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The following expose may disturb some foundation fond beliefs. We do not ask you to believe it, but only to consider what follows, and be open to verify further perspectives to this in reality. You will know some of this history from the garments of your genes, as most of us have been through such episodes, in resonance.

We utilize the word to illustrate the point of independence from any hierarchical brotherhood, or localised Light Station, as a Heaven, or ultimate - coming from the Source and returning to the source is a concept based only on the speed of light. Since Einstein's causality (cause and affect) has now failed in phase-conjugation experiments, so is karma an illusion, which has become a habit by belief.

God as a source separate from us, is an illusion that subscription to the habit of karma, or the speed of light chauvinism, implements. Once one is faster-than-light, cause and affect make love with each other, and interpenetrate each other. Therefore, speed, distance, time and space, energy, matter, are no longer experienced as individual frames, or moments, of a film. They are all concurrent, and one is all of them at the same time, at infinite speed and zero speed, hence one is constantly unity with God, and one is constantly All Is God - always have been, always are, always will be. In that sense, it is impossible to be enlightened (for to enlighten, is to be the light, which itself is an illusion) - one can only accept that one already is perfect and completely united and as All Is God. The original Sin is to say that you have sinned, for then one judges All Is God for not being there, an impossibility. This paradigm is not the Mystery School Masonic Light religion, whereby God is in everything, but All Is God is saying that God IS Everything, and Beyond. This is not All Is One. For All Is God is also All Is Two, or All Is Three. If one speaks about the Zero as the absolute, All Is God, thus All Is God is equally the Zero Absolute. Whatever one could imagine or come up with or not, or Midway, throw All Is God in there, and All Is God is that.

Even if you have difficulty with the actual word God, due to religious vampirism, and parasitical control and subjugation of humanity. Break down the word "GOD" to smaller units, i.e. "G" "O" "D", and then witness what is ascribed to those letters ­ G is used in G-Force, or Gravity; O is used for null, nil, or 0 (zer0); D is used for dimension, such as 3d, 4D. Hence, by breaking down a mystical word, to smaller units, we came up with Gravity Zero Dimension (Gravity at zero dimensionality, is beyond universal constructs. Electrogravity, is zero-point gravity, and this is the Vortexijah, it is infinite speed united with all possible speeds at all times and spaces, through its marriage with zero speed.

When we understand this, we can no longer be run by a system of geometry. But rather by the perfect All Is God Vortexijah Unit that is Us perfectly. Hence, this article is an exercise to illustrate that any heaven Light Station to return to, or God Source, to return to, is a "Lord of the Flame" paradigm. Lucifire-LuciPHIre-Lucifer is the Lord of the Flame the second Logos, as the Lux-I-Fire. Light requires sacrifice to burn, this requires hierarchy. Flame is spiral, which is spin, which is the geometry of limitation. Let us be Self Born. Let us Self create our Soul Implants from our Infinite and Zero All Is God Vortexijah Unity Units. Remember this view point, as some foundation may shatter ahead:


For centuries the secret Mystery Schools of ancient Babylon, Egypt, and the near East, have attempted to implement their Merkabba mysteries. The Merkabba was the geometrical approach of applying the field of the body to travel through the realms of the tree of life, Sipharot, into the higher heavens. Except in a few cases, they failed to open the gate, since their approach focused on the geometry first, and thus the force of electromagnetism, or light.

In the East the Boddhisatva traditions have had continued success in opening the Gate physically, by using an INTERGEOMETRICAL APPROACH, which focuses on the Unity First, and then translates the body. This is called the Chakra Vajra.

2000 years ago Issa-Immanuel (Christ) and 144 male and female apostles, opened the door. Issa-Immanuel as Master Alchemists, and personification of the Darmakaja Boddhisatva (One Body of Christ, the Word, the Logos) implemented the Chakra Vajra Sphere and spins, and translated through all dimensions, with the Diamond Body - opening the way for all universes to be concurrently accessed.

Merkabba, allows a shift into different densities of the computer of light geometrics. These are the illusionary realms caught in causality (cause and affect, the east called it karma: Today causality has failed, hence karma has failed, and so has the Elohim computer Octahedron lost its grip as the pan ultimate. As the Door has been opened for everyone to the greater Unity Perfection of All Is God. The Children of Issa-Immanuel and the 144 became the MeruVinGians (Meru = world mountain, Sri Yantra Aum, as the mantra Aum resonates sand on a tonographer into the shape of the Sri Yantra pyramid; Vin = the Wine of Immortality, the Soma Amrita sought from the Meru world mountain, this was the supeconducting Green and Red Lion, the Eucharist, Agape, Alchemist Elixir, produced in the Pineal gland, and the Soma bush with Akashia (Acacia), opening the Chakra Vajra of superconductive Immortality; Gian = of the Earth Gaia).


Today we approach a choice - you can be harvest by the black or the white brotherhood, into technology implants, or light body implants, but what happens to harvested crops, they become food, the bread of the gods. When the crops are souls, the bread of the gods thus eats the ripe souls full of experience of historical episodes (whether they are beings of light or darkness in both cases this is vampirism, or plan food). The 11% of the crop masters embodied are selected and given light geometrical powers, Merkabba implants, that give extra momentum and density navigation, and plugs the individual into the Elohim or Nephilim Light Octahedron or Dark Octahedron Soul computers, where they have access to the akasha holographic universal scripts of creation. Here they are modulated into an hierarchical position, like the worker bee's who gather honey for the hexagonal hive, collective Merkabba Mothership, where the royal subsist from the harvested pollen of flowered nervous systems, where individual kundalini, prayers not in Unity to Unity, but directed to a light Station or Master in separation, rather than the absolute Unity, which forms the royal jelly of the great white brotherhood Royal Bee's (as the food between harvests), who protect the Queen God Jehovah, Amen-Ra or related god implant. This is the same for the wheat and the chaff.

WHAT IS NOT TOLD IN THE WEST, and is the Secret of secrets, is that there is a MIDWAY PATH. The Midway path is the teaching of Compassionate Love. The Vow of the Boddhisatva is to not emerge into complete Unity, until everyone else also is aware of the same. This is the compassionate vow made, to embrace all perspectives and bring all into BoddhisatvaSHIP. Brahma-Manu the first to be Lotus Born through the Chakra Vajra (first man-u) taught the Mid-way path (Em-Manu-El). The Boddhisatva's continued to manifest and teach the Midway path of the Heart, as KU-Mara's, KU = Void, MARA = wisdom. But Mara ruled the mind, and would not relinquish and accept that the time of the heart was to be implemented. Mara became the devil that tempted Buddha for 40 days and 40 nights in the desert, as Satan Kumara (Lord of the Flame of the Mind, Illumination = Lucipher). Buddha taught the Midway path. The Taoist of old taught the Midway path, and the Golden Flower Golden Pill means of getting there. Including the intergeometrical approach of the Chakra Vajra. ATum-Ptah who was the equivalent of Manu coming from the imperishable realms of Imwh Annu, was the first Lotus Born (NeferAtum), who taught the Atum Vehicle, the same Chakra Vajra, as Atum-Tehuti, Atum-Ra, Shesheta and Hathor. But they were soon all replaced by the Lords of the Flame, who created simulated mysteries, that veiled the Unity of all in mysticism, of symbolical allegory, and initiation grades, with entheogenic sacraments that only simulated the actual Unity Mind, and which the pineal gland did not create. In turn parts of the Chakra Vajra manifolds were implemented by these Amen Priests (Amen = hidden, the hidden ones), and this became known as the Merkabba. These gods played gods, in both technological Merkabba's (the dead Sea Scroll version of the book of Ezekial, describes not only the metal of the geometrical vehicle, but the landing ramp unfolding as the angles Anachim step out), but also the geometrical light field merkabba's which are based on the present illusionary trapped body template caught in the 666 of carbon (6 electrons, 6 neutrons, 6 protons - an pyramid octahedron).

Meanwhile through ones such as AkuAton (Aknaton), TutAnkAton (Tutankamen), Guru Rinpoche (Padma Sambava), Metreya, Lao Tze, Viracotcha, Votan, Buddha, and others, the Midway path was attempted to be reintroduced amoungst the hierarchy and mysticism penetrated amoungst the membrane of the body of man. 2000 years ago, in the west, the Darmakaja Buddha, or One Body of Christ Word, successfully implemented the Midway path into the west. The Chakra Vajra Spins are mentioned in the Gospel of Thomas, and in the Gnostic Nag Hammadi texts. Issa-Immanuel had been trained in the east, first in Buddhism (whilst in his teens and twenties) and then in Chakra Vajra tantra Buddhism. These later initiations, awaken the superconducting Soma's and the electrogravidic field of the body that is the Thoton Lens for the Unity Self, enabling true translation. Passing through the Black Rite of Osiris, he came to see the same core principles of Soma/Akashia in both the internal black rite (light isolation for pineal gland Soma activation) and external black rite (Sacraments made alchemically with the Prima Materia of the word Logos, form the Soma Bush and Acacia tree, with other mono atomic elements). The complete secret as passed on overtly. the secret is to give away the secret.


The children that resulted from all of these Alchemists (apostles) who opened their in-vivo DNA superconducting DNA core, the Christ Seed, the Grail, to the rest of their bodies, then spread themselves into the western populations as the Shemsu Hor the Akeru Aku, as the SION, Knight Templers, and Cathars. But soon, the Mystery Babylon Vampire priests, who run the exoteric Roman Empire, incorporated the Emmanuel teaching (God With Us), and created the Roman catholic religion. They hunted down the Christ blood, and in the esoteric rites, ate the body of Christ and drank the blood of Christ, literally. The evidence of this is in 2000 year old depiction in Greece, which numerous persons have seen, myself included. Mystery Babylon infiltrated the Templers, and brought about the same esoteric rites, the Baphomet, and the Amen Ra Ark technology, became the Grail technology, vacuum tube, coherent, high voltage technology, with crystals, which created magnetic healings, and out-of-body journeys (due to the NMDA-Inhibition, electron freeze in the brain cells, by 1000 Hz).

The Christ Children had to spread anonymously amoungst the western world. For in the east the Midway path is represented, and every 100 years at least 100 individuals translate their bodies via the Chakra Vajra.

Still the Mystery Babylon priests hunted them down. Some of these apostles became immortal into the One Body of Christ. Falconelli, 800 years ago, implemented the Red Lion phase (beyond the Mars computer influence) of the Eucharist, the blood of Christ, as Prima Materia, Spirit exteriorise, Soma/Acacia molecules and isomers Spiritualised. He faced every polarity, and went into the Ineffable of the One Body of Christ the Word, fully superconducting.

In the 1500's, when two Christ apostles in the Order of SION were experimenting with Psilocyban mushrooms, in an attempt to create the Eucharist (this Manna Mushroom, appearing like the holy grail, being one of the ancient mystification's added by the amen priests, to replace the genuine harmine Pinoline DMT Soma/Akashia sources, which the Pineal gland produces as the 3rd eye). Falconelli contact them, Nicholas Flammel and his wive, and taught them the true Agape Sacrament. They too superconducted and disappeared into the Word, remanifesting to give clues here and there.

SION Grand Master, Leonardo Da Vinci, only used the Soma bush, with some other elements, he did not learn the full Green Lion and then Red Lion process of exteriorising the Spirit into the Eucharist elixir. Thus here and there amoungst the infiltrated Babylon corruption of the Christ teaching, tracings of the Midway remained.


The true MeruVinGian children, were assigned to keep the doorway open for all mankind to be enabled to exteriorise the superconducting Christ Seed. For as long as the 44% superconducting elements where harmonically finding a Phi grail pathway, through the Grail Vehicle spin of the Chakra Vajra, into their bodies cells, so too could this Grail be accessible for anyone, by Morphic resonance.

No longer could they remain in secrecy, for the very structure of secrecy no was centralized in amen, getting ready to devour the nutrients, which before had been the womb of protected privacy, to enable the seed to germinate. If the germination is not successful in the period of wombed privacy, then to withhold that spin of sproutation, is the principle of privacy replaced by secrecy, hence the nutrients become the food of the secret.


The Royal Grail, the MeruVinGian Christ blood had to be sown amoungst the majority of the west. Many bastard children resulted. One, perhaps two persons would know the track of some of these bastard children, one of which would be the mother or father, the other was related to the Christ Blood directly. Some tracings were deliberately lost, but characteristics and research could enable a retracing of the lineage (Mystery Babylon desperately sought to find every shred of traces, so that the lines could be found. They failed to infiltrate friendship and privacy. Today the Christ blood is well distributed amoungst the west. Just as the Boddhisatva blood is well distributed in the east. And we are about to come to the Midway choice, or the black and white harvest choice.

As Ananda was related by Emmanuel, the Secret is to Give Away the Secret, and All Is God. Whatever, choice you make, that must be right for you. We are here now to present the Midway in the West, where it has been undermined, and not represented. Thus, the distinction between the black and white brotherhood are being overtly made. The right to distinction, means that the hypnotic automatic mechanisms of the black and white brotherhood, that do not allow a person a true conscious choice, are being illustrated. So that the Samadhi of that hypnotism, does not take over from the pure consciousness Thots of the Unity Self of the Individual. Hence, the black and white brotherhoods, will not...