Welcome to the institute of Alternative Technology Orthogeometry and Neurocybernetics (ATON), Egyptological page. This is a research endeavour with a hyperspatial twist. By applying post quantum mechanics, and the latest Theorums on consciousness to the Archaic past, such as the illustrious cradle of scientific civilisation, the Egypt is admitting to be, we hope to unify:

Cross cultural connections, pictographics, archetypes, etnography, root linguistics and the underlying post-Quantum Mechanical alphabet.

Resurrect Archaic Holographic Mind Science, or at least demonstrate the underlining holographic arrangement of information flow in the brain, and non-locally, via universal fluid intelligence. This is called the Hallway Of Records in the Archaic notion.

Our own creative process, as an extension of Einstein focusing Image Streaming. This very process is a means of higher brain stimulation, whereby greater unification of cortical areas are induced, via seeking other logic patterns, and hence potentially open up latent morpho-genetic archives.

Geometrical and mathematical grid matrix's as an embedded language in Egyptian hieroglyphics and Pictographics. Phi and Pi with Platonic Solids.

The Egyptian gods, as morpho-genetic codes, cycles of time, cellular functions (microtubeles) and collective unconscious archetypes, as well as hyperspatial persona's or ICONS of non-localised quantum intelligences.

New archeological breakthroughs, related to the above, and beyond, with paradigm shifting implications for humanity.

This ATON site will be archiving the ATON teams unique insights, research, discoveries, adventures, breakthrough's, and new archeological paradigm breakthroughs.


Come this way to venture into the domains of the forefront, the pioneering, the fringe, and New Paradigms that will shatter the old, like Pythagoras to ignorance, like the globe to the flat earth, superconduction to conductivity, the wheel to the bicycle, and the 4th dimension to the flatlanders.

This is an experimental language, which is not dogmatic, even if Egypt is rampant with the astrophysics of the Dog Star Sirius (Sothis), whose second star they considered Isis (long before modern astronomy viewed Sirius B, in 1973, or Sirius C, in 1993).

The truth is Plural, E Pluribus Unam, as the founders of the Initial Democratic United States proclaimed. This is thus a plural exploration into the ineffable Unity of every and any part of the whole. Localised into the Archaic domain.

Step into the Golden Egg of EGGypt, the Alchemical land of Kham, whose dark star Khem name, and black soil of the metallurgists and medicine men of Abydos, gave birth to the name Al-Khem-Meia. (Meia is one of the daughters of Atlantis or Atlas, the son of UrANUs). Hence, she is one of the Seven Sisters, one of the Kimah's, one of the Pleiades.