the dodecahedron.

I chose the Icosahedron also since it is the coherent magnetic field

signature of the planet, as if it is being exposed to a superconductor, and

it can be used as a universal cartographic system, for all coherent light in

space, and in the microcosmic space, also follows the icosahedron, in

geometry. Hence I Unified Field Cartography.


I hereby invite you as a research director onto the board of the ATON

Institute's GEB department (Geodesium of Earths Biosphere), Geb is also the

god of the Earth who fathered the galactic SION and HOR/Iosos.


This is a great effort you instigated indeed. Unfortunately I use a

macintosh and I do not have soft windows, so I cannot peruse the programme.

Are you able, in the code you wrote it in and the software editing programme

to save a programme in macintosh format??? [Macintosh users, we have to use

Virtual Windows, or Soft PC, a PC simulator, which works perfectly]


I will have to get the icosahedral math to you, even if it is not complete,

the lon and lats will relay precisely have they fractal all over the planet,

and by this you can cross verify your own points.

When the software is fine tuned, or before with the math, I will go with a

military GPS (the CIA puts an error deliberately in the public GPS) to some

of the points with the Callahan Oscilloscope, to test the accuracy. This when

tested in several different domains, and scales, will establish an error

correction system.

I will also look through the basic long and lat's that you have used and

compare to the Dr. Sanderson, Soviet, and Hagens data, if you have not

already done that?



You know the same programme can extend to time as well. 1 degree in the

zodiac is 72 years. Hence, half a degree is 36 years. Thereby, one can fold a

pentagon by 36 years, giving a complete pentagon of 180 years. Since one

precessional (zodiacal house) is 30 degree's over 2,160 years.

There are precisely 12 pentagons per house. A complete dodecahedron, which

in turn is one of 12 houses another dodecahedron. So time can be Stoned too.

At any point one can then morph it into an icosahedron, and thence the

magnetic light flow. This is how Ptah and company interface their

consciousness computer extensions of their Vortexijah's into the language

and reality hologramme, in order to massage coincidences into unified Midway

Trinary's from the usual binaries.

All of this can lead to an absolute Universal Unified Field Cartography, for

the gravity and light between all stars, and for each of the 49 sections of

the galaxy (between vacuums, in the star catalogues) which are

approximately 12,000 light years per block, 7 x 7 for all 100,000 light

years of this galaxy. That is 4 dodecahedrons = 48, plus one face for the

galactic centre.

Another project I have asked Dr.. Martin Huebner, also a software writing

consultant and an EnGrailed One, to look into, is the magnetic field length

of the magnetic fields that are founded to our bones, on the calcium

carbonate level (which is octahedral). Because the icosa cascade down,

should be cross corrected with an icosa coherent magnetic field cascade up

(golden mean naturally) from our bones, and other microscopic structures. He

has been invited onto the ATON team and accepted. So you should both

coordinate I will enclose him a copy of this

letter so he is prepared. I will relay to him the requirement or

confidentiality at this phase, for the present.

You know this will be an absolute revolution in cartography on all levels,

and interfaces directly to our Vortexijah work, and to further equipment we

can make to precisely demonstrate how intergeometry creates all our local

coherent geometrical fields. Bravo and HOR-RA Hor-Ray for making this steps,

and surprising me, I was bogged down for two weeks, this June immersed in the

equations, wondering when I would ever get to the computer code, or when one

of our brothers or sisters would come along and Instigate such an inspirative

flow. This progress should be planned carefully, and released in such a way

that it is for the absolute benefit of all of humanity, so that no elite

interest can suppress this. I have patented some of the ideas already. In

order to ensure and work out a way to put a humanity copy right on it.

Applications of the basic programme can be integrated into local council

cartographical sections, and perhaps the grounded enGrailed ones should be

the ones who instigate this first, as a sign of the fruits of Compassion

applied to all: this is All Is God in action.


It will render an absolute revolution, a Cup that Overfloweth, as we

approach the age of Ptah, the first ImwhAnu Aquarius, and the Phoenix, the

first master alchemists, and cartographer, for he molded the galaxy. One of

his Epithets being Abba, this is the Age of the Aqua Vitae, the Grail is Phi

in 360 degree rotation in infinite nested cascades of coherence, the last

point of magnetism and light, back to the Virtual Vortexijah Lotus Birth.

This will render an absolute error corrections system to the present

monotonous error gaining cartography system, which is applicant on every

level, microscopic, cartographic, atmospheric, space navigation, star

navigation, galaxy navigation, gravity navigation, and time navigation.

Also the regular gamma ray matter and anti-matter galactic centre blasts, or

super wave volley, occurs every 12,901 years, like a Torus unfolding, the

same measured in the Andromeda galaxy by infra-red astronomy, and ice

readings show the same cycle with interstellar debris, every 12,901 years,

and iridium readings show that the cosmic ray radiation from these Volleys,

every 12,901 years. Ice age cycles, of course, and the date the Sphinx,

Pyramids, and Angkor Wat points to.

Now our solar system goes around the galactic centre in a fractal number to

this. It is more than A-Stone-ishing. One cycle is 1,290,000 years

12,900/1,290,000 years. In both we have a dodecahedron plus one face.


I was preparing a paper I never completed which I now enclose, in its

present state.


If you used the long's and lat's I published in Vortexijah 7, then these are

a synthesis of the Sanderson, Soviet, and Hagens work, and you should be in

good ground [Thomas confirmed that he did use this precisely].

In the Icosahedron grid, one line of one triangular face is 4,400 miles in

length, precisely. Which means the next triangular cascade in is 2,200 miles

in length for each triangular line of the face. etc. This on the smaller

scale required 3 directional mathematics to correct some error, I did not

have the sophisticated enough calculator to do it in a shorter route,



Again a very hearty congratulations for having launched off with this.

Onederful indeed. A big All Is God embrace to you, and to brother Peter.

Vortexijah Thotickles at the Speed of Compassion,


Light, Love, Life,






A New Approach On Universal Cartography

By Ananda, © May 1999 Ananda®



The problem of cartography has been an intricate one for map makers over the

centuries, and even in modern times. For the Earth is not perfectly

circular, she has her bulges in her tectonic plates.

But the bulge itself gives rise to an exceptionally interesting geometry,

and it is within these geometrics that we arise our own thesis of fractal

grid cartography, based on the actual coherent magnetic field of Earth.


The geometry of the Earth first started to take its shape, by the research

of US Navel Intelligence (NI) during the late 1960's and early 1970's. They

were conducting research into gravity anomalies, and Dr. Ivan T. Sanderson

embarked upon the leading research into that area, which involved analysing

all forms of strange anomalies that appeared by these gravity anomalies.


A gravity anomalies is where time and space actually may warp, in the overt

sense, and distortions in spatial size occurs, such as at the Santa Cruz

anomaly point, herein depicted, whereby the smaller individual becomes

larger, whilst standing at the correct point. It also includes heavy objects

being able to roll up hills, as in Italy, or that one can stand at

impossible angles.

Dr. Sanderson discovered that there were a cluster of Unidentified

Submarine Objects (USO's) being sighted within these areas, as well as other

strange anomalies. His meticulous data gathering work, indicated that the

major anomalies made a perfect set of 10 triangles, around the equator of

Earth. The tips of these triangles exactly mapped the middle equator of a

dodecahedron (12 pentagon faces).

Dr Sanderson utilised to his advantage the then state-of-the-art modern

communication technology and statistical data analysis, of Navel


His focus had been especially keen on 12 areas which had a high plethora of

unexplained phenomenon (some of which he published in his book Invisible

Residents). These areas actually gave rise to an Icosahedron geometry, which

we will be utilising extensively. These 12 zones were largely magnetic

anomalies, numerous hand-in-hand with the gravity anomalies. As has since

become clear, the planetary grid is a polyhedra geometry, in which her

magnetic field is icosahedral, at least in magnetic coherence (nested

fields in recursive harmony, or Phi cascaded and embedded field knitting, to

be a trifle more technical). See Sanderson's early illustration, a. Here,

major phenomenon occurred 36° from the equator, a very significant number in

our research of number multiple harmonics, for the rotation of the planet,

time, and space localities of sacred architecture such as the Great Pyramid

and the Cambodian site of Angkor Wat, which are 72° from each other (2 x

36), and are two of the 7 wonders of the world, this is but a grain in the

surface of this subject which cannot be covered here for space reasons.

The highest hit least of data assemblage available to Dr. Sanderson was the

Bermuda triangle, this largely due to the large quantity of air traffic data

intelligence, he was able to gather and assort. He gave many examples from

air traffic case histories of complete disappearances of planes, within

these 12 zones, as well as pilots having disappeared and reappeared on radar

hundreds of kilometres further.

The research stood as it was at least overtly, but indications showed that

rather intense clandestine efforts continued within the intelligence

community. Very little of this has surfaced to the public, however.


The Soviet Union had instigated parallel research, and came up with

virtually identical results. Dr's Nikolai Goncharovl Vyacheslav Morozov; and

Valery Makarov, who were a Muscovite historian; a construction engineer;

and an electronics specialist, brought together satellite surveillance

intelligence on the Earth tectonic plate deformity, and brought forth the

thesis that the Earth was a giant tuned crystal. Since our research shows

that with the 70% silicon dioxide in the solid surface of this planet, this

was not too difficult to correlate with. Their work was published in a paper

dissertation entitled: "Is Earth a giant Crystal", in 1975.

The icosahedral geometry was surpassed, but complemented, for they

discovered another 50 anomaly points. Furthermore, the satellite

reconnaissance showed that the tectonic plates curved according to the

platonic solid of the Dodecahedron (see plate b).

Furthermore, their work actually established the complete grid to be a

dodeca-icosa alternate polyhedron, which overlaps.


This has all made the Earth cartography problem a lot easier. For the

degree's of error in the present day latitude and longitude system, is

because the Earth is not a perfect sphere, rather it is a polyhedron.

Since, at every level of recursion, the icosahedron can morph into the

dodecahedron, and the dodecahedron maps the tectonic plates curvature

according to gravity, we hence can map a magnetic and gravitational map, at

any scale, with the system that we will present in this paper and in to be

developed system software.


These lines of the overlapped Sanderson and Soviet individual efforts, the

icosa-dodeca polyhedron, now mapped the seismic fracture zones, the ocean

ridge lines, as well as (most conveniently), the worldwide atmospheric highs

and lows, which are the paths that migratory animals follow (coincidentally,

and with utmost convenience, the zodiac of stars, which birds are also

measured to follow, also are mapped in time by the dodecahedron 12 faces,

and the icosahedron.

This we relate elsewhere in detail, but to give on hint, the Earth moves 1°

in the zodiacal house every 72 years. A pentagon has a face of 5 36° lines,

i.e. 36-72-108-144-180, now take that through 2,160 years, and you fold 12

pentagon faces on a dodecahedron. Is it any wonder that birds migrate both

according to highs and lows and according to star patterns, since both are

Phi embedded coherent dodecahedrons and icosahedrons!


Greetings to you, Ananda. I would like to invite you to have a look at my homepage where the earthgrid-program is shown (program description, picture-gallery) and prepared for download (Shareware, 30 days free).

A long periode of time has past by since Sion, but I think now the program is easier to handle, so that even "non-scientists" should be able to work with it.

Sorry, but it stayed PC-Software, but, of course, if you have no possibility to run the prog, if you need material for your work, tell me your needs, and if its in my possibility, i will send the results to you.

Always connected

Light, love and laughter


GEB department (Geodeseum of Earths Biosphere)