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Astrophysical Omni-Temporal Manufestations


By Ananda M. Bosman

(first uploaded September 6, 2004, under the title "Timegate 2004, A New Universe Of Omni-Temporal Manifestations, Part 2Some pictures are png format, so use latest browsers)

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Major universal change is in our midst (novelty engression). Following the activation of the galactic gamma ray bursts, of an ultra high order, what some astrophysicists likened to a "CETI gamma ray internet," our solar system's planetary gardens underwent noticeable changes (some of which had already been in motion over the last 20 years). This New Universe of active changes include the following:

Venus: Oxygen formation, 2,500% increase in auroral brightness, and enormous physical, chemical and optical atmosphereic transformations. First time observation of the inversion of dark and light spots detected, sulfur-containing gases are on a sharp decrease of in its atmosphere.
<>Neptune: Magnetic polar shift. A 40% increase in atmospheric brightness and light spot dynamics,<> in just several years, <>drastic changes on its Moon Triton.
<> Jupiter: Magnetic field intentsity doubling. <>Appearance of dark spot. Appearance large scale Aurora activation. Plasma clouds exhibit more than 200% increase in their brightness. Major transformation of Jovian Moons. Ever increasing plasma genesis, ejected like Solar coronal holes. Appearance of radiation belt brightening in decimeter band. Transformation of the Jupiter - Io system of currents, with a stream of ionized hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen,.. through a one million amperes flux tube.
<>Sun: 16% shrinkage in size in the last half century. Increase in sunspot activity and intensity. More activity since 1940 than in previous 1,150 years, combined

Saturn: 1000% increase in plasma toroidal field. Appearance of Aurora's, with increasing brightness. Loss of 6 minutes of time in just 9 months. Bewildering X-rays of solar intensity appear at tetrahedral vertex equatorial zone.  Dissapearance of ring spokes. Transformation of Saturnian moons, including Titan
Pluto: Appearence of dark spots. 300% increase in atmospheric pressure, even as Pluto recedes farther from the Sun
Mercury: surprisingly strong intrinsic magnetic field is anomolously present, and 'surprise' polar ice discovered on what had been hitherto supposed to be a "dead" planetary sphere.

Moon: Generation on the Moon of a first stage atmosphere, a growing natrium atmosphere detected reaching 9,000 km in height.

Earth: Change in time, 30 leap seconds in just 34 years. Enormous global geophysical and whether transformations. Shift in magnetic field. Activation of aurora's. Appearance of new Nitrogen in upper atmosphere. Two unexpected populations of cosmic particles found in the Van Allen radiation belts; an injection of a greater than 50 MeV dense electron sheaf into the inner magnetosphere during times of abrupt magnetic storms; the emergence of a new belt consisting of ionic elements traditionally found in the composition of stars. Observation of Earth's novel gamma ray burst sprites into space, with faster-than-light expanding rings.
Mars: Doubling of atmospheric density. <>New appearance of planet wide storms, polar melting of the ice caps, and unprecedented Martian Global Warming, Methane and ammonia detected, with possible formaldhyde, as signs of life activity, now and in the last 400 years. Increasing biosphereic quality by a series of Martian atmosphereic transformations. Unusual ozone growth concentration and appearance at the equatorial zone of cloudy growth.

Uranus: Massive growth of magnetosphere intensity. Vast increase of clouds, enormous changes in Uranian brightness, increased global cloud activity. Magnetic polar shift.

As astounding as these appear, when listed together, following will be further documentation, and exploration of what this all means to our life, health, and future.
All of these are the hallmarks of the "New Universe" paradigm of Emmanuel...

A still from one of Ananda's 1999 New Universe animations. The cover of Scientific American, 1999, overlayed with two 3D renderred TWZ Novelty graph universes, one as the "old universe" kissing the "New Universe" now being called the "multiverse". Identical cover to:

Ananda's 1996 magazine cover VORTEXIJAH: New Essential World Solutions (NEWS)

Several years following our first European presentations on the New Universe, during 1995, several mainstream scientists came forward and published their findings of our solar system's re-writing of its laws in the face of larger transformations, amidst these were geologists and geophysicians from the Russian Academy of Sciences, who related in 1997 that:

"Current PlanetoPhysical alterations of the Earth are becoming irreversible. Strong evidence exists that these transformations are being caused by highly charged material and energetic non-uniformity's in anisotropic interstellar space which have broken into the interplanetary area of our Solar System. This "donation" of energy is producing hybrid processes and excited energy states in all planets, as well as the Sun.
"Effects here on Earth are to be found in the acceleration of the magnetic pole shift, in the vertical and horizontal ozone content distribution, and in the increased frequency and magnitude of significant catastrophic climatic events. There is growing probability that we are moving into a rapid temperature instability period similar to the one that took place 10,000 years ago. The adaptive responses of the biosphere, and humanity, to these new conditions may lead to a total global revision of the range of species and life on Earth. It is only through a deep understanding of the fundamental changes taking place in the natural environment surrounding us that politicians, and citizens a like, will be able to achieve balance with the renewing flow of PlanetoPhysical states and processes."

—DR. ALEXEY N. DMITRIEV (Professor of Geology & Mineralogy, &  Chief Scientific Member, United Institute of Geology, Geophysics, & Mineralogy, Siberian Department of Russian Academy of Sciences),PLANETOPHYSICAL STATE OF THE EARTH AND LIFE. January 8, 1998. Published in Russian, IICA Transactions, Volume 4, 1997, Russian to English Translation and Editing: by A. N. Dmitriev, Andrew Tetenov, and Earl L. Crockett


Saturns aurora as tracings of an inter-octahedron. Still from Ananda's 1999 New Universe animations

Continuing with the planet our species has chosen from the oldest traditions and myths, the planet of time as well as the great beyond, Saturn is now amidst extraordinary changes, appart from those we have already explored, of which a time shift of 6 minutes, in just 9 months is more than eye raising in the implications of what is sweeping thorugh the foundation of our solar system.

Saturn continues to exhibit north polar hexagonal cloud symmetry invariently over 19 years

Amidst these, there has been a major decrease in Saturn's equatorial jet stream velocities — whilst in just a dozen years a toroidal (torus donut) plasma energy cloud has manifested and extraordinarily transfigured into becoming 1000% denser than the flaberghasted scientists could possibly have fathomed (1981 and 1993):


"The pioneering observations of Saturn's plasma population, energetic particle population, magnetic fields, plasma waves and remote sensing observations from the Pioneer II and Voyager 1 and 2 encounters... Johnson et al... constructed from all these observations a model of a neutral cloud torus that surrounds Saturn...

"Followed by the discovery using HST of a relatively large toroidal cloud of OH that was surrounding Saturn with densities as high as 500 cm-3 (Shemansky et al., 1993; Hall et al. 1996; and Richardson et al. 1998). This density was more than an order of magnitude larger [1000%] than that predicted by Johnson et al. (1989) [from the Voyager and Pioneer mission data]..."

Sittler, Ed et al. Pickup Ions at Dione and Enceladus: Cassini Plasma Spectrometer Simulations. NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center et al. http://caps.space.swri.edu/caps/CAPS_Publications/Sittler.pdf

These energetic torus amplifications are in similitude to the same energetic genesis now also sweeping the giant planet Jupiter. This new spectacular continuously changing cloud formation appears to have a synchroneity with the orbit of its moon, Enceladus.

Enceladus, a moon that has some geometrical treasure tracings

So too Saturn's polar aurora has first appeared and then annually increased in its brightness, since the Time Gate eve in 1995, which had been utterly vacant in all three previous encounters with the NASA space missions in concert with the plasma torus increase of 1000%:

"The Hubble telescope has taken the first picture of bright aurorae at Saturn's northern and southern poles... Hubble's far-ultraviolet-light image resolves a luminous, circular band centered on the north pole, where an enormous curtain of light rises as far as 1,200 miles (2,000 kilometers) above the cloud tops. This curtain changed rapidly in brightness and extent over the two-hour period of observations."
Trauger, J.T. et al. Hubble Provides the First Images of Saturn's Aurorae. Hubble Site News Center, 1995, no. 39. http://hubblesite.org/newscenter/newsdesk/archive/releases/1995/39/ &

Saturn continues to exhibit north polar hexagonal cloud symmetry invariently over 19 years

These circular formations, tracing the previously photographed N-space 5D signatures, within Saturn's "upper atmosphere, standing wave pattern," of its linear multi-tiered cloud patterning — bang on center over the north pole, invarient in 19 years of observation in its insensitivity to the strong seasonal forces that operate within Saturn's poles, this intricate geometry is racing BACKWARDS continuously, against the eastern rotation of the planet (A hexagonal feature around Saturn's North Pole. Godfrey, D. A. 1988. Icarus. 76,335-356.)

Saturns north pole pent signature
Still from our 1995 animations. Showing pentagram within the hexagon and ovoid. The pentagon has not been invariently obvious.  "Hexagonal polar current on Saturn." Gierasch, P. J. 1989. Nature 337,309.

The hexagonal and pentagram pattern embedded within that circle, which has now become the signature morphology that has become ever increasingly illumined by an previously uknown dynamic, except one that has been mathematically predicted in the hyperdimensional science writings of a century. Its application to interplanetary science thus is the new frontier in application of this.
Hyperdimensional astrophysics, of course, being pioneered by the enterprise mission team headed by space science researcher Richard C. Hoagland, whose groundbreaking United Nations General Assembly presentation on the hyperdimensional geometrical science decoded from the Cydonia region of Mars, in February 1992, broke the ice in terms of public exposure to this novel field... Our magazine then New Dimensions: The Journal Of Realities (March 92, Denmark), was perhaps one of the first European journals to publish Hoagland's hyperdimensional geometrical findings in Europe (we ourselves had been playing with Tetrahedrons since 1988. Thanks to Jeff Sedgwick, incidently).
A hexagon is a 2 dimensional signature of a cube, or interlocked tetrahedron, thus the Signature on Saturn's north pole (by the geometrical descriptions stemming from, but not limited to, the Reiman theorum) is a projected shadowgram of a higher N-space dimensional object:

The interlocked tetrahedron comprises a 'stellated cube', the tetrahedron vertice/points draw the lines for the hexagon/cube, the so called "Seal of Soloman"

Quoting from our New Dimensions: Journal Of Realities, March 1992 article by science journalist Richard Hoagland called Ruined City On Mars Decoded:

"In a 'real world' situation looking down on a planet's actual rotational axis such a hexagon would represent the three dimensional 'in-welling' set of forces resulting from teh higher-dimensional, rotating 'hypersphere collapse.'
"The 'Hexagon' would be the outline of two interlocking 'incribed tetrahedra in a sphere,' seen projected end-on, with one vertex of each tetrahedron on each pole, north and south."
Richard C. Hoagland, "Ruined City On Mars Decoded: The Breakthroughs of Cydonia. New Dimensions: The Journal Of Realities, March 1992 (Aton Publishing, Nykobing, Mors, Denmark)

The early explorations of the higher dimensional nature of geometry followed the Riemann Metric Tensor of four dimensional N-space geometry, presented to change the world, on June 10, 1854. Georg Bernard Riemann's presentation at the University of Gottinggen, Germany, presented mathematical evidence titled: "On the Hypotheses Which Lie at the Foundation of Geometry," that "higher, unseen dimensions" were responsible for the known forces of nature.

This followed the cube's hyperdimensional nature by the problem of the 27 lines of the cubic surface, latter perfect  in "The Polytope 2 21, Whose Twenty-Seven Vertices Correspond to the Lines on the General Cubic Surface," (Dr. H. S. M. Coxter, American Journal of Mathematics, Vol 62, 1940) which has a direct mirror in the Meru Yantra of 27 lines at the same time as also being a hyper-Sierpinski triangle [much more on this later on].

This hyperdimensional signature was alluded to by the famous scientists Maxwell in 1887:

Ye cubic surfaces! By threes and nines

Draw round his camp your seven-and-twenty lines-

The seal of Solomon in three dimensions.

March on, symbolic host! With step sublime,

Up to the flaming bounds of Space and Time!

There pause, until by Dickenson depicted,

In two dimensions, we the form may trace

Of him whose soul, too large for vulgar space,

In n dimensions flourished unrestricted."

Dr. James Clerk Maxwell, addressing the Committee of the Cayley Portrait Fund, 1887, in honour of multi-dimensional mathematician Dr. Arthur Cayley

These Maxwell hyperdimensional scalar wave-guides patterned on Saturn, as its embedded tetrahedral hexagon wave-structure being "deeply-rooted in Saturn's interior," ("The rotation period of Saturn's polar hexagon." Godfrey, D. A. 1990. Science 247, 1206-1208). Our own OTI contacts and interludes, lead us to an understanding at an early stage, of Saturn's internal hyperdimensional nature (which we have been quite vocal about in our public presentations since the beginning of the 1990s). Here a recent analysis of the hexagon and ocoid of Saturn is explored in the prestigeous science journal Icarus:

"Polar map projections of Voyager 1 and 2 images of Saturn's northern hemisphere revealed the existence of a feature with a remarkable hexagonal shape surrounding the pole at planetographic latitude 78.5 deg N (Godfrey 1988). The hexagon was embedded within an eastward jet of 100 m s-1 but was itself stationary with respect to Saturn's internal rotation period (Desch and Kaiser 1981). Related to it was a large oval (the North Polar Spot (NPS))...

"Both features (hexagon and NPS) were reobserved 10-15 years later in the 1990s from the ground (Sanchez-Lavega et al. 1993) and from the Hubble Space Telescope (Caldwell et al. 1993), suggesting that they are long-lived features apparently insensitive to the strong seasonal forcing in Saturn's polar regions Fig 1B. Because of its slow drift, the hexagon was conjectured to be deeply rooted in Saturn's interior (Gierasch 1989, Godfrey 1990)."

—Sanchez-Lavega, A. and Perez-Hoyos, S, et al. NOTE No Hexagonal Wave around Saturn's Southern Pole. Icarus 160, 216-219 (2002). http://www.ajax.ehu.es/grupo/2002b.pdf

Thus the N-space 5D hyperdimensional geometry (the ovoid), mathematically predicted to appear on a rotating sphere, as its signature, illuminating into "rapidly changing" and ever increasing polar aurora's starting on the eve of the Time Gate and ever more present ever since — does have more than some bearing.
It is our suggestion that the hexagonal and ovoid patterns of Saturn's poles, in part, are related to superconductivity, and especially forms of Meisnier-field elements wit a highward orbital spin state, including types of the Santilli iso-electornium and Magne non-valence bond arrangements, perhaps even a veritable pseudo-superconducting MagneGas.
Furtheremore, we suggest this presence to be the tracings of a higher N-space "inter-octahedron," or a hyper iso-octahedron, as the core center of the Vortexijah iso-symmetrical tetrahedron wheels. In fact the iso-octahedron, as it is angled within the Vortexijah iso-tetrahedron wheel disk (Vortexijah Star Ship).

 iso-octahedon of Saturns aurora

Saturns aurora as tracings of an inter-octahedron. Still from Ananda's 1999 New Universe animations

However, Saturns south pole turns out to also yield somce surprises, a series of photographs reveals the presence of the 5-N ovoid form, accompanied by what appears to be a persistant polyhedron, apparently alternating between a seven-sided and 8-sided octagonal formation.

Saturn's south polar "POLYGONE" form and Bindu "dark spot" has recently been discovered together with a New polar jet. This new finding boost the "Octonian" 8 dimensional symmetrical geometrical nature of Saturn, the implicaitons of the Santilli-LIE algebra adjustation of Octonian multi-8 dimensional geometries — are Omnidimensional

"A polygonal shape with wavenumber given by the ratio between the longitude of the circle at 74° S and the east–west size of this vortex. The existence at this latitude of the dark polar belt, indicates that we have all the ingredients for a hexagonal wave to form...
—Icarus 160, 216–219 (2002) doi:10.1006/icar.2002.6947. NOTE No Hexagonal Wave around Saturn’s Southern Pole A. S´anchez-Lavega and S. P´erez-Hoyos Departamento Fisica Aplicada I, E.T.S. Ingenieros, Universidad del Pais Vasco, Alameda Urquijo s/n, 48013 Bilbao, Spain, J. R. Acarreta Laboratorio de Astrof´&Mac245;sica y F ´&Mac245;sica Fundamental, INTA, P.O. Box 50727, 28080 Madrid, Spain and R. G. French Wellesley College, Department of Astronomy, Wellesley, Massachusetts 02481 Received April 26, 2002; revised June 24,2002

This is accompanied by a Bindu-like "small dark spot" akin to a tensor point, which is part of some form of "cap" directly linked to the hyperdimensional internal cycles of the planet, odd temporal changes, a new polar jet, and a new "bright ring" that grew between Time Gate 1999 and Time Gate 2000, all thanks to the Hubble Space Telescope:

"HST images also reveal the existence of a small polar “cap”... that marks the rotational pole of the planet  as well as unexpected changes in the nearby cloud structure on a timescale of years…A very small “cap” (a dark disk) centered on the pole… This cap has two regions, an outer one of radius Å`2000 km and an inner one  (a very small dark spot, presumably marking the rotation pole) with a radius of 1000 km. At shorter wavelengths (439 nm), this cap is bright relative to its surroundings (Fig. 1C) although suffering temporal reflectivity changes...
"Brightness changes were also prominent at wavelengths longer than 675 nm, where a bright ring surrounding the cap (poleward of 84° S) developed between 1999 and 2001 (Figs.1E–1F).
We found that altitude variations in the cloud and aerosol layers are responsible for the meridional structure seen at a given wavelength. The altitude of the stratospheric aerosol layer increases poleward of 74°S, spanning the pressure range from1 to 20mbar.
 "At short wavelengths, sunlight is absorbed and diffused by the uniform stratospheric aerosols that cover the pole. However, at longer wavelengths, outside the 890-nm methane band, photons penetrate this layer and we see the lower tropospheric cloud and spots on it. Cloud layering in the “cap” is similar to that described, but the optical properties differ in this region. The stratospheric aerosol is nearly gray and has a greater optical depth (0.8 at 336 nm and 0.7 at 675 nm) whereas the tropospheric cloud has a reduced optical depth (Å`12). These differences from the neighboring clouds, as well as the observed temporal changes, probably reflect peculiar dynamics in the cap...

"We have used the tiny spots and belt irregularities in the polar region to track cloud motion in pairs of images typically separated by 3–12 days. From 1998 to 2001 we were able to measure the motions of 46 tracers located between 60 and 88°S. From their drift rates we derived the south pole zonal windprofile.    A previously undetected polar jet is evident from the data. From a gaussian fit to the profile similar to that used for the northern hexagon… the center of the jet is at 73°'S…   
"This and the peculiarities and temporal changes of the polar regions of Saturn makes them one of the primary targets for future observations with the instrumentation on board the Cassini orbiter."
—Icarus 160, 216–219 (2002) doi:10.1006/icar.2002.6947. NOTE No Hexagonal Wave around Saturn’s Southern Pole A. S´anchez-Lavega and S. P´erez-Hoyos Departamento Fisica Aplicada I, E.T.S. Ingenieros, Universidad del Pais Vasco, Alameda Urquijo s/n, 48013 Bilbao, Spain, J. R. Acarreta Laboratorio de Astrof´&Mac245;sica y F ´&Mac245;sica Fundamental, INTA, P.O. Box 50727, 28080 Madrid, Spain and R. G. French Wellesley College, Department of Astronomy, Wellesley, Massachusetts 02481 Received April 26, 2002; revised June 24,2002

From Ananda's groundbreaking THE GOD CODE: The Mathematical Evidence For All Is God, presented at the Ecumenical Center of Unity, Schweibenalp, September 2000 (over 300 slides and animations presented). 384, as 6 x 64, is both a DNA cycle and standard in the Time Wave Novelty graph... It is also a central number in the Great Pyramid of Egypt (God Code availability)

In fact the entire cloud rotation of Saturn has undergone a vast transformation, since being observed in 1980 and the Time Gate 1996 — for Saturn's equatorial clouds have reduced their speed of rotation by a stunning 58%, which was understated as an "unexpected and dramatic change in weather":        

"Saturn, one of the windiest planets, has recently had an unexpected and dramatic change in weather: its equatorial winds have subsided from a rapid 1700 km/hr during the Voyager spacecraft flybys in 1980-81 to a modest 990 km/hr from 1996 to 2002.  This slow-down in the winds has been detected by a Spanish-American team of scientists, including Richard French of Wellesley College in Massachusetts, who report their findings in the June 5 issue of the journal, Nature. (5 June 2003, Vol. 423, pp. 623-625)...

"Using the high-resolution capability of the Wide Field Planetary Camera onboard the HST, the Spanish-American team has been able to track enough cloud elements in Saturn to measure the wind velocity over a broad range of latitudes. The equatorial winds measured in 1996-2001 are only half as strong as was found in 1980-81, when the Voyager spacecraft visited the planet.  In contrast, the windy jets far from the equator have remained stable and show a strong hemispheric symmetry not found in Jupiter."

—Hill, Mary Ann. Saturn's Equatorial Winds Decreasing: Spanish-American Team's Findings Raise Question About Planet's Atmosphere. NASA / Wellesley College News Release, June 4, 2003. http://www.wellesley.edu/PublicAffairs/Releases/2003/060403.html

This when seen together with Saturn's recent temporal time shift of 6 minutes, in just 9 month, along with the other new anomolous dynamics emerging, can no longer be attributed to mere seasonal flimsy's — furthermore, every planet in our solar system, regardles of season, is undergoing one vast shift, or the other, that were not detected before, as we shall see. Are we seeing the tempest temporal transformations brought to stilling by an instilling hyper-tetrahedron dynamic manifesting as X-ray emmission novelty?

tetrahedron xray on Saturn (ananda)
The spinning tetrahedral dynamics (or more precisely iso-octahedron) of Saturn equator's anomolous X-rays (Ananda, August 2004). Not one vertice (the photo is a time-lapse composit of more than 10 hours rotation, thus the X-rays emerge from the entire circumference), but one concurrent 360° vertice concert

The NASA Chandra X-Ray Observatory's novel sighting this year (2004) of the anomolous X-rays, not by the polar aurora, but emmisions positioned at the tetrahedral equatorial region, together with the massive ring changes, accompany the above. Something extraordinary is happening.

Saturn octahedron
Saturn's aurora from a rotational octahedron diamond tracing, comprising an inter-octahedron. Still from Ananda's 1999 New Universe animations

For the spokes of  Saturn's rings were one of its most anomalous previous characteristics with revolutions that were described as being distinctly "non-Keplerian" in their manner — disregarding the "standard" laws of physics with inexplicably radial narrow formations spanning accross the rings, speeding around Saturn at much greater speeds than the ring particles underlying them can orbit under the laws of gravitational attraction, and positioned from the planet at the same distance:

"In the early 1980s, NASA's two Voyager spacecraft revealed that Saturn's rings are made mostly of water ice, and they found 'braided' rings, ringlets, and 'spokes' – dark features in the rings that seem to circle the planet at a different rate from that of the surrounding ring material."

—NASA Solar System Exploration. Overview: Saturn. NASA SSE website. http://solarsystem.nasa.gov/planets/profile.cfm?Object=Saturn&Display=OverviewLong

octahedron of Saturns aurora
Saturns aurora from a hyperdimensional "Vortexijah" engine, whose core is comprised of a rotational octahedron diamond composing an inter-octahedron. Still from Ananda's 1999 New Universe animations

Their sudden dissapearance has certainly shaken the reality foundations of some people. That these initial mysteries of the universe were now going to be ready for close inspection was of central important to astrphysicists, only this last December 2003, were the planetary scientists of the Cassini mission eagerly anticipating the 100 times better extreme close-ups:

Dr. Carolyn Porco, a planetary ring specialist and leader of the Imaging Science team, said, 'For someone who was involved in the Voyager exploration of Saturn twenty-three years ago, this is turning out to be a very sentimental journey. I'm reminded of what it felt like to see Saturn's rings for the first time with Voyager, and how rich and surprising they were. The spokes in the B ring, the twisted F ring and its shepherding moons, the sheer number and diversity of ring features... we'll be on the lookout for all these things and more over the next few months'."

—Finn, Heidi. Saturn Details Become Visible to Cassini Spacecraft. Cassini Imaging Central Laboratory for Opertaions (CICLOPS,) News Release, Dec. 5, 2003. http://ciclops.lpl.arizona.edu/PR/2003L05/NR2003L05A.html


However, their reality was shaken, and not only that the entire field of astrophysics is now being effected by the sudden dissapearance of these hyperdimensional superconducting behaviour spokes — they had vanished in the Saturnian Twilight Zone:

"Cassini's approach to Saturn has begun... new details in the atmosphere and rings are becoming visible, and scientists are already puzzling over the noticeable absence of the ghostly spoke-like dark markings in the rings first seen by Voyager on its approach to the planet 23 years ago. One thing is manifestly clear: there will be many more puzzles in store for us as the mission progresses."

Porco, Carolyn. Cassini Imaging Central Laboratory for Observations (CICLOPS), Latest Release, Feb. 27, 2004. http://ciclops.lpl.arizona.edu

Indeed, a renaisance, a solar system flower power revolution, is surging through interplanetary science via this Cassini mission. Some drastic change within the rings of Saturn, and the planet herself, is now objectively manifesting into the undeniable reality of the overt.
The superconductivity (that 'mysterious force' that does not behave according to the normal laws of physics, and resonates the path of least resitance, everywhen and everywhere) that was once uniquely reserved for Saturn's glorious rings, is now emanating into our solar system creation... The hyperdimensional pseudo-superconductive force behind the novel appearance of the X-ray emmissions, is reflecting and amplifying the surrounding creation:

"It's a puzzle, since the intensity of Saturn's X-rays requires that Saturn reflects X-rays fifty times more efficiently than the Moon."


Titan's oval N-space 5D shadowgram appearing on its North pole

Furthermore, the August 12-13th, 1994 Saturnian activation, in concert with the gamma ray network, with hyper-tetrahedral iso-topic hyperdiamond iso-symmetry and extra-temporal syncrhoneous distribution, appears to be in synch with the changes that occured concurrently on Saturn's giant moon, Titan, the biggest moon in the solar system (3/4 the size of Mars and bigger than the planet Mercury)...
Titan exhibits a N-space 5d signature on its north pole (as we printed in The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel, 1999. And presented in seminars throughout Europe, in our animations) — as well as something else.
See also Vortexijah Scalar

octahedron 5d signature on titan
Titan's oval N-space 5D shadowgram as composed from an iso-octahedron diamond, traced by the octahedron in the midst of the Vortexijah core engine iso-geometry


"Titan's different from anything we've ever seen before."

—Dr. Elizabeth Turtle
(University of Arizona), NASA Cassini imagining team, news conference July 2004

geometrical glow patterns on Titan
Titan's glowing geometry, activation since 1994

"This is the weirdest place. We really can't tell what we're looking at."
Dr. Torrance V. Johnson, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Cassini press briefing, July 2004
"Is it any wonder, therefore, when in 1994 a galactic wide gamma-ray "internet" appeared  to switch on, with a holographic phase-conjugate array, that at the same time the White  Spot of Saturn moved to 19.5° and at that Sirius mid-date, August 13th, Titan began  to glow in geometrical positions, with an unexplained phenomenon. Now there is a  hyperdimensional holographical link between the solar micro-hologramme and the  galactic macro-hologramme."
—The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel: The Interuniversal Viewpoint For The Unity Of Diversity, chapter SATURN & PLANETARY Interdimensional Geometry. October 1994, updated July 1999

There is an larger phenomenology at hand, however, amidst the vast energetic hyper-N INPUT amidst the planet Saturn. For accompanying the August 12-13th, 1994, Saturnian activation of the White Spot at the tetrahedral 19.5° vertice lattitude, in concert with the gamma ray network (whose symphony is an instrumental panel of an iso-topic hyper-tetrahedral hyperdiamond lattice of iso-symmetry arranged in extra-temporal synchroneous distribution), appears to be in-synch with the changes that occured concurrently on Saturn's giant moon, Titan — the second biggest moon in the solar system (3/4 the size of Mars and bigger than the planet Mercury)...
Titan's mystery glow was highlighted on August 13th 1994, (see The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel, pp 550 for reproduced documentation). This "bright, continent-sized feature," that "glows eerily" was then geometrically aligned to a N-space 5 hyperdimensional glowing oval that appeared in synchroneity with the August 12th maneuvring of the Saturn "Great White Spite" into positioning at the tetrahedron vertice of 19.5 latitude. The glow patterns, that began to become acknowledged in 1994, took on a geometrical pattern which we shall overview a little ahead.

Titan's oval N-space 5D shadowgram appearing on its North pole

Before proceeding forwards, we do note that now, since Time Gate 2001, the new glow of Titan is growing in its brightness, and appears to be coming from its surface, under its clouds, and most importantly, has positioned itself following geometrical vertice points, precisely as our 1998 lecture animations projected for the 1994 phenomenon — as octahedral, tetrahedral, inter-octahedral, and that of the icosahedron.
There appears to be a hyperdimensional family amidst the spheres of Saturn. Titan exhibits a N-space 5d signature on its north pole (as we printed in The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel, 1999. And presented in seminars throughout the world, in our animations of the 1990s) — as well as something else.
See also Vortexijah Scalar

<><>octahedron 5d signature on titan
Titan's oval N-space 5D shadowgram as composed from an inter-octahedron diamond, traced by the octahedron in the midst of the Vortexijah core engine iso-geometry and hyper-geometry

Titan certainly has a great deal of interest for many people, including the clandestine "cloak-and-dagger" world of the above top secret military industrial complex...

NASA's Chief of Photography for the Apollo space missions and designer of the Apollo space craft, Dr. Maurice Chatelain, describes his "inside" knowledge that UFOs come from ET bases on Titan, in his book Our Cosmic Ancestors, which he wrote after retirement from the "black world" and space industry. But such reports leaked by former members of this covert vieled world remain rather aloof compared to the vast phenomenology now sweeping our solar system overtly.

New Cassini photograph of Titan in colour showing glow point by its south pole

Amidst these apparent hyperdimensional geometrical energetic activations, Titan appears to have INCREASED the height of its atmosphere from 15%—200% (the latter when one takes NASA's conservative previous figures).

Such an astounding transformation of Titan, gives the appearance is if it is preparing itself deliberately for human expansion, the ETI/OTI have given another model to this, however, which we shall explore shortly. This major surprise, yet another shock for NASA scientists, occured through NASA's Chandra x-ray detailed observations Titan, the less conservative NASA scientists give a 10-15% atmospheric height increase from the January 2003 data, as this April, 2004, NASA press release relates:

"January 5, 2003, Titan... crossed in front of the Crab Nebula... The diameter of Titan's shadow was found to be larger than the known diameter of its solid surface. This difference in diameters yields a measurement of about 550 miles (880 kilometers) for the height of the X-ray absorbing region of Titan's atmosphere.

"The extent of the upper atmosphere is... slightly (10-15%) larger, than that implied by Voyager I observations made at radio, infrared and ultraviolet wavelengths in 1980."

Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. Titan Casts Revealing Shadow. Chandra X-Ray Observatory Photo Album website of NASA / SAO. April 05, 2004. http://chandra.harvard.edu/photo/2004/titan/

octa on titan 2
Titan's oval N-space 5D shadowgram, here one octahedron nested within the hyper-physics of an inter-octahedron diamond traces the Vortexijah core engine iso-geometry and hyper-geometry

Yet these were the NON-conservative NASA estimates with the more standard conservative figures, from the 1981 Voyager probe observations, giving the former atmospheric depth of Titan to be merely 250 miles:

"A dense, hazy atmosphere at least 400 kilometers (250 miles) thick obscures the surface [of Titan.]"

—Woodfill, Jerry. The Satellites of Saturn: Titan. NASA JSC Space Educator's Handbook, Last Updated Feb. 11, 2000.  http://vesuvius.jsc.nasa.gov/er/seh/satsaturn.html
This figure then would mean that in only 23 years Titan's total atmosphere may have expanded from 250 miles to 550 miles in height — that is a mega 200% increase in height!>
<><>titans octahedron 3
One octahedron tracing the oval N-space 5D shadowgram of Titan's pole, nested within the hyper-physics of an inter-octahedron diamond

As one would expect, in terms of additional factors that contribute to the presence of a hyperdimensional Titanian polar input, Titan does indeed exhibits an inexplicable and remarkable polar cloud phenomenon, like Saturn's dynamics which consistenly manifest a hexagon on its North pole.

Within the southern hemisphere of Titan's unique atmosphere, anomalous fast spinning clouds have been recorded by the Keck telescopes of Hawaii, whose optical and infrared observations have imaged these  bright methane clouds and their remarkable fast movements and glow — defying the foundaiton of the old models of astrophysical laws.
The polar laws of Titan are operating in polar contrast to the standard temperature laws, for their is a greater cloud concentration there, according to a paper in the Nature
science journal, which also mentions the increasing glow, in just two month:

"...More remarkable, however, are the transient changes visible near the south pole of Titan. These changes are more apparent in polar projections of the images (Fig. 2). The bright unresolved spot on the southern limb in the 10 and 11 December images has disappeared by February. The February image instead shows a much larger brightening extending about 1,400 km from 80° to 70° south latitude... "These images and spectra conclusively demonstrate the existence of transient clouds in the troposphere of Titan... The December 2001 cloud has a brightness equivalent to about 0.3% of the total brightness of the disk of Titan at these wavelengths, and can be explained by a single (foreshortened) cloud of 200 km diameter or smaller clouds within the same total area... The 28 February 2002 cloud is significantly larger, reflecting a flux equivalent to about 1% of the total flux of Titan...

"The most striking property of these transient cloud events is their unexpected concentration near the south pole of Titan. Although heating at southern summer solstice might be expected to drive polar convection, studies of tropospheric conditions on Titan have suggested an absence of seasonal variation (12, 13) and predicted that methane clouds, if present, should concentrate at the equator year round (14)..."

Dr's Michael E. Brown*, Antonin H. Bouchez & Caitlin A. Griffith. Direct detection of variable tropospheric clouds near Titan's south pole. Nature, vol. 20, 19/26 Dec. 2002. http://www.gps.caltech.edu/~antonin/spclouds/article.pdf

<><><><>octahedron on titan 4

Thus, here we have a clear pole shift to the normal thermal behavior, "unexpected concentration" of the rapidly morphing glowing clouds "near the south pole", which otherwise "should concentrate at the equator year round." The polar region, which includes the 5-N ring (above), has the brightest glowing cloud phenomenon on its south pole, just at the very dusk of Time Gate 2001 (whose novelty descent wave which brought September 11th with it).

Furthermore, Titan's south polar glow zone, appart from intimating other hyperdimensional geometries (which we shall explore), also shows signs of circular holographic-like ripples:

Titan's south polar N-space standing wave ripples

What in fact these studies gave substance to, was the living geometry of these glowing fast metamorphosing energy cloud patterns...

We are on public record through the mid 1990s, in stating, and showing computer animations giving indications that Titan's light glow geometry of 1994, followed the geometrical dynamics of not only the tetrahedron, but also the octahedron (and its intergeometrical cohorts), along with the icosahedron... Now we can begin to pave the way to establishing some of these pre-sights, so to speak...

titan icosahedron
Titan's strange glow starting 1994. In these mid 1990 photographs glowing continental size was the primary activaty of the south pole. Combined, we had discerned the tracings of not only tetrahedral symmetry, or octahedral symmetry, but that of the Icosahedron

The Titanian strange glow (that had began in the concert of the 1994 phenomenology) and being without explanation, with glows appearing in different locations of Titan, in the mid 1990s infra-red photographs) showed an extraordinary increase of the phenomenon, having their primary activaty being on the south pole, with "continent-sized" glow.
We had started to trace the patternings of not only tetrahedral symmetry, nor
inter-octahedral symmetry, but the greater 3D symmetry that is comprised from the octahedron — the 20 triangular faced Icosahedron: a perfect 3D golden symmetry of 3 golden rectangles, nestled on the 3 spatial axis, x, y, z, for their corners to comprise this 20 faced Ø symmetry of coherence.

Our 1998 animations calculated, as best we could, the geometrical distribution and found it to estimate roughly an icosahedral geometrical distribution, which our computer projections than overlaid to dynamically illustrate...

5 octa 72° icosahedron
Geo ABC.... 5 octahedron's, tilted at 72° on the y-axis, comprise one icosahedron

In support of our New Universe TITANIAN icosahedral geometry animations being confirmed —  Titan's geometrical spectral distribution appearing during Time Gate 2001, akin to the initial eerie glow of August 13th, 1994.  This subsequent study now gives the geometrical characteristics, including those attributed to the icosahedron symmetry (we suspect a Sierpinski icosahedron, following the matrice characteristics resulting from exposure to a superconductor).

And of course, the octahderon is one extract from the Meru Prastara Sierpinski triangle manufold. The largest traingle base being 52° in our space (hyper-D is implied with in algebra underlying the Veda's, and in the Meru Yantra's designed with lines stretching over more than 180° (Ananda animation still)

<> titan's icosahedron pattern aug 12 1994

The icosahedron has the outline of a hexagon and top down view gives a pentagon


Titan's mystery glow was highlighted on August 13th 1994, (see The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel, pp 550 for reproduced documentation). This "bright, continent-sized feature," that "glows eerily" was then geometrically aligned to an N-space 5 hyperdimensional glowing oval that appeared in synchroneity with the August 12th maneuvring of the Saturn "Great White Spite" to the tetrahedron vertice of 19.5 latitude.


Now, since Time Gate 2001, the new glow is growing in brightness, and is coming from its surface, under its clouds, and most importantly, has positioned following geometrical vertice points, precisely as our 1998 animations projected the 1994 phenomenon as an icosahedron.



Sequential IR imaging over several months by the 10-meter Keck Telescope, 

showing Titan surface features and bright, high-altitude methane polar clouds.


"The 28 February 2002 cloud is significantly larger... The most striking property of these transient cloud events is their unexpected concentration near the south pole of Titan... studies of tropospheric conditions on Titan have suggested an absence of seasonal variation and predicted that methane clouds... should concentrate at the equator year round."

Brown, Michael E. et al. Direct detection of variable tropospheric clouds near Titan's south pole. Nature, vol. 20, 19/26 Dec. 2002. http://www.gps.caltech.edu/~antonin/spclouds/article.pdf


Our New Universe TITANIAN icosahedral geometry animations confirmed — Titan's geometrical spectral distribution appearing during Time Gate 2001, akin to the initial eerie glow of August 13th, 1994. Our 1998 animations calculated, as best we could, the geometrical distribution and found it to estimate an icosahedral geometrical distribution, which our computer projections than overlaid to dynamically illustrate... This subsequent study now gives the geometrical characteristics attributed to the icosahedron symmetry (we suspect a Sierpinski icosahedron, following the matrice characteristics resulting from exposure to a superconductor). http://hubblesite.org/newscenter/newsdesk/archive/releases/1994/55/

Since the transient moving glowing clouds have largely been in the region by Titan's south pole, conventional Titanian meteorology is turned upside down, these clouds should be appearing largely by the warmer equatorial regions — another Saturnian mystery has arisen.

"Titan, the huge satellite of Saturn, has auroras."
—New York Times, August 29, 1989, John Noble Wilford, Triton May Be Coldest Spot in Solar System

From a hyperdimensional dynamics model, however, the south pole is a standard scalar standing wave resonance vortex point for N-space tracing, the increasing glowing phenomenon being assisted by the low electrical resistance of the polar cold  — reduction in random thermal activity towards coherent superconductivity, together with superconducting elements and components of the Hadron physics of Santilli could account to a cause for the high-level condensation observed. 
Furthermore, the photographs of Time Gate 2001 dusk, December 10-11, as well as the image of February 28th, 2002, a series of striaght lines are clearly delineated, and appear to indicate a Titanian hexagon polar formation
, in echoe to Saturn's north polar hexagon, being the area of maximum glow patterning... Three hexagonal lines are evident on the December 11th image, even the March 4 photograph (a monumental anniversary day for the Time Wave Zero graph and the McKenna brothers).

The apparent tracings of hexagonal symmetry on Titan's south pole. The 28th of February, 2002, image also hints at a hexagon imbedded in smaller scale within the larger hexagon

Furthermore, the image of the 28th of February, also appears to have an embedded hexagonal structure, down scaled within the larger polar hexagon. Further examination of earlier photographs and now of the latest images, continues to give us glimpses of what appears to be consistently that of a hexagon, although a complete 6 line view has as of yet not been acquired.

Hexagonal symmetry tracings, with apparent pentagon/pentagram, sub-symmetries. 3 very clearly defined hexagon lines.

One of these images gives startling clear hexagonal symmetry, whilst also exhibiting some pentagon and pentagram symmetrical features, akin to the D & M "pyramid" at Cydonia on Mars (whose mathematics initiatied a great revolution in hyperdimensional astrophysics).

In fact the pentagonal and hexagonal geometry embedded within each other are indicative of the icosahedron, and there are plenty examples of both, as we shall see... Furthermore, examination of the above photograph, reveals a very interesting grid:


titan icosahedron

The icosahedron has the outline of a hexagon and top down view gives a pentagon

Infrared telescope ground penetration of Titan's thick atmosphereic clouds detected a bright surface 'mountain' close to the equator. The apparent internal fluid, or lava (rich in Meisner Field State materials we suggest, like much of Earth's volcanoes), is brightly resonating at the tetrahedral 19.5° vertice.

Our circumscribing a tetrahedron upon the Keck telescopes imaging of the Titanian mountain feature, with latitude lines. A fair fitting of the tetrahedron is evident (the above following suggestions first raised by R. Hoagland)

Is the giant mountain on Titan, first  mapped by the Keck telescope, at  a tetrahedral 19.5°?  Analysing numerous photographs, including the one above  (first suggested by Hoagland), does appear to imply tetrahedron symmetry being involved in the Titanian dynamics. Appearing in the numerous other photographs under our investigation, including the one below:




Our New Universe TITANIAN icosahedral geometry animations confirmed — Titan's geometrical spectral distribution appearing during Time Gate 2001, akin to the initial eerie glow of August 13th, 1994. Our 1998 animations calculated, as best we could, the geometrical distribution and found it to estimate an icosahedral geometrical distribution, which our computer projections than overlaid to dynamically illustrate... This subsequent study now gives the geometrical characteristics attributed to the icosahedron symmetry (we suspect a Sierpinski icosahedron, following the matrice characteristics resulting from exposure to a superconductor). http://hubblesite.org/newscenter/newsdesk/archive/releases/1994/55/


That Titan is a very Lightening active world, is rich in Nitrogen elements, and has numerous element isotope anomolies could be significant in light of the new Hadron Physics understanding of lightening and nitrogen:

"Earth-based observations of anomalies of heavy isotopes... in Titan ́s atmosphere indicate strong enrichments in the heavy constituents...  the in-situ measurements of further isotope anomalies hopefully obtained by the Gas Chromatograph and Mass Spectrometer (GCMS) instrument on board of the Huygens probe, which will help to find a better solution of the mystery of Titan ́s isotope anomalies. This approach is important for estimations of the total nitrogen reservoir required to produce the present Titan atmosphere."
EVOLUTION OF TITAN’S ATMOSPHERE DUE TO THE SOLAR WIND INTERACTION T. Penz (1, 2), H. Lammer (2), and H. K. Biernat, Space Research Institute, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Schmiedlstrasse 6, A–8042 Graz, Austria

The, so called, "mystery" of Titan's atmosphere may prove to have a triumphant solution, a solution which has implications all the way to the core of our being: the OTI, or Macro Irreversibility... Titan may turn out to be the alchemical cauldron, a macro "Star Gate" for understanding the hyperdimensional nature for the formation of life...
Since, the new Santilli Hadron physics is the first scinece that has actually addressed the mystery phenomenon of lightening generation, and its key stone technology is in fact a lightening simulator: the Plasma Arc Flow generator, which enables the superconudctive-like new Magne materials to be made (a revolution in the global energy crisis), and transmformation of virtually any element (including polution) into new forms of pseudo-superconductive materia.

Vajra: the Lightening Arcs on Titan are Titanic

Titan's anomolies coming from its hyper-geometrical energetic inputs (hyper-geometry is mathematically unsurpassed that of Santilli by a milestone), may in part be due to it being a superior form of a Hadron Physic's Plasma Arc Flow generator on a macro-scale, generating superconducting ring currents and superconducting materials, perhaps akin to those created by Dr. Santilli's Plasma Arc Flow generator..
For it is these very Hadron Reactors that have unveiled the viritable Quintessence of the 5th Element, the 5th Force of nature (not a speculative addition to the 4 forces of creation, but a very real and immediately practical one) — the Hadron science, therefore, is inevitably going to be a major corner stone in understanding the practical nature and implications of what is occurring at Saturn and its Moon Titan, already there have been clear indications of the 5th Force.

The landing of the Hugen probe into Titan, January 2005, the liquid oceans, appart form methane as possibiles are equally as valid to be applied to the all but forbid interplanetary world "water."

With the Hugen probe landing in Titan this coming January, certainly some exciting discoveries will emerge (some will take generations to digest or even make the public light). The superconductivity approach is of high significance, since superconductors could be likened to a kind of "Star Gate"... In light of the above, we note the following in relation to the Hadron possibility:
"The study of Titan’s dense mysterious atmosphere in the Cassini/Huygens mission is exiting in many ways, since it represents a prebiotic nitrogen atmosphere with aerosols, methane clouds and exotic surface environment which provides a reference laboratory to study, by default, the role of liquid water in the origin of life. The formation of some important complex organic molecules could only be explained if electrical discharges and/or lightning strokes act as energy sources. The entirely negative charge of the cloud may cause temporary maximum electric fields in excess of the breakdown field to initiate Earth-like 20 km long cloud-to-ground lightning flashes in Titan’s atmosphere. An investigation showed that such lightning flashes may provide additional energy for the formation of various chemical trace species including prebiotic molecules in the troposphere...
"The lightning strokes produce a transient hot channel in which high-temperature chemistry takes place. The sudden heating initiates dissociation of bonded molecules. The atoms and ions are in equilibrium as long as the channel is hot, but as the lightning channel begins to cool down by mixing with the surrounding air and expands, various new molecules are formed by recombination of ions and atoms. Such molecules remain in excess of the equilibrium concentration during the cooling because the rates of depletion reactions are greatly reduced. This process is usually called “freeze-out” of molecules. The significance of lightning generated organic chemistry in Titan's atmosphere... the propagation, absorption and reflection characteristics of electromagnetic waves - which may have their origin in lightning - through the ionosphere by a stratified medium model."
—Fischer et al., Energy dissipation of possible Titan lightning strokes, Planet. Space Sci., 52, 447-458, 2004. http://www.iwf.oeaw.ac.at/files/fischer_et_al_2004a.pdf

With its rich hydro-carbons, and "various new molecules" being "formed by recombination of ions and atoms" adheres to descriptions of Santilli's isochemicals of electroMagnecules. The hadronic reactor approach would also account for the anomolous mystery of how Titan managed to generate its own rich atmosphere so deep into space, and its model is certainly a practicle implementable New Universe to the previous hyperdimensional modelled understanding of such dynamics (which were daring non-the-less, and most sorely needed pioneering efforts).
As thoroughly documented in Dr. Santilli's monograph, lightning is the best source for our atmospheres 20% increase of nitrogen over the last 100 millions years, as lightning can synthesize nitrogen from carbon plus protons and electrons, and thereby release an enormous amount of energy. Synthesis of nitrogen by lightning is the only known credible explanation of thunder (the instantaneous requirement of very large energy which cannot possibly be of conventional chemical type).

Santilli-Shillady isochemical model of the Hydrogen molecules, with the two electrons bonded in singlet coupling into the isoelectronium, with an oo-shaped orbit around the two nuclei — with counterotion of the direction of rotation of the isoelectronium in the two o-branches [akin to the Vortexijah iso-wheels], with consequential opposite magnetic moments. This configuration prevents the acquisition by the hydrogen molecule of a net magnetic polarity, thus avoiding the inconsistency of quantum chemistry

The monograph documents how Dr. Santilli conceived the PlasmaArcFlow Reactor to reproduce lightning, including the synthesis of nitrogen, and the consequential emission of energy. Quantum mechanics has failed to explain why the synthesis of nitrogen from oxygen can only occur without release of neutrons and other harmful radiations, and with the sole release of heat — this is standard in Hadron mechanics (thus a part of Quantum mechanics will become compost for the species).
The Thunder/Lightening Force (what the ancient Veda Sages/alchemists, called VAJRA, meaning "Thunder-Diamond"), is not radioactive, just as the Vortexijah central propulsion unit, manifested technologically in the PlasmaArcFlow Reactor lacks radioactivity as certified by Radiation Protection Associates.

Astonishingly, as the arc is activated, so the electrical resistance of water collapses to minimal values. Santilli indicates that an electric arc within water appears to be one of the best superconducting (Animalu-Santilli hadronic superconductivity) conditions now available.

The implications are extraordinary for mankind, realisable in a far shorter scope of time now than we could have imagined — we are 70% water. Superconductivity is "the path of least resistance". It thus resonates everywhere and everywhen... We are witnessing the embryogenesis of the ETI/OTI of Mankind in our midst... Thus Titan's lightening and hyper-D geometry may a Titanic beaconhead for understanding lifes emergence from the Omniplicate Order (our neologism for Dr. David Bohm's Multi-Dimensional Implicate Order).

New colours, bright spots, and pentagon symmetry on this August, 2004 Cassini image of Titan
NOTE: Hadronic Mechanics & Dr. Santilli appart from excellent material at: http://www.magnecules.com
By R. M. Santilli:
Isotopic, Genotopic and Hyperstructural Methods in Theoretical Biology, Ukraine Academy of Sciences, Kiev (1996).
The Physics of New Clean Energies and Fuels According to Hadronic Mechanics, Special issue of the Journal of New Energy, 318 pages (1998).
Foundations of Hadronic Chemistry with Applications to New Clean Energies and Fuels, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston-Dordrecht-London (2001).
Isodual Theory of Antimatter, with Applications to Cosmology, Antigravity and Spacetime Machines,
Elements of Hadronic Mechanics, Vol. III,
R. M. Santilli, contributed paper to the Proceedings of the International Workshop on Modern Modified Theories of Gravitation and Cosmology, E. I. Guendelman, Editor, Hadronic Press, p. 113 (1998).
R. M. Santilli, contributed paper to the Proceedings of the VIII M. Grossmann Meeting on General Relativity, Jerusalem, June 1998, World Scientific, p. 473 (1999).
R. M. Santilli, contributed paper in Photons: Old Problems in Light of New Ideas, V. V. Dvoeglazov, editor, Nova Science Publishers, pages 421-442 (2000). _________________________________

More specifically to Titan as an organic chemistry lab, the separation of molecules via an electric arc does not produce a DC current constituted by individual electrons, but mostly of electrons paired into the isoelectronium (Animalu-Santilli hadronic superconductivity), thereby Titan may harbour a literall gateway into the molecular star gate into what the Veda's called the ANUverse, whose detailed description is akin to that of the superconducting universe — A One ATOM Universe. TIME GATEs are also standard to Hadronic Hypertemporality (as we shall explore later).

"In new observations of the outer solar system, two telescopes in Hawaii have seen beyond previous limits of visibility to make intriguing discoveries about the surface composition of... Saturn's largest satellite, Titan. Another telescope detected what may be liquid or frozen seas of hydrocarbons on Titan. If these are indeed seas, they would be the only ones known in the solar system other than those on Earth... Titan is one of the largest moons, larger than the planet Mercury, and the only body in the solar system with a nitrogen-rich atmosphere like Earth's. A dense smog fills Titan's sky and obscures the surface... Seas or not, the dark regions suggest the existence of complex organic chemical processes on Titan that make the huge moon resemble the pre-biotic Earth more than any other place in the solar system, the scientists concluded."
—New York Times, August 10, 1999, John Noble Wilford, From Pluto and Saturn, Clues to Solar System's Birth. http://www.nytimes.com/library/national/science/081099sci-space-pluto.html

Water on Titan is now considered a probability, only awaiting this January's entre to fully confirm, and in conbination with ammonia which gives implications for life:

"FIRST POINT: 1-5 MICRON [IR] OBSERVATIONS SUGGEST  WATER ICE AS THE PREDOMINANT SURFACE  COMPONENT (Owen et al., 2000) – satisfactory, since all the  nearby inboard (e.g. Rhea) and outboard (e.g. Iapetus) moons also  have water ice surfaces... HOWEVER, THE RADAR REFLECTIVITY IS DIFFERENT  FROM SIMPLE ICY SATELLITE SURFACES (e.g. Galilean  moons) AND REDUCED BY SOME MATERIAL(S) OR  PROPERTIES; dark hydrocarbon coatings and NH3 (ammonia) in  water ice have, for example, been suggested."

"The only moon in the solar system with a substantial atmosphere. Using an infrared mapping spectrometer, scientists were able to cut through the haze and distinguish broad surface features in Titan's southern hemisphere. Darker areas, scientists said, appeared to be regions of relatively pure water ice. Lighter areas may be covered with water ice mixed with hydrocarbon contaminants.
"We have indeed seen Titan's surface with unprecedented clarity," said Dr. Dennis Matson, the mission's chief scientist. Some of Cassini's most striking photography showed bright clouds, probably methane, floating over a region the size of Arizona near Titan's south pole."
—New York Times, Through Saturn's Haze, a First Look at Titan, July 13, 2004, John Noble Wilford.

Titans glows. Credits: NASA

'New pictures of dimly seen features on the surface of Saturn's huge moon Titan have surprised scientists and left them thoroughly confused... "Titan's different from anything we've ever seen before," Dr. Elizabeth Turtle of the University of Arizona, a member of the Cassini imaging team, said at a news conference on Saturday. "We really don't completely know what to make of it." applying filters to decrease the effects of the moon's obscuring atmosphere and enhancing the few regions with traces of the landscape. A huge dark region shaped like an H was definitely surface material, Dr. Turtle said... Titan's surface did not appear to be heavily cratered. Scientists said that the cameras resolved surface features only as small as 6 to 12 miles in diameter... Dr. Kevin Baines, a member of the visual and infrared mapping spectrometer team, said the view of Titan in infrared was somewhat sharper. The south polar clouds appeared to consist of large particles, presumably methane, and resembled cumulus clouds on Earth.
It was the infrared observations that particularly confused scientists. The data, Dr. Baines said, indicated that the bright surface areas, which had been thought to be mostly pure water ice, appeared to contain a significant mixture of contaminants. "Things changed overnight," Dr. Baines said.
"Other scientists were also shaking their heads in perplexed amazement.
"This is the weirdest place," Dr. Torrance V. Johnson, a planetary scientist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, said, walking away from the briefing. "We really can't tell what we're looking at."
—New York Times, Photos of a Saturn Moon Both Tantalize and Confuse, July 4, 2004, John Noble Wilford http://www.nytimes.com/2004/07/04/national/04saturn.html

The paradigm we presented in our "fractal coherent cosmology" book The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel (published 1999), based on the cybernetics of our ETI/OTI interchanges, appears to be gaining momentum in terms of the unveiling of Titan and hyperdimensional astrophysics:

"As the solar system is now in primal activation, so is this reflected in Saturn's primal  energy transmitter moon, Titan. Today astronomers observe the large and massive light  pulsations coming from that moon, which will transform many of the programmes of the  solar system...
"Each of these key moons is musically tuned to the 6th dimensional transduction of  energies through Saturn. Each has a multi-dimensional component, with representations  of themselves going upto the 6th colour spectrum dimension. The  inside  of  most  of  these  moons  has  been  architectured  in  a  multi-dimensional  waveform matrix, which surpasses dimensional understanding, as they act like liquid  mirrors through multi-pule times, and multiple-spaces in the multitudes of quantum  event horizons of the solar system planets. ..
"These moons are largely comprised of trans-dimensional, trans-morphic, trans-linguistic,  and trans-temporal, holograpic interphase cities within the moons, and in some places  of their surfaces. These are partially superconducting stations, and can easily be sealed  from visibility, not only by morphographic scalar holographics, but also simply by  increased superconductivity, preventing any visible photon from detecting them...
"The interchange between the Saturnian and Jovian satellite stations are very significant  in  their  solar  system  phase-conjugate  regulatory  schematic  assortments,  to  enable  hyper-holographics to download into the interface ripples of these sphere's resonance  relationship within the solar system mandalic hologramme. For this reason there is a  hypergate set-up and superconductive tractor beam relay transmission maintenance,  through multiple time geometries, between these cities, as ordered quantum coherence,  between two distinct membranes, sharing another angle of the same non-local gate."
THE UNITYKEYS OF EMMANUEL: The Interuniversal Perspective For The Unity Of Diversity, chapter SATURNIAN COMPUTER HOLOGRAPHICS, written March 1995 (book first published 1999)


icoshaedron features temporally dispersed on Titan

Since even the biggest moon in the solar system, Jupiter's Ganymede, we have just discovered DOES have a clear Hexagon on its North pole, as photographed in 1997, it should be hardly surprising that its near twin in size, Titan, is giving more than a suggestion of sharing such hypergometrical morphologies:

Hexagon on Jovian moon Ganymede's north pole (much more on the Jovian equation to come)


These clear hexagon and pentagon formations, should give enough data for our grail brother Thomas, to charter the Titan grid, like he broke the code for the Earth dodecahedron and icosahedron grid (based on gravity anomolies and magnetic coherence), into the most novel computer programme called The PHI GRID... We are not a financed organisation, but a free loving spirit of friends, without financial support or resources — yet despite this, and on Thomas's own endeavor, whilst teaching his children computer programming, he cracked the code that intelligence organisations and high financed attempts had failed to manage...

This interesting recently fresh image from Cassini, of Titan, shows a series of probably significant geometrical highlights... Appart from the most interesting latitudal positioning, the underlying structure appears to exhibit pentagonal symmetries, perhaps even in several scales... The distribution of the glowing phenomenon in this instant, also appears to have a possible symmetrical significance (after more research is conducted)...

We have also found hexagonal formations on Jupiter's north pole, with hydrocarbon activity, counter-rotating symmetries, and pentagonal rays; on Neptune, Uranus, Mars, and even the Moon — these pictures [first publically presented in September, by us], will be feature in the New Universe pages that follow this one.

The illuminated geometrically positioned Titanian surface feature, sharing a triangulation of illumined spots... The underlying structure yields several probably perspectives of pentagonal formation. This particular head high pentagon, could share an uncanny similarity in its pentagram form to the SION Marie de Blanchefort document pentagram, with extended head, uncovered by David Woods in his book Geneset, and to the very same geometry uncovered in the research of the Norske Pentagram, signature left by King Olaf, of Norway, in the geometrical distribution of some of King Olaf's towns and religeous architecture.

The Cassini new Titan animations appear to show the pentagon formation illuminated, at what appears to be an interesting latitude

Titan's temporally dispersed icosahedral Gating.
The Keck Telescope's several months of sequential Infrared imaging showing Titan surface features and bright geometrical dynamics



The planet of time, as Saturn is named in Greek and in the various Vedic traditions, is still undergoing further transformations as we write — new materials will be presented next.

The Lingam cigar-shaped vehicles of several planets in size have gone, the rings no longer display superconducting spokes, nor do they have any microwave radiation... The planet changes its time by 6 minutes in 9 months, and strangely begins to release X-rays at its tetrahedral vertice region near the equator with a spectrum similar to that of the Sun, the lack of microwaves to account for the polar Aurora's (having a 5 N-dimensional signature we might add) — all are indicating factors that Saturn's focus 6D donar role of superconductivity is now in broadband orchestration, as THE UNITY KEYS OF EMMANUEL predicts, what it is part of is enormous and is recorded in the 1999 edition of the book for the record...

God Code

From Ananda's groundbreaking THE GOD CODE: The Mathematical Evidence For All Is God, presented at the Ecumenical Center of Unity, Schweibenalp, September 2000 (over 300 slides and animations presented). 384, as 6 x 64, is both a DNA cycle and standard in the Time Wave Novelty graph... It is also a central number in the Great Pyramid of Egypt (God Code availability)

Our subsequent Rg Veda findings on Saturn, Manu-Emmanuel as Manu Vaivasvata, and Yama, directly historiographs what Emmanuel relayed some 14 years before (and which could largely be removed to the realms of mythes and collective psyche archetypes and alchemical blueprints et al. Our book in progress, THE MANU: An Omnidimensional Artifact At The Genesis Of History, gives a detailed, side-by-side coparison of our unwitting teenage OTI contacts with Manu-Emmanuel, which compares directly to the historical and Numinous Alpha/Ruta proginater of man, Manu Vaivasvata, which Dr. Carl G. Jung, amidst others, identifies with Saturn... Whilst in post Veda literature, Manu Vaivasvata's brother, Yama, becomes identified with Saturn and the Yama "soul computer").

With all these new observations occurring in the wake of TIME GATE 2004, a Time Gate is indeed apparent on Saturn, the planetary Orb of Time.


Just as we were finishing on the planet Saturn, a string of new materials came our way — since Saturn is presently in the world focus by the Cassini probe, very appropriatly for the planet of time during this Time Gate 2003...

Amidst this a completely new radiation band has been discovered from Saturn, one that behaves by disregarding the ring systems by just jumping over them
, a new anomolie to arise... Is this new field and its ability to "jump" over the rings a result of the missing spokes and their previous disregard for the normal laws of physics as superconductors?

The locations of ions (above horizontal divider) and electrons (below divider) in the Saturn system. Black tick marks along the divider are Saturn diameters. (All of Saturn's ring system lies within 4 diameters of the surface of the planet.) At the middle of the diagram is a blue area indicating low intensity near the planet, where the rings prevent ions and electrons from zooming around Saturn. Image: NASA/JPL/APL

Also Cassini has also detected a new lightening on Saturn, that was not there 20 years ago, and that is broadcasting radio AM waves which are "highly episodic", as if radio Saturn is now coherently organising itself for something — just as it south pole appears to be in the stages of constructing a hexagon or polygonal signature as well. Titan is also now glowing "day and night" and its glow has now extended to the size of being 1/3rd of the entire Moon...
These riveting sensational new discoveries were unleashed upon mankind, through the world media, on this Time Gate August 5th, 2004, NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory released the following:

"Saturn's Shadow and Titan's Glow Shed Light on a Complex System... The Cassini spacecraft, which began its tour of the Saturn system just over a month ago, has detected lightning and a new radiation belt at Saturn, and a glow around the planet's largest moon, Titan.
"The spacecraft's radio and plasma wave science instrument detected radio waves generated by lightning. 'We are detecting the same crackle and pop one hears when listening to an AM radio broadcast during a thunderstorm,' said Dr. Bill Kurth, deputy principal investigator on the radio and plasma wave instrument, University of Iowa, Iowa City. 'These storms are dramatically different than those observed 20 years ago.'

Cassini finds radio bursts from this lightning are highly episodic. A major finding of the magnetospheric imaging instrument is the discovery of a new radiation belt just above Saturn's cloud tops, up to the inner edge of the D-ring. This is the first time that a new Saturnian radiation belt has been discovered with remote sensing.
"This new radiation belt extends around the planet. It was detected by the emission of fast neutral atoms created as its magnetically trapped ions interact with gas clouds located planetward of the D-ring, the innermost of Saturn's rings. With this discovery, the radiation belts are shown to extend far closer to the planet than previously known...

"When Cassini flew inside the main radiation belt, she was able to detect a lower-intensity radiation belt located closer to the planet than the D ring, a phenomenon that had never been observed before." Image: NASA/JPL/APL

"'With its discovery we have seen something that we did not expect, that radiation belt particles can 'hop' over obstructions like Saturn's rings, without being absorbed by the rings in the process,' said Dr. Donald G. Mitchell, instrument scientist for the magnetospheric imaging instrument at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory...
"Saturn's largest moon, Titan, is also shining for attention. Cassini's visual and infrared mapping spectrometer captured Titan glowing both day and night...
"'Not only is Titan putting on a great light show but it is also teaching us more about its dense atmosphere,' said Dr. Kevin Baines, science team member for the visual and infrared mapping spectrometer at JPL. 'What is amazing is that the size of this glow or emission of gases is a one third the radius of the planet.'

"However, the nighttime glow, persistently shining over the night side of Titan, initially surprised scientists.
"'These images are as if you were seeing Titan through alien eyes. Titan glows throughout the near-infrared spectrum. If you were an alien it would be hard to get a good night's sleep on Titan because the light would always be on...'"
 Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Calif. Donald Savage, NASA Headquarters, Washington. News Release: 2004-193, August 5, 2004

What is interesting about the present radiation signature of Saturn (taken during the Novelty Engression of Time Gate 2004), is that when its left hand side and right hand side respectively are mirrored, it brings out the apparent fractal form of this band, very self-similar to the actual Time Wave graph itself, especially to its 3 dimensional form, which we (Ananda) modelled and called Dharmata:

Somewhat akin to the fractal of the Monk Udo, of Aachen (the Udolphus codex), who calculated the 72 angels and 72 demons int he human psyche (based on the 72,000 Nadi and 72,000 Nada of Rg Veda  alchemical practice), and more than 700 years before IBM's Mandelbrot, came out with the same design, which he called 'The Godhead', as the Star of Bethlehem in his picture (the light green capture, far right on the above picture)... The Omni-Ship vehicle of the Dharmataratha.
That this graph is also based on the permutations of the DNA, therefore, gives amplified significance to Saturn, as the ETI/OTI related its role in DNA tuning:

"Its chief is in the outline, in the structure, in the energy magnetic grids, and the casts from which ideas, concepts, realities are formed. It is the foundation stone and the code. It could be considered the computer of codes; of the different code patterns that exist in all the different densities and layers of this solar system. Including the physical molecules and the atoms, DNA, the RNA; all molecules, light forms, wavepatterns, the colour manifestations and emanations. It is the record keeper of all these patterns that have ever existed.

"It has, in the higher state of its pre-manifestation, all possible mathematical combinations and structures and codes, that could manifest in physical manifestation in this solar system. So, its logos is of this function and service in this solar system."


With all that is beginning to become clear with Saturn, the above is becoming ever more practical in the actualised implications that are therein involved.

The superconducting spokes of 1980... Now bygone, see above.



Yet, just as Emmanuel have related, and we have expanded, the entire solar system mandala is being retuned, like a stringed guitar, changes are being observed on Neptune and Uranus as well... Then there is the problem that it is happening to Earth as well. During the 1996 Time Gate there was a time change of a second the our planet:


"A second makes a world of difference. The Earth doesn't spin like it used to. The official last minute of the year will be 61 seconds long. Earth's rotation is slowing every year... So every year on Dec. 31 or June 30, the worlds most accurate clocks add a second — called a leap second."

—Rocky Mountain News, December 1996

The new Earth aurora's on the SOUTH and North poles, July 27, TG 2004

Whilst our planets time-shift has not been as drastic as that of Saturn (a paradigm dealt with in a chapter of THE UNITY KEYS OF EMMANUEL called Timeshift Earth), the changes have been incrementally fractal in their condensation, starting with a shift once every couple or so years, to the present once every 6 months. Since 1972, a total of over 30 "leap seconds" have been added to Earth's day length, according to the US Naval Observatory:


"In order to keep the cumulative difference in UT1-UTC less than 0.9 seconds), a leap second is added to the atomic time to decrease the difference between the two. This leap second can be either positive or negative depending on the Earth's rotation. Since the first leap second in 1972, all leap seconds have been positive. This reflects the general slowing trend of the Earth due to tidal braking."


The new Earth aurora's on the SOUTH and North poles, July 27, TG 2004


In fact we have been standing in front of public audiences of hundreds of peoples during the 1990s showing animations of the changes on Saturn in concert to these ETI/OTI gamma ray networks, and have stated, without shame, that the temporal musical tuning of both was being changed... This was not our genius inseminating [except taking the courage to vocalise and translate into modern prose, perhaps], but this was the Ideographic Iconology that our ETI/OTI "contacts" had invaginated during their Visionary Instillments during the 1980s.

The magnetic field tuning of Earth is now undergoing a rapid change, just as the solar system as a whole is undergoing a retuning of its hypergeometro-dynamics, according to the New York Times:


"The collapse of the earth's magnetic field, which both guards the planet and guides many of its creatures, appears to have started in earnest about 150 years ago.

"Science reporter Bill Broad has filed a report, according to newsroom sources, which explores how: 'The field's strength has waned 10 percent to 15 percent so far and this deterioration has accelerated of late, increasing debate over whether it portends a reversal of the lines of magnetic force that normally envelop the earth. During a reversal, the main field weakens, almost vanishes, and then reappears with opposite polarity. Afterward, compass needles that normally point north would point south, and during the thousands of years of transition much in the heavens and Earth would go askew. A reversal could knock out power grids, hurt astronauts and satellites, widen atmospheric ozone holes, send polar auroras flashing to the equator and confuse birds, fish and migratory animals that rely on the steadiness of the magnetic field as a navigation aid."



The new Earth aurora's on the SOUTH and North poles, July 27, TG 2004

Questioning Why Earth's Wobble Is Off By Millimeters
Millimeter deviations from the expected wobble of the Earth's axis

"The Earth is getting pulled and tugged at regular periods, but we observe a difference in the way the Earth responds to these tugs and pulls."

—Dr. Bruce A. Buffett, Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences at the University of British Columbia http://unisci.com

Solar System Reality Rewriting:


has undergone an increase of some 2,500% in its auroral brightness, with enormous global transformations in light of its atmospheric transfiguration in only several dozen years.
Significant physical, chemical and optical changes observed on Venus; an inversion of dark and light spots detected for the first time, and a sharp decrease of sulfur-containing gases in its atmosphere (Wireless File, 24, 3. – 1995

Unexpected telescopic sightings of oxygen and atmospheric characteristics akin to those of our planet:


""Venus has changed dynamically in the recent past," said Bullock. "Since Venus and Earth have a number of similarities, there are implications here for our own future." An article... regarding global change on Venus appears in the March issue of Scientific American... The model indicates "the climates... undergo abrupt transitions because of interactions among planetary-scale processes."

—Mark Bullock et al. New Climate Modeling of Venus May Hold Clues to Earth's Future. University of Colorado at Boulder News, Feb. 18, 1999: http://www.colorado.edu/PublicRelations/NewsReleases/1999/New_Climate_Modeling_Of_Venus_.html


Evidence of the planet of love's brighter green morning dawnings — Venus romantic skies are 25 times more intense, suddenly, in just 24 years:


"Measurements to record the nightglow of Venus were carried out with the Keck telescope just before sunrise on November 20, 1999. Analysis of the resultant spectrum at the position of the oxygen green line showed strong emission from the terrestrial atmosphere and a comparable signal from Venus, with an intensity some 25 times (2,500%) greater than the upper limits set by the Venera (1975 Soviet probe) results."

Dr. Alice Resnick. SRI International Makes First Observation of Atomic Oxygen Emission in the Night Airglow of Venus. SRI International, January 18, 2001:  http://www.sri.com/news/releases/01-18-01.html



There are many indicaters that the actual nature of our "twin" planet Venus has been deliberately obscured from the public since the Project "M" briefing of the 1940's under president Rosevelt to the committee of the Manhatten Project. The secret brieifing document entitled "'M' Project For F. D. R. Studies On Migration And Settlement," from Huntsville, Alabama, November 1962, by Henry Field (authored by Fredrick I. Ordway, III; James Patrick Gardner; Mitchell R. Sharpe, Jr: Ronald C. Wakeford — all also being part of the JASON-55 sub-MAJI group meeting in top secret, at Huntsville in 1957 on the solar system change, see The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel, chapter The Solar Trumpet: The Hyperdimensional Overlap, pp 331) — talks about use of a solar system cover-up.

Venus clouds

This briefing document dealing with the baby boom overpopulation crises, included amidst its solutions covert interplanetary migration, and states equivocally that the true nature of Mars and Venus must remain hidden from the public at large. To ensure the success of the project and prevent any interference or legal reprocussions from a suspecting public, should they know of more suitable environment of these neighbouring worlds than the harsh conditions portrayed, would lend a high probability of risk in delaying such an essential project at too premature a stage as to jepordise this solution (ensuring the survival of some of the human race)...

In fact, in plane sight of the public media, some blatant contradictions (in effect violating the covert recommendations and regulations of Project ÔM') have been overtly displayed to a dazzed world, since the mid 1970s.


The 1970's Venera lander surface of Venus, in which several views of blue sky horizons are evident.


There are indicators within the Venera Venus lander data that contradicts the official standing on the conditions of the planet Venus, this includes such basic conflicting facts as that of the photographs of the surface of Venus upon which it landed by paracheut, which shows a blue sky, whilst NASA was stating that Venus is dark on the surface, like deep in the sea, with an atmospheric pressure akin to being deep underwater, and sulphuric acid rains — which again makes using a paraceut impossible (there is no underwater paracute sport that I know of. Yet these conflicting factors are the standard public media.


The 1970's Venera lander surface of Venus, in which several views of blue sky horizons are evident

Despite these contradictions, the changes sweeping our solar system now is making Venus as an oxygen world, an official fact for everyone:


"Astronomers observing the night side of Venus were surprised to find emissions from oxygen atoms as strong as those from aurora in the Earth's atmosphere. The discovery is puzzling because the Venusian atmosphere is very different to our own.

"...the Russian Venera orbiters visited Venus in 1975 and found no sign of the green signal. "We do not understand how the variability can be this large."

Physics Web. Night-time on Venus. Physics Web: Physics news, jobs and resources. Jan. 18, 2001: http://www.physicsweb.org/article/news/5/1/10


Now finally, after 24 years, we are told that the blue skies photographed by Venera on Venus, were afterall oxygen atom markers — despite this dramatically contradicting NASA's position then ("who remembers anyway, and who cares?"), and anyway it did not see any green, "and that is what is significant here, that is what we should put our focus on," think of the extraordinary new phenomenon, and glance aknew at the old (classic art of psychological operations' mind control propaganda social scaping), yet that Venus is landscaping itself into an earth-like world reamins utterly remarkable:


"The Soviet probes (Venera 11 and Venera 12 – back in 1975) spotted the colors that indicated the presence of oxygen molecules – pairs of oxygen atoms that have bonded together – but not the green color given off by excited, single oxygen atoms.

"In November 1999, researchers from S.R.I. International... and the Lowell Observatory., pointed the 10-meter Keck telescope on Mauna Kea, Hawaii, toward Venus for eight minutes and saw the distinctive green glow of oxygen atoms.

"'It was a total surprise," said Dr. Thomas G. Slanger, a scientist at S.R.I. and lead author of a paper in the current issue of Science. The scientists believe the instruments aboard the Venera spacecraft were working correctly when they detected the fainter molecular-oxygen glow... There is also no easy explanation for what is causing the oxygen atoms to switch on."

—Dr. Kenneth Chang, Mysterious Night Glow in the Skies of Venus Puzzles Scientists. New York Times, Jan. 28, 2001: http://www.nytimes.com/2001/01/23/science/23VENU.html


In fact Venus is utterly enchanting scientists to be entranced into bewilderment:


"Accompanying the Science paper by Slanger, et al, is a commentary by Dr. David Crisp from the NASA/Caltech Jet Propulsion Laboratory:

"'I certainly trust those data. Something weird is going on in the upper atmosphere of Venus.'"

"The first bottom line is that we just don't know what's going on."

—Dr. Mark Perew, Evidence of Atomic Oxygen Challenges Understanding of Venus. Universe Today, Jan. 19, 2001: http://www.universetoday.com/html/articles/2001-0119a.html)


Now, this March, scientists are even propossing life on Venus, says the BBC, and these arguments are even not including the new data, which transfigures the situation remarkably (the Astro-Hadronics take this several stages further, we might add):


"There could be life on the planet Venus, US scientists have concluded in a report in the journal Astrobiology. The existence of life on the planet's oven-hot surface is unimaginable. Venus's thick clouds may be able to support life, scientists think. Earth and Venus are in many ways sister planets.

"Current theories suggest that Venus and the Earth may have started out alike. There might have been a lot of water on Venus," Professor Ingersoll explained.. According to Louis Irwin of the University of Texas, the changes on Venus may have been slow.

"It may well have been Earth-like long enough for life to either emerge or be transported there," he said. Once established, life would have adapted to every environment, just as it did on Earth.


"Two years ago, Austrian scientists discovered bacteria living and reproducing within clouds on Earth. The same could have been true on Venus. The Venusian clouds are high in the atmosphere, where the temperature and pressure are quite Earth-like [there are also several very high mountains and ranges that could utilise these, in this model. —Ananda]. There is even water present.

"If you think about what life needs in a broad sense then the clouds of Venus might actually be a habitat where something could live," explained David Grinspoon, of the South West Research Institute in Colorado. Grinspoon is in no doubt: "If they're there, I think we will find them."

—BBC News, Venus clouds 'might harbour life', By Martin Redfern, Tuesday, 25 May, 2004



Naturally, the numerous contradictions raised by the Venera Landers of Venus's atmosphere (such as a bright blue sky, contradicting the text book model of 80% of the sunlight being reflected back into space from the thick Venusian clouds, and only 20% light penetrating through into this dark world, assumed in the above "life" exploration), and other factors, including the "new Venus" presently being watched in its embyogenesis — all make the "Venusian life" equation all the more possible.

Furthermore, in terms of the shifting trend in the world mainstream (that is the public at large, and not amidst the obscurity of the highly specialised circles of academia), this August 21st, Time Gate 2004, Astrobiology magazine published a further interview with NASA's Exobiology Research Program Principal Investigator, Dr. Grinspoon, and his model of "Life on Venus." Despite its extreme leaning on the old characterised Venus (whose highly contradictory elements must surely be addressed), does manage to state what follows. Even with this old model, the new Venusian terraforming towards being a life-world, as presently being evidenced, certainly significantly amplifies Dr. Grinspoon's equation:


"The signs are probably there... For habitability, there are implications for Venus... Venus almost certainly had liquid water when it was young. So the conditions for the origin of life, as conventionally defined, were satisfied there as much as on Earth... Another intriguing thing about early Venus is that it may have had an oxygen-rich atmosphere... The rise of oxygen being important in the development of complex life on Earth. Venus was a warm, wet planet with an oxygenated atmosphere much earlier than Earth... if the water lasted for billions of years, that becomes much more interesting for the possibility of biological development.

"...It's there in the rocks, just like on Earth... Earth has a relatively young surface. If you were studying the Earth only from space with orbital imagery, it would be very hard to know its ancient history. One further implication for habitability... If Venus once had life, and there's no good reason to think that it couldn't have, then we can ask what happened to this life when the oceans disappeared. Life is tenacious and highly adaptable. So I think that it is possible that Venusian life migrated to an atmospheric niche when the surface water dried up.

"The clouds, after all, do contain water... I think it is possible that life could exist, even today, in the clouds of Venus. We now know that life exists in clouds on Earth, and also that some terrestrial organisms can thrive in extremely acidic environments. Furthermore, the clouds of Venus are a much more stable and continuous niche than the comparatively ephemeral and wispy clouds of Earth. So, from one point of view, the clouds of Earth are a more extreme environment for life than the clouds of Venus. Given our extreme ignorance about life elsewhere in the universe, let us not rule out an energetic, stable environment like the clouds of Venus until we've explored."

— Venus: Inhabited World? Interview with David Grinspoon, Part II. By Henry Bortman, editor Astrobiology magazine, August 21st, 2004: http://www.astrobio.net/news/article694.html


The Venus polar hole — a "tensor" indicator, a hyper-toroid N-space 'spinor/twistor' and superconductor? Whilst other mapping projects done later one show another pole, in light of all the data emerging on the outer solar system planets, there may still be something to this original NASA photograph from the 1970s missions


Furthermore, there are many indicators that Venus is operating on other "laws" then have been applied to the planet — this, in fact, is also a normal conclussion following the implications of the Santilli Hadron Physics revolution, whose novelty and immediate practicallity will force the general status quo to throw out the old planetary system self image we have built, replaced with one with extraordinary implications, such as a unified super- and hyperconductivity denominator of a macro irreversible nature (here the many "anomolies" in solar system geo-physical data that the "hollow Earth" obsure underground research field has aired, is partly reconcilled with those of the overt geology, into a highly novel universal re-view, that go beyond both, and also surpass the hyperdimensional physics models, as well (whilst the implication on the nature of man, are immaculately Omniplicate in their immensity.

Already the Venusian polar hole gave many markers of "tensor" physics being behind its orbal blueprint, whereby the informational "tensor" virtual point is at the heart of the planet, from which unfolds the "spinor" and "twister" that then comprise her sphere. With a superconducting nature to her inner world.

Last year, the BBC reported evidence that:

"Venus has 'heavy metal mountains".
—BBC, 25 November 2003: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci/tech/3236018.stm

Tetrahedral vertice region of Venus, this volcanic region exhibits intriguing features

This, together with other findings (see below) leans towards their being high concentrations of superconducting platinum group elements with the Santilli iso-symmetry, called "nuclear deformation," in a high orbital spin state Meisner field (M-state); as well as the possibility of the novel pseudo-superconducting elements of Santilli Hadron Physics (macro iso-electronium, or MagNe elements).

The new geno- and hyper- planes of Santilli Hadron physics, could well be applied to understanding Venus into utter revision, superior to that of the "tensor/twistor" model, the heavy metals, new anomolous energy system viewed amidst the Venusian geology, its high concentration of lightening storms etc. — renders the perfect incubator for a Ecospherical Santilli Plasma Arc Flow Generator (whose novel attributes of its new science, has demonstrated to enable every element to be brought into a Santilli or pseudo-superconducting relationship with the iso-symmetry of what we had independently called "Vortexijah Intergeometry", of zero-valence coherent coupling into "Cooper-paired" iso-electronium and onwards into the Magne elements.


19.5¡ lattiude significance for the Venusian energy system, includes Ishta Terra and Alpha Regio volacnoes

"HST images and spectra also revealed unexpected weather changes on Neptune, Mars, and Venus. There are unexpectedly rapid cloud changes on Neptune. The atmosphere of Mars is much clearer and colder than 20 years ago. Venus has less sulfur dioxide... than in the 1970s."
—Space Science: Solar System Exploration, Lillian Gipson, September 5, 1996, Steve Garber, NASA History Office: http://www.hq.nasa.gov/office/pao/History/presrep95/solarsys.htm

And in these NASA press releases, the new auroras are detailed with the sudden new climit and transforming atmosphere of Venus:

"New computer models that indicate the climate of Venus has wavered radically in its relatively recent past may prove valuable to scientists tracking Earth's changing climate, according to two University of Colorado at Boulder researchers...
"Venus actually is more Earth-like because it's the only other planet with a complex, evolving climate, said Mark Bullock and David Grinspoon of CU-Boulder's Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics...
"'Our model shows Venus has changed dynamically in the recent past,' said Bullock. 'Since Venus and Earth have a number of similarities, there are implications here for our own future.' An article by Bullock and Grinspoon regarding global change on Venus appears in the March issue of Scientific American.
"The volcanoes likely are still active, said Bullock. In 1984, LASP colleague Larry Esposito used data from NASA's Pioneer Venus satellite to determine that concentrations of sulfur dioxide in the high clouds declined dramatically from 1978 to 1983... 'Venus is the only chance for studying an evolving climate system like Earth in our own solar system," said Grinspoon.
"The model indicates 'the climates of Earth-like planets can undergo abrupt transitions because of interactions among planetary-scale processes.'
"Earth and Venus, having started as nearly identical twins and diverged, may one day look alike."
Office of Public Relations, 354 Willard Administrative Center, Campus Box 9, Boulder, Colorado. Feb. 18, 1999. Mark Bullock, David Grinspoon, Jim Scott http://www.colorado.edu/PublicRelations/NewsReleases/1999/New_Climate_Modeling_Of_Venus_.html

Suddenly, as the apparent hyperdimensional input from the novel ultra high order cosmic and gamma ray networks (exhibiting a coherent phase-conjugate iso-geometry and extra-temporality), Venus begun her massive aurora demonstration of this new energy transfiguring our solar system — oxygen signatures appear on Venus, like an emergald dropping out of the blue...

Sprites, above lightening... Some with gamma radiation, and red rings "expanding in fact faster than the speed of light," according to the Scientific American  in 1997

Bedaffling scientists into new stretches of cosmology, and their are even intimations of the novel Sun activity involving a possible highward spin state transformation (dare we say M-state, or Meisner field, plasma-arc-flow with Santilli-Animalu superconductivity) being involved amidst the energetic increases of the Venusian and Earth aurora's, domains that may require the new Hadron science to properly understand.., And the aurora light itself being the radiation of lowering spin states (since the gamma sprites above lightening storms that have appeared only since the 1990s does release gamma rays, could some of these radiations be akin to the scalar "weird radiations"? Is a new rainbow bridge being glimpses through these pre-menstrual leaks of the new science emerging?

"Astronomers observing the night side of Venus were surprised to find emissions from oxygen atoms as strong as those from aurora in the Earth's atmosphere. The discovery is puzzling because the Venusian atmosphere is very different to our own - it contains very little oxygen and is dominated by carbon dioxide. Tom Slanger and co-workers of SRI International in the US believe their find will provide astronomers with new insights into the atmosphere on our closest neighbouring planet (T G Slanger et al 2001 Science 291 463).
"During the day, solar radiation excites atoms and molecules in the atmospheres of Earth and Venus to higher energy levels. As darkness falls, the atoms and molecules drop to lower energy states and emit radiation - this is 'nightglow'.
"Slanger's team used the Keck I telescope in Hawaii to study two distinct emission lines in the nightglow of Venus: green light emitted by atomic oxygen as it drops from a higher to a lower excited state, and red light subsequently emitted as it falls further to its ground state. In theory, every green emission could be followed by a red emission, but this only happens above an altitude of 200 km. Below this level the lower excited states are 'quenched' by collisions with other atoms and molecules.

"Astronomers expect to see much greater levels of red emission because they believe that daytime solar energy breaks up carbon dioxide molecules high in the Venusian atmosphere to produce atomic oxygen that is mainly in its lower excited state. However, they found that the green emission is eight times stronger than the red emission. This could mean that the green light comes from a different process deeper in the Venusian atmosphere. Alternatively, scientists may need to modify their theories of the how excited states of oxygen are created and transported through the atmosphere...
"The team also hopes its findings may shed light on the apparent variability of the emission lines: the Russian Venera orbiters visited Venus in 1975 and found no sign of the green signal. "We do not understand how the variability can be this large", said Slanger..."
—Night-time on Venus. 18 January 2001. http://www.physicsweb.org/article/news/5/1/10 AND Mysterious Night Glow in the Skies of Venus Puzzles Scientists, By KENNETH CHANGhttp://www.nytimes.com/2001/01/23/science/23VENU.html

The new Venusian green glowing aurora's rich in oxyen are now suddenly brightened by upto an enormous 2,500% in just several years... No longer are astrophysical changes reserved for aeons, or milleniums, but now to generations and even several years Ñ this itself is a pole shift of reshaping our conception's fundament:

"A new study of Venus reveals a strange and surprising green glow in the night sky, while separate research seems to have solved a 20-year-old question about whether lightning strikes on the cloud-shrouded planet....
"Lightning Strikes Twice and Scientists Catch On
, Lightning Interacts with Space, Electrons Rain Down, What Is the Aurora?
"On Earth, the crackle of lightning can be heard on an AM radio. Cassini easily detected such signals on an Earth flyby, but heard nothing as it looped around Venus in 1998 and again in 1999...
Gurnett told SPACE.com he was "very certain" of the results, which appear in the Jan. 18 issue of the journal Nature.
"Missions in the 1970s found low-frequency electrical activity in the clouds of Venus... Gurnett suspects the activity represents something like "sprites," discovered recently above Earth's clouds. Sprites are similar to lightning, but they travel upward from clouds into the ionosphere, and they involve far less electricity.
"The green glow
...  a newly discovered show of nighttime lights similar to one that occurs above Earth. SRI International, a research organization, found a glow of green light on the night side of Venus.
"The glow surprised Slanger and other scientists, who did not expect Venus to have the right chemistry to produce the phenomenon. How it is generated is not fully understood, but Slanger says it results when pairs of oxygen atoms collide to form an oxygen molecule, the energy of which is transferred to a third atom, which releases light energy that is -- you guessed it -- green.
"But there's a little problem with that theory. Venus has virtually no molecular oxygen in its carbon dioxide choked atmosphere.
"Venus' upper atmosphere rotates more rapidly than the surface, transporting oxygen atoms swiftly around the planet. "Within a few hours of formation, the oxygen atoms move to the dark side of the planet," Slanger explains.....
"The new observations should help to unravel the unusual oxygen chemistry and dynamics of the upper atmosphere of Venus," writes NASA's David Crisp in the January 19 issue of the journal Science, where the study is presented.
"On Earth, a similar green glow exists in addition to a related phenomenon, the multi-colored northern and southern lights known as aurorae. These lights are created when charged particles from the solar wind excite gas molecules in the upper atmosphere, mostly near the poles.
"The glow of life? Observations of Venus in the 1970s showed no evidence of the nighttime green glow, leading scientists to assume that it would only be found on planets with Earth-like atmospheres — those rich in oxygen and having the potential to support life. It has therefore been considered as a possible signature for potentially habitable places..."
Venus: No Lightning, But a Strange Green Glow, By Robert Roy Britt, 22 January 2001. http://www.space.com/scienceastronomy/solarsystem/venus_lights_010122.html


Scientists once discovered that Venus's atmosphere - across its entire body - rises and falls by 1 Km.... Venus "breathes". Here, scientists express utter mysticism, being confounded by the polar opposites of opposing realities smiling through at the previously thought stable Venusian planetary atmosphere:
"What goes on in the atmosphere of Venus — above, below and within its clouds of sulfuric acid — continues to puzzle scientists. Every time they take a look, they seem to see something different, with phenomena appearing or disappearing like the smile of the Cheshire Cat.
"In their latest looks, they saw no signs of lightning, but did see the faint glow of excited oxygen atoms on the night side of Venus. Spacecraft visiting Venus in the 1970's found the exact opposite: signs of lightning, but no oxygen glow.
"That leaves the scientists wondering exactly what is going on.
"The contradictory evidence for lightning dates back to 1978 when two Soviet spacecraft, Venera 11 and Venera 12, detected electrical discharges as they descended to the surface of Venus.
"Later, NASA's Pioneer Venus 1 spacecraft in orbit around the planet recorded low-frequency radio signals that are, at least on Earth, associated with electrical discharges from lightning strikes...
In 1993, a graduate student at the University of Arizona snapped 300,000 pictures of Venus. Seven showed flashes that appeared to be lightning. But a second series of observations turned up no flashes.
"When NASA's Galileo spacecraft swung by Venus in February 1990 en route to Jupiter, it recorded bursts of static similar to what is heard on an AM radio during a thunderstorm.
"Now, however, Dr. Donald A. Gurnett, a professor of physics at the University of Iowa, reports that the Cassini probe, which swung by Venus twice, in 1998 and 1999, heard no lightning-induced static at all...
"When Cassini passed by Earth, it heard the expected lightning-generated static bursts from more than 50,000 miles away........
"Different types of molecules emit different colors of light. The Soviet probes spotted the colors that indicated the presence of oxygen molecules — pairs of oxygen atoms that have bonded together — but not the green color given off by excited, single oxygen atoms.
"In November 1999, researchers from S.R.I. International in Menlo Park, Calif. and the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Ariz., pointed the 10-meter Keck telescope on Mauna Kea, Hawaii, toward Venus for eight minutes and saw the distinctive green glow of oxygen atoms.
"It was a total surprise," said Dr. Thomas G. Slanger, a scientist at S.R.I. and lead author of a paper in the current issue of Science. The scientists believe the instruments aboard the Venera spacecraft were working correctly — they detected the fainter molecular-oxygen glow...
"There is also no easy explanation for what is causing the oxygen atoms to switch on...
Mysterious Night Glow in the Skies of Venus Puzzles Scientists, New York Times,  By KENNETH CHANG, January 23, 2001  <>http://www.nytimes.com/2001/01/23/science/23VENU.html

<>Before the recent data, a series of mysteries had already erupted about Venus, as those discussed in Time Gate 1996
"VENUS was long thought of as the Earth's twin. It comes closer to our neighborhood than any other planet in the solar system, its orbit slightly nearer the Sun. And its size and composition, mass and density, are quite Earthlike...
In some respects, it turns out, Venus is the strangest body in the solar system -- stranger even than Ganymede, the icy moon of Jupiter...
"The planet had somehow managed to turn itself inside out to start life anew... Dr. Sean C. Solomon, a geophysicist at the Carnegie Institution of Washington who helped analyze the Magellan data, said in an interview... "I still have difficulties with many of the mechanisms that have been proposed to explain the rapid change in the planet's surface that is starring us in the face."

"...Even more shocking to scientists was the extreme randomness with which the craters were spread out across Venus's rocky face. Dr. Schaber said in an interview. "It's undisputable. All the geologists agree. Something very strange happened.""
—New York Times,
Venus's Remade Face Offers Hints of Cataclysm, William J. Broad. July 16, 1996 http://www.nytimes.com/library/national/science/071696sci-nasa-venus.html

The Venusian south pole mapping appears to display an apparent indication of a pentagonal symmetry (our work in progress). The infamous circular feature (Artemis Chasma) is another of a series of unusual features that surprise upon the face of the planet of love

<>Some 15 years ago, in 1989, Emmanuel communicated this OTI Oview on these galactic tide shifts, as the ETI/OTI:


"Mix the flavours harmoneously once again into the cosmic tune of the cosmos of God, of beuaty of harmony. And it is true, that this solar system as a whole is uniting with Pleiades, with Sirius, with Orion, with Andromeda, with Vega, with all systems, and all the different levels, as the whole galaxy is becoming more multi-spectrummed, more multi-layered, and simultaneously being on all those layers, opperating in them equally and evenly — complete harmony in itself, and in infinitey and eternity of all creation...
"The universe is you. As you think inside, it manifests, to your perception, outside. Because you see it diversified. You see it diversified outside. But inside it is united. Because inside it is love. Inside it is All.You are the universe.  You are those extra-terestrials beings. You create them. You are them. You are exploring them.  You are them in exploration.
"When you entertain: 'Oh what would it be like to live in another solar system. What would have been like to live in Venus a few million years ago when there was oceans there.' A part of you creates that inside. And goes on to explore that within, and outside thus, naturally. It becomes catalised.
"And those other explorations of yourself may, indeed,  go on and realise that there is All-Oneness. Realise they are the state of superconsciousness. And now come and help you remember. Yourself, exploring other varieties, are coming in to help you remember.
"We, natuarlly too, are coming in. Taking on architypes within your consciousness, which is the universe. Most definetely so. Taking them on and manifesting to you in your skies. So that you know there is something more. So that you know that you are something more. Indeed, we are doing that, in a variety of different ways. But realise, every-single thought that you think is a reality within frozen illusion."

Should it be confirmed that there are hadronic reactions with their adjascent Magnecule superconductive molecules taking place within the new phenomenologies of Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Titan, Neptune, IO, Uranus, and elsewhere, then some of these would also open another interesting Temporal Equation — for the "New Omni-Science" (as we choose to term it, from our ontological vantage) of Dr. Santilli now gives great validity to the Time Wave fractal time metamorphology, by the science of Hypertime and Hyperrelativity, which Dr. Santilli demonstrates to result in:


"...An ordered, yet unlimited variety of spaces and their isoduals all coexisting in our three-dimensional Euclidean space, plus corresponding, equally co-existing varieties of time."

Conference of the International Association for Relativistic Dynamics, Washington, D.C., June 2002 International Congress of Mathematicians, Hong Kong, August 2002 International Conference on Physical Interpretation of Relativity —Dr. Ruggero Maria Santilli, ISO-, GENO-, HYPER-MECHANICS FOR MATTER, THEIR ISODUALS, FOR ANTIMATTER, AND THEIR NOVEL APPLICATIONS IN PHYSICS, CHEMISTRY AND BIOLOGY, Theories, London, September 2002


Furthermore, the entire fundation of the TIME GATE is standard to the new Hadron Physics, the first and only truly "objective" science that has ever emerged (since it is the only one that has addressed BOTH the internal problem and external problems in physics. Both must be resolved to have true objectivity...

All the "science" [in the wake of Santilli, we must now say pseudo-science], that is being taught in schools, universities and think tanks, including Einstein and quantum mechanics, has FAILED to address BOTH problems and therefore has NEVER BEEN OBJECTIVE.). In Hadron science the foundation of the TIME GATE protocols are standard, as Santilli relates:


"The isodual theory of antimatter recovers the old hypothesis that antiparticles move backward in time (since they have a negative-definite time) by resolving the inherent violation of causality which lead to its abandonment in the second half of the 20-th century. In fact, motion backward in time measured with respect to a negative unit of time is as causal as the conventional motion forward in time referred to a positive unit of time. Most importantly, the isodual theory of antimatter mandates the existence of antigravity defined as a gravitational repulsion experienced by antimatter in the field of matter and vice-versa... while resolving the historical objections against antigravity."




"The proof by Aringazin... of the "universality" of Isoaxiom III, namely, its capability of admitting as particualr cases all available anomalous time dilations via different expensions in terms of different quantities and with different truncatiuons;"


The above could just as well be a description of the Novelty Engression Graph of Time Wave One, with fractal time truncations and different quantities.

Since a whole new practical technology operates on this entirely new field of mathematics (technology rapidly being researched in Japan, Italy, Russia, and in Arabian science [the Arabic oil cartels know the end, when they see it, and are jumping onto the band wagon as early as possible to ensure at least a little bit of advantage for a short time, as this renaiscance hits mankind, and then distributes its integral principles of coherent power equally) — the Time Gate protocol then not only is "Standard", but is the very first protocol founded on this science that was practised by living human systems, using protocols that are akin to user "software" versions [neurocybernetic and bioenergetic phase-conjugate] of the Santilli science.
In fact Santilli's first practical creation of the "plasma arc flow generator" that produces the revolutionary "new materia" occurred during December 20-22nd 1998, which was the major TIME GATE 1998-2010, when hundreds of humans were practising the protocol (the number via our Time Gate 1998 web pages who practised is unknown), and furthermore thousands were practising similar protocols (due to efforts made by a group of Hermetic Science initiates [HGO] associated with Fulcanelli, in association with the Collier Andromedian Council Day, with which thousands participated.
The Andromedians of Collier, similar to our own ETI contacts, although somewhat removed, themselves claiming "time reverse" passage to our present, thus also excercising Santilli hypertime as standard. The Hermetic scientists mentioned, in one of their letters to me, claimed to be having physical contact with the Immanuellian group}.


The Cygnus golden ratio signal, one trigger in the galactic network, that phase-conjugated the sun tuning (thanks to the Millenium group, & Kent Steadman)

Furthermore, new evidence indicates that December 1998 was also PERFECT CONJUNCTION WITH THE GALACTIC CENTER, and a series of global signals that appear to have come into effect by beamed gamma ray network instigation, and a golden ratio signal from the constellation of CYGNUS, the Swan [Hamsa, of the Parahamsa Siddha Yogins], started to appear globally, at 1.618033 hz (ELFRAD.com), precisely on the TIME GATE 1998-2010 Doorway.

Thus the Santilli renaisance science technology, become irreversibly objective amidst a time and space node, where a portion of the world was a bio-dynamic manifestation of that very hypertemporal geno-science of manufestation, instigated by Extra-Temporal and Omni-Temporals [our ETI/OTI and the Hermetic scientists ETI/OTI contacts' and the Collier ET/ETI "future humans" of the "Andromedian Council"], being, in possible future man practising the geno-time science of Santilli and beyond, inspiring this hyperphysics...

Galactic Tree Chakra Dharmata by Ananda

Galactic Tree chakra Dharmata, still from a 2002 animation by Ananda

Although in terms of the OTI (Omni-Temporal Intelligence) of the Manu, they are described not only to future time but to Omni-Temporal Nodal participation, the oldest Manuscript of mankind says:


"Those that are in the future they say are in the past; those that are in the past they say are in the future."

—Rg Veda, Mandala 1, hymn 164, verse 19


This prose has an underlying algebraic code, usually following DNA numbers, and associated Clifford Algebra hypernumbers et al. The following hymn also ascribes to the OTI Manu the Omni-Temporal weaving of the golden "thread of time", NADA BANDHA KALASA. But before wadding into the unique Rg Veda jargon, a few preparitory comparisons of relavance to Time Gates, and Santilli hadron physics are in order, to orient one in its verse textstylis.

The primordial cosmic sacrifice mentioned at the inaugurations of this hymn, is associated to the Soma Kalasa: the supreme Prima Material essence/elixir of the 16th Kala of the lunar mansion chronomoniter, in fact given a grid of 16 number/letters, a veritable similitude to the Santilli 4 x 4 matrix grid — it is the univesal sacrifice, or invarient universal sustenance [in our book we also describe its direct expansion and relation to the DNA codon code and thus the Time Wave geometry and hyperdiamond lattice Feynmen-like checkerboards]; a 16 metric tensor, of nodes.

In fact the Cosmic Persona, called Manu Purusa, is given one single hymn in the Rg Veda, and it is the source of all religions, philosophies, eschatologies, Cosmic Adam, the Hermetic Adam Kadman and Adam Kassia are derived from this, as is the Cosmic Christ the "Word"... Person stems from Purusa as a word, although Purusa actually means City of the Cosmos.
The Purusa hymn itself has:

                                P U R U S A    S U K T A   H Y M N< style="text-decoration: underline;">        
                BOOK                                  10            HYMN         90

<><> PURUSA:                               8 x
VERSES:                              16           WORDS:     163
PARAGRAPHS:                     32     

The Manu Purusa hymn is a most interesting archaic source for virtually all religions, and their Universal Divine Sacrificial "Forever Young" Child... Manu Purusa is that which made us and the entire universe from its body...


Thus, this single unity of 90 + 10 = 100 (2 x 50. The golden 7 x 7 + 1 x 2), is divided as the cosmos, into 16 verses, or Rk's branches, has 32 paragraphs (2 x 16), and the name Purusa itself occurs 8x in the hymn...

Stills from multi-media animations by ANANDA, presentations on THE MANU Emmanuel Omni-Temporal intelligences [Ananda has been a contactee for the last 19 years]

This is the summation number series of the Sierpinski triangle, the Meru Prastara structure upon which the Rg Veda is formulated, and which is the geometry that emerges from the Mantra AUM on liquid media, as well as it being the nature C-tone equal temporing tuning of the harmonic structure of the universe (it is also the mol grid for 1000 gas molecule reactions, not in chaos, but self similarity (the universal Veda... The Manu composed the Rg Veda as the Manual of the Universe:

0.                    1                      = All-One (01)

1.                  1 1                      = 2

2.                 1 2 1                    = 4

3.               1 3 3 1                   = 8

4.             1 4 6 4 1                 = 16

5.            1 5 1 0 5 1              = 32

6.         16 15 20 15 61          = 64

7.      17 21 35 35 21 71      = 128

8.   18 28 56 70 56 28 81    = 256


Sri Yantra, or Meru Prastara animation by Ananda

The Manu Purusa is One hymn, divided into 16 verses, as the 16 metric denominators of the Time Wave of the universe, 16 Kalasa or classes. These 16 denominate the whole Maha Kala, or Omni-Temporal body enabling all of the phases of the universe... 16 Sanskrit vowels are ascribed to the 16 divisions of the cosmic body, which are also the 16 Kala phases of the Moon. From Kalasa, is derived Kala, which means "time" from which our word Kalender is derived.

The Moon is Purusa's mind, or pure Virtual Thoton, yet it is two in one: the Omega is the 15th Kala of the Moon, the dark moon, and the Sanskrit vowel Ah, and the Alpha is the 16th Kala of the Moon, the universal elixir of prima sustenance (Soma is the Veda name of the Moon, and it is the sacramental ambrosia of the numinous), given the Sanskrit vowel Am. These two are one, as Am Ah (a name for "love", and their anagrams Aham, the heart mantra, Maha = Omni etc.).
Yet Purusa's body is a sacrificial unicorn horse, that has 34 ribs, which constitute the 34 consonants of Sanskrit (which together as 34 + 16 = the golden 50 letters of the All-One Maker, Manu Visvakarmanamah.
These 34 ribs are distributed as the 27 Lunar mansions (surounding the galactic center, also the 27 lines of the Meru Sri Yantra and on the general cubic surface, of the cosmic Meru Prastara Yantra), the Sun and the Moon, and the 5 graha planets (27 + 5 + 2 = 34), two ribs are not coded, they are transcribed to the same 15 and 16th Kala of the Moon, and are known as the transcening Omni-Sensed Maha Tattva = 36.

In fact the universal cross/gameboard of Manu Purusa, is the origins of the chessboard, and is called the Astipada, which is a grid of 16 + 16 + 16 + 16 = 64, this is Salvador Dali's "Christus Hypercubus."


In a hypercube each opposing face is kissing its 180¡ other, the front the in uniton with the back face, the right with the left, the top wit the bottom — as one 4D Cube. Purusa's cosmic cross is the universal gameboard of 4 x 16. Unfold a cubes faces onto 2D, and the result is a cross, unfold into 4D, the hypercube, as a cross, is a simulation of an undivided 4th dimensional cube and its hyperdiamond lattice. Th Reimen metric tensor and now the Santilli replacement thereof, is the 16 metric matrix transcribing 3D to 4D.


Temple and city construction was based on this Vastupurusa mandala as a Yantra, in fact the same proportions became absorbed by the Hebrews and the European grid designs. Thus the Cosmic city (architecture) of the Manu Purusa cosmos, given as a 4 x 4 = 16 sectioned matrice, corresponds nicely with Santilli 4 x 4-dimensional Isorelativity:


"The central notion of isorelativity is the lifting of the basic unit of the Minkowski space and of the Poincar ́e symmetry, I = Diag.(1, 1, 1, 1), into a 4 × 4-dimensional, nowhere singular and positive-definite matrix.... Minkowski-Santilli isospaces include as particular spaces all possible spacetimes, such as the Riemannian, Finslerian, non-Desarguesian..."


In fact Santilli's words are just a modern technicalised jargon version of the same notion of the Purusa in the Veda — since ¾ of the Manu Purusa extends beyond the universe by 10 tensor fingers (Omni-Spacetime. Bindu = 10, the One [wholeness] and All [emptiness], as we thoroughly explore in our writtings of THE MANU...)
Appart from the 4D "Reiman metric tensor" of 16 numbers, whose TENsor compresses to TEN (10... Since, in 4D 13 and 31 are one), that Santilli has disproved, but preserved by overlapping the 16 metric componants — the nobel laurate for hypernumbers (4th dimensional numbers), Dr. Charles Muses, also stumbled upon the 16 matrix of Purusa
in his Zero Divisor algebra...
At the end of his life, Dr. Muses admitted that his inspiration had come from his contacts with ETI's that heralded from the Sirius star system (something quite shocking for some)...

Charles Muses has described ZeroDivisor Algebras in terms of subalgebras of 16-dimensional Sedenions and their Complexifications.

The Sedenions and their subalgebras are:

(here a,b are nonzero)


R - dimension 2^0 = 1 - real numbers, with a^2 = 1;

C - dimension 2^1 = 2 - complex numbers, with a^2 = -1;

Q - dimension 2^2 = 4 - quaternions;

O - dimension 2^3 = 8 - octonions.

S - dimension 2^4 = 16 - sedenions S with ab = 0;


The Complexifications of those Algbras are:


CxR - dimension 2x1 = 2

CxC - dimension 2x2 = 4

CxQ - dimension 2x4 = 8

CxO - dimension 2x8 = 16

CxS - dimension 2x16 = 32

The Purusa Sukta numbers of the cosmos, found in Dr. Charles Muses ZeroDivisor algebras.


The Manu Purusa is one, but at the sametime two as Viraj, an androgene anthropos antrhopomorph... Yet the Purusa is divided in 4, since ¾ ascend beyond the universe, and ¼ remains as all life, including man from this Manu. Purusa occurs 8 times in the one Purusa hymn, as the 8th atom type, the invarient Atamanu, yet also the Manaus pure Thoton 9th atom type.

The AUM tonographer pattern, starting with 8 spheres, completes with the 27 line Meru Rule 90, surrounded by an 8 petal lotus, and a 16 petal lotus, in precise Purusa graphic description.


Nobel laurate and ETI "contactee," Dr. Charles Muses, not only synergizes  8th dimensional geometries of the "octonians", but relates the 27 lines to the 16 skew lines, and thus the AUM Meru 27 lines and 27 lunar mansions, to the Purusa 16 metric Isorelativity:


"... In the late 19th century, it was the Neapolitan mathematician P. del Pezzo who first introduced the brilliant idea of a del Pezzo (hyper)surface: one described by a function of nth degree in n-space.

<>"Thus, a del Pezzo surface in 5-space could explain the 27 straight lines on the general cubic surface. Del Pezzo's discovery also hinted at the special Lie algebras and hence at octonions since they climaxed in an 8th degree variety in 8-space, linking with the fact that it is E8, the highest special Lie algebra, that is intimately connected with octonions. Indeed, the whole theory of Lie algebras depends ultimately on its elemental core of octonion arithmetic... The entire Italian school at that period was exploring higher dimensional geometry ...".

—Dr. Charles Muses, Applied Mathematics and Computation 60:25-36 (1994), pp 28



A del Pezzo Surface F(N,2) is a surface of order N in N-dimensional real space.

del Pezzo noted that any algebraic surface must be either a cone or other ruled surface or a non-ruled surface

and that F(3,2), the cubic surface in 3-space, has 27 lines, each of which is skew to 16 others.



The Santilli-Lie algebra equations, thus take on an interesting turn into Omni-D, in a graphical sense.
"Time", Kala
in Sanskrit, is considered a Numinous Being, that is whole and undividable as Maha-Kala, it is irreversible and immaculate, the prototype of SIVA and Chronos/Saturn, the god and planet of "time". As Tempo it is ascribed to sound, just as the Kala is ascribed to Taka = 7 tones, and Tana = 7 notes, and to the universal tuning of the octaves of the "Silent Sound" of creation.

Soma Kalasa also becomes the Maha-Kala, or Omni-Time of Somamrta: Imperishable/Immortal/Irreversible (immaculate ambrosia), just as Saturn's satyrycal alchemy renders its base Lead into Gold, or its names Kam = black, into Kama = gold of love, as the Via Media reconcilling its name Sat Kona, or Karma, the illusion of "Causality," or Kale-Maya...

Furthermore, the Hadron Physics "Macro Irreversibility" is delineated as the "Original Model' to which all of the fundamental 7 meters of creation (as described in this hymn) are ascribed. Just as the Santilli pyramid's 6 distinct departments of mathematics are ascribed to the 7th and 8th domain of the Macro Irreversibile hyermathematics and its Isodual-hypermath. Likewise the 7th meter, is also ascribed to the Omniplicate Order of the "Undying Syllable,' the irreversible and unbounded Aditi, whose love Matha, is the root of our word "math", whose milk is considered the invarient numinous numbers of the cosmos' dance:


"The Soma Sacrifice is arrayed out with threads on all sides... Drawn tight with 101 numious impulses [100 = the Irreversible iso-atom of the Atamanu, in Veda number ascribed to verse prose.* The 1 is the Manaus irreversible hyperaxis], is woven by these Hotr's [Manu's of primordial fire] as they [the Manu Hotr's] localise time near: "Weave forward, weave backward,' they time as they rest by the loom of creation that is stretched tight.

" The Manu Purusa stretches the warp of the cosmos and draws the weft; the Manu Purusa arrayed it upon the dome of space. These are the nodes that bind in place; they create the compositional tunes into the shuttles to weave...

"What was the Original Model and what was the fax similitude, and what was the connection between them?"

—Rg Veda, Mandala 10, Sukta 130



*NOTE: The Rg Veda contains the foundations of an entire atomic theory, which later was delineated into a linear series of descriptions in other Vedic writings... What has struck us, and failed to be seen in significance by other scientists exploring this, but rather acting as an irritant due to lack of knowledge of the Santilli new mathematical branches, and the Santilli iso-electornium and Magne novel materials, which defy the rules of quantum chemistry, but yet are precisely described in the Vedic literature, precisely of the nature that best befits the description of those of Santilli's hadron physics... Later 100 becomes the Atman, or superself of 100 breaths, which only at the end of thousands of years of Chinese whispers, became anchored to mean "100 reincarnations" a notion that is vacant in the Veda... 100 = the Irreversible iso-atom of the Atamanu, in Veda number ascribed to verse prose. Anus and Paramanus atoms are akin to the iso-atoms of Santilli, and Atamanus along with Mannaus to the domain of geno- and hyperphysics.


Thus this Omni-Temporal weaving by the Manu OTI, of the golden thread of time [in fact the Time Wave fractal is a golden proportion hyperthreading], is what enables "those in the future" to be "in the past" and "those in the past" to be "in the future", as the earlier hymn quotes, precisely adhering to Dr. Santilli's:


"Motion backward in time measured with respect to a negative unit of time is as causal as the conventional motion forward in time referred to a positive unit of time."



Furthermore, this Rg Veda hymn, also describes the 4D hypercube (whose opposing faces kiss), in the verse preceeding it:


"Beneath what is above, and above what is beneath — who with such numinous insight can here proclaim the Source of which the Mind (Mannaus, the primordial atoms of Pure THOTON], of God was Born."

—RV 1.164.18


hyper cube to cube
Hypercube amputation... Vortexijah iso-tetrahedrons are the intermediary of the cube and hypercube

Thereby, the Hypercube/Klein bottle 4D mobius, is direcly chartered to the Omni-Temporal mapped description, and thus follows the Santilli planes of hypermath and its isodual.

Cube to hypercube Klein bottle

Klein bottle

Dr. Santilli's genius of novelty may have been midwived by his encylopaedic knowledge of all of maverick scientist Dr. Nicola Tesla's writtings and papers (Tesla himself claiming ETI contact, and viewing his technology in Numinous holo-Vision. His reluctant involvement in Project Rainbow, which led to the notoreous Philadelphia Experiment in Time, to which the Time Gate has been a balancing correction extended from the invarient principles of the Irreversible Macro Coherent Unity fundamenting the cosmos). Dr. Nicola Tesla, who discovered Tesla longitudal waves (Time Waves... And by the side AC electricity and the lightbulb amidst a treasure cove of others), stated that the Veda's were the closest to his thinking of all manuscripts of history...

The Extremely Low Frequency Radar group's registration of a "gravity wave" signature. Sharing similarities to the Time Wave novelty graph

Indeed, we found them to be of the same vivid and Lucid Fluid Holography (Omni-Sphereical Knowledge/Wisdom) as the Living Images of Emmanuel, our OTI contacts who also claimed to be the Manu, who turn out to be the OTI sources attributed to bestowing the Primal Veda — with the addition of the underlying invarient algebraic formulae (of fractal algebra with hyerpnumbers of the Clifford and Lie algebraic forms, the very ones with which Santilli has expanded the field of mathematics), upon which these universal Treasure Trove of Images are founded as the cybernetics of an Omniversal Holonomy Iconographic Syntaxis...

Presently, perhaps, Dr. Santilli may not be fully aware of this, although Dr. E Trell, his associate, appears to be well familiar with Vedic Mathematics (not only does the binary code, A.I. symantic nets, the Pythagorus theorum, algebra, cubing, 3D symmetries and iso-symmetries and their extended "N" dimensional varients — but some of the most significant fractal mathematics as well, appear as standards of Vedic mathematics, long before the Hellenists claim to their muse goddess' of numbers.... Including indications of many aspects of the Santilli 8 stepped pyramid of novel math branches. Hadron Physics' "Macro Irreversibility" is standard in the Manu's Veda, such as:


"The whole universe exists through the Undying Syllable."

—RV 1.164.42


This is the intimation at the silent AUMN, whose mantric form resonates the tonographer sound sensative materials into the Meru Sri Yantra, a 27-28 dimensional variant of the Sierpinski triangle AKA Rule 90... As does a cosmos of Omnidimensionality feature centrally in the Manu cosmology, and implicated in Santilli's novel renaiscance science.

Time Gates in the new truly objective science are absolutely standard, and in fact the physics by which we could doubt such notions, those which still hold the majority of mankind in its spell, are furhtermore illogical, because they are not founded on invarience, which the Veda's call ANU, and which is also the Fax Similitude of the Irreversible Atamanu domain akin to Santilli's hyerpmathematics. The old "science" therefore has no practical value or meaning:


"All formulations with classical noncanonical and operator nonunitary time evolutions do not have time-invariant numerical predictions, physical laws and mathematical axioms when formulated via the mathematics of classical and quantum Hamiltonian mechanics, thus having no known physical or mathematical value....

"...It is then easy to see that, when the nonunitary theory is formulated via the mathematics of unitary theories, it does not admit time-invariant numerical predictions, thus having no known physical meaning or value."



Stills from multi-media animations by ANANDA, presentations on THE MANU Emmanuel Omni-Temporal intelligences [Ananda has been a contactee for the last 19 years]

In fact this new hyper physics also confirms our Vortexijah, what we had termed "inter-geometries" as being a standard part of our dimensionality as the geometrical "isoduals". Dr. Santilli does not just speculate, his technology is sweeping the world, he has made the "Vortexijah mater", today (August 12-13), specific irreversible steps on the coherent transition of the world into this "new" Omni-Science are in progress [more will be upcoming following the germinating phase presently well in progress and leading to the plant and planetary plantage.



"The complexity of hypertime and hyperrelativity for biological systems. The reader should be aware that the complexity of biological structures requires the use of hypermathematics as well as its isodual, e.g., for quantitative interpretations of bifurcations. In fact, a quantitative interpretation of bifurcations, e.g., in sea shells, requires four different hypertimes and their isoduals, as indicated below. In turn, this is sufficient to illustrate the departure from conventional notions of a relativity suitable for quantitative studies on biological systems, known as hyperrelativity and its isodual (57). In fact, such new relativity requires the most general notion of numbers, those with a multi-valued hyperunits characterized by an ordered, yet unlimited number of non-Hermitean elements, with consequential most general possible geometries and mechanics, plus their isoduals. This results in an ordered, yet unlimited variety of spaces and their isoduals all coexisting in our three-dimensional Euclidean space, plus corresponding, equally co-existing varieties of time. There is little doubt that such features imply dramatic departures from the simplicity, thus insufficiency, of special relativity. An illustration of the complexity of hyperformulations and corresponding hyperrelativ ity is given by the four different notions of hypertime which are needed for the description of complex biological processes, such as bifurcations in seashells, all in a coexisting form and each having a multi-valued character: motion forward in future time öt >; motion backward in past time <öt; motion forward from past time <ötd; and motion backward from future time öt >d. The necessity of these four directions in time also illustrates the need of the isodual map."



Further advances in this line have been Novelated by Dr. Erik Trell, in his E. Trell, "Tessellation of Diophantine Equation Block Universe," contributed paper to Physical Interpretations of Relativity Theory, 6-9 September 2002, Imperial College, London. British Society for the Philosophy of Science, in print, (2002).


Furthermore, the mechanism of suns has now shifted to the Vortexijah iso-symmetry that is the cosmological standard of The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel, this also significantly ampliPHIes the ETI/OTI gamma net and solar lense equation into the extension of the ANUverse, or superconducting universe... [much more of our thoughts on Santilli cosmology, coming up].

Still from a 2000 animation of Ananda, showing the George Adamski "bell" vehicle, of golden symmetry and the Dharmata Time Wave novelty graph self-similarity, doubled and 180° embedded

AS TIME GATE 2004 NOW COMMENCES, THIS TESTIMONY SHOULD REKINDLE SOME INTEREST IN THE IMPORTANCE OF A CIVILIAN SOVEREIGN BASED TIME GATE. Dr. Dan Burisch, formally employed by the MAJI, herein confirms a whole series of levels of information that were predicted by Emmanuel. Since, it appears that Dr. Burisch is accurately relating what he is directly operating with as a microbiologist, has been briefed in within the MAJI briefing documents, and his S4 (Nevada Test Site) encounter with the RET-4 ("reticulian" EBE, "extraterrestrial biological entity", referenced as a specifimen of a future "human" time line), and that at this level of briefing and contact, not the entire story is revealed (with the parts that remain obscured dramatically changing the overview) — so we have taken the time to add some of our own commentaries in this text and to add several excerpts of Emmanuel communications from upto 17 years ago, that are being confirmed herein, or MAY clarify other missing information...


The most important thing is the empowering nature it implies on a Civilian based Time Gate on behalf of the Sovereignty of mankind... Much of the Time Gate 1998 and 2003 signals have been documented by civilian scientists (as we have publically presented since 1998), and are being utilized by the MAJI as some of the most important national security domains, for those of the MAJI who want a harmonious transition through 2012, and beyond...

Time Gate 1998 Cygnus PHI/Ø Signal

These are the galactic signals of the MANU, which are affecting the DNA 'Light Body', which is increasing its 100 UPS coherent light signal output at present, as a result of the PHI signal from this Manu Gayatri network, effecting our Sun and Earth.


"There is going to be a converging of all "evolutions", so to speak, in the past present, and future, in other time spectrum dimensions, in other time frames. This is all happening through Earth."

—EMMANUEL April 6th 1990, Geneva Public Audience Transmission





Presently compiling some quotes I have written on my retrospective reflections bouncing off and resounding with the Santilli Castellar compostella castle of 8-16 Omni-Mirrored Facetted Omniplicity. Appart from appreciating the potential of implication of the MagneGas technology upon the planet scaping of "reality", the private interest of Eric, in addition, for MagneO2 in hydro-electricity also has mulled my interest, since our neighbour here as already proposed a hydro venture of the primitive primate type, and a working model presentable on the ATON Institute premisis, and shared by local neighbours, should be an attractor for MagnePHIng the HaDrona* Omni-Science.


*Ha-DRONA: "Heart CalDRON in Veda Sanskrit. Drona is the CalDRON chalice, and Ha is is the Seed Mantra of the heart.


The last months (May-July) — writting has been fluancing on the history of the Cosmic Christ, the Chessboard as the original crucifix, and Feynman checkerboards, coupled to gamma "Weird radiation", gamma ray galactic Light Body hyper-diamond lattice bursts, with side-by-side comparisons of Emmanuel details of these phenomenon and their context, to the science abstracts that observed precisely the same phenomenon at least 8 years later, and its effects on the re-writting of the laws of physics (at least in our local back yard); our planetary intraterrestrial neo-matrice; the Sun parabole; our cells metamorphosis; our DNA transposon activation; novel Light Body cells, and so forth.

This includes a section on what appears to be Ganesh Particle-like Orbs emerging in our last DIAMOND BODY training within the SION Dome area. Some are clearly seen to emerge from Light Emisions on my skin, and one harbours what looks like a hyperdiamond lattice akin to a Feynman checkerboard, directly emerging from a point of light on my facial skin...

Feymen checkerboard projection 3D plus 1

<> Other photos reveals a Tibetan fire letter of Light over my head that was observed by participants who opened their eyes in the meditation to behold it, and subsequently take snapshots, it also shows on video camera (looking a little like a Hebrew Vau).

Facinatingly another photograph, where I deliberately chose to double play and be Serious in the "group photo" rules, precisely came out to render a gravity anomoly-type of phenomenology in the photo, where I have become a giant, larger than life, and far taller than other participents under whose height I can shelter in "normal" reality gameplay rules of morphological comparisons — here I share the same distance from the camera as the others, but make the others appear dwarfed despite what memory of "reality" tells one logically [see TIME GATE 2004 SUNGATE].

Dharmata on Mt. Meru. The Time Wave novelty graph on the octonian Clifford algebra foundation

Encorporated in this article are a series of older photographs I have acquired of the 200 km's of tunnel systems in the SION Dome mountains where my childhood and teen contacts took place, including my Remote Visioning with Ptah of going to Norway, and the 8 years that would culminate with the ATON land. These tunnel systems are in the same area whose sand analysis yielded high concentration of elements that also have M-State nuclear superdeformations of iso-symmetry and release gamma "weird radiation" under certain conditions...

A still from  one 2000 animation of Ananda... Variation III beamship, following the Time Wave novelty graph temporal geometry

Even these old photographs appear to show Ganesh particle-like Orbs and Cells, possibly some form of Plasmoid superconducting Ovoid current as macroclusters of the M-State elements amidst the high piezo-electric nature and other clear factors harboured deep within these Swiss alps — Magneplasma or what, Aether 5th Force Living Orb Metamorph's (this article includes our sharing much more information on what we were shown by our Extra-Temporal/ET and Omni-Temporal/OT Omniversal family members there, together with models accounting for some of our experiences in that SION zone, and for some of the U.F.O.* sightings, and the nature of the subterranian bases hyperlined to the Omni-Temporal NADA Node Lines of the Omniverse, via the MagneForce Nadi Earth node nervous system bio-holomovement. However, this is proving to be taking quite some time so far.


*NOTE UFO: UniPHIed Field Object.


Iso-symmetrical geometrical Dhamata layout


The Manu book is ever expanding... Comparisons with the Egyptian language and cosmology, as well as science, is invariently and irreducibly that of the Veda-Sanskrit (proto-Sanskrit distillations of Sarasvati Manuscript and their universal Sierpinski Binomial co-efficient Syntaxis colleagues)...


Octonian 24 cell

In terms of Santilli/Hadron cosmology, biology, neuro-cybernetics, epistemology, athropology, eschatology, philosophie and Omni-logaia, some further plateau's have been accessed — having been fortunate (or Four Tune 8) to have had your stubborn and persistent transliterations of Santilli into our jargon set over two years ago [thank you for that compassionate effort incidently], which partially (due to your sincere translation and partially out of mutual respect and courtesy of beholding your irreducible sincere gravity of fascination in the Hadron domain), invariently enraptured me to investigate at least some components of the Santilli Castle, has continued to be OT prodded by the ManuVAK... Especially those Macro Holons of Hadron Open-Ended Logic that are discernable through the Omni-Visual VR/Akasha...

Octonions X and Y, octonion product  XY  =  X x Y  -  X |_ Y

 Any of the 480 products of octonions  1, i, j, k, E, I, J, K   is based on 7 associative triangles:
         / \
    J          j        J          I         J        K
    / \        / \       / \        / \        / \       / \
   i---K   I---K   I---k   E---i   E---j   E---k    CORRESPONDING TO THE 7 IMAGINARY OCTONIONS
             J              I---j                 
  I  -->   / \      -->   |   |        --> I-Onarhedron
           i---K          k---E                 
              j             J---i                 
  J  -->  / \     -->   |   |          --> J-Onarhedron
           I---K         k---E                 
             J            K---i                 
 K  -->  / \     -->    |   |          --> K-Onarhedron
           I---k           j---E                 
            I              J---j                 
 i  -->  / \       -->   |   |          --> i-Onarhedron
        E---i            k---K                 
           J              K---k                 
 j  -->  / \      -->     |   |        --> j-Onarhedron
         E---j            i---I                 
           K             I---i                 
k  -->  / \     -->    |   |          --> k-Onarhedron
        E---k          j---J                 
             j            J---I                 
E  -->  / \    -->    |   |           --> E-Onarhedron
          i---k         K---E              

However, aspects remained cryptic Assyrian cipher, until dilegent effort expounded by Emmanuel in the MANU-Script series, brought the unifying force to accord my gravity with my Imaginary constant onto numerous iconographic interface languages that would assist (many grateful clues from Dr. Frank Tony Smith's stupendous web site, which I recall stumbling upon already in the late 1990's, which yielded some links by which the crash-course in the Omni-Graphic "i"Kona Operating System user interface could procure).
Whilst componants remain unpenetrtatable in local logic, this effort has enabled the blind folds to be removed, and an Oversite Topdown (OT) View to comprehend the subject line, content type, and argument orientation, through which the relative Akasha VR Rota Macro Images can unfold from their OmnIconographic Macro MaNumerator*...


*NOTE MANUMERATOR: The Omniplicate Irreversable Omniversal MaNuminous Numerator Macro of Immaculate Omni-Irreducibility, Manufolded into Manufestation through ManuSimulation Omni-literational Manumotion I-Kona Syntaxis Omni-Axiomatics.

<>I soon realised that the Octonian multiple dimensional hyper-symmetries, Simplex physics, Lie Algebra, Clifford algebra, etc etc... all had their intergeometrical components that shared the syntax which the Extra-Temporal Athena took me through in the mid 1990's — expanding the Vortexijah iso-symmetries into their higher complexity dimensions of Omnijectivity, and Omnilooping my alpha-logic in Omnipolations that are Living real Omni-temporal Simulations of Vortexijah translations into their Omnidimensional Omnimorphologues.

The Binomial Co-Efficient Prime Number coding of the universe (Rg Veda called the Manufested Manual of the Universe) in infinite dimensions asymptotically/Iso-symptotically and Omni-symptotically equal to


     natural Logos-rythm X


Via the Omni-symmetry that imbibes the Meru Prastara prime numbers to be fundamentally ManuScribed to the natural logrythm and thus to the universal foundational base constant of e, directly linked to π, as part of the:

             Ø                        A

       e            π                   M

Trinity, all 3 being Omni-cendent (transcental numbers), as you probably are most familiar with, and coupled to the constant i
and the prime numbers infinitude, as the "5 hidden footprints of the gods," (RV 1.164), that Designates the Omnifooting of a MaNumerator, just as the Mahapadapunktipada, or Omnifooted meter of a prime 30 + 1 syllables used in the Veda quarternions as a midway Meru-Aum Yantra clue of the MANU. Thus another Manugeometria Icon as a unifying Manuliteration of the Imperishable and Irreversible ManumeratorOmni-Macro from which this Trinal AUM Omniconstant is N°ADA Manufolded Omniplicately. Thus, the All Is God Omni-Symmetrical Omnigeometry is unanomous simplicity. This as an very sketchy example of one of the factors that have assisted in deepening Santilli's unifications of all mathematics.

This, along with aspects already gleaned from Emmanuel during my teens, Diamond Body experience, some (a minuscule grain of All-One) translated in parts of the Unity Keys (the 64 dimensional hyper-inter-geometry of the superuniversal hyper-toroidal sphere for example. Oh yeah, this life waves duration ratio of apparent 3 space to T, has the appearance of being an universe of echoed mirrors in its delay signal, in translation media... In plain terms, moves so slow); and other ET/OT Manumerated Omnilogs.

Still from Ananda's 2001 animation Dharmata universes phase-kissing

Most especially along with an irreversible "Knowing" that has always been there, with my Omni-T and Extra-T Omni-Persona Pantheon Character/Saraktara, whose immaculate Infomatic Cybernetics is unwarn by any of the experiences of this planetary life-wave, however heavey laden the toil of the weight of their memories — their wear and mind CNS oil devouring hunger leave the OT/Akasa Unblemishingly Pure.

Unlike those terranian treasure trophies of this Manufestation, where one must be in a continuum of unity hygenics in numinous hyper-indexing, with the backup of wetware nutrients and elixirs, and daily system OS protocols of changless change cybernetics, processed through at least 7 + 1 parallel wave source signals (or 16 + 1... etc..; with cognosis at times requiring aspects of plural octave binomial iso-tetrahedral co-efficient Omnilooping of upto 80 octaves in hyperspherical °0¯°0^0° Omni-Mobius Manufolds of Omniplenum Myriad Manumerators [you are one of the few persons who can understand that in language, due to your own unique combination of all the Omniversal creatives. And it is refreshing to talk on such matters in a more casual manner. For me such ease is being more human, although the occasion to activate its unfoldment is rare and few between]).

At least hyperindex continuums of 7 + 1 parallel wave variable source signals that octave the All-One Creator "Source" apparent "unfoldment" of the Omnifolded Irreversible Omni-Cro (the Irreversible Omniscient Foundation so Omnijective as to enable the apparent Macro, Mixo, Micro, cosmos appearance), Manuversibility.

The OT/ET MaNumerator remains imperishable to all such cybernetics, effortlessly Irreducible in its Primal Omni-Lucidity of ManuGnosis [I share several days writting work in this line in the SION series, trusting that it will be of use to some, and jog the cognition of other Irreversible Omni-T MaNuminance. I thank you for reading this far].


Going back to Santilli with such transliterations imbibed by the OT Irreversible Logos Logic Lokalisations, has been of some essence in bridging the Veda Omni-Science with the post-modern Omni-Science, and our own Omni-Sophia and Omni-Logaeia, symbiotic to the NADA and NADI skeleton of Santilli principles into bio, cosmo, and onto- logies, and epistemologies...

Finding Santilli focus so heavily on element one has been of some essence (in parallel to our own Somagenic findings and the ANU equation), and use of Lie algebra, now with the OS Language Course of an Iconographic Linguistic Interface of Macro Holon's, as an Akashon overlay to that language — it now has started to Vividify at least some of the deeper code source semantics of some of Santilli's and colleagues writtings into the familiar ManuVISual OmnIconography (VR Akasa syntaxis for a ET/OT crash coursing the language of an apparent separate numeration... It was only by going to the Veda math, however, that the culturally instilled logic loops and social-genetic imprint bias' on mathematics, could start to undergo the All Is God revelatory equations of their MaNUMINOSITY. Especially the book Vedic Mathematics, with the 16 Sulba Sutra code keys having now been identified embedded throughout the Rg Veda). Thereby, the Omni-pendix Macro Manumerator's of each work department, as an Akashon annunciating unfoldment Anumation.

With the RV Omnigeometry, I expect several years of duration before this will become coherently communicatable to a larger audience in a cybernetic set and setting... However, our animation work and new apple computer, has now made some of the more complex and ET sounding discoveries of the Rg Veda [really the baby bottle basics], become immediately discernable even to a novice with layman neurons, as we witnessed in England this June... Later a G5 parallel processor computer [Alain-Yan says I would probably soon need a room full, with their processors linked], will enable vast expansions and clarifications to be convayed in multimedia... What ET-Athena convayed in the mid 1990s, on translating Omni-D Symmetry Numinous Logistics into axiomatic common logic, is now more discernable as a Manumerator Attractor Field Macro on the condenscing concressence horizon...

I have also been briefed last year, from the Manu past communing with the present, and by the Manu-Emmanuel Omni-Momentum, of the role that the Time Gate 1996-2010 hyper-loop nodes (and the pregnant children within the arch of its womb [mini-time gates]), weave within the Omni-Myriad TexTILINGs of Omni-Temperal Nada/Nadi Node Gates/Gata's (Ruta/Satya OT Gates), of the Manuvantara .*


*NOTE MANU-VAN-TARA: 72 million Annum's of 144,000 Nodes of embryonical Nada/Nadi embroidry comprising the Rasa-Sara weave of the Golden Fleeced Sieve of compassion, chesting the Heart's Midway Treasurey of the Manu Ruta/Satya Spinning of the golden thread of the All-One Van of compassionate love Ratara. Woven by the Manu omnispersing the loom of creation with its Numinous Omni-Net Manumerator weaving of the Aksara Undividable Matha Matrice/MataR'si Omni-semantic network (akin to an Indra-Net of Time Gates, in convergence. As par the Emmanuel paradigm, I have recently rediscovered, but logically not retained until the Rg Veda congruence of self similarity describing this very Omni-Manu Spun Span of Mahakala, or Omni-Temporal, irreducible golden thread tapastry of Omni-Time Gate Myriads of MaNodal Holon Pearls as shimmers of All-One MaNumerator as an Omnimorphing Pantheon of Omniplicite Manumerator's etc...


Naturally the Sierpinski Meru Manufactory of astrophysical and astro-temporal manual hyper-threads are directly implicated in the geno-temporal consort of Time Gates in our Manuvantara pository of the 4th Alpha-Omega Manu Midway Age Agency, for the cungurent culmination of Hieros Gamos Alpha-Omega Tensor Bindu convergence of all Omni-T NADA/Nadi Hypersphere loops, re-realised as one Omniversal Symphony of ManuConductivity...



PS: On 8 and 16: In other words, Santilli's 8 mathematics (math to isodual hypermath), through the projected 9th "???" and its "Isodual ???" 10th [Bindu], as Omni-mathematics and Isodual Omnimath, Omnilinks and Omni-Scribes the 8 into a Meru Sierpinski Omni-Hedron of the Omni-Plicate Order Omniverse. And thus an Omni-Variety of Unique universes with Unique Santilli 1-8-type math's and Omniplicate Omnitude (extension) thereof. This is the Hyperuniverse paradigm of The Unity Keys.


Omni-mathematics and Isodual Omnimath = MaNumerator. This is the Manu Veda model being uncovered with MaNuminous OmnInteractivity. Thus it will not be surprising that such math will soon emerge, and the Veda will be its Inseminating Invaginational Incubeator, in OmniLogeia, naturally.




Lotus patterns on the sun. See Time Gate 2003









Thanks to NASA, Hubble Space Telescope, for use of photogrpahs, HGO, the Millenium Group, Enveda.de, Kent Steadman, and Richard C. Hoagland of the enterprisemission group, and GRINS