The Heart Castle ATON Hub

by Ananda, April 1999


Having been through the prospect of the project proposals for research endeavours and the like, you may ask what form of buildings are on the horizon for the project, and where practical contributions can be made in furthering the foundation of the project into actuality?

The project trajectories are suited into this open ended horizon:


1. One Main Centre House

This centre house has already been selected, and is a wooden "castle" in design. It is a magnificent building of the old northern style. As an entire log house, it has charming extensions which give it the appearance of a wooden "castle", with an enormous triangular cathedral-like window in the main living room made from argon gas windows, facing the light of the South, more than adequate for star gazing. It has as an INTERNAL ECOLOGICAL atmosphere.


This main central house is the main investment of the project, and although we have taken the steps to acquire and build this house, there is some further support required, in contributions for the project.

It is a model for the houses of the future, being completely ecologically friendly and of utmost personal hygiene, with the latest innovations in ecological implementation incorporated, whilst maintaining the old design and feel.

Full project trajectories include alternative energy water heating system as well as the alternative insulation's, heating, innovative new ventilation air exchange system, and house design that breaths and is living.

The Foundation, of the Ka-Stel In Process, July 1999.


The Main Centre House Enables:

a. Small scale meetings to occur within the living room,

b. Offers an enourmous environment adequate for DR Inner Light research sessions (DR = Dark Room) intensives, with a unique internal air exchange system, for fresh air and a healthy negative ion environment.

A pollution free produced house, with an atmosphere highly suited for DR research (we have conducted DR's before in log houses, and these were the most suitable for atmosphere).

This includes ecologically friendly floor water heating systems, that can be run on external alternative energy, as an option if sponsored as soon as possible.

c. Offers office space,

d. Offers community washing space,

e. Offers community sauna space,

f. Offers guest sleeping space,

g. Offers community cooking space,

h. Offers community library space,

 Construction Phase, with the remarkable help of friends and colleagues. Hiedi, Hildegard, Kenny and Jimmy braught much of the foundation, walls and roof into formation. Heidi usually guides people through a 21-day fasting process, to teach the body to eat more bio-photons.

Clearly this centre activity house, then is the heart of the project that enables the 8 sectors of the overall activities to become realised. It is an essential part to making the ATON and ODIN Institutes practical and actual.

Any support, contributions, investments, or suggestions, in this are most welcome.

Kenny and Hildergard constructing the upper level flooring.

Contributions To Be Made:

a. To the overall price of the house (1,250 Million Norwegian Kroner = 300,000 DM).

b. Contributions to the solar roofing for self sufficient heating, useful in Dark Room retreat work = 100,000 NOK (25,000 dm).

There is a much more significant Alternative Energy Source we can now utilise, that will act as a demonstration of the pace of alternative energy to the world. This can power the entire project for a slightly higher sum than above 144,000 NOK.

c. Open Contributions.

d. Open Investment opportunities.

This central house, will be the A·T·O·N Headquarters, and O·D·I·N administrative body. The ATON VASE Project is ad hoc to this Heart Hub.

 Two of the original houses that were on the property, and the field which will cultivate herbs, already being rich in St Johns Wort and other medecinal herbs which will come under the SHESHETA department.


Village for Art Science and Ecology

Additionally expansions are to include:

a. 8 smaller wooden log houses of the same style as the Centre House, will be placed on the project property. These will enable the permanent ATON Team and ODIN Lab Members, to be housed within. And for there to be space for guests, who will participate in THE UNIVERSITY OF THE UNIVERSE curriculum.

One such hut is presently already being completed, there has been some interest by the Norwegian Government in supporting an Ecological Health Farm, for the majority, however, this project, which will experiement with perfecting the Infinite Eight GRAIL CODE, does require significant Investments to make the above progressions.

Additionally the Somanaut scientists and pilots, within the ODIN lab work, may be enabled to stay within these houses.

b. A guest house is to be built, for guests to the University of the University and for staff.


For the majority the V°A°S°E Project houses are to enable guests and participants to be within the project, or to participate in scheduled events, training's, teachings, conferences, and other activities.

They also enable future Unity Units to have space for 8-fold Trial Period Assessment for being in the ATON and ODIN Projects, or one of the other 8-Compartments.

This is a three-way assessment:

  1. The ATON Council Assessment of the individuals contributions and cohabitation within the individual 8 Cell Organic compartments.
  2. The Individual's Own Self Assessment to compatibility, in the Grail Code of the "Cup Overfloweth."
  3. The Overview Assessment, which incorporates the Holon and Unity Self of the Individual and Project members, as well as the non-localised quantum intelligence extensions ("Sons and Daughters of All-Oneness"), enabled through Einstein Focusing Technique and the furthered science of Image Streaming.

Each house can enable upto 8 persons habitation for shorter events. And can be co-leased by several parties upon agreement (this will enable a flexible financial ground and distribution to be implemented that is useful for all parties).

Each individual completed house costs: 280,000 NOK (70,000 DM).

Any Individual contributions in this line are welcome, and will enable the ATON Team to be present and active on the project to implement practical outcomes.

A of immense importance, it enables visitors and guests to come into the project and participate in the activities (we are in the remote country side, where other accommodation is very far remote, if not obsolete, except by caravan and tent, so these are of utmost importance).

The ATON VASE propositions of personal participation in house extensions on the property will be laid out and suggested in another report precisely dedicated to this ATON VASE Project.




Randi Robertson Wood & Kjell Thon, who have supported us since 1992, in Norway in making this Vision a Reality. Appart from tremdnous support in the correct legal protocol for establishing the project, they have aided in a great diversity of ways, and their help has remained largely unseen, until now. And whom themselves have had their own Important Inspiration "Contacts" and insights. I thank you for your tireless efforts in service of All-Oneness.

Ingve Findhal, for your great service and inspiration in translating substantially aiding to translate our Vision into the Common language and Business syntax required to integrate the project in harmony and symbiosis with the local community. For your service we thank you from the Middle of our Hearts.

HEIDI, HILDERGARD, KENNY, & JIMMY, For your undivided support in making the foundation and skeleton of the House with your good Vibrations and whole intentions. Your labour of love will not be forgotten and will be commemorated further on this web site. We heartfully thank you, in Graceful Gratitude.

Maria Gilesen, For your support, despite the differences, the Artful Way remains, and we acknowledge your support, through diverse times. I also personally thank you for your partial sponsorship of the Egyptian and Cambodian research endeavours.

Anina Anne (Marie) Halley, For making your connection to Ingve Findhal and support as a host in Oslo, over the years. As Wondering "Aldebarenian Star", you reminded us that we mentioned this very area as being a future point of our work in a consultation in 1993. Something we forgot, but you remembered. Sometimes tides change, and Mysts arise. Let us see if some early morning dew may still emerge from those mysts.

ELEONOR GOLEO: Who contributed with her support in the ATON Institute headquarters, and with the adminstrative hut, and now in the ATON Team. Thank you for your gracious support.


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