Introductory Artistic Science

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The equations that describe the breaking up, or dispersion, of light are mathematically related to those which govern the way light is absorbed within the prism: dispersion -- absorbtion.

Dual Resonance -- s-matrix --vibration of guitar string -- fundamental note: whole string maximum displacement midway.

Place a finger at this midpoint -- vibration in 2, 2 fit in -- doubling the frequency: number of times the string vibrates back and forth each second. The resulting sound is an octave higher.
For two guitars to be in tune - pluck string and they sound in sympathy; transfer energy from one to the other. Resonate. End of string whip round at the speed of light.

The human voice -- register shift at F sharp. Tension on vocal chords is suddenly reduced, volume momentarily reduced, then increases greatly with less effort. 'A non-linear phase change' shift in geomery, characteristic of action in a process.


Leonardo da Vinci -- The geometrical proportionings of livining processes are all derived from a single series: Golden Mean.
Today: also governs the form of the single most important microscopic biological structure, the DNA molecule.
The octave: frequency increase + A rotational component of the action.
Next octave: cycle completed -- notes that follow: new cycle a Spiral.

Musical systems repesented by a cone whose axis corresponds to the frequency in vibrations per second, the Spiral on the cone, axis = frequency in vibrations per second.
Angle: so spiral doubles its height along the axis halfway spiral, F sharp, on cone. The diminished 5th, the "devi's interval."



Blockages In Our Territorial
Status: "Man derives his sense of being from his possessions."
Orange expansion.
Too light -- too dense -- blockages, distortions, frequency of orange not functioning properly.
Too light -- submits easily -- can't catch hold of will.
Feels uncertain in the outer world - senses -- darker blue easily hurt = confused.
To dark/dense orange -- self satisfaction,
Certain heaviness -- will bully easily,

Blue/turquoise dominate.
Some swing from the one to the other, inferior/superior complex.

Through neutralising -- soothing -- balanced state of the orange can arise out of the tummalt of the emotions = Awareness.

Auna visiting her son, the Visionary Fractal Cosmologist, Ananda, in September 1992, at his first 4 day intensive workshop at the ecumenical centre Schweibenalp, Center von Einheit, Switzerland. A kind of Esalen Institute of Europe set up by Sundar Dreyfus. Visionary Art and Visionary Fractal Cosmology personified at Schweibenalp Center Of Unity, Switzerland.