Emergence vis-a-vis Emergency

Hyper-Temporal Earth Hurricanes & The Dynamic Geometry Of The Winds Of Change

Amidsts Astrophysical Omni-Temporal Manufestations

By Ananda M. Bosman

first uploaded September 1, 2005

© September 1, 2005, EU and US all rights reserved


We personally have been presenting data over the last 10 years that indicates the new hurricanes (and they are progressively stronger each year... To continue) are both New Universe phenomenology (that is beaching itself on all of the planets of our solar system, and some of the storms like those that engulfed Mars, during September 2001, or the recent superstorms on Saturn and Jupiter — make our present hurricanes seem like trivial peanuts by comparison, in fact Earth's weather is suspiciously quiet compared to each of the other planets); and artificial weather modification, using hyperdimensional scalar (time wave, longitudal Tesla wave, AKA Vortexijah) technology... The later controls the impact of the former, to some degree, and in a manner that is geopolitically useful for certain parties, it could appear, at present.
Therefore, we do not subscribe to the following as the main power of techno weather wizards (that is giving them too much), but it may be an element, desperately trying to remain and feel involved with the emerging New Universe et al.
—Ananda, September 1, 2005
Another New Universe Hurricane, like those transversing our entire solar system's planets... Yet having indication of artificial weather modification, or use of hyperdimensional scalar physics technology, as Lt. Co. Thomas Bearden, has been exposing for years... and as weather modification laws have just been revised in the US:


Typhoon "NABI" (meaning "Navel" in Sanskrit... galactic center is called the Visnu Nabi in the Vedas)
hitting Japan, showing its pentagon swirl dynamic geometry

Hurricane and Tropical Storms are coming into their own at the Bermuda Triangle (see below), following the Gamma Ray Burst GRB050904 on September 4th, followed by 4 solar flares pumping up the solar capacitor in our locality. Solar magnetic fluctuations in the vicinity of earth have been wild and erratic... The kP index of solar magnetic disturbances and our plasma geomagnetic field has been off scale in both the positive and minus directions — in wild oscilation. New storms are likely.

Pentagram within the pentagon 'EYE of the Vortex" of Katrina

Over the last several years, the natural signature of the hurricances that have been hitting the United States and other countries has changed to exihibit a geometrical dynamic pattern...
The changes that have been sweeping virtually all of the planets of the solar system, including many high energy storms, sometimes Earth sized or bigger, also exhibit the very same pentagraphic and hexagonal symmetries that have emerged within the Earth hurricane phenomenon.

The PHI Grid of the Earth, following pentagonal symmetry. See the GEB page

Hurricane Katrine is far from unique, in displaying both hexagonal and pentagonal swirl geometry, as well as having, at times, a distinct raised pentagon Eye of the Vortex. Like her accompanying hurricanes of the last years, she was preceeded by ultra high energy cosmic bursts in the solar system, which have translated into global ecological weather activity.
This page shall document the Gamma Ray Bursts preceeding Katrina, and other astrophysical anomolies that may have contributed to her design (see below).

Brightest Supernova In 400 Years with "Diamond Necklace," September 5, 2005

Ionised radiation in Katrina's dynamic Vortex EYE, is seen with what appears to be a series of beams coming from the sky, from space above, as the next NOA government photograph clearly shows, and the following one may indicates...



Hurricane Katrina has now joined her brother and sister hurricanes of the last several years that also harbour pentagraphic and hexagonal dyanmic symmetries... The shadowy "Dennis" hurricane of July 10, 2005, brothers Katrina by more than a month...

  Hurricance "Dennis", on July 10, 2005, displays the pentagon vorticular swirl pattern, and a raised pentagram as its  "EYE of the Vortex", stillpoint of momentum.

During September 2003, hurricane 'Issabel' clearly displayed, Eye of the Vortex pentagonal swirls symmetry and a raised pentagon in its Vortex Midpoint:

Then, during Time Gate 2004, following spectacular phenomena from the sun, in September 2004, hurricane 'Ivan' once again displayed the clear Eye of the Vortex pentagonal swirls symmetry and a raised pentagon in its Vortex Midpoint (as we first presented publically that month):

Hurricane Ivan's pentagon pattern, of Time Gate September 2004

Thus the Pentagon pattern of Katrina, is in no unique league... The Macro-Scalar dynamics involved, with adjascent hypertemporal and hyperelative principles involved, are explored in the adjascent New Universe Weather Engineering page. Also see the GEB page.

And then, once again, a pentagram within the pentagon 'EYE of the Vortex" of Katrina

The Earth's gridlines, as chartered on the PHI grid, follows a polyhedral design, including that of the 12 pentagon faced Dodecahedron... This is part of the natural geometrical design of our planets structure...

Following the immaculate golden proportion... Macro-scaling technology (like global scaling), uses this natural golden ratio information cascading of nature (where no information is lost, regardless of the scale cascaded from the initial golden ratio point, the scale changes, the ratio remains the same, and zero information is lost... ABC of the golden mean... Mirror-to-mirror self-organising, recursion... Ergo organising order... AKA self-reflection — intelligence... Hermetically axiomatic: 'As Above so Below') to transmit information, so called, "natures internet" (see Telecommunication Revolution: Wireless Transmission of data vie the cosmic background field). Reality co-engineering, and weather dynamic geometrical stirring par excellance (the covert world is highly focused on Lie algebra multiple octonian/8D extensions of the global scaling axioms. Multidimensional Sierpinski mathematical liftings et al)... a desperate attempt to keep astride the New Universe novelty tides!

Thereby, the intrinsic geometry of creation, is itself at play within the desgin and possible co-stirring of the recent hurricanes.... And this intrinsic pentagonal geometry, as we describe in our 1999 fractal cosmology book The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel: The Interuniversal Perspective For The Unity Of Diversity, models the entire solar system dynamics as a form of pentagon/pentagram holography, called Pentagraphics, especially in the chapter: "FATHER  MOTHER PENTACOSTICS 6D Solar System Pentagramme Dynamics," but also throughout the book.
Hurricane Katrina, however, also shows hexagonal symmetry, metamorphing in a geometrodynamical holomovement. The hexagonal and pentagonal signatures on a spinning orb, are of great interest in N-Space higher dimensional physics.

Hexagon symmetry in Katrina's Vortex Eye. Arrows are from infowars.com pointing to possible scalar signatures

Hexagon symmetry in Katrina's Vortex Eye. Arrows are from infowars.com pointing to possible scalar signatures

The very same metamorphing pentagon/hexagon geometrical dynamics are evident in the novel cloud vortex patterns that have appeared on Jupiter's north pole, following the appearance of the 'dark spot' during Time Gate 2001. When one examines the above movie, frame-by-frame, one will soon discover the metamorphing mercurial nature of this transient dimensional geometrical appearing vortex, including exceptionally interesting counter-rotational toriodal symmetries...

Likewise, the Martial hexagonal symmetries are evident over the course of several months, as Mars undergoes its 'global warming' from the novel energetic inputs into our solar system, and its Northern pole cap melts, from October 1996 until March 1997 (see below)...

Mars polar hexagon pattern 1996-97

Hurricane Ivan also had a hexagonal symmetry accompanying its pentagonal crux.

Hurricane Ivan's hexagon/pentagon

PHI Grid Lake Geneva to SION Valles

Katrina Hexagon swirl

Saturns north pole pent signatureSaturns north pole pent signature
Still from our 1995 animations. Showing pentagram within the hexagon and ovoid.
 "Hexagonal polar current on Saturn." Gierasch, P. J. 1989. Nature 337,309.

Hexagons figure in higher dimensional geometry following Riemann's Metric Tensor of four dimensional N-space geometry. That is George Bernard Riemann's mathematical evidence titled: On the Hypotheses Which Lie at the Foundation of Geometry (University of Gottinggen, Germany, June 10, 1854), that: "higher, unseen dimensions"  were responsible for the known forces of nature.
This followed the cube's hyperdimensional nature by the problem of the 27 lines of the cubic surface, latter perfected  in: "The Polytope 2 21, Whose Twenty-Seven Vertices Correspond to the Lines on the General Cubic Surface," (Dr. H. S. M. Coxter, American Journal of Mathematics, Vol 62, 1940). This hyperdimensional signature was alluded to by the famous scientists Maxwell in 1887:

"Ye cubic surfaces! By threes and nines. Draw round his camp your seven-and-twenty lines-. The seal of Solomon in three dimensions.. In two dimensions, we the form may trace. Of him whose soul, too large for vulgar space, In n dimensions flourished unrestricted."
—Dr. James Clerk Maxwell, addressing the Committee of the Cayley Portrait Fund, 1887, in honour of multi-dimensional mathematician Dr. Arthur Cayley                                            

The cube marking a two dimensional shadowgram as a hexagon, see above... Therefore, in N-space mathematics, each N-dimensional lifting of the hexagon yields the cube, and hypercube, and so forth...

hyper cube to cube
The 4th N-dimensional Hypercube here amputated...

Cube to hypercube through the 4th dimensional Felix Klein bottle

The 4th N-dimensional Klein bottle

Iso-stellated tetrahedron iso-dodecahedron

The iso-cube (see above), or iso-stellated interlocked tetrahedron, as the geometrical personification of the 180° phase difference between the scalar wave and the EM wave, such as the linear and non-linear components measured by Dr. Andrija Puharich in the hydrogen constant of 8hz (phase velocity difference between the proton and electron of element 1, which comprises 90% of the universe)... Here, 5 iso-cubes (see above), as the interim between the cube and the hypercube, are intercalated at 72° to oneanother, together comprising the pentagon symmetry of a form of an iso-dodecahedron. The congruence of scalar and EM dynamics in weather systems, or the DNA, follows such ordering.

These Maxwell hyperdimensional scalar wave-guides patterned on Saturn, as its embedded tetrahedral hexagon wave-structure being "deeply-rooted in Saturn's interior," ("The rotation period of Saturn's polar hexagon." Godfrey, D. A. 1990. Science 247, 1206-1208). Here a recent analysis of the hexagon and ocoid of Saturn is explored in the prestigeous science journal Icarus:

"Polar map projections of Voyager 1 and 2 images of Saturn's northern hemisphere revealed the existence of a feature with a remarkable hexagonal shape surrounding the pole at planetographic latitude 78.5 deg N (Godfrey 1988). The hexagon was embedded within an eastward jet. was itself stationary with respect to Saturn's internal rotation period (Desch and Kaiser 1981)... reobserved 10-15 years later in the 1990s from the ground (Sanchez-Lavega et al. 1993) and from the Hubble Space Telescope (Caldwell et al. 1993). Because of its slow drift, the hexagon was conjectured to be deeply rooted in Saturn's interior (Gierasch 1989, Godfrey 1990)."

—Sanchez-Lavega, A. and Perez-Hoyos, S, et al. NOTE No Hexagonal Wave around Saturn's Southern Pole. Icarus 160, 216-219 (2002). http://www.ajax.ehu.es/grupo/2002b.pdf

It is interesting then, to find these very same symmetries emerging in some of the most personally transforming patterns of nature on Earth, hurricanes...
Without question, hurricanes DO have an impact on the personal human individual, as many thousands of who died and dozens of thousands who experienced hurricane Katrina readily attest, and will remember for the whole of their lives.
And it has the appearance of the Hyperdimensional:

Apart from the 4D "Reiman metric tensor" of 16 numbers, whose TENsor compresses to TEN (10... Since, in 4D 13 and 31 are one), Dr. Santilli has lifted into its iso- and hyper- configurations, preserving the 16 4 x 4 digits, by overlapping the 16 metric componants — the nobel laurate for hypernumbers (4th dimensional numbers), Dr. Charles Muses, also stumbled upon the 16 matrix in his Zero Divisor algebra (we explore this much further in terms of the Vedic science and the 16 grid of creation in the Purusah hymn of the Rg Veda, see Time Gate 2004, and New Universe2 web pages for a glimpse)...

A del Pezzo Surface F(N,2) is a surface of order N in N-dimensional real space.

del Pezzo noted that any algebraic surface must be either a cone or other ruled surface or a non-ruled surface

and that F(3,2), the cubic surface in 3-space, has 27 lines, each of which is skew to 16 others.

Nobel laurate and ETI "contactee," Dr. Charles Muses, not only synergizes  8th dimensional geometries of the "octonians", but relates the 27 lines to the 16 skew lines, and thus the AUM Meru 27 lines and 27 lunar mansions, to the Purusa 16 metric Isorelativity:


"... In the late 19th century, it was the Neapolitan mathematician P. del Pezzo who first introduced the brilliant idea of a del Pezzo (hyper)surface: one described by a function of nth degree in n-space.

<>"Thus, a del Pezzo surface in 5-space could explain the 27 straight lines on the general cubic surface. Del Pezzo's discovery also hinted at the special Lie algebras and hence at octonions since they climaxed in an 8th degree variety in 8-space, linking with the fact that it is E8, the highest special Lie algebra, that is intimately connected with octonions. Indeed, the whole theory of Lie algebras depends ultimately on its elemental core of octonion arithmetic... The entire Italian school at that period was exploring higher dimensional geometry ...".

—Dr. Charles Muses, Applied Mathematics and Computation 60:25-36 (1994), pp 28

Charles Muses has described ZeroDivisor Algebras in terms of subalgebras of 16-dimensional Sedenions and their Complexifications.

The Sedenions and their subalgebras are:

(here a,b are nonzero)


R - dimension 2^0 = 1 - real numbers, with a^2 = 1;

C - dimension 2^1 = 2 - complex numbers, with a^2 = -1;

Q - dimension 2^2 = 4 - quaternions;

O - dimension 2^3 = 8 - octonions.

S - dimension 2^4 = 16 - sedenions S with ab = 0;


The Complexifications of those Algbras are:


CxR - dimension 2x1 = 2

CxC - dimension 2x2 = 4

CxQ - dimension 2x4 = 8

CxO - dimension 2x8 = 16

CxS - dimension 2x16 = 32

This is thus the space to suggest to the research community, that the Novel Hurricanes like Katrina, and the novel vortexjah's appearing on a host of the other planets, are following at least the octonian hypernumbers (and multiple octonian dimensions) suggested by Dr. Muses and his 27 lined 5-space cube (above), in metaformation.
At the end of his life, Dr. Muses admitted that his inspiration had come from his contacts with ETI's that heralded from the Sirius star system (something quite shocking for some)...

Vortex focussing underneath the 'lense effect' of the disk, as a kind of 'gravity focus point' for the vortexjah

Whilst it would be most likely that ETI would utilise this natural embedded physics of the universe, and it certainly will be probable that our future selves, utilising superconductive hyper-temporal time travelling technology, will also be utilising such equations (hence, Extra-Temporal Intelligence, as an alternative to the ETI label) — there does appear to be many research experiments with cyclotronic particle accelerators, like those of CERN, Geneva, which now are playing with 480 dimensional Lie algebra's of multiple octonians, in their fundamental particle physics experiments; making mini-'black holes' in their research for verifying these 480 dimensions (research to complete in 2010, no less)...

Galactic Tree Chakra Dharmata by Ananda

Galactic Tree chakra Dharmata (our 3D extrusions of the Novelty Theory temporal fractality) still from a 2002 animation by Ananda

Thereby, both our future science (derived from this and related research), as well as clandestine science (hinted at by CERN's picture of "alice in wonderland" projecting out of her body, in the ALICE: A Large Ionic Collider Experiment letterhead — "alice in wonderland" often comes up in the testimonials of survivers from the CIA MK Ultra Mind Control Projects... Some now being Operations... One Wonders about ALICE at CERN [Cern is a name for Orion... For 10 years we have publically been presenting the Orange and Lemon Clock star code cipher and cycle encoded in Lake Leman, and the CERN Laboritories... But that is another very very detailed and graphic intensive story]) — would use this knowledge, and could use it in reality co-engineering (including in the future transportation vehicles using Santilli's 5th force, the true Unified Field force, whereby the UFO becomes the Unified Filed Object [coined by us in 1998]...
However, it is likely that at present, it is a matter of "boys with toys" and "hot fingers", that will experience the boomerang effect et al.

The icosahedron has the outline of a hexagon and top down view gives a pentagon

Sierpinski icosahedron (Earth PHI grid polyhedron has an icosahedral magnetic design)
& hurricane Katrina Hexagon swirl

The very same hexagonal dynamic geometry is evident in the typhoon that, concurrent to Katrina, hit Taiwan and then China, killing numerous human beings, and cuasing an evacuation of more than 290,000 people in China.

Clear pentagonal swirl and Hexagon dynamic geometry in the typhoon

New Universe Global Translations
Several New Universe translations of the recent cosmic pulses have continued
transliterating into terms of intensified meteorogly:
Typhoon Talim now heading straight for China after deaths in Taiwan

China, Taiwan clean up after Hexagon Swirl typhoon kills at least 14.
Sept 2: Fourteen people died and 15 were missing Friday after Typhoon Talim's whipping rain
and winds walloped China's east coast and Taiwan, causing widespread damage.
The Independent Bangladesh:

Multiple photographs of this typhoon shows its pentagon and hexagon geometry...
More than 290,000 people evacuated as typhoon hits China, numerous deaths reported already.

see this Link

Magnitude 6.2 earthquake hits Japan.

Just on September 3rd, some 60 Earthquakes have occurred on the planet.
And dozens of volcanoes, like Mt. St. Helen's, have become active from
the cosmic pulses that were highly active on August 9th, 2005...
New Universe translations, as well as modifications are now
clearly in full swing...
See the NUWeatherEngineering web page:


ALSO N.U. News


Gamma Ray Bursts preceding hurricane Katrina

Some 16 Gamma Ray Bursts bombarded our solar system and planet, with ultra-high order energy, spanning over one month to hurricane Katrina.... Seven of these pulses within 10 days of Katrina.

Gamma-ray Burst Real-time Sky  Map
Burst List
Burst ID                Date                Time          Mission    RA           Dec
GRB 050827A    2005/08/27    18:57:15    Swift    04:17:06    18:13:03
GRB 050826A    2005/08/26    06:18:10    Swift    05:50:54    -02:40:47
GRB 050824A    2005/08/24    23:12:16    Swift    00:48:56    22:35:31
GRB 050822A    2005/08/22    03:49:29    Swift    03:24:19    -46:01:23
GRB 050820B    2005/08/20    23:50:27    Swift    09:02:13    -72:40:03
GRB 050820A    2005/08/20    06:34:53    Swift    22:29:35    19:34:41
GRB 050819A    2005/08/19    16:23:55    Swift    23:54:56    24:51:12
GRB 050815A    2005/08/15    17:25:18    Swift    19:34:17    09:09:58
GRB 050814A    2005/08/14    11:38:56    Swift    17:36:48    46:19:57
GRB 050813A    2005/08/13    06:45:09    Swift    16:08:02    11:15:07
GRB 050807A    2005/08/07    10:59:19    HETE 2    20:13:27    -36:57:06
GRB 050805A    2005/08/05    18:04:00    Swift    22:04:36    29:54:06
GRB 050803A    2005/08/03    19:14:00    Swift    23:22:35    05:47:59
GRB 050802A    2005/08/02    10:08:02    Swift    14:37:08    27:48:23
GRB 050801A    2005/08/01    18:28:02    Swift    13:36:33    -21:57:00
GRB 050730A    2005/07/30    19:58:23    Swift    14:08:15    -03:45:42

OF AUGUST 26, Orion


Gamma-ray Burst Real-time Sky Map Burst Details
(in Orion, galactic anti-center)

GRB ID GRB 050826A

Mission Swift
Date 2005/08/26
Time 06:18:10 UTC
Right ascension 05:50:54
   Galactic Lon.
   Galactic Lat.
Constellation of Orion
Detecting Mission : Swift

Burst Description
Swift immediately slewed when it detected this burst, which
lasted for about 45 seconds.
Two distinct peaks in gamma-ray emission were seen. The X-Ray
Telescope saw a fading X-ray source, but there is no indication it
was detected in optical wavelengths.

J. P. Halpern reports on behalf of the MDM Observatory GRB
follow-up team that they saw an optical afterglow candidate about
5 hours after the burst, at R=21, and it faded by half a magnitude
by a day later. They are continuing their observations to confirm
this as the afterglow.

These 16, were accompanied by a 17th, on August the 28th.
On August the 8-9th, 2005, our solar system's Sun underwent a series of phase-conjugate ripples over its entire chromosphere (the size of which would swallow many dozens of dozens of Earths), precisely following those that occured on the 24th of March and again in April this year, and first appearing, in February Time Gate 2003, as an 8-folded phase-conjugate lotus pattern (each of the solar chromosphere 8-folded phase conjugate patterns following cosmic ray pulses of the novel kind.

Phase-Conjugational scalar-fields, phase cancel fields to zero-potential field
Phase-conjugation produces phase-cancellation, establishing an electromagnetic null, or zero-vector, which endless laboritory experiments have now demonstrated (Dr. Hutchinson), is the state in which standing scalar waves (Tesla Longitudal Waves, Vortexijah Temporal Waves) are transduced (ergo hyperdimensional translation)...

Dr. John Hutchinson, using two Tesla coils in phase-conjugation, produce the scalar electro-gravidic energy that makes 80 kilo objects levitate and spoons bend like rubber. Zero-potential field conversion of gravity field energy into electromagnetic energy — scalar Vortexjah.

This is somewhat akin to Dr. Santilli's 5th Force, this Hadronic Force is now the actual practical proven unified field force (AKA the Akasa of the archaic Vedic atomic physics). One just has to see the movie, to get a glimmer of an understanding of its significance:


On August the 10th, another anomolous event was recorded on the Sun, which was recorded on the HELIM and the HAD devices, but was suspiciously absent from the SOHO C3 and C2 pages. Clearly from August 8-10th a major phase-conjugate scalar, or Hadronic Resonance doorway was open on the solar chromosphere.

Then on August 15th, the planet Saturn's polar aurora's were highly activated by energy sources, glowing brightly and captured by the Cassini NASA space probe:

NASA CU-Boulder, NASA/JPL, Central Arizona College, USC

On August the 14th, another odd solar phenomenon was observable on several of the NASA SOHO probe LASCO camera shots...


Interestingly the weather radar stations picked up a major radar anomoly over New Orleans on August 18th, 2005, which shows a huge vortex swirl pattern precisely in the region where hurricane Katrina would set in some 11 days later.... The vortex pattern already indicated an anomolous weather, which was not evident at the time — this was 11 days BEFORE hurricane Katrina.

Thanks to http://radaranomalies.com/

Then on the 19th of August, in concert with a Gamma Ray Burst, Mt. St. Helen's volcano shows activity: http://einstein.atmos.colostate.edu/~mcnoldy/msh/

A strong solar magnetic storm clearly erupted over several days, possibly in response to the Gamma Ray Bursts, preceding Katrina's passage (firstly as a mild pattern moving from Africa across the Atlantic, and then suddenly manifesting into its morphology within the Bermuda Triangle region, which also happens to be the heart of the pentagon/pentagram [of the Earth PHI Grid] of the tectonic plate that includes the United States).

PHI Grid: Katrina emerged as a pentagon/pentagram geometro-dynamics
amidst the heart of the pentagram of the America's tectonic plate pentagon

Magnetic Solar Storm Monitor from NOAA showing solar storm CME's

Following this, in concert with the last Gamma Ray Burst, on August 28th, the Sun released a Corona Mass Ejection that was so quick and powerful that it created a distrubance on the NASA SOHO LASCA photograph:

Major & Instant CME on the SOHO-LASCO C3 *PIC* August 28

Look at this C3 Image at the NASA SOHO site:

Then follow onto the the C2 image:

One sees evidence of the eruption visible on the top right side of the image, as the one that was responsible for the sensors malfunction. This eruption developed in a mere 11 minutes — a remarkable speed. As you continue to scroll down and view the previous images, one begins to appreciate the unusual nature of this KATRINA eruption on the Solar Body.
Furthermore, observe through three or so of the LASCO C3 shots, that precede the anomalous one:


Following by three that follow after the anomoly:


And one observes the usual gradual development and die-off of protuberance diffraction around the shield disk at the 2 o'clock position.
Quite anomolous to these is the eruption that lived for less then 24 minutes (looking at C2)... One can then ask the question as to why the LASCO updates (C2, C3, all) were dead from the 28th to the 29th...
Whole sequence is currenty available at

Sierpinski pentahedron

As the laws of nature, the collision of one thousand molecules in one mole of air, has been found to be the self-embedded, self-organising fractal Sierpinski number ratio, and heat is precisely the collision of molecules: hence meteorology, our weather, is operating on an underlying geometrical self-recursive, hence self-aware, template — the laws of nature, and the intelligence of the weather (whether that be named Gaia, Geb, Prathivi, Meru Prastara, Manugala Yantra, or Sierpinski), IS a dynamic geometrical recursive fractal continuum... Hence, the Sierpinski pentahedron (see above), must be a part of the weather systems on this planet, and other planets, following the universal Hyper-Sierpinski regulating template... Macro Coherent Irreversibility.

As we have explored in the New Universe web pages, Saturn's titanic moon, Titan, exhibits hexagon and pentagon symmetries in its lightening storms and other lunar features:

The apparent tracings of hexagonal symmetry on Titan's south pole. The 28th of February, 2002, image also hints at a hexagon imbedded in smaller scale within the larger hexagon

Hexagonal symmetry tracings, with apparent pentagon/pentagram, sub-symmetries. 3 very clearly defined hexagon lines.

Pentagonal and hexagon geometric dynamics like those found active within the vorticular swirl pattern of the July 2005 hurricane Dennis:

Hurricane "Dennis" once again displayed Pentagon symmetry,
both in it's overall vortecity, as well as the pentagon/pentagram of its "EYE of the Vortex".

Hurricane "Dennis" once again displayed Pentagon symmetry,
both in it's overall vortecity, as well as the pentagon/pentagram of its "EYE of the Vortex".



Infrared telescope ground penetration of Titan's thick atmosphereic clouds detected a bright surface 'mountain' close to the equator. The apparent internal fluid, or lava (rich in Meisner Field State materials we suggest, like much of Earth's volcanoes), is brightly resonating at the tetrahedral 19.5° vertice.

Our circumscribing a tetrahedron upon the Keck telescopes imaging of the Titanian mountain feature, with latitude lines. A fair fitting of the tetrahedron is evident (the above following suggestions first raised by R. Hoagland)

Is the giant mountain on Titan, first  mapped by the Keck telescope, at  a tetrahedral 19.5°?  Analysing numerous photographs, including the one above  (first suggested by R. C. Hoagland), does appear to imply tetrahedron symmetry being involved in the Titanian dynamics. Appearing in the numerous other photographs under our investigation, including the ones below:

The Cassini new Titan animations appear to show the pentagon formation illuminated, at what appears to be an interesting latitude

Hexagon on Jovian moon Ganymede's north pole (much more on the Jovian equation to come)


These clear hexagon and pentagon formations, should give enough data for our grail brother Thomas, to charter the Titan grid, like he broke the code for the Earth dodecahedron and icosahedron grid (based on gravity anomolies and magnetic coherence), into the most novel computer programme called The PHI GRID... We are not a financed organisation, but a free loving spirit of friends, without financial support or resources — yet despite this, and on Thomas's own endeavor, whilst teaching his children computer programming, he cracked the code that intelligence organisations and high financed attempts had failed to manage...

The new Earth aurora's on the SOUTH and North poles, July 27, TG 2004

New Universe Time Shifting of planetary cycles. Whilst our planets time-shift has not been as drastic as that of Saturn's 6 second time loss (see the New Universe web page, and the paradigm dealt with in a chapter of THE UNITY KEYS OF EMMANUEL called Timeshift Earth), the changes have been incrementally fractal in their condensation, starting with a shift once every couple or so years, to the present once every 6 months. Since 1972, a total of over 30 "leap seconds" have been added to Earth's day length, according to the US Naval Observatory:


"In order to keep the cumulative difference in UT1-UTC less than 0.9 seconds), a leap second is added to the atomic time to decrease the difference between the two. This leap second can be either positive or negative depending on the Earth's rotation. Since the first leap second in 1972, all leap seconds have been positive. This reflects the general slowing trend of the Earth due to tidal braking."


In fact we have been standing in front of public audiences of hundreds of peoples during the 1990s showing animations of the changes on Saturn in concert to these ETI/OTI gamma ray networks, and have stated, without shame, that the temporal musical tuning of both was being changed...

The magnetic field tuning of Earth is now undergoing a rapid change, just as the solar system as a whole is undergoing a retuning of its hypergeometro-dynamics, according to the New York Times:


Hexagon outlined by the new Earth aurora's on the SOUTH and North poles

"The collapse of the earth's magnetic field, which both guards the planet and guides many of its creatures, appears to have started in earnest about 150 years ago.

 'The field's strength has waned 10 percent to 15 percent so far and this deterioration has accelerated of late, increasing debate over whether it portends a reversal of the lines of magnetic force that normally envelop the earth"


The new Earth aurora's on the SOUTH and North poles, July 27, TG 2004

Questioning Why Earth's Wobble Is Off By Millimeters
Millimeter deviations from the expected wobble of the Earth's axis

"The Earth is getting pulled and tugged at regular periods, but we observe a difference in the way the Earth responds to these tugs and pulls."

—Dr. Bruce A. Buffett, Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences at the University of British Columbia http://unisci.com

DATE       TIME      LAT    LON   DEP   MAG   AM  NET       REGION NAME
2005/09/03 17:55:37.0  43.2N  15.4E  11   Ml2.5  A  INGV  ADRIATIC SEA                   
2005/09/03 17:09                                 A  LJU                                 
2005/09/03 17:08                                 M  MCSM                                
2005/09/03 16:56:19.5   3.7S 102.9E 227   mb5.1  A  MIX   SOUTHERN SUMATERA, INDONESIA   
2005/09/03 16:56:14.0   3.8S 102.6E       mb5.4  A  GFZ   SOUTHERN SUMATERA, INDONESIA   
2005/09/03 16:56:09.7   3.6S 102.8E 130   mb5.4  M  GSRC  SOUTHERN SUMATERA, INDONESIA   
2005/09/03 15:00:29.9  51.6N  16.3E       Ml3.0  A  GFU   POLAND                         
2005/09/03 13:00                                 A  SED                                 
2005/09/03 12:56                                 M  MCSM                                
2005/09/03 12:51                                 M  IMP                                 
2005/09/03 12:51                                 A  INGV                                
2005/09/03 12:38:25.0  50.1S   8.6W       mb5.7  A  GFZ   SOUTHERN MID-ATLANTIC RIDGE    
2005/09/03 12:38:24.8  50.0S   8.6W  33   Ms5.1  M  GSRC  SOUTHERN MID-ATLANTIC RIDGE    
2005/09/03 12:38:24.6  50.1S   9.2W  33G  mb5.7  A  MIX   SOUTHERN MID-ATLANTIC RIDGE    
2005/09/03 12:38:21.9  49.8S   8.8W  10G  M 5.8  M  NEIR  SOUTHERN MID-ATLANTIC RIDGE    
2005/09/03 12:38          MOMENT TENSORS         A  MT                                  
2005/09/03 11:37:03.1  35.3N  31.5E  13   MD3.3  M  KAN   CYPRUS REGION                  
2005/09/03 09:35:06.2  39.9N  33.2E  30   MD3.0  M  KAN   TURKEY                         
2005/09/03 09:34:59.0  40.7N  29.0E  28   MD2.8  M  KAN   TURKEY                         
2005/09/03 09:29:32.0  53.2N 176.5E       mb5.1  A  BRA   RAT ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN IS.      
2005/09/03 09:29:30.6  52.7N 176.4E  25   mb4.2  A  NEWS  RAT ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN IS.      
2005/09/03 09:29:28.2  52.5N 177.3E  25   mb4.5  A  NEWS  RAT ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN IS.      
2005/09/03 09:29:28.0  51.8N 175.8E       mb5.1  A  GFZ   RAT ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN IS.      
2005/09/03 09:29:26.4  51.6N 176.3E  45   M 4.6  M  NEIR  RAT ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN IS.      
2005/09/03 09:29:26.0  52.2N 177.8E  25   mb4.4  A  NEWS  RAT ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN IS.      
2005/09/03 09:29:24.7  51.6N 176.4E  47   mb4.9  A  MIX   RAT ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN IS.      
2005/09/03 09:29:23.4  51.6N 176.4E  33   mb5.3  M  GSRC  RAT ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN IS.      
2005/09/03 09:29:22.1  51.2N 176.5E  33   mb4.9  A  NOR   RAT ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN IS.      
2005/09/03 08:21                                 M  MCSM                                
2005/09/03 08:10:36.8  48.5N 149.0E  33   mb4.7  A  LDG   NW. KURIL ISLANDS, RUSSIA      
2005/09/03 08:10:35.5  47.2N 150.2E  70   Ms4.2  M  GSRC  KURIL ISLANDS, RUSSIA          
2005/09/03 08:10:33.4  47.0N 150.5E  80   mb4.8  A  MIX   KURIL ISLANDS, RUSSIA          
2005/09/03 08:10:30.0  47.0N 150.2E       mb4.9  A  GFZ   KURIL ISLANDS, RUSSIA          
2005/09/03 08:10:24.5  47.0N 154.0E  33   mb5.0  A  NOR   KURIL ISLANDS, RUSSIA          
2005/09/03 08:10:14.6  44.8N 151.2E  25   mb4.7  A  NEWS  EAST OF KURIL ISLANDS, RUSSIA  
2005/09/03 08:10:04.0  44.0N 155.0E       mb5.1  A  BRA   NORTH PACIFIC OCEAN            
2005/09/03 07:53:55.0  37.5N  56.6E  15   Ml4.1  M  THR   NORTHERN AND CENTRAL IRAN      
2005/09/03 07:47:07.0  36.7N  69.2E       Ml3.2  A  NNC   HINDU KUSH, AFGHANISTAN, REG   
2005/09/03 07:27:51.0  36.4N  70.1E       Ml3.2  A  NNC   HINDU KUSH, AFGHANISTAN, REG   
2005/09/03 07:19                                 A  LJU                                 
2005/09/03 07:18                                 M  MCSM                                
2005/09/03 07:18                                 M  LVV                                 
2005/09/03 07:18                                 M  KAN                                 
2005/09/03 07:14                                 A  SED                                 
2005/09/03 07:07:17.9  48.6N 147.8E  33   mb5.3  A  LDG   SEA OF OKHOTSK                 
2005/09/03 07:07:14.0  47.7N 148.5E       mb5.9  A. BRA   NW. KURIL ISLANDS, RUSSIA      
2005/09/03 07:07:13.0  45.5N 141.6E       mb5.0  A  RNS   HOKKAIDO, JAPAN, REGION        
2005/09/03 07:07:07.1  47.8N 150.9E  10   mb5.5  A  SED   KURIL ISLANDS, RUSSIA          
2005/09/03 07:07:05.5  47.1N 153.0E  33   mb5.7  A. NOR   KURIL ISLANDS, RUSSIA          
2005/09/03 07:07:05.0  45.7N 149.9E  30   mb5.5  A  ODC   KURIL ISLANDS, RUSSIA          
2005/09/03 07:07:02.4  45.8N 151.5E  70   Ms5.1  M  GSRC  KURIL ISLANDS, RUSSIA          
2005/09/03 07:07:01.0  45.6N 151.1E       mb5.3  A  GFZ   KURIL ISLANDS, RUSSIA          
2005/09/03 07:06:58.0  45.0N 150.9E  15   mb5.5  A  INGV  KURIL ISLANDS, RUSSIA          
2005/09/03 07:06:57.1  45.2N 152.8E  30          A  BUC   EAST OF KURIL ISLANDS, RUSSIA  
2005/09/03 07:06:56.6  45.3N 151.0E  25   mb5.0  A  NEWS  KURIL ISLANDS, RUSSIA          
2005/09/03 07:06:55.4  45.6N 151.2E  10G  mb5.5  A  MIX   KURIL ISLANDS, RUSSIA          
2005/09/03 07:06:52.1  43.1N 150.1E  30   mb5.6  A  ZAMG  EAST OF KURIL ISLANDS, RUSSIA  
2005/09/03 07:06:39.0  42.0N 155.0E       mb5.3  A  LED   NORTH PACIFIC OCEAN

Martial Law was decleared in New Orleans   
MARTIAL LAW DECLARED: Situation Deteriorating
CBS News
August 30, 2005

MARTIAL LAW DECLARED: Situation Deteriorating New Orleans, LA (CBS) - Martial Law has been declared in New Orleans as conditions continued to deteriorate. Water levels in The Big Easy and it's suburbs are rising at dangerous levels and officials stated they don't know where the water is coming from...
The superdome is a prison camp for 60,000 people not allowed to leave once in...

Sixty Thousand People Trapped in FEMA's Superdome Concentration Camp

Total Information Analysis
August 31 2005

From WWL-TV's wwltv.com:

"4:21 P.M. - WWL-TV Reporter quotes officials as saying there may now be 60,000 people in the Superdome and that more people are still being urged to go there."
Official spokesmen are now denying the numerous reports this morning from National Guardsmen and others that New Orleans is under martial law. But that is exactly what NO and southeast La. are under as the governor demands the entire city be evacuated..
Numerous media reports indicate that refugees are not allowed to leave the Superdome. The Superdome is now a prison. Tens of thousands of Americans, trapped in a 21st-century FEMA concentration camp"

Excerpts from whatdoesitmean.com and Mrs Sorcha Faal's view on Katrina:

August 31, 2005
Catastrophic Disaster Strikes United States, Entire Geography of Region Altered as Super Storm Rated as Worst In Recorded History 

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Russian Subscribers

Russian Scientists are reporting this morning that the Massive Super Storm striking the United States was the worst in all of recorded history, not only to the unprecedented geographical expanse of this Super Storm, but also to its high winds, and were estimated at being over 217 miles per hour.  The tidal surge preceding this Super Storm has been estimated by Russian Scientists as being over 50 feet in height which their reports state would have reached into their inland areas in some places up to 3 miles.

So powerful is this Super Storm that Russian Scientists are reporting that the satellite photos taken of this region today show ‘vast geographic changes’ to the land mass in the southern parts of their Louisiana Region.

It is also important to note that the propaganda organs of the American Military Leadership are continuing their efforts to ‘minimize’ the impact and true extent of this Super Storm, even going so far as to actually state to their citizens that this massive Super Storm had been ‘downgraded’ prior to making landfall, but according to Russian Scientists actually increased ‘beyond our known scales’, and to which these Military Leaders had known the true extent of before their citizens, and had indeed ‘warned’ the world, and as we had previously reported in our August 25th report titled  "United States Warns Foreign Governments of ‘Impending’ Internal Crises While Massive American Troop Movements Continue".    

Even more appalling is that though the world has known of the potential for these Super Storms forming in the waters surrounding the East Coast Regions of the United States, and to which President Putin ordered all Russian Navy Vessels to leave this troubled region, and as we had previously reported on in our “Massive New Atlantic Storms Force Russian Naval Evacuations from the Americas as Scientists Declare Global Weather Systems Totally Broken" and wherein we had stated;

“As the growing Global War between the various factions of the United States and Israel continue, and as evidenced by yesterday’s terrorists attacks on London, the greater concern among Russian Military Authorities has centered upon the Atlantic Ocean Region where yet another massive hurricane storm is forming and has prompted an emergency evacuation of all Russian Naval Vessels to immediately leave this most troubled area.”

"Superdome of Shame" and which says;


"Watching news coverage of the refugees trying to enter the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans for safety from the approaching force-five Hurricane Katrina, I was incredulous how the people attempting to enter the stadium were being treated by the National Guard troops and local police. The people were made to stand for hours outside in the awful Louisiana climate while they were admitted one or two adults at a time so they could be searched "for firearms and alcohol."

The frail elderly, many grasping walkers and others in wheelchairs seemed to be near collapse. They, along with hundreds of small children needing water and rest-room relief, were forced to wait as long as four hours to get to safety. It was often repeated during the video reports that the last time the Superdome was used as a hurricane shelter, a few of the temporary occupants removed some furniture. But this time, they had a large security force on hand, so that was NOT going to happen again, no-siree-bob.

There were THOUSANDS of poor, mostly black citizens of the lower Louisiana area, many of them little children and sickly elderly, being forced to stand for hours while the government violated their civil rights with forced searches that were patently unconstitutional, unjust and unreasonable under the dire circumstances. "Don't want to be searched? That's okay...now turn around, go outside and die!" Big choice.

We let morons take away our rights to person and property at the airports, all for the false "protection" they promised us and can't possibly deliver, so now we see them doing it to helpless citizens even when the citizens' lives are in danger. "First, we gotta check you for weapons and drugs...pull your dress up, lift up your arms...." – let those old people collapse and those kids soil themselves – "This is FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY."

From my own personal observations of meeting these most strange American people for the first time, one cannot help but notice how kind of spirit and generous of heart they truly are, but at the same time how thoroughly they have been indoctrinated into servants of their Military Leaders and State Media Organs cannot be denied.  Like the German people living under the Nazi Regime, these Americans likewise accept nothing as being true unless their Military Leaders and/or Media Organs tells them it is so.

But to their greatest trials and tribulations the effects of this Super Storm are but just the beginning of the cataclysmic changes soon to overtake them, and the world too.  To those who have sought to warn them of these dangers they take no heed, even as many thousands of them lie dead in their country today, and millions more will perish in the tomorrows to come, they remain steadfast in their belief that though the worst may happen they will be ‘taken care of ‘ by their Military Leaders.

whatdoesitmean.com © August 31, 2005, EU and US all rights reserved.


New Cosmic Pulses detected... For our New Universe theory see:

September 1, 2005
Massive Cosmic Blasts Hit Southern Hemisphere as Western Coastal Regions of United States Become ‘Dead Zone’ and Global Weather System Near Catastrophic Failure

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Russian Subscribers

As the worlds eyes remain fixed upon the horrific destruction in the United States Southern Regions (and as we had reported upon in our August 31st report titled "Catastrophic Disaster of ‘Biblical Proportions’ Strikes United States, Entire Geography of Region Altered as Super Storm Rated as Worst In Recorded History") not being told to these American people are that these catastrophic events are not just happening to them, but in fact are occurring on a global-wide basis not seen in modern human times.

According to Russian Scientific reports circulating today the cause of these massive global storms was yet another series of ‘cosmic blasts’ that have been repeatedly hitting the Southern Polar Regions of our globe and aside from causing massive weather changes the world over are now threatening to destroy our earths protective ozone layer, and as we can read as reported by the BBC News Service in their article titled "Major ozone loss over Antarctic" and which says;

"New readings from the European satellite Envisat suggest that this year's southern hemisphere ozone hole may be one of the largest on record. The hole covers an area of 10 million sq km (four million sq miles) - approximately the same size as Europe."

To the catastrophic events occurring in the Antarctica Region (and which we first began reporting on in our December 22, 2004 report titled "Unknown Energy Surges Continue to Hit Planet, Global Weather Systems in Chaos" http://www.whatdoesitmean.com/index601.htm) it has only been in these past few days that the Western Media Organs have begun to release to their people the horrific truths occurring, and as we can read as reported by the Australian News Service in their August 25th article titled "Scientists probe asteroid crash" and which says;

"An asteroid the size of a house that exploded with the power of an atom bomb over Antarctica last year may help scientists prepare for the entrance of larger bodies into the Earth's atmosphere. The 1000-tonne asteroid crashed to Earth in millions of pieces last September, 900km from the nearest humans at Japan's Syowa station. A trail of dust recorded by a physicist 1500km away at Australia's Davis station shows that if the asteroid had not fragmented into tiny pieces when it hit the Earth's atmosphere, it would have had an impact similar to the bombing of Hiroshima."

By not allowing their citizens to know the exact and timely truths of the catastrophic weather changes they also deny them the ability to discern for themselves what their best protections and preparations should be. There is no better example of what happens when human beings are not prepared then the devastating events currently taking place in New Orleans, and as we had previously reported on in our August 31st report titled ‘Descent Into Hell’, 50,000 Lives Bring Apocalyptic Warning to All Citizens of United States, the World Cries ‘You Are Not Alone’, They Cannot Hear" and wherein we had stated;

“Russian Intelligence reports are stating this morning that the grave situation developing in the American City of New Orleans can only be described as a ‘Decent Into Hell’, as to this hour over 50,000 human beings of this once great American City remain trapped by rising flood waters with no means for their Government to evacuate all of them. With no resources available for food, water, shelter, or evacuation, the masses of these peoples have become one of the largest unruly mobs in modern history, and with no police or military forces able to contain them they are presently running rampant throughout what remains of this city in what these reports describe as ‘frantic acts for survival’.

Even as these Americans are picking up the pieces of their lives from this latest catastrophe, so too are the peoples of Europe, and as we can read as reported by the Gulf Times News Service in their article titled "Fire and water wreak havoc across Europe" and which says,

"While parched Portugal and Spain battled dozens of wildfires, flood warnings were issued elsewhere in Europe yesterday as heavy rains caused havoc in Austria, Bulgaria, Germany and Switzerland. Two people were killed and two others were missing after three days of heavy rain in central and eastern Switzerland turned Alpine streams into raging torrents and triggered flooding around the country’s lakes. In western Europe, wildfires and the worst drought since the mid 1940s struck Spain and Portugal. Nearly 3,000 fire-fighters and soldiers battled dozens of blazes that continued to ravage Portugal as police found the charred body an elderly woman near her rural home, emergency services said."

And not just alone to the Americans or Europeans either have these catastrophes been occurring, and as we can read as reported by the Reuters News Service in their article titled "Floods from non-stop rains kill 28 in China" and which says,

"Floods caused by weeks of heavy rain have killed 28 people and left four missing in central China, the Beijing News reported on Wednesday, the latest casualties in the annual flood season. Rainstorms had lashed Shiyan city in Hubei province every day since August 14, sparking massive floods that cut off power, roads and communications and inundated crops, Mayor Chen Tianhui was cited as saying. Flooding across China this summer had killed at least 1 024 people and left 293 missing while causing almost 103 billion yuan (R82,3-billion) in direct losses."

But perhaps no areas of the world have been more affected by these massive weather changes then the sub-continent, and as we can read as reported by the Salvation Army News Service in their article titled "Salvationists provide ongoing relief to flood victims in India" and which says,

"Salvationists in western India are still helping families cope with the aftermath of the severe flooding that effected the region. Dramatic footage of rising water may no longer feature on major media outlets but the damage of more than a month ago continues to make life a challenge for many thousands of people.
When the flood waters began to recede much of the watching world assumed the worst was over. But to many of the families who had been affected by the disaster, the worst was just beginning. Thousands of domestic and farm animals that had drowned are now scattered over the area where they are decaying in the streets. Add in the ongoing problems with water and sewerage services and disease will soon cause major problems. Many families have returned home to find their houses uninhabitable and their clothes and belongings ruined. The cameras may have gone but the struggle for recovery continues."

To the greatest danger facing these American people though is their inability to realize that their catastrophic events do not belong to them alone, but belong as just mere parts to the much greater events occurring on a global-wide basis.  And by not being able to escape from their Darwinian mindsets, where all things are put into separate places with no meaning or context given as to how they all interrelate, they lack the true understanding of these events and remain virtually unprepared for the greater catastrophes soon to overtake them. 

An example is that while their eyes are being focused upon their Southern Regions, they are not aware of the even more catastrophic events occurring in their West Coast Regions, and as we can read as reported by the Associated Press News Service in their report titled "Mysterious Changes Hit Pacific Coast; The Bottom Has Fallen Out of the Coastal Food Chain" and which says;

"Marine biologists are seeing mysterious and disturbing things along the Pacific Coast this year: higher water temperatures, plummeting catches of fish, lots of dead birds on the beaches, and perhaps most worrisome, very little plankton -- the tiny organisms that are a vital link in the ocean food chain. Is this just one freak year? Or is this global warming?
Very few scientists are willing to blame global warming, the theory that carbon dioxide and other manmade emissions are trapping heat in the Earth's atmosphere and causing a worldwide rise in temperatures. Yet few are willing to rule it out.
"There are strange things happening, but we don't really understand how all the pieces fit together," said Jane Lubchenco, a zoologist and climate change expert at Oregon State University. "It's hard to say whether any single event is just an anomaly or a real indication of something serious happening."

Even more perplexing about these Americans are that even when faced with impending catastrophic changes, they continue their lives in much the same manner as before, as if by simply choosing to not believe true things that they will not happen to them.  Today in New Orleans they can witness the futures of those of their fellow citizens who laughed off preparing and are now headed for concentration camps. Sadly though they will not understand that what has happened to those people will also happen to them, and much sooner than any of them are prepared for.

whatdoesitmean.com © September 1, 2005, EU and US all rights reserved.

Weather Engineering, Katrina Dances with the New Universe
    Date:     1 September 2005 02:18:17 GMT+02:00

For our New Universe theory see:

Scalar Weather Wars:
Hurricane Katrina and the Rape of New Orleans

by: Stefan Grossmann, www.gallerize.com
Monday, 8-29-5
1.      The Bush Jr. regime is a hair’s breadth away from collapsing in chaos, infamy and insanity as the Cloakanddagger.de truth radio is about to break the story how G. W. Bushfraud bribed his way into the White House in late 2000. See separate news coverage coming soon.

What happens in such situations is: News diversions are orchestrated in order to take away the public’s attention from the homespun disasters. Such as, a whale strands in the arctic and all the oil-soaked spy-riddled mainstream media babble about stranded whales for days or even weeks until the news about the actual catastrophe at home is forgotten and, for practical purposes, suppressed.

This well-known routine is happening again. As the to-be-covered-up news event (Bush bribed his way into the White House) is so huge, the cover-up ploy is also huge: A scalar-engineered hurricane named Katrina. The shadow government has decided to sacrifice an entire city, New Orleans, to cover up the coming news of bribery and in order to further rig the price of oil.
2.      Weather engineering includes the blow-up of small hurricanes into large ones. The technology is zealously denied by so-called meterologists and physicists, but it exists anyhow. It has been described, for example, by veteran Pentagon scientist and scalar researcher Col. Tom Bearden at his huge web site, www.cheniere.org. Here are some quotes (in finer print):
Soviet Weather Engineering over North America
This taped presentation, which was made in 1985, is included for historical reference purposes only.  Since then, the technology has been developed into more rigorous longitudinal EM wave interferometry, which is the exact nature of those earlier weather engineering weapons.  The foundations of scalar electro-magnetics are well explained in this presentation.
U.S. Defence Secretary Cohen expresses concern about eco-terrorism using scalar electromagnetic weapons.

„Others [terrorists] are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves... So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations...It's real, and that's the reason why we have to intensify our [counterterrorism] efforts.“

Secretary of Defense William Cohen at an April 1997 counterterrorism conference sponsored by former Senator Sam Nunn. 

Quoted from DoD News Briefing, Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen, Q&A at the Conference on Terrorism, Weapons of Mass Destruction, and U.S. Strategy, University of Georgia, Athens, Apr. 28, 1997.

Examples of anomalous cloud formations in the year 2000
1.     Complex „wheel-spoke“ pattern, a forerunner of which was first observed around 20 years ago.  28 November, 2000
See http://www.flashradar.freeservers.com/FLASH20229.html
2.     Hexagonal shaped patterns - possible tests of containment barriers for areas contaminated by biological warfare.  16 November, 2000
See  http://www.cyberspaceorbit.com/radar/utahex.html
Source of foregoing quote by Tom Bearden:
On this slide we diagrammatically represent the Soviet woodpecker interference grid over the U.S.  This grid can easily be used to influence and control the weather, and for over a decade the Soviets have manipulated the weather over the U.S. and other parts of the world.

By the peculiar title of this slide, we wish to call attention to the fact that, in the exothermic mode of scalar interferometry riding on the woodpecker radar signals, each of the woodpecker grid interference cells can act as a little „virtual transmitter.“  It's exactly as if the Soviets had been permitted to enter the U.S. and build thousands of EM transmitters at regular intervals all over the country!

And of course it's even worse.  In the endothermic mode, it's as if the Soviets had been permitted to enter the U.S.and build thousands of „cold generators“ all over the U.S.  That is, in that mode, each of the „transmitters“ can actually extract electromagnetic energy.

These two modes have enabled the Soviet Union to drastically manipulate the weather at will over the U.S. during the last decade (and similarly, for other places as well.)

(For a full disclosure of the Soviet weather control operations over the U.S., see T. E. Bearden, Soviet Weather Engineering Over North America, 1-hr. videotape, 1955, available from POB 1472, Huntsville, Alabama 35807, $40.00 U.S. postpaid, VHS or BETA format.  We will only summarize here.).

Briefly, inside various reference level zeros on the ordinary EM woodpecker carriers, scalar „channels“ are established.  Scalar beams, signals, and interferometer pulses and transmissions can be transmitted through these reference channels as if directly through a wire.  Phasing, pulse shaping, and Fourier expansion formation of geometric forms are then the key to be used in scalar interferometry through the internal scalar channels of the Soviet woodpecker signals.

By choosing one or more grid cells and using scalar interference there in the exothermic continuous mode, local heating and expansion of the air, and formation of a high pressure area, occurs.

By choosing one or more grid cells and using scalar interference there in the endothermic continuous mode, local cooling and shrinking of the air, and formation of a low pressure area, occurs.

By electromagnetic ''rotation“ of the interfering scalar beams, the hotspots and coldspots can be moved along a desired path and at a desired speed.

By these methods the entire jetstream across the U.S. can be deviated and controlled to a large degree.  Moisture can be drawn from the Pacific beyond Southern California and Mexico, and collided over the southern U.S. with extremely cold air brought down from Canada, producing ice storms such as those in and around February 1, 1985.

Violent thunderstorm activity can be induced and directed.  By adding „spin“, these same storms can be induced to form extensive tornados.

By sustained weather engineering operations, drought or excessive rain and flooding can be induced in areas of the U.S. as desired.  Crops can be destroyed or heavily damaged by severe and unseasonal weather.

If the grid is placed in the ground on scalar EM carriers instead of normal EM carriers (and the woodpecker „radars,“ can switch to, or add, scalar carrier mode whenever they wish), it can be used as an anti-submarine weapon, as we shall see later.  It can also be used to cause substantial ocean effects that have drastic consequences on the world's weather -- such as the anomalous El Nino of 1982-83.

By localizing one spot of heating at the top of a thunderstorm anvil, and another spot of cooling at its side, a localized downburst can be created.  Our weather satellites have detected just such an anomalous combination heating and cooling of thunderstorm anvils over the U.S.  While there may exist natural mechanisms to cause this anomalous dual pattern, it may also be caused by Soviet weather engineering, which can cause either broad-area or highly localized effects.

All these types of weather engineering incidents have been deliberately created over the U.S. by the Soviet Union.

Perhaps the greatest weather effects can be induced by altering some of the large scale normal mechanisms that influence and control our weather.  Thus the artificially induced El Nino of 1982-83 was a case in point, causing drastic weather upsets worldwide for a year or more.

The last decade has seen weather so anomalous that it could only occur once in 1200 years by chance.  It has not been due to normal chance, but by Soviet weather engineering, particularly since the advent of the Woodpecker transmitter complexes.

The Woodpecker transmitters can carry scalar components which, in addition to biological strikes, can be used for many other purposes such as to
1.     influence and control the weather,
2.     deviate the giant jetstreams of the upper atmosphere,
3.     detect, track and destroy missiles shortly after launch,
4.     detect, track and destroy strategic bombers and other aircraft,
5.     attack land and ocean surface targets by large aerial electromagnetic explosions: the EM explosion produces the fireball, the thermal effects, and the blast wave of a nuclear explosion without the nuclear radiation and radioactive fallout contamination;
6.     attack surface land and ocean targets by large „cold explosions“, where living things freeze almost instantly, leaving the surface facilities and equipment intact,
7.     attack land and ocean surface targets by severe internal electromagnetic disruption, so that all electronics are dudded,
8.     attack personnel on land and sea by direct destruction of their nervous systems with an internally induced strong EMP,
9.     disrupt the operation of distant facilities, equipment, and personnel or destroy food crops in large areas by severe cold or severe heating, or even startling oscillation between the two.
In addition, the scalar aspects of the Woodpecker transmitters can be beamed through the earth and ocean as surface waves or at a given depth to intersect at a distant region. This mode can be used to
10. cause distant earthquakes in a distant fault zone by depositing energy in the rocks there, increasing the plate stress until slippage occurs at a fault zone,
11. cause large, anomalous rocking of an entire plate or large area, by depositing and extracting energy from alternate areas, causing buckling of the large rock plate,
12. set up an interference grid under the water, so that underwater submarines can be detected, tracked, and destroyed on station and with their missiles still unfired,
13. attack naval vessels and task forces through the water and through their hulls, without warning,
14. attack missile silos and nuclear storage sites „before launch“, directly through the earth itself,
15. initiate the full nuclear explosion of implosion-type nuclear warheads on-board missiles on station,
16. initiate full nuclear explosion of implosion-type nuclear warheads in storage sites and ready reserve,
17. destroy seaborne and ocean-bottom-mounted mines and underwater sensors, even including entire „fields“ of them,
18. detect and destroy hostile torpedoes, ship-to-underwater anti-submarine missiles, and dumped anti-submarine munitions and charges,
19. „pump“ the electrical grounding of distant electrical power distribution and generation systems so that the system catastrophically fails,
20. „pump“ the electrical grounding of distant electrical power systems so that radio and television transmitters, power grids, and wiring complexes in buildings and facilities radiate a desired scalar wave component or signal complex at equipment and personnel.

All in all, the woodpecker transmitter complexes and other associated scalar EM weaponry are most useful in the major missions required in war.
Source of foregoing quote by Tom Bearden:
Today, weather engineering is also part of the Pentagon’s military arsenal and is at the command of America’s public enemy Nr. 1, the shadow government.

Basically, the U.S.A. lost the cold war  - contrary to all newspaper allegations -  against the Soviet Union because of scalar weapons and weather controlling technology. This is one of the key reasons for the multi-trillion dollar Pentagon black budget and secret arms program, namely to catch up in the scalar arms race. The main part of this technology was developed for the Pentagon by Israel and its ultra-secret scalar weapons program and is the reason why the U.S.A. has basically lost its sovereignty to a clique of internationalist scalar terrorists with hyper-tech abilities (such as also demonstrated in the „plane“ deceptions on 9-11-1).

Much fine print would need to be added here to explain the exact meaning of the terms „Israel“ and „Pentagon“ in the foregoing context. The terms are not identical with the alleged constitutional governments of Israel and the U.S.A. Essentially, the body of people involved is one and the same. It has close ties with the international central banking cabal (Bank of England, Vatican/Jesuits, Federal Reserve Bank/Alan Greenspan, AIG/Starr International/Maurice Greenberg, Citibank/David Rockefeller, Carlyle Group, Blackstone Group/Henry Kissinger/Maurice Greenberg/Pete Petersen, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group, World Bank, Zionist Neocon cabal, et al., also with alleged Rothschild banking interests involved from the European side). Politically, there is a tight control group with its center being, purportedly, the four: Kissinger, Bush Sr., Hillary Clinton, William Rockefeller-Clinton. In brief, the Bush-Rockefeller Crime Syndicate (if Bill’s family name „Clinton“ is corrected, according to the alleged fatherhood [Winthrop Rockefeller, former Arkansas governor and some say Clinton look-alike], into „Rockefeller“). Many details are omitted here due to time and space restrictions.
For specific (but not all) analytical details, see book by Tom Bearden, „Fer de Lance“ (updated 2nd edition 2002),
For insightful details of the multi-trillion dollar Pentagon black budget as a secret second Manhattan Project see especially:
Gradually, we are finding out which weaponized horror of Satanic control freaks these many shiploads of money have gone to pay over decades!
3.      Category 5 mega-hurricane Katrina bears signature marks of being rigged and magnified using scalar weather engineering. There has been a suspicious increase in frequency of otherwise very rare category 5 hurricanes. Before hurricane Andrew (1992, apparently a time when scalar technology was available) there were only two recorded category 5 hurricanes in the U.S.A. Katrina is actually moe than category 5; it is category 5+ (the scale has no category 6). It originated as a small medium hurricane, but suddenly and inexplicably over the Gulf of Mexico it exploded into a monster of category 5 (allegedly due to the „warm Gulf waters“ that have never behaved this way any time before). Then, the next item of suspicion is the target: New Orleans, shaped like a basin and beneath sea level, also conveniently a center of oil refining for the U.S.A. and located near the Gulf of Mexico oil production.

The mainstream media have turned away from normal news reporting and are hypnotized by the orchestrated mega-hurricane. A well-known pattern of diversion and orchestrated tragedy is once more staged with a chilling routine.

The oil price has risen steeply over $70 dollars a barrel due to the hurricane Katrina news reports. The city is being evacuated, a large volume of domestic American crude oil and gas production has been shut down.
4.      The war on the American people is ongoing. 11-22-63, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yugoslavia and 9-11-1 were merely episodes to break the force of the Republic. Traitors are manipulating the events from behind the screen. Vigilant networks of concerned citizens have watched for the usual „mock drills“ as reported recently by Webster G. Tarpley, and have most likely blocked this customary venue for the shadow regime’s orchestrated routine tragedies. The regime is upping the ante by resorting to its secret weapons of stealth and deception in its frantic death fight.
Traitors must be exposed to the light.
That is where they shrivel like vampires.
Their condign punishment is death.
The tree of liberty must be watered
from time to time with the blood of tyrants!



Our planetary storms are part of a far vaster orchestration — a major universal change is in our midst (novelty engression). Following the activation of the galactic gamma ray bursts, of an ultra high order, what some astrophysicists likened to a "CETI gamma ray internet," our solar system's planetary gardens underwent noticeable changes (some of which had already been in motion over the last 20 years). This New Universe of active changes include the following:

Saturn: 1000% increase in plasma toroidal field. Appearance of Aurora's, with increasing brightness. Loss of 6 minutes of time in just 9 months. Bewildering X-rays of solar intensity appear at tetrahedral vertex equatorial zone.  Dissapearance of ring spokes. Transformation of Saturnian moons, including Titan
Mercury: surprisingly strong intrinsic magnetic field is anomolously present, and 'surprise' polar ice discovered on what had been hitherto supposed to be a "dead" planetary sphere.
Generation on the Moon of a first stage atmosphere, a growing natrium atmosphere detected reaching 9,000 km in height.

Venus: Oxygen formation, 2,500% increase in auroral brightness, and enormous physical, chemical and optical atmosphereic transformations. First time observation of the inversion of dark and light spots detected, sulfur-containing gases are on a sharp decrease of in its atmosphere.
<>Neptune: Magnetic polar shift. A 40% increase in atmospheric brightness and light spot dynamics,<> in just several years, <>drastic changes on its Moon Triton.
<> Jupiter: Magnetic field intentsity doubling. <>Appearance of dark spot. Appearance large scale Aurora activation. Plasma clouds exhibit more than 200% increase in their brightness. Major transformation of Jovian Moons. Ever increasing plasma genesis, ejected like Solar coronal holes. Appearance of radiation belt brightening in decimeter band. Transformation of the Jupiter - Io system of currents, with a stream of ionized hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen,.. through a one million amperes flux tube.
<>Sun: 16% shrinkage in size in the last half century. Increase in sunspot activity and intensity. More activity since 1940 than in previous 1,150 years, combined

Pluto: Appearence of dark spots. 300% increase in atmospheric pressure, even as Pluto recedes farther from the Sun

Earth: Change in time, 30 leap seconds in just 34 years. Enormous global geophysical and whether transformations. Shift in magnetic field. Activation of aurora's. Appearance of new Nitrogen in upper atmosphere. Two unexpected populations of cosmic particles found in the Van Allen radiation belts; an injection of a greater than 50 MeV dense electron sheaf into the inner magnetosphere during times of abrupt magnetic storms; the emergence of a new belt consisting of ionic elements traditionally found in the composition of stars. Observation of Earth's novel gamma ray burst sprites into space, with faster-than-light expanding rings.
Mars: Doubling of atmospheric density. <>New appearance of planet wide storms, polar melting of the ice caps, and unprecedented Martian Global Warming, Methane and ammonia detected, with possible formaldhyde, as signs of life activity, now and in the last 400 years. Increasing biosphereic quality by a series of Martian atmosphereic transformations. Unusual ozone growth concentration and appearance at the equatorial zone of cloudy growth. Mars global stroms came on the dusk of Time Gate 2001 (whose novelty descent wave which brought September 11th with it).

Uranus: Massive growth of magnetosphere intensity. Vast increase of clouds, enormous changes in Uranian brightness, increased global cloud activity. Magnetic polar shift.

As astounding as these appear, when listed together, following will be further documentation, and exploration of what this all means to our life, health, and future.
All of these are the hallmarks of the "New Universe" paradigm of Emmanuel...

A still from one of Ananda's 1999 New Universe animations. The cover of Scientific American, 1999, overlayed with two 3D renderred TWZ Novelty graph universes, one as the "old universe" kissing the "New Universe" now being called the "multiverse". Identical cover to:

Several years following our first European presentations on the New Universe, during 1995, several mainstream scientists came forward and published their findings of our solar system's re-writing of its laws in the face of larger transformations, amidst these were geologists and geophysicians from the Russian Academy of Sciences, who related in 1997 that:

"Current PlanetoPhysical alterations of the Earth are becoming irreversible. Strong evidence exists that these transformations are being caused by highly charged material and energetic non-uniformity's in anisotropic interstellar space which have broken into the interplanetary area of our Solar System. This "donation" of energy is producing hybrid processes and excited energy states in all planets, as well as the Sun.
"Effects here on Earth are to be found in the acceleration of the magnetic pole shift, in the vertical and horizontal ozone content distribution, and in the increased frequency and magnitude of significant catastrophic climatic events. There is growing probability that we are moving into a rapid temperature instability period similar to the one that took place 10,000 years ago. The adaptive responses of the biosphere, and humanity, to these new conditions may lead to a total global revision of the range of species and life on Earth. It is only through a deep understanding of the fundamental changes taking place in the natural environment surrounding us that politicians, and citizens a like, will be able to achieve balance with the renewing flow of PlanetoPhysical states and processes."

—DR. ALEXEY N. DMITRIEV (Professor of Geology & Mineralogy, &  Chief Scientific Member, United Institute of Geology, Geophysics, & Mineralogy, Siberian Department of Russian Academy of Sciences),PLANETOPHYSICAL STATE OF THE EARTH AND LIFE. January 8, 1998. Published in Russian, IICA Transactions, Volume 4, 1997, Russian to English Translation and Editing: by A. N. Dmitriev, Andrew Tetenov, and Earl L. Crockett

The August 12-13th, 1994 Saturnian activation, in concert with the gamma ray network, with hyper-tetrahedral iso-topic hyperdiamond iso-symmetry and extra-temporal syncrhoneous distribution, appears to be in synch with the changes that occured concurrently on Saturn's giant moon, Titan, the biggest moon in the solar system (3/4 the size of Mars and bigger than the planet Mercury)...
(as we printed in The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel, 1999. And presented in seminars throughout Europe, in our animations) — as well as something else.
See also Vortexijah Scalar.

This subsequent study now gives the geometrical characteristics, including those attributed to the icosahedron symmetry (we suspect a Sierpinski icosahedron, following the matrice characteristics resulting from exposure to a superconductor).

<> titan's icosahedron pattern aug 12 1994

icoshaedron features temporally dispersed on Titan

The icosahedron has the outline of a hexagon and top down view gives a pentagon


Sequential IR imaging over several months by the 10-meter Keck Telescope, 

showing Titan surface features and bright, high-altitude methane polar clouds.


titan icosahedron
The Icosahedron outer edges, front/side view, outlining a Hexagon.

Infrared telescope ground penetration of Titan's thick atmosphereic clouds detected a bright surface 'mountain' close to the equator. The apparent internal fluid, or lava (rich in Meisner Field State materials we suggest, like much of Earth's volcanoes), is brightly resonating at the tetrahedral 19.5° vertice.

That Titan is a very Lightening active world, is rich in Nitrogen elements, and has numerous element isotope anomolies could be significant in light of the new Hadron Physics understanding of lightening and nitrogen:

"Earth-based observations of anomalies of heavy isotopes... in Titan ́s atmosphere indicate strong enrichments in the heavy constituents...  the in-situ measurements of further isotope anomalies hopefully obtained by the Gas Chromatograph and Mass Spectrometer (GCMS) instrument on board of the Huygens probe, which will help to find a better solution of the mystery of Titan ́s isotope anomalies. This approach is important for estimations of the total nitrogen reservoir required to produce the present Titan atmosphere."
EVOLUTION OF TITAN’S ATMOSPHERE DUE TO THE SOLAR WIND INTERACTION T. Penz (1, 2), H. Lammer (2), and H. K. Biernat, Space Research Institute, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Schmiedlstrasse 6, A–8042 Graz, Austria

The, so called, "mystery" of Titan's atmosphere may prove to have a triumphant solution, a solution which has implications all the way to the core of our being: the OTI, or Macro Irreversibility... Titan may turn out to be the alchemical cauldron, a macro "Star Gate" for understanding the hyperdimensional nature for the formation of life...
Since, the new Santilli Hadron physics is the first scinece that has actually addressed the mystery phenomenon of lightening generation, and its key stone technology is in fact a lightening simulator: the Plasma Arc Flow generator, which enables the superconudctive-like new Magne materials to be made (a revolution in the global energy crisis), and transmformation of virtually any element (including polution) into new forms of pseudo-superconductive materia.

Vajra: the Lightening Arcs on Titan are Titanic

Titan's anomolies coming from its hyper-geometrical energetic inputs (hyper-geometry is mathematically unsurpassed that of Santilli by a milestone), may in part be due to it being a superior form of a Hadron Physic's Plasma Arc Flow generator on a macro-scale, generating superconducting ring currents and superconducting materials, perhaps akin to those created by Dr. Santilli's Plasma Arc Flow generator..
For it is these very Hadron Reactors that have unveiled the viritable Quintessence of the 5th Element, the 5th Force of nature (not a speculative addition to the 4 forces of creation, but a very real and immediately practical one) — the Hadron science, therefore, is inevitably going to be a major corner stone in understanding the practical nature and implications of what is occurring at Saturn and its Moon Titan, already there have been clear indications of the 5th Force.

With its rich hydro-carbons, and "various new molecules" being "formed by recombination of ions and atoms" adheres to descriptions of Santilli's isochemicals of electroMagnecules. The hadronic reactor approach would also account for the anomolous mystery of how Titan managed to generate its own rich atmosphere so deep into space, and its model is certainly a practicle implementable New Universe to the previous hyperdimensional modelled understanding of such dynamics (which were daring non-the-less, and most sorely needed pioneering efforts).
As thoroughly documented in Dr. Santilli's monograph, lightning is the best source for our atmospheres 20% increase of nitrogen over the last 100 millions years, as lightning can synthesize nitrogen from carbon plus protons and electrons, and thereby release an enormous amount of energy. Synthesis of nitrogen by lightning is the only known credible explanation of thunder (the instantaneous requirement of very large energy which cannot possibly be of conventional chemical type).

Santilli-Shillady isochemical model of the Hydrogen molecules, with the two electrons bonded in singlet coupling into the isoelectronium, with an oo-shaped orbit around the two nuclei — with counterotion of the direction of rotation of the isoelectronium in the two o-branches [akin to the Vortexijah iso-wheels], with consequential opposite magnetic moments. This configuration prevents the acquisition by the hydrogen molecule of a net magnetic polarity, thus avoiding the inconsistency of quantum chemistry

The monograph documents how Dr. Santilli conceived the PlasmaArcFlow Reactor to reproduce lightning, including the synthesis of nitrogen, and the consequential emission of energy. Quantum mechanics has failed to explain why the synthesis of nitrogen from oxygen can only occur without release of neutrons and other harmful radiations, and with the sole release of heat — this is standard in Hadron mechanics (thus a part of Quantum mechanics will become compost for the species).
The Thunder/Lightening Force (what the ancient Veda Sages/alchemists, called VAJRA, meaning "Thunder-Diamond"), is not radioactive, just as the Vortexijah central propulsion unit, manifested technologically in the PlasmaArcFlow Reactor lacks radioactivity as certified by Radiation Protection Associates.

Astonishingly, as the arc is activated, so the electrical resistance of water collapses to minimal values. Santilli indicates that an electric arc within water appears to be one of the best superconducting (Animalu-Santilli hadronic superconductivity) conditions now available.

The implications are extraordinary for mankind, realisable in a far shorter scope of time now than we could have imagined — we are 70% water. Superconductivity is "the path of least resistance". It thus resonates everywhere and everywhen... We are witnessing the embryogenesis of the ETI/OTI of Mankind in our midst... Thus Titan's lightening and hyper-D geometry may a Titanic beaconhead for understanding lifes emergence from the Omniplicate Order (our neologism for Dr. David Bohm's Multi-Dimensional Implicate Order).

New colours, bright spots, and pentagon symmetry on this August, 2004 Cassini image of Titan
NOTE: Hadronic Mechanics & Dr. Santilli appart from excellent material at: http://www.magnecules.com
By R. M. Santilli:
Isotopic, Genotopic and Hyperstructural Methods in Theoretical Biology, Ukraine Academy of Sciences, Kiev (1996).
The Physics of New Clean Energies and Fuels According to Hadronic Mechanics, Special issue of the Journal of New Energy, 318 pages (1998).
Foundations of Hadronic Chemistry with Applications to New Clean Energies and Fuels, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston-Dordrecht-London (2001).
Isodual Theory of Antimatter, with Applications to Cosmology, Antigravity and Spacetime Machines,
Elements of Hadronic Mechanics, Vol. III,
R. M. Santilli, contributed paper to the Proceedings of the International Workshop on Modern Modified Theories of Gravitation and Cosmology, E. I. Guendelman, Editor, Hadronic Press, p. 113 (1998).
R. M. Santilli, contributed paper to the Proceedings of the VIII M. Grossmann Meeting on General Relativity, Jerusalem, June 1998, World Scientific, p. 473 (1999).
R. M. Santilli, contributed paper in Photons: Old Problems in Light of New Ideas, V. V. Dvoeglazov, editor, Nova Science Publishers, pages 421-442 (2000). _________________________________

Since even the biggest moon in the solar system, Jupiter's Ganymede, we have just discovered DOES have a clear Hexagon on its North pole, as photographed in 1997, it should be hardly surprising that its near twin in size, Titan, is giving more than a suggestion of sharing such hypergometrical morphologies:

This interesting 2004 Titan image from Cassini,  shows a series of probably significant geometrical highlights... Apart from the most interesting latitudal positioning, the underlying structure appears to exhibit pentagonal symmetries, perhaps even in several scales... The distribution of the glowing phenomenon in this instant, also appears to have a possible symmetrical significance (after more research is conducted)...

We have also found hexagonal formations on Jupiter's north pole, with hydrocarbon activity, counter-rotating symmetries, and pentagonal rays; on Neptune, Uranus, Mars, and even the Moon — these pictures [first publically presented in September, by us], will be feature in the New Universe pages that follow this one.

The illuminated geometrically positioned Titanian surface feature, sharing a triangulation of illumined spots... The underlying structure yields several probably perspectives of pentagonal formation. This particular head high pentagon, could share an uncanny similarity in its pentagram form to the SION Marie de Blanchefort document pentagram, with extended head, uncovered by David Woods in his book Geneset, and to the very same geometry uncovered in the research of the Norske Pentagram, signature left by King Olaf, of Norway, in the geometrical distribution of some of King Olaf's towns and religeous architecture.


Sprites, above lightening... Some with gamma radiation, and red rings "expanding in fact faster than the speed of light," according to the Scientific American  in 1997

The Venusian south pole mapping appears to display an apparent indication of a pentagonal symmetry (our work in progress). The infamous circular feature (Artemis Chasma) is another of a series of unusual features that surprise upon the face of the planet of love


All the "science" [in the wake of Santilli, we must now say pseudo-science], that is being taught in schools, universities and think tanks, including Einstein and quantum mechanics, has FAILED to address BOTH the internal and external problems of physics, and therefore has NEVER BEEN OBJECTIVE.). In Hadron science the foundation of the TIME GATE protocols are standard, as Santilli relates:


"The isodual theory of antimatter recovers the old hypothesis that antiparticles move backward in time (since they have a negative-definite time) by resolving the inherent violation of causality which lead to its abandonment in the second half of the 20-th century. In fact, motion backward in time measured with respect to a negative unit of time is as causal as the conventional motion forward in time referred to a positive unit of time. Most importantly, the isodual theory of antimatter mandates the existence of antigravity defined as a gravitational repulsion experienced by antimatter in the field of matter and vice-versa... while resolving the historical objections against antigravity."



Iso-symmetrical geometrical Dhamata layout


"The proof by Aringazin... of the "universality" of Isoaxiom III, namely, its capability of admitting as particualr cases all available anomalous time dilations via different expensions in terms of different quantities and with different truncatiuons;"


The Cygnus golden ratio signal, one trigger in the galactic network, that phase-conjugated the sun tuning (thanks to the Millenium group, & Kent Steadman)

"The central notion of isorelativity is the lifting of the basic unit of the Minkowski space and of the Poincar ́e symmetry, I = Diag.(1, 1, 1, 1), into a 4 × 4-dimensional, nowhere singular and positive-definite matrix.... Minkowski-Santilli isospaces include as particular spaces all possible spacetimes, such as the Riemannian, Finslerian, non-Desarguesian..."

<>Dr. Santilli's genius of novelty may have been midwived by his encylopaedic knowledge of all of maverick scientist Dr. Nicola Tesla's writtings and papers (Tesla himself claiming ETI contact, and viewing his technology in Numinous holo-Vision. His reluctant involvement in Project Rainbow, which led to the notoreous Philadelphia Experiment in Time, to which the Time Gate has been a balancing correction extended from the invarient principles of the Irreversible Macro Coherent Unity fundamenting the cosmos). Dr. Nicola Tesla, who discovered Tesla longitudal waves (Time Waves... And by the side AC electricity and the lightbulb amidst a treasure cove of others), stated that the Veda's were the closest to his thinking of all manuscripts of history...

*NOTE UFO: UniPHIed Field Object.

The Extremely Low Frequency Radar group's registration of a "gravity wave" signature. Sharing similarities to the Time Wave novelty graph

To Santilli's hyerpmathematics. The old "science" therefore has no practical value or meaning:


"All formulations with classical noncanonical and operator nonunitary time evolutions do not have time-invariant numerical predictions, physical laws and mathematical axioms when formulated via the mathematics of classical and quantum Hamiltonian mechanics, thus having no known physical or mathematical value....

"...It is then easy to see that, when the nonunitary theory is formulated via the mathematics of unitary theories, it does not admit time-invariant numerical predictions, thus having no known physical meaning or value."





"The complexity of hypertime and hyperrelativity for biological systems. The reader should be aware that the complexity of biological structures requires the use of hypermathematics as well as its isodual, e.g., for quantitative interpretations of bifurcations. In fact, a quantitative interpretation of bifurcations, e.g., in sea shells, requires four different hypertimes and their isoduals, as indicated below. In turn, this is sufficient to illustrate the departure from conventional notions of a relativity suitable for quantitative studies on biological systems, known as hyperrelativity and its isodual (57). In fact, such new relativity requires the most general notion of numbers, those with a multi-valued hyperunits characterized by an ordered, yet unlimited number of non-Hermitean elements, with consequential most general possible geometries and mechanics, plus their isoduals. This results in an ordered, yet unlimited variety of spaces and their isoduals all coexisting in our three-dimensional Euclidean space, plus corresponding, equally co-existing varieties of time. There is little doubt that such features imply dramatic departures from the simplicity, thus insufficiency, of special relativity. An illustration of the complexity of hyperformulations and corresponding hyperrelativ ity is given by the four different notions of hypertime which are needed for the description of complex biological processes, such as bifurcations in seashells, all in a coexisting form and each having a multi-valued character: motion forward in future time öt >; motion backward in past time <öt; motion forward from past time <ötd; and motion backward from future time öt >d. The necessity of these four directions in time also illustrates the need of the isodual map."




*NOTE: The Rg Veda contains the foundations of an entire atomic theory, which later was delineated into a linear series of descriptions in other Vedic writings... What has struck us, and failed to be seen in significance by other scientists exploring this, but rather acting as an irritant due to lack of knowledge of the Santilli new mathematical branches, and the Santilli iso-electornium and Magne novel materials, which defy the rules of quantum chemistry, but yet are precisely described in the Vedic literature, precisely of the nature that best befits the description of those of Santilli's hadron physics... Later 100 becomes the Atman, or superself of 100 breaths, which only at the end of thousands of years of Chinese whispers, became anchored to mean "100 reincarnations" a notion that is vacant in the Veda... 100 = the Irreversible iso-atom of the Atamanu, in Veda number ascribed to verse prose. Anus and Paramanus atoms are akin to the iso-atoms of Santilli, and Atamanus along with Mannaus to the domain of geno- and hyperphysics... Our book THE MANU: An Omnidimensional Artifact At The Genesis Of History (3 years in the writting, and another 2 to go. Now 700 pages), details these utterly species shaking revelations.


Ontological Congression to the Eschatological Telos of 2012.
Still from Ananda's 2001 animation
Dharmata universes phase-kissing