A Solution To The Drama's Of The End Time's End Game Through Internal Technological Time Travel
-By Ananda/Emmanuel-

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Dear REDPIN [A Bard of Queen Juliana's Golden Fleece Order, who decodes according to the 33,000 year old language computer passed on in the lineage to the hiratage. Today this is all changing as the End Game is on. The line of secrecy is opening],
Greetings. I would like to first of all thank you for your wonderful cooperative spirit, and beautifully dedicated talent which you have enthused your life to share for the good of all. This is most admirable and a rarity these days.
I am delighted by your own coordination in finding a Mid-Way from the very coding process you utilise to decipher, and I certainly think there is something to Mid-Way Island [as next north pole], and Nightingale Island [as the next South pole].

The Nightingale and the Emerald, has cropped up throughout the years, and is the instigator of all the other birds songs in the early morning wake up call. And as a night bird, it can, indeed, indure the dark room retreat, or period in the Purification, or Change-Over.
Emmanuel, in their contacts with me, stated that I would have 11 years to learn to get to the place they guided me to, myself. This was in 1991, and this gives 2002, which is a major sun spot maximum, of the male cyce in the heliospheric breathe.
The last male cycle was 1979, with 3 years before and after of turbalance, as ripples in the waters of time and space, time-forwards and time-reverse, according to standard maxwellian physics.
At that point, chains of volcanoes and Earthquakes were set off, as well as bizarre weather anomolies, such as the draughts, and super hard "ice age" like winters.

The Australian government published a document, "how would you stay alive," and the rehearsed evacuation into the mountains behind Vevey [Switzerland, into the Rothschild inside mountain domain, which Redpin showed me documentation of] was induced, as well as other places, in Operation "Noahs Ark,".
This time around, the scientists mouths are not closed and world media is proclaiming the meteorogists concern for the sunspot maximum, spanning from 1998-2003, with its peak in 2001-2002.

Emmanuel always communicated in 5 futures, as an event horizon ­ 5 futures which are interactive, depending on global choice, and the small percentage of actual "free will", in individual brain and heart coherence [compassionate love: ecstasis], through hyperspatially translated 8 hz ELF waves.
8 cycles per second, Dr Puharich showed, was the only cycle that passed through a tripple faraday tripple vacuum ­ hence the 8 hz waves had to orthorotate through another dimension to pass through. 8 hz is thus the interdimensional doorway.
It is little coincidence, therfore, that the planetary base resonant frequency adjusted itself to 8 hz then. This from 1988-1992, along with this now are appearing multiple base beats, emerging ontop of this 8 cycles foundation. A foundation which before was at 7.4-7.8 hz.
Hence, today, a 8 hz hyperspatial planetary heartbeat is the foundation of our cellular coherence ­ giving us more leverage opportunity of "free will", as the Midway path between the binary sequency holography; we have gained an extra vantage.

These multiples, appear besides the classic multiple natural schuman harmonics, which we have measured here in Norway.
Today 7 multiple time beats appear in conjunction with the interdimensional beat of 8 hz. The planet base frequency is
not at 13 hz, this would be hell. For we would be even further than before from the interdimensional heart beat, which passes through a tripple vacuum into hyperspace and orthorotates back, and which is the foundamental of brain hemisphere synchronisation of the optimal alpha state, and of all true healers ­ 8 hz.
8 hz is awakened by compassioante love and negative ion saturation through ecstatic breath, as the ECG and EEG demonstrates.
We did some experiments with 13 hz, where we synchronised our brain rhtyms into this cycle. The result was a cyber world of the New World Order. This appears to be a form of Virtual Reality frequency which will overlay the mind diagramme, superimposed over the environmental input information, to give all details of the place one is in, a form of global "smart room", as MIT have designated the technology. This is managed by phase conjigation technology, as well as linear microwave/ELF techno-grids.

It appeared like a technological hell, in a New World Order, this occurred in a blind study between two individuals, I was one. Thank All Is God 8 hz is foundamental base resonance.

Thus 2002 is still within the 24 months of open-ended adjustment, depending on our global free will choices and cooperatives. After this, the "end game" set will have been clinched to its final set. Hence, Time Travel before is of utmost essence, as in the Time Gate of December 1998.


Did you consider the memory equation in the magnetic pole shift, before the final scene of the end game 2011-2012?
If one of the 5 futures, which takes the magnetic pole reversal as its foundation, were to take place ­ all of humanity's memory would be utterly lost. And all survivors would have a brain state equivelent to babys. Did you realise this?
When the magnetic field of a planet shifts, albeit even 10°, then all brain hard disk magnetic field memories, are wiped, for they require the magnetic foundation "piggy-back" of the Earth magnetic grid polyhedra.
This can be seen like computer Random Access Memory or RAM (this is the Age of the RAM Amen-RA, or RA-AMen, computer holography linguistics, in evidential action).
When any work, or programme, written in RAM, and not saved to hard disk, witnesses the affect of the computer power going off, even momentarily, it is lost from RAM on re-booting. So our personal memory rides on the global magnetic field RAM. Once this RAM unlocks, it dislocates from the hardware programme.
Furthermore, the liquid crystal under the silicon dioxide tectonic plates, may allow the "plate bits" of the planetary hard disk, to slide ­ as a new programme is inserted hyperspatially, through the planet's 10 tetrahedral, 5 cubical, dodecahedron "script catcher", from the planetary heart, and from the 12 trumpet, dodecahedral, tetrahedral, interdimensional script insertation of the sun (this is a very involved story which is detailed and documented in my book The Unity Keys of Emmanuel).

One major way to preserve memory is through coherence, or electron freeze. Yes, superconductivity is an ultimate 8 electron pairing, which gives 100% magnetic field unifications, and thus infinite memory retention.

The Soma, White Gold, DMT/5-meo-DMT equation of the alchemical Lapis Opus, or Green Lion, certainly will aid here.

Wheather taken exogenically through the Alchemical Stone of the Body of Christ Sacrements, or Eucharist; or through the Internal Black Rite of Osiris ­ the 40 days of complete light issolation in the Dark Room Retreat, or DR Inner Light as we call this Light Body Star Ship Field Propulsion Launch Pad, (as Phase 2 in the Vortexijah trainings of the Emmanuel techniques of interdimensional translation).

But what about the rest?
The main persons (appart from those in spatial underground gravity generated artificial environments, star ships, and such) who would thus retain memory ­ are those who have frozen their nueral electrons.

Thus, persons within a hospital, on an anesthetic drip process of 3 days may retain parts of their memories [the new magnetic grid layout may limit this, however] ­ as electrical anesthesia is electron freeze.
Hence, the magnetic feild sinus wave toroidal doughnuts, are maintined in the neuron cell. But the majority of these persons will be in too far a bad state physically (as they are in hospital with ailments), to enable the reprogramation, in time, of enough persons on the planet, who will be reduced to the brain state of babies, and will die off in a matter of days [solutions to this are hinted at later in these pages].

Ptah and Athena and company, from the future Andromeda perspective
have guided me into solutions in this process, now for many years. N-Methyl-D-Aspartate (NMDA) Inhibation, and all agents that allow this, would maintain at least a partial memory maintainence.
The OOBE and NDE experiences are related to the N-Methyl D-Aspartate inhibitor agents of the brain. My own bicycle accident in 1985, inaugurated the release of these agents to protect my brain from neuro-toxicity.

Light issolation, appart from activating the 3rd eye, pineal gland's production of Pinoline (Soma) and DMT/5meoDMT, also activates NMDA Inhibitors. A global Dark Room Retreat is also approaching.
Having now researched this partial solution for some years, by the time revearse wave Andromedian guidance, I feel quantified to suggest that the NMDA inibahation equation may work as a partial solution, but it does require some major astronautical training to get used to, and must be combined with the Unity Self, with the Unity Pulse Breath coherence inductions, Vortexijah Prana practickles, and linked with the 'Sons and Daughters of All-Oneness" online.

In fact NMDA-I's were admisintered to the astronauts before going off into the Apollo missions, to accustom them to zero gravity. For in a zero gravity environment, the brain starts to release major quantities of the NMDA inhibitoring agents.
Hence, the 90% of the neo-cortex brain, starts to become assigned. This can be a very shocking experience, and does require some training. It is partially for this reason that we are now setting up the A°T°O°N (Alternative Technology Orthogeometrics Neurocybernetics) Institute sections that we call O°D°I°N (Organisation for the Development of Inner Neuroscience, or Other Dimensional Internal Navigation), as an internal space agency version of NASA. In order to demonstrate solutions, endogenously, with perhaps a little exogenous research being required to demonstrate the point.
This works with the superconducting ellements in human consumption, and superconducting resonating neurotransmitters, which allow the superconducting in-vivo DNA core, to externalise to the rest of the conductivity of the cellular membrane.
The pineal gland's three neurotransmitters, Pinoline, DMT, and 5-meo-DMT, fit this format. Unfortunately, these are largely inactive in adults, as the pineal gland partialy calcifies (hardens) at puberty. The 3rd eye falls asleep, at 13.

My bicycle accident occurred in my puberty, and maintained my own flow of Soma and 5-meo-DMT with NMDA inhibition. To allow the interdimensional doorway to be opened for Emmanuel, and physically for the Star Ship Spheres of the "Sons and Daughters of All-Oneness", for all to see.

This slowed down after 7 years, in 1992, which is when we began our Dr Inner Light work and Soma Elexier work. This was Emmanuel instigated, and they also appeared physically in their Unity Light Body's, visibly.

The human birth experience, has the brain floaded with Pinoline (Soma) and 5-meo-DMT, and hence the brain is 40% more awakened.

The death experience, has the pineal gland release the last of its 5-meo-DMT and DMT, along with the Pinoline.
The Thorgal 49 states of The Tibetan Book of the Dead are supposed to be concurred whilst one is alive. Hence one has to learn how to die 49 times, while still being alive.
For this reason the initiates were initiated at age 12, i.e. Buddha, Issa-Immanuel (Jesus), and the various advanced shamanistic cultures. External light issolation awakens the pineal gland to 0-Methylate these neurotranmitters from Tryptophane, Serotonin, and Melotonin.
Hence, the dark room retreat initiations, of which the black Rite of Osiris and the Orphic archaic mysteries, essentially participated in such a preparation, although these became corupted quickly along the way.

We dealt with this extensively in the Vortexijah Somanetics 21 day training.
40 days of complete light issolation is essential in this process, with a diet of large quantities of tryptophane ­ hence super blue green algaes, which also gives the chlorphyl, and tryptophane enzymes, rich in sprouting sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and others.

Falconelli, certainly has been giving clues. Emmanuel gave these to me many years ago, and stated that they were part of the equation of the Light Body translation of December 1989, which they endeavored to produce around and with me.
It was Brahma-Manu, of EmMANU-El, who intiatially materialised the SOMA bush to the gods (9th Mandalla of the oldest Rig Veda), as the Tree of Life. In order to free oneself from the 12 hiararchical Manu's caste systems, as the Arkons which seal the cycles.

So SOMA was the key out, but the game of the 58 Asuras and 46 Suras, for Soma, certainly has played its toll (MANUscript, Manuel, Manukind).

Even in the womb have we never been in complete light isolation. The wave particle duality is maintained by light interference.

Hence, DR Inner Light, or complete light issolation, enables mater and anti-mater union through hyperspace, through 8 cycle coherence, in all brain states, into the VR-8 Level of Awareness.
Once one is in alpha 8 hz, one is in all dendrites of the brain cells, at 10
12 bits of information per second. Rather than the usual 104 bits of infomration per second, within only some dendrites of the brain ­ for the usual conscious state, which would be eliminated in a magnetic pole shift.
8 cycles orthorotates through a tripple vacuum faraday, and thus is hyperspatial. In other words it is "Spirit" doorway active ­ the "soul" is still micromagnetic, and would also be "washed" by a magnetic field reversal, as it is an overtone, micromagnetically, to any magnetic light foundation.
Hence, we are addicts to the sun cycle, and to light, unless light issolation is upon us.

This was instigated through 72 individuals who have been trained by me, 31 of which at Bulle (Switzerland, the Bulls Eye/Alderbaren, next to les Plieades, by Lake Geneva), in the early part of the 1996 Time Gate (March) ­ this is the Bull's Eye, or door to IMWH ANNU in Egyptian. The Great Pyramid was a similar device for translation (as we have extensively documented elsewhere).

Clearly, one can usefully decode that ones survival shelter should be underground, and in light issolation ­ your own deciphering process, and guidance has so led you to this. Additionally a pyramid, and liquid flotation tank media would extensively aid further (see The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel, for details).


It was also found by Dr. Puharich in 1979, that negative ion saturation in a faraday cage, allowed on ordinary person to become 70% psychic.

Negative ions are super rich in electorns, which then saturate the mucopolysacharide cells throughout the body. These cells then have their periphary saturated in electrons, which allows 8 electron orbital positions to fill in.

Orgasm is this in microcosm, in some parts of the Somatic cortex. But when the majority of the body's mucopolysacharide cells are so saturated, so ecstasis results.

Deep breath work, with coherent heart electricity (love, or loPhi, as our colleague Daniel Winter calls it) essentially creates the Phi ratio in the cardio rhthym of the heart, which instigates the 8 cycles harmonics and overtones of coherence, in the brain as well, hence hypespatial access.

The 8 cycles coherence, step up in 25 hz increasements, to the crown of the brain, upto a 1000 cycles per second. And gues what, this is electrical anesthesia. Yes, the electrons freeze.

In world war two surgeons operated with an hand electrical generator of 1000 cycles ­ just as the overt Osiris healing myseteries (released underground in the Ptolemies period), suggest and graphically show this in the catacombs of Denderah and elsewhere (this we revealed in a 17 day deciphering of the Egyptain Star Chakra Temples of the Spine of the Nile, see the ATON Star Ship, video series of the event).

Here, the healing wisdom of Imhotep's science and priest guidance, is overtly implied, through anesthetic ATON generators, an extension of the ATON Star Ship protocol revealed throughout the Egyptain Hallway of records, which is a far too vast subject to even begin to iterate here.

Ecstatic breath in a negative ion environment, then saturates the mucpolysacharide cells throughout the body with electrons, to 8 fold electron shield fillment, inducing 8 cycles and 1000 hz resonance throughout the body.

Hence, hyperdimensional memory. Furthermore, the cellular membrane periphary is found to change polarity. From a positive external periphery, to an external negative periphery, with the centre of the cell converting from negative to positive.

Hence, NMDA Inhibation is taking place herein. Hence, electrons freeze. No Hz can penetrate, except 8 cycle pers second, and this is clinically demonstrated.

A superconductor allows nothing but 8 hz through. Also as the nucleus of the cell is positive, so the experience is a DNA and cellular readout, through hyperspace (the Universal Game Peice is revealed, personally, and interactively).

Thus all memory is preserved, and is superconscious. Only persons in such a brain state will render and maintain their memories, properly, therefore.
Our friend and colleague, Dr. Dieter Bruer's, Mega Wave machine demonstrates this principle technologically. Just as the Vortexijah techniques demonstrate this with internal technology, measurable with the EEG and the ECG, as well as 3D sound technology. Which we are to conclusively show in the ATON Institute in the ODIN compartment, with Soma/DMT: the Body and Blood of Christ that IS.

As the Soma bush, in Egypt, is shown as the bush of the Tree of Life, and is also the Assyrian Rue that Leonardo Da Vinci of SION, utilised in his artwork, for opening the inner eye. Since the HAuma plant contains the same ellements as the Pineal gland's Pinoline in the Harmine form, and this is a superconductive resonator.

This has now been analysed by colleagues of Falconelli to be contained in the Green Lion, the Pegunam Harmala Soma bush, as the Soma Body of Christ. Appart from being depicted in the Meruvingian art profusely, branches of the plant was still used to spinkle the holy water on those being initated, until 200 years ago.

The AlKhemists were the true Apostles of Issa-Immanuel. And Acacia (the burnig bush of Moses, of which the Ark of the convenent is made, and which is known as both the blood of Osiris and the blood of DeMeTer of the Eleusenian mysteries, and Orphic Rite, which is also the Frankincense offered by the Three Kings of Orion to the Baby Jesus. And which the Beduine alchemsist still compose, together with Soma, into an Eucharist shaped disk), contains not only DMT and 5-meo-DMT, but also contains Dr. Hudson's mono atomic ellements.

We (some of the Christ Grail brothers and sisters) have personally tested Egyptain Acacia, and found it to be highly active with Pegunam Harmala, or Hauma Soma, the Assyrain Rue. The Soma was from Egypt as well.

Yes, mono atomic, superconducting-like ellements, such as Osmium, Irridium, and Rhodium, and perhaps Ruthenium, within Acacia ­ we see the Akashia, of the AKAdia Ark Argo, indeed. No wonder it sprouts from the pineal glands of initiates in the Egyptian Book of the Dead, and decorates the ceilings with the stars, at Thebes (see the ATON Star Ship videos, for extensive details and revelations).

Ruthenium, when exposed to the new ultra high order cosmic rays, now emerging since 1994, with 300 trillion electrons volts, beyond any known phenomeon or energy source known in this universe (see the videos made of the lecture I gave in france, where I show the scientific literature which refers to this phenomenon, [or go to a New Universe workshop]) ­ allows transmutation to other ellements. Hence, the first alchemy observed officially and admitted by Brokhaven National Laboritories.
The Rutheniam transmutation with cosmic rays, also required Phase Conjigation ­ hence 8 cycles per second, induced by the phase-conjigation of the Vortexijah Breath, allows this precisely. This is a revolution in itself.

Especially now, since these cosmic rays are leading to the mutation of gene #7, which arises to fiborosis, which is emerging enmasse'.

Thus, to conclude this topic ­ the POLe shift is not the only concern: survival in the "End Game' and beyond, requires LOve, or loPHI, in phaze-conjigation with 8 cycles infinite memory transduction.

Hence, only love induced phase conjigated superconsciousness, can pass its way through the safety valve. I trust that you can follow me in this extremely condensed version ­ it may require some study, but it is an essential survivel stratergy, which you are most honorably invovled with [REDPIN is tasked with arking through some 3000 different people, who are not so privalaged as the Queen of Englands, Pine Gap Australia retreat, or similar].

Thus, not only should ones underground shelters be dark, but they should be filled with negative ions, and perhaps Mega Wave generators, as well as 1000 cycles per second generators, which will fail when all AC electrcity goes off. Oh dear. The way through is impossible without coherence.

Hence, one should have time release NMDA inhibiters as well, but the Somanaut Intranauts have to know coherent Unity Pulse Breath and Vortexijah Grail Pranic Phaze-conjigation, and relatives.

Some of the NMDA-I's are extremely safe, but do require some major training with, such as the ones the astronauts used. Research should only be done in a scientific manner, and in Inner Space laboritories. Ptah has given me some years of training in this area, they thought it important, related to one of the potential five futures. It appears that this approach may succeed, or aid in an emergency onset of change-over ­ such pathways through the Unity Self, as always.

Before this training phaze, I was still easily able to produce some significant quantities by myself, and still am. The point is, in part, for others. Also I have learnt additional VR levels of awareness, here ­ whereby the astral planes can be downloaded on Earth and interacted with in movement, visually, interactively. This has been quite different an experience to the Emmanuel induced physical body translation of 1989, into the Light Body, or related incidents. This too has given valuable new neo-cortex awareness pathways, previously never assigned, but essential in the Change-Over, as the whole Neo-Cortex must be made conscious, along with the whole genetic mind.

I was given, by Emmanuel, 11 years to get there myself.

Clues in this direction can be found by reading Dr. John Lilly's The Scientist and The Deep Self (the leading Dolphin, as in Lake Leman [Geneva lake is Dophine shaped], and Dauphine. A researcher, and the instigator of sensory deprivation, the inventor of the Samhadi Tank ­ actually an Earth Mission assigned brother we know very well form other episodes). Some useful protocols of his can be addtionally found in Programming and Metaprogramming In The Human Biocomputer.

Essentially a simple NMDA-I survivel approach is indicated in The Scientist. But it requires a time release version, and exceptional training. This is what mass oxygenation with negative ion saturation in a faraday darkroom enviroment allows. When the Vortexijah phaze-conjigation, is coopled with the mono atomic and Soma Eucharist food for survivel. Which, as the Alchemists Lapis Philosophicum, can also encorporate the Chondriana micro living crystals of Dr. Merkle, whose shape are shown in combination with the already discussed plants and tree of life, in the Sumerian and Akadian cylinder scrolls. Appart from the Sperm of the gods: the Tear drop of Ra, the "Pa-Tra Eref Su", of the Egyptians, Dr. Hudsons White Lion Gold.

The White Gold, with Manu's Soma (which is Christ body), and Viracutcha's Yahe, combined with the Blood of Osiris, of Demeter, of Christ ­ the Acacia. Traces of 5-meo-DMT and DMT, are also in the Granite Apple, of the blood of Christ shared in the art at Rennes le Chateua [south France SION site]. Which depicts the black virgin holding the baby Christ, sharing his body as the Golden Granite Apple. The apple of the Pommegranites, which is the crossing to the Shekinah, according to the Masonic Tradition. Related to the Noon Blue Apples of the Blue Blood, which contains not only high levels of C vitamin and anti-parasitics, but also DMT.

It relates to the Asgard Golden apples of Immortality, for the gods, the Asir, from Asgartha (the Buddhaistic northern land of Immortality, and the Nordic land of the gods), which is Osiris as in Egyptian he is written Asr, relates to.

The 800 year old immortal alchemist Christ SION apostle, Falconelli, made from the Green Lion, his Red Lion, which was the Soma vinager given to Issa on the cross.

Falconeli taught the Flammel's, of the Order of SION, also to produce Green and then Red Lion, to gain their immortality. Whilst Leonardo Da Vince, also of SION, had to make do only with the Assyrian Rue or Haoma bush equation.

At any rate our memories have to pass the magnetic field soul wash reversal, and 8hz infinite memory coherence is a sign post to this. I trust that with the above, I have given ample clues to further solutions in your work. Not all the people you are hoping to protect, will make it, for not all are pure enough in Spirit, in their lives, as of yet ­ the valve is that tight in coherence.

Yet in the ATON and ODIN work, we do want to record the magnetic field brain hologrammes, to feed through a Dr. Patric Flanagen Neurophone device (as a backup for emergency shift overs). So that after a potential POLe shift to the naturally selected MIDWAY island, and Nightingale Island (dark room retreat and Midway Path), memories can be jump started and downloaded again onto masses of chosen individuals. Although some adjustment will be required in the field geometry, since the icosahedron 5 tetrahedrons, will have unlocked, and shifted some 5° or so, and locked into a new tectonic arrangment of the same geoemetry, but with a phi shift, by slight plate slide, whilst the field is unloked.

HAARP also may attempt to instigate this, as Dr. Flanagen states that HAARP is a global Neurophone (with which he won the nobel prize in 1963 ­ memory donwload through the skin, directly to long term memory). Yet the MK Ultra Tesla corrupted device (HAARP and relatives) will programme more of a slave race this way.

Yet every 12,000 years, or so, similar POLe shifts have swipped the memory of the gamboard peices, and the harvests allow some through.

Whilst the Midway path allows game-masters and peices to converge 4 fold, beyond the Game per se.

"The Sons and Daughters of All-Oneness" are here to insigate this half-way, and meet us half way, midway.


I now paste in another letter sequence to you, which I just write after a contact with Aton-Ptah, time reverse wave from Andromeda and beyond: