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Ananda is an international lecturer, teacher and researcher. He is both an extraterrestrial "contactee" and an InterUniversal "contactee". Expert on sacred geometry; new superconductive neurophysics; interdimensional physics and "Intergeometrical" electrogravidic models; computer animation designer; publisher; writer of 8 books; editor of several magazines and newsletters; webb page designer; musician; poet; developing new alternative technology; Neo-Egyptologist; establishing a Light Body (bio-superconduction) Institute; establishing a Virtual InterUniversal Government; expert on Brain Neutrition; Alchemist; Inaugurator of the Europian Star Village Network, and the co-founder of the ATON VASE Arken Village Project, amoungst many other areas.

Since 1986 having given over 100 seminars lectures and retreats, on:



As well as numerous other areas.

He is the author of 8 books, the editor of a magazine "Vortexijah", editor of a newsletter "Star Village News".

He is working with numerous scientists in pioneering consciousness research fields.

As well as completing a video series of his computer animation models on the sacred geometry of the fields of the body and creation [first animations of the Vortexijah star ship field of the body, were completed winter 1994 and released in March 1995].



(Soon To Be Documented In An Astounding In-Depth Autobiography)

In 1985 Ananda had an accident that changed his life, whereby he met with non-localised quantum selves, or Ultraterrestrial Interdimensional Intelligences who call themselves Emmanuel. They claim not only to be beyond extraterrestrial, although they can appear as such, or even ultraterrestrial, but InterUniversal (not Et´s or Ut´s ­ but IU´s), being unlimited in the ranges of universes or dimensions into which they can manifest, and beyond.

In 1985 Ananda was part of a three-man team with Sir George Travelyan, and historian Nigel Blair MA, in establishing SUN (Schools & Universities Network), a forum of Britains top wholistic, alternative health, and spiritual speakers, which included branches in Oxford and Cambridge University, and travelled to major universities all over Britain in founding new branches, until 1988. He also worked with the Wessex Research Group Network, an adult forum similar to SUN.

Shortly after the accident Ananda observed dozens of Star Ships ("UFOs") in Avalon area (UK) - 35 witnesses accompanied him in these sightings.

In 1986 Ananda made face-to-face contact with the Ultraterrestrials or InterUniversals (I.U.'s), when Salvana of Emmanuel physically materialised out of vacuum hyperspace in Unity Light Body form, which had an immense affect on Ananda and his being.

Over the years Emmanuel taught him about the laws of the universe and life; other hyperspatial dimensions; paradigms which give an overview on the changes occurring to the planet and heliocosm; and interstellar electromagnetic and gravitational grid systems. But the main focus was on the translation of our biological body back into its vacuum hyperspatial Original Light Body form - today this has developed into a sacred geometry model which utilises unified field equations, and a pioneering quazi-scientific paradigm of neurochemicle and biological transformation.



In 1987 Ananda began editing a magazine entitled Channelling, which he continued to publish as a journal until 1989.

In early 1987 Emmanuel transmitted thousands of pages of completely new revolutionary information.

Later in 1987 he studied computers, desk top publishing, and typography (being aided by the opened mind through Emmanuel).

In 1988 Ananda became typographer and assistant in the production of South West Connection, a human potential resource guide in wide circulation in south-west England. He also was layout director of The Holistic Mailshot.

During early 1987, Emmanuel and the Andromedian Operation Unity back-up unit, as the Confederations of the Sons and Daughers of All-Oneness, in Service of the One Infinite Creator of All-Oneness - Ananda was placed through intensive fasting trainings, fasting without food or water for several days, and then for weeks with liquids. Changing sleep cycles, including staying awake for 3 days, and Ananda was guided to change his rhythm everyday, by seververal hours, in order to learn his internal time, and not be governed by the cycles. This all maintained his pineal glands activation.

He was subjigated to 24 hour days and 14 hour nights sleep, which today is his personal preference. With daily Emmanuel expansions, and nightly Star Ship sightings and contacts, Ananda was in major upgrade graduations in 1987.

During the summer 1989 through to summer 1990 Ananda completed the majority of the first 200 A4 page book, The Light Of Emmanuel: Explorations Into Oneness.

ANANDA MARCH 1990, In Emmanuel Induced Bliss, having 3 contacts a day. Not 100 Ecstacy Tablets or any entheogen could simulate this bliss. At that time Ananda had never taken any form of entheogen or Somajetic exogenically. The Emmanuel Bliss is Ecstasis personified.

After a series of transmissions from Emmanuel in 1990, on our history and extraterrestrial management, secret societies, and prehistoric civilisations, Ananda began conducting extensive research into secret UFO activities in relation to the military, making use of all the information banks, libraries, and contacts he had been through at SUN, and elsewhere.

After 3 years of exhaustive investigation, interviews with key personnel, intuitive brain exercise, and intense daily research, this led to the publication in 1993 of his 600 A4 paged book THE ALIEN PRESENCE: The Evidence For Government Contact With Alien Life Forms, which is largely a documentary book filled with ex-military testimony, CIA, FBI, NSA declassified UFO memorandum, and sworn statements by eye-witnesses and Navel officers etc [at that time, 1990, this material was exceptional difficult to peice together ­ with the accelerated learnign of Emmanuel, a mountain of underground research documentation was soon amassed.

Due to the 1990 transmissions from Emmanuel (the Aton-Ra series), Ananda sought to find documentary confirmation for the information released, and is the foundation for the resulting mountain of research material and documentation Ananda has uncovered during these years on Atlantis (where he did field investigations at the Bahama's where actual artifacts have been uncovered); technology in Egypt; and technology with the Alchemists, that is presently being worked into a video series, all of which confirmed and documented the Emmanuel transmissions.

ANANDA MARCH 1990, In Emmanuel Induced Bliss, with Auna.

During 1990 Ananda began lecturing and presenting the UFO Cover-up documentation to groups in Denmark, France, and Switzerland. In March 1991 Ananda founded Aton Publishing, under which he organised and held the first major press conference revealing the military testimony on alleged government "alien" contact ever to be held in Copenhagen, which naturally led to appearances on several television channels including Danish Kanal Two News, interviews in magazines, and radio stations. As well as presenting his findings to a panel of energy research scientists. Aton Publishing did extensive research during this time, accumulated video evidence, and Ananda was joined by research colleagues of their own expertise.

As a result of the 1990 Emmanuel transmissions, Ananda also did extensive research into various secret societies, and came to meet important very underground researchers who had large libraries of books and archives of documents through which he could peruse - some of these findings were published in his book Sovereignty: The Emergency For Independence From The European Slave Machine.

In November 1990, Ananda released an astonishing amount of underground evidence in 8, 1 hour radio broadcasts, on radio Krishna, which was repeated in Switzerland and Sweden. Covering the intricate details of the extraterrestrial research field underground, and covering entirely new gorund. Going into the intricate details of how our world governments an banking systems are infiltrated by what Emmanuel called "wolf's in sheeps clothing" (upon research the sheeps clothing turned out to be the Masonic Melchizedek Fleece or Apron). Much of what Ananda related in those 8 1 hour broadcasts has now or is presently coming to pass, and has gained enumerable documentation, it simply was imposible for Ananda to have known this then, as a 20 year old. But the future time reverses, and Ananda's Andromedian contacts, aided to inspire internally induced time travel to distribute teh future, in Deja Vu form, as instant knowingness, including facts, into the past.

In April 1992 Ananda appeared on Danish radio for 20 multi-houred broadcasts revealing the Alien Presence evidence, and the influence of secret societies in the New World Order, as well as the dimensional shift and appearance of those from higher dimensional vacuum hyperspace - this is something known in classified military projects.

While in February 1992 in Denmark Ananda began editing a magazine entitled New Dimensions, by Aton Publishing, which released the sacred geometry equations of the pyramids, city, and face on Mars, which initially aided Ananda in grounding his light body experience with Emmanuel into the science of sacred geometry expression, especially the tetrahedron phyics.


It was in Denmark in winter 1989 that Ananda had his major light body experience with the aid of the translating influence of Emmanuel, where he was invisible to witnesses, and experienced moving into another spatial dimension.

This experience has been developed over the years into a series of techniques that involves trinitizing the body's energy field; breathing techniques including multiple breath oscillation; and sacred geometry, and which is now being taught to others in a week of extensive techniques as LIGHT BODY STAR SHIP FIELD PROPULSION, which has now been brought down into an extensive quazi-scientific and sacred geometrical language and revolutionary hypothesis on evolution, biochemical re-spatialisation and translation, fully explained in bio-anatomical, and neurological detail in his latest book THE UNITY KEYS OF EMMANUEL: The Interuniversal Perspective For The Unity Of Diversity.

Ananda instigated a neurochemicle research project to determine the affect of darkness on the release of Harmaline/Harmine and other beta carbolines endogenously from pineal gland tissue - as Emmanuel indicated Harmaline as a key neurotransmitter for superconsciousness in opening up the neurogenetic archives consciously. In the winter of 1993, Ananda guided 4 one week sessions, with a total of 30 research persons, through the "Dark Room Retreat" (one week of absolute isolation from any external light source). Ananda has now braught through some 72 persons through these research 14 day periods of Light Issolation, and his database of commonalities, confirms the Pinoline, DMT, and NMDA inhibation models of Ananda, of pineal gland activation, initiated by Emmanuel, by suggestion in research for Light Body activation.

These sessions lasting 14 days in darkness, with amazing results that confirm the Harmine-Harmaline/DMT suggestions of the Ultraterrestrial InterUniversal guidance.

In March 1994 Ananda also started an irregular newsletter entitled Star Village News, in order to release essential informations that may aid the vitally important task of instigating as many small self sufficient villages as possible, using alternative technology and techniques. This was inspired by Emmanuel in 1987, where they outlined the immense necessity for star villages, and their implementations. Ananda is completing the compilation of a book entitled Star Village Technology, which contains active alternative technology for practical action.

ANANDA, May 1994, Swiss Seminar

In August 12, 1993, until February 1995, Ananda has been completing the book of quasi-scientific unity keys co-guided by Emmanuel, entitled: THE UNITY KEYS OF EMMANUEL This book was a co-working with Emmanuel, where light images were clothed in scientific formula's.

Ananda has made numerous other television appearances, radio appearances, magazine interviews, and apart from completing the above book, is working on computer animations for the LIGHT BODY STAR SHIP FIELD PROPULSION, which will be part of a video series he is working on. He is also working on an expanded version of the original THE LIGHT OF EMMANUEL, which will be entitled THE UNITY SCRIPTS OF EMMANUEL.


Ananda is working with different scientists in measuring the light body field, the affect of sound on the cells and neurotransmitters, to alternative technology for ecological purposes, as well as biofeedback analysis utilising ECG to measure magnet coherence in heart electricity in relationship to light body techniques, DNA, and the brain. 3D sound virtual field analysis, and sensitized oscilospcope analysis along with other technology. This is now being braught into research evidence at the A*T*O*N and O*D*I*N Light Body Institutes in Norway (a home page will come soon), which combines the forefront technology of numerous scientists, to measure the evidence for human bio-superconductivity (the Light Body Star Ship), and the electrogravity virtual partickle field (Vortexijah).

Ananda has especially focussing some of these scientists into Operation Tree Light ecological endeavours. This was inspired by Emmanuel during 1986 in Switzerland, where they transmitted the foundations of Operation Tree Light, Water Light and Mountain Light. Operation Tree Light utilises the ECG and an specially prepared oscilloscope which acts as an ELF (extremely low frequency) antenna, in order to measure forests which are sick, and to demonstrate the dramatic affect of coherent heart electricity or ecstatic love, on the forest, as well as other ecological rescue tools. These Operations involve many elements to complex to list here.


Ananda is an international speaker. Having spoken to audiences from 12 persons, but that average 100-300 persons, at times 1000's of persons, from Switzerland to Denmark, France to Norway, Germany to Sweden, Belgium to England, Austria to Holland. As well as having engaged in joint seminar adventures with sacred geometry scientist Daniel Winter.






[With Major Robert Dean] Star Ships & The Ultraterrestrial Perspective, Internal Technology vs External Technology In Times Of Change. Ananda has a wide background in the field of UFO research, from his own investigations into the military cover-up and "contact", to his personal Ultraterrestrial vs Extraterrestrial encounters, to a wide spanning knowledge of UFO reports and historic events, from WWII flying disks, to ancient culture's flying saucers, such as the detailed descriptions in the Vedic texts. But if the opportunity is there, Ananda would prefer to focus on the evidence emerging of some form of dimensional and universal shift occurring to our planet, which has been reported in major scientific journals, but as diverse phenomenon - from the base resonant frequency shift of the planet; to the recalibration of the atomic clocks: time is changing; to the solar and ecliptic conjunction with galactic centre 2013; to the major astrophysical changes occurring to the sun and solar systems in circumference around ours; in relation to the extraterrestrial presence which is emerging, and to the Ultraterrestrial presence which has come to meet us half-way [Major Dean has some experience with Ultraterrestrials, as he came to know about these light beings from his inside sources as well]. And in this light demonstrating the difference between different "ET" and "UT" groups, and the importance of discernment, and illustrating the difference between external technology and internal technology such as Light Body Star Ship Field Propulsion, and how the changes affecting our sun, also are affecting our neurochemistry, which make opening a time-warp "Wormhole" to vacuum hyperspace by our own field dynamics, or coherent light body Star Ship, more feasible than at any other time. [laser beam projecter for slides, and animations]


VORTEXIJAH: Light Body Geometry. This presentation will endeavour to show computer animations of the sacred geometry of Light Body Star Ship Field Propulsion, where the unified field equations and gravitational alphabet models of the body's electromagnetic, and electro-gravity fields, are demonstrated, and brought into the hyperspatial interdimensional dynamics of the body's own Star Ship Field, whose harmonics are activated by the intense magnetic fields from the heart's electricity in coherence through the emotion of love, and the probable affect of these tensor spin dynamics in the field of our biology, in affecting every cell in the body, demonstrating slides of the light body in the cells, and the levitation of heavy objects by electro-gravity waves, as well as the neuro-micro-magnetic changes in the brain as a result. [Slides, overhead transparencies, video projector of computer animations].

The latest research by the HearthMath institute which proves that the heart at the moment of love actually recoils damaged DNA into its proper double helix arrangement of chromosome communication, is profound. For it illustrates that if we all were taught from childhood onwards to be able to maintain coherent heart electricity or love, than things like pain and burns would be like fairy tails. Today love can be taught to the young via biofeedback EKG which demonstrates the hearts sonic lasers in ecstasy - a friend of mine has began teaching children in Germany.


THE LIGHT OF EMMANUEL, Atlantis & Lemuria Rising, From Death To Immortality, The Light Of The Cosmic Christ. Booklet September 1987.

THE LIVING WORD OF GOD, Emmanuel, booklet March 1988.

EMMANUEL EMANATES: The Universal Call, July 1988.


THE MAJESTY REPORT: AN INTRODUCTION TO THE ALIEN PRESENCE, 1991 and 1993 worldwide circulated report.

THE ALIEN PRESENCE: The Evidence For Government Contact With Alien Life Forms, 600 A4 page documentary book, 1993.


IN THE LIGHT OF THE RADIANT ONE: The Intergalactic Confederation Speaks (An Experiment). 150 A4 page book of some coded extraterrestrial contact notes. April 1994.

THE UNITY KEYS OF EMMANUEL: The Interuniversal Perspective For The Unity Of Diversity, Ananda's Magnus Opus, 1994 (several chapters released), eventually made more widely available, after a very long demand in November 1998.

OPERATION RESCUE: The Emergency Solutions For Immunity From The Silent War, A documentary book for essential solutions to most illnesses and the silent war machine presently engaged in manking to attempt to prevent Light Body Translation. May 1997. Publish release at end of 1998, or on demand request.

SOMANETICS: SOMAGENIC SOMAJETICS FOR SOMAGENIC SOMASYNTHESIS, An Amazing Compendium To The Unity Keys, which deals with the Green Lion eucharist Agape sacrement of the Soma. You will be astonished, or a-stoned in Agape with your mouth Agape at this secret history, and immortality metamorphasis compillation. With practickle intelligene increase and Virtual Reality Internal Navigation protocols as well. Majority written in 1997, release Easter 1999 at the Christ Grail Convergence 1999, Norway (SOMANETICS 2: The Future And Beyond). 500 A 4 pages.

UNITEGRITY: A UNITY KEYS COMPENDIUM ABDENDUM, 500 A4 pages, although partly written this will be released at some future date which will be heralded on this webb site.

THE ALIEN PRESENCE II: ANGELS IN ALIEN DISGUISE: The Evidence For Covert Government Operations With Alien Life Forms. The long awaited sequal to Ananda's master peice of years of intensive documentary research. This book is a lot more far reach, some of the most disturbing ellements dileberatly kept out of book one, are now being released, we have to face this in order to make solutions. There are to be several releases of this book, and they will be of varying quality, progressively corrected.

STAR VILLAGE TECHNOLOGY: Essential Machines For Soveriegn Self Sufficiency In The Change Over. As the ATON Publishing team assembles here in Norway at the A*T*O*N Institute, finally this book and book series will be made available to the public, in 1999, now that it is so much needed.