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Ananda developed, researched, and has taught the Dark Room technology for endogenous Pineal Soma and DMT production (Endohuasca), since 1992... His trainings are the result of years of intensive research, and having trained others like Mantak Chia (2000 AD), in this previously arcane technology.


In the isolation from any external light the third eye (pineal gland) overflows with certain neurotransmitters that amaken the higher brain, the ability to imprint the brain. The imagination begins to externalise, and even when you open your eyes you walk within your imagination. It projects outwards and becomes a vivid light experience.

The brain becomes aware in its nervous system of itself. The nervous system starts to become aware of what it is doing, which makes it having the ability to program itself.

In the first 3 days one has sleep therapy, but once the pineal gland overflows the somatic neuro transmitters, you are having a wide open brain, like it was in the womb. In this state one can go to the metaprograms and establish a new electrical pathway. Not just a magnetic shift (which most adult metaprograming is based on), but engage an electrical shift in the core brain.

Therefore, one has an adjusted view of how one filters reality and sees the interactivity by which one sees reality. The brain creates a hologram not the external world. When one comes out of the DR, one sees the light particles coming in through the eyes, and suddenly you become aware how everything you are seeing out there is actually created in your own head.

There is no such thing like colour out there, that is created by our own brain. This is not a scientific theory any longer (or objective fact theoretically taught), but becomes ones own experience.

So one sees that one creates this hologram of the outsideworld when the nervous system becomes aware of itself. One can change, adjust and program this filter to see wider waves, becouse we see less than half percent of wave emanations (0.5% of 100% actual waves in the objective universe). To see more, and to adjust the filtration processor of the brain to the Unity Self, to start to transduce our Unity holgram of realitywhich then coherently is programing one´s nervous system.


From the archaic ethnocultures around the world the DR initiation was really the primal form of initiation, both into adulthood as well as into Shamanistic Chief- or Lama-form. Often that was accompanied with a lifetime of preperation, even some cultures would initiate at the age of 12 and 21.

The Tibetean Buddhists have the DR as the big secret technique, by which the whole Tibetean Book of The Dead becomes experienced. Literally the Somatic molecules of the Pineal gland (3rd eye) that overflow in the DR makes the Tibetean Book Of The Dead form available consciously, visually and interactively.

The Taoists had the same process and procedure, the Egyptians had this as there essential initiation for their Shaman priest kings, the Druids (who came from the Egyptians) likewise had the same. The Coby indians would, still to this day, keep their selected shamans in up to 7 years, so they would come out changed for life, they would have the higher dimensional vision.

When you step out of a DR you see more of what is really there, more of the universal hologram. The hologram itself is still comprosed of s.th., and this hologram is not illusionary if you recognize it as All IS God. This is very different to saying &laqno;this is just illusion, therefor it is not worth anything, it is not real». Only the way we interprete it is the illusion, it is just one version of what is there. And the DR begins to show you the different versions by which you can see what is there, by which you construct reality from the consiousness that is there.

That is one of the valuable tools, it can show you the plural reality one is physically living in. That there is a plural set of holograms, or filters, by which you can actually see reality and become more integrated and self aware. So the part of the self that filters and generates the hologram can represent the UnitySelf, so that it is programed to the Unity Self. Therefore, the filtration that happens is the better conscious mirror of self.


In the DR the Vortexijah becomes no longer a theoretical visulized thing, but an instant experience of Being through, around and as you -- an extreme valuable tool to process the integration in the DR. Combined with sound the Vortexijah is a mass accelleration of the integration of the chakras and meridians, the bio-energetic forms and emotions of the body. It becomes the vehicle of travel, both within (into the microcosm of the body and into the macrocosm of the universal holgram).


In the DR we use a lots of techniques that enable the metaprograming of the bio-computer, but also of projection into the macrocosm through projection into the microcosm. The kind of Remote Viewing that we call VR1 to VR7, including VR8 - which is All Is God - is a post-matrix concept. The Remote Viewers use the reading of the matrix.

By unifying the directions, one is externalising the soul computer through movement, so that one actually starts to interact with one´s own soul bio computer. This is what the Tibetean Book Of The Dead is really about. One is moving with the holograms (or icons) of your own biocomputer, your own genetic code of your tree of life.

5-MEO-DMT acivates the whole spine, the whole tree of life (Djedi, the staff of Hermes, the caduceus of the spine) becomes active to be reprogramed. This is the accessing and awakeing of the tree of life, the kundalini (which is a readout of the DNA, and the DNA is the tree of life in miniscal). So one can start to process the illusion of the dream from its binary code into its unified translated self of the Unity Self.

(NOTE: In December 2000, after 8 years of Dark Roome research and trainings, Ananda taught taoist teacher Mantak Chia some of the technology, which has been recorded by Chia and transcribed as well as partly encorporated.}

DR were often used as an alchemy of translation chamber of the body into the unified synthesized pure consciousness body, the superconductive alchemy of the Green and Red Lion.


In the DR one becomes superalert. Sound becomes vision, the nervous system becomes aware of itself, the sense of Being becomes increased. When the nervous system becomes aware of itself, the nervous system which translates the Spirit can become aware the Spirit is translating.

One becomes more self aware in the whole of the spine. With this one does the programing that makes the difference. One might go through a ride, which is interesting unto itself, but it is especially the work we do, the alchemy and reprograming that becomes vastly amplyfied and inhanced.

One is able to penetrate the source code of one´s personalities and has the ability to actually change the depth of the program to the Unity Self.

The intention is to ground oneself so much that as the grounding foundation stone (seated in the core of the bone) is turned to the Unity Self, so that the dream synthesizes the Spirit of the Unity Self. So an opening of the source code to the Unity Self.

We have not been in darkness since we were in the womb, and even then we were not in pure darkness, yet we had the essential neurotransmitters. In the DR we go back to those primal womb 9 month memories and open that source code, that beginning astrological computer code, to the Unity Self. So we have the ability in the DR to conquer the Zodiac, the dragon brain, draco whose heart is at all times in the heart of the 12 Apostleic zodiacal wheel, a Dragon within to concur with compassion


One goes beyond the dragon brain and activates the neo-cortex, by which one can undo the Zodiac which is run by the dragon. The court of the dragon being the zodiac, undo the 9 month of astrology to the all embracing image of the Unity. One becomes one´s own complete 13 signs. The 13th, rather than the dragon running you, being your own Unity Self emanating as the complete12 onto themselves.


Your nervous system opens up, so you can not just theoretically program your computer, because it is largly theory just by using affirmations, which is surface programing. DR is core-programing, you walk in your meditations, you don´t have to have your eyes shut, your visualisations become somatically a 3d experience. You experience a whole body meditation ecstases.

That can be fun, but one also has an amplification of the illusion, so that when one comes out in the light one is more aware of theactuality of the illusion and of the communality of unity behind that. Largely it is an alchemical chamber by which one can accellerate one´s own process. It is an accelleration and preperation for the larger whole body integration, the transformation of the body and nervous system back into its original unified form.

It is the restimulation of a hardening Pineal gland, which starts to calcify already in the age of 12, making it once again active. This is what wakes up the higher brain. Some of those somatic molecules that overflow from the Pineal gland awaken the brain by as much as 40% more. That is something. which is almost never experienced in a lifetime, except perhaps in lucid dreams, near death experiences.


One can go into a much higher activated brain state and start to ineract consciously with ancesteral memory. This actually only happens in dreams. In the DR one can dream awake. This really is a form of Dream Yoga and can make you dream awake.

DR is a metaprograming of the subconscious, metaprogramming the human bio-computer. The unconscious and the subconscious being the source code and program code of our body. It is the art of dream yoga, of dreaming awake, the marriage of the unconscious with the conscious to give birth to the Christ child, the Sophia or Emmanuel child, as the superconsciousness through the alchemy of compassion, which is the Grail Star Ship Lense of the Spirit.

This is a Star Ship chamber launch pad, that makes the Vortexijah Star Ship a whole body/soul/mind emotional and spiritual synthesizing vehicle as the pure Unity Self of All-Oneness.

Dark Room Retreats Available Here