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They Knew 10: An Italian Priest Who Knew What Would Happen? According To Rai Uno Television (14/9/01)

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A more controversial They Knew Item:

There was a very interesting current-affairs debating programme on "Rai Uno" (an Italian TV channel) last night (14/09/2001), called "Porta a Porta". Unfortunately, I don't have it video-taped.

Anyway, there was a priest as a guest (don't have his name, sorry, but I can research further if you want), who is known to have said as speaker at a conference, four days before the plane attacks, that Arabs could take over a commericial passenger jet, and steer it into a high structure.

Also on the programme were the Italian Minister of the Interior, the Minister of the Exterior, and the Minister of Defense. They, and the show's presenter, kept asking him how the hell he could have predicted what happened so precisely. The priest evaded answering the question each time, and kept blabbing on about bin Laden's extensive worldwide network, instead. They didn't lethim off the hook, and kept asking him, how the hell he knew. The Minister of the Interior became quite serious about it, but still the priest didn't reveal how. They were exasperated that he wouldn't tell, and in the end the show had to go on, and they let it drop.

This information may be irrelevant to the idea of a general conspiracy. The priest may have psychic powers, or that it's a co-incidence that he said it when he did. But his refusal to answer the question spoke volumes that there was 'more to it'.

I know wonder whether the Italian authorities will take him in for questioning, or force him to take truth drugs, to get the knowledge out of him.

A. Ayres