--By Ananda, April 26th, 1998--

The following is just a first draft, which scratches the surface of the Operation Unity Paradigm incorporating practicle application for global efficiency. It should not be considered and final thesis, but rather a sign post of what is to come, and where to begin. So that all parties now wishing to participate can begin the fountain sprouting. This is a non-corrected, and no edited first draft, therefore. Much additional work is to come. The general idea, however, is now laid out, and is to be further grounded and incorporated, in due course, and All Is God Time. God Be You.


NOTE: This is a paradigm of Sovereignty, which is absolutely democratic, and encourages ampliphied coherence to local community. It is not politically affiliated, and is a Cyber Nation. Structure and organisation of the following proceedings only takes place on the private land of the individual parties, and as a Virtual construct, and hence in Cyber Space and Virtual Space. It amplifies efficiency, and hence, productivity, which benefits local community as well, and all non-affiliated locals, without interfering with private, legal, nor free will space. These Sovereign Protocols are to be tested in various actual institutes, as New Essential World Solutions, which are organic, and can pioneer a balanced coherent interphase for our civilisation in meeting the present global crisis harmoniously.


This is a financial Virtual Nation, for Operation Unity procedures, which are for the ultimate service of humanity, in conscious Unity for all who chose to awaken in Unity.

A conglomerate of different financial interests, which wish to serve this goal whole-heartedly, without owning one particular area, except a sovereign piece of land within the project. The Christ Grail Roundtable is:


· A. The Union of different Foundations from different countries sharing the same Heart Coherence PHI Grail Code.

· B. The Sponsorship of the ATON and ODIN Institutes, and their respective work efforts and projects, for the furtherance of the awakening of humanity at large to meeting the challenges of the post modern age, with a superconscious neural activation, and many related themes and projects.

· C. The sponsorship of the SOMANETICs which is an independent Internal Network, or cybernetic Think Tank, utilising Morphogenetic Field Resonance, and holographic cooperatives, as an experiment between sincere Unity Unit individuals.

Who actively engage in New Essential World Solutions, in times of global emergency, and who aid in anticipating, and realizing, the superconscious network of Internal Net group superconductive awareness.

Hence, grid engineering, and incorporating projects such as Operation Tree Light, Operation Mountain Light, Operation Water Light, Operation Stone Light.

One experiement, which will focus especially on the preparation of multi-dimensional time, through internally induced time travel in the "Time Gates", via a growing network of individuals in Light Body Star Ship Field Propulsion protocols, and Soma Superconductive Sonic matrixes, at key Earth acupuncture points, at synchronised times, and sonic space matrix junctions. Any many related fields of similar interests.

An organic cellular Infinite 8 structure, as in the 8 family of ellements, and the DNA/RNA protocol for cellular building (non parasitical, maximum efficiency, minimum energy). This is a universal template that can be adjusted to any local environment and group and sprout integrated coherent management, that is holographically distributed and interconnected.

· D. The sponsorship of ATON Publishing and similar awareness media projects such as Vortexijah Television (via Internet technology), and Internet Radio interactives, which can alert as many sincere individuals to practicle solutions, and to the Unity Think Tank archives. And finding some of the ATON and ODIN research imperatives, to generated books, magazines, and research articles. Which inform practically, many others, into utilising given formats for further unity directives in practicle solutions. And for prodding an assortment of superconscious induction methods, to be distributed to a larger public awareness factor, such as:

1. Mental Photography techniques;

2. Alpha Wave Speed Reading,

3. Einstein Image Streaming (Channelling I.Q. enhancement),

4. Super Learning education methods, to include:

i. Super Language Learning, through alpha waves,

ii. Long Term Memory methods for Mental Assortment,

iii. Efficiency training of memory and life management,


These are to include the development of an education sector of our children and the youth sector at large. This can include efficiency in the industrial, business, and artistic sector of the global work sector as well, and should be introduced within the third world nations for increasing education standards. This may all utilise the internet, and similar communications media's to be made cheaply available, accessible and comprehensible to the third world sector at large.

· E. Each foundation is specialised to a different task and function, as well as locality, but is open ended to the overall Christ Grail Round Table of Foundations.

· F. Each foundation or Trust is headed by different members of a Council, but which are open ended to the Christ Grail Round Table of Foundations or Trusts.

However, each individual Trust is a Rainbow of individual colours in the board with an Sun Ambassador. Which rotate like wheels. Where in given cycles (such as seven months), an individual Trust representative for that Trust, on the Round Table Christ Grail board, changes with the next colour of the Council of the Rainbow Wheel of the individual Trust. And that this same format is incorporated for each individual Trust.

Therefore, there is a non-static principle of Board directors on the Christ Grail Round Table, that cannot centralise, and who cannot be overtaken by any stagnant remnant group.

This also increases the efficiency of each individuals experience, as they take turn on the Grail Board Council, and in the 7 non-active cycles (where SUN Ambassodar participation is through Trust Council Concessions of the 8), where the seven watch and gain experience by the unique contributions given to the whole Christ Grail Round Table by the other SUN Ambassodor representatives in their individual terms, from each of the Trust Rainbow Wheels.

Hence, as the individual SUN representative of any given Foundation, returns to the same post, they will have gained seven-fold individual integrated functionality, by observance, including their own position within the individual Rainbow Trust Wheel. Where the next function has to be integrated, in the given and designated term (such as a seven month period). Where the functionality of the previous member position is taken on.

This can be learnt by each colour sharing the opposite colour's functions, by giving a 22% assistance time from 100% of individual colour band functional time endeavors.

In the 22% of assistance to the opposite coloured function (say, by example, red is accounting, and violet is lecturing), 22% of violet function acts in assistance to red's accounting time, in the meantime learning the others skills and management regimes. Which will then be incorporated as the wheel rotates, and violets function will become reds, as the wheel rotates etc. And that red incorporates 22% of the given time to assist violet in lecturing skills. Such as back-up lecturing, multi-media preparations of equipment and presentation materials etc.

Where violet then teaches, in that 22%, the red function assistant the intermediary skills, which it will itself incorporate, when in the violet position. And so each of the colours will share opposite positions with 22% assistance exchange.

Hence, as always, one of the seven colours will be on the representation of the individual trust as an 8th position or the SUN Ambassodor, on the Board of the Christ Grail Round Table.

With each rotation, the individual skills will drastically increase, and the efficiency of the Christ Grail Multi-Foundational Board will synergize to be able to handle greater and greater complex issues, practically.


One of the 8 departments F°R°E°Y°A (Fertile Rural Ecological Yielding Agriculture), has itself a self integrated, self sufficient cellular design, fractalling coherently the Initial 8 cells, but self adjusted for its specific activities and practicalities. Hence, a cell of itself, with its own DNA, and its own RNA service components that duplicate the DNA productivity.


Furthermore, this need not be a static approach which will exhaust each Rainbow Circle in long term consequence. But rather each Rainbow Wheel Trust, itself can be comprised of an inner circle of 8 (each linked to 8, thus 64 positions overall), which in-breaths with an outer circle, which itself can breath out to a third circle.

This is much like the Somanetics Main Server, Satellite-Server, and Individual Server, in principle. This, thus, allows a constant integrative Unity Order, which cannot become hierarchicalised, or static. And which is open-ended to the perfection of the unique contributions of many new individual functions, who can breathe in fresh air where due skills are required.

Also this makes individual ownership to secrecy redempt. And allows any exhausted individual, or persons who is called to other duties, to fulfill said functions, without collapsing the wheel.

However, upon exiting a position to an Outer Circle Grail Round Table, then skills are catalogued to the next participator over time, as well as in the cyberspace and Virtual space power cell (for the Somanet Home Page, and for personal integrations), or colour cell of the function of the individual position.

So that each Individual Unit incorporates a regular Overview Recording, which is archived and shared for all time use. To be made universally applicable in that domain, for any given new representative. So that no individual in that position ever begins from scratch. But rather integrates the foundation constructed by the experience of all predecessors. Which can be gradually taught in integrative 22% sharing and assistance sessions.

No individual function should be mono-face, but rather be a uni-facial construct, which can be fitted as a role suit to any individual.

Hence, every position is inhabited by a full f00l, or joker, in the trump of cards ­ no individual is lost or blind in their role as their static identity, but are constantly aware that this is but a temporary position, which is open in the Round Table Rainbow Circle, and in the 3 circle rings in-breaths and out-breaths.

Preventing entrapment in any one role, and thus maintaining the f00l of God position, or Unity Self multi-linguistic and multi-faceted neutrality. Of being in a Mid-Way construct of practicle solutions. In Unity Directives, which are yet able to work in a chaotic universe, but in the Order of Unity which is Open Ended to a greater perspection of the Unityverse.

Hence, superconduction can gradually incorporate all human affairs, incorporating all humanity, if need be, and all intelligence's who accept such superconductive integrational interfaces. This is long term outcome significance of the Christ Grail Round Table Imperative and Operation.

· G. The sponsorship of Star Grail Village Institutes, such as the ATON and ODIN Institute, which utilise modern post-quantum mechanical methods, to establish useful criteria.

Ranging from the methods of the healing arts, and superconductive Light Body sciences, to include all methods of alpha brain wave, and heart coherence, induction techniques. Which can aid humanity, and can be scientifically verified.

ATON-like Institutes which utilise Alternative Technology, Orthogeometrics, Neurocybernetic techniques, in all forms which are universally applicable, in the long run, for practicle use for humanity.

This to include eco housing and energy sources. As well as new ecological growing methods, which incorporate the sciences of paramagnetic landscaping and ECG EEG interactivity; the preserving of rare and essential plant and herb species, which aid in the human diet towards medicine, and nutritional well being, for body and mind, as well as Spirit.

This to include:


i. Geometrically designed houses for optimal health in architecture, for:

ia. Practicle energy conservation,

ib. For optimal electromagnetic radiation,

ib. For acoustic measures for heightened human awareness,

ic. For negative ion maintenance,

id. As well as being Earth quake strong, and hurricane endurable,

ie. Which are economical to make and thus rendered available to larger third world populations, and the poorer sectors of the first world as well.

ii. To include inflatable steamed green house architecture, which should be the most economical in most regions, despite the outside climate instability, but which can be utilized all year round for the essential food and herbal manufacturing's required in the long run for humanity.

These utilise plastic cut and sealed into a geometrical design, which are inflated by a steam generator, receiving a steady current from a wind generator, or even a solar panel, or both, or another energy source, such as Hydro Electrical generators, and zero-point vacuum generators.


· H. All of the above should be demonstrated in a concise form, at the ATON and ODIN Institutes to set and example, or role model, for others to follow.

Hence, the Christ Grail Round Table of Trusts is to sponsor and make affective that demonstrating body, and to further inspire the instigation of the replication of such personifying efforts, to be effective for others.


It is essential that at least one whole model actively succeeds to inspire, realistically others to follow these very same procedures, and to add additional solutions and unique contributions, ad hoc, as a result.

Here one sees the imperative for at least one sector succeeding, and requiring financial backing, so that the seed is planted for the new Unity Model of management.

· I. To finance and sponsor the establishment of a Virtual Nation, through Cyberspace (Cybernation, Asgard, per example). And through the Somanet. This Cybernation having its own Virtual membership and thus Virtual fluid identity passport, and allowing Cyber cash to interface the Barter system of LETS (Local Exchange & Trading System) and Interlets, and similar exchange currencies, globally, as an alternative to the SMART money system.

The Virtual Nation and Virtual Inter-Universal Unity Government, is an interactive proposition, which can be active, in cyberspace, and in Virtuality, as a role model for difficult times of change-over, and global ecospherical catastrophies. And the potential emergence of the Civilisation of the Universe and Inter-Universes.


NOTE: This can incorporate paradigms of dimensional and universe shifts, as well as the opening of the linear time barrier, in an overt and global manner, via conscious global time travel (one of the consequences of the Global Star Ship Project of 80 gravity grid points, with a minimum of 76 positions in each 126 metres in diameter Collective Star Ship, at the grid acupuncture points, rendering 6080 minimum individuals, for full superconscious superconducting standing wave sonics, to enable the entire planet to converge into a living full scale Superconductive Time Machine. And to beat the approaching technological application of the above, with the latest superconductive breakthroughs. This we call The Challenge To The 2013 Interdimensional Olympics. [See The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel, for precise details].

This, without doubt, would entail the convergence of other parallel quantum versions of ourselves, and our anti-matter mirrors, as well as galactic parallels and mirrors, etc. This clearly is an enormous theme, which will be extrapolated and dealt with elsewhere. But which is mentioned here, to show the wide scope appliance of the above and below mentioned paradigm, open ended, Unity structure, or protocols of the Christ Grail Unity Round Table of Trusts, per se). NOTE END.


This would be a Virtual incorporation of all of the new Alternative Technological findings, as well as new Politics based on equal distribution of power management, and "integrated honesty" principles, which Athena calls Unitics vs Politics. Where superlearning and alpha wave based behavioral management policies (unicies) are enacted.

Practical functionality's, which utilise alpha brain wave state, mental photography, Silva Mind Method, and other accelerated mind learning procedures in all circumstances of global management. In order to meet the ever increasing acceleration and demands of integration in world transformation, and information density, due to increasing population, and ever greater exposure, to more challenges than have ever met the face of humanity in recorded history. This to include space and time travelling extensions.

Virtual Nation, is a parallel processing procedure, which has many running and active role models running concurrently. From which the best and most effective ones, and methods, are extracted and enacted, by global cooperative agreement, into real-time usable methods. For the efficiency of the world, and the integrated unity of all of humanity at large.

These are amoungst the only means by which we can actually succeed, from the present stance of things. This also gives us an interface to practically interact, and interface with the non-localised quantum intelligences, and extraterrestrial intelligence's, or other human populations in a time travelling universe.

So that one cultures policies does not override, or supersede, anothers. But can practically integrate, and synergize to the effective outcome of enhancing each cultural manifestation to the outmost integrative whole.

This could be seen as taking a step to meet the Sons and Daughters of All-Oneness half-way. So that they also can mirror such protocols, and meet us half-way, into a realistic union, which does not wipe out any one information and experiential line.


This synergy is the only realistic outcome and pathway that can make an active solution possible to multiple time and intergalactic cross-cultural interchange. Whether between Earth cultures, in different times, or in different sectors of efficiency and function, to integrate and consume as many perspectives as possible - hence to obliterate the need for a class system, or for an equality factor. But rather to enhance that all are equal in time, although perhaps not in immediate space.

Such a pathway allows all who so desire to integrate into a continuum of expansive integratives, that allow, multiple roles and multiple facet's of practicle function - to integrate.

This empowers each individual evermore, and is more than human potential, but is the movement of integrating the Grand Overview to each individual holon, consciously. Hence, no individual is rendered useless, or is cut off from the whole. This allows a gradual superconductive Humanity Overview Mind to emerge, which will be essential if the changes and challenges confronting humanity are to be meet face to face, practically.

· J. The Christ Grail Round Table of Trusts and Foundations, will also allow the gradual equal distribution of wealth, from centralised points, to be distributed in due worth, to all imperative efforts, and individuals, without guilt or squabble. Which, furthermore, will allow each individual to raise in the standard of living, so that the millionaire status will become a paradigm of the majority, rather than the minority.

This can be practically implemented, utilising Scope Internationals, PT (Permanent Traveller) protocols, and the Neo-Tech Integrated Honesty protocols, without allegiance to any one specific party precise protocol. Which will require further tailoring, and specific editing to suit practicle circumstances of very precise protocols. Which will require further tailoring, and specific editing to suit practicle circumstances.



The above is just the first initial writing, which requires much expansions and additional tailoring into practicle applications.

Herein, is just the initial ideas which can be utilised to instigate the project, and to start the fountain flowing.

The demonstration of at least one outcome is required to set the new template into morphogenetic crystallisation.

Herein, the means are being touched and in the hands of the individual Trust and foundations that can now result, via multiple sponsorship, and a multiple open ended Trust schematic to the flowing non-static Christ Grail Round Table of Funds. See you there.

-Ananda, April 26th, 1998.

[October 3, 1998. I wrote the above having:

No alligiance to any secret society on this planet.

I do not bleong to any present Round Table Group, or Cecil Rhodes Round Table of 9 etc. Nor do I belong to any Templer Order.

The Grail Code is as free as Superconductive Spirit can be. And it was Ammethia of Emmanuel, as Joseph of Arimmethia who established it in Avalon (historically).

Unity is free for all. And the Inter-Universal Government approaching, is in the harmonics of compassion, the coherence of the heart at Compassionate Love, this is the Holy Grail, and Superconductivity is the Soma Christ that it mirrors.

God Be You. Ananda. I chose to highlight the essential concepts, and to change the punctuation, as well as make more paragraphs from over-saturated paragraphs, otherwise the text remains as the original. All Is God. Ananda.]