institute for

Alternative Technology Orthogeometry

& Neurocybernetics

-Ananda, January 1997-


The institute operates on the principle of free flow creativity in science, research, and discovery. With a history of genius's emerging from the non-conventional, eccentric domains, into revolutionizing modern science, due to being unimpinged by the limits of secular institutionalized scientific body's, that hamper creativity, or anything that appears to step over their self defined limited boarders, which scientific history has shown, is broken, if not quantum jumped, again and again.

Scientific great's such as Einstein, Nicola Tesla, and others were all in this free thinking category, being unknown, even having no university degree's, but thanks to the enduring work of relatives or associates (with Einstein his wife), their discoveries and theories were to revolutionise the modern world. We therefore, are a research institute, resource tank, and network, that operates and provides such a free flow spirit in which the implement new discoveries. Comprised of scientists who are both well known, and others underground, but who both share the same means of genius creativity, through following their uniqueness.

One Peice Of Land Of 4 Purchased For The ATON Arken Project. The ARKen BIRD.


This is a multi-complex project, which incorporates active solutions in analysing, developing and implementing Alternative Technological devices that, are:



A centre which utilises Orthogeometrics, thus researching and experimenting with various geometrical mathematics, principles and designs in practical solutions, such as:



A centre which utilises Neurocybernetics research, in diverse yet coherent interrelated fields, from:


In cooperation with other leading edge science institutes including:


Eutropa Institute,Germany

HeartMath Institute, USA

The Institute For Morpho Energetics, Germany,

Crystal Hill Media, EarthHeart, EarthLink 2000, Dan Winter & Friends,

The Institute For HoloEnergetics, Switzerland,

The Centre For Alternative Technology, Wales,

Maleny & Crystal Vista, Australia,

Hudson Media, USA,

Gnostica Norwegia,

The Enterprise Mission & Mars Research,

The Vedic Institute For Applied Technology,

The Shoewberger Institute, Sweden,


Amongst others. Scientific advisors include:


Dr. Deiter Bruers,

Dr. Rudolph Toirpner,

Dr. Almud Toirpner,

Dr.* Daniel Winter,

Dr. George Yao,

Professor Michael Schaumborg,

Dr. Kostas Lambrakis,

Dr. Philip Callahan,

Dr. Manfred Cage,

Dr. Claudeous Kern,

Dr. Alan Mason,

Dr. John C. Lilly,

Dr. Wolfgang Witergood,

Dr. Robert Drach,

Dr.* Andreas Weisenbaum,

Dr. David Hudson,

Professor John Searl,

Edwin Zimmerli,

Dr. Andre Schrikker (?),

Dr. Carl Jansen,


List to be expanded and confirmed with signatures of cooperation.

* The Star donates this individual to have the expertise even surpassing one associated to a doctorate, without having obtained a doctorate through the usual channels, but whose scientific genious earns a Virtual doctorate. All others are normal doctorate nominated.



A, sacred geometry, consciousness research, new energy, electromagnetic field analysis, paramagnetic research, nutritional research, brain change, sensory deprivation, and dream research, superconductivity in-vivo in the human body, hyper-dimensional physics and computer animation models, hyper-dimensional influences in astrophysics and astrogenetics.


B, alternative energy, geometrical models, orgon energy research.


C, alternative agriculture, alternative education, nutrition department, body fitness conductor: Yogo, sauna, and other body health. Editorial team of magazine.


D, manger of publishing department, lecture and public education sector, journalist overviews operations, product public relations and distributor network manager.

JANUARY 1997, Ananda early notes.