"All that we say is not to be taken too seriously. It is to be studied and contemplated. If some of it does not agree with you, you can spit it out, always. Never limit yourself to saying this is the only truth.

"We are giving much, but truth is infinite, we cannot give infinity. We can give certain aspects that will not have come through other beings, but in this way everyone is unique who channels, everyone is unique who has inspiration.

"We are only providing a vitamin that is needed by some, not by all. Though perhaps a little bit here and there would not do any harm.

"We are not preachers. We are not trying to create a cult. We are not a religion, and we are not superior to you, but equal.

"You do not have to believe in us. You can treat us a science fiction if you like, even as a part of this beings mind, although this is not so.

"This may sound strange to you: that you need to rely on a source of information in life. But whether you are aware of it or not, you are constantly being fed thoughts either from the collective unconscious by your guide, or from higher spheres."

-The Purpose Of Emmanuel. May 1987.


"We are here to remind you that you are us, that we are you, that we function as one whole, as one Being, always."

-Santario Speaks, January 1989.


"We are one with you, we are you, speaking as you and through you."

-The Universal Brotherhood & The Inner Self, January 1989.


"You must realise that we are not separate from you, that we are 'this' which we are speaking, and you are it also. We are not secluding you. You are us. We are one, doing the same thing: evolving this solar system to become potentialised and a harmonious individual octave tune, as God made manifest, singing the Sound of God."

-Oversoul Sun, November 1988.


"We are in tune with the centre core of your being. We are that. Allow us to be that, for we are already there."

-Beyond Reincarnation, July 1988.


"We are your Self, and we are humanity's greater Self."

-The Key Is Surrender, February 1989.


"We are an infinite variety, and we are at the same time nothing."

-Santario Speaks.


"We are ever seeking to unite with those ones who are willing to be open and re-unite with their greater Selves.

"When I come into a being such as this, I am activating the realisation that I am already there. I connect - or re-connect to your awareness - with that part of myself that is in each and every single one of you. But I am always there. It is just you who becomes conscious of it, and so this communion happens."

-From The Collective Unconscious To God, February 1989.


"Many are not aware that we are there with them, always, in their heart, in their soul."

-The Key Is Surrender, February 1989.


"So when we are flowing this information through you: this is you teaching you, this is God speaking to God."

-Beyond Reincarnation, July 1988.


"We are exploring infinity, as you are, as we are as one whole. We are exploring infinity Itself. We are the God and we are the creation. We are the Unity of all creation, of all things made manifest and unmanifest."

-Santario Speaks.


"We are those characters within Christ, that Christ has created to create the awakening dream. We are also some of the characters that are within the awakening dream, as we are now characters coming to help lift you from a deep sleep, into a more reality dream, that will lead one into the awakened state."

-The Awakening Dream, March 1989.


"We are coming as a brotherhood, a brotherhood that is interpenetrating and flows and overlights this whole universe. For we are interconnected through all systems of Light.

"We are a state of pre-manifestation and manifestation.

"We are here to remind beings on Earth, and in other systems and dimensions of consciousness, that there is only Oneness; there is only inner Consciousness, which is Unity, which is God."

-The Universal Brotherhood & The Inner Self, January 1989.


"We of the Galactic Council, as we call ourselves in Earth term vibrations, are aware of our Unity with all things. But we are also aware of our task in uniting the consciousness throughout the galactic patterns and ways and planets and systems, to be brought into the awareness that all is one, again.

"That is the task and duty of the Galactic Council: to unite all apparent separate humanities, all beings, all different colours, all different flavours, all different complexities."

-Beyond Reincarnation, July 1988.


"We are in the Light realms. In the realms in which we function, we do not function any more in individuality. Yes, we are in Conscious pin-points which, when projected, may be seen as beings and individual entities and bodies. But otherwise we collectively operate as One Being which is known as Christ, which permeates the whole universe and all the galaxies and solar systems within it. Here there are no counterparts. Here there is just Oneness."

-The Awakening Dream.


"We are aware of all the trillions of incarnations: variations of consciousness exploring Itself."

-Oversoul Sun, November 1988.


Q: Why do you portray yourself as a group entity, and not always to others?


EMMANUEL: "I am and we are one Being, we function in God. As you are in separation and are beginning to wake up to the simplicity of your being, to your oneness with us, that is a gradual process. And so you have to see it in stages.

"And so, to some, it may be suitable for us to be manifest as one being such as Emmanuel, and then the next stage of that could be to see us as a group, and then, of course, ultimately as God, as your Self."

-The Key Is Surrender.


"Because we are complete Oneness, we are experiencing complete separation; isolation; manifestation as creation; and we are experiencing the re-uniting.

"We are experiencing all directions of exploration within oneness. Because one, in the living moment, in the Christ state of Being, experiences all time as one time, experiences all the future, all the past, all the now, all the billions of years that manifested creation has existed and before pre-manifestation has existed, we all experience now, they are one moment."

-The Key Is Surrender.


"Emmanuel is that which has come out of the centralised Son, or heart of Cosmic Christ, into creation. And then has radiated out to infiltrate the dream states, to begin to bring the Light of the Holy Dawn."

-The Art Of Being, April 1989.