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"THEY" Knew It 6: Government WTC Rehearsals On TV Documentaries

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We have witnessed before how the US Government blows up its own buildings as a pretext for Marshall law, tighter gun control, more restriction on basic rights and freedoms. This was the case with the World Trade Centre bombing in 1993 and Oklahoma in 1995.

It was only a few weeks ago that FBI chiefs and government representatives met with major news networks to discuss how a terrorist attack on the United States would be covered - this was in the Washington Post! Add to this the Fox documentary recently shown in America - where defence experts were simulating flying a commercial airliner into the World Trade Centre via remote control as a means of rehearsing attack drills and something begins to feel seriously wrong.


We've seen and heard Blair bleating his globalist rhetoric about how 'democracy' should UNITE to combat this terrorism.

It's interesting to look at a symbolic aspect of all this. Look at the date - 11th of the 9th - 911 - emergency.

The US and UK military's are on Threatcom Delta - the highest possible security alert status. I've already seen disturbing BBC reports talking about 'what Blair meant when he said we were to unite' and how society will have to submit to increased invasion of privacy.