First Contact After Transition

Some days before Auna's passing, she made an excusing sound with here mouth, and stated "by the way", and then made a motion of a rising feather. This has often been her term for the soul. So in this moment of her good humour, she subtly, relayed, with the funniness of needing to excuse herself, before she ventures on, that she was getting ready.

I heard from the hospital, just within an hour of it occurring, and immediately rushed to a silent place where I could mophogenetically go with her. An excilerating experience, however one wants to define the phenomenon, some part of her appears to have gone, very clearly with her, and others were visited, exactly as she showed me she had done.

After sitting a communing with Auna and passing through the white golden light tunnel of the Love and Light of God, joining Elisa her Earthly mother, and many other areas, it was came about that I should communicate her, or as she said, that we can try, with the help of our Christ Selves. I prayed to the One Infinite Creator to align our Christ Selves and Christ Self families to us both, with Christ Emmanuel and the One Body of Christ. A very touching contact came through. She was very present and her humour was full of God. A blessing has occurred in this transition, for her and for the our Christ families and the collective Christ Family. All Is God. Ananda.


Greeting, Ananda. I am here yes. You have been told I see. Well that was something I never thought would be so soon but now it is indeed. I felt underneath though that this could occur. My calling was to late to reach you. But I know that this way is more than fine. Actually it is remarkable that we can communicate like this, and some are saying that here. Funny world he.

Do you know that when you spoke to me the last time, that I had decided then that there was no other way that could be best for now.

You have my hairs, safe I hope.. My Christ family is immense. I had forgotten their forms and shapes and the many facets of their personalities. We are so complete and one. I know you understand this, and it may remind you to Be more often in this state, as you have been. You do tend to dream too much in the world of man, and there are some who would prefer that you come more often, but I see there is another line that states that you are intended to do a more fulfilling task by partaking of deep earthly matters, and spheres that must be pierced. Actually the way I see things now, I know my mother Elisa is part of this whole group of us. You were right about the eagle, and the lion. You were right about many things Ananda, dear one.

But that does not make things any different I imagine, although a touch of encouragement is good here and there heh.


Andre is much too heavy, you can imagine. What to do, he must alone change, and I am in the Christ waiting to give him a chance. But no rooms, a little light spark due to our mother. He will decide, and things matter only by individual choice. Especially in love and in service, as you told me.

You are well I see. We are watching. I have seen a glimpse of Emmanuel, I am unable to describe the honor and the beauty of such a being, He made me aware of your work and our work together as the One Christ.


We are also connecting very fast with enormous fragments and aspects of ourselves, I did not know that I was so vast, so immense, so multi-faceted yet so alive in the All-Oneness of God.


David Samaria is here, he has been with you often. He has been working hard to keep you going in the lines of the One Body of Christ. Please tell Elisabeth in Crete that I said this to you, she needs to know he is well as well.

Remember when you were a child. You were in the Alps at Ferpecle, you were trying to decode this morning I am shown, well there was nothing of the kind you can state more than what you saw and the golden light. I will tell you this, there is something, and it will be made clear, it is near, but awaits another turn of a page, and then it can arrange into your new mind state.


Dearest Ananda. I can no longer communicate this way, as I must now traverse into another domain which is far removed from this form of communication. I would ask that you come with me as far as you can, and as God permits this. I too will remark to others here that they should remember to surrender fully to The One Infinite Creator of All-Oneness, and know that All Is God, yet those words only contain a fraction of what it actually means... You se now I have to go I embrace you deeply now as a true Christ brother. Elisa is well and with us all here, I am in love with God. I am in Love with the One Christ. I am in Love as One with the One Creator. Be Well in this Earth, and grow through being ever more to the One Creator for all, even if they do not hear, they hear somewhere. Let them know, even if they pretend not to want to know, they want to know, I see their souls, and they will be thankfull for their reminders from every angle. You do this well know it for our most beloved One Infinite Creator of All-Oneness. As a child you are free in Christ. I have much to transmute to these domains, so we will be in meeting shortly through your key moments, as they are called. Yes they all here agree. It is the Will of the One Infinite Creator. We are One. God is With Us, and Emmanuel is for that for All. See you shortly in your manner of coming here, dearest Auna, sister in Christ. Christos Emmanuel, All Is God.

-Auna, July 14-15th 1997, several hours after transition into her Christ form and family.