A Novel Hyperlanguage DNA Code



© By Ananda M Bosman and Aton Vase DA®, August 2006


Hyperdimensional geometry operating in the DNA. New evidence now clearly establishes that the genetic code of life is operating in multidimensional spaces with hypertemperal “time travelling” relations being a prime part of its architecture. In 1998, Dr. Chris Illert won the nobel prize for showing that sea shell life-forms have a morphology that operates in 6 dimensions, but do not contradict our perception of them in 3 dimensions, this includes time travelling in 4 directions of time being a standard operation of these sea shells, rocketting our notions of the biological universe.

(C. R. Illert and R. M. Santilli, Foundations of Theoretical Conchology, Hadronic Press, Palm Harbor, Florida (1995).)


Recently there have been some startling breakthroughs in the fields of genetic science that model the actual living DNA in biological systems (the human genom project, maps the DNA code only in its out-of-body, non-animated static base, and no scientific attempt has succeeded to coming anywhere near establishing any form of rudimentary model of living genetic code operating in animated life, until now), have emerged through hadronic mechanics ((E. Trell, ”Tessellation of Diophantine Equation Block Universe,” contributed paper to Physical Interpretations of Relativity Theory, 6-9 September 2002, Imperial College, London. British Society for the Philosophy of Science, in print, (2002)).

With Dr. Santilli’s May (2006) announcement of the discovery of the first elementary particle hadron to be detected whose composite nature is operating hyperdimensionally, that is not confined to 3rd dimensional reduction, and nominated the Etherion; together with Dr. Trell’s recent novel advancement of genetic science, evidencing the hyperdimensional architecture that is operating in the living DNA, the post-Millenium world of science now undergoes a complete radical revolution… Opening a new universe of implications of the multi-dimensional nature now implied to be operating within our genetic code, utilising the novel hypermathematics that encorporate the non-local (hyperspatial), and non-linear (hypertemporal time travelling mechanics) characteristics of the atomic hadronic horizon, the very nature of the standard practicle animated material we have thought to be our bodies now stands on a new threshold implying that our very primordial nature is far beyond any previous suppositions — heralding the novel field of hypermechanical genetics…

In this article we explore some of the relations between hadronic mechanics iso- and hyper-geometries, as independently first modelled in our own Vortexijah “intergeometry” computer animation models, as the iso- and hypergeometry behind DNA dynamic bio-animated morphosis.

Our first graphic computer animated form to present the iso-geometry behind the DNA molecule was published on our September 2000 inergeometry.html web page… Where we stated:


“The Dodeca-Vortexijah 5 Inter-cubes, 72° from each other on the Y-axis, from the initial inter-cubic -64°, with a topdown view of the DNA, as a decagramme, from Scientific American”


We then labelled these models “intergeometry”, as Dr. Sten Johansen (Ph.d, Trondheim uni.), had not yet made us aware of hadronic mechanics iso-symmetries (his translation of this novel branch of truly remarkable and refreshingly uplifting science, he engaged to convay during November 2001 and April 2002.

During Somanetics 2002 (at the ATON Institute), and during the Canary Island Diamond Body Training in November 2001 (at the Buddhist Chaan Center, and both events having hadronic philosopher Dr. Stein Johansen present), we clearly reiterated that the dodecahedron symmetry of the DNA, is more actively modelled by the intergeometry of the Vortexijah (iso-tetrahedral wheels), whose intergeometrical wheels are a model of the hydrogran constant 8 hz, or universal phase-conjugational force, that is also the most coherent Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and the DNA replication frequency (ref Dr. Puharich et al, see our book The Soma Conspiracy for details of this 8 hz ELF NMR proto-science)…

As the 8hz force in its equal counterotary phase-cancelling effect (zero-vectoring all field frequencies and electron energies to their over-unity, so called, “zero-point”), was observed by Dr. Puharich and others to pass straight through an electromagnetic vacuum blockade (faraday cage), as well as passing straight through the impenetrable meisner field of a superconductor, there are appears to be an intergeometry (an iso-symmetry) operating in the 8 Hz phase-canjugational (coherence instilling) force… [this we have covered in our 1994 video Vortexijah, and our 1999 published book The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel (and in international seminars and intensives all over the world since 1994)].

As we modelled in 1994, the 180° “iso-symmetry” (as it is today called) component of the 8 hz force, is the non-local ‘scalar’ component that is 180° degrees out of phase to the local magnetic component measured in the local 8 hz fields… This intergeometry we modelled by the tetrahedron for various reasons (see Lawrence Edwards, The Vortex Of Life, for logical examples of why coherent fields follow the tetrahedron)… The local 8hz field component is a standard tetrahedron interlocked with a second tetrahedron representing the counter-rotary field that it is phase-conjugating with, and together comprising a “stellated cube” is it is properly termed (a cube emerges when 6 flat planes are fitting over the faces comprised by the 8 tetrahedral vertices). The non-local scalar component of the 8hz field, being 180° out of phase, has the initial tetahedron nestled on its base another tetrahedron representing the non-linear component, also placed on its base (as we modelled in our intergeometry web page).

Since 1994, we utilised film examples of the phase-conjugate work of Dr. John Hutchingson, whose equal phase-conjugation of electromagnetic fields produced by two large-scale (coherent symmetry) Tesla coils, produces such remarkable results as levitation, desintergration of metals, and plastification of metal morphologies as if blow by the phase-conjugate wind… The two scalar forces behind this clearly documented phenomenon have been labelled ‘electrogravity’ for the anti-gravitational force (now understand in a new light by the emergence of the 5 nuclear field, the hadronic force), being 180° out of phase to the electromagnetic linear phase-conjugating (coherently competing to phase-cancellation, or zero), and appearingly demonstrate this 180° iso-phasing in the localised phenomena it exherts; and magnetic-gravity (the nn-local scalar magnetic force).

Similarly, 8 hz phase-conjugate “PSI” lasers have also been measured from laboritory tested psychic children, to be emerging from their brains and hands, by professor John Taylor (professor of Mathematics at King's College, London) in the late 1970s…

(New Scientists 13 February 1975 - "Can MoD Prevent Taylor from Using Money to Study 'Geller Effect'" - p. 400)

(Science Digest, April 1976. URI GELLER'S POWERS ARE GENUINE! By Dr. John Taylor.

(Professor John Taylor. - "Science and Spoon-Bending", Lecture, The Society for Psychical Research, 8 June 1976 -


Tests were done either with the pressure being measured or contact being excluded completely by metal being placed in sealed containers”, states professor Taylor. What Dr. Taylor and professor John Hasted called a new “Psi” force was directed at metal objects placed in a vacuum glass tube (impenetratable by any known local electromagnetic force), and then proceeded to change the morphological conformity of the metal objects itno a new shape, identical to the phenomenon filmed by Dr. Hutchingson with his phase-conjugate experiments (8hz appears to be a superior phase-conjugation threshhold) —his lab studies with different psychic children were published in his book Superminds, and

 (SUPERMINDS, AN ENQUIRY INTO THE PARANORMAL by John Taylor. New York: Viking Press, Inc., 1975. ISBN 0670684708).

(The Metal-Benders by John B. Hasted, published 1981 by Routledge & Kegan Paul, London, Boston & Henley, the entire text is online:


Dr. Puharich measuring many of these psychic children found them to be emitting an 8hz field, which continued to field entrain water, for many months the experiment, when repetedly remeasured (Dr. A. Puharich, Magnetic Model of Matter And Mind: Physical Foundation Of Information And Action Transfer In The Healing Process. Temple University Conference. April 15th 1988. Pp 1-3)…

Hence, the same 180° non-linear force being present in all these occasions (this is our Vortexijah Field Force, that we have modelled and implemented into a whole-body phase-conjuation bio-feedback protocol, for individual personal utilisation, coherent practice, and study… Einstein’s Imaging Technique also demonstrates an 8hz alpha brain rythmn entrainment operating between all 8 polar opposite pairings… Thus, maximum crativity appears to be the result of full neurological entrainment to this phase-conjugate 8 hz force) [furthermore, since the year 2000, although described in our work since 1994, we present the graphic logical extension, that the iso-tetrahedron’s 180° non-local component represents one of the tetrahedrons nestled within one of the 4D hypercube’s (the cube cubed, with cubes on all 6 faces of the stellated cube, or interlocked tetrahedron) 6 interlocked tetrahedrons positioned upon the 3D cube’s 6 faces…

Thereby, the Vortexijah iso-tetrahedron model of 8 hz (a mysterious force that operates both locally and non-locally, with the non-local components effecting local phenomenon, like levitation and metal plasticity), could be seen as an intermediary force, a Via Media, between the 3D spatial cube (3 dimension’s x, y, z axis’ comprise the boundary thresholds of the cube), and that of the 4D hyperlocal hypercube…


Our inter-geometrical 8 hz wheels (iso-tetrahedron wheels), are the model of a complete 360 rotational cycles of the 8hz field, with each 180° respective tetrahedron, modelling each local degree and each non local 180° over the full 360 rotation of the cycle.

In our summer 2000 Intergeometry page, we explore the inter-dodecahedron to model the complex nuclear-symmetry of palladium and other exotic pseudo-superconductive ORME (Orbitally Rerranged Monatomic Elements), also known in the scientific literature (since August 1988), as nuclear deformed platinum group elements in a highspin state. These “nuclear deformations” actually being the intergeometry or iso-symmetry configuration that behest these elements found within the salt water contents of the DNA molecule, and probably accounting for some of the pseudo-superconductive behaviour observed in the DNA since the mid 1960s (see Soma Conspiracy for refences)… We suggest that the Dr. Moon dodecahedron nuclear symmetry for palladium, in the cooper-paired ORME cousins, is furthermore evident within the macro-electron configuration, but in an iso-coupling of electrons (cooper-pairing), conformed in the ‘deformed’ morphology of the “inter-dodecahedron” (two dodecahdrons coupled nucleas to nucleus), and animations are renderred to examplify.

Since, the DNA replicates itself by the unzipping of its hydrogen bounds, each attached to the pentagon sugar-phosphates — also at the critical NMR of 8 hz, we felt it imperitive to model this force geometrically.

It had already been shown in the work of Dr. Anne Griswald Tyin that the DNA double helix sugar phosphate pentagons, each appear to be ordered according to the ordering by respective ratcheting of a dodecahedron, each sugar phosphate pentagon ratcheted from the 10 equatorial vertices of a top-down-view dodecahdron (-Dr. Anne Griswald Tying, Geometric Extension Of Consciousness, by Grant of the Georgia, Foundation for the advancement of Fine Arts).

In the early 1990s, the dodecahedral symmetry evident in the DNA reached the scientific mainstream media, with lavish graphics depicting the decagram top-down dodecahdron view of the DNA double helix.

Dr. Tyin was one of the earliest scientists (publishing in the early 1980s), to point to a geometrical code langauge operating behind the DNA and presented hyperdimensional arguments in support of this… This year, 2006, comes the first mainstream science announcement to have discovered a second DNA code language, even more important and specific to the genetic language, which uses the sugar-phosphate pentagon symmetry as its alphabet [by jove can mainstream science drags its feet in being slow], whilst many, including myself during the early and mid 1990s, clearly pointed to this as a language (chapters in our book The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel, that were written in 1994, specificically describe this as a hyperspatial geometrical language alphabet… Also reitered lavishingly in our 1994 Vortexijah video, that is SOME 12 YEARS BEFORE MAINSTREAM SCIENCE FINALLY GETS IT)…

However, by the millenium, we felt it essential to clarifiy the Vortexijah intergeometry (now realised as iso-symmetries) operating behind the DNA double helix geometry, hyperlocally.

We extended each of the 5 stellated-cubes (interlocked tetrahedrons) positioned to compose the dodecahedron’s 12 pentagon symmetry morphology (5 cubes tilted on the y-axis at 72° respectively), into their iso-tetrahedral forms, as wheel as the iso-tetrahedral wheel forms to personify the 8 hz local-non-local continuum… Since, there is 36° of helical turn per DNA sugar-phosphate (s-p) pentagon (5 x 36°, or Į2, itself composing each of the 5 outer pentagon arms respectively to each other), and 2 s-p-pentagon’s hold the hydrogen stair-step and base-pair… 2 x 36 = 72°, there is axiomatic hyper-symmetry evident (hadronic mechanics hypermathematics, eliminates arbitary connections… all self-similarities are hyper-axiomatically hyper-related)…

Each DNA hydrogen stair step is triggered to unzip its proton in DNA nucleotide replication, by 8 hz. Thereby, by each 72° of double helical rotation, in the 250 x per second replication cycles occuring within the DNA molecule (250 8hz replications occurring continuously within some of the millions of double helices each molecule contains) — then the 8hz force is unquestionable fully tied upto the direct living architectural design of the DNA life codes design, organisation, and operating continuum. Since, each s-p-pentagon also is earmarked by one of the 10 equatorial vertices of a ratcheting dodecahedron, we felt it unquestionably quintessent to immediately model the local-non-local 8hz “intergeometry” behind the DNA…


Our effort first succeeding in the summer of 2000. The animations we then compossed models the 5 iso-tetrahedral-stellated-cubes, as well as the 5 iso-tetrahedron-wheels nestled at 72° to each other on the y-axis to compose the iso-wheel dodecahedron, thereby renderring a model whose iso-symmetry embodies the hyperlocal continuum landscaping the DNA architectural manifold… Finally, our summer 2000 models, compose the full y-axis (horizontal) unity of all respective wheel spin interelations that nestle into one, self-embedded (fractal) coherent lense iso-symmetry, what we termed the Vortexijah “Star Ship” or “Lense”, to compose the iso-lense-dodecahedron (Vortexijah-dodecahedron)…

The relevance of this will become apparent within the hypermathemtics operating within the hyperelative operations of the living DNA (hyper-magnecules, hyper-hadronic genetics, pioneering in the establishment by DR. Eric Trell… Our efforts must remain the first public geometrical explorations presented, as we are outside the mainstream). We must thereby state here for the record, that our summer 2000 intergometrical models, for the DNA, are the first to ever be presented anyware (but remain outside of the academic world… We trust our colleagues in the mainstream, our pubications, and the internet, will keep the record.

To summarise, the 10 sugar-phosphate pentagons that hold the DNA base-pair of the genetic code, held by the hydrogen stair steps whose replication frequency is 8hz, positioned every 36° with 72° of doubkle helix holding one base-pair, which ratchet of the symmetry of the dodecahedron, are hereby modelled by the respective iso-symmetry that composses the most simple frame architecture of the dodecahedron, in its nestled 8hz wheel morphology… This iso-symmetry embodying the hypermathematics that operate the hyperelative DNA molecular engine, as a form of a macro-scalar operator of the hadronic force.

In The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel, we also point to virtual-molecules operating within DNA dynamics, that are operative in the iso-union of the local-nonlocal Vortexijah, as a “hypercommunication” continuum:


The entire body holographic message is present in the single DNA molecule, in order to be capable of reproducing the entire  whole.

“As all information is present, then there is also a form of virtual molecular processing, as a hyper-communication protocol.  The virtual molecules are similar to the virtual neurons now created in technology, and which model the Virtual nature of consciousness, embedded within virtual neurons.

“This hyper-communication mode thus enables an instant holographic resonance, and is a form of phase-conjugation, which utilises the 180° scalar waves which are the Vortexijah.  The Vortexijah at all times maintains the DNA holographic fabric manudala, as one whole resonance.

“Since the holographic is less evident at the infinitely diverse atomic universe…  Emmanuel related that the entire creation has an underlying holographic nature to which the DNA, the brain holography, and the holography of the universe adheres.”

—DNA HOLOGRAPHY, chapter of The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel,


This hyper-communication holographic operator template to which the DNA, brain, and universe adhere’s, is explored in our All-Oneness Hadron Materia article, which reveals precisely such a universal hyper-fractal All-One Macro Hadron design.


Our 2000 intergeometry work also shows the iso-wheel-dodecahedral symmetry cascade models, via the icosahedron and the ‘inter-icosahedron’ or more properly iso-icosahedron model interelationships, of scale. The iso-tetrahedron acting as the base-unifier of all inter-symmetries, as All-One Macro-Symmetry.


The hadonic force probably is also the modus operandi behind the DNA molecular bonding stability, whilst being a composite entirely compossed of the binomial triangle octave cascade of numbers instigated by 8hz electrolysis of water… Namely the fractal self-similarity of the self-embedded order that this coherent fractal cascade embodies (as par the Sierpinski triangle), appears to be the very same alphabetical foundary that compossed the morphology of the DNA (this is avidly explored in our Manu-Script series, including Manu-Script 10, downloadable from our website as a pdf file, since January 2005).


Recently, in 2005, professor Rowlands (Dept Physics, Uni. Liverpool, Oliver Lodge Lab), and Dr. Vanessa Hill (dep bio sciences, Royal Holloway Univ of London), published the first academic paper on new DNA arrangements, entitled Fundamental Mathematical Structures Applied To Physics And Biology. This article includes many of the novel areas of DNA science we had independenly covered starting in our 1994 Vortexijah computer animation video… And overlaying with great clarity and implication areas we had previously (some 5 and others 11 years before, but once again outside of the mainstream) modelled for the DNA, with additional significant discoveries, that are highly liberating. They for the first time, however, charter the required technical ground equations, behind such a geometrical DNA hyper-language.

Their modelling of DNA using what we had called the ‘intertetrahedron’ has an interesting supplimentary and amplitudal interdisciplinary landscape to our explorations — the synergy with our models (should such cooperation of minds be accepted — we do share common colleagues), is bound to yield further gold for the hyper-renaisance hadronic horizon now looming.

Their work showing the interlocked tetrahedron design behind all the 64 triplet codons, gives evidence for expansion of our 8 hz iso-tetrahedral interlock design, spanning into a large codon-macro Sierpinski stellated-cube of Sierpinski iso-tetrahedron’s each chartering the 8hz continuum that orchestrating the arrangement of the codon-triplet interlocked tetrahedron macro symmetry… The fractal cascading of iso-tetrahedrons within iso-tetrahedrons following precisely the very resonance instillation of fractal self-ordering coherence that is imbibed by 8hz phase-conjugation… The hadronic mechanical symbiosis of these two points, will trustfully soon be realised and implemented.

The authors give absolute clear evidence of binomial tetrahedral symmetry operators compossing the genetic code. Their construction of something akin to iso-tetrahedrons (our intertetrahedron, base-to-base) to compose their ‘pentagon disks’, which are then used to construct their DNA helix models, share some remarkable compatibility to our iso-tetrahedron-dodecahedron DNA helical ideas… It is most refreshing to find similar but not identical explorations of hyperlogic (as far as I am aware, the authors were not aware of our work when they wrote their thesis).

(research comparitives to our fractal cosmology on the hyper source behind the DNA code, The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel: The Interuniversal Perspective Of The Unity Of Diversity, which remarkably written in the mid 1990s, charters the forms of hyper-relative hadronic hypercalculations that appear to be operating in the living DNA molecule; and the geometrical animations, commentaries, and ideas presented in our 3 hour 1994 video VORTEXIJAH: Geometrical Hyperspatial Gravity Alphabets; 8 hz Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, biosuperconductivity, and DNA-genesis theories, with mainstream references in The Soma Conspiracy, and the many hyper-dense hyper-concepts and equations of The-Manu (in the Manu-Script series, 2002-2006)).


When the iso-geometry of the macro-hadronic force (8hz) governing the DNA morphology is cross-indexed to our explorations of cascading dodecahedron-icosahedron symmetry behind superluminal (faster-than-light) speeds recorded, is coupled to the DNA as a hadronic-force pseudo-superconductor (the 8hz DNA hydrogen bound division frequency as superconducting-like, is the very first science article, 1965 that explores DNA superconductivity ever… And when considering Dr. Puharich double blind studies, showing conclussive superluminal information transference in 8 cycles per second entrainment states, let alone the none-local tunnelling of 8hz through a tripple vacuum, tripple copper EM-block) — and this superluminal PHI-cascade is extended into its iso-symmetrical form, then the hyperdimensional landscape archicture underlying the DNA’s continuum may charter the hyper-temporal, hyperlocal, and hyperelative hyperdimensionality that is operating behind life, with great golden beauty.

Our online Manu-Script: The All-Oneness Hadron: The All-One Unified Force & The ALL IS GOD Particle, explores DNA fractality much more and its axiomatic hyperelation to the hyper-fractal symmetry of time.


In our fractal coherent cosmology book The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel (written over a period of 5 years, 1992-98), first published in 1999, we clearly describe the hyperdimensional nature of the DNA, now made evident by hadronic mechanics hyperelativity:


The present DNA double helix, is a remnent of the previous super-DNA multi-geometry, of the Vortexijah gravity wave guides of love pentagraphic sound mandalla’s. In this way, life’s rainbow fabric has the DNA coils composed of simple crystal geometries…”

—VORTEXIJAH IMMORTALITY:  The Power Of The Music Of The Living Word  In The Electricity Of DNA & RNA Tree Of Life Transforms, chapter of The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel… Ananda. Punlished 1999


By hadronic hyper-genetics, we can now begin to glimpse precisely the nature of the DNA being a remnant of its form super-DNA multi-geometry.



We suggest here (as we first have publically voiced in our 2003 Alchemy Course at the Chaan Center, Canary Islands — fortunately for the record video recorded, as its significance is most certainly to rocket future science), that the 8 hz force is a macro operational form of the unified field hadronic force… That is 8hz is the hadronic 5th force operating overmacro domains (it is also universally macro, since it is the hydrogen constant, in the phase-velocity spin difference between the proton and electron of this element that comprised 90% of the universe and is unanomously distributed in every cubic cm of space… Thereby, the hyper-hadronic macro unified field force, could characterise the 8 hz phase-conjugational force, and removing into obscurity any mystery, whilst novelty revealing its true macro operator intelligence).


The 8 hz was also found to enable splitting of the water molecule (patented as a viable energy production engine, by Dr. Puharich), and 8 hz water electrolysis over an extended 3 day period, repeated experiements revealed it to initially produce the amino acid letters of life, and culminate with the production of primitive protein forms of life (merely by 8 hz electrolysis of the 4 hydrogen bonds of the water molecule with fermi transmutations occuring. And from the resulting binomial triangle 2n fractal self-ordering octave cascades of harmonic frequencies in the equal temporing range, upto the threshold of 8hz cubed (512hz), producing bio-luminessence, or Popp bio-photons… The combination of these 3 elements producing primitive protein lifeforms after 72 hours. Estabished by repeated studies.). Thereby, sign-posting an utmost significant predisposition to the character of the 8hz universal phase-conjugate force (this we have explored in our book The Soma Conspirary, and deeply explored and amplified in our Manu-Script series [2002-2006], that are to comprise our book The Manu: An Omnidimensional Object At The Genesis of History).

Our first connection between the DNA and the hadronic force on the internet, was published in our Time Gate Orion webpage, where we state:


"DNA particles" are mediating through the DNA hydrogen bound protons, whose 8 hz NMR is in resonance with 90% of the universe which is the same element H, with a phase velocity diference of 8hz between the hydrogen proton and electron, ergo a universal proto-brain. Omegon hadron sub-atomic particles comprising the proton, are vacaum fluctational aspects of what Emmanuel correctly, and astonishingly for me at that point, called "DNA particle memory"



And link the notorious “Ganesh particles” reported in the covert microbiological studies and released films (which we have shown since 2003), of the apparent iso- and hyper-symmetry poly-morphology of this apparent intelligent novel macro “particles” whose non-linear, non-local, characteristics (a nature attributed operational within the renderring of the hadronic horizon), to the hyper physics of Hadronic Mechanics. We relate to future hadronic technology (as described in 1987 by our Numinous Emmanuel source), that renders control over our body molecules , as a form of:


“MACRO GANESH PARTICLE ASSEMBLEAGE. Hadron physics hyperplane/isodual-hyperplane irreversible hyperscription.”



Suggesting that the clandestine genetic programming research conducted in the underground Dulce (D4) Base, constructed by the Bektel Organisation, and the biggest Base of the US DUMB (Deep Underground Military Base) 90 complex’s, which involve exotic programs, utilises hadronic mechanics (Dr. Burisch, as a microbiologist was not briefed in this domain, probably not having a need-to-know):


“The Matrix projects of Dulce having engaged biological warfare agents with DNA engineering, and IBM cray Matrix/soul algerythms, of Tesla longitudal scalar vector matrix co-efficients, that are NMR summations of several organisms… that uses exotic ELF and Tesla-L Maxwell corrected physics, together with bio-superconductivity, hyper-fractal octonian 8D equations and technological access, and cohorts... For this reason Santilli Hadron physics are black listed in the USA, since it is the covert above top secret science on that continent. Actually just simply the real Omniscience of the universe.”


Dr. Santilli himself confided to my colleague, research Randalf Barolet, in November 2004, that he had refused offers to work in the above top secret covert world, both at Brookhaven National Labs, and the Nevada Test Site… Stating that at the Nevada Test Site, their use of the above top secret classified physics that is the same as hadronic mechanics, goes beyond some of our wildest notions of science fiction (as attsted to by other military intelligence officers, whose testimony is heard and are protected by the http://www.disclosureproject.org). And Dr. Santilli also made another direct confirmation, that  our intergeometry structure of the Vortexijah Model, is the model operating in the temporal mechanics of time.

As the Sri Yantra geometry is convayed as one of the underlying geometries ebhind the universe in the Dr. Burisch testimony, the hypergeometrical nature behind the Sri Yantra explored as a 27 Dimensional Macro-Hadron, in our All-Oneness Hadron Materia (see the article here), linked to the hadronic hyperdense media of hadronic mechanics, and linked to the dynamics of the DNA, so our 2004 Time Gate Orion statement has added significance:


Most importantly, the work we have been doing for the last 2 years (with Manu Emmanuel guidance), on the Sri Yantra/hyper Sierpinski triangle, the Rg Veda DNA Omni-dimensional code, is also the highest prime directive of the seeding of Life research in MAJI (their work with billions of black budget dollars — so this area is one of the most advanced topics on the planet at present)... “Their, so called, Ganesh particle, more properly the Maruta particle (the Maruta's outdate "ganese" by 50,000 years in archeological finds), actually is nothing new at all. The Sanskrit and proto-Vedic paradigms of the Manu accounts for it in vivid description, and many other similar families of particles (we have already presented the different particle clases in SION MANU III, and a PDF Manu-Script already sent, lists some of them), the "Ganese particle" is of the "Manu Anu" class of atom's, primarily [see Manu-Script 10]...

“This essential testimony of prime importance, gives added substantiation to the Vortexijah LOTUS vehicle... As you can see when comparing the Manu-Script III DNA Helix & Omni-D, with the enclosed pdf Manu-Script on the Rg Veda Lotus DNA and the Sierpinski Triangle. These stills from our animated slide shows will give you small idea of the significance of these findings of the last 8 months... In other words, this testimony, like Dr. R. Santilli's hadron physics, is another amplifier and verifier of the prime importance of the Vortexijah Diamond Body, and its activation at present, as the Vatarata vehicle of the Manu, to the Vehicle of Vehicles, the Manurata (Ati-Purusarata).”




Furthermore, our ‘intertetrahedron’ and “Vortexijah” models (first computer animated in December 1994), has already been acknowledged by our colleague, hadronic philospher, Dr. Stein Johansen, in his 2003 article Ha & The Vortexijah (1st published as an appendix to our Summer 2003 book, Vajratha: Daimond Body Manual, on the Vortexijah protocol), as the first independent modelling (actually 4 years before hadronic mechanics founding luminary, Dr. Santilli’s breakthrough discoveries), of the iso-electron. This overlaping of two electron orbits into a non-valence hadronic coupling (a completely novel form of nuclear bonding and arrangement of electrons), is geometrically modelled by our iso-tetrahedral wheels to now classically model the iso-electron geometry of the 5th nuclear force, the hadronic force, bonding (probably behind the stability of molecular bonding), that is active at the post quantum 10-13cm scale inside the range of the electron orbitals).


the total angular momentum of the isoelectron is null

—Dr. Ruggero Maria Santilli, INCONSISTENCIES OF NEUTRINO AND QUARK CONJECTURES AND THEIR NEGATIVE ENVIRONMENTAL IMPLICATIONS, Proceedings of the XVIII Workshop on Hadronic Mechanics, University of Karlstad, Sweden, June 20-22, 2005. Institute for Basic Research FL 34682. http://www.i-b-r.org, http://www.magnegas.com



In our very early public presentations, including on Danish radio during the beginning of the 1990s, we presented the idea of the electrons coupling to a new orbital range between the electron orbitals and the nucleus. We were discouraged into continuing use of this concept by our former colleague Dan Winter, in summer 1994, when he rehashed all the old physics paradigms which would make such considerations nonesense — hadronic mechanics, however, has rather objectively demonstrated the nonesenssical assumations of such none-sense, as the hadronic force is precisely operating as a via media between the nucleus and electron orbital scales, and furtheremore (as our early 1990s speculations proclaimed), to couple electrons into iso-electron couples within the range of this force, which exhibits superconductive properties at ambient temperatures (such philosophical speculations on the supercnductive ‘light body’ were also iterated in our models, our explorations would be considered ‘esoteric’ being outside academia— purely being based on visionary exploration and inspiration. Perhaps our efforts to catalogue these visionary ideas, prophertic of hadronic mechanics later objective discoveries, may only harbour mild significance, especially when isolated from the novel visionary computer modelling that was to follow, independent of hadronic mechanic’s, and fortunately discovered and chartered as an independent discovery, along with other independent genius discoverors, unearthed by Dr. Stein Johansen).


The constituents of hadrons cannot be effectively approximated as being point-like because that would require hadronic constituents to have ”pointlike wavepackets,” some-

thing without any scientific sense. All particles, beginning with the electrons have non-null wavepackets that are rather large for particle standards because of approximately the size of all hadrons. Consequently, hadronic constituents are in a state of total mutual penetration of their wavepackets, resulting in nonlocal interactions (that is, interactions extended over a volume) that are beyond any possibility of quantum description since quantum theories can only represent events occurring among isolated points.

The orbits of hadronic constituents are indeed stable but they cannot be quantized as for the orbit of atomic electrons, again, because motion occurs within a hyperdense medium.”

—Dr. Ruggero Maria Santilli, INCONSISTENCIES OF NEUTRINO AND QUARK CONJECTURES AND THEIR NEGATIVE ENVIRONMENTAL IMPLICATIONS, Proceedings of the XVIII Workshop on Hadronic Mechanics, University of Karlstad, Sweden, June 20-22, 2005. Institute for Basic Research FL 34682. http://www.i-b-r.org, http://www.magnegas.com


Yet why use the tetrahedron to model the iso-electron morphology at all? The later genius Sir Buckminster Fuller, passing on long before the hadronic revolution dawn, ventured as far into the horizon of such exploration as his imagination’s boundary barometer (the forefront science of his day) allowed — shares some quantitive arguments, in his workd Synergetics:


“100.120: In the four-frequency truncated tetrahedron completes the whole cosmic hierarchy as subdivisioning of the primitive unity of the tetrahedron__one quantum__the minimum structural system of Universe.

"100.304...Only the tetrahedron's four-dimensional coordination can accommodate asymmetric aberrations without in any way disrupting the symmetrical integrity of the system. 100.411: Every triangle is always a projected tetrahedron.”

--Buckminster Fuller, Synergetics, 100.120-100.411


As the quantum mechanical universe operates on the larger scales of 10-9cm onwards (that is the electron-orbitals), the tetrahedrons extension into the hadronic horizon (10-13cm) is only logical, but requires the iso-tetrahedron minimal translation for the non-linear, non-local, and non-potential components operating in phase-conjugation with the linear, loca and potential components of the hadronic horizon…

We hereby have clearly translated our Vortexijah models (including primitive computer animations of the Vortexijah iso-tetrahedron wheels operating within the atom), into the realm of viable and logical landscape chartering of the iso-morphology that comprised the hadronic horizon’s landscape.

Furthermore, nobel-prize laurate, post-modern genius, Dr. Chris Ilert (who won the nobel prize for showing the hyperdimensional gometry of sea shells), presents his reasons for using the platonic solids to model the atomic domains:


Instead of the spherical harmonics and wave-functions in contemporary treatises, we chose to use Platonic Solids as our geometrical ‘eigenfunctions’ and superimposed them to generate the vertices of our nuclear ‘Buckey Ball’ shells. In this way, using an intuitive language resembling counting in old-fashioned Roman numbers, we were able to describe and explain exotic radiations from just-discovered asymmetric fission reactions ... as well as previously unknown quasi-crystal states, and phase transitions such as the compactification...

“Furthermore, the Platonic subshell structure of our nuclear Buckey Balls has explained an experimentally well known ‘coriolis’ effect involving the transfer of spin energy, from alpha-rotors on the nuclear surface, to the nucleus as a whole ... a kind of ‘quake’ in rapidly spinning nuclei which, after slowing down over a few billion revolutions, suddenly but briefly sped up ... "

—Dr. Chris Illert, “sub-physical underpinnings of matter”, Alchemy Today volume 1, matter on the E5 level: Platonic Geometries in Nuclear Physics, a Centennial Commemoration of Occult Chemistry 1895-1995;  First Edition 1992/5, 172 A4 pages, ISBN: 0 949357 13 8 (v1)




We further extend here, that the interelationship spin morphologies on the y-axis of the iso-tetrahedral wheels, may harbour the first useable glimpses of the intergeometrical plural-time index’s that may operate within the physics of magnecules (clusters of iso-electrons) and especially hyper-magnecules in the hyperelativity compossing our living biology. Since, the non-local, non-potential, and non-linear components operating within the hadronic horizon are here underlying their mechanics, the hyper-temporal “time-travelling” like continuum imbibing the characterstical qualities and operations of the magnecules, and especially the hypermagnecules, now implied by hadronic mechanics to be the modus operandi of living biological systems — require new iso-time, geno-time, and hyper-time indexing to map their spatial morphologies, by symmetrical lifting of models to represent their spatial hyper-time index morphologial arrangments. Hypermagnecules structural morphologies operating within an index strucuture whose continuum is comprised of at least 4 directions of time travel, at the minimum thus harbours true hypercomplex-symmetrical unification model maps.

To the later, we especially would point to the Vortexijah-Sphere models, which are all iso-tetrahedral y-axis horizontal flat plane interelationships of their phase-conjugational counter-spins, into their full y-axis unity macro, exhibiting fractal self-embedded architecture, as the Iso-Unity-Macro-Lense, , or “Vortexijah Star Ship Lense” or “Grail Ship” nomencluture that has been used to label it...

It is the Iso-Lense’s x-axis rotation, and phase-conjugation of opposites, that comprises the morphology of the Vortexijah-Sphere (Ati-Sphere, Lotus-Vehicle)… There are 8-counter rotational Vortexijah Sphere phase-conjugations utilised to form the Hyper-Macro-Sphere (AtManu-Ratha. Maha-Siddhi-Ati-Sphere. Lotus-8 Vehicle) — chartering way beyond the x, y, z axis of 3 dimensional, iso-symmetrical phase-conjugational unfication, and into deep into hyperspatial conformity.

Whose composition (as it is depicted within some of the archaic Vedic mathetatical yantras), has already been demonstrated to exhibit clear hyperdimensional LIE algebra compositions of plural 8D octonians, by several pioneering mainstream physicist’s… The iso-LIE algebra lifting of these previous scientific research efforts [see our book The Soma Conspiracy, 2002, for several of these, or our Manu-Script The All-Oneness Hadron, online]) by hadronic mechanics, harbours new implications and practical applications to the Looming proliferation of the new hyper-science new germinating from within the threshold of our era.

Our Vortexijah computer modelling conceived and partially computer animated during the 1990s, as well as being an operating protocol utilised in whole body phase-conjugation bio-feedback, taught to hundreds of practitioners.. modelling the full unification of all possible x, y, z, axis (and their iso-symmetries), of the phase-conjugational interelations of 8 cycles per second.



Our own Vortexijah-Sphere modelling of the Sri-Yantra’s 8-petalled lotus design and its interelationship to the hyper-symmetry of its 27 lines [previously identified to exhibit 27 dimensional hypersymmetry, by other science luminaries], by the intergeometry of the Vortexijah, including the iso-tetrahedron wheels, may harbour completely new hadronic insights and implications to this study, whilst revealing previously obscure hyper-scientific insights, axioms, and principles — and such an anthropological impact is implicated to be hyper-magnenamous (to pen a neologism by “lifting” of conceptual meaning), to our species historical assumptions, for there are now clear hallmarkers that render a strong probability that some of these Vedic mathetical yantra’s at the very genesis of history (Mrgrh, of the Sarasvati valley culture, now having archeological evidence of 11,000 years antiquity, together with the full civilised remnants unearther in archeological finds, of platonic solds like the tetrahedron, and complex number operators like PHI and PI), may be prime examples of hyper-temperality (at least 4 directions of time travel. Nobel laurate Dr. Chris Illert won the nobel prize showing that the living morphology of sea creatures, over time, is at least 6 dimensional, with time travel in 4 directions from the hypersphere to each macro-phase of the creatures morphology. Having expanded to 8-hypertime directions), and hyperelativity, operating as the standard modus operandi composing the architecture of history [this is only a logical outcrop of the implications of hadronic mechanics and hypermathematics and hyperbiology… which probably the majority of the hadronic mechanic scientists would dare to yet air… We hope that our work in The Manu: An Omnidimensional Artifact At The Genesis Of History, will propulse the hyper-logical jump we now need to take, as we step from history to hyper-history, and srping from anthropology to hyper-anthropology.

We believe that these early models of ours (iso-Macro-Unity-Lense, Vortexijah-Sphere, and Hyper-8-Sphere), will become logical operating models amidst some of the now hypercomplex operations of living biology. Utilising geno- and hyper- mathematical symmetrical lifting, as the hyperlocal, hyper-temporal, and hyperelative status quo that is operating life’s continuum.

One intriguing compartment of neurocybernetics following this line of hyper-8 sphere exploration, has recently become clarified… In our The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel modelling of DNA-superconductive biogenesis (bringing the electron-shell body, into fusion with the hadronic horizon of the atomic heart force, macroscopically), two related chapters on Dark Room Retreat biochemical models (for high production of endogenous Pinoline/Harmine [AKA Soma], and DMT, endohuasca components contained in the powerful shamanic visionary potion ayahuasca), give some startling new perspectives and clues at harnessing the hadronic force over the macro-scopic electron shell domains of our biology… Since our most recent dark room retreat research (16 days of light issolation), yielded completely new results to all previous years (1992-2004), in the line of N-MDA-inhibiter cyclohexanon models pointed to in our 1990s writtings, we further feel impelled to highlight these portions of The Unity Keys:





The isolation from external light also instigates electron freeze, similar in nature to some anesthetics, which also propel persons into the Out-Of-Body-Experience on the operating table. Electron freeze was further enhanced, in the trainings, by specific breathing- induction techniques, which we call the Unity Pulse Breath. As the ecstatic heart  harmonics awakened by the Unity Pulse Breath allow the harmonics to step upto 1000 hz at the crown — this is termed the electrical anesthesia frequencies. Thus oxygenation in ecstatic heart harmonics greatly aids in setting the needed default of electron freeze to help instigate the superconductivity of the Soma.

Oxygen and negative ion count thus also play a role in the process of allowing the chemical soul to open and begin to merge with the soul and Spirit. Allowing the eight electron positions of atomic shells to be saturated, throughout the body, such as in

mucopolysaccharide cells (orgasm being the focus of electrons — thus maintained orgasm throughout the body = ecstasis, life focus), which changes the electro-magnetic polarity of cells so that their periphery becomes negative, and the nucleus positively charged — this awakens the Faraday shielding effect, whereby the cellular experience becomes that of the magnetic fields from within itself (i.e. our own DNA memory banks,

stretching billions of years of cosmic history), rather than being hooked upto external magnetic field information banks…

“The oxygen and negative ion factor… aiding the superconducting of Soma, and giving an electromagnetic free environment for DNA

read-out, which will be further aided and vastly expanded by the Soma and DMT.”

—SOMA ALCHEMY DR INNER LIGHT: From Cybernetics To Somanetics  MISSING LINKS IN HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS, written December 1996, January 1997, chapter of The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel,


The second excerpt:


“Maximum vitality is accomplished by the Unity Self Vortexijah Sound Technology being implemented to establish… stretching and untwisting the DNA, which compassionate ecstatic love enables, as wave guide, bringing the DNA coils to remember their shape and form (the coherent

Phi pentagon cascade). Thus increasing the number of base pairs per turn, to 10 or more… Increasing the kinetic energy in the electrons of the Hydrogen bonds [hadronic bonding]… is aiding by loves…  coherence, and 8 hz proton resonance in the hydrogen bonds, and hence free energy access via the hyperspatial orthorotative turn, in the in accessing the in-vivo superconductive DNA core… Seed.

“Increasing the energy of the charged ions, flowing through the nervous system. Negative ions aand Unity Pulse Breath combinations, in the Trinity Star Ship breath, maximise the muco-polysacharide cell saturations of electrons, to fill in the 8 possible positions (ecsasis, or orgasm), which in-turn, changes the polarity of the cell, so that the periphery becomes negative, and the nucleus becomes positive, thus only loves 8 hz

waves can penetrate, and the perfection of the cell, via superconductive translation can commence, as light becomes amplified, and free energy is contained. This is an intricate part of the Vortexijah Star Ship equations, with Soma/DMT, the DNA WORD, monatomics, and All Is God. NMDA inhiniation thus results, and the potassium ellemnt #19 KA, can be enacted to work its non-localised role beyond the cubeoctahedral gamboard,

in which it sits in the centre of the stable ellements cubeoctahedral arrangement. Hence no illusion can penetrate, only love. Thus superconduction is  in incubation in the cellular reclaimation… of the Unity Self’s Vortexijah.”

—VORTEXIJAH IMMORTALITY:  The Power Of The Music Of The Living Word  In The Electricity Of DNA & RNA Tree Of Life Transforms, chapter of The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel… Ananda. Punlished 1999


This then leads to the third excerpt (obviously it is impossible to grasp the very wide thesis presented in this initial hypothesis, and much more technically developed in our 2002 The Soma Conspiracy book, but it should be enough to encourage further examination of these ideas towards the novlety threshold of new breakthroughs), which opens some interesting hypergates:


“The precise models of DNA Sound activated superconduction and translation of the body into the Vortexijah Unity Light Body of consciousness, are given in the beta carboline  families of transmitters inherent in the Pineal gland third eye, and tryptamin relatives translated by the Pineal gland, as well as the NMDA brain neuron inhibitors which open up the parallel quantum domains. Through the DNA sound, the DNA itself can defrost through an ultraviolet standing wave carrier by the phonon resonance sonic harmonics, and can thus externalise into the Light field of the Vortexijah. As the zero-point self externalises [hadrons are null value reductions], so the DNA internalises [hadronic force coupling], thus the physical body becomes the internal self [superluminal hadronic hyerpdense medium], and the Spirit Body… becomes the  externalised manifestation as the Chakra Vajra Star Ship…

The brain in light isolation produces a very essential protective shield for every brain cell, that allows only the 8 hz 180° hyperspatial orthorotative love harmonics to penetrate the cellular membrane universe, and be in resonance with the ever externalising superconducting cellular core.

“Thus, the brain produces the N-Methl-D-Aspartate (NMDA) blocker. For the NMDA site is the neurocell trees’ airport landing strip. And the airplanes are the Glutamate neurotransmitters, which carry the passengers of magnetic field information, which is spectral, rather than unified into coherence. … the NMDA inhibitor is a Crystal-laser-Sound shield — the Glutamate airplanes cannot dock with incoherent magnetic fields at the NMDA tree branch airport.

“Thus, the magnetic field doughnuts of light quanta, in the cell, are experienced from all  possible angles of the hologram, by being frozen into the rapture of coherence by  the superconductive Soma synthesised DNA and cell centre, which now is in positive charge.

“This means all parallel quantum dimensions (which are actually occurring and concurring  mathematical reality versions of this one, but in all permutations of possibilities and choices), become accessible, as our parallel quantum geometrical body, Star Ship layer.

“Furthermore, through the parallel quantum index Vortexijah, it goes beyond each of the eight spin directions, as doughnuts which sit ontop of each other, in an almost infinite circle of permutations of mathematical reality choices, until each circle bites the tail [describing the hadronic hyperdense media, where all hadrons within the All-One Medium hypertorus, are toroidally interelated to all other hadron toriods, in a hyper-mobius-like form (hyper-Klein bottle].

“These eight orthorotative parallel quantum circles… making a Chakra Vajra ball of Silent Sound, through Vortexijah, and becomes unified with its  antimatter parallel quantum opposite set [iso-unit]. And these two together form the larger Vortexijah Star Ship synthesis of the union of both time-space and anti-time anti-space crosses [now in perfect aggrement with hadronic mechanics]. Where the Star Ship Lotus Vajra ball is the synergy of matter with anti- matter in all possibility permutations, through the electrogravity and magnetogravity intergeometrical… Grail vehicle.

“This is enabled to begin with, by the Soma superconductive access to the Chakra Vajra Vortexijah Lotus Grail. And by the DMT translation of the Sound of Silence of the Word… into the Soul Computer Virtual Reality Interface — and the parallel quantum bodies are thus accessed by the NMDA inhibition, which is electrical anesthesia, engaged by the heart ecstasis of 8 hz, to the 1000 hz petalled lotus. Which is the learned means of NMDA inhibition, engaged through the cave and dark room… retreats of inner re-engagement.

“Thus the chemical soul’s crystal laser transducers and interdimensional door keys, are in Soma Harmaline-Pinoline-Harmine, DMT and 5-MeO-DMT, and by the NMDA  inhibitors through ecstasis. This re-engages our true ODIN Star Ship. Where O-D-I-N stands for zer0 Dimensional Infinity Navigator…. This extends naturally to the Cosmic 0DIN, where the Chakra Vajra Parallel Quantum 8-fold ball couples, of matter and anti-matter Still Sound indexes, are naturally in the Somanetic awareness of being One Body of all perspectives of galactic and intergalactic… of which each planet and dimension is a Lotus Ball Rainbow coupling or Fusion through Vortexijah [describing a hadronic coupling of all electron shell components of the DNA and body into the superluminal hyperlocal hadronic hyperdense medium].”

 —SOMAJETICS: The Electron Spin Resonance Specifics Of Somanetics (January 1995, main parts December 1996, January 1997), chapter of The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel


To summarise, this early thesis relates that by the negative-ion saturation of the 8 electron orbital into a state of whole body ecstasis (bio-orgasm… Orgasm measures 8hz ELF brain waves in studies), the superconductive ORME plantinuum group elements in a high spin state within the DNA water molecule harnessed by Piinoline/Soma intercalating with the DNA (a molecule that has a stable 8hz NMR proton-proton spin-spin coupling [thus hadron pi-meson interplay), together with N-Methl-D-Aspartate-Inhibitors (cyclohexanon family in the body, which includes the psychedelic anesthetics explored by dolphin scientist and cyberneticist, Dr. John Lilly), enables the electron states to move into a nulling, and electron freeze within an entire cell, enabling only 8 hz fields to pass through, changing the charge of the cell, so that the superconductivity harnessed by the pinoline DNA intercalation (with sonic interaction of the vocalised DNA electron spin resonance tones) — enables the hadronic force to be able to operate within the macro region of an entire cell (and intercellularly, by extension). Establishing a means by which the electron orbital shell electrons may be coupled (by the 8 hz phase-conjugate superconducting guide and hadronic force mediator), into the iso-electron coupling arrangements of the hadronic horizon’s hyperdense media, via the Vortexijah Macro Lense coherentm wave-guide, as the hyper-operator of such bio-hadron-genesis.



Most importantly, for us, these small contibutions together with hadronic mechanics, we feel confident will charter the novel territory whereby the hadronic force operating over macro-spaces, can be harnessed by the human cognitive neurology for neuro-genesis, central nervous system for somato-genesis, and biology for the biogensis of the human form into the threshold experience that propels mankind into experiencing not only the bio- superconductive and hyperconductive metamorphosis, but more fundamentally — of practically connecting to the actual hyper-time and hyper-space fundation and hyperverse, that is already right now, the operating hyper-engine constructing our present living biology and cognition [Hyper self-recursive macro coherent cognosis, of the miracle called 3D normality continuously compossed by the hyperdimensional Irreversible Macro actuality]…

Interactive cognosis of this hyperdimensional actual continuum, is not only logically getting in touch with reality as it really is, but is an utter apotheosis of our cybernetic social-civilisation, waking up to the All-One Hyper Mechanic’s whose Omnispanse hadronic mechanics reveals to be so utterly hyper-novel as to be innescapably All-One Macro Numinous Omni-Intelligence.




Here are some further references for those who require some of the now mainstream basics behind these ideas… With this technical foundation, the above explorations are removed from the far fringes of metaphysical speculations, to potential novel models in furthering understanding in hadronic mechanics, hyperelative genetics, and related hyper-physics… Far too many are not yet famliar with the objective paradigm shattering discoveries of hadronic mechanics… we recommend the technical reader to immediately intergrate Dr. R. M Santilli’s writtings… The world will never be the same again.    


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As Hadronic mechanics have hyperquarks that are iso-lifted into the hyperspatial hadron, so the octet baryon hexagrams follow the iso-dual symmetry of our Vortexijah model (intergeometrical tetrahedron) that links the 3D cube to the 4D hypercube… The Sierpinski hyperhedra is the unified image of all hedral hadronic arrangements (classic-, iso-, geno- hyper-, and their respective isoduals, in Santilli hadronic mechanics), of creation.

Thereby, the baryon octet, in our Vortexijah “intergeometry” modelling of the hadronic horizon’s iso- and hyper-geometrical symmetries, we suggest that the baryon octet and its self-similar relatives be modelled as an Sierpinski-iso-tetrahedron and Sierpinski-iso-octahedron, as iso-units of the iso-tetrahedron-wheels and Vortexijha Iso-Lense, within the Vortexijah-Hyper-Iso-Sphere. The geometrical foundation for this will become ever more clear.

Further discoveries on the hadronic omegon have firmly established the validity of using the platonic solid geometries in the hadronic horizon nucleart atomic heart domain. Recently, in 1995, before winning the Nobel prize on the hyperdimensional geometry operating in sea shells, Dr. Chris Illert published his finding’s discovery of the Omegon particle (Dr. Chris Illert & D. Reverberi, "Our Discovery Of The Omegon, An Elementary Particle Which May Explain Cold Fusion", COLD FUSION, vol. 6: 10-13 (1995)). As COLD FUSION summarises:


".. Illert feels that nuclear bonding can be better (i.e. more simply) explained by a classical, geometrical model of the nucleus than by Quantum Mechanics. ... [he] has published… Alchemy Today volume 2… Chris conceives of quark or subquark particles called omegons for which he claims experimental evidence… Nucleons (protons and neutrons) are constantly emitting and reabsorbing omegons. Citing evidence from electron scattering experiments, he depicts a layered [structure]: at the centre is a "solid" core around which is a halo of omegons emitted and reabsorbed. Intermediate to both is another halo of mesons emerging and fading back into the nucleonic core. Nuclear binding is carried by a few exchanges. Simple omegon exchange is basic. Chris argues that exchanging an omegon-antiomegon pair is equivalent to the passing of a pi-meson. There are also pionic current interactions which must be taken into account. Using data for nuclear binding energies already published ... [he] calculates the binding energies for ground and excited states for the various nuclei. … He then shows remarkable agreement between his calculations for the exchange process of his theory and actual experimental measurements. Step by step, starting with the simplest compound nucleus, the deuteron ... he builds his magical geometries using simple, arithmetical equations.”

COLD FUSION, (vol 8, pages 1-4 (1995)


Dr. Illert expands from Dr. Puharich’s work and Dr. Phillips work, and is using platonic solid geometry, like the tetrahedron, to charter these domains: Instead of the spherical harmonics and wave-functions in contemporary treatises, we chose to use Platonic Solids as our geometrical ‘eigenfunctions’ and superimposed them to generate the vertices of our nuclear ‘Buckey Ball’ shells,” (—Dr. Chris Illert, “sub-physical underpinnings of matter”, Alchemy Today volume 1, matter on the E5 level: Platonic Geometries in Nuclear Physics, a Centennial Commemoration of Occult Chemistry 1895-1995;  First Edition 1992/5, 172 A4 pages, ISBN: 0 949357 13 8 (v1). Dr. Illert’s use of the tetrahedron herein is given by Rosemary Lorenz, who reports on her attendence of  Dr. Illert’s lecture presentation on his volume one work:


“The topic ‘micro-psi investigations into atomic nuclei’ has attracted many... What was presented to us now was -- simply mind boggling. Here was a toybox with colourful models which could be expanded, contracted, transmuted, which could spit out a small tetrahedron

“Here were the results of Chris' extraordinary intuitions and mathematical computation… rendered so fascinatingly, intricately precise and yet so simple… even the non-scientists among us could catch glimpses of the principles of cosmic order in the structure of matter and the geometrical language behind it… He uses real geometry to predict structures and events occurring within atomic nuclei … the term ‘Buckey Ball’ is derived from the name of ... Buckminster Fuller who in the 1930's drew [some of] the first models of atomic nuclei based upon sacred geometry. He constructed super-stable ‘magic’ nuclei by nesting Platonic solids one inside another, resulting in nested Platonic shells within the nucleus ... In a Buckey Ball one has to visualise spheres, representing nucleons (protons and neutrons) at the vertices ... These nucleons are thus spaced equidistantly from each other ... Chris has calculated the critical density of nucleons within Buckey Balls thereby determining [condensation into] the [observed] shell layers inside the nucleus... spurred on by the psi-visions of the occult chemists who saw four instead of the expected three mesic strands holding back the tetrahedra in the process of leaving the radium nucleus ... he explained this by assuming ... four surface hexagons (funnels) attached to a linear (not tetrahedral) vibrating alpha-string (described as an excited Helium nucleus) which, after leaving the surface of the radium nucleus, curls up to form the tetrahedral ground state of the alpha-particle, whilst the [outer shell of] the radium parent-nucleus rearranges itself into a Radon nucleus -- i.e. a Buckey Ball 60 turning into a Buckey Ball 56. The final relation Chris pointed out… is that if one plots the relative abundance of elements in the universe against their atomic numbers -- the peak values correspond to our super stable nuclear Buckey Ball configurations because they are most stable, and all other nuclei are less stable (hence less abundant) and they undergo various nuclear reactions trying to become the special Buckey Ball configurations!”

— Rosemary Lorenz, Review Of Public Lecture Based On Volume 1, by Dr. Chris Illert: NEWSLETTER (of the Dowser Society of NSW), vol. 4(6): pages 2-8 (July 1992) 



These 1995 novel advancements in nuclear symmetrical geometry highlight the utmost validity of our Vortexijah Platonic Sacred “Intergeometry,” models of Summer 2000. Since, the hadronic world is a hyperdense media with non-local (hyperspatial), and non-linear (hypertemperal) interactions occuring, our iso-geometrical extension of the platonic solids is essential for modelling the hadronic horizon of the nucleons… Expanding on from Dr Illert’s work and bridging the Santilli hadronic mechanics into new multi-media hiehgts of visualisation, animation, and enable widespread assimulation and comprehension of the hyperdimensional significance of these utterly novel and reality changing science discoveries, by a larger majority of our species.

The hadronic meson iso-Sierpinski geometry operating between proton-proton spin-spin coupling and bonding, we explore in this article, coupled to the hadronic baryon iso-Sierpinski tetrahedron.



N - Chris Illert

Alchemy Today volume 2, matter on the E4 and E3 levels: a beginners guide to hadronic circuit diagrams, and the Secrets of Cold Fusion; a Centennial commemoration of Occult Chemistry

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The use of isomechanics in theoretical biology is best illustrated by a highly successful

theory of seashell shape and growth which has in recent years allowed mathematically

rigorous and computerisable representations to be achieved which simply are not pos-

sible in any real-space formalism. Added to this are novel mathematical ideas and

treatments of nonconservative systems, essential in just about every problem in the-

oretical biology (because organisms grow), which even editors of pure mathematical

journals and text books still have not grasped.

Let us do an example of a perfectly ELASTIC spiral spring, then use the so obtained

Lagrangian to model seashells. In this way you will see the ideas and novel mathematical

techniques unfold in a sequential fashion. Afterward we will apply the ideas to biological

macromolecules, as yet another possible application.



Illert, C.; Reverberi, D.

The curvature and torsion of heteromorphic ammonites. (English)

Dreismann, C. A. C. (ed.), New frontiers in theoretical biology. Proceedings of the

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Despite an extensive literature on differential geometry spanning more than a century,

the concepts of curvature and torsion are still poorly understood and little used by

applied scientists. This is a ma jor problem because of the renewed interest in using these

functions in co-ordinate free graphic simulations of seashells. Only a few people in the

world today seem able to generate seashell surfaces on computers using “turtle graphics”.

Accordingly we attempt, in this paper, to demystify these quantities and techniques by

giving several examples, eventually using brute force numerical techniques to determine

curvature and torsion for a fairly difficult ammonite shell. These numerically determined

functions will be seen to be considerable improvements on approximations previously

used by other researchers and, using simple functions to approximate the numerically

determined functions, we then see how curvature and torsion can be used in “turtle

graphics” to generate shell tubes with even the most complicated meandering growth

tra jectories.

One very interesting thing about using curvature and torsion functions, and “turtle

graphics”, to generate shell surfaces is that the discrete nature of shell growth processes

immediately provides a rigorous way of defining “normalised” curvature and torsion

functions. Until now this normalisation process has been rather arbitrary and incon-

sistent. Normalisation is essential in all nonconservative (“dissipative”) systems, and

“turtle” techniques enhance the novel mathematics that has already been developed in

the field of shell modelling.