Village for Art Science & Ecology




(Home Of Research for Quantum Hyperspatial

Egyptological Mechanics)


This project is to endeavor to present the sacred sciences from the archaic, middle ages, to post modern times, in the world of art, and demonstrate its usefulness and links to science, consciousness, and the creative neo-psychology, with an ecological cause.


This art department of VASE may vary in its thematics and selections, with presentations and archives in:



Going from:


a. Sculptures, modern,

b, sculptures and statue art of the archaic cradles of civilization,

c. to computer animations,

d. holography,

e. 3D sound and 44 harmonic sonic holography and sound coherence,

f. and other virtual art endeavors,


The above are to be aligned to the following ad hoc areas:



a. The "Pythagorean" sacred geometrical analysis of the archaic world art and music, as a science of expression and a language (HOR QHEM, ATON ASGARD, and VASE),

b. Cross cultural comparisons of art, hieroglyphs, and pictogrammes (HOR QHEM, ATON ASGARD and VASE).

c. History and roots of Art, such as from Mesopotamia and Egypt, as the original root of artistic icons and archetypes.


This Art Department is to instigate exhibitions of the above thematics, and a diversity of other ad hoc art themes, and to make studies, and creative art courses upon them. As well as prepare publications, video's, and other media presentations.

Eventually overflowing into the motion picture world of Intelligence Enhancing Hyperstate Entertainment (Intelligent Intertainment/Entertainment, or Smart Entertainment), such as the Motion Picture world, with departments in:


a. educational cinematic tours, and distribution, linked with entertainment,

b. Stereo purpose entertainment, educational and entertainment symbiosis

(NOTE: the original motion picture concept included informative documentaries preceding the entertaining movie. Herein, we envision to re-apply this concept, but to amplify it, but adding a documentary in subject relativity to the entertainment motion picture).


Eventually the entertainment world can become an consciousness heightening experience, by the synthesis of colour and light studies, re-applying 3D motion pictures, with the latest 3 dimensional state-of-the art sound, embedding brain synchronization frequencies. Hebery, cosmic journeys, through computer simulations of chaos fractal mathematical domains, cross linked and superimposed upon space film footage, and mathematical geometrical renderings of the quantum physics domains, of the underlaying laws of the universe and our body. Educational materials, that utilize image streaming (interactivities), with photo-reading protocols (where 2 million words per minute can become conscious long term memory knowledge, by strobe scopic presentation), and other such:


Music revolutions, with 3 d sound and musical art.