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LOGOIDAL: Ananda´s GNN Flash Editorial, Overview Words From A Logos Perspective On "The New World Order"

We encourage you to discern, utilise coherent integrative logic, compassion, intuitive flow, and independent investigation, before arriving at any definite conclusion as to materials posted by GNN. Please read Ananda´s GNN: Global News Flash, and GNN Logoidal Editorial. Truth is plural. Opinions do not necessary reflect those of GNN news service

GNN FLASH Ananda´s Logoidal - LOGOS Words: An Overview

This Is the 2nd GNN Flash News From Ananda. We suggest you first read Part One and the adjacent news items, before embarking on this more involved material...



The enormity of events on all scales presently bombarding our "reality" is perhaps hitting its crescendo of highlights. With:



We are living in a time where we need to wake up and pay attention, without surrendering to any abject truth. This is a time where we are required to apply practical compassion.


We have entered the second phase of the present program since the Pentagon and WTC explosive events, and virtually every item we detailed in the first announcement has received reviewable material with some depth to verifiability. Unfortunately some areas mentioned as listed 30 years ago also appear to be now in operation.


Some of what now follows takes this several steps further. We should now, on behalf of the Sovereignty of humanity, utilise our talents of integrative logic, meditational information technologies like Einsteinian imaging, and act with PRACTICAL COMPASSION in terms of recent large scale documentation that involve a few of our species, to the suffering of mankind at large. Revelations including:



The time really has approached where we should apply truly integrated, coherent PRACTICAL Compassion, to dispel the Armageddon "death urge" as a remnant residue of our cultures post traumatic stress syndrome of the Catholic Inquisitional dark ages. So that in UNITY we can overcome the sleep of stagnant Elitism, and together establish a true Sovereign Post-Apocalyptic culture in this tremendously significant era, for ALL. An era where the "Cup Overfloweth" for everyone.

Some of the above mentioned GNN news pages remain alternative news items and are largely hardly if ever brushed by the mainstream media, despite some of the quality of both the sources and information content. And the alarming nature of some of this evidence (like the cult religious beliefs of the Bush family now in the global media´s hands).

Which leaves it to us and other novel alternative news media´s, as well as the people of the world at large, to do something about filling that gap. To enable perspective, retrospection, and creative, coherent discrimination, as immunity from the oversaturation of the spoon fed news. To enable practical compassion to commence in the coherent actions of humanity as a whole together in establishing Sovereign Unity.


Such vital alternative enquiry and introspection engages our intelligence, our creative processing centres. Which are indispensable for independent and sovereign enquiry, at the forefront of learning the actual objectivity's involved in such an all influential global event sequence in significance as the one we are presently submerged in, as a common human family at large...




We greatly honour all those who have been or still are in mainstream positions, who have dared to novelty step beyond the rollercoaster ride status quo of the automatoned media machine. And congratulate you all for having taken such personal risks on behalf of humanity, and mankind at large.


We also wish to thank our fellow Grail Ring investigators, Randalf Barolet, Martin Schnable, Jhedi Hall, Elisa Aasen, Martin Krebbers, Jovinda and Grail Ring Austria, Jaques Groenen, Redpin, Rosario Brancato, and the Grail Ring Europe for all your contributions both to GNN and in making this material available to people in the media´s and humanity at large, for yielding the Alchemical Quest of the Grail...


We salute those independent, compassionate, and courageous enough to utilise their ability to peak behind the arena of spoon fed pseudo "social engineering" (as the behind closed doors Bilderberger Society alleged document, Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, entertains the present global situation ­ in terms of its apparent puppet fed journalism, and the shaping of the accepted social reality of the individual social member. See:


Giving the earnestly seeking individual the ability to glimpse the larger horizon of truth and its concurrent coherent nature.

A horizon whose landscape is the reconciliation of each individual´s fullest integration, creative analysis, and honestly unique personal contribution (aka Dr. John Wheeler´s updated quantum horizon of a plurality of individual quantum observers).

Such strides of courage that have sign posted the doors and windows beyond the social theatre´s boxed, and often corporate biased, packaged truth. To the greater true novelty of non-masked reality, in all of the glory of its naked truth.


The question is, can you bare the true and honest naked reality, and have the courage and innovation to bear out the consequences of viewing that landscape of language, that we call reality, without the filters of hive mentality?



In the following presentations come some more, perhaps, "shattering" paradigms that are not suggested to be the only reality, but are non-the-less so hard-core in their contents as to more than warrant ones scrutiny of attention. To discern what their content may mean. And to ascertain the pathway to their verification, coherently, with true full integrated honest efforts.


With compassion this leads to one living in the well known principle that nature loves, "keep it simple, however complex the task", for nature always chooses the simplest means.

Applying this to this information age, as an information technology plug in, and then incorporating this into one´s central source code, awakens nature´s minimal information space, maximum information content.


This is holographic fluid logic. The same logic our biology, cells, and the laws of nature uses.



The scrambled microwaved protein media protocols that are presently present and presented media wise, in our information overload crisis era (largely founded on stress-based nervous system overload), leads one to a mentality of hive-like, or cancer microbial-like intelligence. Rogue microbial so that it does not abide to the universality of information and life´s natural Operating System (personality) foundations. Foundations which are coherently individual, yet open-ended to all the multiuniverse and even beyond.


Rather the cancer microbial enquiry leads to the cancers that we called diseased intelligenCIA founded on black budget paranoia´s, and virtually defined as cultic elitist binary world rule elitism, through the tools of superficial theatre masquerades such as the global village umbrella.

In other words the cancer microbe, like a parasite, is host to an original good idea, and an atmosphere of good intentioned unity amidst our kind, such as our notions of global peace and unity throughout the races.

The microbe inhabits and makes subservient such available good protocols, and so the global village idea and its cohorts are used as the sugar coating semantics in administrating such concepts as the New World Order, by such obscure active occult figures as Dr. Henry Kissinger and David Rockefeller, apparently, amidst the "wise men" majesty of intelligencia. And examining these evidences, will require us to revision our reality so that each of these "ruling" families of the somnifent new world dream as well as everyone, has the opportunity to truly, compassionately, honestly, and in full integrity FACE THEMSELVES, face-to-face. Into the apotheosis of our each individual to the Superspecies called "Everyone", without loss of sovereign coherent individuality.

This can only be realised, when the Via Media, the Golden Middle Way, beyond the Duality of Action-Reaction, engineered problem offered solution, good and bad, is realised as the Golden Grail Code Ratio of Compassion in the Mind.

This is the PH neutral, or Midway factor. Parasites, according to darkfield microscopy (see are created when PH neutral/midway is lost. So too are parasites vanquished upon PH middle balance.



In the coming series, we include further testimony by former LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department, head of Narcotics) Chief Michael Rupert, which continue to be ground based, yet more than warranting our attention.

For one may ask, why would a man of such high standing vistage, turn around such a high standing position of responsibility and power, if it were not for utmost apparent courage and cause for true sovereignty and independent honest enquiry.

Police Chief Rupert, having seen how the LAPD is used by both the intelligenCIA´s and Mafia´s in clandestine highly illegal activities, like the cocaine and heroin drug trade, for such apparent family members as the Bush´s, Clinton´s, Rockefeller´s and Chaney´s ­ upon his honoury retirement turned around the table of secrecy, that had become a non-sovereign stagnant cesspool, and exposed it into the open air and waters for it to heal, by assimilation into the waters of realisation and coherence.


This continues. And in this series we will learn how this so called "World War III" is a war about hard drugs, like Vietnam was, to increase black budget money´s to accomplish a common end (which is a series of events, apparently analysed, that the "public cannot handle", for the means of human survival to succeed. So it is allured at least by former military and government scientists exposed to such covert Round Table classified discussions, and hence secrecy justified).


These series, when further verified and openly debated and investigated infront of humanity at large, may well indict the very people who define the conditions of "Terrorism", as a definition of their own actions. Actions often double veiled through a "pet" scape "goat"...


Enabling the "discovery" of the terrorists of the unsuspecting human family, next door, who until you watched it on tv, were a friendly, kind, humane, and well principled group of people... With the right to appeal in court wavered, one will not know for certain. But for the sheople who may worship the reality shaping bible of a media: "CNN, oh its absolute truth". Media´s whose CEO´s are documented to belong to the elite membership of such Cult Occult religions as the Skull & Bones Society, Scroll and Key, and Trilateral Commission.


Media´s who by using the tools of appearing objective, with a 10% or even less slant, can filter our realities in a more than powerful manner. If one is not abiding by the logical and objective laws of independent enquiry, before establishing with vigour ones beliefs, and throwing ones emotions behind their theorum, leading to the classic subjective defence mechanisms.




With some ad-hum humour, one alternative media site, "hard truth", relates our western word "politics" breaks down to mean, poli = "many", tics = "blood sucking creature"; politics = "many blood sucking creatures".

The spider, like the tic, has 8 arms for it to weave its web. But the 8-folded path in an open-ended coherent system, is the union of the 8 symmetrical faces of the octahedron, or Diamond (pyramid base to base), which is the maximum foundation of coherent golden compactation in symmetry space, that stirs all the other platonic solids of creation.

Should the pressure that enables the Diamond not be engaged then the black coal-khol-khale carbon (666 = 6 electrons; 6 proton; 6 neutrons) will be burnt as a sacrifice for the light that "burns". The Diamond is the Middle Way between these extremes of Black and White, the embodiment of forever in perfection, maximum symmetry in unity. Once the carbon coal is burnt, no Diamond of Perfection of Immortality, can be made.


Practical Diamond Compassion then unites in harmony the 8 octaves, the 8 cycles per second in the synchronisation of both brain hemispheres into full activation, which is also the cycle rate with which the DNA divides and furthers itself. This 8-folded path, unlike the spider or tic, transforms all discoherent waves into the coherent Golden Ratio of PHI (1.618) which continues, mirrorcascade-into-mirrorcascade in-PHI-nitly.


This is where the poetic right brain mind, unifies with the political left brain mind, and established the Coherent Compassionate Science of Po-ETics ­ their Synergy. The Extraterrestrial united with the Gaian...

For the higher mineral elements that order the water in our cells and are embedded in our DNA, the elements that make life possible, and engage the experience we call thought, are made in the heart of sun´s.

(TECHNICALLY {skip to next part}, inertia/memory is woven into wide electron lattice families by these symmetrical high order elements, that act like pyramid antenna´s which couple memory waves to these electrons of cells, in the process of hydrogen, oxygen burn that is both life and awareness. The high furnace pressures in suns, like the pressure of the birth canal on the foetus, compresses the memory of the sun´s symmetry and coherence, into the perfection of the element, like a mother compresses her memory inertia, through gravity, into her child. Hence, in this highly over simplistic explanation, our thoughts are extraterrestrial sun memories in metabolism, by the star dust that the galactic winds have blown in like a curtain, drawn upon our solar system stage in cycles, feeding the sun in those times, like the TIME NOW).



Practical Compassion requires that we now digest and face a few darker coal facts before they burn into elitist illumination. So that the pressure of the compassionate observer can enable the complete Diamond to emerge for our species. Let us then take a dive into these matters, with a Golden Midway stance... Be aware of dualistic reactions in oneself as one ventures in, and balance the poles in yourself first, so as to be unified in your actions to such perspectives, acting in compassion, and not in fear or guilt, but in furthering Golden Wisdom, compassion in the mind, to others, to be able to assess and make the change that is needed.

Apparently, some have said, to us and to others, that there are people inside, who rely on our own Wisdom to emerge, our collective eyes to open, and meet them midway, otherwise they are paralysed in their efforts to amend these things. We have been told that they belief that the apparent inhumane intention behind the present design will reveal its colours clearly, and that those silent "terrorists" who inaugurate this attempted New World Order will be exposed and stopped, by the Golden Wisdom within mankind at large, acting in Compassion, and Demonstrating the power of Unity therein.

Having prepared one therein, let us now go forward in Via Media...


Practical compassion means that we integrate the facts emerging which appears to evidence that millions suffer by the hands of a few. An elite cult, which has interpreted the archaic mysteries in a bizarre mutative form. Who appear love to play with such secretive power in the art of warship.

Not just because it makes them rich (see the Bush Oil papers), or that they are on hard drugs (the Morpheus of the crop, the Dragons of the Oriental to the west, dragon trade) and become vampirically richer by being on the top of such a distribution chain (see LAPD Chief Michael Rupert´s "Bush Hard Drug Empire" series, that includes office political historical Congressional Hearings on this evidence), or the apparent thrill that Death and the dark lords are part of their cult religious practice (see the Daily Telegraph "Skull and Bones" Bush Satanic exposes) - but because they believe in "the end justifies the means", and that reality requires the pan-ultimate of two opposing ultimates, inherited from the archaic Himalayan and Mongolian Bon Po magicians.

A belief that thinks that this is the principle of live, and the harvest of the crop of the ages, is what enables the fittest to survive into the new cycle and order... A Midway is apparently completely absent. As one investigates one discovers that in fact, the Midway is their secret, of polarity management of politics. The midway is the harvest of the few. Thus may imply that the Spider Web shown in the Skull and Bones Order 322 insignia is symbolic of this secret. And literally a form of poli-tics is evident in principle, through the spider of life. Lost is the Golden Midway Key...

(With Bush, Blair, and finally Gorbechov on October 20th announcing their "New World Order", with the substance mentioned above we should be alert to a potential attempt of establishing a world cult order. We should therefore, truly use the opportunity to embrace independent enquiry. Added October 23, 2001)

We the people of the west, give these few cult people their power due to our ignorance of the information and our continually distracted focus on other areas and global events, an apparent cult who continue in office o congress again and again for "their" own. But it is us all together who decide that they are to rule us. Yes that is several billion people to several thousand elite members. Although the political Paedophilia network associated to the lower ranks of such webs, is comprised of much larger a network of influential persons (according to the Belgium hearings on this subject, parts of which have been covered by the world media. And the Belgian Crown prince is listed therein, according to these released lists). Perhaps there are set-ups involved, perhaps there is high level disinformation employed.

But these subjects involve content that are such a violation of human rights, that it requires utmost concern, attention and investigation. Especially when the people who have the power to authorise nuclear weapons are indicted therein. People who presently are involved in this war. Does this not potentially effect the wellbeing of the entire planet, and not just our own self driven species, with an apparent breaking down relationship with Gaia´s biosphere?



Sir Francis Beacon, made certain that the hidden god of war and Ammunition, A-MON Ra, became the capstone of the label of currency, as the All Seeing Hidden Eye of Mon-Ra, called "MON-EYE" in old English spelling. Beacon who rearranged the English language and added some 10,000 words therein, who studied the Egyptian Mysteries and Kaballa with Les Pleiade Group of Philosophers in Paris, and his mentor Agent 007, the cryptologist Dr. John Dee, who channelled angel Uriel through Earl Kelly, and after whom the Royal Society of Science is named. Moneye is the cult of the "fallen" Ra, the hidden Mon Capstone of the Pyramid (all seeing eye in the dollar bill) of archaic Egypt.


We are told the world has no money to deal with the world economic crisis and to offer relief to those who desperately need it, and then in one night 35 million English pounds (circa 75 million DM or German Marks) are spent in the production costs of the 50 tomahawk missiles used in one nights bombing venture. There were many other elements of this attack which raises this figure many more times. This was from just the first nine hours of missile and bomb attacks on Afghanistan, on at least four cities, causing "massive damage", and reported to be "just the start".

Due to an international internet campaign, which pleaded for food instead of bombs to be dropped, some supplies were dropped, at the same time as the bombing. What an astonishing combination. As two disparate news reports relay:


"The Defence Secretary said the United Kingdom had given humanitarian relief to Afghanistan and added that the US had dropped humanitarian supplies to refugees in Afghanistan last night."

"If they dropped the food supplies they did last night for the next SIX MONTHS there would be enough to feed those in need for ONE DAY."


Their was a desperate global need for this amount of money, but we were told it was not there. But for the glory of warship the magic is overflowing. For the world is told: "WE WILL ATTACK OUR ENEMY UNTIL THEY ARE DEFEATED AND WE ACHIEVE OUR OBJECTIVE." How many billions will that mean. Think who is paying, who is working. Does something move in you. Let your Mid unfold to encompass the ends, compassionately, in action.

A magical Warship which in one night time mass-acres 22 innocent people who have done nothing. FIRST ATTACKS ON AFGHANISTAN A "FANTASTIC SUCCESS", SAY LEADERS OF LIBERTY, PEACE, AND JUSTICE. And this based on evidence of guilt that NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO SEE because it is classified, but we can trust those who have been privy because he is George Bush, and the world is not expected to know that Bin Laden had former business relations with the Bush family and CIA in rather murky products.


Hundreds of millions of pounds that could have aided so many millions of starving and suffering people, with money that was not supposed to be there. TAX money that we the people of humanity worked extra hard to provide, for this!

We have to really trust that the Bohemian grove film showing a baby sacrifice, when George Bush senior is present, is only a symbolic one, and even then, 2000 high end political people coming to such a bizarre cult practice, performing symbolic child sacrifice to a god that at least the Israelites called a demon, Molec, then using our TAX money without the objective evidence due, in a Sovereign democratic world "of the people, by the people," should cause one to open ones eyes.

And at least establish an attempt to alleviate any doubts in such reports (coming from links provided by the Daily Telegraph), as objectively and honestly as possible. It should cause one to not only wonder, but truly wake up and dive deeper to relinquish such a potential nightmare - imagine a kind of Solar Templar or Heavens Gate cult running the most powerful nation on Earth!!!


How can one accept such a venture of attack without evidence. After all WE are now being blamed for this by the victims who suffered and who are yet to suffer lost of their loved ones. Although the Muslims appear to be tremendously forgiving in the past, considering the 200,000 innocent people mass-acred during the gulf war of George Bush senior, and left with Uranium shells that mutate their children´s genes and laden them with cancer.


It is our (the people of humanity) money being used, remember... If you believe in the New Age concept that Money is Energy, that means this is Your Energy Being used to slaughter innocent people, without we having been shown any evidence. Just like foot and mouth virus has never been seen, only an artistic model has been displayed...

The October 4th promise of released evidence by NATO Secretary General, George Robertson, the former Bilderberger listed secret society member (a society founded by Prince Bernard, featuring the Bush and Rockefeller family) who is Defence Secretary of the United Kingdom ­ released nothing... Furthermore Lord Robertson said the evidence is "classified" and cannot be made public (no direct objective evidence has since emerged - 23-10-2001).


Do we really still believe that these people are going to protect us, that they love us, when the data now emerging indicates an APPARENT elite love for a cult "secret" that that appears to justify a love for hard drugs, guns, oil, money, and the more bizarre Satanic rituals based on the glorification of death. Who have sprayed the western world over 4 years with bacteriological warfare, which may soon be described as the chemical warfare of "terrorists", as several on these GNN news pieces reports from its assembled investigations, for you to consider and be aware of, for further introspection and investigation, as well as compassionate integration.



The Egyptian Pyramid texts relay that before the hidden Mon "evil eye", Atum or Aton, from which comes Atone and At-one, was the Eye realisation of everyone, by this realisation, the wealthiest Pharaoh of Egypt, Amenhotep III, the father of Akenaton, established the first dynastic democracy. Egypt was divided into 12 regions, each with Councils of 12. 12 x 12 = 144. Although his boat was named after the Aton Principle, it was only his son who had the courage to implement it as pharaoh. However, after his 33rd year, the A-MON Eye worshippers SET in once more, leading to the glorious wars of Ramses II, whose lineage descends through Charlemeign to no less then George Bush...


Compassion requires that we integrate these facts presented in GNN and other alternative and mainstream media´s, BEFORE a Group Hitler emerges over us. It requires that we look and share these substantial facts with everyone coherently and in places where they can do something about it. I know that some of you have done precisely this, in your own unique ways. Only then when humanity has the seen the MON (hidden, Amen) exposed, can the people in positions of power (which by the law of averages there must be) who oppose these practices and apparent inhumane projects (but who are handicapped by our lack of knowledge, so that they can be labelled as insane or paranoid and disappear in some mental hospital, or are found dead with cause as suicide {sound familiar}), come out and meet us midway, and expose this apparent hidden New World Order MON-Key game.

This is not to suggest that one should rely on people inside, alone, but we should use these world events to bring out the best Via Media in us, and cooperate in humanity, share, discuss, make local groups of 8-membred councils, discuss and integrate the information, make coherent plans and alternative medias, cooperate with other Sovereign groups of same intent, and use every information technology possible (weather computers, meditation, smart nutrients, Einstein Imaging techniques, remote viewing, Neo Tech, Somajetics, Biofeedback, Tai Chi, and integrated research), for the furtherance of integration towards Compassionate World Wisdom for an awakening humanity from the somniference of sleep.


It is WE the people of mankind who decides who governs, a decision made by the intelligence we gather from the media we assimilate to construct our world picture, and our cross comparing of principles etc. Remember democracy is "for the people by the people", which overrides every other objective. Since there is now apparent substantial evidence that appears to show that a "mafia cult" are now seeded amidst the power position of our elected officials, the only way to reformation is HONEST PRACTICLE COMPASSION. The honest facing of the truth.

In understanding the information presented in this next series, we should also boost our immune systems by supplementing with Hawaiian blue green-algaes, purification of the bowels, smart nutrients like the amino acids DMAE, pyraglutamate, smart herbs like ginko biloba or vinka. Blood green agaes with coloidals of silver can be a major aid at present.


We cannot expect to gain results from a web of organisations that are so infiltrated and empowered by secret paedophilia and hard drug empowered individuals, whose only protection is being within these government organisations hiding behind the blanket of the national security act of 1947. But we should be encouraged by the exposure of these facts and their further verification, to cooperate in a human compassionate effort, synergising a horizon comprised of the plural truths of all Sovereign intended human beings, who follow human rights, and common law, to network and link together.


We have been attacking each other for far too long. Whilst those who have apparently orchestrated so vast amounts of human suffering, appear to go unscathed (who of the children of the Rothschild´s or Rockefeller participated in WWII?), and look gloriously magnificent in the books of history.

Some of us must apply our meditative powers and "spiritual" visionary abilities, to integrate the foundations of government structure, that is based on true human rights, and sovereign common law. This can only be successful international, if we do not have single leaders, but many plural councils of 8, which is comprised on friends, colleagues and associates we actually relate to and know. This could be seen simply as virtual governments ready to be implemented if their ever be such a dire need. A sovereign community that upholds the Via Media Wisdom for humanity. Such a venture begins with you, as many already do. This is the Grail Code implemented as the Cup that Overfloweth.

Personal differences can easily be set aside by "AGGREEING TO DISAGREE" as the Pythagoreans would do, and focussing on the larger problems we require to focus our collective compassion and coherence on.


We now emerge from our little dive into the waters for alchemicalisation...



Obviously these expose´s, should their contents be firmly established as truth, may lead some to the same "kill them attitude" that will lead to nothing.

Having studied the mentality of numerous freedom loving and constitution abiding Militia´s who would sacrifice their bodies to uphold the democratic freedoms of the US founding fathers, who would initiate an anilation of the so called "Illuminati" of wise-men, seated in the apparent privileged positions to be the intelligenCIA genius illuminate´s overlords.

But what would their elimination give to humanity? It may scourge the disease from the organ of society, but without the rest of us, honestly learning what the psychology, emotions, and motives that such an Illuminated paradigm was ­ you know, "from the inside out". In other words compassion has not been integrated here.


Should "they" be honestly proven guilty, and all those who may have been indicted but who were trapped as scapegoats, been honestly discriminated. Then those involved would probably be more than happy to serve their self defined sentences of the gas chamber. But humanity would go all the poorer, and our collective unconscious psyche enable such a spectre to once again take form amidst the un-integration of the perspectives of the individuals that were involved.


We would thus suggest that should any involved participant truthfully and honestly testify, that they be abundantly rewarded for such acts of courage, and encouraged to continue to share the inside out, to unfold the secret into the freedom that the unfolding secretion of such realities endeavour to flow back into universal life, into the flowing waters of coherency. This would exemplify the Grail Code of the Cup Overfloweth, when the Secret is to Give Away the Secret.


In other words, the drug scheduling, which has enabled such a black budget octopus to engage so much vampiristic supplying of its victims, in the ever more contagious suffering that drug addiction establishes, requires a revision.

The intelligence machine requires schedule 1 for the substances they require to harvest black moneys from.


With the lifting of such scheduling then, the many guilty to "death punishment", will be in a greater position to share the even greater stagnant secrets (essential for human integration), with a brave and open conscience. And the global drug markets, as a money machine, will crumble.

How this effects the economy will probably be devastating, unless it is supplanted with other alternative projects, like the plantation of nootropic drug nutrient plants such as the Gingko Biloba tree and Vinca plants, which increase coherent intelligence and clean the environment, the gingko tree eats pollution, just like the Great Red pine trees do. These areas require our unabided coherent attention now, for we have unique contributions to make therein, for a Unified reconciliation.



With the present intelligence information releases of the last several years, it appears that one of the problems in international politics is the influence of hard drugs. Major John Colleman, in his book "Committee 300", who was the special MI6 agent for Queen Elisabeth, testifies to the Queen and Queen mother heading the heroin trade in Europe, from the time of the East-India Company which dealt with the Dragon Ring Opium trade into Europe. He also testifies to their avid use of pharmaceutical grade heroin and cocaine (also documented in Dope Inc, by Des Griffin).

All of the Shamanic cultures have their chief shamans as medicine men. Shamans like the Cobi (who have some very interesting medicinal plant wisdom, and darker room practices, also use Cocaine based plants on special occasions for the Chief Shaman to interact normally with other societies. The Amazonian Shaman lore also relates that those who use this plant primarily as their sacrament and oracle, are largely in the realm of the lower ancestors and even the "lords of outer illusion".

It appears then, that some of the major European and US politicians are influenced by plants that if used as a main sacrament, by archaic Shamanic tradition, aligns one to the lower ancestral spirits and other less than reliable parts of the psyche. This was not just mambo jumbo to them, this 50,000 year folk wisdom was essential for survival in the most rural and challenging conditions. Their experience in such plant use, is thousands of years greater than since the time that Dr Sigmund Freud popularised it.


The high ended politicians addicted to the hard drug substances to engage in their stressing positions of power administration, will require to undergo the known "cure for addiction" via the shamanic process of Ibogaine therapy, a African Shamanic plant which takes physiological addiction withdrawal into a 36 hour upload to the psychological processing. A plant that has 90% success in treatment and prevents an addictive substance from procuring its effects for some 3-6 months, as well as quenshing desire and fore-stepping withdrawel symptoms. With the condition of bringing each addicted politician or individual to their childhood psychological cause of their addictions, with a classic Shamanic numinous "near death experience".


These therapeutic sessions should be watched live on internatinal television, instead of the shows that look into the secret films of a couple relationship, as is ever more popular. The genuinly found guilty wise men have their entire revelation aired live over the world media networks, without hypnosis or biases suggestions. Perhaps also with truth serums.

In this way they face themselves in all of their facettes by being scrutinized by their species for their acts, from the inside out. So as to mustre understanding and compassion of such an elite perspective. This way leads to our specie´s synthesis and progression from such patterns of elitism collectively, leading to global and individual understanding. This is a true healing of Elitist terrorism, that has maintained the paradigm of suffereing for so long, through the protocol of sacrifice of the masses for the benefit of the few, honoured by, so called, "wisdom".


But to engage such a truely veritable sovereign process, one will be confronted with some extremely uneasy realities of what is occurring on this planet. It will require each individual of the world to mustre their own full honest introspective and integration of themselves, and personal habits and protocol, with sincere compassionate healing and realisation.

Perhaps one of the only ways to have the unity and peace of the world that so many do genuinely long for, but have long resigned to uphold as a potential, is if such a process of revelation and confessionate sharing to the species is undergone. The benefits of this, over the punishment of death, or even imprisonment, in terms of species muturity, makes such a potential means the Prime Focus (this is only one suggestion as a beginning of a manner to make the most for all of such apparent elitist paradigms beneficial to mankind).


If we allow the present status quo, and fail to dare to face ourselves and the world honestly, and truly scrutinise and know ALL of our species, then the suggested microchipped social engineered and psycho-civilised society is amidst us. Enabling those apparent psychotic secretists to maintain the security of their habits and justifications.


We will have to be able to tolerate and integrate with full honesty, and coherent logical compassion, such avoided fields, yet realities, as Satanism/Sethism and secret Occult ritual, Child pornography, drug and weapon trade, snuff ritual killing, Mind Control, human disease control through soft food poisens, and a host of other unpleasent areas, so that they do no become a dominent relationship in our post-modern species.

These are the areas we would rather run away from, but the light of the evidence that has recently emerged by truly massive human efforts, the world-over, have established the absolute reality of such activities by a far larger portion of our species than we had hitherto supposed (but this also does not mean that necessarily everyone listed is in fact guilty (they may be scapegoats).

The 50,000 people marching in Belgium on September 10, 2001, were the real human families and relatives of children and people who have been victims to such perversities that stagnation and none-shared secrecy harbours. And it is not just insane sects that are listed in such activities, but high standing politicians, United Nations officers (supposed to represent us for world peace) and monarchies.

By ignoring these massive outpourings of human courage and compassionate unity in action, we run away from ourselves and from our true freedoms. What, because it is too unpleasent? How absurd does this all have to become. Whilst millions die each year, it is indicated from this data, on the hands of some beurucrats, we are then shocked when several thousand die in our local backyard. Let us be the POST-Apocalypse culture, surpassing the Roman Empires moralistic political weapon, as the Roman Catholic Church, called the Book of Revelation. As the field of Theocratics shows, the Bible is a code book. Even the English King James Bible, was translated by the Kaballist mystics of Beacon and Dee.



If we really overview this from a Species Overmind, one truly coherent and logical reason that we may have allowed the, so called, conspirational beurocrats to engage such a local human sacrifice event as WTC, without the elite and key personanel being present at the massacre, is upon overview, to signify a message that we had better wake up and face all such similar suffererings occurring yearly, from the very same individuals, and integrate what that means face-on, and for those involved square on in the mirror.

How else can the progress of species compassionate integration effect us towards realisation. We have allowed this and whatever is up ahead upon ourselves. It is now up to us to act upon such with coherency and cooperate together, now that we can, before we sign the very notion of Sovereignty and free will away to anti-terrorist masked paradigms with microchipped and satellite "global smart room" identification systems, whereby the once cherished and essential germination principle, called privacy and individual will, are circumnavigated by centralised inteligenCIA paranoid computer networks, with AI (Artificila Intelligence agents, who simulate that same similitude. AI should be based on compassion and the PHI of 8 Hz phase-conjugate based, coherent logic. However, cool the new engineered body suit may appear in its higher capabilities and life extensions (Genetic Technology and Nano Technology).


The beuatiies of what we define has the humanities and its atributes would be gone, their true open-ended capstone removed into a psychocivilised robotised ant hive culture, which would have its Wisemen GM and Nano-tech Cyclotroned ascended masters, as the heraldic only opportunity for birth into so called freedom.

But this is a separate freedom without a true collective freedom. In other words it is "placebo freedom", that is in the depths of sleep. What progress is that, may I ask you?


Why not the same all boring Empire like system we have had more than enough historic saturation within. Should not such experiences serve as a backup to rerealsise our greater potential, in DNA, brain and species, in true full experience?

Well my fellow human, now is one of those key turning points. Facing ourselves face on, and having the courage to be our uniqueness, love in the mind, and the heart wisdom fully integrated honestly into the actions of our live, is the means required by each of us, who sincerely beleave in the true human principles and charactersitics that we so cherish and expect that every human being has in their similitude. And now to the extent that we almost gratefully pull the curtain over our eyes if we see that it may not be quite so.


Together, we can face ALL that is now going on, and use it for the maximum balanced benefit of the entire human species, and not just the elect few, this is now in y-our hands. After all this is almost a last chance.


With the process suggested above, will also come the disclosure of all the secret military technologies suppressed for more than 60 years, due to maintaining the status quo, and massaging the economy to the benefit of the few, whilst the planets body is being savaged and raped by her children unknowingly. A technology that can quickly reverse the ecological catastrophy now mustered upon our biosphere, and a physics that reveals that greater potential and power that being human truly is. Unity of Unity As and With Us.

-Ananda, September 27, 2001, updated October 10th 2001