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"They" Knew It 4: Navel Dragon Mouth At WTC Impact Points

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The quantico marine corps use this insignia for their Urban warfare division, called Operation Millennium Dragon.

Mouth of the Dragon is by World Trade Center impact points. The red forked tongue is precisely at the point of impact two 18 minutes after plane one at dragons roof of mouth. Study the marine AWE procedure plan, this appears to be encoding a precise protocol for the Millennium. Now one year later the AWE onset on the world population, like a dragon, indeed, drag-on...

One just has to add to this the Independence Day destruction of the WTC buildings, and Pentagon, and things start to take on an even more interesting stance.

Should you be unable to view this file, view it at:

United States Marine Emblem/Logo, archived 10-18-99. Also note that the same dragon is facing the WTC and airplaines head towards the towers. Unite the image with the previous for a potential message, or operation...


This was originally posted as a U.S. Marine Corp emblem. The marine who contacted us was uneasy about the logo above and upon further investigation, he located the logo and found that it is indeed a logo of the United States Marine Corps. With apologies, he located another logo posted here.

Note the 3 fold operation AWE.

This presentation is not to discredit the Marines in any way. The logos, emblems, patches, symbols, etc. are chosen FOR the Marine. The real question is by who and why?

These particular emblems are for a special 'fighting force' which is 'experimenting' with and in URBAN warfare with new techniques and technologies. Part of this overall plan of this Marine experiment is called 'Millennium Dragon.'