This Is The Web Site Of A°T°O°N's Egyptian department. This will incorporate new paradigms in the multiple disciplines of Egyptian:

To the ancient Egyptians, the first ones came from here:

IMWH = Imperishable; ANNU = Universe of Unity and Origin; EL = Lord (L = 90° Angle/Angel).

HOR QHEM: Quantum Hyperspatial Egyptological Mechanix. The curriculum of AIMS for the Egyptian Studies Department and research initiatives of the institute of Alternative Technology Orthogeometry and Neurocybernetics (ATON).

The Hallway Of Osiris: See the latest photographs of the "Tomb" that is making history. Part one of the latest research findings he conducted with a small team of friends and colleagues in Egypt. For the first time on the Web, a complete Tour of the "Tomb of Osiris". Whilst others may be holding back with their pictures, we release these photographs for the public knowledge and spirit of enquiry, in this Millennium Breaking archeological discovery.

In December 1997, Ananda with a team of 32 unity units, went into a unique astonishing journey. Embarking on deciphering the Arcane of the Nile Temple Hieroglyphs, and venturing inside Sphinx. REVEALING THE EGYPTIAN "HALLWAY OF RECORDS" (HOR): A Brief Description Of The Unique Star Gate Activation Work of Ananda with 33 Unity Units along the Spine of the Nile. Ananda revealed the "Hallway of Records" and resonated to the "G.o.d" Computer when INSIDE the Sphinx. With pictures. (Soon To Be Updated with further photographs).