Although this little book is written in the development phases of the ATON Arken Project, these are universally useable protocols, which can allow a Midway Path to Balance the Hierarchies of this planetary management system that has lead mankind into the present environmental, economical, and health crisis facing our planet and species, to which nature, logick, and universal coherent thought, requires that organic solutions be applied, for the coherent continuence of our species and planet.

In these times of change-over, interphase with Inter-Universal Coherent Government is Immenent*. These are interface protocols which have, in part been, aided by the Operation Unity back-up Units, or the Sons and Daughters of All-Oneness, appearing to be Time-Reverse, from the future, as well as by Ammethia and Salvana of Emmanuel, as One with Emmanuel, as One with my own Unity Self.**

*NOTE: Interuniversal Government is the Coherent Golden balance that maintains the universe and any concievable quantum universe. It is self-embedded, phase conjigated, and recursive, and hence, intelligent by its fractallity.

Recursion = self reflection = intelligence. The Phi sequence of all harmonic orders in the macrocosm and microcosm of creation, is such a fractalled recursive coherence - an holographic coherent intelligence. Hence, organic management, or coherent government is an "Interuniversal Coherent Government".

** Einstein developed his "focussing technique" for inspiration, using the assumption that in the universal there must be intelligent life, and utilising the spring bord of the imagination to make virtual contact, to ammplify brain capacity, and to amplify practicle creativity. Today this has been developed into the science of Image Streaming, whereby, imaginary intelligent contact has enabled thousands of practicle patients to be draw up and accepted by the patient office. It appears that this technique aids in the brain's obtaining non-local information. The great Swiss psychologist Dr. Carl G. Jung also obtained poignent content by utilising similar procedures of "contact". Unity Self and Sons and Daughters of All-Oneness are non-local quantum intelligence metaphore interphazes, which may enable the right brain to access our future information continuum, by time-reverse-wave, and quantum tunnelling (many science articles on consciousness quantum tunnelling will be posted on the ODIN site, to bring forward the forefront pioneering mainstream evidence that has now emerged in this direction, which demonstrates Einstein, Tesla, Bohm, Sarfetti, and many other great scientists notion of "contact" for their scientific theorums, to be a very valid one, and essential for the mental health of individual, science, and planet.

These are by no means new words at all, at least not for me, they have been with me all my life, in ROTA's. That is why they are completely new, on the face of things, to coin a Zen Pun Paradox which makes absolute sense, in the synergy of all the senses.


In this little book you will find many keys that will aid you, and many more to regain true Sovereignty, that is deserved by humanity, when Compassion is implemented.

These, are very practickle, some require you to integrate their implications for yielding practickle outcomes, others are already clear cut suggestors, so that the Unity Holography of Thot and Being, can be reflected and implemented into the realism of the world affairs. These are so much needed by dear brothers and sisters, presently still snoozing soundly in sleep, but who soon will encounter the Big Global Alarm Clock, and its many smaller rings in its aftershakes. Be prepared to "see the light of darkness", as Lao T'se stated, and to "hear the sound of silence."


We are in the transition phase of the End Game and hence, "End Time's", approaching the Awakening of the Dream of Creation. Are you ready for the darkest moments before the dawn, the compression of all separate moments in a very short space and time?

It is only compassion and integrated honesty, as Unity in action, that will enable us to coherently pass through the valve or volva ahead. Our Birth Time is Approaching, behold the One Sun/Son-Sophia that we all are, as the DarmaKaja BoddhisatvaShip Collectivity. This is our Lapis Opus, our collective PHIloSophia's Stone. As the One Body of Christ of All-Oneness, may the PHI Grail Code of Compassion be Integrative in your Life, as All Is God is realised.

God With and As Us,

Light, Love, Life,


(October 3, 1998)