"Ark of the Covenant overlaid round about with gold, wherein was the golden pot that had manna..."

-Hebrews 9:3&4

These were the superconducting elements of white gold (which Moses gave an example with when he turned the golden calf into powder given to eat to his people, before 3000 were asked by him to be slain by the Levites), which were grown within a certain Tree of Life, shaped like a white penis:

"...two kidneys, two masculine testicles [eggs]. All the oil and the greatness and the masculine force from the whole body are gathered into them...and therefore they are called the 'hosts'; and they are called 'Victory' and 'Glory'....Victory and Glory are the hosts, and therefore (we get the name) 'Lord of Hosts'. The masculine penis is the end of the whole body, and it is called the 'foundation'."

-Zohar, HADRA ZVTA QDIShA (Lesser Holy Assembly) 740

This tree of life, or more accurately, tree knowledge of the god Sin whose mountain is SINai, or the Manna which in the Zohar are the "holy apples", growing on the White Cows excretion:

"Then He said unto me, Lo, I have given thee cow's dung for man's dung, and thou shalt prepare thy bread therewith."


This white Penis shaped Manna grow on the dung of the white cow (Hathor), and mixed with white gold was placed within the Ark.

We have avidly documented the Manna in Egypt, ancient Greece, the Etruscians, and elsewhere, let alone the 'flesh of the gods' of the Maya TEOnacatyl, given by the founder of TEHUTIhucan, who relates to Stonehenge (whose stone 28 contains the Manna Sipharot, this astounding material will be presented on this web site at another time.

In the New Testament, such as in John, Christ states that he has come to give the true bread of heaven, Soma, as the Jews ancesters ate manna and died. This Eucharist, indeed, may be the "real thing". Our own research, endogenous, and exogenous, beares out the use of the Soma molecule as a superconductings resonantor. See Somanetics section for details.

We will be posting a scriptural mapping of Soma vs Manna. This may be shocking to some, but these are some of "The Mysteries", that were used to control the masses (and still are "the Mysteries" in Mind Control, MK-Ultra Style), and by which the Illuminated were chosen. In this age we have the right to the secrets, and to our own personal mind control utilised responsibly in our own unfoldment, with coherence in UNITY.

We adhere to the Hermetic Axiom: "As Within So Without," thus what was used by some of the builders of Stone Henge and this Tehuti leader, does not abide by that law: the Manna is not synthesized by the DNA, the Soma and Akacia is. Here is a clue Manna's nature to tickle you:

Engraved as the same age as Stonehenge, the TEOnactyl Tehuti Manna connection.