First Workbook


The Elevator of Consciousness


By A-una (Willie Mary Schrikker)


Numerous Paintings By Auna Are On Exihibit At:

GAUNTS HOUSE, Sir Richard Gaunt's Manor House Alternative Centre, near Wimbourne, Dorset, United Kingdom.


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This is a workbook, not toilsome but light in use. It is dedicated to the Creator's Spirit within us all and the sense of wonder we do not really want to lose. For, again and again, it can be the spark for a new start, when, for an instant, it makes us feel connected with a greater scheme of things.


This book is meant to be a joyful planting of seeds. They do not require a full comprehension at this stage. It is more like striking chords, resonate to them and then let the impression sink in. This book can carry very much your own colourful imprint by your active participation. You can bring the colour in suggested in the text (especially in the chapter " Animation in Consciousness"), in a light manner over the page or over the words, depending on the materials you have, to make the experience more yours.

I wish you a good journey of (re-)discovery to a more luminous world.



July 12 1994, Norway



Already here?


Here comes the transforming violet wave,

Sweeping through the clear blue past

of our precious memories and securities well established.

Well, was our horizon ever so trusting blue?

Was clarity really our fundament/firmament?


Whatever we went or lived by,

it's all rocketing,

through this huge tidal wave of transformation,

impending, frightening, cleaving through our good and safe values.

What's the sense of it all?

Where is it going?

All these questions arising, are the waves coming to white heads

in our clear blue sea.

The foam disperses before we receive an answer.

And meanwhile,

the deep stirring in our fundamental waters/values goes on,

so that we are a constantly moving exclamation!.!.!.!.!.!.!

shifting into question-wave-mark?.?.?.?.?.?.?

Well, if this is so, it means we are still standing up.

Quite good really.

It's quite something not to be submerged by the hefty streams.

So, Hello... And keep questioning...


Before taking you further on our journey

I invite you to picure/paint

your own violet wave as a symbol

of your own acceptance of the process,

which also implies that you can cope.

For we know that facing what troubles us

dwindles it - and holds part of the solution.

So, get familiar with your wave,

by feeling it inside yourself,

in your heart area - smile at it, with it

and it will shape itself.

Have fun with its movement, its spray.

(It is not relevant for you to say here

"I don't know what a wave looks like" etc....

that's just mental stuff.)

Go with the flow.


That is a positive dive-in.


From Standard Consciousness to


Being P-art of the Creative Process oneself.


Dense, compact we think we are,

and for that matter all matter around us.

Colour is there to cheer us up on a grey day,

just something outside -

generally as solid as we are.


Are we just matter exploring itself?

We definitely need to become more fluid,

for true colour is really more like liquid light.

We are all colours,

all colours united.....

Well, that's another matter.......


We, (as humanity),

have been conforming for aeons of time.

The veils of conditioning are upon us, in us.

In our cells, in our DNA..

Some are really dense,

like shells, sheaths, thick-skinned armours.

A protection that we once did need.

But now, it holds back the light

and the wave of change is upon us anyway,

the shells break open one by one,

thus enabling the process to come to more clarity

and eventually to understanding.

(If we resist this process,

it could mean locking ourselves up inside a hardened shell,

and that's no fun either.)


Chaos winks, but does not have to reign.

We were partly chaos anyway,

and partly of the light.

Now we can choose for more light

and leave the Ziggurath (of confusion) behind.

Letting the bud unfold......




It is all a matter of frequency!...?

The colour of the objects we see

is the reflected light frequency

which the matter has not absorbed:

reflected colour.

Direct colour is our object of exploration,

that is transmitted light,

prismatic colour originating from light

and broken down to various frequencies.


True colour, transparent, luminous,

lignt [light?] - no matter weight.

Thus freeing (in concept)

dense pigment colour into light luminous colour;

- from trapped in matter to substance of creation -

like the colour signature in the sky,

the rainbow, the bridge,

our cosmic tuningfork.



Orientation Map through the Rainbaw


One arch with seven bands

which in the sky are luminous

and give a sense of balance, of joy and completeness.

Imagine you could actually reach the rainbow,

bathe in it, wander through its various beams.

We will actually do this in visualisation.

But first, in order to facilitate your ability to visualise colour,

I suggest you prepare seven transparent goblets with equal water

and add to each a few drops of the subsequent rainbow colours*.

Then place them in front of you in the order of the rainbow.

Remember, tune in to, the imprint of the rainbow inside you,

red - orange - yellow - green - blue - indigo - violet.


Now seek the centre,

the band in the middle,

between the yellow and the blue.

When you mix yellow with blue,

you obtain green, the green of our plantworld.

But that is not the one in the centre of the rainbow,

which I would rather call a light emerald green**,

in contrast with the yellow-green of our plantworld.

A light emerald crystal is a close reflection of it.



*Winston and Newton is now producing Brilliant Watercolour inks in dropperbottles

**Emerald green is now being produced in various paints. In the past the only similar green occasionally used by artists was Viridian Green .



Merge with the totality of these seven colours in front of you

and give yourself time to sense what you experience,

the satisfaction that arises.

After this appreciation, start taking one colour away,

and observe how you feel.

Then put the colour back and take another one away.

Do that with every one of them, one at a time.

Take your time.

Make notes if specific thoughts come up,

of how, (if), you react.

Then restore the rainbow to its complete appearance.


Once the connection with or without each colour is made, we are ready for the next stage on our explorative journey.






Close your eyes and evoke the rainbow.

Go straight to the centre,

the soft emerald green

and just bathe in it.

Experience the Centre Peace.

The Centre speaks in silence,

stillness - the center.


Feel how pressure falls away from you,

being more objective, more detached,

like a clean washing away, bathing and floating

in the clear green waters of the South Seas...


There is no exact linear time,

let your muscles float in the still sea.

Totality Time.

To-morrow takes care of itself. Just relax, be.

Refreshed, renewed...

Surrender to the now.



From here we gently step into the next rainbow beam on our left.




Ready for action.


Go, splash everywhere.

It radiates out, shines before me, above me,

opens the way.

"I go into the future".


Let dynamic and inner dialogue make plans.

"Where shall we go?"

"Let me resolve this problem for you".

"Yes, we can freely argue".

I am conscious of myself.

This is dynamic.

I am on the threshold of a new becoming.

I could venture even further,

there is no stopping me...

Let's invent a game.

It's fun to be here.



Let's fold in again, to centre.

Breathe deeply - rest -

into and through the green,

to the band at its other side.








Inner - safe - quiet - depth.

It gives me space,

it's all around me.

Shall we go to sleep?

Or just drink it in,

blue infused.

Blue lake contemplation.

An envelope of trust.

No pressure,

yet gently spiralling down to me.


It all starts to make sense...

I remember when.......

I wish I could always be like this,

relaxed, serene.

Feel a column of blue against your spine,

lean against it.

The blue yonder

infinitely winks.

Soft expression - Madonna blue -

evening - even-

See the blue come true.

Thank you.


Come gently back to where you are sitting.

Breathe consciously, gently and deeply.

Open your eyes when you feel ready.



We have just been through three different worlds/modes of expression, of "moving", of "being".


yellow green blue

action the central peace support

outgoing neutral inward


Let's now go right through each colour.


In our mind's eye we hold a white sheet of paper.

We put a blob of red somewhere in the middle of it, and watch.

We do the same with orange, then yellow etc.,

taking a fresh sheet of paper in our mind's eye each time,

and watch what is happening.

I'll give you some guidance on this. But by all means have a go at it yourself first, especially with the first three colours.



One experiences these three as spreading out.


red : compact - intense - pulsing outward

orange : lighter - breathing - expanding

yellow : rapid - flashing - flying right off the page.


green : best visualised as a horizontal plane or a vertical beam


blue(s) : alongside the edges of our sheet of paper, gently spiralling

inwards or in the shape of superposed little veils. Strongest

colour at the periphery.

violet : either descending from the top edge or ascending from the

base towards the middle, as soft luminous powder.

Strongest where it starts at the edge.


Draw symbol:

3 arrows from center outwards I I 3 arrows to centre





They appear: between darkness and light


between light and darkness.


From the point of view of our eyes.


Imagine we are on e.g. the central high plateau in Spain,

or in Arizona,.

The earth in front of us is orange, red.

In the far distance we see mountain ranges.

They are blue/violet.

Can we walk into that blue distance?

What would we see if we could get into our little plane

and suddenly land in that blue landscape?

We would find out that it is made of reddish brown and greyish rocks,

red, orange and yellow ochre ground, green bushes, etc.

What happened?

From our first position we saw the earth bathed in the light in front of us,

and somewhere in the far distance, behind the light curtain sunbeam,

were the mountains.



In our second position, in the mountains themselves, they were in our proximity in front of the light, or bathing in it.

If we happen to turn round to where we were before climbing into our little plane, we won't see red or orange any longer.

A good chance the hills there will look bluish..


Thus there are colours which appear:

in front of the light and others behind the light

red - orange - yellow blue- indigo - violet




And, as we shift our position regarding the light, they shift too.

We keep the red, yellows with us, while the blues are further away.


within reach out of reach


except of course for the pigment colours which appear in front of us,

like blue flowers.


In the atmosphere the blues appear the closest behind the light.

When there is less light or we look further away,

the blues become indigo or violet.

At the red side the yellow could be said to have more light,

be filled with more light, than the red.

The colours in the order of the rainbow

r.- o.- y.- b.- i.- v.

from darkness - to light - to darkness.

In the atmosphere they appear to play shift from side to side.

So there must be a passage zone, a hinge, an invisible zone through the light.

The green in the rainbow?


On rare occasions this green appears:

1) as a first colour at sunrise

2) the Green Ray at sunset. A rare phenomena occurring sometimes in e.g. California, Indonesia. The sun sinks in the sea, and after an impredictable interval a green, emerald green, ray shoots out of the sea into the sky,

A magical moment for those priviledged to see it.

This centre colour appears to serve as a passage, a hinge,

related to its closeness to the light.?







They follow the same order as the rainbow.

1) The Red Ray . The foundation for all that is to come.

2) The Orange Ray, expansion, towards....

3) TheYellow Ray, selfconsciousness, selfawareness, interaction with others.

Note: These three Rays are concerned with the development of self.

4) The Green Ray, the turningpoint. The emphasis shifts from self to others. It is where forgiveness is born, and unconditional love.

Real compassion.

5) The Blue Ray, the first ray being conscious that it is part of the Divine,

as a co-creator.

6) The Indigo Ray, conscious of being the Creator. Intelligent Infinity.

7) The Violet Ray,, totally conscious of being the Creator. From Creator to Creator.


Well, here again we find the green to be an hinge between two different worlds of expression, one for the development of self, the other as co-creator, meaning in tune with the whole, the Divine Plan.

Some would say that humanity as a whole at present is in the third density, while some individuals are moving into the fourth. This does not mean that we have to wait aeons to reach the 5th, 6th and 7th. We can have, and have had, access to them, as they are inner worlds The goal, however, is to access them through the hinge, so that no "misuse" can take place.

The qualities of the hinge used consciously can open a Gateway.




So far we have come to the following clear delineations:


red orange yellow green blue indigo violet


moving from centre still moving to centre

outward at rest inward

in front of the light hinge behind the light

for self turning - in tune with the Divine

point " " " whole


To these we can add for clarification:

the 3 lower chakra's heart the 3 higher chakra's


acid neutral alkaline

day metabolism night metabolism

extrovert introvert

babyhood puberty adulthood



The way you feel, the way you go,

even how you make a decision,

can be seen as colour.


The division of time

within the confusion

can be redeemed through the fluidity

in the meeting and blending

of all various energies.

So that every time is right, every time is now.


There is an inner demand in us

to plug in that way,

for all colours united are all times united

and in reality that is reality,

closely related to the movement of being.





At the core of every experience is this subtle/delicate

but strong movement of being.

It is mostly stifled by layer upon layer

of lesser experience,

to which we have been bound,

to which a feeling has attached itself.

We are stopped there,

and diverted, shifting focus all the time.

We are also diminished - confused.

At the core of every experience is this movement of being.

In our stage of evolution,

in which our experiencing is still wrapped up in duality/polarity,

the inner movement is a living colour.

By liberating this movement into our consciousness,

it also frees the energies stuck in the process,

which did block all the others encountered on the way.

How to access this inner?

Through the eye of the needle?


Where there is clear colour in our consciousness,

emotions can gradually clarify.


In our universe the seven colours have a two-fold - twoway function:

1) a tool for manifestation

2) a tool for the clarifying of consciousness.


For consciousness is light.

Only in the light can we focus.

Our focussing is from within our prism.

How do we change our angle?

Do we choose?





An imaginative journey through the mind's exploration of a searching

co-operative couple already quite versed in the flow of colour.


She: I wish I could go to the centre of the universe with my rainbow.


He : Well, it's asking a lot. But we could try to have a go together, maybe we balance each other out. Let's see how far we get.


S: So we start. With the decision from deep inside ourselves, the dedication to the life and the love, we splash out from the center of ourselves with vivid yellow, forward, forward. Are you coming?


H: Yes, I am bursting out with you in yellow threads, we are being projected out in this dynamic.... Ugh, I think I'll need a map soon, I am not sure where we are; I now see us shooting towards the blue yonder....

landing in there... it works with a different energy, it's kind of infinite, and I sense that here we need to be tuned in to something I have no hold on to....


S: Yes, we are kind of swimming, floating, I feel myself going in circles... Here we need to be ready to receive...


H: To receive what?


S: It's a feeling that comes to my mind. Remember the flowers of the plant we received on that special day a year ago, a cyclamen, oh yes, I can see them before me now, they form a design the way they fill the space, yes, they describe a spiral, can you see it too?


H: Yes, we did comment on it then. Is that what we should be doing now? Cyclamens growing into the blue sky? But why this connection with the cyclamen?


S: Ha, it comes to me now: cycle - amen!

Well, we better spiral then with the colour of the cyclamen in our heart, as it was meaning so much for us at the time...


H: Space kind of dissolves, expands, ... Are you still here with me? I am kind of I don't know where, going through layer after layer, veil after veil,.... do you hear me?


S: Inside my head I do. I am not sure where you are...

Ah, I am reaching a clearer space here, turquoise, oh come, and let's take a shower here, it might dispell the mists away. Do you still love me? It's quite a space we got into, oh what would I do without you! We need to summon up courage, and know that it is real... Ah, I see a red ball floating by, let's hold it together.


H: Oh, thank you..... yea... I pulse again


S: We pulse... Now I can enjoy the shower even more...

The turquoise starts lighting up by moments, it's nearly becoming ethereal green, and calls like a beacon...I am not ready for this yet. Do you know what to do?


H: I think there is a lot more to explore... Can we hold the red ball a moment longer, to feel more strength?.... Well in fact it's now turning into a kind of magenta, I see, that's a different story, we are working with opposites here.....and that's going to propel us into the veil.... oooo.... all indigo.... That felt dramatic, uncomfortable at first, it's getting stiller, like a special light coming through..... do you feel how all resonates, everything having an immediate value... Hello, I can see You...


S: Oh, it's like coming home... I see all my facets of existence. They are only facets, facets of one thing? - What? ... Once through the veil - no pain - I can see each colour so clearly and linger here.... I can just take my pick.....


Oh.... did you do that? Pulled me out?.... How different! Bang, I am in orange...! Do I hear Bob Marley? Oh, It's you! ....You are playing guitar!.....and sing?... Oh I really wanted to stay where I was... I only looked at orange...!


H: Well, I wanted to play out the resonances I felt. You know, we cannot just get stuck in one colour....


S: No, but that was Being....


H: I am being here...


S: Do you realise you are using the state of Being for yourself?


H: Well, there is nothing wrong with that. We knew from the beginning that we would be going through all the bands of the rainbow, to balance all out, and we need to enjoy ourselves too....


S: Actually, it's really pleasant down here. I'll start preparing some carrots for supper.....


(time, time later, after activity upon activity...)


H: I am exhausted. I do not feel like moving through experiences any more. We need some regeneration somehow. Shall we first try to relax?

I am now lying in sappy green; I feel it gives me nourishment, an anchor, it stabilises me...


S: To me, it seems all starts to grow. I get this sense of abundance, of endless growth, the jungle, green everywhere...


H: To me it's more sobering, calming me down, measuring how much, nothing too much...


S: We must be in opposite reactions. Anyway, there is a long way through the green for the plant before it bursts into flower...


H: That's a great inspirational thought. I go off for a recharge to,... into a violet flower...



Oh, I find myself in my own beam of violet... what a purification... I am not sure I really wanted that,... Well, no choice now. Are you in it too? I am now filled with awe. I understand that that is where Divine imagination comes from, we are really nothing at all, and yet all... We could re-create our world if we were allowed.... allowed ourselves?...


S: I feel so very still, like at dusk the last light in the sky; some revelation is about to dawn upon me...., oh a gold lining appearing?... it's so beautiful, so fulfilling...


H: I sense that's about as far as we are allowed to go for this time...


S: Yea,... it's as deep as we can get...

into the universal flow


I would like to seal this experiential journey

in the still peace of the centre.

To centre

and spin all experiences back to centre

into love,

before spinning back into life.

Good Light....



Where does all this lead us?

What do we understand so far?

Integration of ALL colours is the key.

This can only be achieved if Love is present.

The Love in question has to do with light.

Uniting the polarities makes light:


Balancing the complementaries in our lives?

We can be extrovert or introvert,

but to live harmoniously we still need to balance

the energies of both sides of the spectrum.




Beyond bribe or tribe


Bribe: acting in separation, corrupting for one's own selfish goal.


Tribe: a particular holding together, for one's own security and one's tribe's.


Beyond bribe and tribe : true expansion...


It's through accepting each colour for its true value

that we can become one whole.

Understanding and integrating them all,

recognising them as energies in process,

as different parts of our personality, as various time periods,

as different movements of expression within us,

gradually or instantly clarified through the light,

experienced with the love underlying all,

the hinge within which we are capable

of turning 180 degrees inside ourselves,

thus bringing into spiralling motion

the Elevator of Consciousness.


Yet any moment in consciousness is not just one colour.

The one is a dominant,

all are one and one has all.

This points out that there is no need to be fanatic,

we can start blending rather than separating,

for greater satisfaction.








You can now do something yourself:

Get familiar with the complementary colours.


Take one vivid coloured sheet of paper (about 10cm ) in front of you

on a larger white surface,

fix the centre of it with your eyes and merge with it,

until you clearly see a light colour flashing around it.

Have another white sheet of paper ready,

lift your glance from the colour to the white.

The shape of the colour will appear on the white paper

in the complementary colour.


Our cortex knows.

The eyes absorb a colour.

Once the cortex is filled with it to saturation,

it naturally wants to balance it out.

There is no better way than producing its complementary

in order to achieve neutralisation.


Our brain naturally knows the principle of unity.


Two complementary light colours go back to the white light.

Play with this notion of complementaries, both in visualisations and with paint. Sense, listen to what you experience. Put it into words, if they come. Let happen whatever.

At a latter stage one can experiment with the harmonics, as in music, thus exalting the feeling. This can be a powerful tool for balancing, healing, integrating a colour one has difficulties with.





Green which soothes our nerves.

Green which gives us abundance.


calm, economic, measuring, slowing down


fertility itself, luxuriance, abundance


Not the green centre of the rainbow, but a yellow/green which then is densified, as it becomes the green of springleaves, then summerleaves, the grassland.


If day after day there is an absence of green,

in our life, in us,

we feel swept by life,

the nervous system gets kind of brittle.

We are scattered.

Green is there to nourish us.

And as long as it is a clear limpid colour,

it carries no problems.

Filled with light or life,

it simply does its work:

it nourishes, regenerates.


Compared with the other colours, it is a different experience to hold green in visualisation. Generally red, orange and yellow are evoked quite easily, they express a whole drama (in Greek letters), while the blues and violets contain worlds of contemplation. With green, none of those. There it becomes necessary to let go of vivid emotions, to let them be transformed. Into what?

At least we can say they are being stilled in the green.




Green needs a lot of water.

Yet not turbulent streams, torrents of agitation,

but peaceful water for gentle absorption.

Quiet water is the pillar of the green.



As such it is the most closely related to matter.

While the ethereal emerald green is the most closely related to the light.


From green to green.... in between portals.....


If we do not like green, we better do something about it.

We can always find one that we can or do like.



For how could we go back to the light,

liberating ourselves from matter,

if we have not accepted it, integrated it in the first place?


Chlorophyl in our body also represents receptivity to the light.


Acceptance of body.... Transformation of body.........


Too much green, however, can also exist in the psyche. It can densify and get stuck in or to patterns, becoming stagnative and possessive.

Wanting more, more......... to balance insecurity.

The purification then needs to happen from inside the green.



through green,

and the dark, patient passage through the earth,

we have access to the multicoloured, multipetalled

infinite variety of ... flowers!





Can we really appreciate them fully if we do not accept the value of the green?

Maybe a deeper soak-in, under-standing of the green will lead us to a likewise deeper revelation of what a flower really is?


Colour as the result of a long progression of green growing stems producing leaves in golden ratio, until its time has come to produce a bud, sheathed in green, which gradually decides to open through the assistance of the light and the warmth, thus gently releasing the unfolding process of the most exquisite textures, which in their turn enhance the vibration of any colour or colour blend.


What if our brain could be such a flower?


From green to green...

all encompassing...


The coherence in the rising sap of each plant...




If we look again at our initial violet wave:


Is it still impending?


We are not transformed yet!?


Yet we have well embarked on a new journey

where everything is ever shifting and transforming,

yet interrelated.

There is a way to unity,

through the clarity in our emotions' expression.


This is a first workbook to open the mind

to the infinite variety also in clarity.

Everything is symbolic of everything else.

So whatever we do with colour is a mirror

and mirrors back into our lives.


Colour in perpetual movement.