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Now After What The US What Congress heard Over 100 Military Officers have testified in the Washington Press Room, from a list of a 1000 officers of who military rank, in the ET Disclosure Project To The Public. Who did congress hear:

Major Filer at the Washington Press club testifying on his military involvement in the Extraterrestrial disclosure project

ADMIRAL LORD HILL NORTON, a five star Admiral and former head of the British Ministry of Defense in July 2000, stated, "What I'd like to say is that there is a serious possibility we are being visited - and - and have been visited for many years - by people from outer space, from other civilizations; that it behooves us to find out who they are, where they come from, and what they want. This should be the subject of rigorous scientific investigation

On the Anniversary of CSETI's historic Congressional Briefing in Washington, DC,

it is timely to remember some of what the attendees heard and saw.


Dr. Steven Greer, CSETI International Director, presented a

summary of the Best Available Evidence including documents,

audio and video tape.

Apollo 14 Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell co-hosted the

proceedings and endorsed the evidence. "Initially I was

skeptical about this reality but I believe today that the force of

evidence commands an honest, scientific look at the facts."


Lawyer from North Carolina who worked

with a Top Secret security clearance in the

Pentagon during President Eisenhower's

White House term during the '50s as a

trained cryptologist, saw material from a

downed ET craft and saw apparent ET

writing on the material. Says the President

was regularly briefed about the UFO issue.

Commander Graham Bethune encountered 300 foot UFO

off Newfoundland in 1951 - witnessed by his crew and

passengers, which included a Navy psychiatrist. Was told by

Intelligence during debriefing that there were 268 craft of this

size on Earth at the time, with 16 being in the North Atlantic.


Air Force Radar Operator and his

co-workers saw several UFO's on radar at

Klamath Falls, OR. Confirmed this was not

unusual and that NORAD regularly "handed

them off" from sector to sector. Saw B-52's

vectored around UFO's while landing.

T/Sgt Chuck Sorrels recounted night-long encounters with

multiple UFO's at Edwards AFB while he tracked the events

on his radar. Declassified audio tapes confirmed fighters

were scrambled to intercept.

Witnessed huge triangular UFO over

Loring AFB with his flight instructor, which

monitored the base for a number of hours.

Navy employee with a top secret clearance who was

present in 1981 during a major encounter off the eastern

seaboard, which was tracked by satellite, radar, and chased

by military planes with a resulting clear day- time



Donna Hare, a former subcontractor in the

photo labs of the Johnson Space Center in

Houston. Hare said she saw one NASA

technician air brush a UFO out of a space

satellite photo and "that it was done

routinely," according to her colleague.

Major George Filer detailed several events including a

report of an alien being shot at the end of the runway at

McGuire AFB and later removed by a C-141 Transport plane

flown in from Wright Patterson AFB to retrieve the body.

World-renowned astronomer who was

present with a number of conference

attendees when an apparent extraterrestrial

signal was received at the Harvard

observatory (SETI) facility.