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In November 1994 Ananda spent some 3 weeks on the Island of Bimini, after two weeks, he learnt some of the secrets of that Island.

Since 1990 Ananda has been relaying the evidence of Atlantis in the Bahama's, utilising the clue's Emmanuel gave him, and combined with the underground research data that Atlatis scholar Nigel Blair MA, provided him with in the late 1980s (two books by Nigel are presently being completed, after years of accumalation of material).

Emmanuel gave Ananda details about this stage of humanity. There is a Cover-Up here:

Marble & Head

One of thousands of marble slabs removed from this city, several hundred million tuns of marble still lies beneath the waters and the sands (depending on the tides).

Photo 2, shows the "head" discovered in a underwater cave, between the twin rocks of Paradise point, next to the Bimini Road of Atlantis.

The Bimini road of Atlantis, is not a natural formation, since Dr. Steve Winggate, utilised an underwater vacuum cleaner to remove the sand, in 1982, where he discovered that each Sandstone slab, had four granite plugs beneath, to support them. This for the majority of the road, that Dr. David Zinc related was aligned to the Pleiades. The Sandstone slabs had Mangrove fossils on them. The Bimini Road is the public distraction place. There is an extraordinary secret by Bimini.


1000's of stones have been retreived from the City, some are cubes, there are assortments of different symmetries. Also a fousilised footprint has been uncovered.

But Bimini has an underground tunnel system, which the first explorers saught, for the Legendary Fountain of Youth. The Healing Hole, above, where Ananda was taken, is a place where tourists are taken, with various degree's of remedy, due to sulphor in the water content, emerging from a deeper underwater shaft. Here one swims amidst the baby sharks.

This Healing Hole is in the midst of the Magrove Swamp jungle. But where the tourist are hardly lead is to the "Fountain of Youth". There is one such Sweet water spring, which some are taken too, but this is just one hole from a labyrinth of tunnel systems, which the islanders keep quite about, despite some of their age, they do appear to look rather youthful.


The Bimini Shark Mound, raised 15 feet above the water, has an indenticle orientation to the monuments at the Giza Plateua.