Introductory CV Of A Visionary Artist

Is a renowned artist in Europe in the field of Visionary Art, charcoal paintings, and she pioneered the field of Liquid Wax Miniature art. Her unique pastel paintings remain unsurpassed in their quality and style.

With her former husband Jeff Peter Sedgwick, she designed the Stained Glass windows of the White Lodge sanctuary chapels in Southeast England.

Her art has been well exhibited throughout galleries in Denmark, Holland, England, Switzerland, France, including the London Woodstock gallery.


She went on to teach unique seminars and workshops on Colour Therapy, with the theme: "Colour in the Light of Unity", which became popular in Switzerland, France, Norway, England, Sweden, and Denmark.

Auna Willie Marie Schrikker, in the 1970s painting one of her unique pastel artworks, which act like a "springboard for consciousness" by which the unconscious archetypes become alive. Here as portrayed for the Woodstock gallery, London

Born at "La Vallee Chevreuse" near Paris, of French/Dutch parents, her father became the renowned Dutch sculpturer Kes Schrikker (a best friend of the famous Dutch artist Willink), whose exhibits were visited by the late Queen Juliana of Orange.

Kes Schrikker descended directly from the Monnet family, with a lineage link to Jean Monnet de Blanchefort, and descending down to Bertrand de Blanchefort the 4th Grand Master of the Knight Templars and the Order of SION in 1071 AD, from the Pyrenees, in Southern France.

The latter was centred in the Meruvingian and Visigoth centre of Rhedai, where the infamous Rennes le Chateau and Chateau de Blanchefort is located.

Bertrand de Blanchefort himself descended through the House of Razes to the Meruvingian King Dagobert II, who in turn descends from Joseph of Arimathea, via King Lucius (builder of the Glastonbury Tor), and some Heraldic lists suggests from Mary Magdalene Eucharia (the Royal Family of Jerusalem), and Iosus Immanuel (of the Royal House of David).

The Order and later Priory de Sion had some great artists as their Grand Masters, including Leonardo da Vinci, as well as Alchemist like Nicholas Flammel, and scientists such as Sir Isaac Newton and Victor Hugo.

Kes Schrikker met Elisa Perrenoud at Leysin, by Aigle, near Sion, in Switzerland, after a Visionary experience overcome him. When in 1923 a "golden light" came over him, as he was sitting in the snow, and he awoke having made a perfect sculptured "head" constructed out of the snow. From one moment to the next he had discovered he was a sculpturer, who became well recognised in the Netherlands (including by former Queen Juliana).

A-una Willie Marie Schrikker studied literature at the Sorbonne university in Paris. She studied art at the Academy of Fine Arts in the "artist village" Laren, near Amsterdam, at the age of twenty.

She was Commissioned by the Van Gogh Museum to translate numerous letters and papers of that great artist. And went on to design her own visionary art, whereby her paintings were to capture a form of living and speaking picture that enables the unconscious archetypes of the beholder to peep through and speak to one, which she called a "journey of discovery".

Auna visiting her son, the Visionary Fractal Cosmologist, Ananda, in September 1992, at his first 4 day intensive workshop at the ecumenical centre Schweibenalp, Center von Einheit, Switzerland. A kind of Esalen Institute of Europe set up by Sundar Dreyfus

She is the mother of the Visionary Coherent Fractal Cosmologist Ananda M. Bosman, whose reportoire is growing throughout Europe and the world, with his Fractal Cosmology, Vortexijah Intergeometrical computer animations and models, as well as integrated brain management biofeedback techniques, the co-founder of the ATON Institute, Norway, and Grail Ring Europe media ring.

Auna with Ananda, at Geneva, during the "Emmanuel Transmissions" time, March 1990

Auna gave a lot of her time and focus to aid Ananda to grow up into an environment that would aid his own unique creative faculties to emerge and develop, during the 1970's, never attempting to impose her own philosophies onto him. For this reason she chose to move to England.

In 1972 she was able to complete a series of paintings of the Swiss Alps above SION, with Ananda, where he was to undergo a similar experience to his grandfather Kes Schrikker, when he was just aged two.

Their return to these mountains in 1986, gave both Auna and Ananda a series of manifestations of golden light spheres in the night sky, that appeared to be "communicating" to them, as is gleaned from both of their independent testimony to this phenomenon.

These 1972 oil paintings were portrayed on a series of Swiss national postcards, at the time, and became classic favourites in the late 1970s.

Visionary Art and Visionary Fractal Cosmology personified at Schweibenalp, Switzerland

In the later 1970's, Auna developed a unique form of art called "Liquid Max miniatures", which have an uncanny manner in which they capture unconscious archetypal imagery.


In the late 1980's Auna was to become the co-editor of South-West-Connection magazine, which is Southern England's Human Potential magazine, as well as co-editor with her partner Jeff Sedgwick, of the Holistic Mailshot service.

She became an assistant writer for Ananda's British "Channelling Magazine", from 1987-89. A magazine compendium of quality visionary influx, supported by Sir George Travelyan, which Ananda founded after his work with Sir George and Nigel Blair MA, in the SUN (Schools and Universities Network), on bringing forefront thought into the upper school's and universities of England.

Auna with Ananda at Geneva, a Grail Salute. During the "Emmanuel Transmissions" time, May 1990

At this time she lived in South West England, not far from Glastonbury Tor, and the Cerne Abbas Giant, of the outer "Glastonbury Zodiac", associated to Joseph of Arimathea, by King Aviragus. And in 1987, opened the Greystones Holistic Centre, which was a former 13th century Monk's resting home, built ontop of the ancient tunnel systems there. Needless to say, this was an area ripe in anomalous phenomenon, such as apparent "UFOs".

At Greystones Holistic Centre, Auna started to give courses in late 1987, after studying her son's "Emmanuel Transmissions", doing her own art and colour research, as well as studying an archetypal system which links the 12 apostles to 12 major and minor endocrine glands, linked with colour and each of the organs primary characteristics.

After becoming an expert in a Healing Therapy called "Alignment Therapy", and undergoing many more years of study and research on the effect of colour on the human system, Auna started to teach her own unique Visionary Colour Therapy courses. And towards the late 1990s was in the process of completing a book on this research.

These papers and notes will be published by ATON Publishing, Norway, a division of the ATON Institute, to commemorate her work, and unique Visionary Explorations, for future generations.

Her work will also feature in the ATON Institutes VASE Art Department...

At present some of her art paintings can still be seen on display at Sir Richard Gaunt's: "Gaunts House", near Wimbourne, Dorset, a manor house dedicated to alternative, spiritual, and visionary teachers who lecture there.

Knight Pinder, Auna, and Elin Thun, 1996, Gol, Norway

After co-organising the April 1996 "VORTEXIJAH: Light Body Star Ship Field Propulsion" 10-day training, during the "Time Gate" 1996, at Gol, Asgardstrand, Norway, for Ananda, where she met Knight G. Pinder, a bard of Queen Juliana's "Order of the Golden Fleece" -- she passed on contributory material that demonstrated the link between the Odin Kings Heraldic lineage from Alesund, Norway, to the Normans and Meruvingians, which was of tremendous value to Knight Pinder's bardic work, at the time.

Knight Pinder, Auna, and Elin Thun, and Elisa Alesund, 1996, Gol, Norway
Auna has compiled many notes during her latter period, a virtual book, on the visionary bursts of ideas she gained whilst living in Norway, both with her son Ananda and Kima, at their Berget house, as well as in Beri Strand, near Hammar, and later by Lillehammar, and by "Little Norway" at the Jura Mountains, close to Lake Leman (lake Geneva).
"UFO" over the Time Gate 1996 point, Gol, Norway
This period included further "Unidentified Flying Object" sightings, and the completion of the paradigms she was striving to grapple with. These writings will be shared through the ATON Institute, in Norway.