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During the last 15 years Ananda has been in contact and expanded by EMMANUEL ó a group of non-localised quantum intelligences, whom are interdimensional and Inter-Universal.


Ananda is an international speaker, with at least 150 seminars, workshops, and lectures, behind him, so far (99). He has been addressing the public since 1989. Audiences ranging from 20-1000 in 14 countries. As well as addressing new science gatherings; joint seminars with scientific colleagues; and leading intensive multi-week-long trainings, tours to Egypt, Mexico, Far-eastern temples, and Gnostic Shamanism. He is the co-founder of the ATON Institute, Norway.


THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE we know of is transforming. Not only have astrophysicists detected that the time and space fabric of our universe is ripping apart, but:

Energy emissions greater than all energy in the universe combined are occurred monthly since 1994, with the energy of billions of universes.

The new and previously known galactic gamma rays (apart from awakening to an unknown form of activation), are now shown to be aligned in a holographic mandalic grid that shows the signs of extraterrestrial and interdimensional intelligence -- a form of galactic internet, or intelligent nervous system, awakening to itself, NOW.

Not only are time dimensions converging, as seen in the multiple octaves appearing ontop of the planetary base resonance beat, suddenly; nor are we just shifting into a new dimension - but, in the Emmanuel paradigm, an entire New Universe is emerging, which is unifying our entire universe with all of its dimensions.

See for yourself the astounding evidence Ananda has accumulated after years of cooperation with his scientist colleagues, and gathered from the frontier science research data banks.

Something enormous is happening, surpassing our wildest notions, are you ready?

Be prepared to make use of this new energy source for the metamorphosis of the Somagenesis of the body and superconscious alchemy.

The entire galaxy is layed out in a "gameboard" of cycles, from another dimension and another universe, in a hyperdimensional synchronised resonance - we are approaching the end of that Game Board.

The surrounding clustre of solar systems, for 1,440 Light Years is about to go into the 12,000+ year vacuum, of the galactic Game Board, whose tessellated flour is a Rainbow Checker Board of 7 x 7 = 49.

Now the galactic centre is becoming more active, and a vast trumpet of a cosmic ray wave front is approaching our solar system, in its regular 12,900 cycle.

This brings in the creational "black cloud" surrounding our solar system, and kept at bay by the solar system wind.

The cloud awakens the light of darkness, shuting off standard sunlight, and awakening infra red heat.

It is this external light isolation which awakens the third eye's neurotransmitters for interdimensional and Star Ship translation.

The high voltage of electrical increase, enables, through the harmonics of coherent compassionate body wave emissions, and superconducting Sound Standing Waves, for our body's to undergo the Somagenesis of the Unity Self, this is the Chakra Vajra, Diamond Body, Light Body Star Ship Sphere. It is the Vehicle of the Christ GRAIL.

See for yourselves the secret of the Holy Grail, and what it means to you.

This New Universe workshop series is a profound revelation, beyond ones wildest dreams - these are the shocking alarm rings of the awakening call from the dream of creation.

Emmanuel have prepared Ananda for the majority of his life for what is ahead - the most profound, challenging, and compact compression of all history is in our midst.

The Unity Keys of Emmanuel are entirely New Essential World Solutions in this Universal Shift ? they offer the concise, practical, detailed, and compassionate index to unify all polarities, a paradigm that synthesises The Interuniversal Perspective For The Unity Of Diversity, personally for each individually, practically, yet beyond universally, to the Ineffable Unity Of Unity's, as All Is God.

This first in the series, will highly document the step by step processes of how to survive the transforming reality matrix. Ananda has been presenting the Universal Shift publically, since 1990. Now, however, he has assembled the precise and intricate evidential and practicle details, that puts this information in a Unique League of it Own.


Ananda has been involved in a specifically guided unique activation of the ancient chakra star gates of the Nile, bringing some 33 persons through, and aiding in the re-activation of the Aku "God Computer", whilst being inside the Sphinx.

Ananda has brought through a new paradigm in deciphering the "Hallway of Records" of the Egyptian holographic temples (the Egyptian language was designed on this interdimensional morphogramme holographic language).

A unique paradigm, unprecedented has now emerged, for the first time, outside of the secret mystery schools.

Ananda has subsequently been invited into work on decoding the New Arabian Archives of Moses, many times larger than Thebes, and is a participating correspondent in the new "hallway of records" opened and deciphered in the Indus Valley. He is also engaged in decoding other "Hallway of Records", which are based on the same holographic morphogramme Hyperspatial coding.

The ancient Egyptian Star Wisdom confirms the Light Body Star Ship Vortexijah Intergeometry of Emmanuel, further verified in the MeruSheba and Chakra Vajra of Arcane Tibetan Buddhism, and the secret Pa Kua spins of the ancient Taoist Shien Immortals, descended down from the ExtraTemporal Pa Ku.

Ananda presents the secret of the Grail Technology from the Mystery Schools, as well as showing the MeruVinGian Christ bloodline history, as an extraterrestrial (ET) Inter-Universal (IU) upgrade to the Old Testament lines from the Mars Morphographic holographic generators.

Ananda presents astounding evidence which shows how:

Mars is a interdimensional computer, which works with the solar system disk, for reality engineering.

Absolutely new, Mind Blowing material, that links:

Chaos Fractal mathematics, to the coherent Infinite Recursion phase-conjugation phased to Inter-geometrical extrapolations of the sacred geometrical solids, to Hyperspace,
Ancient Egypt, and the Giza underground Labyrinth, the Tomb of Osiris and beyond,
Rennes le Chateau and the SION mysteries, the Meruvingian Grail,
Glastonbury Zodiak, and the Star Gates of Avalon, Asgard, Kham-Mu-Lod, and Europe,
Phi Spirals and beyond, through EnGrailment,
Macro-landscaped terra-formed environments on Earth,
The Secrets of the 18th Dynasty, Tutank-amen and Akenaton, revealed,
Language Behind Language and Extraterrestrial Ka-Ba-La,
The Arthurian Round Table and the Grail Code Today,
The Elohim Conspiracy & the Human Omega Point Solution,
The Christ Story & The Alchemical Lineage of the Word,
Pyramids, Moon, Mars, Egypt, China, Atlantis, Ukraine,
Together with the geometrical shape of the complete DNA Game Board readout ? linked directly to the Universal Computer Game Board, and the Omega Point future Attractor Field,
Complete paradigms for practical detailed DNA reprogramming.

All of this in precise mathematical, geometrical, cartographical, and other evidences, as well as in Unity Holographic Linguistics, the language of Holon Rota's.

Absolutely Mind Blowing.

It relates to every thought that you are thinking, even NOW.

Aton-Ptah, a time revearse-wave (from the Omega Point future) non-localised quantum intelligence from future Andromeda, have been aiding Ananda in this field along with other "Sons and Daughters of All-Oneness". They have made themselves visible, at certain times to demonstrate their reality, in meeting us half-way into our own BoddhisatvaSHIP.


Be part of this amazing solution, encoded in the heart of humanity's very life code.

See the astounding ways in which your own internal technology can be an integral part of the Universal Shift.

With superconducting sound: the WORD; and Collective global Star Ship placements, on the revealed geometrical gravity and magnetic grid cascades of this planet, (which are the triangular skin of another dimension and Universe, as the Prism Vehicle Doorways to the Unity of Unitys) ? humanity is at the edge of a collective Metamorphosis or SomaGenesis, beyond the wildest dreams.

In utilising compassionate cooperation, when implementing the principles of The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel, to turn this planet, literally, into a Unity Time Machine, and Mothership to the New Universe, and beyond. The Darmakaja Boddhisatva Collectivity of the east, and the One Body of Christ of All-Oneness, of the west.

PRESENTED WITH LASER BEAM ANIMATIONS AND PROJECTIONS, FOR MULTIMEDIA. 1000's of Slides (selected from 10,000 slides), 200 Computer Animations. A Highly Visual journey, utterly astonishing.

See the astrophysical and scientific evidence that shakes the foundation of reality, the evidence for the NEW UNIVERSE.

Demonstrating the Secret Cipher of Ancient Egypt as an interdimensional library, which pertains to all that is now occurring, and the solution for Unity Mankind (New Universe Part 2, especially focuses on this).

The amazing evidence for the Vortexijah Light Body Star Ship, extracted from the superconducting DNA-core, "Christ Seed" - the Chakra Vajra beyond any geometrical Merkabbah forms. The Sphere of Spheres, as Lotus Ball NeferATUM.

Demonstrating the interdimensional geometry, as inter-geometry, and how we can use this to transform ourselves: this is post quantum mechanics.

Exploring the galactic gameboard in detail, and how it affects us.

Demonstrating the Chemistry of Supeconsciousness, and how the Third Eye will be awakened for all surface man, preceeding the Universal Shift.

How to prepare for this shot of superconscious atomic and sub-atomic awareness, for it profoundly affects everyone, to have to confront every polarity imaginable, and see only the Unity of Unity's. This is the "End Game", the graduation of Christ-ship. Are you ready for the passport of CompasSION into your BodhisatvaSHIP?


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The Mathematical Evidence For All Is God

In this 4,5 days intensive, Ananda will be presenting astounding new findings given in cooperation with the Sons and Daughter of All-Oneness or Extra-Temporals (ETs) and the interdimensional intelligences called
Emmanuel, whom have guided Ananda for some 15 years of intensive education, initiation, and experience.
The astounding code of everything will be revealed, which unifies the secrets of:
As well as unifying time, and the entire structure of reality. Which offers mathematical evidence firstly for All Is God, and secondly for a Virtual Reality called reality, within a "God Computer".
Egypt's Great Pyramid offers the key that decodes all of the above. Ptah and Djehuti, the builders of this complex, encode the entire Biblical history into it. Ananda will demonstrate with the God Code that every major event that transpires in the Bible is encoded in space and time by the Giza pyramid complex right upto this day.
Ananda will present the secret Bible and Sumerian codes, some of which reveal, along the way, some astounding secrets of Essenian initiation along the way, which is also contained in the Buddhist literature.
New evidence has now come to light that can prove the Elixir of Alchemy developed by Christ and ingested on the cross from the followers of John the Baptist and from archeological findings. This elixir was successfully perfected by the historical Merlin Ambrosius, a alchemist descendent from the brother of Christ, Joseph of Arimathea (James the Just). Some astounding findings have been also uncovered in this regards in Buddha's last supper.
Be astounded by the evidence of a "Matrix"-like reality in which we live, astonishing mathematical evidence on every level of profound reality will now be demonstrated.
This will be a unique presentation which will not be repeated in its entirety again, as with Schweibenalp 1999, which is now being encorporated into THE UNITY KEYS 2.


An Overflowing Cup Of the Geometrical Secrets of the Ages


A Seminar with Ananda and Dan Winter

Two astounding teachers synergise to share each of their own unique wisdom lines for further integrity for humanity. Two colleagues join together, after 6 years once again to share in unified symbios their fountains of plural truth. Be there for this historic event...
Is an international teacher. Some 15 years ago Ananda was educated by Interdimensional Unified Beings called Emmanuel, as well as "ET" Extra-Temporals, including contacts at the mountians of SION, Switzerland.
In the 1980s they transmitted over 10,000 pages worth of information, and passed on the Grail of Man.
After a body translation experience, by Emmanuel, in the midst of 4 witnesses, he developed the Vortexijah Star Ship intergeometrical techniques, taught to hundreds over the last 7 years, aided by computer
models of these inter-dimensional sacred geometrics of the vehicle of the Spirit of Unity and beyond.
This is based on experience and not theory and is a correction to the Merkabah which Mosis (Tuthmosis V) took out of Egypt from the Amen preisthood, as the incomplete Meru-Aton.
It was Christ and the Grail Gnostic followers of Christ which utilised, the correction of the Old Testament vehicle, law, and code, and re-linked in the the Buddhistic and Archaic true Sovereign Vehicle of the Meru-Aton. Aided through the Buddhist Thera Vada's who took the Meru-Sheba vehicle of the east, the Diamond Body Chakra Vajra of secret Tibetan Buddhism, back into the west. Carried and encoded by the Grail Gnostics and Meruvingians, it was left for our age to unveil, at the precise Omega Point time evidenced in the anomolies of a new unvierse approaching, as a solution for full acitvation of the higher brain and DNA, in the Grail science of coherent compassion.
This Egyptian/Buddhist vehicle is the unified field that unites symmetry and assymetry, male and female, equally. The secret Tibetan and Taoist vehicle, now confirmed, is being released back into the public, as the Inner alchemy of CompasSION, that unlocks our full Unity Self from our DNA and core.


In this seminar Ananda will also present unique material on the history of the Grail in SION and how it connects to the brother of Christ Joseph of Arimathea, Mary Magdelen and Merlin, with its link to the extraterrestrial and galactic community.
The profound SION-Glastonbury-Mars connection will be shown, as this is the age where "the Secret is to Give Away the Secret."
The secret alchemical teachings of Christ, and the Star Code of the Meruvingians/Merovingians encoded in the French and Swiss landscapes, which reveals the Grail vehicle, Star Gates, and solution to immortality and waking up our higher nature.
Ananda will show some outstanding material on the secrets that have been encoded in this area of Switzerland, and what it means to mankind, which he has not presented in public until now - Astone-ishing.
The Gnostic alchemical updating of the Merkaba of Mosis that Christ corected back to its 6-fold form to its 8-folded form, in full symbiosis with Dan's Dodecahedral techniques. Taking the Merkaba back to its archaic Meru-Aton and Meru-Sheba form. The astounding Buddhistic link to the Christ story, the
Meruvingians, Order of SION, and Cathars.
Ananda will draw from some 8 GB of computer animations and slides, to make this presentation a unique and inspiring moment of synergy with his colleague.
In this seminar the audience will have a major experience, since these two deep thinkers and teachers will also be briefing each other after 6 years, on their own work, engaging an optimal maximum surface tension charge in the convayence transmitted.
Ananda has been publically teaching in 14 countries for some 12 years, with wide ranges of audiences, from specialised presentations to medical doctors and scientists, to a wide array of alternative and shamanic based audiences.
10 years of researching the material given to him by Emmaneul and the "ET's", Ananda has become an expert in numerous fields including:
Cross cultural Hermaneutics and cross-cultural enthnologies. He has intricately studied the ethno-botany of shamanism, alchemy, the Gnostics, Egyptians, Indo-Europians, Zoroastrians, Sumerians and the Essenes, and has computer animated multi-dimensional geometry, called Intergeometrics, whcih map the Virtual domains of the Spirit and the great hyerspatial dimensions that Emmanuel revealed.
Founder of the Grail Ring network of Europe and the ATON and ODIN Institutes of Norway. Author of 6 books, including his massive Magnus Opus The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel: The Interuniversal Perspective Of The Unity Of Diversity
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Ananda with musician Kailash


Ananda and Taoist teacher Mantak Chia discuss Vortexijah and Pa Kua

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