Ananda in the Emmanuel days "Sweet 17" a=1 n=5 a=1 n=5 d=4 a=1 == 17

Reality co-creation works in a manner similar to those colour puzzle games. The ones which have seven colour bands, each band made of 6 slidable squares. Except one is empty. The point of the game is to scramble all of the colours up, into a disassembly of bands into a pickled unassortment. Then through the one empty square, the process requires the precise management by movement of the individual coloured squares into family colour bands once more.

So it is with reality interactivity, via the quantum foam holes, or electron mid-point in flux, and magnetic bloch wall midpoint in magnetism, and through the electron holes etc. The initial colour puzzle game board is the present physical state that we observe now, and interact with. This is electromagnetic union holography. Then there is a wider emotional gameboard, also with a hole, which interpenetrates the physical colour squares, inhabits it, and surrounds it. Its hole can be in and around any of the colour square physicals.

This is the pure electric or electron level. Thirdly there is a mental board which is 90° to the emotional board, but always one of the 6 mental colour squares are touching each of the 7 emotional colour squares, or the hole, depending on its position. This mental colour board, is magnetism, and can be much wider than the electron board, but through coherent cascade long wave to short wave phi alignment, they allways are touching the electron emotional board, in the law of fractality or as above so below, recursion.

Fourtly, the Unity Self and Vortexijah Thoton Self, expresses itself through a Pure Magnetic Coherent Game Board of Love, which is the 8 hz bridge of Love.

As one thinks and feels a vision to manifest, then one forms this into one contiguous coherent whole mental and emotional picture, as one with the Unity Self, when in Overview mode. Then one surrenders ones present personal situation to the Unity Self as All Is God. This is like surrendering a colour cube piece of the electromagnetic (but electron board, and magnetic board) to the Unity Self, which then is the process where one gives "space" to the Unity Coherent Imageon and Feelon from the Thoton Thotickle, to be able to drop into the reality space and time of the real event horizon. This surrender mentally and emotionally may require to be done over time.

It can be categorized into three sections. One a period of surrender of the physical situation, and the situation, coherently synthesized through Overview to the Unity self. Then repeating this over time, such as 21-28 days, at regular times, within those 3 x 7 to 4 x 7 day cycles, 28 for one revolution of the sun,. And then forgetting about it, this is complete surrender, and expecting that the Unity Self as All Is God, will take and enact the most suitable version aspects of that Overviewed virtual reality, allowing the Unity of Unity, to bring it into the perfection of the whole at that time. Forgetting, or not focusing on this then, is giving space to the Unity Self, and the conscious self, through which the Unity Virtual Order can drop into the reality of this present dream order. Hence, one can be surprised.

Although it may not exactly come out in the manner that one Overviewed, in time, parts of it may be joined into many different live sections, over years, or over months, sometimes the whole of it becomes animated. This is co-creation from the Awakened state, through the Awakening Dream state, to the interface in oneself, the awakening dream within the dream, (coherence, overview, love, integration, wholeons etc). This adjusts the dream into Unity Holographics, through the perfection of All Is God. Knowing that all that one grasps and thinks and feels is the perfection of All Is God, as is all, as All Is God. This theme can be vastly expanded upon being questioned. Thank you and God be you consciously in all that you do, as All Is God.