The All-One Unified Force & The All Is God Particle

By Ananda M. Bosman,

March 18-26, 2006 (as released to the Grail-Ring Europe)

[updated August 2006]

Copyright ©2006 by ANANDA® and ATON VASE DA




That which is in the core of every particle is the totality that is known as All-Oneness.”

—Emmanuel, To “Group de Lucinge”, August 1990



  11. MANUVERSE, MAHA PURUSAH, & MAHA-TATTVAATOM HEART LOVE (Srimad Bhagavata Purana, Rg Veda, & Emmanuel)



Our own consciousness is behind and IS all of the matter of our universe. Our mind and bodies are essentially the same All-Oneness Unified Matteria (AUM) Field. Today the 5th nuclear force, the Unified Field that is the unity of everything, is an objective reality irreversibly removed from the Einsteinian physics dark ages — it is the Hadronic Force (rediscovered by visionary genius, Dr R. M. Santilli, founder of Hadronic Mechanics).




Since the first publications of this manuscript in March, Dr. Rogero Santilli has stunned the scientific world, by announcing in May 2006, the first prime time discovery of a completely new fundamental particle hadron, that is the very first fundamental particle ever detected that OPERATES IN HYPERDIMENSIONS… In other words THE fundamental particle behind all atoms and elements, christened the Etherion, whose permanent nature and characteristics are multi-dimensional, hyperdimensional characteristics that are axiomatically apparent in its 3rd dimensional physical measurements…

THIS IS THE FIRST TIME EVER, that the objective discovery of a plural-octave of dimensional strings have been detected as the fundamental invarient charactgeristics of fundamental mater… This hyper-dimensional Etherion-Hadron is behind all matter, all elements, all forces, and exhihibits the axiomatic characteristics of a hyper-intelligence — the fundamental particle behind all consciousness and cognitive awareness.


THIS REALITY SHIFTING DISCOVERY has such enormous impact implications on who we are as a cognitive species and completely revises the nature of the universe and multiverse in which we appear to be citizens… Reality, the self, our source, our nature, why we are here, and where we are going, is now in a complete metamorphosis, whose revisionary apotheosis stretches beyond the expanses of every philosophy, religion, science, cosmology, metaphysics, arcane mystery school, and etno-cultural paradigm…

In concert to this announcement, our indirect hadronic mechanic’s colleague, professor Erik Trell of… published the first mainstream science article demonstrating that the living dynamic DNA, operating WITHIN biology (not examined dead and abstract in disection within a laboritory, or genom think tank, far removed from the living dynamic state), is unquestionable operating in the hyper-mathermatics (hadronic mechanics) of at least an 8 dimensional (octonian) morphological structure…


That is, the living DNA in our bodies operates in hyperdimensions, which includes hyper-temporality (time travel), and multi-dimensional geometrical symmetries… (Dr. Eric Trell’s prelimenary explorations of this, prior to this announcement, are explored in this article). Confirming our inter-geometrical models of the in-vivo DNA helix (computer modeled and presented outside of the mainstream, some already before the millenium). The implications of this, means that our exterior biology is a construct, and 3D dimensional holographic shadow of a hyperdimensional dynamic genetic code, operating on the invarient principles of hadronic mechanics (that transcend the varient principles of previous modern physics)…


This implies that the so called mechanical 3rd dimensional laws of the universe (the doctrine of modern physics), as well as chemicals and pollutions, electromagnetic frequencies and relatives (whose technologies are based on the varient principles of the now transcended modern physics) — interact, and affect our biological holographic projection of the hyperdimensional DNA continuum, only in a limited ratio…

Cosmologically and epistemologically, this changes our entire focus of this postt-industrial modern era… Pollution, electromagnetic smog, increased gamma and cosmic ray exposure, viral, bacteriological, and parasitical susceptability (essential for the justification of the modern pharmaceutical drug cartel, and its pseudo-scientific medical science) — are removed from their all consuming powerful role to which are species is modelled to be a victim of… Rather, the very nature of our fundamental being, based on the Etherion-Hadron and the hyperdimensional DNA modus operandi, is sublimated into being revealed as being the ultimate cosmological Anthos and Universal Macroimperishability that is the SUMA of all universal realities….

These two historical hyper-paradigm shifting discoveries, within mainstream academia, objectively removes our common held notion of being 3 dimensional citizens inhabiting a planet around the sun, and subjegated to the mechanical laws of its space-time physics — are now vacuumed from the vanishingly small into the domain of being notions that are pure fantasy… These discoveries expose that we are hyperdimensional, and that to think that we are 3 dimensional bodies, with a genetic code operating in 3 dimensions, is pure abstract nonesense, notions of pure fantasy that are the luxary of perspective choice, engendered upon the hyperdimensional continuum that is the topological living morphology continuum, operating in every one of our trillion cells, and whose atomic elements (electron clouds, proton clouds etc) are comprised from the All-One Hadron-Etherion operating in an irreversible and invarient hyperdimensional continuum… Reality, our body, senses, cognition, life, and the universe, is a continuous hyperdimensional holographic construction…



We note that our work covered in our 2002 book THE SOMA CONSPIRACY and 2003 VAJRATHA: Diamond Body Manual, and the Manu-Script series (2002-2006) that are chapters of our forthcoming book The Manu: A Hyperdimensional Artifact At The Genesis Of History — are the very first propulsions into unfolding Hadronic Cosmology, and Hadronic Philosophy, that integrate the novel hadronic mechanic principles underlying the matrix of their ontological texstylus… However, we have published and made our presentations outside of the academic meanstream.

Inside the academic world, our colleague, Dr. Stein Johansen, is the first to have published a hadronic philosophy in his 2005 paper now submitted to the Hadronic Physics Journal, entitled Initiation Of ‘Hadronic Philosophy’” (The Philosophy Underlying Hadronic Mechanics And Chemistry, DR. Stein E. Johansen, Institute of Basic Research,, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway).

Our own non-mainstream hadronic philosophical writtings first published in 2002, were themselves germinated due to Dr. Johansen’s good efforts (2001 and 2002), in translating the hadronic mechanic’s prime novel principles into our very specific numencluture and fractal cosmological jargon — thereby, Dr. Johansen can also be attributed to nudging our own very first hadronic philosophical writings for the public, and cosmological publications outside of the academic mainstream, since 2002 (small portions of these explorations have also been published on our web site, including those contained in the downloadable pdf publication, Manu-Script 10)…

It is also noted here that Dr. Johansen wrote his hadronic philosophical based article on our Vortexijah theory, outisde of academia, which we published as an appendix in our 2003 Vajrathatha: Diamond Body book — so following our 2002 first public hadronic philosophical publications, Dr. Johansen’s Transmodern Science, The Nature Of Man, And Vortexijah, published in 2003, also marks Dr. Johansen as the second to publish hadronic philosophy OUTSIDE of the academic mainstream . Therefore, our writings over the last 4 years have been the first novel publications of hadronic philosophy outside mainstream academia (historically this is now important for the record, since the irreversible impact of hadronic mechanics is sure set to transfigure every field of mankind’s cybernetics and cognosis. I cannot thank Dr. Johansen enough for introducing me to this utterly novel and reality rewriting hadronic science).




This quintessential all-one 5th force is nothing new, it is avidly described in the primordial semantics at the germination of history, in the Rg Veda (with parts based on the Sarasvati valley seals of 11,000 years antiquity) — and called Akasa, or Aether, the force that unifies all fields and apparent ‘parts’ today called ‘particles’.


However, already a good 20 years before Dr. Santilli’s objective identification and harnessing of the hadronic 5th force, the virtually urecognised, and utterly pioneering scientist, Dr. Andrija Puharich (a man with some 70 patents behind him), appears to identify the hadronic 5th force, and associates it with consciousness.


How this maverick scientist may have gleaned such advancements are indicated by the journalist author’s of The Stargate Conspiracy (Revealing the Truth Behind Extraterrestrial contact, Military Intelligence & Myasteries of Ancient Egypt, Lynn Picknett & Clive Prince, Warner Books 2000). The authers demonstrate Dr. Puharich as creator of the “Round Table of 9” groups within the early CIA, already in 1950.

Comprised of the ‘illumined’, in contact with some form of ETI intelligence, based on the archetypes of the Egyptian Enead of gods, the 9 Neters, Dr. Puharich headed some of the earlier psychic and remote viewing projects (Dr. Andrija Puharich, The Sacred Mushroom: Key To The Door of Eternity, Doubleday, Garden City, 1974 (original Doubleday 1959)…

This well before the declassified CIA’s SRI scientific remote viewing projects under Ingo Swann. Which NSA and Navel Intelligence Officer, Dr. Hal Puthoff, relates as being only 2% of the remaining classified clandestine (above top secret) remote viewing projects and operations, not only by the CIA, but by the much more powerful and reality effecting National Security Agency (NSA) — with psychics, electromagnetic shielded cages, psychedelic and psychic catalysing molecules, scalar ELF electromagnetics, neuro-cybernetic protocols, and new technology (Dr H. E Puthoff, CIA-Initiated Remore Viewing Program at Stanford Research Institute, Journal Of Scientific Exploration, vol. 10, no. 1, Spring 1996).


By the late 1970s, Dr. Puharich (who had brought the spoon bending and subsequent millionaire psychic, Uri Geller, to the west), had rounded up some of the most remarkable new generation of children (whom we call the Platinum Children), that exhibited extraordinary PSI capabilities, which were generally catalysed after seeing Uri Geller bending spoons on television. A new generation that utilised nature’s 5th force, the Hadron/Akasa Unified Field.

Many of these children claimed regular contact with extraterrestrials, and displayed knowledge of 6 dimensional algebra at the age of 6 (presented to Dr’s J. Sarfetti and Dr. P. Sirag )… Star Trek author, Gene Rodenberry too had a high interest in these children. And in his many interviews with them gained fields of inspiration, seeded with the ideas that would become embedded within the foundation of many of his Star Trek concepts (The Gods Of Aquarius, UFOs and the Transformation of Man, Brad Steiger; Harcourt Brace Jovanovich New Yorkby Brad Steiger. Doubleday, Sphere 1978).


Dr. Puharich was one of the very first persons to publically show the DNA tests of this next generation of Platinum Children  utilsing the 5th element of creation, showing clear evidence of their genetic mutation in harbouring a tripple helical DNA strand arrangement (without any sign of cancer. Other public science papers that followed years later, by and large, only presented the tripple helix phenomenon as a form of cancer, or fibreosis).

These children, in the late 1970s also had such a strong unifying ELF field (8hz) coming from their hands, that the signature remained measureable in water months later (Dr. A. Puharich, Magnetic Model of Matter And Mind: Physical Foundation Of Information And Action Transfer In The Healing Process. Temple University Conference. April 15th 1988. Pp 2). This Field was identified as the Universal Intelligence unifying field.


Dr. Puharich, aparently unaware of some of the much higher Oligarchical power interests that infested the US Intelligence Agencies highest ranks, had rounded up these extraordinary mutating children that claimed ETI contact as central to their powers — many of them were to become some of the highest trained CIA, NSA, and Navel Intelligence Officers (and more clandestine agencies, such as those under the NSC 5412/2 Committee of the Majority [MAJI, and MJ12]), heading Remote Viewing projects and operations at the highest above top secret positions of the intelligence world.


It appears that within the almost extinct papers published by Dr. Puharich, he has burried the secret science which reveals that consciousness can totally and utterly transform our body, the natural laws of physics, and alter the universe at large… With and without technology… a science of what the Vedas call Maha Siddhi — forms of “super” power, which are part of the natural universe, via the 5th force (we shall be presenting this science, old, new, numinous and novel, ahead).

Such phenomenon as telepathy, teleportation, levitation, bilocation, dematerialisation, are identified by the simple principles of the hadronic All-One Unified Force.

We shall now quote extensively from his papers, and reocord this for the public domain (in these “dark ages” for all true and actual science, overt for humanity. And not clandestine for the military industrial complex undisclosed minority privvy to the “need to know” [above top secret], security clearances, required in ventures that deal with actual science, and not the religeous patchwork that is thrown to the public at large).


We also make referrences to modern hadronic physics, and quote from our ETI/OTI contacts during the 1980s on this hadronic 5th Force, the Aether, or Etheric, All-One Field that the ancients called Akasa.

Naturally, we will also index the Manu’s (OTI) legacy of this same science manufested within the first manuels and manuscripts at the genesis of history.



That Dr. Puharich is clearly referring to the hadron par se, is made clear in his 1988 paper Magnetic Model of Matter And Mind: Physical Foundation Of Information And Action Transfer In The Healing Process, some 10 years before Dr. Santilli’s uncovering of the 5th force.

Here, he is illustrating that the Magnetic Monopole (MM) and its anti-MM, embedded within the protons compossited at the atomic nucleus (from which 8hz ELF fields that induce healing, and many of the psychic PSI phenomenon — as emanations of the so called PSI Particles), are in fact the product of a the multi-dimensional nature of the All-One Hadron:


“It is believed that    MM   and   MM have been found in a hadron existing in a 26-dimensional state. It is believed that                                                ___

                                 MM   and   MM carry all the biological information to create life, organise life for growth and repair, and to maintain health.”

Dr. Andrija Puharich, Magnetic Model of Matter And Mind: Physical Foundation Of Information And Action Transfer In The Healing Process. Temple University Conference. April 15th 1988. Pp 4.


Of course, this was then revolutionary, but Puharich had generated laboritory evidence whereby life was created solely by the PSI effect of the 8hz ELF field in plane water (electrolysis).



The Magnetic Monopole (MM) pair being within the status quo of a 26 dimensional hadron, was at that time still daring, and that this IS THE SOURCE OF LIFE and its organisation, is even more profound.

An multidimensional intelligence signalling and ordering all life (for us, with our ETI and OTI [Omni-Temperal Intelligence] contacts and their visionary propulsion schooling, this is plain identification of the Emmanuel’s and Manu as the multi-dimensional co-creators of life. Manu-Emmanuel and company from my contacts as an oblivious aware teenager, and the Manu, as the source of the Veda’s who are described as the emanaters of all life in the cosmos). Puharich, lays out the clear evidence for this multi-dimensional intelligence emanating and co-organising life.

Whilst in 1988, 26 dimensions were at the forefront of fundamental particle physics string theory research, today 26D has failed to unify Einstein General Relativity with quantum mechanics, in superstring theory, and Grand Unified Field Theory (GUT)… Rather, some 480 dimensions are now being explored as the foundation of our fundamental particle universe (science studies just started at the CERN Particle Physics laboritories’ Large Hadronic Collider Experiment, Geneva).


However, within the matrix of the 480 dimensional geometrical algebra (hyper-lifted beyond the arbitary by the Unity of hadronic physics), there is the 27 dimensional matrix of Jordun algebra, whose mathematical geometry has been technically identified as the precise structure comprising the morphology of the Sri Yantra (the Meru mandala shape that is generated in sound sensatised material by the careful sounding of AUM), with its 27 lines surounded by its 8 and 16 petalled Lotus (the Staar Flower, and Purusah Flower).

The detailed algebraic formula of this is laid out and illustrated in our 2002 book THE SOMA CONSPIRACY (2nd edition onwards).


Sierpinski binomial coefficient traingle


The 27D Jordun algebra does encorporate the 26D hadron (10 tensor dimensions, and 16 vector dimensions), mentioned by Puharich, and unify this with the 480 dimensional hyper-morphology that is at the forefront of the present public science — despite the fact that hadronic physics has already provided the unified solution to the fundamental particle problem, and hadronic physics is NOT limited to 480 dimensions, but like the cosmology of the Manu’s Rg Veda and that of Emmanuel, is Omni-dimensional (and thereby truly Open-Ended, and fully axiomatic to the wholeism of every universal law, including the sum comprising our biology, nervous senses, mind and consciosness, indivisibly so).

Imagine all-one 27 dimensional object, behind everything: mind, body, feeling, planet, universe, and omniverse.


The 27 lines of the general cubic surface. Now imagine the Sierpinski

Tetrahedral form of the above.


The 27D Hadron itself is hermetically axiomatic to the 27 lines of the general cubic surface and its extending hypercubes (multi-dimensional lifting of the cube into each of its respective hyperdimensional symmetrical extensions) — which is immaculately symbiotically personfied within the 27 dimensional Jordun algebra that comprises the Sri Yantra sonic signature of the Logos mantra AUM, “the Word” of creation.


 In fact, the 27 dimensional hadron is the All-One Macro behind the phenomenon of the entire 19 subatomic particle families… whose “particle second” lifespan is circa a trillionth of a second — virtually unimaginable to the comprehension. Such is the “imaginary” life span attributes that harbour the characteristics of the subatomic particles’ nature, as they swarm into clouds to compose the electron, or the proton...

The atoms of physical materia and energy: electrons, protons, neutrons, are thereby themselves made of “things” that live for an imaginary trillionth of a second… By this stance, physical mater is imaginary in the form that we presently appear to identify its nature.

Every subatomic particle also, incredulously (to the pre-hadronic scientist), becomes every other subatomic particle: quarks into leptons, into fermions etc.

In otherwords, our reality is compossed from 19 “families” of fundamental particles that have an existence of an imaginary span of time, and each becomes the other one… Actually being many faces of All-One fundamental particle… This is the Hadron.




Dr. Puharich describes some of the details that comprise the 26/27D Hadron in his 1987 updated version of Protocommunication II: Universal Information/Action Transfer.

What follows renders a simplification of this subject, and shares some unique contributions, and is prophetic in terms of the Universal Language. Puharich simplifies:


“Physics now knows that nature is ‘quantal’, i.e. all matter is made up of bits and pieces (particles) bound together by fields.

“Furthermore, the true language of nature can be written precisely with mathematics. This simple fact has yet to be fully appreciated.”

—Dr. Andrija Puharich, Protocommunication II: Universal Information/Action Transfer, February 1987. Pp 1.


This clear foresight to the Universal Language being expressed in mathematics (just as the Vedas were modelled in a visionary mathematical language that mimics the language of the universe), today is also hypergeometrical (visionary visual).

I myself having pioneered some of the hyper-symmetry computer animation models (1994), independantly, and some before Dr. Santilli’s hyper-mathematics of the hyperdimensional hadron: the All-Oneness Macro upon which we construe the luxury of the entire sensory illusion of our universe…


In our book THE MANU: A Hyperdimensional Artifact At The Genesis Of History (of which this is will become a sub-chapter), we illustrate this hyper-geometry, right down to what composses everything within our body and, so called, 3D reality, in a matrix of an incredible axiomatic examplified array. Which will begin to make this multi-dimensional Universal Language possible to be brought to the comprehension of our future children...

As a preparation for our race’s hyper-indexing with the ETI/OTI of the intergalactic and inter-temporal community, now on the not to distant horizon of our race, through the implications of our practical application of hadronic physics.


Forinstance, the opening to hyper-time — time travelling as the status quo of future hadronic transport, by manufacturing with the newly discovered hypertemporal natured hadronic macro-molecules called hyper-magnecules, a “Causal Time Machine” (Dr. R. M. Santilli, Hadronic Mechanics, Antigravity, Spacetime Machines, & Other Predictions, Chapter 2.5.11). Which are also hyperdimensional in their nature, and now appear to be a core composit of our living DNA molecule (as pioneered by the work of hadronic physicist and mathematician, Dr. E Trell (Dr. R. M. Santilli, Elements of Iso-, Geno-, Hyper-Mathematics for Matter, Their Isoduals for Antimatter, and Their Applications in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Foundations of Physics, September 2003, vol. 33, no. 9. Pp. 1373-1416(44)).


Remember, that the Universal Heart-Mind is based on the hydrogen constant (H, element 1, comprises 90% of the universe, unanomously distrubuted), of 8 hz (phase-velocity difference of the 1 orbital electron to the proton).


Protons are the heart, core-seed-essence, that transmits the Universal Heart-Mind PSI Field, as the compassionate agency of the All-One Hadronic 5th Force. Puharich takes us into the basics:


“At the moment [Feb. 1987] it is believed that the ultimate particle is the quark. A proton, for example, is made up of three quarks. The quark, however, is made up of a fractal electric and magnetic charge.”

—Dr. Andrija Puharich, Protocommunication II: Universal Information/Action Transfer, February 1987. Pp 1.


Subatomic particle physics has considerably changed since… Furtheremore, the new class of materials called magnecules, made in hadronic reactors, through the new mathematics of hadronic mechanics, are objective evidence for the nature of what we had called atom (with an orbiting electron and a nucleus) — to be something somewhat different in morphology, especially in the case of the 1 femto-meter bound limit scale of the hadrons. The fractal charge mentioned by Puharich is of some great interest, which shall not be left vacant in this chapter.



We should also mention here that today the subatomic particle world is not considered material, in fact it is amidst the pure dynamics of the consciousness itself, and our co-participation with it, as this classical example of Dr. F. Capra examples:


“Subatomic particles are not made of any material stuff; they are patterns of energy. Energy, however, is associated with activity, with processes, and this implies that the nature of the subatomic particles is intrinsicly dynamic. When we observe them, we never see any substance, nor any fundamental structure. What we observe are dynamic patterns continually changing into oneanother.”

—Dr. Fritjof Capra, The Tao Of Physics, Third Edition, The Future of the New Physics, 1991, Pp 362


As to the quark, here Dr. Capra relates that the illusive nature of the quark illucidates the hadron, as it was seen in the old school of the new physics (hadronic mechanics being the new school):


“Experimenters continued looking for free quarks but were never able to detect any. The phenomenon has been given the name quark confinement, the idea being that quarks are, for some reason, permanently confined within the hadrons and thus will never be seen.

“To account for the observed patterns in the hadron spectrum, at least eighteen quarks plus eight gluons seem to be needed; none of these have ever been observed as free particles and their existence as physical constituents of hadrons would lead to sever theoretical difficulties.”

—Dr. Fritjof Capra, The Tao Of Physics, Third Edition, The Future of the New Physics, 1991, Pp 349


Indeed, hadronic physics is turning the old pseudo cult ‘science’ upsidedown, the new materials now being made by the hadron reactors are impossible by the physics that has tried to unify Einstein, quantum mechanics, string theory and beyond. But Dr. Capra continues:


“Although our present understanding of the subatomic world precludes the existence of quarks as physical particles, there can be no doubt that hadrons exhibit quark symmetries that will have to be explained… There has been a major breakthrough in S-Matrix Theory… In the quark model particles are pictured, essentially, as billiard balls containing smaller billiard balls, the S-matrix approach, being holistic and thoroughly dynamic, sees particles as interelated energy patterns in an ongoing universal process; as correlations, or interconnections, between various parts of an inseperable cosmic web. There are no disinct entities and no basic building blocks; there is only a flow of energy showing certain well defined patterns.”

—Dr. Fritjof Capra, The Tao Of Physics, Third Edition, The Future of the New Physics, 1991. Pp 350


This whole-oneness is further iterated to the hadron, with its seemless self-sustaining, fractal holographic self-ordering, by Dr. Capra:


“The picture of hadrons that emerges from the bootstrap theory is often summed up in the provocative phrase, ‘every particle consists of all other particles’. It must not be imagined, however, that each hadron contains all the others in a classical, static, sense. Rather than ‘containing’ one another, hadrons ‘involve’ one another in the dynamic and probabilistic sense of S-matrix theory, each hadron being a potential ‘bound state’ of all sets of particles which may interact with one another to form the hadron under consideration. In that sense all hadrons are composite structures whose components are again hadrons, and none of them is any more elementary than the others.

“The binding forces holding the structures together manifest themselves through the exchange of particles, and these exchanged particles are again hadrons.

“Each hadron, therefore, plays three roles: it is a composite structure, it may be a constituent of another hadron, and it may be exchanged between constituents and thus constitute part of the forces holding the structure together… Each hadron is held together by the forces associated with the exchange of other hadrons in the cross channel, each of which is, in turn, held together by forces to which the first hadron makes a contribution. Thus, ‘each particle helps to generate other particles, which in turn generate it (Dr G F Chew, Strongely Interacting Particles, Scientific American, vol. 210, February 1964, pp 93). The whole set of hadrons generates itself in this way.”

—Dr. Fritjof Capra, The Tao Of Physics, Third Edition, The Future of the New Physics, 1991. Pp 327


In this sense the All-One Macro Hadron (All-One Maker, Macro Irreversibility), is the indivisible All-Oneness of the myriad of All-One Hadrons. Along these lines a new cosmology has also emerged, known as the “baby universe” theory, where the children universes of our universe give brith to our universe, in a manner similar to the hadronic co-creation bootstrap continuum, which is self-conscious:


“This extremely complex bootstrap mechanism is self-determining… In the hadron bootstrap, all particles are dynamically compossed of one another in a self-consistent way, and in that sense can be said to ‘contain’ one another.”

—Dr. Fritjof Capra, The Tao Of Physics, Third Edition, The Future of the New Physics, 1991. Pp 328


In the ancient Vedas the hadronic universe bootstrap is modelled by the creator god, Indra, the head of the hadronic space gods, that is the Devakasa: “the gods of the mediating Aether Unified Field”.

The Avatamsaka Sutra relates this as the “Net of Indra,” and the Sutra is worded by Sir Charles Eliot, appearing to describe immaculately the hadron bootstrap all-oneness:


“In the heaven of Indra, there is said to be a network of pearls, so arranged that if you look at one you see all the others reflected in it. In the same way each object in the world is not merely itself but involves every other object and in fact is everything else.”

—Sir Charles Eliot, Japanese Buddhism, Routledge & Kegan Paul, London, 1959. Pp 109-110


However, as we researched this Net of Indra, we found that the Rg Veda portrays this as the Somanet, a word we had coined in the mid 1990s, now revealed in the archaic Manu-Script.

The Somanet of Indra is made up from the immaculate drops of Soma (from which the essence of the Bindhu concept comes from, the drop of immaculate emptiness and infinite bliss), which becomes transfigured to the pearls in the 1000 petalled lotus, later on.

Whilst Soma is a god, the Moon and the Sun, and the Soma plant is identified as wild rue (whose active ingredients are pinoline and harmine, natures two molecules, also in the human pineal gland, that have a miraculous Nuclear Magnetic Resonance stability of 8 hz, the Hadronic mediator, the PSI-Prana hadronomy et al), by being characterised as having:


“Four (4) horns, three (3) feet has he; two (2) heads and seven hands has he.”

—RV 4.58


This also appears to be the earliest mention of the Kalpa cycle that is 4,320,000,000 years (should the proto-Vedic people be primitive such a span of years has zero practical value)… Where the “hands” of Soma, are the  7 zeros that follow the 4 horns, 3 feet, and 2 heads of Soma

Thus the Soma Plant is also a hyper-temporal plant structure of hadron bootstrap connections. Which is also molecularly true in the sense of the 8hz NMR nature and phenomenon, being the hadronic force mediator, as we examine.

We explore the Somanet of Indra in avid detail, in a later section on the Vedas LOKAs & The Multi-Dimensional Universe.


As Dr. Capra sums up, “it is extremely difficult to imagine how a single particle can contain all other particles and at the same time be a part of each of them.”



As to a hyper-intelligence therein, this is implied in mankind’s own intelligence, as Dr. G. Chew points out, “the bootstrap… implies that the existence of consciousness, along with all other aspects of nature, is necessary for the self consistency of the whole (Dr. Geof F.Chew, Bootsrap: A Scientific Idea?).”

Thus, the intelligence evident in the numerous lifeforms that compose the one organic whole entity, of which mankind, and consciosness, are indivisibly sub-whole expressions, along with the intelligence of the DNA code language — this intelligence implies that the whole (whether the organic whole entity scribed in DNA anywhere in the universe, or the whole universe), itself must be intelligent.

By Chew’s logic, mankind is the best evidence for hyper and cosmic intelligence. Since our self-reflection of the universe, continuously enables the whole to repeat itself recursively, with the ability of progenerating forms through which the whole universe is self-reflecting itself, in fractal self-similarity, the fractality of consciousness co-creating with the All-One Creator/Creation of All-Oneness.


In a contact with Emmanuel called: THE UNIFIED FIELD: GOD, they relate this subatomic consciousness hadron bootstrap wholeness:


“The physical body is equally the Unified Field. The physical body is the gateway to your consciousness, to your Total Consciousness, as it is mirrored and stored within every particle.

“Light is percieved in different frequencies and different octaves of resonance which your brain filters into the understanding of physical reality.  All that you percieve around you is vibrational form.  All that you are is vibrational forms.  There is, however, a point that connects to all points. It is not in a specific place it is contained within all

“Much of the genetic formats, along with the DNA, are brought out of a subconscious mode and into the conscious mode, they move from the instinct to the conscious mind, so that one becomes aware that the body also is consciousness.  If you move into the subatomic particles you come to consciousness.  You come to consciousness creating within itself your own consciousness…”

—Emmanuel, THE UNIFIED FIELD, January 1991, Copenhagen Yoga Center of Else Helland , Copenhagen


Thus Emmanuel relate the subatomic partical bootstrap holonomy, or holography, to consciousness generation… We shall explore Puharich’s implications in this regard as we progress.




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. . . .         . . . .         . . . .         . . . .

.       .       .       .       .       .       .       .

. .     . .     . .     . .     . .     . .     . .     . .

.   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

The Sierpinski-Pascal or binomial triangele


Dr. Puharich’s description of the “fractal” field nature within the hadronic quark magnetic monopole is of exceptional significance.

This fractal self-organising force is in fact a hypergeometrical array that includes both the local hedral 3d symmetries (platonic solids), and hyperhedral forms of the Sierpinski triangle (called in the Vedas, the Manugala Yantra and for the 3D symmetrical hedral form, Meruprastara)…

Mandelbrot fractal, geometry behind proteins in 8hz electrolysis of water



The other geometry that is symbiotic to this, is a form of the Mandelbrot fractal (also found by Puharich as the fractal form ordered organisation of the protein life that was generated by the simple 8hz electrolysis of water — Hadronogenesis par excellance, we would suggest).

This geometry is identical to what the Vedas call the Dharmata, upon which the Stupa geometry is based. This ancient geometry also traces the mandlebrot set fractal, some representations of it have remained accurate over thousands of years.


The 3D rotation of the Novelty Time Wave Graph, into the Dharamata

Hyper-morphology. Here an iso-pair of Dharmata’s in concressence, by 2012

On a background of the Mandelbrot fractal. Still from 3D animation by Ananda



Our rediscovery of the accurate 3D Dharmata geometry is based on the novel Timewave discovery of Novelty Theory, visionarily rediscovered by ontologist Terrence McKenna, initially in the 1970s.

The Timewaves’ typological morphology has been acredited by UCLA scientist and mathematician, professor Ralf Abrahams (A Chronology Of Time), as the fractal symmetry of the ontological morphology of time itself.

The Timewave verified to be an accurate cartography of time’s temporal wave architecture within the atomic clock observation measurements made by Los Alamos Laboritory physicist, Dr. Sheliak. The temporal behavior within the scale of the ATOMIC clocks, behaved accordingly to the Timewave-1 graph topology…

Thus, Puharich’s assertion to the ATOM’s nucleus MM force within the proton, to be following fractal electric/magnetic charge, which he also relates to the Mandlebrot set — is clearly here highlighted for the very first time. Especially when we understand the relation between the Timewave, Dharmata, and the mandlebrot fractal, as follows…



This leads us to our findings… By tracing the complete Timewave graph into 3D computer animation software; replicating the design 180° in mirror symmetry; and then rotating this into 3 dimensions, the beautiful and remarkable precise morphology of the Dharmata was resurrected from the catacombs of antiquity. Dharmata’s shape is traced by the Mandlebrot fractal symmetry outline.



Before Leonardo Da Vinci’s version of this mandelbrot fractal design within his Leicester Codex, he was preceeded by several hundred years in the remarkable labour undertaken by Monk Udo of Achen, who spent 9 years calculating the accurate Mandlebrot set which he called Divinitas (“Godhead”), rather than using Abacus, he utlised the Vedic mathematics of ‘algorythm’ calculations that utilised the Vedic arabic numerals (based on Brahmi-script), (The forgotten genius of Udo von Aachen", Schipke, R.J. and Eberhardt, A., Harvard Journal of Historical Mathematics, 32, 3 (March 1999), pp 34-77), which itself is derived from Vedic mathematics. He depicted it as the star of Bethlehem.



The Timewave, also appears to be the accurate morphology of the full permutation of the DNA genom (by the implication of Dr. Martin Schönberger’s accademically impeccable I-Ching and The Genetic Code: The Hidden Key To Life). Thereby, the fractal MM fields of the hadronic force in the proton, through 8hz electrolysis of water, producing the amino acids and full proteins in the very same fractal symmetry as itself… which itself is the complete permutation of the DNA code, is extraordinary…


That is: proteins “Made in the Image of its Creator,” the organising 27D Hadron through its MM fractal symmetry… and which turns out to be the symmetrical geometry of the full permutation of the DNA codon language.

Thereby, giving a fractal (self-similar, self-organising, self-reflective/conscious), hyper-topology of the All-One Macro nature of the hadron’s hyperdimensional unified hypercharacteristics... The hadronic mechanic’s Macro Irreversible Hyper-Organisation of all life.

Thereby: the hyper-morphology of indivisible wholeness that is all-one Hyper-Intelligence — HTI: Hyper-Temporal/Hyper-Terrestrial Intelligence.



Thus, some initial major decipherments of the Universal Language orchestrated by the Hadronic-Intelligence Hyper-Organisation of Life, have been decrypted, self-embedded and axiomatic within the very cipher codes of life itself, and within the very heart fields of proto-matter (proton-matter proper).


 Hereby, we have identification of the fractal Universal Language composed of a hadronic hyper-semantics that has seamless axiomatic similitude in its linguistics between the fractal design of the code of life and the fractal geometry of the MM force comprising the alphabet of all the periodic elements that composit the universe…

 Same fractal semantics as the DNA life code and the organising fractal force in the heart of all the periodic elements that built the universe… And the application of one (the fractal MM within the proton), upon the element water (by 8hz electrolysis), produces living complex amino acid chained proteins that grow according to the fractal Dharmata/Mandlebrot image/symmetry, that is the characteristics of the MM proto-force in the atomic heart; and which is also the fractal image of the entire ontological morphology of the DNA code, itself a composite of amino acids…

Talk about Self-Organisation, Self-Reflection, Self-Similarity… The same, self-similar, universal All-One Mind-Heart — the indivisible unity between the, so called, inanimate and the animate (such a consequence is also objectively established by hadronic hyper-mathematics. Arbitary connections have been eliminated, illusive assumptions vacuumed into nonexistence).

 The human genome is some 3.6 billion DNA letters in length, whilst one single X-chromosome is a macro-DNA molecule some 160 million DNA letters in length. Dr Robert Pollack relates that the DNA:


“Is also a form of text, and that therefore it is best understood by analytical ways of thinking commonly applied to other forms of text, for example, books.”

— R. Pollack A Crisis In Scientific Moral, Nature, 385,1997. pp 674


One cannot analyse a text like a book, if one presupposes that there was no intelligence behind writing it. The very fact that the DNA turns out to be an intricate language, written in complex grammer, reveals an intelligence that has a far more holographically integrated hyper-semantics than our present use of languages.

The DNA resonating crystal is an intelligently ordered linguistics with a holographic laser resonation communication continuum, as molecular biologist Dr. Frank-Kamenetskii relates:


“The DNA crystal is aperiodic, since the sequence of base pairs is as irregular as the sequence of letters in a coherent text.”

—M. D. Frank-Kamenetskii Unveiling The DNA. New York, VCH Publishers, 1993. Pp 31


Or as noted biologist Sir Charles Dobbs had relayed:


“The whole of the protein in the human body is replaced in roughly 160 days… When one contrasts the great complexity of the protein molecule with the fact that millions of these substences are constantly being built up and disintegrated in the human body, and moreover rebuilt to precisely the same structure, one cannot help but speculate about the controlling mechanism.”

—Sir Charles Dobbs, quoted in Dr. Harold Saxton Burr’s, The Fields Of Life (Ballantine, New York, 1973).


Thus, to find the same fractal self-similarity in the DNA code’s permutations as that of the organising force within the protons from the hadron omegon, should seriously transcend the primitive assumption of zero intelligence behind the DNA life book.

The fractal self-similarity thus of DNA, time, the proton’s hadronic magnetic monopole force, and the fractal growth of life exposed to the 8hz ELF field of this fractal force, demonstrates a post modern fax simile of the Veda’s, “man made in the Image of the Original Model of Manu,” and the Biblical, “Man made in the Image and the Similitude of God.”

Puharich’s observation of the fractal ‘mandlebrot’ geometry arising from the Magnetic Monopole force within the proton, in the 8hz electrolysis of water, and his above mentioning of this being the fractal electric and magnetic charge within each of the 3 quarks that compose the proton of the atomic nucleus, now has some astounding and surprising cross-verifications…



That is: the Timewave fractal form discovered by McKenna, vindicated by Temporal Chronologer Dr. Ambraham, and observed to be the actual nature of the fractal geometry of time within the atomic clocks, by Dr. Sheliak.

However, clarity descends only when our novel discovery of the Dharmata 3D symmetry of the Timewave was renderred, and the Dharmata is beautifully outlined by the Mandlebrot set.

The Vedic description of the Dharmata (which also means “the universal law of divine love”), and taken forwards all the way into Sanskrit/Buddhist art and cosmology, is also utilised as the geometry of time, the Dharma Maha Kala (“Law of Omni-Time”).


Java, Indonesia, Meru temple with 72 Dharmata Stupa’s upon the AUM Sri Yantra

27 line geometry. With 432 Buddhas. Charting the 27 Lunar mansions


Forinstance, the 72 Stupas placed on Mt. Meru, in Java, Indonesia, is a prime example. Not only the outline of the Dharmata, but the fact that there are 72 of them on this version of the Meruprastara mountain (the sum of each row of bricks that build the Meruprastara pyramid equates to the sum number sequence that 8hz established upon itself within water… 8, 16, 32, 64 etc… Meru AKA the Sri Yantra, or the Sierpinski pyramid of modern mathematics).



Meru Prastara Vedic Pyramid Altar & Chonomoniter


These 72 Dharmata/Stupas are arranged on the Meru pyramid (itself acting as chronomonitor of the 27 lunar mansions through which the Moon passes in one lunar year), in such a manner as to mark the 1° of precession shift of our planet within the 12 zodiac houses — 72 years per degree, 360 x 72 for the complete zodiac wheel (nevermind the axiomatic 27/72).



Dr. Puharich continues describing the three quarks containing the fractal force that compose the proton’s character:


“The three quarks in a proton are each made up of qualities called ‘flavours’ and each quark has 6 such flavours. This multiplicity of ‘qualities’ has led some physicists to theorise that the quark is not a fundamental particle, but state that each quark is made up of three more fundamental particles, called either omegons, or preons. Preons can be considered to be the universal carrier of information/ACTION transfer, per se.”

—Dr. Andrija Puharich, Protocommunication II: Universal Information/Action Transfer, February 1987. Pp 1.


Today the complete quark family is comprised of some 36 quarks, although they are actually all-one and have a mercurial hyper-mobius behaviour. These omegons are  essentially understood to be within the hadron. The name preon, today, became more popularly used as the label for the preon protein apparently behind “mad cows disease.”

The hadron-omegon as the All-One Akasa Unified Information Agency, is precisely the nature now established by harnessing of the hadronic force in hadronic mechanics, and hyper-logically understood in hadronic physics. 

Quantum Mechanics physician, Professor Steven Phillips, describes the  omegons as the monopoles of SU9 (or super-symmtry 9, string theory). The MM monopoles are the miraculous agents at work. The fundamental particle group:


“Is tripply connected and for which… two non-trivial types of vortices are defined — those whose endpoints are monopoles of charge 1 (mod 3) and 2 (mod 2). In being colour [quark] SU(9) monopoles, omegons are SU(3) monopoles as well. As such they are the ends of Y-shaped vortices carrying flux quanta. Consequently, omegons are the joint end-points of nine-legged SU(9) vortices and Y-shaped SU(3) vortices, that is, they cluster into three groups of three, bound externally by the former and internally by the latter.”

—Dr. Steven Phillips, Extra-Sensory Perception Of Quarks, 1982. Theosophical Publishing House


Thereby, the omegons have an embedded fractal self-similarity in their arrangement as being monopoles of the same geometric symmetry in both supersymmetry SU(3) and SU(9) space concurrently, self-embedding the triangular self-similarity of the Sierpinski triangle, or Meru Prastara.

The Fibonacci golden numbers in the binomial Meru Prastara trianagle

Dr. Phillips continues describing the quark “colour” nature from omegons, as a hadron bootstrap holonomy:


“Colour SU(3) is an effective gauge symmetry of the total interaction between composite quarks, one that is actually mediated by the gauge fields of the primary colour SU(9) coupling between omegons.”

—Dr. Steven Phillips, Extra-Sensory Perception Of Quarks, 1982. Theosophical Publishing House.


That is the fractal self-similarity between the SU(3) and SU(9) is the fractal morphology that is built of its self-image information arrangement symmetry. Phillips continues:


“Quarks are SU(3), singlet bound states of three SU(3), monopoles. Monopoles couple to a gauge-invarient SU(3) scalar field tensor in an Abelian-like manner, obeying Dirac’s equation for an Abelian monopole. Omegons have an electric dipole moment of Dirac form. Quarks are bound to oneanother in baryons by SU(9) Nielsen-Olesen vortices extending between their constituent omegons. The total flux emanating from the junction of the nine vortices is 0 (mod 9). Quarks are clusters of three SU(9) magnetic monopoles that are internally bound by Y-shaped SU(3) vortices carrying either one or two flux quanta. The flux emanating from the junction of the Y-shaped string is 0 (mod 3).

Note that the trigonal symmetry of the sets of three SU(9) strings is identical with the symmetry of arrangement of the SU(3) strings between omegons in a free quark. This is because each quark contributes a net flux of three quanta to the junction of the nine SU(9) strings binding omegons together in the baryon, while each omegon contriibutes a net flux of one quantum to the junction of the nine SU(3) strings binding them in a free quark. The internal Y-shaped string structure of a bound quark is identical with current models of baryons as three SU(3) quark monopoles bound by Y-shaped strings.”

—Dr. Steven Phillips, Extra-Sensory Perception Of Quarks, 1982. Theosophical Publishing House.


Thus the super-string fractal symmetry arrangement is laid out in 1982, following embedded sets of tripples, i.e. triangles, the very same foundation as the 3-3-3 triangles that comprise the Meru Shri Yantra, and the Sierpinski triangle.




In fact the self-similar SU(3) and SU(9) structures that fractal embed oneanothers symmetry, is the three-fold basis of the majority of Vedic Mechanics and Vedic Cosmology. The Rg Veda’s hymn of the All-One Maker Visvakarmanamh, relates to the 9 forms (probably the primordial root of the Meru AUM Yantra is therein indicated):


"Those 9 forms of yours that are highest, those that are lowest, and those that are midmost, Oh All-One Maker, help us to recognise them in the Soma oblation. You who follow your own laws, sacrifice your own body, making it grow Omnifiscent.”

—RV 10.81.5, Visvakarman


Thus the 9 forms of the All-One Maker are themselves composed of 3 regions: highest, midmost; lowest. Thereby, there must be 3 forms in each of the 3 form types… 3-3-3 = 9

Visnu’s three procreative strides, the three realms: ground-world Sea; Middle Region Waters; and the Ocean of heaven.

Between the two Oceans/Seas, in the middle region, are the 7 Lokas as the 7 rivers and seven rays of the Spiritual universal Sun… This hymn of the Divine Sun Horse, is one example:


“3, they say, in Heaven are yours bonds, oh horse,

“3 in the Waters,

“3 in the Sea, and you appear to me as Varuna, where they say is your Supreme conception.”

—RV. 1.163.4


The horse is the Spiritual Sun that travels through all three worlds, with their three respective domains… 3 x 3 x 3 = 27 permutations.

The horse is said to be the 27 lunar mansions, with its body.

The lunar mansion horse has 27 ribs for the 27 Naksastras, 5 for the planets, 2 for the Sun and the Moon, then the whole body of the horse, 35, and the head of the horse, 36. The 36th tattva/sense, is the Maha Tattva. Since the first writing of this article in March, we now have found this Rg Veda passage, to confirm this relation:


The primordial Pitrs fashioned heaven with the Nakshataras constellations, like a dark horse with pearls."

–RV 10.68.11


The horses head holds the secret of Soma, and is burried deep in the oceans of space… It is Indra’s Vajra “Thunder-Diamond bolt” (his hadron power, as we shall explore in the Indra Net section [published in The Manu book])… The horses head made the Maha Viraj vessel of the Soma ceremonies…

This piece is written on the Spring Equinox, 2006… Vedic Sky fables remain within the fabulous parables of our astrophysical nuance — Equi- is short for Equine = “horse”, and Nox stems from Noos, “consciousness”, or the “head of awareness”… There is much more to reveal on this later. Today the constellation Equos, the horses head is justby Aquarius, and Pegasus’s mouth approaches it… Equos lies before Aquila the eagle, to the galactic center.

The golden winged Sun horse is the Spiritual Sun Self vehicle that travels through all the 3 domains: Ocean of Heaven; primordial boundlessly deep Waters of the middle region (heart); and the Sea of the worlds. And between the Heaven Ocean and world Sea, lies the 7 Loka worlds, wherein our Bhumi-Loka universe-world traces the blueprint of the horse, in the fabric of the fables of the stars, etched in the tesselations of time and space, as a Manual, an echoe of their Primordial Grace upon which they are based.


This 3-3-3 arrangement appears to be mirrored in the quark-omegon hadronomy of the proton in the heart of every atom…

There are the 3 sets of 11 gods, that govern each of the three regions: Ocean-Waters-SeaIndra and Varuna govern the middle Waters; Agni the Sea of the earth-worlds; and Soma-Vena-Visnu the Ocean of the Heavens: 3-3-3.

Thus, renderring the 33 devakasa gods to that of fundamental particle forces of the universe’s akasa hadron bootsrap holonomy, or Indra Somanet (as we shall explore)…

In fact, in 1969, Dr. Fritjof Capra, when looking at the gas bubble web tracings of the central hadron known as the proton —  realised it was the same stance as depictions of the Cosmic Dancer of Shiva. He superimposed the Hindu image on the bubble chamber pattern of the proton scatter pattern WEB, and the two matched perfectly, that his how his journey of The Tao Of Physics began.


The primordial gods are the fundamental forces of the universe as All-One Field, the Devakasa’s akasa/hadron hyper-bootstrap holonomy. The description of the subatomic particle accents, do have stricking parallels to the “33 gods of Manu”…



(Srimad Bhagavata Purana, Rg Veda, & Emmanuel)


As to the fundamental particle Devakasa Hyperintelligence, the Bhagavata Purana’s Canto 8 Chapter entitled, “The Manus, Administrators of the Universe,” relates how the characteristic modulations of everyone, follows the Manu management system, Manuvantara’s, which coordinates the individual attributes, including those of the 33 Devakasa gods of Manu.



The Manu’s emerge primordial (Lotus Born), from their Manuratha Hyperdimensional vehicles in the Sri Yantra 8-16 Flower

Of Light Cascade, the Lotus 8 and 16 petals that surround the 27 line Meru Yantra… The AUM Vehicle

Or PaRANAVA. Manu-Tarakamalaratha.


To give some basic perspective background, in Chapter Fourteen, “The System of Universal Management,” the Bhagavata relates:


“The Manus and others are chosen by these incarnations, under whose direction they conduct the universal affairs… The Manus, being fully engaged according to the instructions of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, directly reestablish the principles of occupational duty in its full four parts.”

—Srimad Bhagavata Purana, Canto 8, Chapter Fourteen, 3-5


The translation of the “Supreme Personality of the Godhead,” is directly related to the Rg Veda’s Purusah, or the Cosmic Persona, also known as the Visva-Manauvah:


“My dear Lord, You are the Maha-Purusa, the Supreme Personality of Godhead.”

—Srimad Bhagavata Purana, Canto 11, Chapter Five, 33


Where the Maha Purusah is situated, is post-paradoxical:


“The transcendental Supreme Person, the Supersoul of all living entities, who are in different statuses of life, high and low, existed at the end of the millennium, when neither this manifested cosmos nor anything else but Him existed.”

—Srimad Bhagavata Purana, Canto 9, Chapter 1.8


Thereby, here we have the first historical glimmerings, of what became known as the Omega Point cosmology, as a mathematical offshoot of the anthropic principle, “observer orientated universe,” branch of physics, pioneered by Dr. Frank Tipler. The Omega Point is the first Cause at the end of the universe, that creates the universe, much as stated above… The Rg Veda, however, is founded on the non-dual Alpha-Omega Macro point, which is also indicated in the Puranas’ mention of Rta-Alpha and Satya-Omega.



Meru Lotus AUM Mountain


Relating to the Manu, in a discourse from the Maha Purusah, the “Supreme Personified Godhead”, states that He looks through the eyes of absolutely every being, and through the heart of every element, and through the nuclear heart core of every atom, immaculately, irreversibly, imperishable:


“O Supreme Lord, O changeless, unlimited supreme truth. You are the origin of everything. Being all-pervading, You are in everyone's heart and also in the atom.”

—Srimad Bhagavata Purana, Canto 8, Chapter 5.26


Thereby, the Maha Purusah is described as that fractal self-organising and ordering force within the proton hadron’s magnetic monopoles, whose signal is 8 cycles per second. Interestingly, the hearts cardio-rythmn’s when the ECG measures conscious coherent love, the golden proportion of magnetic coherence (the same proportion as the arrangement as the DNA helix), peaks at 8 hz… Thus, the force of compassionate love, engaged with intent, in biofeedback (Electro-Cardio-Gram), and the same force within the heart of the atom, the proton, 8 hz ELF (itself engaging the golden proportion in all waves it phase-entrains), would be akin to the Maha Purusah Manauvah.

As Salvana-Emmanuel (the Rg Veda’s Manu Salhvana) related in 1989:


“There is only One great Unity, One great Being, that has divided Itself, in Its Stillness, in Its Beingness, to be many different beings, to be many different universes, and many different creations, in which It can sub-divide Itself, again, into many different galaxies, into many different solar systems; into many different planets; into many different beings in those planets; into many different molecules, atoms, sub-atoms. Until you come to a stage, within sub-atomic particles, where everything is God, and is All-Oneness.”

—Emmanuel-Salvana, The Light Of Emmanuel. Chapter, Explorations Into Oneness: From A Finite Perspective Into The One True Viewpoint Of Being God. January 1989. Edited by Ananda. Aton Publishing, Denmark, 1992.


Thus, with the sub-atomic All-Oneness, we are coming to the Unified Field, the hadronic 5th force, at the heart of the subatomic proton, the All-One Field. As the Rg Vedic hymn of the Maha Purusah echoes:


“The Purusa is all that has been and all that will be. The Lord of Immortality (AmRtatvas)… So Omnificent is his Omnipotence; yet greater than this is Purusa. All creatures are one-fourth of Purusa, three-fourths are immortal in heaven.”

—RV 10.90.2-3. Purusah Sakta


In a post-modern update of the Veda’s in a semantics of our modern time, Emmanuel relay the same Vedic wisdom on the Purusah, and themselves cogniscently within the Cosmic Persona, in regards to the subatomic force’s unity to the universal Unified Field:


“We are a collective superconscious that programmes the collective unconscious, that lies beyond the collective unconscious and, at the same time, interpenetrates and interflows with the collective unconscious, and within your own conscious mind. This collective superconscious is in the heart of all creation, it would have to be seen within the subatomic particle level. For once you are within that you are realising that all creation is consciousness, and that this is the collective superconscious.

“The collective superconscious, known as cosmic Christ, exists and interpenetrates the whole universe. It is, at the same time, that consciousness which is dreaming, within Itself, creation. Therefore, if you look in the heart of parti­cles, you come to the Mind which is known as cosmic Christ, or collective universal superconscious. For the dream has surrounded Itself in — one could say that the collective superconscious, or universal superconscious, known as cosmic Christ, has embodied Itself, has clothed Itself, within its own dream.

“But, at the same time, you do exist within this dream. But if you connect to your inner Self, you connect to the collective or universal superconscious, known as cosmic Christ.”

—Emmanuel & Salvana-Emmanuel, The Art Of Being, 16th April, 1989.


The Universal Meru Chariot of the Vasta Purusa



The Maha Purusah looking through the heart of every individual atom, and the heart of every individual I the universe, relates how the universal co-generation continuum is construed:


“As long as the Supreme Personality of Godhead continues to glance upon nature, the material world continues to exist, perpetually manifesting through procreation the great and variegated flow of universal creation.

“I am the basis of the universal form, which displays endless variety through the repeated creation, maintenance and destruction of the planetary systems. Originally containing within itself all planets in their dormant state, My universal form manifests the varieties of created existence by arranging the coordinated combination of the five elements.

—Srimad Bhagavata Purana, Canto 11, Chapter 16 & 24: The Lord’s Opulence, 16:20-21


Thus, it is through our own heart’s eye, and the intelligent hadronic force and its 8hz agency with the heart of every atom that the creation’s continuum is maintained, and the “universal form” of the Maha Purusah is a grid arrangement that coordinates the combinations of the 5 elements. This is engaged through the Maha-Tattva or universal/whole-individual “Omni-Sense”. This “glance” of the Maha Purusah, in regards to our own heart stance to the universal co-creation, is here clarified by Salvana-Emmanuel:


“You are governed by the gaze of God… You yourself are contributing to this gaze. You are part of this gaze of God that is freezing a part of Himself to be looked at, to be experienced. This gaze is being looked at as certain patterns, or consciousness which, again, have even separated. This you can call group beings… that is holding this planet, and viewing this planet in a certain way. Now, it is these patterns that govern the way creation is frozen… that we are trying to rewrite, reprogramme, just as you would write a computer programme… We are now rewriting the coding for it, the structures that are holding this pattern of creation. And at the moment much data is being deleted. Thus the way you perceive reality is changing very fast…

“Your physicists and scientists will discover that this universe is but one oneness… That you, in fact, are the Creator creating creation. That you, in fact, are responsible for creating this whole universe. That your consciousness is creating it. And that you will find that your consciousness and creation are not separated… That you are It looking at Itself. You are this energy structuring Itself. You are this God Being, this God energy, experimenting, tasting, Itself.”

—Emmanuel-Salvana, The Light Of Emmanuel. Chapter, Explorations Into Oneness: From A Finite Perspective Into The One True Viewpoint Of Being God. January 1989. Edited by Ananda. Aton Publishing, Denmark, 1992.


The Vedas, to some degree reflected in the Puranas, and Emmanuel, relay that each individual is a personification of the All-One Maker.

The Purana’s reflection of the Veda’s cosmology, relates that each man, in each moment is first the Maha Tattva (“Omni-Sense”), as one with the Atmanau, or Unity Heart-Mind-Sun Self, (Vedic Atamana, “Superself” from the MahAtamanau Omni-Hyperself. Sanskrit mana is derived from Manau), that is the Maha Purusah gazing through one’s heart core seed-essence.

In every moment the Maha-Purusah Godhead looks as us, through every hadronic proton heart of our body… In every moment we may divide the Maha Tattva into the universal sense of self, the false or illusionary ego:


“From the agitation of the original modes within the unmanifest material nature, the mahat-tattva arises. From the mahat-tattva comes the element false ego, which divides into three aspects.”

—Srimad Bhagavata Purana, Canton 12, Chapter 7.11


Within creation, and also in every moment, the Omni-Sensed (Maha Tattva), divides itself, like the wholeness of the Sun through the triangular 3 faces of the prism, utilising the Vasta Purusah yantra matrix-grid of 7 x 7 = 49… These are also the 7 veils or coverings of the whole universe, the 7 nebula sheats kicked up by the cosmic dancers, swelling like milk in the Rg Veda. Remember the cosmic dancing Shiva and the subatomic proton particle scatter pattern similitude.

The personal Maha Tattva 7 x 7 = 49 division, is indivisible with that of the universes. In The Unity Keys of Emmnuel, we show that the galaxy is arranged in a grid of 7 x 7 = 49 regions were suns are visible, surrounded by a grid where no suns are observable to astrophysics… Also the Sierpinski triangle binomial number sequence is derived from 1/49, renderring the number series that are generated by 8 hz in water 020408 16 32 64 128 256, all of which are the harmonic equal tempered musical tuning of C on a golden spiral propertioned music cone.

The Srimad Bhagavata Puruna indicates that in every moment, the Maha-Tattva divides itself through the Purusah Vasta yantra, that thereby comprises the elements, the senses, and material natures. 7 elements of the Numinous, Water, Fire, Air, Ether, Mind/Ego-noumenon, Ego/Material nature. With 7 x 7 permutations of these…


Within this grid, the 6th atomic quality of Earth in Material nature is the segment where the ego manifests from the division of the Maha Tattva Omni-Sense that is always the Omni-View of the Maha-Purusah. In the 7th earth atomic quality and the 7th material nature/ego quality, is the hologrid hyperdiamond lattice where the ‘false ego’ is in apparent apparence, that is the false sense of self (self-hatred, self sabotage etc)…

In every moment the Maha-Purusah Godhead looks as us, through every atomic heart of our body…  


In every moment we appear to divide the Maha Tattva into the alter ego and the mind etc… Our senses are a result of the “three aspects” that the Bhagavata relays emerge from the Maha Tattva:


“From the mahat-tattva comes the element false ego, which divides into three aspects.

“This threefold false ego further manifests as the subtle forms of perception, as the senses and as the gross sense objects. The generation of all these is called creation… The secondary creation.”

Srimad Bhagavata Purana, Canton 12, Chapter 7.11-12


Thereby, the Maha-Tattva’s manifestation as the false ego of three aspects, known as gunas, renders the 5 senses and the 5 elements of the universe, and its species:


All of the many universal species, along with their respective leaders, appeared with different natures and desires generated from the three modes of material nature.”

Srimad Bhagavata Purana, Canton 11 , Chapter 14.5-7


However, each satient being, plays a co-creative role in this continuum:


“The generation of all these is called creation. The secondary creation, which exists by the compassion of the Lord, is the manifest amalgamation of the desires of the living entities. Just as a seed produces additional seeds, activities that promote material desires in the performer produce moving and nonmoving life forms.”

Srimad Bhagavata Purana, Canton 12, Chapter 7.12


This precisely echoes what Emmanuel have related in a more modern understanding, and also referring to the separating factor as a “bubble”, which is akin to the Vedic concept of the koshas, or bubble sheaths. Three components comprise this “bubble of belief” prism:


“The bubble is that which acts as the prism through which the One Light would appear to diversify into frozen reality: the bubble of beleif, of expectancy, imagination, desire. Perception is based on that, on the codings, of the blue prints, of the mass consciousness perception of One Light ocean.”

—Emmanuel, Diving Into Superconsiousness: A Guide To Being God, January 1990


Thus, the “bubble of belief”, is likened to the “compassion of the Lord” (inner Tibetan Buddhism also regards the true nature of the illusion of creation to be compassion), that is the amalgam of creation as the “manifest amaglamation” of every individual expectancy, imagination, desire, that exhists in the “secondary creation”.

Emmanuel, here relay the consciousness Light (Maha-Tattva), 7 spectrum array nature of the bubble sheath:


All around you, you experience the illusion of movement. Partly because you have separated and diversified your Self, and are looking through part of the spectrum of colour. Experiencing part of the spectrum of colour, rather than all colours united.

“Your eyesight is looking with part of the spectrum. Your senses, your feeling — touch — is only picking up certain vibratory frequencies. And, therefore, is only able to sense certain vibratory qualities, not all of them, just a small part of the spectrum. Your ears, they too pick up a small part of the musical band of colour — of diversified Light. It is only because there is a part of you that wishes to remain separated. It is only because a part of you is affirming that it is not one in God. That it is an actors clothes, a mask of expression: the conscious mind.”

—Emmanuel, Divine Into Superconsciousness: A Guide To Being, January 1990


We shall be returning to Emmanuel’s bubble prism concept ahead.  Here, the Bhagavata renders the onset of clarity in this matter:


“After the creation of this world of three gunas, You appear to have entered it, although in fact You have not. The mahat-tattva, the total material energy, is undivided, but because of the material modes of nature [gunas], it appears to separate into earth, water, fire, air and ether.”

—Srimad Bhagavata Purana, Canto 10, Chapter 3.14-17


Thus, here we have confirmation that the Maha Tattva is the undivided whole total of material energy, and that the 3 gunas renders the apparent appearance, or illusion that it separates into the 5 elements. Although not immediately obvious here, the Puranas do relate, the Rg Veda notion that the creation itself is neither in “existence nor none existence.”

The combination of these 5 elements by our 5 senses, through our experience of the living energy is then mentioned, as the Bhagavata continues:


 “Because of the living energy [jiva-bhuta], these separated energies combine to make the cosmic manifestation visible. But in fact, before the creation of the cosmos, the total energy is already present. Therefore, the total material energy never actually enters the creation.”

—Srimad Bhagavata Purana, Canto 10, Chapter 3, 15-17


The entire universe is therefore an illusion of the apparent division of the indivisible wholeness of the Mahat Tattva. The Maha Purusah Godhead can only be experienced in synesthezia, or synergy of the 5 senses (hyper-sensed and Omni-Sensed Maha Tattva), no one sense can perceive the Omni-Persona Godhead:


“Similarly, although You are perceived by our senses because of Your presence, You cannot be perceived by the senses, nor experienced by the mind or words. With our senses we can perceive some things, but not everything; for example, we can use our eyes to see, but not to taste. Consequently, You are beyond perception by the senses. Although in touch with the modes [gunas] of material nature, You are unaffected by them. You are the prime factor in everything, the all-pervading, undivided Supersoul. For You, therefore, there is no external or internal.”

—Srimad Bhagavata Purana, Canto 10, Chapter 3, 16-17


Thus, the Presence of the Maha Purusah is perceived by “our senses” that is a unison, “the senses” cannot perceive the Godhead. Since, the Supreme Personality of the Godhead has an Omnijective view, where the indivisible wholeness of the objective external and subjective internal, is phase-cancelled in an Omni-mobius omni-Klein bottle All-Oneness Loop. The Omnijective actual nature of creation, by the Maha Purusah is iterated:


 “Just as the same material elements exist within and outside of all material bodies, similarly, I cannot be covered by anything else. I exist within everything as the Supersoul and outside of everything in My all-pervading feature.”

—Srimad Bhagavata Purana, Canto 11, Chapter 15.36


Similarly our soul and body are one indisible whole:


“One who considers his visible body, which is a product of the three modes of nature, to be independent of the soul is unaware of the basis of existence.

“Changeless in Your spiritual situation. There are no contradictions in You, who are the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Parabrahman. Because the three modes of material nature--sattva, rajas and tamas--are under Your control, everything takes place automatically.”

—Srimad Bhagavata Purana, Canto 10, Chapter 3, 18-19


This automatic prismatic spectrum grid machinary of the holographic universal illusion, is maintained through the God Computer, controlled through the trinity of the three gunas, we shall explore in the 7 Lokas chapter. However, its identity may already be obvious to some, and will be identified in a moment.

The vasta purusa yantra grid of 7 x 7 = 49 that gives rise to the apparent illusion of a division of the whole-oneneness, is itself one grid, 1 whole unit, divided by 49 (or seven spectrums), within its own holography (dynamic spectrums of holomovement). Here, the Bhagavata Purana relates further structure to this construction:


“You are the cause of all causes, the self-effulgent, inconceivable. You manifest various potencies in this cosmic manifestation.

“You are the original cause of material creation, the life force, the senses, the five elements, the three modes and the mahat-tattva. You are eternal time, determination and the two spiritual systems called Truth [Satya] and Order [Rta]. You are the shelter of the syllable om, which consists of three letters a-u-m.”

—Srimad Bhagavata Purana, Canto 8, Chapter 7.24-25



Tonograph signature of Monk’s chanting

AUM, revealing the Sri Yantra signature of

This mantra audial waveform, tonography

by Dr. Lawrence Blair


Since, Dr. Laurence Blair’s research evidenced in the sound sensitised tonographer that the shape made by the carefull mantra sung by a monk, of AUM, renderred the Sri Yantra Mt. Meru geometry, itself a hyper Sierpinski triangle array:


’Om', when correctly uttered into the tonoscope... produces the circle 'O', which is then filled in with concentric squares and triangles, finally producing, when the last traces of the 'm' have died away, a 'yantra' — the formal geometrical expression of sacred vibration."

—Dr. Lawrence Blair, Rhythms Of Vision: The Changing Patterns Of Belief. Shocken, New York, 1976. Pp 115


The tonographic pattern of AUM is the absolute Sri Yantra… Here, we have yet another glimpse of the automation God Machinery of creation, being based on the 1/49 grid, since this produces the value of the numbers summed in each row of the Meru Prastara Sierpinski triangle array.

By the Bhagavata’s above description, we have 15 distinct components: the wholeness of the Maha Tattva, the three aspects or guna modes of the alter-ego, the 5 elements, the 5 senses, and lastly the life force. The purusa kosa body bubble sheath, is usually ascribed to that of the life force.

These together form the architectural grid of specific components:



purusa kosa — Life Force



1. Sight,

2. Hearing,

3. Smelling,

4. Taste,

5. Feeling,

                        5 + 5 = 10


1. Akasa-Aether

2. Apas-Water

3. Vayu-Air

4. Agni-Fire

5. Prthvi-Earth


Alter-ego 3 Tri-gunas (1. sattva-guna, 2. rajas-guna, 3. tamas-guna… In Nada),


Mahat Tattva

               purusa-kosa + 3 gunas + Maha-Tattva  = 5


                                 5 x 10        = 50



This is clearly the basis of the 50 letters of the Sanskrit Devanagari alphabet, which has each of the 50 letters placed on the petals ascribed to each of the chakras 1-6 (base to brow).

These 15 apparent components are associated to the 15 phases, or kalas, of the Moon (Soma-Chandra)… The Maha-Purusah is the 16th Kala of the Moon, Am-Kala, the Supreme Ambrosia, Elixir of immortality: Somakalasa, Amrta [named after the 16th vowel, Am, and the Universal Law Rta, the Alpha. And so the Purusah Sukta hymn of the Rg Veda is 16 verses in its texstylis. And these 16 kalas again to the 16 Sanskrit vowels.



The 3 gunas act as the prism of the 1 Maha Tattva… When the 50 together are seen as the Maha-Purusah, then to divide the golden 50, as 1/49, the Maha-Tattva is taken as the 1, the remaining gunas, senses, elements, and life force comprise the 7 x 7 spectrums of the 49… This renders the Sierpinski triangle grid cascade… = 0.020408 16 32 64 128 256 512… Interestingly, the I-Ching also has 50 reeds.

There is also a Golden 50th (the Sanskrit alphabet is based on this fractal holonomy, that appears to be the very same hyper-geometrical symmetry as the hadronic force magnetic monopole nodes, in numeration, or shall we say Manumeration.


Thus, we have a technological understanding of the alter-ego grid base of the 7 x 7 spectrummed secondary creation…

With the hadronic 5th force, the Unified Field, personally being characterised as universal Love, Emmanuel further gives some profound pesonal implications on the Maha-Tattva grid of sheaths (bubbles):


The frozen element that diversifies Love, that diversifies your consciousness — that diversifies your Self into the manifestation, into an issolated self — into issolated manifestaions all around you… that is all to do with a lack of the realisation of Love, of recognising everything as Love… Is that which diversifies that which separates you — your consciousness — into manifestation outside. And which you experience and catalyse within a unique way, in every moment. In every moment you catylse your consciousness to move into physical manifestations.

“The past, it is no longer, is not physical — it no longer would appear to be diversified in the same sense. Only in your memory. The past has moved into the reality of consciousness. And the future is still a reality of consciousness. Only when your perception hits it, within the living moment, does it become a physical manifestation, by your belief system. By your perception: sub-atomic particles clash to create electrons, and thus the rest of physical creation, manifestation. Your perception is what diversified. And it is your perception that creates time.”

—Emmanuel, Divine Into Superconsciousness: A Guide To Being, January 1990


The above is more than confirmed in the experiments conducted in 1989 by physicist Dr. Wayne Itano and his colleagues at the National Institute of Standards and Technology based in Bolder, Colorado. Conclussion of that study was: the human observer itself collapses the all-oneness high spin nature of reality, to its point-particle state of separation.

The research team bathed Beryllium atoms with radio waves, causing the beryllium atoms to gradually settle into a more energised “excited state” (highward orbital spin state), and they periodically “looked” at the beryllium atoms as short pulses of light from a laser were shot at them. “Excited” beryllium atoms in a high spin state are invisible to laser light; in contrast, beryllium atoms in an unexcited state glow brightely. Before looking with the laser light, then nearly all the atoms reached excited stage.. Bathing the atoms halfway through the 1/4th second, or 1/8th of a second, then by the 1.4 second only half reached the excited state.

If they waited a quarter of a second 4 times in the ¼, this gave only one third. However, 64 shots of light gave virtually no transition into the excited high spin state.

Byrrlium atoms are always in both states simultaneously… when we look at them, they must assume one reality over the other.

Since the Highward Spin State Berrylium is in a superconducting state with zero electrical resistance, there is no path in space, nor in time that it can resist against, for it to be in… Therefore, the resistance of a sun system, galaxy, or part of the universe, or any particular time in one of those spaces, requires electrical resistance… Its zero-electrical resistance High Spin State is, therefore, (as is commonly known of superconductors) — past, present, and future, simulataneously, as in a state of All-Oneness….

Dr. Wayne’s Bolder, experiment at the National Institute of Standards and Tecnology, therefore — demonstrates that our own observer cancels, in the living moment, the superconducting high spin state concurrent reality of All-Oneness, and issolates it into what we call the “localised” reality of electrical resistence in the “here and now” of “our time and space”.

Somewhat like the vasta purusah yantra 7 x 7 = 49 grid’s dynamic of spectral division of the All-Oneness, by 1/49… Since this derives the Sierpinski number series, and those generated by 8 hz, it should not be surprising that this is the signature that causes life (as Dr. Puharich found)…


The Meru Prastara pyramid geometry being founded as the Binomial Coefficent triangle:






                                                                                         1          &         1

                                                                                       2n                    n2

                                                                  as reciprical geometries 3d & 4d space          

(a+b)0 = 1

(a+b)1 = 1a + 1b

(a+b)2 = 1a2 +2ab + 1b2

(a+b)3 = 1a3 +3a2b +3b2a + 1b2

(a+b)4 = 1a4 +4a3b +6a2b2 + 4b3a + 1b4


                                    1                                 1                      110             1       = 20

                               1    1                                11                   111             2       = 21

                             1    2    1                            121                 112        4        = 22

                         1    3    3    1                          1331               113        8        = 23    

                    1    4     6     4    1                      14641            114      16       = 24

The Binomial coefficient triangle has each level holding the rule: ‘a power of the number 2 will always be the sum of path possibilities,’ this path of possibilities occurs continuously in nature, between molecules… Heat, follows this dynamic.


Furthermore, professor H. O. Peitgen, at the university of Bremen, discovered that the natural flow of gas molecules within creation’s thermodynamics follows the Sierpinski fractal symmetry. When a 1000 gas molecules collide, fractal order is present in the form of the Meru grid, the 10^23 molecules in one mol of gas forms the fractal grid structure from the colliding molecules order, themselves being the organising Sierpinski matrix. As Dr. Peitgen relates:


“When… seen for the first time, the viewer cannot believe his eyes. We have just witnessed the generation of the Sierpinski Triangle by a random generator. This is all the more astonishing as we had always considred the Sierpinski Traingle to be a classic example of structure and order. In other words, we have witnessed how random chance can generate an absolutely determinstic structure… Nothing in nature is by chance.”

—Dr. H O Peitgen, Bausteine des Chaos, Vol. 1, Chapter 6. University of Bremen


Thus, the grid of heat, the gases, sound, the wind, the weather, the elements of the universe, follows this grid that is made in a hyperform, by the resounding (flow of air molecules) of the mantra Aum.


“You are the shelter of the syllable om, which consists of three letters a-u-m.”

—Srimad Bhagavata Purana, Canto 8, Chapter 7.25


Dr. Wayne’s beryllium study also illustrates that it is the light wave particle daulity nature which is involved with our conscious observation, in keeping the illusion of this reality divided… From light the rainbow. Thus the Dark Room appears to have been sucessful in transforming the body into a highward spin state, superconductor of All-Oneness, as the records of the easter alchemists and Tibetan Buddhists attest (consciousness and sound were the keys to Somagenesis).

With such clear examples on the power of the human observer in manifesting the diversified universe in which we reside, moment by moment, here Emmanuel continue clarifying the nature of the dividing bubble, in dividing the clear Light of Consciousness into the spectral light of the illusionary “secondary creation” (Dr Illert relates subatomic particles as bubbles in the aether):


“The bubble is just the space that needs to be filled with the understanding that it is Love. You are in the bubble because you have not yet realised, or understood fully that you are Love, that you are indeed united with the One Light Ocean.

“Your body is your consciousness. But you see it as separate, you experience it as separate. It is not separate. It is Love, unrealised as Light. Frozen by your perception. Frozen by the genetic memeory, by the genetic code that believes it is holding the Light, that it is freezing the Light, from separation, from unrealised Love.

“By your perception allowing your body to be the Love, the Light, that it is, indeed, it becomes that, it is allowed. The genetic memory is allowed to expand, is allowed to give itself the realisation that the molecules are Light, that the molecules are Love. And so you experience it. So it becomes a reality. You have to slowly change it by your perception. “By entertaining it. By feeling it. By perceiving it. By allowing it. By allowing your body, your being, your mind, every-single thought that you are, to be the Love that it is, completely and totally.

“Everything is Love. There is just one thing, and that thing is Love. Your consciousness is Love, and everything is your consciousness.

“Much of the bubble is your subconscious and unconscious mind. Much of it is the ignorance of the belief that you are separate. This is nothing wrong. This is something delightful that you — and we as you — have explored to see infinity frozen, to see ourselves frozen; identify ourselves in frozen section, and experience a bit of infinity at a time, by creating time. So that it is not happening all at once, but seems to be in some form of evolution, of movement, backwards and forwards: the illusion of movement.

“For within infinity there is only stillness. Because infinity is Love and Love is silent. For it is all movement united. All possibilites united. Therefore it is exploring every possibility by being the exploration of every possibility, in absoloutely no movent. Because it is every point that could be and is explored.”

—Emmanuel, Divine Into Superconsciousness: A Guide To Being, January 1990



The Bhagavata Purana, further characterises the given attributes that comprise the grid of characeristics (soul and body), of the manlike civilisations of the universe, under the time-cell domain of a given Hyper-Intelligence Manumerator.

Relating, that in each Manuvantara cycle (presently being in the twilight between the 7th and 8th Manu, from: Manu-Vaivasvata {Manu-Emmanuel}, to Manu-Salhvana/Savarna {Salvana-Emmanuel}), the given Manu that acts as the direct Mind Diagram of the Maha Manauvah-Purusah Godhead, instils the characteristics in the Image and similitude for all the races that it is the Axiom-Hyper-Hadronic-Holonomy off (the Sun Self of all races in the universe within that given Manuvantara’s 72 million spanned archetecture… Describing that the people of planets like Earth are modulated according to a given grid of characteristics:


“In each reign of Manu, six types of personalities appear as manifestations of Lord Hari: the ruling Manu, the chief demigods, the sons of Manu, Indra, the great sages and the partial incarnations of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.”

—Srimad Bhagavata Purana Canto 12, Chapter 7.15


This gives us a grid of the six personality type characteristics that emerge within one 72 million year Manuvantara timecell vehicle:




1. The Manu                                                          = 1

2. Deva Cheifs                                                       = 33

3. Manu Sons                                                        = 12

4. Indra                                                                   = 1

5. Great Rsi sages                                                  = 7

6. Avatara, Godhead Partial Incarnations          = 10

                                                                                = 64



Thereby, the second of three sets of grids that comprise the vasta purusa yantra design, emerges, the genetically pognent 8 x 8 = 64 vasta purusa yantra, also known as the Asti-Pada meter, which became the basis of the game of chess (as is covered in vaid detail in another chapter).

It should be noted here, that the I-Ching of 50 reeds, with 1 removed to personify the All-One Wu Chi, has the 49 remaining reeds comprising the 64 hexagrams of the I-Ching (as we cover elsewhere in this book), which is now attested showing clear evidence of following the DNA’s 64 codon sequence genom (I-Ching and The Genetic Code: The Hidden Key To Life, Dr. Martin Schönberger). Within the Rg Veda DNA code described in the Manucleusis chapter, appart from the intricate algebraic lay out of the genome in the underlying metric arrangement of the text, upto a 1000 genome in detail, it is the 50 Sanskrit letters, intermeshed within the Asti Pada meter, that renders clear graphic icons of the DNA code therein…

The universal game of karma dice, is also based on the 64 Asti Pada grid design (for which a detailed chapter has laid down the intricate science, behind this Manu legacy).

Things are starting to sound rather genetic at this stage… Not only do we have a novel grid perosnifying the archetypal attributes to the fundamental particle wave qualities, but perhaps an archetypal fractal holonomy that has its index footing within the DNA codescript of life as well.

Now to take this all in retrospect:


1. The Sierpinski fractal geometry and Dharmata mandelbrot set, are found to be the self-organising symmetries, within the:


a. protons magnetic monopoles and “quark” 9 omegon SU(3) and SU(9) superstring symmetries, from which the 8 hz phase-conjugational coherent signal emerges.

b. 8hz ELF signal setting up the Sierpinski number cascade in the musical scale range of the C tone, the equal tempered tuning of the universe; and producing lifeforms in the electrolysis of water, that have the mandlebrot fractal symmetry,

c. DNA permutations render the Dharmata, as does the I-Ching. The DNA follows its morphology built on the Sierpinski row number sum value series (see chapter on The Purusah Helix),

d. Sierpinski morphology behind the thermodynamic flow of air molecules


2. The Maha-Tattva grid that divides the 50, in 1/49 (7 x 7), into the elements of the secondary creation, of our sensorial reality,


a. 1/49 renders the Sierpinski number series. 

b. I-Ching has 50 reeds, 1 removed, 49 comprise the 64 hexagrams, that follow the 64 codon DNA genom,

c. 64 characterstics in one Manuvantara, within the 7 x 7 = 49 vasta purusa yantra

d. Sanskrit has 50 letters, placed on 50 petals of chakra’s 1-6. 1, personifying the Eka Devah All-One Maker, Visvarkarmanamh, 49 personifying the Visve- Devas-Manauva (33 Devakasa, 14 Manu, Aditi, Purusah).


Whilst that does not sum it all up, it is a potent consortium.

These 64 characteristics within the vasta purusa yantra 49 grid for our universes life, and their permutations, being the blueprint for all of the races characteristics (in consciosness, body morphology, skill, craft, attribute etc).



These are the All-One Macros hyper-archetypes behind our own Maha-Tattva 7 x 7 = 49 division of the self on Earth…

Thus we have the full scope of being the whole One, Mahatattva: Personal, Collective/Planetary/Loka, Manuvantara/72 million year sphere, and universally, indivisible hyper-hadronically bootstraped.

It is through the All-One Divine Love of the Atamanau Heart-Mind Sun Self, surrendered to and Being in our own Spiritual Heart practice, that the Maha Tattva is unified for perusal of the Maha Purusah Omni-View of the three-in all-one: 1~50-1/49-7x7~49 simulataneous view…


Atamanu Sun Self is the Hyper-iso-sphere that is the Macro Synergy of our every moments metamorphology, past, present, and future (now an irreversible scientific fact, thanks to hadronic hypermechanics).

Only through that Divine Love already there Now, looking through With and As Us, does our Apotheosos of our Numinous coGnosis revive its primordial irreversible macro Gnosis…

Only through the Atamanau Heart-Sun’s all-encompassing-interpenetrating Unified Force within the Heart of every atomic ‘nucleus’, cell, and the hearts in the midmost of our body, tcan we glean the Unity of wholely undivided diversity… That is the simulataneous wholeness of being the 1 that is the golden 50, indivisibly co-existent with the self-similar fractal order of the 7 x 7 = 49, whole personified spectrum of hyper-hadronic hyperstrings, arranged in a Net grid (Soma Filter woven of the golden Logos thread of TanaTara/tantra), that follows the Sri Yantra, or the Meru AUM mandala, in a hyper-symmetrical form, as a open-ended Sierpinski hyper-hedra, or Omnifacetted Meruprastara.


As Emmanuel relay, “Love is perception of God.” All-One Divine Love is where we and the “Omni-Persona”: Maha Purusah-Manauvah of the Omniverse, are hadronically phase-coupled in the coGnosis of Being All-Oneness.


The Rg Veda cosmology, and the flat plane remnants within the Bhagavatam Puranas (whose linear limits receive full hadronic bootstrap holography, when cross-translating the stories and characters to the living Rg Veda, where all the gods, Fathers, Manus, divine personifications of the Purusah Anthropos — are a hyper-interchanging continuum of All-Oneness… The dogma is ironed out, and the Numinous Cybernetics is holistically phase-loging into the hyper-hadronic bootstrap holonet), are the precise and exact descriptions that Emmanuel renderred in their hyper-cybernetic contacts with me, when I was a blissful teenager utterly oblivious to the detailed arcane science of the Manu (the Emmanuel’s: Christos-Emmanuel = Maha-Purusah, Manu-Emmanuel and Elika-Emmanuel = Manu Vaivasvata and Manu Ailaka, our 7th Manu anthropomorph; Salvana-Emmanuel = Manu Salhvana/Savarna, the 8th Manu overlapping in our Twilight period now).



The Maha Tattva grid of self utilises the 7 Kosa Body Sheaths, which parallel the 7 Nebulai veils of our universes Maha Tattva Vasta Purusa, where each Loka universe’s suns and worlds are obscured by these 7 dense veiled bodies…


Thus the 5 elements (pancabhutas) plus consciousness and ego/awareness is multiplied by the 7 Kosa sheaths…

These sheaths are described of enormous size, so they appear to be accurate descriptions of subatomic particle waves, as the subatomic ‘particle’s’ wavelengths are very long — the smaller the scale the larger the wavelength in the classical quantum description… Having non-local and non-linear density media within the hyperdense media of hadronic mechanics, with hyperlocal hyperlength et al. Whereas in the classical quantum, forinstance, neutrino’s have a wavelength that is as wide as this solar system, and can pass through lead many times the size of the Sun…


Thus the neutrino body sheath is an enormously wide auric veil. Whereas the hadronic densities of the hyperdense media, have infinite hyper-axiomatic hyper-relations — just as the personal Kosa’s are likewise indivisible to the Kosa’s surrounding our universe with their densities… precisely tallying with the Vedic descriptions thereof, now for the first time hyperlogical and founded on invarient hypermathematical modelling that are irreversible systems, verified by experiment (unthinkably absurd notions to the filter of the classical qunatum mechanics, until the most recent emergence of hadronic hypermechanics).

All of the 7 main sheaths are comprised from the Hadron Akasa unified Aether prima materia.

The Rig Veda, states Purusa, the life components, are concurrently created. Derived from the All-Maker, “neither existence nor non-existence,” by windless breath, Vata-Atamanau:



Visvakarmanamh – Vata-Atimanau = Windless Breath Stirring

Comprising the co-existent indivisible 5 primordial elements, of which the 7 Kosha Sheath/Bodies are comprised



1. Akasa, Aether, Unified Middle-space, Unified Field 5th Hadronic Force

2. Vayu, Air, Wind, Prana into     3. Tapas, fire, Agni, into

4. Ap, Water into       5. Prthivi, earth.




1. Purusa the Life (cosmic MANu)


1. Anna-rasa, life river elixir (Anu-Rasa), constituting 1.

2. Annamaya-kosa field of vegatation and food

3. Pranamaya-kosa subtle field of life,

4. Manomaya-kosa field of mind (Manu-maya)

5. Cetana-kosa, subtle field of soul

6. Vijnanamaya-kosa, super subtle field ó of science

7. Anandamaya-kosa, hypersubtle field of bliss-eternal bliss.



These 1 + 7 bubble sheeths infusing all the pancabhutas in certain proportions. The Cosmic Life 1 Purusa and the 7th kosa body-veil also are a form of indivisible unity, and thereby are actually one, although their unique characteristic density quality and behaviour attributes are null-mapped in distinction, through their hadronic reduction of their infinite recusive hyperetativity to their zeropotential nuclear null-point representation’s….

There is also a 9th sheath of pure thotons, or thoticles (particles of pure thought), called Manaus-kosa, (kindred to the Inner 9th vehicle of the inner tantric alchemical arts).

This differs to the Manomaya-kosa, where the Mano is derived from manaus in symbiosis with its kenosis form of manas: “mind”, and maya: “built of”, “formed of,” verbal root ma “to measure,” “form,” with the idea of illusory manifestation + kosa sheath (thus the illusion mind aether-bubble sheat-hadron, within the dreaming universe facet of the Maha Tattva creational dream animation Yantra), the “reality” co-creating machine of illusionary mind measuring form. This kosa sheath formed of mind is often associated to the soul.
Whereas the Manaus-kosa is the Primordial Sheath indivisible from the Manaus-Kaya (Pure Thought Body), of Pure Primordial Immaculate Consciousness, comprised of whole-unitified Thotons. Manomaya-kosa is the sheath formed of mind, the human soul; in the Vedantic classification of human principles, the third of the pancha-kosa (five sheaths) which enclose the divine Manu Monad or Atamanau/Atman. like the 5 emanations of Gnostic Mano, these five sheats onion sphere the local Manu Self, the Ati-Manu (Atman).

The hadronic Meru Yantra comprising these Aether bubble-sheath’s of dreaming universe animation, are thus comprised of the:


1 (Purusa) The Cosmic Life

+ 7 kosa bubble-sheeth bodies


having permutations through the hyperdense hadron media of the 5 force-element’s atomic qualities… i.e. Anandamaya-kosa-Akasa through to Anandamaya-kosa-Prthivi; Purusa-Akasa to Purusa-Prthivi etc. Renderring 5 x 7+1 = 40 permutations, following the Viraj meter (Viraj the cosmic consort indivisible from Purusah, in the Rg Veda).

There are also the Nava-Kaya’s, or 9 Bodies, axiomatically interelated to the koshas, as part of the Navakona, or 9 triangled Merusheba: Sri Yantra (Sierpinski template), blueprint of the self… These are the 9 atomic bodies… Since all 9 are chartered as atomic particle elementaries….



Bindu-10.Į: MahAtaManau-KayaPurusah-KayaMahaTattva-KayaDeva-Kaya


9. Manaus-Kaya

8. Atamanau-Kaya

7. Paramanu-Kaya

6. Anu-Kaya

5. Akasa-Kaya

4. Vata-Kaya

3. Apas-Kaya

2. Agni-Kaya

1. Prthivi-Kaya





With the 9th Body having infinite wavelength. The 8th body have a hyper-temporal and hyperspatial wavelength, as a hyper-isosphere whose wavelength is concurrent over time and space. The Prthivi ground matter 1st body, comprising the subatomic particle wavelengths.


Thereby, the 3-3-3 = 9 magnetic monopole omegon arrangements in the proton at the heart of the atom, has a wide range of hyper-indexing within the Manu’s Vedic infomatic cybernetic science.

These 9 Nava-Kaya Bodies are the Macro Operator’s of the 1 + 7 bubble sheath permutations through the 5 elemental forces… Thus comprising the additional 9 to these 40 permutations. 40 + 9 = 49… The Manaus-kosa and the Manaus-Kaya in essence are All-One Macro Infinite-Null co-presence… That is their indivisible infinite speed/recursion and zero-speed null-potential, is so irreversibly cohesive as to be imperishably indivisible — they are All-One Manaus-Kaya-Kosa.

Thus, this All-Oneness Materia is the Primordial Macro Irreversible Foundation, indivisible… Thereby, the 40 kosa permutations are only divisible by the 8 Kaya Primordial Elementary Bodies — 40/8 = 5, which is the axiomatic metric that is iso-relative to the 5 primary universal stand-alone elements…

The pancabhutas-kosa-Kaya Triad, thereby, comprise the 49 vasta-purusa-yantra grid hypergeometry, with Visvakarmanamh the “All-One Maker” as the Golden 50 — 01/49.


The 49 Manuvah, comprised of Purusah-Aditi/Viraj, the 7 Alpha-Manu’s and 7 Omega Manus

Comprising the 14 Antakarana Psychic Organ Tattva Nadis of each persons axiomatic makeup.

The 33 Devakasa “Aether Space Gods” heading by Indra Maghavan. These 49 occupy 49

Binomial microtriangles, forming 7 levels of the Manugala Yantra, whose base sum is 128.

Since the complete octaval 8th row is 128 numerical values removed from 128 (256), in an

Iso-axiomatical manner, it acts on the principle of 7 + 1, as the rainbow to the sun, being

The full 128 numbers doubled to comprise its octave completion.


The Maha-Tattva Meru grid of co-creation, became translated into the inner Tantric Buddhism’s “root tantra”, as the Guhyasamaja-tantra’s Golden-50 Ati-Sphere. This 5 x 10 = 50 Golden Ati-Sphere system of the Adi-Buddha Hyper-Hedra (hyper poly hedra) morphology, is a Treasure Trove MaNumerator. The summation of the 10 x 5 Buddha qualities, as the Golden 50, the ATI-SPHERE, is Amitayus, or Amitaya Buddha of the “Boundless Life Span”... Here is the root of all tantras, the Guhyasamaja-tantra 5 x 10 mandala of the Dhyani-Buddhas, as the 5 Buddhas that are the foundation of the entire vajrayana:



5 BUDDHAS                                        Vairocana            Amitabh              Aksobhya         Ratnasambhava   Amoghasiddhi

5 CONSORTS                                       Locana                Pandaravasini      Dhatisvara        Mamaki               Samaya Tara

5 MODES OF AWARENESS                  Omnipresent       Descriminating    Mirror-like        A. of Equality      All-Accomplishing A.

5 FAMILIES                                           Buddha               Padma                 Vajra                Ratna                  Karma

5 MODES                                             Body (Kaya)        Speech (Vak)       Mind(citta)       Qualities (Guna) Action (Karma)

5 psycho-physical                                 Name & Form     Ideation              Conscness         Feeling                Volition


5 EMOTIONS                              Sloth-Laziness (Moha)  Lust (Raga)          Anger               Pride                   Jealousy

5 ELEMENTS                                         Earth                   Fire                     Sky/Aether       Water                  Air

5 SENSE ORGANS                                Eyes                     Mouth                 Ears                  Nose                   Touch

5 COLOURS                                         White                  Red                     Blue                 Yellow                Green



This forms the macro-reality Sierpinski grid of the Maha Tattva, as a 1 + 7 x 7 = 49 vasta-purusa-yantra. This fractal grid 1/49 = the Sierpinski cascade and 256 dimensional Clifford algebra, has 49 triangles containing the 49 Buddha Attribute Correspondences, with the present moment’s active Dhayani Buddha (1 of 5), acting as the golden 50 Bindu Aksel Capstone, governing that fractal Sierpinski grid Maha Tattva template for reality holographic animation-filtration (immaculate-emptiness simulations of infinite-oneness hypercharacterisic omni-continuum’s infinite recursive reduction to zero-potential null-unit value — animation of the universal hologram, by aether null-bubbles within the infinite hyperdense All-Oneness Aether/Hadron).

All these 10 x 5 Universal Buddha Qualities Comprise and Trace the Adi-Buddha Amitayus... Amitayus thereby is AKIN to the Maha-Manuavah in the Rg Veda... And The Maha-Manuavah-Purusah indivisibly with the Ati-Maha Visva-Manuavah VISVAKARMANAMH All-One Maker of All-Oneness...


Amitaya/Amitayus Buddha of the “Boundless Life-Span”


That is all of the 50 Cakra petals united, then multiplied (by the most complex 5th vedic/platonic solid, the icosahedron, 20 faces, which skin the 12 zodiac Aditya houses, plus the 8-fold Maha-Siddhi Dharmata-Vajra Wheel’s 8 directions, these 12 + 8, being called the 20 footed Cow in the Veda’s [the sacred Sakrti meter imbibes its model, with its metric 20 syllables]) — as 20 x 50 = 1000 Petalled Crown.



Sri Yantra geometry of Buddha Statue

Of the Mongolian desert Uigir culture

The archeologist who found the statue

Claimed a more than 10,000 year antiquity

To its age.


From thereon, the Om Mani Padma Hum, or the “Jewel in the Lotus Flower”, can be realised as the Kamalatha, or Heart Lotus Flower Chariot Vortexijah, that is 8 folded, and encompasses all other petals (we explore this in great detail in Manu-Script 1C: Amethia/Amitaya: Omni-Temporal Emanations)…


Interestingly, the Dr. Robert J. Moon model of the atomic nuclear geometrical symmetries, has found the number 50 to be magical in its stability:



“Tin, at atomic number 50, is unique in having 10 naturally occurring isotopes. Only two other elements have as many as 8. This has long been considered a sign of the unusual stability of tin’s nucleus with 50 protons, and 50 is a magic number.

“The Moon model, considered in connection with the axis of the universe, gives a clear suggestion as to why: Palladium, at 46 protons, is the completed dodecahedron. To go beyond this, the structure must build a “twin,” starting on one of the pentagonal faces of the dodecahedron. Yet, once that twinning occurs, there can no longer be a symmetrical spin around the axis of the universe. Tin solves this problem by placing one of the four additional protons on the axis of the universe, and the other three on adjacent vertices. The whole structure (Figure 8) may then spin on the axis of the universe, just as palladium does. This explains the unusual stability of the tin nucleus.”

—REPORT ON WORK IN PROGRESS New Explorations with The Moon Model, by Laurence Hecht with Charles B. Stevens, Toward a new model of the nucleus, based on the pioneering work in physics of Robert J. Moon. May 7, 2004, 21st CENTURY SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY


The physical body, called the sthula Sharira, is divided into 4 groups of 4 = 16 compnents as is the Purusa, a 4 x 4 group matrix:


1. Five, sense organs: ear, skin, eye, tongue, and nose

2. Five organs of action: vocal organ, hand, feet, organ of elimination, reproductive organ

3. Five elements, ether, air, fire, water and earth

4. The mind, overseeing and corrdinating the sense organs and action organs.


The Vedas refer to a Subtle body in identical similitude to the physical body, called the Astral body, or Sukshma Sharira, which also has 16 components.

And another Causal body called the Karana Sharira, shaped like an egg, compossed of 7 levels:


1. Smell Gandha Tanumatara (tanmatra),

2. Taste, Rasa Tanumatara (tanmatra),

3. Sight, Rupa Tanumatara (tanmatra),

4. Touch, Sparsha Tanumatara (tanmatra),

5. Sound, Sabda Tanumatara (tanmatra),

6. Ego Ahamkara,

7. Intelligence Buddhi


The causal 7 prime senses are the Archetypal Unit Macro of our senses in the physical and sukshma sharira subtle body. These together with the 7 kosa sheeths and the 3 gunas, render 16 + 16 + 7 + 7 + 3 = 49...


Vasta-Purusa-Yantra, third form 9 x 9 = 81, as the body hologram field


The Mantra Purusa, or "Person of Sound", divides the body into the 50 alphabetical components, renderring another meaning of the vasta-purusa--yantra on yet another level:



16 Sun Sounds for the Senses and Head, 16 Sanskrit Vowels Am-Ah



1. Head Top            9. Forhead

2. Right Eye              10. Left Eye

3. Right Ear               11. Left Ear

4. Right Cheek         12. Left Cheek

5. Right Nostril         13. Left Nostril

6. Upper Lips           14. Lower Lips

7. Upper Teeth        15. Lower Teeth

8. Top Palate           16. Bottom Palate        Ah


25 Body Tree Sounds in Trunk & Limbs, 5 sets of 5 consonants, kam-mam


Right Side, Mars      Left  Side, Venus

1.            Shoulder Joint    6.

2.            Elbow Joint         7.

3.            Wrist Joint           8.

4.            Base of Fingers   9.

5.            Tip of Fingers     10.


Right Side, Mercury          Left  Side, Jupiter,

1.            Hip Joint             6.

2.            Knee Joint           7.

3.            Ankle                  8.

4.            Base of Toes       9.

5.            Tip of Toes         10.


Trunk, Saturn

1. Right Abdomen

2. Lower Abdomen

3. Left Abdomen

4. Base of Throat

5. Heart


9 Moon Sounds of Tissue, five semi-vowels 4 "s" & "h" sounds, yam-ksam


1. Plasma                 Heart or Air Chakra

2. Blood                   Navel or Fire Chakra

3. Muscle                 Root or Earth Chakra

4. Fat                         Sex or Water Chakra

5. Bone                     Retention of Breath

6. Marrow                Retention of Breath

7. Reproductive       Inhalation

8. Prana                    Throat or Ether Chakra/Exhalation

9. Mind                    Third Eye            ksam


Thereby, the body itself is a 1/49 Yantra machine, by the Purusa Mantra. With the 50th state being the Third Eye, itself. These mantra relate to the sensitive node points on the body called the prime marumas (marmas), the sensory openings and the joints where prana is held in the body. Prana is visualised emanating from each of these positions along with the inner, and in other cycles outer, repetition of the mantra, and in this manner the Mantra Purusa is another form of pranaya (which is indivisible from Pranava, Sri Aum Yantra pranayama) expansion of the life force...

The sounds are used to withdraw prana from the different body parts to be placed in the mind alone. Thereby the Mantra Purusa enables one to gain power over the limbs, senses, prana and mind, learning to switch attention and energy on and off by the 50 (1 + 49) different body part components.


Vasta Purusa Yantra



In the Vedic literature, AUM, or OM, is also called HUM, used in both Buddhism and Hinduism, it is the Bija mantra or seed syllable for Agni, who is called Hotar, coming from this root, meaning "the invoker", thus the Vedic gods are usually invoked with verbal forms of the root "hu".

Still from Ananda’s animated slide on Rg Veda hypergeometry


The Rg Veda placed repeated emphasis on the sacred Word or Chant, the Imperishable ManuTara/Mantra, whereby the gods are revealed. Indra, the Maghvan (Mega Wisdom Holding One), as head of the 33 Devakasa gods, is the great bull of Heaven and according to the Upanishads, the "bull of the chants" is OM:


"Who is the bull of the chants, possessing all forms, who from the immortal chants was born, may that Indra deliver me with wisdom."

–Upanishad, TU 1.3.1


In the Rg Veda, Indra conquers the powers of ignorance with the Divine Word, or Brahman, which in the Upanishads is also called OM. The Hindu sage commentator Sayana comments that the following Rg Vedic passage on the Grand Bull of Heaven, refers to OM:


"Four are his horns, three are his feet, two are his heads and seven are his hands. Bound threefold the bull roars, the mighty god has entered into mortals."

—RV 4.58.2


The resounding OM being the roaring Bull of all chants. And OM in the Upanishads is related to have four quarters, as the four awareness states of waking, dream, deep sleep, and pure superconsciousness, Turiya.


Still from Ananda’s animated slide on Rg Veda hypergeometry

The Rg Veda’s prime Gayatri Meter of 8-8-8 syllable geometry is ascribed to AUM. It holds

DNA genom and binomial co-efficient mathematical symmetry


The 7 Rg Vedic Sages are the 7 energies of AUM. Indra is the power of AUM. The Inner Sun and sun, is the light of AUM. According to the Upanisahds the Sun chants OM (CU 1.4.1).

Savitar the God that is the Spiritual Causal Sun is called OM:


"Savitar, by greatness has encompassed 3 atmospheres, 3 regions and 3 luminous heavens."

—Rg Veda 4.53.5


Thereby, the 3 x 3 x 3 permutations, render the 27 Nakshastra Lunar/Solar mansions, that are the 27 lines of the Meru grid. Other instances relates Savitar ruling 5 worlds divided 3-fold, 3 x 5 = 15, and Mitra-Varuna ruling 4 realms divided 3-fold, 3 x 4 = 12... Thus, 15 + 12 = 27... Savitar-Aum.

Still from Ananda’s animated slide on Rg Veda hypergeometry

The Rg Veda’s prime Gayatri Meter of 8-8-8 syllable geometry is ascribed to AUM


The 7th hyperdimensional domain called the Satya-Loka is the supreme Ether of SavitarAum, SatyAum:


"The sacred syllable of the chant in the supreme ether, in which all the gods reside, he who does not know that, what can he do with the Veda?"

—RV 1.164.39


Savitar as AUM upholds all worlds (in this article we shall present absolute evidence of the Sierpinski symmetry upholding the universe):


"All worlds and all creatures exist eternally in the presence of Savitar."

—Rg Veda, 1.35.5-6


“Indiminishable is Satya (7th Loka, Divine Truth) of Divine Savitar, that he will uphold the entire universe.”

—Rg Veda, 4.54.4

Still from Ananda’s animated slide on Rg Veda hypergeometry

The Rg Veda’s prime Gayatri Meter of 8-8-8 syllable geometry is ascribed to AUM


Savitar is also known as SaviTARA and SavaTRI, and the goddess Tara is his female form/consort, Tara being renderred from the root tri. The mantra to Tara is:


“Om tare tutare ture svaha"


Begins with OM, which is called Taraka, 'the power of deliverence.' Tara's Bija Mantra or seed syllable is OM... And in linking the phoenetically twined HUM with AUM/OM, the mantra for the more wrathful aspect of Tara is HUM, and the Tara Yantra is used with the Taraka mantra. Furthermore, OM is called the Tara Vidya "knowledge realating to Tara," and she is signified as "unmanifest sound". The Divine Word for both Buddhist's and Hindu's is Om. Om as Taraka is the deliverer because like a boat it takes us accross (tarati) the ocean of ignorance Samsara. Tara-Ati, the Ultimate Sphere of Compassion. As Vedic scholar Dr. David Frawley relates:


"Tara is Om that has the appearance of the ether and pervades the ether as its underlying vibratory support, but also transcends it... Secondly, the term Tara means 'a star', as the root tri also means 'to scatter' (the stars being scattered in the heavens"."

—Dr. David Frowley, Tantric Yoga And The Wisdom Goddesses, Spiritual Secrets Of The Ayarveda, Motilal Banarsidass, Delhi, 1994. Pp 78


The AUM Yantra as the Sierpinksi triangle indeed is a scattered wholeness, as the Meru PraSTARA. And the word tri also means three, where Tri-Kona means TRIangle. The ManuVanTara cycle of 72 million years, thereby is “the Manu Vehicle Carrier of AUM”. And the word mantra itself is a compression of ManauTara, Pure-Thought-AUM”.





Of even more exraordinary realisation is that the arrangement of the hadron baryon families there is fractal geometry. The baryon octet is hexagonal, and the baryon decoplet is the remarkable arrangement of the Sierpinski traingle/Meru-Prastara, with the omega as the head node (see graphic for detail).



The 9 main hadron groups that comprise the stable and ‘relatively long lived particles’, are composed of four mesons and their antiparticles, and six baryons (of which the proton and omega particle are membes), and their anti particles (due to spin differences, there are many more than the 9 group hadrons, and their anti-particles. As Dr. Capra relates:


“Each particle… is characterised by a set of quantum numbers which, in addition to its mass, specify its properties completely. Hadrons, for example, carry define spin values of ‘isospin’ and ‘hypercharge’… If the eight mesons… are arranged according to the values of these two quantum numbers, they are seen to fall into a neat hexagonal pattern known as the ‘meson octet’.

“This arrangement exhibits a great deal of symmetry; for example, particles and antiparticles occupy oppisite places in the hexagon, the two particles in the center being their own antiparticles. The eight lightest baryons form exactly the same pattern which is called the baryon octet. This time, howoever, the antiparticles are not contained in the octet, but form an identical ‘anti-octet’.

“The remaining baryon in our particle table, the omega, belongs to a different patern, called the ‘baryon decuplet’, together with nine resonances. All the particles in a given symmetry pattern have identical quantum numbers, except for isospin and hypercharge which give them their places in the pattern… The discovery of symmetric patterns in the particle world has led many physicists to believe that these patterns reflect the fundamental laws of nature.”

- Dr. Fritjof Capra, The Tao Of Physics, Third Edition, Quark Symmetries A New Kaon. Pp 279-284


As we now know, and can readily see, the elementary fractal patterns, DO ‘reflect the fundamental laws of nature,’ following the Manugala Yantra, the Meruprasta, and AUM’s Sri Yantra — all forms of Sierpinski binomials, like the baryon decuplet. Thus, the vasta purusa yantra 7 x 7 = 49, and 1/49 Maha-Tattva grid design manifests into further fundamental clarity.

As Hadronic mechanics have hyperquarks that are iso-lifted into the hyperspatial hadron, so the octet baryon hexagrams follow the iso-dual symmetry of our Vortexijah model (intergeometrical tetrahedron) that links the 3D cube to the 4D hypercube… The Sierpinski hyperhedra is the unified image of all hedral hadronic arrangements (classic-, iso-, geno- hyper-, and their respective isoduals, in Santilli hadronic mechanics), of creation.


Thereby, the baryon octet, in our Vortexijah “intergeometry” modelling of the hadronic horizon’s iso- and hyper-geometrical symmetries, we suggest that the baryon octet and its self-similar relatives be modelled as an Sierpinski-iso-tetrahedron and Sierpinski-iso-octahedron, as iso-units of the iso-tetrahedron-wheels and Vortexijha Iso-Lense, within the Vortexijah-Hyper-Iso-Sphere. The geometrical foundation for this will become ever more clear. The baryon octets geometry could thus be called iso-fractality and hyper-fractality — within the hadron hyperdense medium.



Left our 1994 2D iso-tetrahedron model. Right Sumerian game-board and gameboard

Operator, as an iso-tetrahedron set. Photo © copyright 2003, by Ananda, Berlin Museum


Further discoveries on the hadronic omegon have firmly established the validity of using the platonic solid geometries in the hadronic horizon nucleart atomic heart domain. Recently, in 1995, before winning the Nobel prize on the hyperdimensional geometry operating in sea shells, Dr. Chris Illert published his finding’s discovery of the Omegon particle (Dr. Chris Illert & D. Reverberi, "Our Discovery Of The Omegon, An Elementary Particle Which May Explain Cold Fusion", COLD FUSION, vol. 6: 10-13 (1995)). As COLD FUSION summarises:


".. Illert feels that nuclear bonding can be better (i.e. more simply) explained by a classical, geometrical model of the nucleus than by Quantum Mechanics. ... [he] has published… Alchemy Today volume 2… Chris conceives of quark or subquark particles called omegons for which he claims experimental evidence… Nucleons (protons and neutrons) are constantly emitting and reabsorbing omegons. Citing evidence from electron scattering experiments, he depicts a layered [structure]: at the centre is a "solid" core around which is a halo of omegons emitted and reabsorbed. Intermediate to both is another halo of mesons emerging and fading back into the nucleonic core. Nuclear binding is carried by a few exchanges. Simple omegon exchange is basic. Chris argues that exchanging an omegon-antiomegon pair is equivalent to the passing of a pi-meson. There are also pionic current interactions which must be taken into account. Using data for nuclear binding energies already published ... [he] calculates the binding energies for ground and excited states for the various nuclei. … He then shows remarkable agreement between his calculations for the exchange process of his theory and actual experimental measurements. Step by step, starting with the simplest compound nucleus, the deuteron ... he builds his magical geometries using simple, arithmetical equations.”

COLD FUSION, (vol 8, pages 1-4 (1995)


Dr. Illert expands from Dr. Puharich’s work and Dr. Phillips work, and is using platonic solid geometry, like the tetrahedron, to charter these domains: “Instead of the spherical harmonics and wave-functions in contemporary treatises, we chose to use Platonic Solids as our geometrical ‘eigenfunctions’ and superimposed them to generate the vertices of our nuclear ‘Buckey Ball’ shells,” (Dr. Chris Illert, “sub-physical underpinnings of matter”, Alchemy Today volume 1, matter on the E5 level: Platonic Geometries in Nuclear Physics, a Centennial Commemoration of Occult Chemistry 1895-1995;  First Edition 1992/5, 172 A4 pages, ISBN: 0 949357 13 8 (v1)). Dr. Illert’s use of the tetrahedron herein is given by Rosemary Lorenz, who reports on her attendence of  Dr. Illert’s lecture presentation on his volume one work:


“The topic ‘micro-psi investigations into atomic nuclei’ has attracted many... What was presented to us now was -- simply mind boggling. Here was a toybox with colourful models which could be expanded, contracted, transmuted, which could spit out a small tetrahedron

Here were the results of Chris' extraordinary intuitions and mathematical computation… rendered so fascinatingly, intricately precise and yet so simple… even the non-scientists among us could catch glimpses of the principles of cosmic order in the structure of matter and the geometrical language behind it… He uses real geometry to predict structures and events occurring within atomic nuclei … the term ‘Buckey Ball’ is derived from the name of ... Buckminster Fuller who in the 1930's drew [some of] the first models of atomic nuclei based upon sacred geometry. He constructed super-stable ‘magic’ nuclei by nesting Platonic solids one inside another, resulting in nested Platonic shells within the nucleus ... In a Buckey Ball one has to visualise spheres, representing nucleons (protons and neutrons) at the vertices ... These nucleons are thus spaced equidistantly from each other ... Chris has calculated the critical density of nucleons within Buckey Balls thereby determining [condensation into] the [observed] shell layers inside the nucleus... spurred on by the psi-visions of the occult chemists who saw four instead of the expected three mesic strands holding back the tetrahedra in the process of leaving the radium nucleus ... he explained this by assuming ... four surface hexagons (funnels) attached to a linear (not tetrahedral) vibrating alpha-string (described as an excited Helium nucleus) which, after leaving the surface of the radium nucleus, curls up to form the tetrahedral ground state of the alpha-particle, whilst the [outer shell of] the radium parent-nucleus rearranges itself into a Radon nucleus -- i.e. a Buckey Ball 60 turning into a Buckey Ball 56. The final relation Chris pointed out… is that if one plots the relative abundance of elements in the universe against their atomic numbers -- the peak values correspond to our super stable nuclear Buckey Ball configurations because they are most stable, and all other nuclei are less stable (hence less abundant) and they undergo various nuclear reactions trying to become the special Buckey Ball configurations!”

— Rosemary Lorenz, Review Of Public Lecture Based On Volume 1, by Dr. Chris Illert: NEWSLETTER (of the Dowser Society of NSW), vol. 4(6): pages 2-8 (July 1992) 


These 1995 novel advancements in nuclear symmetrical geometry highlight the utmost validity of our Vortexijah Platonic Sacred “Intergeometry,” models of Summer 2000. Since, the hadronic world is a hyperdense media with non-local (hyperspatial), and non-linear (hypertemperal) interactions occuring, our iso-geometrical extension of the platonic solids is essential for modelling the hadronic horizon of the nucleons…


Vortexijah Iso-Tetrahedron wheels of 8 hz

NMR H2 phase-velocity difference of electron 1.

By proton 0.125, 1/0.125 – 8 hz


Expanding on from Dr Illert’s work and bridging the Santilli hadronic mechanics into new multi-media hiehgts of visualisation, animation, and enable widespread assimulation and comprehension of the hyperdimensional significance of these utterly novel and reality changing science discoveries, by a larger majority of our species.

The hadronic meson iso-Sierpinski geometry operating between proton-proton spin-spin coupling and bonding, we explore in this article, coupled to the hadronic baryon iso-Sierpinski tetrahedron.




4 points makes a tetrahedron with octehedral gaps (an octehedron bounded by a triangle, the shape 'removed' from the center of the tetrahedron below):





                                   ,7`  `| `\,

                                 ,7`     \,  `\,

                               ,7`       `|    `\,

                             ,7`          \,     `\,

                           ,7`            `|       `\,

                         ,7`               \,        `\,

                       ,7`                 `|        /7`\,

                     ,7`                    \,      AV `|`\,

                   ,7`'TTs.,                `|     /7   \, `\,

                 ,7` \\,  `'TTs.,            \,   AV    `|   `\,

               ,7`   `|`\,     `'TTs.,       `|  /7      \,    `\,

             ,7`      \, `\,        `'TTs.,   \,AV       `|      `\,

           ,7`        `|   `\,        ,7``'TTs`|7         \,       `\,

         ,7`           \,    `\,    ,7`      ,7\\,        `|         K`

       ,7`             `|      `\,,7`      ,7` `|`\,       \,       AV

     ,7`                \,       AV'TTs.,,7`    \, `\,     `|      /7

   ,7`                  `|      /7     ,7`      `|   `\,    \,    AV

  ,T,                    \,    AV    ,7`         \,    `\,  `|   /7 

  `'TTs.,                `|   /7   ,7`           `|      `\, \, AV

       `'TTs.,            \, AV  ,7`              \,       `\||/7

            `'TTs.,       `|/7 ,7`                `|         `AV

                 `'TTs.,   \,,7`                   \,        /7

                      `'TTs`|                      `|       AV

                           `'TTs.,                  \,     /7

                                `'TTs.,             `|    AV

                                     `'TTs.,         \,  /7

                                          `'TTs.,    `| AV




The shape from the middle:




                       ____,,..----**'`             AV`|

                     |'TTs.,                       /7  \,

                     \,   `'TTs.,                 AV   `|

                     `|        `'TTs.,           /7     \,

                      \,            `'TTs.,     AV      `|

                      `|                 `'TTs./7        \,

                       \,                    ,7\,        `|

                       `|                  ,7`  `\,       \,

                        \,               ,7`      `\,     `|

                        `|             ,7`          `\,    \,

                         \,          ,7`              `\,  `|

                         `|        ,7`                  `\, \,

                          \,     ,7`                      `\||

                          `|   ,7`              ____,,..----**





(each face of the tetrahedron is a Sierpinski triangle, and every 3D gap is octehedral in shape.) 4 generating points easily fill the quadrilateral formed by them if the points are randomly placed. And so on, dc'ing in each previous dc, the performing the dc 2 in space, ch 2, dc 2 in space, ch 3, dc 2 in space, ch 2, dc 2 in space on the corners. It displays a certain reluctance to be perfectly triangular... more of a spherical triangle.

After one row, it doesn't look much like a triangle at all, but once you've put two or three rounds on it, it'll shape up quite nicely.


NOTE: Further experience with Pascal's Triangle shows that this generator's curvature is closer to that of a sphere than a plane. It is suggested that you space 3 decreases on each side of the triangle after row 8 or so.

The sum of the numbers in any row is equal to 2 raised to the power of the row number. 


20 = 1 = 1

21 = 1+1 = 2

22 = 1+2+1 = 4

23 = 1+3+3+1 = 8


If the second number of any row is prime, all other numbers in the row (excluding the ones) are divisible by the prime. 


row 7: 01 07 21 35 35 21 07 01

          |  |  |  |  |  |

          V  V  V  V  V  V

           divisible by 7


Start at a 1 on the side of the triangle. Draw a diagonal line down from the 1, and end it somewhere in the middle of the triangle. The sum of all the numbers in the diagonal will equal the number below the end of your "selection" which is not on the same diagonal itself. 



              01  01 

            01  02  01 

          01  03  03  01 

        01  04  06  04  01 

      01  05  10  10  05  01 

    01  06  15  20  15  06  01


The sums of diagonal rows (shown in alternately bold and plain text) produce the Fibonnacci Sequence


                  01 = 1

                      = 1

                01  01 = 2

                        = 3

              01  02  01 = 5

                          = 8

            01  03  03  01 = 13

                            = 21

          01  04  06  04  01 = 34


        01  05  10  10 ---


      01  06  15 ---


    01  07 ---


  01 ---


Pascal's triangle is often drawn with each number in a small hexagon. If you fill in the odd numbers on the triangle and leave the even numbers empty, you'll produce the recursive Sierpinski Triangle fractal. Here's a rather poor approximation of that fractal






                      <$$    VB0

                     <$/3@  C@X%B


                   X$(          `$0`

                  %$G@X        ^@%G@`

                 0$@C@@%      <@@0$@@`

                G$    `@X    ^@<    X@^

               00g0` `$G$G  <@G@X  %BG$^



           `$g@X                      ~$G@<

          `B$^Gg%                    <B$ $B<

         `@G%VCC0%                  /@VVCXV@/

        `@g$   /@B0                /@g8   G$@(

       ~@8 g@ C@C~@B              /@/ $$ 0@`<@V

      ^@%8%8CVGC8%G8@            %@%8GV8%G%CGV$V

     <@@%          $$@`         C@@<         <@$G

    X@C<@8       `$g`0$`       C@<C@/       (@C^$G

   XB/G%%8g     ^BC8%GCB`     0GVCG%$/     C$C8%%GB

  /@@.   8@8    B@X   ($@    BB8   `$$C   (@@^   g0B

 G@X%@^ 0@/@$ <@%X@X /@/%@^ $B(0$ `@%/@X X@XV@^ 8$(G$





Now we proceed to the universal God Computer extension of this Maha-Tattva vasta purusa yantra pattern. Puharich continues with verifications on the omegons:


“The preons as being the long sought for magnetic monopoles predicted to exist by P. A. M. Dirac in 1932.”

—Dr. Andrija Puharich, Protocommunication II: Universal Information/Action Transfer, February 1987. Pp 22.


“All the evidence points to the Dirac-T’Hooft-Polyakov magnetic monopole string to be the long-sought for graviton. Two proton monopole systems coupled over any distance by the magnetic monopole string produce the gravitational field… The four fundamental fields can be unified out of one basic field.”

Dr. Andrija Puharich, Magnetic Model of Matter And Mind: Physical Foundation Of Information And Action Transfer In The Healing Process. Temple University Conference. April 15th 1988. Pp 4.


Thus, some 10 years before Santilli’s hadronic coupling of electrons into the novel iso-spin state (vortexijah equal counterotation of electrons, in a form of pseudo-superconductivity), Dr. Puharich concludes that the unified force has been found, and is the principle active behind the 8hz ELF field of the proton (in DNA replication, healing, PSI phenomenon, and as the foundational Nuclear Magnetic Resonance central to all life’s molecular biology). We shall keep this in mind.

Dr. Santilli, himself made the breakthrough precisely in the Dirac Magnetic Monopole equation (by which the true force of gravity and anti-gravity have been identified, and the isolation, identification and first time harnessing of the 5th nuclear force, the Unified Field):


“We should note that the isodual mathematics originated from an inspection of the celebrated Dirac equation… Intriguingly, Dirac’s gamma matrices turn out to be isoselfdual,  thus implying a novel reformulation of the equation as representing the direct product of an electron and a positron.”



In fact, the iso-self dual nature of the gamma matrices is evident in the very field nature of the proton magnetic monopoles 8 hz field nature — it is perfect phase-conjugate… two equal counterotating fields in coherent phase-cancellation (having a local and nonlocal component 180° to oneanother, as Puharich demonstrated in his Lab-9 studies), displaying pseudo-superconductive iso-symmetry of the hadronic force.

The superstring SU(3) quarks in hadronic mechanics are a little more complex, being attributed to Dr. Santilli’s “isounits” and company… here is a hint of an idea:


“New structure models of hadrons with ordinary massive constituents and [quark] SU(3)-color theories was achieved via the assumption that quarks are composite, a view first expressed by Santilli in 1981, and the use of hypermathematics with different units for different hadrons. This approach essentially yields the hyperrealization ŲSU(3) in which composite hyperquarks are characterized by the multivalued isounit with isotopic element… resulting in hypermultiplets of mesons, baryons, etc. The compatibility of this hypermodel with conventional theories is established by the isomorphism between conventional SU(3) and the hyper-Ų SU(3), the latter merely being a broader realization of the axioms of the former.”

—Dr. R. M. Santilli. Elements of Iso-, Geno-, Hyper-Mathematics for Matter, Their Isoduals for Antimatter, and Their Applications in Physics, Chemistry, and Biologym Foundations of Physics, September 2003, vol. 33, no. 9,  pp. 1373-1416(44)



Thus our Vortexijah intergeometry design (our models based on 8 hz phase-conjugation. Where the iso-unit’s iso-symmetry can be characterised by an iso-Sierpinski-tetrahedron), and what we have coined the Sierpinski Hyperhedra, is implied in the hypermultiplet lifting of the hadron mesons and baryons, truly into hyperdimensional excellance.



The hadron is the All-One string, it is an Omni-infinite Macro Irreversibility. Puharich details the omegon/preon arrangements:


“The proton of hydrogen contains within each quark, 3 preons, or a total of 9 bound preons per proton, plus one free preon. It is possible to derive a very complex communication system between protons when each has a set of 10 preons. We assume that each preon has a distinct quality (frequency, charge, or spin, etc.).

“This would form a combination set of 10 comparable to a number set from 1 to 10… The total number of possible combinatorial matching sets is:


“10, or



“800, or

“3.6288 x 10^6.


“This provides nature with a huge switching and information storage system, based on magnetic monopoles comparable to a magnetic bubble memory system.”

—Dr. Andrija Puharich, Protocommunication II: Universal Information/Action Transfer, February 1987. Pp 22.


Dr. Puharich further describes the 3 quarks within the proton and the MM magnetic monopoles therein (these must now be seen as hyper-quarks and the hadronic force is likely to be the MM):


“Sub-atomic quantum dynamics… Hadrons (particularly protons) could be freeze-framed… 3 quarks. Each quark contains 3 bound ‘wave functions’ identified as magnetic monopoles. Also, there is an additional free magnetic monopole confined in the bag model (described as a ‘wall of light’) of the proton.

“In the proton were 10 magnetic monopoles (MM), matched by 10 anti-monopoles (MM). This makes a fundamental probability set of 10 MM coupled to 10 MM. This appears to be the basic alphabet of the universe. When two single protons, at any distance apart, communicate, they exchange 10 messages or 3,280,000 messages.”

Magnetic Model of Matter And Mind: Physical Foundation Of Information And Action Transfer In The Healing Process. Temple University Conference. April 15th 1988. Pp 4.


Universal Internal Net Internet, thus requires the hadronic (pure consciousness, heart-will) focus of ones protons (core seed-essence atomic heart), to resonate with the protons of any focussed point in the universe (everywhere and everywhen).

The 3-3-3 arrangement of the omegon/preon hadrons within one proton is very interesting. Our decimal system comes from the Sarasvati valley culture, and the decimal system is operating in detail within the Rg Veda. The number 10 is of central importance in the Sarasvata seals that date as far back as 11,000 years ago at Mrgarh.



Mt. Meru itself is made up of 9 macro triangels (3+3+3=9), this is the foundation of the Sri Yantras 27 lines. The Meru pyramid’s capstone, also known as the Bindu, is the keystone, and is the 10th step…

The number 10 was not just seen as the digits 1 plus 0, but rather was seen as the indivisibility of the 1 and 0, as personfied by the golden ratio PHI: Į, the All/0-One/1… That the omegon universal unified information particles are arranged in the proton in 3 sets of 3, as par the Meru prime code, plus one free omegon, for the universal all-one calculation continuum (Bindhu tensor), is thereby utterly remarkable (one comes to appreciate the intricate complex mathematics of the ancient Veda’s, that utilised this primordial 1-9 + 10/Į system as its fundation).




Recall the baryon Meru or Manugala yantra configuration. Considering the hyper-baryon hadronic model, the hyper-Meru geometry can become interesting when applied to the Sri Yantra

For as Dr Santilli relates, the elementary particle hypergeometries are themselves personified with a value of null within the hadron force’s hadron horizon of 10-13cm — hadrons being compossed of a hyperdense medium, which Dr. Santilli describes elsewhere to be so dense so as to be superluminal (faster-than-light speed, and thus beyond the cubic 3 dimensional density, hyperdense, hyperspatial, hypermateria… the All-One Materia)… the hadron hyperdense media is a hyperdimensional materia, comprising the Sri Yantra hyper-Macro foundation… It is only from the larger quantum domains (10-9cm) of the electron orbitals that particle wavepackets are no-longer of a value of null, but are modelable by an apparent wavepacket value (often modelled as a point-particle, or distinct seperative unit).

All the hadronic forms have immaculate Vortexijah iso-interpenetration (see our article on our iso-geometrical models preceeding hadronic mechanics, and independently developed A Novel Hyperlanguage DNA Code), which can be personified by the hyper-8 Vortexijah-Sphere macro unity of all intergeometrical symmetries, as All-One Hypergeometry, as All-One Mater Hypersymmetry that could be iconagraphised as an Omni-hyper-poly-hedra (where the poly hedron is the spherical unity of the 50 faces of the 5 platonic symmetries).

Thus, the full All-One Materia Hyperdensity is co-presently operating within the hadronic horizon, whose hadrons are of a hyperdense media… Santilli here iterates [note that we have simplified by extraction, an otherwise too technical paper for the layman]:


“The constituents of hadrons cannot be effectively approximated as being point-like because that would require hadronic constituents to have ”pointlike wavepackets,” some-

thing without any scientific sense. All particles, beginning with the electrons have non-null wavepackets that are rather large for particle standards because of approximately the size of all hadrons. Consequently, hadronic constituents are in a state of total mutual penetration of their wavepackets, resulting in nonlocal interactions (that is, interactions extended over a volume) that are beyond any possibility of quantum description since quantum theories can only represent events occurring among isolated points.

“…The orbits of hadronic constituents are indeed stable but they cannot be quantized as for the orbit of atomic electrons, again, because motion occurs within a hyperdense medium.

“This is established by the fact that any quantum jump from one orbit to another would mandate the constituent to exit the hadron, since the minimal spacing in quantum orbits is

greater than the size of hadrons. In different terms, the admission of quantized orbits for quark constituents of the proton mandates that the proton is unstable and the work is free

because, when excited, said quark must jump to a new orbit necessarily outside the proton itself, in catastrophic disagreement with experimental reality.

“…In regard to quark conjectures… the unitary, Mendeleev-type, SU(3)-color classification of hadron into families has a final character. All doubts herein considered solely refer to the joint use of the same classification models as providing the structure of each individual element of a given hadronic family.

Quarks cannot be physical constituents of hadrons existing in our spacetime for numerous independent reasons…”

— Dr Ruggero Maria Santilli, INCONSISTENCIES OF NEUTRINO AND QUARK CONJECTURES AND THEIR NEGATIVE ENVIRONMENTAL IMPLICATIONS, Proceedings of the XVIII Workshop on Hadronic Mechanics University of Karlstad, Sweden, June 20-22, 2005


On the non-local and non-physical nature of quarks, Dr. Santilli punchlines:


“It is well known by technicians, but rarely admitted, that quarks are purely mathematical quantities, being purely mathematical representations of a purely mathematical unitary symmetry defined on a purely mathematical complex-valued unitary space without any possibility, whether direct or implied, of being defined in our spacetime (technical ly prohibited by the O’Rafearthaigh theorem). Molecular, atomic and nuclear structures have provided immense benefits to mankind because their constituents can be produced free. Quark conjectures on the structure of hadrons have no practical value whatever, not even remote, because, by comparison, quarks cannot be produced free.”



Thereby, we come to understand that quarks within the smaller scale of the hadron horizon must be hyperquarks, since the massive hadronic proton sphere, 2000 times denser than the electron sphere, operates within the hadronic horizon of hyperdense material, and the quantum jump attributed to the quark, only operates at quantum scales, at the electron orbital plane, much larger than that of the hadron. The hyperdimensional media is further clarified, precisely validating our intergeometrical extrapolations of the Vortexijah and the 5 symmetries (the interdodecahedron being composed of a minimal iso-dodecahedron pair, coupled nucleus to nucleus, within the nuclear deformation in high orbital spin states of the platinuum group element palladium (found in the salt water of the DNA molecule):


“The Galileo and Poincare symmetries cannot be exactly valid for the hadronic structure because hadrons do not possess a Keplerian centers as it is the case for atoms.

“Consequently, hadrons cannot constitute Keplerian systems, and quantum mechanics cannot be exact. According to incontrovertible data from deep inelastic scattering, hadrons are composed of a somewhat homogeneous and isotropic hyperdense medium in which the search for the remnants of an atomic structure has no scientific sense.”

— Dr Ruggero Maria Santilli, INCONSISTENCIES OF NEUTRINO AND QUARK CONJECTURES AND THEIR NEGATIVE ENVIRONMENTAL IMPLICATIONS, Proceedings of the XVIII Workshop on Hadronic Mechanics University of Karlstad, Sweden, June 20-22, 2005


This is the domain of the All-One Materia Symmetry (all syymmetries being every one symmetry)… Furthermore, there is no neutron in hadron mechanics, rather it is the marriage of the quantum mechanical potential “point-particle realm of the electron orbital domain with the hadronic horizon null-potential hyperdense medium of the proton’s hadronic domain:


“Note that the absence of an atomic structure inside the proton is sufficient, per se, to invalidate all arguments against Rutherford’s conception of the neutron, since all these arguments are based on said atomic structure.

“…When, the electron penetrates within the hyperdense medium inside the proton it is constrained for stability to couple with antiparallel spins, while it is equally constrained to have an angular momentum that coincides with the spin of the proton. In this process the electron is mutated into the isoelectron, that is, a particle characterized by the covering… isosymmetry. Consequently, at the completion of the compression, the isoelectron has null total angular momentum and the spin of the neutron coincides with that of the proton without any need for the neutrino conjecture.

“…“…The sole deformation of the electron caused by its Rutherford’s compression inside the hyperdense proton is sufficient to represent all features of the neutron. Once compressed inside the proton, the electron is constrained for stability to have its spin antiparallel to that of the proton and its orbital angular momentum to coincide with the spin 1/2 of the proton… namely, the total angular momentum of the isoelectron is null, [SUNYATA] and the spin of the neutron coincides with that of the proton.”

“…Deeper understanding of the structure of hadrons… because a theory constructed for the description of electrons orbiting in vacuum in atomic structures, cannot be credibly claimed to be necessarily valid for the description of the same electrons when moving within the hyperdense media inside hadrons. 

— Dr Ruggero Maria Santilli, INCONSISTENCIES OF NEUTRINO AND QUARK CONJECTURES AND THEIR NEGATIVE ENVIRONMENTAL IMPLICATIONS, Proceedings of the XVIII Workshop on Hadronic Mechanics University of Karlstad, Sweden, June 20-22, 2005


Meson octate, conventional. Interlocked tetrahedron symmetry.

The hadronic hyper-meson is iso-lifted into an iso-interlocked tetrahedral form


Thus the hyperbaryon Meru symmetries within the hadronic horizon scale operating the proton, must be hyperdense and hypersymmetrical, as an infinite hyperdimensional Meru Yantra foundation, with all of the one apparent components of the all-one materia, being reduced to null…




Hereby, the hyperdimensional hyperpresent nature of the All-One Hadron begins to become truly logical. Here the hexagonal cubic mesons (as hypermesons of iso-cubes), have their overlapping hyperdense hyperspatial materials personified as the iso-lifting of their ‘particles’ to their hyper-form also demonstrating their hyper-symmetry (Vortexijah intergeometry)… Thereby, models of the Sri Yantra found in crystal that exhibit more than 180° angles of its 27 lines, appears to model the hypergeometrical foundation mode that it iconographs:


“The use of hadronic mechanics… achieved already in 1978 a new structure model of mesons with actual massive physical constituents according to the Models…


“Ļo = ( Ųe+, Ųe−)HM ,

“ĻĪ = ( Ųe+ ŲeĪ, Ųe−)HM ,

“Ko = ( ŲĻ+, ŲĻ−)HM , etc.,


“where e, Ļ, K, etc. represent conventional particles as detected in laboratory and Ųe, ŲĻ, ŲK, etc. represent their mutation, that is, the alternation of their characteristics when in deep mutual penetration of their wavepackets and charge distributions (a feature technically treated via … isosymmetries)….

“…Full compatibility of… hadronic structure models with the SU(3)-color Mendeleev-type classification of hadrons resulted to be possible in a variety of ways, such as, via a multivalued isounit, as expressed… for the meson octet

“Hadronic structure models achieved an exact, numerical and invariant representation of all characteristics of mesons, including characteristics whose representation has been impossible for quark conjectures after some three decades of failures, such as the representation of:


“1) the charge radius of the particles;

“2) Their meanlife, and

“3) the reason the massive constituents are emitted in the spontaneous decays with the lowest mode.


“Hadronic mechanics can now be constructed quite simply by applying a nonunitary transform to all quantities and their operations of quantum mechanics, including number, metric spaces, algebras, geometries, topologies, etc. Recall that the quantum model underlying the hadronic structure of the Ļo , is the positronium (a bound state at large mutual distances of an electron and a positron). Rather remarkably, the representation was reached via the… simple isounit…The nonlocal interactions caused by the deep overlapping of the wavepackets of the electron and positron one inside the other, a feature that is outside any possible representation via quantum mechanics.”

— Dr Ruggero Maria Santilli, INCONSISTENCIES OF NEUTRINO AND QUARK CONJECTURES AND THEIR NEGATIVE ENVIRONMENTAL IMPLICATIONS, Proceedings of the XVIII Workshop on Hadronic Mechanics University of Karlstad, Sweden, June 20-22, 2005


 Thus, the Meru Yantra hypersymmetry emerges as infinite symmetry reductions to their local null = 0 value — hence, reality is a reduction of infinitey simulated by nullity or zer0dity… Any mater is immaculately empty, as a representation of the infinite oneness it always IS, as All-Oneness.

Before the collapse of quantum mechanics on the hadronic horizon, mesons were modelled through the exchange of particles in an uncertainty “quantum effect”, whereas as hadronic mechanics has demonstrated, within the hadronic horizon the uncertainty principle collapses…

Here Dr. Capra gives a basic meson overview from the old quantum world:



The exchange of a pion meson n, between two protons P. Such exchanges occuring

Wtihin proton-proton spin-spin coupling within the 8 hz NMR processes within the

DNA’s hydrogen bounds, during DNA replication. We suggest that the above

Diagram, especially in the case of 8hz proto-resonance, can be modelled by the

Iso-tetrahedron wheels of our vortexijah model.


“Accoring to quantum field theory, all interactions take place through the exchange of particles… nucleons… interact through the… ‘strong interaction’… which manifests itself as the exchange of a new kind of particles called ‘mesons’. There are many different types of mesons which can be exchanged between protons and neutrons. The closer the nucelons are to each other, the more numerous and heavy the mesons they exchange. The interactions between nucleons are thus linked to the properties of the exchanged mesons and these, in turn, interact mutually through the exchange of other particles… Two protons… may exchange a ‘pi-meson’, or ‘pion’, whose mass is about one seventh of the proton mass…

“Subatomic event occuring within a short time span involve a large uncertainty of energy. The exchange of mesons, i.e. their creation and subsequent destruction, are events of that kind.”

—Dr. Fritjof Capra, The Tao Of Physics, Third Edition, The Future of the New Physics, 1991. Pp 240-242


That the subatomic particle second (circa a trillionth of a second, the time it takes to cross the proton), are thereby described for mesons in the uncertaintity terms for their creation and destruction is elegantly replaced by the hadronic hyerpdense, hyperlocal, and hypertemporal medium, which can only be modelled by the iso-symmetries, of which our Vortexijah models are comprised (initially to model the local and non-local 8hz counter-rotary phase-conjugational fields, which involves the proton resonance).


Nobel laurate Dr. Illert describes the mesons in terms of “bubbles” within the All-Oneness Hadron Hyperdense Medium, the Aether, linking the Aether to the Hindu forms of the Prakrti (which is a gross distortion of the Rg Veda Purusah-Viraj, indivisibility. Whereas the much later dualistic Hindu’s have the Purusah as “Mind-Spirit” and Prakrti as “mater”)… Mulaprakriti “Root Materia” then would be a form of proto-materia, or Prima-Materia, the quintessence of the Akasa/Hadron “hyperdense medium,” Dr. Illert’s description has some fine parallel resonance with hadronic mechanics, and heps bridge the proto-Vedic Omni-Science into that of the post-modern hadronic aether mechanics:


It is clear that occult chemists were speaking of proto-aether "Mulaprakriti" (what Paul Davies calls "the initial false vacuum") undergoing an expansionary phase-change to become "Koilon" (our present-day "normal quantum vacuum") driven by "Cosmic Fohat" (the "Superforce" of Paul Davies… which blew bubbles (i.e., 'material' particles) in an infinitely dense aether Cosmic Fohat, a unified Superforce to start with…  The occultists labour the point that instead of matter being solid within an empty insubstantial aether, the aether itself is VERY DENSE (one thousand million times denser than platinum, according to Oliver Lodge's estimate), and matter is REALLY JUST BUBBLES-the ABSENCE OF AETHER… this occult cosmology are easilyvisualized in terms of liquid in a cylinder.  Fizzing can be induced if the piston is moved; thus did Cosmic Fohat - Superforce - induce a quantum-vacuum transition (Mulaprakriti to Koilon), releasing energy… into numerous 'subatomic particles' - BUBBLES - which we see as substantial even though they are, in fact, THE ABSENCE OF SUBSTANCE… It is important to realise that, at the quantum level of description, the vacuum is the DOMINANT STRUCTURE.   ...particles are only MINOR DISTURBANCES bubbling up over this background sea of activity/(shades of implosion/sonoluminscence!).

“But what of subatomic particles?  Are they really bubbles? …Electric field lines radiating through the aether between charged particles… as the electrical charges are moved apart, the field lines spread apart, off to infinity.

“But one of the simplest kinds of 'massive' particles, a MESON… is actually a bubble in the aether (quantum vacuum) and its internal ('matter') field lines are trapped within the bubble.  Indeed, if the bubble is somehow stretched, the ('matter') field lines actually DRAW CLOSER TOGETHER!  This is exactly the OPPOSITE to 'electric' field lines in the aether!

“In fact, if the meson bubble stretches TOO FAR, it can DIVIDE into TWO BUBBLES… The 'charges' inside the bubbles are called quarks… and antiquarks… Instead of drawing the bubble in the aether, and all its internal field lines, we will henceforth introduce a kind of cartoon called the "Nambu string."  It is just the field line which directly joins the quark and the antiquark INSIDE the meson.  But we can think of the Nambu string (or spring) as a kind of elastic band which can be stretched.”

— Dr. Chris Illert, “Matter as Bubbles in the Aether” Alchemy Today - Volume 2, Matter On The E4 and E3 Levels: A Beginners Guide To Hadronic Circuit Diagrams, and the Secrets of Cold Fusion; a Centennial Commemoration of Occult Chemistry. First Edition 1993/5, 172 A4 pages, over 300 illustrations, about 100 references, archival (200 yr) softback. ISBN: 0 949357 15 4 (v2)


The fractal self-embedded symmetry of mesons to quarks to omega, is best examplified by Sierpinski iso-tetrahedrons (within the Sierpinski Iso-tetrahedron wheels), which are the hyperconnections of the Sri Yantra hypergeometrical 27D hadron template design… So called division is actually a further fractal casecade symmetry of the infinite symmetry tapstry string comprising the hadronic hyperdense medium, being chartered within the hyper-klein hypertoroidal iso-interelations of fractal infinite hadronic reduction to null points. Dr Illert continues:


“If drawn too far apart, as when the meson bubble divides into two, we can think of the Nambu string as snapping -but it can never have free ends because field lines must BEGIN and END on 'charges' (in this case, quarks and antiquarks)… So in order for the Nambu string to snap, a quark-antiquark pair must be sucked into existence from out of the aether.  The quark and the antiquark CANCEL out each other (like +1 -1 = 0), so we haven't obtained something for nothing. 

“One way we could stretch and divide a meson bubble would be to make it SPIN VERY FAST; then the centripetal force would draw the quark and antiquark APART, stretching the elastic 'string' that holds them together. Thus, spinning 'matter bubbles' in the aether (quantum vacuum) would tend to be elongated AND oval-shaped.  They are called VECTOR MESONS and there are 37 different types of them in nature… Non-spinning 'matter bubbles' would TEND TO BE SPHERICAL.  They are called SCALAR MESONS and there are 36 different kinds of them also in nature.”

— Dr. Chris Illert, “Matter as Bubbles in the Aether” Alchemy Today - Volume 2, Matter On The E4 and E3 Levels: A Beginners Guide To Hadronic Circuit Diagrams, and the Secrets of Cold Fusion; a Centennial Commemoration of Occult Chemistry. First Edition 1993/5, 172 A4 pages, over 300 illustrations, about 100 references, archival (200 yr) softback. ISBN: 0 949357 15 4 (v2)




The, so called, meson bubble division by increasing the spin, we would liken to the Vortexijah iso-tetrahedron wheel apparent spin increase (where from the 10,000 rpm threshold onwards, anti-clockwise spinning gyroscopes become anti-gravitational), of fields being gathered into the Unified Field (hadronic force) All-One wave-guide of the Macro coherent phase-conjuting iso-tetrahedron wheels, thereby the iso-symmetries of nuclear deformation in high spin state platinum group elements, or ORME (Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements) pseudo-superconductors, the iso-symmetries of magnecules, as comprised by the iso-tetrahedral intercoupling spin dynamics (see examples of ORME palladium on our Sacred Intergeometry web page).


Monatomic ORME palladium iso-symmetry, and its Vortexijah Spiin Deformations..


The, “non-spinning” spherical forms of the 36 scalar mesons, would be inline with the macro model blueprint instillations imbibed by our hyper-iso-symmetry sphere.  Furthermore, Illert referencing the Aether,:


“Paul Davies writes that "what appears as empty space is actually a seething ferment....of quantum activity, teeming with [ghost] VIRTUAL PARTICLES and full of complex interactions.  ....A real particle...must be always viewed against this backdrop of frenetic activity. When [a real particle] moves through space, it is actually swimming in a sea of ghost particles of all varieties...entangled in a complexe melee'....”

— Dr. Chris Illert, “Matter as Bubbles in the Aether” Alchemy Today - Volume 2, Matter On The E4 and E3 Levels: A Beginners Guide To Hadronic Circuit Diagrams, and the Secrets of Cold Fusion; a Centennial Commemoration of Occult Chemistry. First Edition 1993/5, 172 A4 pages, over 300 illustrations, about 100 references, archival (200 yr) softback. ISBN: 0 949357 15 4 (v2)


Dr. Illert’s description can appear to imply the ‘creation’ of matter or energy directly from this virtual background of 'frenetic activity' m by the secret of high speed rotation… rotation of materia/energy into lightening (plasma-arc-flow), through phase-conjugation and ambient superconducting standing waves of the DNA resonance sound made audial (see The Soma Conspiracy, for our theories on DNA Sound superconducting standing wave models). The antigravitational dynamics appearing in spun gyroscopes, and in spun wheels of Yttrium, all tend to verify these implications (although hadronic mechanics places this in a completely new light).


Virtual particle fluctuation, or apparent creation of mater implied via a high speed rotation causing the separation on the micro level of these meson bubbles to replicate — this may also be a model behind DNA replication.

 Thus the Lotus hyper-symmetry relations of the Sri Yantra (not only implied in the larger than 180° line curves found in some Sri Yantra models, but in the Vedic texts themselves, and Buddhist commentaries like the Amitayur-Dhayana Sutra, which describes hypergeometrical interelations of the Sri Yantra’s axis, and Lotus petals hyperfoldings, descibed with octonian 8D numbers (as we explore in great detail in Manu-Script Amitaya).



Further one, we shall present the latest objective science studies that demonstrates the flow of the universal random chaos, in colliding molecules has now been found to be the binomial coefficients of the Sierpinsku Manugala Yantra. Furthermore, our universe’s entire frequency spectrum of radiations is itself comprised as all-one macro Meruprastara Sierpinski symmetry, as is clearly evident in the example below (note that visible light is in the 49th octave, of the number cascade emerging from 1/49):







1.     1.00000                                     |                                                           1/49 = 0.20408-16-32-64-128-256…

2.     2.00000                                     |  1 to 4 hz

3.     4.00000                                     TOUCH/TACTILE

4.     8.00000                                     |          

5.     16.00000                                   |

6.     32.00000                                   |

7.     64.00000                                   |

8.     128.00000                                  |  4hz-65,536hz

9.     256.00000                                  S

10.   512.00000                                  O

11.   1,024.00000                               U

12.   2,048.00000                               N          E

13.   4,096.00000                               D          L          L

14.   8,192.00000                               |           E          O

15.   16,384.00000                             |           C          N

16.   32,768.00000                             |           T          G

17.   65,536.00000                                         R          E

18.   131,072.00000                                        O          R

19.   262,144.00000                                        M

20.   524,288.00000                                        A          R

21.   1,048,576.00000                                     G          A

22.   2,097,152.00000                                     N          D

23.   4,194,304.00000                                     E          I

24.   8,388,608.00000                                     T          O

25.   16,777,216.00000                                   I

26.   33,554,432.00000                                   C          WAVES

27.   67,108,864.00000                                   |

28.   134,217,728.00000                                  |

29.   268,435,456.00000                      |           |   2,048 HZ – 268,435,456 HZ

30.   536,870,912.00000                      |

31.   1,073,741,824.00000                   Electro

32.   2,147,483,648.00000                   Magnetic

33.   4,294,967,296.00000                               134,217,728hz-274,877,906,944hz

34.   8,589,934,592.00000                   Micro

35.   17,179,869,184.00000                 Wave

36.   34,359,738,368.00000                 |

37.   68,719,476,736.00000                 |                      

38.   137,438,953,472.00000                |          

39.   274,877,906,944.00000                            |

40.   549,755,813,888.00000                            |

41.   1,099,511,627,776.00000                         INFRA-

42.   2,199,023,255,552.00000                         RED

43.   4,398,046,511,104.00000                         |           137,438,953,472hz - 140,737,488,355,328hz

44.   8,796,093,022,208.00000                         H

45.   17,592,186,044,416.00000                       E

46.   35,184,372,088,832.00000                       A

47.   70,368,744,177,664.00000                       T

48.   140,737,488,355,328.00000                      |          

49.   281,474,976,710,656.00000                                  |

50.   562,949,953,421,312.00000          VISIBLE LIGHT   |  140,737,488,355,328hz-1,125,899,906,842,620hz 49th Octave = Light

51.   1,125,899,906,842,620.00000                               |          

52.   2,251,799,813,685,250.00000                                           |

53.   4,503,599,627,370,500.00000                                           ULTRA

54.   9,007,199,254,740,990.00000                                           VIOLET

55.   18,014,398,509,482,000.00000                                         |  2,251,799,813,685,250hz-36,028,797,018,964hz

56.   36,028,797,018,964,000.00000                                         |          

57.   72,057,594,037,927,900.00000                                                     |

58.   144,115,188,075,856,000.00000                                                    X

59.   288,230,376,151,712,000.00000                                                    R

60.   576,460,752,303,423,000.00000                                                    A          36,028,797,018,964hz-2,305,843,009,213,690hz

61.   1,152,921,504,606,850,000.00000                                                 Y

62.   2,305,843,009,213,690,000.00000                                                 |          

63.   4,611,686,018,427,390,000.00000                                                             |

64.   9,223,372,036,854,780,000.00000                                                             G

65.   18,446,744,073,709,600,000.00000                                                           A

66.   36,893,488,147,419,100,000.00000                                                           M

67.   73,786,976,294,838,200,000.00000                                                           M

68.   147,573,952,589,676,000,000.00000                                                          A

69.   295,147,905,179,353,000,000.00000                                                               2,305,843,009,213,690hz-151,115,727,451,829hz

70.   590,295,810,358,706,000,000.00000                                                          R

71.   1,180,591,620,717,410,000,000.00000                                                       A

72.   2,361,183,241,434,820,000,000.00000                                                       Y

73.   4,722,366,482,869,650,000,000.00000                                                       S

74.   9,444,732,965,739,290,000,000.00000                                                       |

75.   18,889,465,931,478,600,000,000.00000                                                     |

76.   37,778,931,862,957,200,000,000.00000                                                     |

77.   75,557,863,725,914,300,000,000.00000                                                     |

78.   151,115,727,451,829,000,000,000.00000                                                    |

79.   302,231,454,903,657,000,000,000.00000                                                    COSMIC

80.   604,462,909,807,315,000,000,000.00000                                                    RAYS    151,115,727,451,829hz-1,208,925,819,614,630hz

  1. 1,208,925,819,614,630,000,000,000.00000                                                 |

The Frequency Spectrum as a Meru Sierpinsi Binomial Geometry



The 1st of the Tri-Vasta-Purusa Yantra’s, of  1/7x7=49, renders an interesting relation. This first of the 3 Yantra forms, is the universal grid matrix of the Sierpinski binomial triangle equation 1/49 whose digits readout the binomial triangle's octave order of all: molecular cascades, heat, weather, chaos and randomness, all are ordered fractally by this intelligent design... And all of the universe’s spectrums, from the frequency of the sense of touch all the way to the highest energy spectrum, cosmic rays, are modulated by this Vasta Purusah Yantra/Machine... 80 octaves of the 1/49 = 0.020408 16 32 64 128 256... (this is the first octave of 8 in hz... 80 for the full spectrum)...  The 49th position is the frequency spectrum of visible light, by which we have our sight...


Clear-Sight and Clear Mind of the Amitayus Lotus Light (Kaya-Sku), is the Primordial Consciousness Foundation that is the All-One Macro by which our vision's spectral light Fax Simile has its All-One Matrix Numeration, and this is governed by the 5 Dhyani Buddha's with their 10 x 5 = 50 grid of the senses and the Omni-Sense of the sensorial matrix axiom of the All-One Matrix Aksi-Om (One-Eye/Axel of OM), which as AUM, yields the hyper-Sierpinski geometry in its sonogram signature.


Meru Prastara Vedic Agni Hotr Fire Altar

From archaic Sarasvati valley culture,

Oldest remnants 11,000 before present (Mrghra)



With the elementary partilce hadrons now having clearly been defined in terms of their iso-symmetrical grids akin to the Mahat-Tattva, upon whose fractal sysmmetry the entire scala from the microcosm to the macrocosm is hyperwoven by the hadronic hyperdense mediate hypergeometry, we now explore deeper implications of the Mahat Tattva and AUMKara Yantra.


Dr. Santilli shows that the multi-dimensional nature of our universe is implied in hadronic mechanics:


“…The physical implications are truly at the edge of imagination, such as: the existence of antimatter in a new spacetime different from our own constitutes the first known evidence of multi-dimensional character of our universe despite our sensory perception to the contrary; the achievement of a fully equivalent treatment of matter and antimatter implies the necessary existence of antigravity for antimatter in the field of matter (and vice-versa); the motion backward in time implies the existence of a causal spacetime machine (although restricted for technical reasons only to isoselfdual states); and other far reaching advances.“

—Dr. R. M. Santilli, ISODUAL THEORY OF POINT-LIKE ANTIPARTICLES, chapter of Elementary Hadronic Mechanics Vol III: Chapter 2. 2005. Pp 111


Our OTI Emmanuel contacts, in 1987, when we had just turned 17, communicated the Mahat-Tattva AUMKara iso-fractality in terms of the idea of 7 “colour spectrum dimensions, and their arrangement in endless fractal 7 x 7 grid hypercascades, interdimensional, and axiomed through all cosmic space scales, from universal to galactic to solar system, all the way into our microcosm. They clearly forecast 11 years before their creation, hadronic reacors that create new molecules, magnecules, which will enable detection of the next spectrum of dimensional densities (as now has become clearly observed in the hadronic densities, including faster-than-light [beyond 3d] densities of the hyperdense medium). This itself now is quite remarkable, on retrospect:


““You shall discover that there is another parallel dimensional spectrum… above your spectrum… different spectrums of dimensional frequencies. Once you have discovered these dimension’s you shall learn how to change the molecular structures [hadronic configurations] of the vehicles [hadronic space-time machines of hypergeometrical propulsion] you will be travelling in… You shall be able to take control of the molecules that will be surrounding you in a form of a shape. Via electrical signals [hadronic plasmArc flow reactors] you will be able to change their structure [iso-electron magnecules already, and hypermagnecules in future hadronic mechanics], so that they will change in shining the rays, and that way change frequency…

“When you realise that you are just in one colour of the solar system, in one spectrum of it, then you shall learn to discover other areas. For the law is: “as above so below… the key to getting to the other spectrums in this solar system is by changing your molecules… even going into a more universal dimension, and being able to see the… spectrums outside of themselves, all at once… Once you are out of the… spectrums, you shall realise you are in an even larger colour spectrum, and that the solar system itself is just one colour in a far greater macroscopic colour spectrum…. That the galaxy is but one colour in a colour spectrum, and so on it is reflected from the macrocosm into the microcosm, and so on into eternity.”

—Unit-Emmanuel, Solar Energy, February 1987 (excerpts of this contact transmission published in The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel)


The All-Oneness of Emmanuel, which they theologically translated as All Is God, has become the foundation of hadronic mechanics hypermath plane, as the Macro-Irreversible, where the atomic heart hyperdense medium of the elementary particles have their being, and upon which all creation is based:


“A finite collection of elementary constituents all in reversible conditions cannot yield an irreversible macroscopic ensemble [like the universe].

“…The implications… are quite profound because it establishes that, contrary to academic beliefs, irreversibility originates at the most primitive levels of nature, that of elementary particles, and then propagates all the way to our macroscopic environment.”

—Dr. R. M. Santilli, LIE-ADMISSIBLE BRANCH OF HADRONIC MECHANICS AND ITS ISODUAL, in Chapter 4 of “Elementary Hadronic Mechanics Vol III, 2005.


Emmanuel continue with their exceptional foresight and insightful hyper-fractality, that also has axiomatic composition to the similar Vedic and Puranic fractal ideas:


“You shall discover that in your body, your molecules never end. How ever greatly you advance with material technology, you shall never find an end to substance in the microscopic scale [indeed, the hadronic hyperdense medium is hyperlocal, infinite, hypertemporal], and indeed in the macrocosmic, you shall never find an end to the Omniverse [also now implied by hadronic mechanics]… So you realise that your progression is infinite… And it is eternal, it shall be ever lasting… You shall be going from a centre point in consciousness to all areas: where you will be able to project yourselves into all things [via the hadronic hyperdense media in the hadronic horizon of all atoms, hyperelated], and feel it, and remain in that state, consciously, all the time [hypertime hyperconducting materia]. Being able to feel all matter… to be able to feel all things at the same time, not just on Earth, but through the universe, and by doing so knowing all of the universe [Mahat-Tattva, as described in the Purana]… and feel that at the same time in your feeling, and influence it by your thought constructively.

“It is not only these multi-dimensions of colour spectrums and octaves in different scales in those octaves! You shall find, there are many areas which you cannot comprehend of now.”

—Unit-Emmanuel, Solar Energy, February 1987 (excerpts of this contact transmission published in The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel)


Such extraorindary instillations in my teenage neurocybernetics, had an irreversible effect of visionary wholeness that invariently impacted my life’s self-embedded cascade symmetry. Still being unaware of the Rg Veda geometrical science and its fractal cosmology, these OTI invaginated numinous hyper-images inseminated the mitosis of  our own coherent fractal cosmological attempts at bridging this Numinous language, spun into a cohesive map of theories and woven with the technical concepts of the modern world and science — to become our book The Unity Keys of Emmanuel

Which presents a very detailed astrophysical 7 x 7 galactic grid geometrical design (from star catalogues); a 7 x 7 structuring of 7 atomic densities [now confirmed by hadronic mechanics], and spectrum’s of hyperdimensions, with a 7 x 7 axiomatic hyper-relativity; and many of the 610 pages, modelling the 7 primordial bodies (also now clear in Rg Veda science), which now, on retrospection, give some remarkable clarifications and extensions on the Mahatattva AUMKara design, with new cosmological insight.

This especially so with our modelling of the 7 bodies and 7 atomic densities, utilising the nearest terms we had in our grasp to etch and define on our semantic canvus, the multiple hadronic and classical character descriptions, hermetically axiomatic enough to share great similitude and easy translation into the hadronic mechanical metaporphic view we now know today. In fact Dr. Santilli’s recent announcement of the first hyperdimensional elementary particle, the Etherion, now is one of the first confirmations of these fractal cosmological models of the 7 density bodies of 49 states, modelled into germination upon the foundation of the Emmanuel Hyper-Holo-Imagery…

Space does not allow us to summarise, or iconograph these writings, but the following gives a small idea.


A note of nomencluture — the Rainbow Body, or Jalus, in Tibetan Buddhism is one of the first hadronic conversion stages of the biophysical body into a pseudo-superconducting form… However, the “Rainbow Races” described here, are Archetype Universal Macro’s that appear to follow much similitude to the Rg Veda and Purana iconographical attributes of the 7 Ruta-Satya-Manu’s, as the Archetypal Axiomatic Universal Holograme MaNumerator’s of entire species characteristics in hypertime (in otherwords All-One Macro forms of the All-One Hyperdense Medium, operating in Omni-Time [Axiom Unifying Hypertime Macro Operators], as a form of Omni-fractal Omni-Sierpinski AUMKara Omni-relativity, that are the Irreversible Imperishable Omni-Foundation of all hyper-fractal, iso-fractal, and local-fractal axiomatic permutations therefrom):


“The greater Original Rainbow Body is the multispectrumed awareness one puts on consciously [universal Mahat-Tattva AUMKara]. Where all seven major Rainbow Race Oversoul membranes are seven chakra’s of the Rainbow Body of virtually complete interdimensionality within our universe. This was mirrored into our local rainbow body, which is one body made up of our seven bodies, with all 49 chakra’s acting in unison, echoing in fractal cascade the

seventh colour spectrum dimension Rainbow Body, composed from the seven Rainbow Races. “

—Ananda, “Rainbow Races: Drinkers Of The Universal Codes”, written July 1994-1995, a chapter from The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel, pp 71. 1999


Thereby, some 11-12 years before we became aware of the Maha-Tattva idea, we have a description of the 7 Alpha-Omega Manu’ Maha-Tattva Omni-vasta-purusa-yantra, in a hyper-fractal hyperdimensional description of the Purana’s AUMKara, chartering an Archetypos axiom from Universal Hyperlocal Operators to Mankind’s All-One Hyperdensity Morphology (Universal Hyper-D Rainbow Body axiomed to our personal 7-Density Morphology; from the electron shell densities we know now, to the hyperdensities of the hadronic horizon of the atomic heart force — luminal to the superluminal)… The 49 hyper-chakras comprising the 7 octaves of triangles within the binomial triangles 1/49 fractal symmetry.

Now as we write this (second writing August 2006), we discover Rg Veda passages precisely utilising the same Seed Image concept as Emmanuel’s Rainbow Races as AgniVisvanara, the Universal Man, macro body archetype of man, holding 7:


"Agni made them tribute bearers by his strength. In whose peace all people stand seeking grace according to their nature, the Universal Man sits at the supreme place of Heaven and Earth."(Rg Veda 7.6.5-7)

"Agni who possesses a 7-fold humanity is placed in all the rivers” (Rg Veda, 8.39.8)

"All delights converge in Agni, as 7 mighty streams into the ocean."(Rg Veda. 1.71.7)


One of the Hyper Image foundries for these ideas, was this Emmanuel contact from June 1988:


“49. The chakras are the representation, in the law of: "as above so below", of seven states of being you have, as you incarnated into the vibration and body of this solar system. This solar system, within the galaxy is like a certain density, like a planet has its corresponding vibrations and densities; so does the solar system. So as you enter the solar system you enter seven levels… As you entered Earth there are seven states.
”50. So the chakras represent those seven key states of being that are above and so are they below… T
hese corresponding levels echo throughout the universe and are focused down in creation. But these are colours… There comes a point where all colours merge and become one, and so these cycles and different layers do not exist.

“In each chakra there are all the different chakras and all the different colours to form that one chakra. Your solar system is one of those colours within the chakra of the galaxy. The galaxy being one chakra within the universe… But at the same time all this is but one energy, one wave-length in the state of All-Oneness."
—Unit-Emmanuel, SALVANA, SALVADOR, SYLVIA & ATON, The Inflow Of Etheric Man Into Earth. June 1988.


Interestingly this description occurred on paragraph 49 and 50… The All-Oneness Wavelength naturally is the All-One Hyperdense Medium Macro Irreversibility. The clear 7 x 7 matrix personal to universal Ideogram is axiomatically nuanced by Emmanuel. This Numinous Intelligence relates that mankind is coming to a threshold where the concurrent perspective of the Maha-Tattva and the All-Oneness (hyper-hadronic with the hadronic), is coming into realisation:


“This will change the whole relationship of all form and structure on the Earth planet… How to remain individual, as well as being in All-Oneness, at the same time. This is a reality anyway… But now you are learning to become both simultaneously… This is your next stage on Earth — to direct these energies, in forms and patterns, within All-Oneness… But yet within the centre of that wave is something known as Godhead [Maha Purusah], which is where that wave originated. And yet that centre is also a wave, and is the whole All-Oneness wave-length.”

—Unit-Emmanuel, SALVANA, SALVADOR, SYLVIA & ATON, The Inflow Of Etheric Man Into Earth. June 1988.


Thus, the fractal AUMKara axiom universal realisation is unveiled in our hadronic force atomic density biogenesis into the hyperdense medium foundation already present… The All-Oneness Wave-Length being į0, that is Infinitely-One and Zeropointedly All-Null indivisibly co-present… Ati-Sunyata-Maha-Ananta.

Hadronic mechanics states, that because our experience of the 3dimensional sphere coincides, when it is inspected by a person of who is either in classical geometrical space, or in the iso-geometrical space, because of the identity that is axiomatic in these related expression — thereby multidimensions are co-existently co-present in our daily “normal” space:



“A schematic view of the isodual sphere on isodual Euclidean spaces over isodual fields. The…isodual sphere and the conventional sphere coincide when inspected by an observer either in the Euclidean or in the isodual Euclidean space, due to the identity of the related expressions. This identity is at the foundation of the perception that antiparticles  “appear” to exist in our space, while in reality they belong to a structurally different space  coexisting within our own, thus setting the foundations of a “multidimensional universe”  coexisting in the same space of our sensory perception.”

—Dr. R. M. Santilli, ISODUAL THEORY OF POINT-LIKE ANTIPARTICLESElementary Hadronic Mechanics Vol III: Chapter 2. 2005.


However, an Omniverse was Emmanuel Imbibed in me as the raptured nervous system (all 5 senses fused into all-one macro sense —standard modus operandi of OTI Hyper-Cybernetic Hyperflux translteration), direct experience of an Omnidimensional Omni-Relative Omni-Continuum.

This we then modelled into an hyperindex map of the Emmanuel Hyper-Icon-Ideoms (given to me in ETI/OTI 3-day “contact” in the Sion, high Swiss Alps, September 1992), as The Unity Key Emmanuel. Its fractal description cosmology is an ecological tapestry, whose cartography axiomatically traces the Omni-Infinite, into their hyper-logical and logical architectures of modern neuro-semantic structuring, to enable comprension and expansion by mankind in our era and beyond…

These involved myriads of 7 x 7 dimensional hyper-liftings of the spectrum-dimensions, matter and anti-mater inter-unificaitons (now a standard component of the hadronic axiom preserving iso-unit law), and onwards into their superuniversal, and hyperuniversal architectures, tesselating the Omniverse’s Omni-cartography…

Hadronic mechanic’s 4 x 4 = 16 tensor [another Purusa measure as we shall see] of isosymmetry, implies spacetimes of infinite dimensions, axiomatically contained in our dimension (like all the multi-angles on one point of a holographic plate, each angle containing complete unique information for holographic projection), whilst preserving the dimensional perspective of the observer in our universe:


“The 11-dimensional Poincare-Santilli isosymmetry on isominkowski spaces over real isofields with common, 4 × 4-dimensional [16D], positive-definite isounits is directly universal for nonsingular, signature preserving generalizations of the Minkowskian spacetime, where “universal” represents the the validity of the isosymmetry for all infinitely possible spacetimes of the class admitted, and “directly universal” represents its applicability in the fixed coordinates of the observer, without any use of coordinate or other transforms.”

—Dr. R. M Santilli, INCONSISTENCIES OF GENERAL RELATIVITY AND THEIR APPARENT RESOLUTION VIA THE POINCARE INVARIANT ISOGRAVITATION. Preprint Institute for Basic Research IBR-TPH-03-05. Submitted for publication January 15, 2005, Revised February 21, 2005


Emmanuel Omni-AxsiOM’d this to our personal morphology and present experience’s neuro-set tunning, where the Mahat-Tattva AUMKara 7 x 7 hyperfractal symmetry cascade architecture of all materia matrices of this universe, is recursively embedding its spectrum dimensions; with all other universes and dimensions being self-similarly hyper-indexed, axiomatically to the matrix of our own identity — here reduced to poetic descriptive simplicitiy, by Salvana:


"You can identify with every single thing that exists within this universe and other universes, within all dimensions  of which there are an infinite variety."
Salvana, Explorations Into Oneness, 1989


Our fractal cosmological work in The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel, actually manages to charter our own independent form of the iso-unit and hyper-unit’s underlying creation. When citing this text in our 2003 Manu-Script Omni-D, we stated the following:


“ANANDAS VISION ON OMNIDIMENSIONAL LIE ALGEBRA (11/8/2003)… I slept for an hour and awoke with the LIE algebras pinning in my head. I was not content alone with the Octonian dimensions, and the limit of 480 dimensions... Whilst the Octonian universe… was the clothed semantics of the Coherent Fractal Cosmology we utilised in The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel (unknowing the LIE or Octonian mathematics), the point of the thesis was to point out the map of an Omni-Open-Ended Omniverse, as the Emmanuel Numinous Nuance had convayed.

Expanding from the Octonian 8D universe and 480 dimensional Jagati and Manu-Aditi Manu-Script hypercode section, which used the language vehicle of the 48 iso-hypercube Vortexijah as a 360° iso-spun nest, into a Superuniversal extension…:

Ananda, Manu-Script III: Omni-D & The All-Oneness Wavelength: SU & The Omnidimensional Algebra Of The Rg Veda. 11-8-2003. Published as a Grailzine to Grailring Europe


This overview to The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel hyperuniversal model excerpt following, has itself some foresight (as I see it now only 3 years further)… Iso-LIE algebra et al… In “A New Fractal Holographic Cosmology: We Are In The Chakras Of The Cosmos,” chapter of The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel, we take many routes to inspire this open-ended hyper-logic, this chapter being written in 1994, some 12 years before this writting:

"…Predispositions, pre-matrixs, of the universe, are also remnents of an open-ended set of universes in the plurality of the Superuniverse, which Itself supercoils into one face of the Hyperuniverse, whose 7-face toroidal Hyper-vorticity itself is near to ineffible, but open-ended.”

—Ananda, “Seven Weeks & Days Of Creation: A New Fractal Holographic Cosmology: We Are In The Chakras Of The Cosmos“ (December 1994) chapter of  THE UNITY KEYS OF EMMANUEL: The Interuniversal Viewpoint For The Unity Of Diversity. Ananda/Emmanuel. First Published 1999

The 7-Hyperfaces of the Hyper-Toroid Hypervorticity, is then detailed in another Unity Key chapter:


"...This Superuniversal holographic plate… comprised of the 7…  Unityverses as one with all spectrum universal spin directives, is the Superuniversal Body, the 64th unit state. Likened unto Superuniversal-DNA strands, which are interhyper-linked together into interhyper-10-interpentagon chains, to form the interhyper-interdodecahedron, the interhyper-interdecogon of 1 and 2/3rds of a Hyperuniverse, as a interhyper-intersine-wave intergeometry. Which is then further linked through Super-Hyperuniverses, as nucleidal chains which hold together the 7 Days of Creation Blood Cell, comprised of numerous Superuniversal DNA strands, coiled upon themselves, as strings of Hyperuniverses and two thirds, in inter-hyper-interdodecahedrons, and further post-paradoxical hyperspatial intergeometrys beyond understanding."
—Ananda, “Understanding The Universal Dream: The Holographic Analogy” (infusion on hyperuniversal DNA structure July 1994. Updated 1996-98), chapter of THE UNITY KEYS OF EMMANUEL: The Interuniversal Viewpoint For The Unity Of Diversity. Ananda/Emmanuel. First Published 1999.


Here, during the 1990s, we model geometrical relations of no-less than iso-hyper-iso-dodecahedrons and iso-hyper-iso-sine-wave-iso-geometry — which with the new hypermathematics of hadronic mechanics, become highly understandable and practical models utilised in cosmology. The hyper-axiom implied by hadronic iso- and hypermathematics, where all arbitary links vanish, makes our cosmological modelling of the multiverse using the axiom’s and ideoms of the DNA language code operations, especially with the new field of hyper-genetics, which demonstrates hyperdimensional operations as being the machinary of the DNA code of life (as is explored fruther on) — ever increasingly pertinent in a hyperanthroporphic unanimity, axiom preserving et al…

Man in the Image of the universe, “as Above so below”, as the true hyper-fractal and hyper-relative All-One Macro/Micro interscaling nature of the Mahat-Tattva AUMKara Yantra machinary, enabling the personal individual ecology to be the entirety of the universal Macro Ecological Matrix AUM Machinary, unified upon the foundation of the All-One Hyperdense Medium — implies that the Sunya-Vak, or “Immaculate Emptiness” nature of our cosmos. The universe in its entirety of energy, time, and physical characteristics, are each respectively a total of null-value:


“Isoselfdual bound states may result in being the microscopic image of the main characteristics of the entire universe... In this case the universe results in having null total physical characteristics, such as null total energy, null total  time, etc., thus implying no discontinuity at its creation.”

—Dr. R. M. Santilli, ISODUAL THEORY OF POINT-LIKE ANTIPARTICLESElementary Hadronic Mechanics Vol III: Chapter 2. 2005. Pp 141


Thus, the microscopic bonding that binds our bodies life continuum together has the main characteristics of all creation as a miniturised image of the entire cosmos — because isoselfdual bound states have been now observed…

 Just as 49 reeds comprise the I-Ching’s 64 hexagram’s which Dr. Shoenberger’s analysis demonstrates auto-similarity to the 64-codon DNA code, our fractal cosmology germinated from the given hyperindex of the Unity Iconography, models the macro-multiverse thereon.

In The Unity Keys model, the Superuniverse contains 7 Octonian-8D universes, fractally as the Octonian iso-LIE algebra convays 7 dimensions to the 8 dimensional universe hypersphere, likewise the Superuniversal Body is the 8th state that are 64 Supercomposits. These 4 excerpts from the chapter Exploring The Superuniverse gives a slight glimpse thereof:

"...The Superuniverse is like one body which has seven chakras. Each chakra is a universe.....
”...Each Universal Christ acts as a holographic plate, through which the Light Focus of Christ shines, to form seven holographic universal dream bodies, each universal body containing seven chakras. These seven universal bodies, together with their Oversouls as the seven Universal Christ Sons/Suns, form one post-paradoxical Superuniversal animation book likened unto the DNA books composed of protein pages in our living body...
”...This DNA-like bi-strand book  known as the Superuniverse has the bi-directions of spin encoded within it, when viewed from the illusion of time dynamics apparent by the dream hallucinations we compose as our language, based on the hallucination known as time.
”...Thus 63 + 1 = 64 overall states of experience or angles within the Superuniverse. The Superuniversal book of life contains 64 different buttons of experience, just as our DNA contains 64 codons as the push buttons for genetic formation in our biological coding. Although the Superuniversal 64 is paradoxical, and cannot be understood in rationality of linear thinking  it is a state where all paradoxes must be seen as diverse angles of one book of life, within a larger story. Just as our DNA books are contained in larger stories, and are fractally recursive, to guarantee the dynamics of love in the form of the gravity that this fractal recursiveness appears to create, as the love link guarantee to maintain eternity and infinite in their erotic relationship with each other."
—Ananda, “Exploring The Superuniverse” (1993, updated 1994) from the chapter of THE UNITY KEYS OF EMMANUEL: The Interuniversal Viewpoint For The Unity Of Diversity. Ananda/Emmanuel. First Published 1999


Hyper-DNA symmetry in Hyperuniverse fractal cosmology is continued:


"A Hyperuniverse may vary in the number of Superuniversal strings it maintains to construct one coiled loop...  varieties vary by the factor of variety in a given assigned colour sector of synthesized balance to the whole spectrum matrix multiple [hyper-tri-vasta-purusa-yantra-AUMKara’s] (in other words there are limitless varieties of perfect distribution, since all possibilities are happenning concurrently).
”...We dealt with a 7 loop Superuniverse, per Hyperuniversal Day. This is a short cut model which enables true Hyperuniversal synthesis unfoldments/infoldments within the mind diagramme of contemplative knowing.
”We here illustrate the larger complexities of simplicity that can be required to be assessed in the painting of this canvas of Inter-Universal arrangements. Where, in the cell, a double helix Superuniverse then lines up in multiple Superuniverses, which inturn form a Hyperuniverse, which composes a cluster strand of Hyperuniverses comprising the Super-Hyperuniverse....
”...The Hyperuniverses are then looped and coiled upon themselves approximately 7 times to form a Super-Hyperuniverse. There are many Super-Hyperuniverses whom in turn are coiled upon themselves to form a Super-Hyperuniversal Cluster (see diagram DNA Coils). These Super-Hyperuniversal Clusters, inturn, are coiled upon themselves to form one actual coil rung within a Blood Cell of the greater creation. And one Blood Cell has many actual coil rings within itself as the receptor coils from the greater  broadcasting station of the Unity of Days...
”...So the numerous Superuniverses, with their respective universal Christ Oversouls or Unityverses, are inter-related to form the Hyperuniversal chain within a blood cell of the greater creation being.... This is an example of hyper-fractalled Inter-Universal recursion...."
Beyond The Hyperuniverse: Into The Greater Creation” chapter of  THE UNITY KEYS OF EMMANUEL: The Interuniversal Viewpoint For The Unity Of Diversity. Ananda/Emmanuel. First Published 1999


 Indeed, “hyper-fractalled” takes on a new meaning new with hypergeometry, into the topology of iso-Universal recursion of the Hyper-Iso-Sierpinski-Hyper-Iso-Hedra, governed by the Omnihedra MaNumerator… Here is a iso-hyper-iso-geometrical hyperfractal macroassembly, of open-ended multiversal systems, foundation modelling the Omniversal All-One Media design… concurrent iso-Sierpinski cascade operators are hyper-iso-related here… However, on the universal scale, and its Suma Unityverse, the following description renders an hyperdimensional Unified AUM Ball that is a true Iso-Hyper-Sphere model in every rudimentary characteristic that is defined:


"...To further understand the universal body, and the seven dimensions… let us use the principles of the Vortexijah. Just as the two interlocking electro-gravidic and magneto-gravidic tetrahedrons [iso-tetrahedrons] of our virtual field are spinning at a certain virtual rate (to map graviton cubic engineering scriptations into photon and electron sound grid mandala matrixes, of holographic fabric manifestations {the illusion of speed}), interlocking through their intercubic bi-directions [iso-direction], into a phase conjugated cube, to create the illusion of time, where our energy wavelengths are phase-locked into the magnet moments of the dream fruit cycles of our planetary dream fruit script, so each of the dimensions in the universe appear to be spin angled in different directions (one of seven possible spins that a hyperdimensional-tetrahedron can be spun to, according to its axis, to map the hyperdimensional 7 phase super-hyper-super photon doughnut [all 7 axis spin according to the central axis of the hypertetrahedron. 3D being 3-axis, x, y, z]).
”When we look at the simplified Vortexijah model with 48 tips of the spinning tetrahedrons [iso-tetrahedrons] which form the virtual field of our body, to make the Grail…  so the seven dimensions of the universal body also appear as a disk when seen in a 48 spin simultaneity. We have to account for 48 tips, plus the body it makes, attaining the outcome of 49
. And so is the Unityverse of the universe, as the universal Christ, when one takes the horizontal spin of the universal disk Vortexijah [hyper-iso-Vortexijah] and thus form a ball constructed out of all possible angles of the seven dimensions, and the sub angles [atomic densities/octaves] within those angled dimensions of colour, and these sub-angles [7 x 7 = 49 subangle octaves or densities, 7 in each of the 7 dimensions, as exlored in a preceeding chapter of The Unity Keys] we understand as the various cycles of time Alpha-Omega.
”Thus the universal Christ is all angles
, and all colours and sub-colours united into a single Sphere.”
Understanding The Universal Dream: The Holographic Analogy
(infusion on hyperuniversal DNA structure July 1994. Updated 1996-98),  from a chapter of THE UNITY KEYS OF EMMANUEL: The Interuniversal Viewpoint For The Unity Of Diversity. Ananda/Emmanuel. First Published 1999

The above description renders the All-One MaNumerator Unity-Sphere of  a Maha-Ati-Vasta-Purusa-Yantra comprised of the 49 density angles of 7 octaves densities times the 7 dimensional hyper-axis, all-one hyper-unified field unity as the hyper-iso Vortexijah Lense, into the iso-hypersphere Suma.





Long after our above models, we discover the novel work of Los Alamos National Laboritory scientist, Dr. Frank T Smith, who relates a Sierpinski binomial cascaded Clifford Algebra 256 dimensionality… You will notice the 16 and 27 harmonics as central multidimensional hypercube and hypergeometrical units along the way. All  of these equations simply require the hadronic mechanic’s iso-unit lifting to have instant unversal and practical applicability for multidimensionality:


“The real 4_21 Witting polytope of the E8 lattice in R8 has:


“240 vertices; 

“E8 HyperDiamond Lattice, 

“6,720 edges; 

“60,480 triangular faces; 

“241,920 tetrahedra; 

“483,840 4-simplexes; 

“483,840 5-simplexes 4_00; 

“138,240 + 69,120 6-simplexes 4_10 and 4_01; and 

“17,280 7-simplexes 4_20 and 2,160 7-cross-polytopes 4_11. 


“The E8 lattice in R8 has a counterpart in C4, the self-reciprocal honeycomb of Witting polytopes, a lattice of all points whose 4 coordinates are Eisenstein integers with the equivalent congruences. The self-reciprocal Witting polytope in C4 has:


“240 vertices, 

“2,160 edges, 

“2,160 faces, and 

“240 cells. 

“It has 27 edges at each vertex.


“It is 6-symmetric, so its central quotient group has order 25,920 [hyper axiom for Earths precession cycle 25,920 years]. 

“It has 40 diameters orthogonal to which are 40 hyperplanes of symmetry, each of which contains 72 vertices

“It has a van Oss polygon in C2, its section by a plane joining an edge to the center, that is the 3{4}3 in C2, with 24 vertices and 24 edges. 


“The 24-cell 3{4}3 in R4 has


“24 vertices, 

“96 edges, 

“96 faces, and 

“24 cells. 


“4-dimensional 24-cell, whose 24 vertices are the root vectors of the 24+4 = 28-dimensional D4 Lie algebra; 

“●     two 4-dimensional HyperOctahedra, lying (in a 5th dimension) above and below the 24-cell, whose 8+8 = 16 vertices add to the 24 D4 root vectors to make up the 40 root  vectors of the 40+5 = 45-dimensional D5 Lie algebra; 

“●     5-dimensional HyperCube, half of whose 32 vertices are lying (in a 6th dimension) above and half below the 40 D5 root vectors, whose 16+16 = 32 vertices add to the 40 D5 root vectors to make up the 72 root vectors of the 72+6 = 78-dimensional E6 Lie algebra; 

“●     two 27-dimensional 6-dimensional figures, lying (in a 7th dimension) above and below the the 72 E6 root vectors, whose 27+27 = 54 vertices add to the 72 E6 root vectors to make up the 126 root vectors of the 126+7 = 133-dimensional E7 Lie algebra; and 

“●     two 56-dimensional 7-dimensional figures, lying (in an 8th dimension) above and below the the 126 E7 root vectors, and two polar points also lying above and below the 126 E7 root vectors, whose56+56+1+1 = 114 vertices add to the 126 E7 root vectors to make up the 240 root vectors of the 240+8 = 248-dimensional E8 Lie algebra. 

“The 240 E8 root vectors form a Witting Polytope. They are related to the 256 elements of the Cl(1,7) Clifford Algebra of the D4-D5-E6-E7-E8 VoDou Physics model as follows: 


“●     Cl(1,7) has 256 = 2^8 elements, corresponding to the 2^8 vertices of an 8-dimensional HyperCube and having the graded structure 

1 8 28 56 70 56 28 8 1 [Sierpinski row 8] with even part 1 28 70 28 1 and odd part 8 56 56 8 

“●     An 8-dimensional HyperCube decomposes into 2 half-HyperCubes, each with 128 vertices, and each corresponding to one of the 2 mirror-image half-spinor representations of the D8 Lie algebra whose Euclidean-signature spin group is 120-dimensional Spin(16) and whose half-spinor representations have dimension (1/2)(2^(16/2)) = 256/2 = 128; 

“●     One half-HyperCube corresponds to the 128 even elements 1 28 70 28 1 and the other to the 128 odd elements 8 56 56 8; 

“●     The128 vertices of the odd 8-dimensional half-HyperCube with graded structure 8 56 56 8 correspond to 128 of the 240 E8 root vectors as follows: 


    8 to the 8 octonion vector space basis elements, with positive sign; 

    8 to the 8 octonion vector space basis elements, with negative sign; 


Since the E8 Lie algebra has rank 8, it has dimension 240+8 = 248, and the 2^8 = 256-dimensional real Clifford algebra Cl(8) (or Cl(1,7) if you pay attention to signature) can be constructed as  Cl(8) = E8 + 8-dimensional vector space. 


“The first thing that I would tell you would be that Clifford algebras (working over the real numbers and using Euclidean signature) have the structure of the binomial triangle, so that the Clifford algebra Cl(n) has structure like: 


n                                                 Total 



0                   1                   2^0 =   1= 1x1 

1                 1   1                 2^1 =   2= 1+1 

2               1   2   1               2^2 =   4= 2x2 

3             1   3   3   1             2^3 =   8= 4+4 

4           1   4   6   4   1           2^4 =  16= 4x4 

5         1   5  10  10   5   1         2^5 =  32=16+16 

6       1   6  15  20  15   6   1       2^6 =  64= 8x8 

7     1   7  21  35  35  21   7   1     2^7 = 128=64+64 

8   1   8  28  56  70  56  28   8   1   2^8 = 256=16x16 

9 1   9  36  84  126 126 84  36   9  1  2^9 = 512=256+256 

... etc ... 


The Clifford Algebra Cl(8) has dimension 2^8 = 256. Since 256 = 16 x 16 = 2^4 x 2^4, the full spinors of Cl(8) are 16-dimensional, and the half-spinors of Cl(8) are 8- dimensional.  Cl(8) has graded structure 


1   8  28  56  70  56  28   8   1 


The 28-dimensional grade-2 bivectors of Cl(8) form the Lie Algebra Spin(8). 


E8 — The E8 Lie Algebra is the sum (on this page I am using the word "sum" very imprecisely) of  the 120-dimensional Spin(16) Lie Algebra of the 2^16 = 256 x 256 = 65,536-dimensional Cl(16) Clifford Algebra and one 2^7 = 128-dimensional Cl(16) half-spinor space. 


Thus, we have Dr. Smith’s renderrings giving much flesh to our Hyperuniversal Hyper-Super-Iso-Hypergeometrical ideas modelled in The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel, and whose Lie and Clifford algebras simply need the iso-unit liftings to preserve their axioms to the universal dimensional configurations… Furthermore, above one will not the 16D and 27D number correlations, which adds much depth to the Purusah metrics and the 27D Hyper Sri Yantra, for further eleborate expansions.





 In Manu-Script 10, we showed how the Purusah Sukta hymn of the Rg Veda, which descirbes the All-One Madium Macro Irreversible view by which life, the life code, man and the biological life forms are Hypervolutionary manifestations (rather than evolutionary, or even involutionary)…

This hymn utilises precise DNA code arrangement in its algebraic meters construing its prose, as well as the Sierpinski binomial co-efficient fractal symmetries, appart from actually appearing to describe the DNA helix life thread and the DNA nucleotide base-pairs. Since, in the Rg Veda, all materia (biological or mind) is all the Purusah, it is significant to discover that the Purusah formula is a burried description of the 27D Sri Yantra.

 Rg Veda 10.90 tells us that the Purusah is all, all that has been, all that is and all that will be. And with Purusah all is woven like a text. The Rg Veda uses an overall 90 algebraic meters to structure the weaving of its prose (archaic proto-Sanskrit having been noded like knots on a string, or song-line), of which 7 meters are the fundamental primary meters of creation (these by and large all exhibit genetic relations, as we show in our Manu-Script Omni-D Hyper-DNA chapter).


Since, all 90 meters comprise all of the 432,000 syllables, and 10,800 stanzas of the Rg Veda (which together form All-One Macro Meru-Prastara Sri Yantra, or Sierpinski pyramid), and the Rg Veda is said to be a manuel of the actual universe — the Cosmic Mt. Meru AUM or Sri Yantra, then the Purusah is all this. So the 90 meters weave the Veda textstylis, as the Purusah, whose one unique (the “unicorn”) Sutra is hymn 90. Some of the Vedic Agni-Hotr fire-alter chronomoniters (including of the Meru Prastara design), found in the archaic Sarasvati river valley culture (going back 11,000 before present), utilise a 90 day count precession astrophysical numerical calculator system.

 The Purusah Sukta states within the 3rd and 4th verse that ¾’s of the Purusah are Imperishable beyond this universe, and ¼ of the Purusah remains, and is all animate and inanimate within this universal world.  The 3rd and 4th themselves having auto reference to the ¾ as is classical to Rg Veda fractal prose logic (auto-correlating self-embedded symantic networks of symmetrical algebraic geometrical hyperindexing) — as well as holding numerous keys, genetic and cosmological contants and the like.

 Since, the ¼ of the Purusah that remains as this observable universal world, and 90 is ¼ of 360° — we have a clear grasp of the Purusah Time Machine Yantra, utilised in the Agni Hotr chronomoniters…

The whole Purusah then is 360°, which in proto-Vedic temporal calendrics, with its 30 muhurta hour day/night, is one complete Lunar cycle through all of its constellations in the night sky…


 To the proto-Vedics, the galaksi (itself a Sanskrit word meaning the “One-Eye [Aksi] Way of Milk [Gala],” from which our Milky Way is derived. Axiom, also from Aksi-Om), itself was a Mt. Meru Sri Yantra

This was further axiomatically fractally chartered (by the holographic self-embedded recursion cascading inherent within the Meru Prastara/Sierpinski triangle equations they utilised, as one of their reality overlays [much as we now do today]), by the fact that one complete 4 x 90 day cycle of their Lunar year, charters the Moon’s traversing through all of its 27 mansion constellations (mapped across the galaxy), over its 360 day whole cycle. The 27 mansions axiom the 27 Sri-Yantra Meru lines (amoungst other hyperaxiomatic relations)… Also note the axiomatic numbers 49 in 4x90.

As we wrote the above (August 2006), we discovered this confirmatory Rg Veda passage:


"With 4 time 90 names, like a turning wheel, he sets in motion fast energies."

–Rig Veda 1.155.6


 Since, ¾ of the Purusah are ascended beyond this universe [itself an All-One Universal Meru (AOUM), with 27 lines comprising the 44 triangles of the iso-Sierpinski triangles compossing the Sri Yantra, and recursively scaled to the galactic Meru hyperlinked through the 27 lunar mansions], by a measure of 10 golden fingers, the formula is simple…

The ascended Purusah beyond this universe is 3 x 90 = 270 for the 3/4, which is the precise decimal of 27, that is 10 x 27 (just as 27 is 3 x 9, or 9+9+9, omegon-symmetry, so 270 is 30 x 9, or 30 x 3+3+3, for iso-quark and omegon geometry…

So by 10 golden fingers x the 27 lines of the general cube surface of our universe’s length, width and height (the 3 equal axis of a cube), and the 27 lunar mansions of the local galactic space, as the 27 lined Meruprastara-Sierpinski of the local universe — has been surpassed, indeed, by 10 times.

This links the vasta-purusa-yantra’s of the Maha Tattva directly to the hadronic fundamental particle grid assigned to each individual, DNA, atomic symmetry, and neurogenetic template, by which the shell universe appears to project (in immaculately empty bubble null elementary particles) its holographic dimensionality as the apparent reductional simulation of the infinite hyperdense All-One Medium of the Aether Unified Macro’s hyper-infinite-oneness.


 Interestingly, the proto-Vedic science of the 27D Sri Yantra hypersymmetry axiom’d to the 27 lines of the general cubic surface, was passed down through the inner tantric Buddhist lineages, in the form of their esoteric Palden Lhamo Dice Divination system. The Palden Lhamo dice divination is conducted with three dice that have a number from 1 to 6, which is  indicated by the dots on each cubic face.

This renders a 6 x 6 x6 = 216 grid matrix, which itself is a doubling of the Sacred 108 measure of the Rg Veda (see Manu-Script Maha-Tattva 36) — 2 x 108 = 216. This itself is 3 x 72. There being 72° of double helical twist holding one basepair; 72 years for 1° in the precession zodiac… 72° is the angle of the arms of the golden triangle that itself composses the pentagram, evident in Vedic Mathematics (as demonstrated in the 16 Sulba Sutras of the Atharva Veda, whose complex mathematics includes a more refined version of the Pythagorus Theorum, and clearly shows the advanced equations used in the Rg Veda); and the 72 gatas of the Vedic musical harmonic scale tuning system. Let alone the 72,000 nadi nodes, the 72 appearances of Manu in the Rg Veda, the 72 million year Manuvantara cycle, and 216 million year galactic orbit cycle of 3-Visnu AUM strides (Manuvantaras) around the Visnu Nabhi, or galactic centre.

Of the 90 metric measure’s the 7 prime meters used in the Rg Veda, have the pairing of opposite meter’s syllable count, all sum to 72, like 1. Gayatri of 24 syllables with 7. Jagati of 48 syllable… 24 + 48 = 72)… And then it should be noted, that 72 is the iso-dual of 27 (27:72), forming an iso-unit hyperelation.

Furthermore, 216  = 2 x 2 x 2  x  3 x 3 x 3  =  8 x 27, so that the 27 symmetrical lines of the AUM chant sonic waveform Sri Yantra geometry, is unified to the 8-petal lotus asymmetry that coherently surrounds the 9 Macro Meru triangles…


Still from Ananda’s animated slide on Rg Veda hypergeometry

ON TRIALITY in the Rg Veda’s prime Gayatri Meter of 8-8-8 syllable geometry is ascribed to AUM


Apart from binomial binary systems, trinary systems also make a from of triangle fractality called ternary structure triality:


The rows of the ternary (1 + 2)^n power of 3 triangle




0                     1                          3^0 =     1

1                   2    1                       3^1 =     3

2                4    4    1                     3^2 =     9

3              8    12   6    1                  3^3 =    27

4           16   32   24    8    1               3^4 =    81


Note the third level’s sum of 27. The binary (1 + 1)^n triangle directly corresponds to the I Ching number system, whereas the ternary (1 + 2)^n triangle has its correspondence to the Tai Hsuan Ching.

The ternary power of 3 triangle also describes the sub-hypercube structure of a hypercube, and was also by Plato in describing cosmogony and music.

As mathematian, Dr. Frank T. Smith of Los Alamos National Laboratories points out, starting with the 2(complex)-dimension complex octagon – of 8 vertices, 8 edges, one can then follow 27 of these complex octagons to form the 3(complex)-dimensional Hessian polyhedron – of 27 vertices, 72 edges, 27 faces. The 27-real-dimensional Shilov boundary could be a totally real part  of the boundary of the 27-complex-dimensional domain (lecture of Dr. Frank T. Smith of Los Alamos National Laboratories, 1997 talk at Corvallis).



Thus, this ancient Vedic cubic dice divination system has the appearance of being a combination of a binary system like the I Ching (clearly based on the vasta-purusa-yantra, as an axiomatic mirror formula of proto-Sanskrit tantra), and a ternary system like Tai Hsuan Ching  ternary structures like Triality, which underlies the foundation structure of the 27-dimensional exceptional Jordan algebra J3(O), and the 27-dimensional MacroSpace of the Dr. Frank Smith’s D4-D5-E6-E7-E8 VoDou physics model... Use of this oracular saging system is furthermore woven into the lotus flower textstylus thread nodes that weave the Vedic prose tapestry:


“Divination on a rosary: The person doing the divination … holds up the rosary horizontally… with the fingers of each hand grasping a randomly chosen bead, leaving half the beads of fewer between them. Then the fingers of each hand move towards each other counting three beads at a time. The outcome of the divination depends on the number of beads left. The procedure is repeated three times. When only one bead remains, the result is called 'falcon'. When two beads remain, it is called 'raven'. When three beads remain the result is called 'snow lion'. ...".


One of the Rg Vedic fire altar metric geometrical design is called the “falcon”, and is shaped in the geometry of this bird (The Astronomical Code Of The Rg Veda, Dr. Sabash Kak)… Thereby, we see the clear Meru 3+3+3 = 9 symmetry at work, in the 3 beads being counted at a time, and repeated 3 x. As 216/3 = 72, we know that there are 72 bead pairs of 3 to count through, and this is done tri-fold, 3 x 72 = 216.

Since, the 8-petal Lotus times the 9 macro yantra triangles clearly hallmarks this — 8 x 9 = 72, we witness once again the Meru geometry relation in the count. This is brought out even further, when we realise that 216 is also 108 x 2, from the 2 x 2 x 2 = 8, times 3 x 3 x 3 = 27 formula, and that 216 divided by 8 renders the 27D axiom: 216/8 = 27 (3 x 3 x 3, itself being 3+3+3  + 3+3+3  +  3+3+3), and the 27 lines, surrounded by the 8 petal lotus… Herein, we have hypersymmetrical examples of the 27:72 iso-unit operating.


 The  ancient Vedic rosary/mala bead divination system, also used 27, 54 (2 x 27) and 108 (4 x 27) beads, counting 3 beads at a time, getting 3 outcomes, and repeating the procedure 3 times (3-3-3), this being a ternary system and the ternary structures themselves operate on Triality; operating in the 27-dimensional exceptional Jordan algebra J3(O); and the 27-dimensional MacroSpace of the Dr. Smith’s D4-D5-E6-E7-E8 physics model.


The Rg Vedic divination system is largely based on the Triality aspect of the 256-dimensional Cl(8) Clifford algebra, 16 x 16, following the 4 x 4 iso-minkowski metric tensor operating within the hadronic horizon hyperdense medium, for its hyperdimensional transform… Furthermore, 256 is the sum of the base row value of one full octave of the Sierpinski triangle numbers, and is the binomial co-efficient 2Ų8 .


27-dimensional M-theory with Jordan Algebra structures J3(O) and J4(Q)o and Lie Algebra structure E7 / E6xU(1) (iso-unit lifted by hadronic mechanics), is used to describe Timelike Branes in the 27 dimensional MacroSpace of the Many-Worlds theory.


 Thus, the 27 lines of the general cubic surface which extend beyond this dimension of 3 x 90° angles known by the axis names of x, y, z (vertical, horizontal, diagonal… x-L°90—y-L°90—z- L°90), into a higher dimension = 270, mapped by the iso-Reiman metric tensor of 16 numbers, compressed to 10 tensor number dimensions (10 x 27). Or true 4 x 4 = 16 iso-minkowski metric tensor, 16 x 27 = 432, for the 432,000 syllables). Again the Purusah Sukta having 16 verses, in which the name Purusah occurs 8 times.


Of the 90 Rg Veda metric types comprising Purusah, the 7 prime meters themselves are part of the 16 medial meters (regular meters) utilised in the construction of the Rg Vedic syntax, thereby the 16 Purusah verses and 16 medial meters link furthermore to the cube’s 16 vectors, and the 16 Sanskrit vowels (16 petals surrounding the 8-petal lotus on the AUM Sri Yantra wave geometry design)

organic unfoldment in one complete axis rotation of Earth follows an octave-8 of Fibonacci growth steps, or petals in the 360 rotation vortex spiral in the planet’s notation: a sun dial gnomon of the 8 lunar tides in the 30 hour day/night axial 360° spin. These 8 tidal chandler wave cycles, as 8 Fibonacci wave nodes in embedded recursions of self-similarity. is clearly chandlered through this cycle sequence…

Thus, the alchemical treasury of the Soma Elixir in the Veda, which in the Kula and Rasana alchemical traditions became clarified and known to be the 16th Kala (phase) of the Moon (Chandra-Soma) kalander. Yet, the Moon has 15 phases.


15 + 1 lunar phases, Kalas


The Moon’s 16th Kala’s of 15 lunar phases having the supreme Soma Kalasa Rasa elixir being comprised of all the Moon phases together as All-One (the Prima Moon), through all the 27 lunar mansions it spans in this galactic 27 lined Meru, in the course of its 360° passage over the 360 day lunar year of 10,800 hours (30 hours per day x 360… 10,800 stanzas in the Rg Veda, which is the 432,000 syllables divided by 40 —Viraj, the Anthromorph of Purusah). This 360° x 360 cycle was reckoned on the 13 Moons of 27.69 days.


16 Lunar Phase Yantra’s from the Sri Yantra


Thus Soma Kalasa as the 16th Kala of the Moon is an annual of all lunar phases, 360°, as one summation of the Moon’s 27 Meru mansions comprising the AUM Yantra, or Sierpinski Meru mountain of this galaxy.

The Soma-Kalasa of the 16th Kala is also the beginning, and is mapped by the 16th Sanskrit vowel Am, which is the beginning, or first root of order Ruta.

This 16th vowel is positioned, as the first petal of the 16 petalled Visuddha throat/voice cakra, and is the 16th serial order.

The 16 complete undivided parts of the Primal Manu Omniversal Persona, Purusarah, whose 16 divisions, each are divided into 16. This comprises one complete Meruprastara, or Manugala Yantra, as 16 x 16 = 256, the sum of the octaval 8th row of numbers of the Sierpinski triangle.


The 11th verse of the Purusah Sukta relates the wisdom of how Purusah’s divine division devises the device of how many portions divide this grand time machine, or Kalpa Yantra (usually ascribed 4,320 billion years. Kalpa can also mean ‘creation’, millennium’, and even ‘imagination’), as the body of Purusah.

Since there are 16 verses, and 16 is the ideal sum of 4 x ¼ (4 x 4 = 16, , which also happens to be the immaculate equation utilised in the hadronic horizon, as the 4 x 4 iso-minkowski meter, by which infinite recursive dimensionality is reduced, within the heart of the atom,), and we are told that the Purusah has its quarter divisions to its whole — it appears utterly appropriate to divide the decimal base of the Kalpa-Yantra, by the 16 verse structure…

The Rg Veda’s 432,000 syllables are said to embody the Kalpa-Yantra, a Kalpa being one Aeon Universal Macro cycle, a Kalpa-Manuvantara-Yantra, the Rg Veda relates this in precise decimals as being 4,320 billion years…


"Four are his horns, three are his feet, two are his heads and seven are his hands. Bound threefold the bull roars, the mighty god has entered into mortals."

—RV 4.58.2


 That is 4,3,2, and 7 hands (value of zero). This is also a reference to AUM, as already noted… AUM is the geometry of one Kalpa of 4,320 billion years. A Kalpa being a sum of Manuvantara’sManu Car Carrier of AUM/Tara.”

This is naturally axiomatically fractal cascaded in the 432,000 Rg Veda Syllables, and decimally reducible to 432 .


Thus the Purusah 16 division of the Kalpa renders 432/16 = 27, the Sri Yantra geometry and lines of the general cubic surface of 3D, and each of the cube’s 27 lines being skew to 16 others. (or 27,000 in the 432,000 syllables divided by the 16 tensor).

Or the Meru Yantra of 4,320 billion years, and to the 432,000 Muhurtas/hours that is the geometrical Meru pyramid of the Rg Veda, and is the chronomoniter, or time machine, of 40 years (2 Saturn-Jupiter-Tri cycles). Thus:


Purusah 432,000/16

               = 27,000


Purusah 432,000/4

               = 108,000/30 muhurtas

               = 3,600 days /360 day year

               = 10 years


We should note here, that mandala II of the Rg Veda, has some Meru 43 hymns, which correlates to 27 + 16 Sidereal months, and Lunar 29 + 14 Synodic months. 27 and 16 are Meru temporal in space and time. 16 x 27 = 432, rendering a 432,000 hyper-link and musical A tuning in the C-256hz scale, or Meru-tuning.



Sri Yantra Hyperboloids

Remarkably there have been previous academic studies into the Sri Yantra itself,  undertaken by Dr. Alex Kaivarainen (who whilst a pioneering luminary, was unaware of hadronic mechanics during his studies) has revealed surprising subatomic particle, or vacuum excitation, information and relations within the structure of the Meru Yantra (itself generated from the wave structure of pronunciation of “A”-“U”-“M”:, as seen on the tonographer, in the film of Ronald Nameth, of Dr. Blair’s work)… We excerpt some simplified points from an otherwise too technical research paper for the layman:


“We found out that Sri Yantra diagram can be considered as a symbolic language,  containing information about the mechanism of wave-particle duality, being the background of existing Universe and all kinds of fundamental interaction.

“Each of triangles pair [down+up] in terms of our model corresponds to [positive+negative] vortex dipoles in form of parted hyperboloid of [W] phase of the pair of sub-elementary particles, like standing [neutrino+antineutrino] in different excitation states...

It is surprising… as a part of Sri Yantra, contains information about parted two-cavity hyperboloid as a spatial image of wave B in form of cumulative virtual cloud (CVC)… and about its positive and negative energy quantization as a quantum harmonic oscillator.

“Parts of Sri Yantra, representing in accordance to our model the spatial images of pair of sub-elementary [particle+antiparticle]… of excited state of wave phase [W] as a parted, (double) hyperboloid and its ground state.”

—Dr. Alex Kaivarainen DYNAMIC MODEL OF WAVE-PARTICLE DUALITY: Hidden Parameters, Golden Mean, Eigenmoments, Weak and Strong Interaction. Pp 8-10


Once again, the hyperelementary particle design governing these arrangements, by hadronic mechanics, make the hyper-significance of these models to a new prime…

Dr. Kaivarainen’s studies thus describes the Meru Yantra, as a diagram conveying the symbolic language of the underlying wave-particle duality mechanism that is the foundation of our universe, and the fundamental particle interactions, like the hyerpboloid map of the subatomic elementary particles in different states of excitation; and the two cavity-hyperboloid, mapped by the Sri Yantra interlocked triangle pairs, relating the positive and negative quantum energy numbers, in a manner akin to the Sierpinski form of the baryon decouplet.

Hadronic mechanics lifts and amplifies the above observations significantly — the hadronic force horizon domain is at the 10-13cm, individual and distinct to the much larger quantum mechanical scale of 10-9cm… at the hadronic horizon scale, non-local, non-potential, and non-linear influences are at work, as a hyperdimensional interface, and All-One Macro Lense that reduces infinite-One to null-0…


The hadronic force removes the need for the hypothetical neutrino’s, and instead establishes the hyper-symmetry design to hyper-units that interface within the hadronic horizon, reduced to null. Thereby, the Sierpinski-like fractal binomial coefficient geometries of infinite recursion, have the hyperquarks, and hyper-mesons (in iso-cubic symmetry), and hyper-baryons (in iso-Sierpinski symmetry) clearly hyper-present, but their value is reduced to null = 0… Thus, Sunyata “Immaculate Emptiness” is the particular personification reduction of Ananta “Infinite Oneness” (Sierpinski infinite recursion), within the unified field force of the hadronic horizon (Divine Love).

Thereby, the God Computer machine/yantra of AUM, gains further ground to being components of an Omni-Temporal Intelligence (OTI) Omni-science, which can never be controlled or possessed, except by axiomatically Being Its Prime indivisibly co-present All/0–One/1 Macro Operator, in coherent Self-Similarity (Divine Love-Compassion), personally personified.

The AUM Yantra’s characteristics around its Bindhu-point Į (golden mean) tensor, also features the asymmetry attributes of being a model for the composition of an electron from the particle and antiparticle pair of standing neutrinos are then described by Dr. Kaivarainen:


 “Other feature of Sri Yantra, compatible with our model of standing [neutrino+antineutrino] in composition of electron, is its asymmetry. Asymmetry is obvious from position of central zero point of diagram… as an open circle (o) and diamond shape of its nuclei, composed from two triangles with common base and different height.

“It is interesting to note that spatial position of zero-point (o), localized in lower triangle of Sri Yantra diamond-nuclei as respect to its base and apex — corresponds to Golden mean.

“The degree of asymmetry of Sri Yantra decreases with increasing the distance from its central point (o). For example, the shifts of zero-point positive and negative vacuum sublevels, as respect to central point (o) of Sri Yantra are characterized by ratio: 1.77.

“It reflects the asymmetry of bi-vacuum boson of secondary bi-vacuum, perturbed by matter.

“The less asymmetric shifts of higher sublevels with quantum number: n = 1, 2, 3,

corresponding to positive and negative energies of vacuum excitation: (Ī3/2);

“(Ī5/2) and (Ī7/2) are characterized by the following ratios of their distance from central point:  1.19; 1.1 and 1.046.

“In terms of our model of gravitation this asymmetry reflects the vacuum symmetry Shiftproduced by [real vortex+mirror rotor] dipoles of uncompensated sub-elementary particle in composition of elementary particles with fermion properties. The analogy between some features of ancient diagram and our wave-corpuscle duality model is surprising indeed.”

—Dr. Alex Kaivarainen DYNAMIC MODEL OF WAVE-PARTICLE DUALITY: Hidden Parameters, Golden Mean, Eigenmoments, Weak and Strong Interaction. Pp 8-10


We should note that the neutrino conjectures are eliminated by hadronic mechanics:


Quantum abstraction of point particles (top)

Hadronic hyperdense spheroids (bottom)

Our Vortexijah intergeometry models mapping hadronic

Wave packet overlapping


“The scattering theory used in all experimental claims on neutrino conjectures is structurally insufficient for final scientific claims because it is based on the abstraction of particles as massive points (top view) that, as such, cannot have collisions. In reality, all hadrons are extended hyperdense spheroids of radius 1F = 10−13 cm, and even though electrons have a point-like charge, they do not have a ”point-like wavepacket” as necessary for a serious validity of the quantum scattering theory. When extended particles collide as in the physical reality, we have a volume of mutual penetration of their charge distributions and/or wavepackets (lower view) that causes interactions of nonlinear, nonlocal, nonpotential and nonunitary type, namely, interactions dramatically beyond any dream of treatment via quantum mechanics….

“…The conjecture on the existence of the neutrinos as physical particles was never accepted by the entire scientific community because of: the impossibility for the neutrino to be directly detected in laboratory; the neutrino inability to interact with matter in any appreciable way; and the existence of alternative theories that do not need the neutrino conjecture.”

— Dr Ruggero Maria Santilli, INCONSISTENCIES OF NEUTRINO AND QUARK CONJECTURES AND THEIR NEGATIVE ENVIRONMENTAL IMPLICATIONS, Proceedings of the XVIII Workshop on Hadronic Mechanics University of Karlstad, Sweden, June 20-22, 2005


Thus, “physical reality” is a mutual penetration of wavepackets (iso-symmetry, hyperdense media), or charge distributions, whose interactions are everywhere, nonlocally hyperspatial, everywhen nonlinear hypertemporal, and absolute non-potential invariance of being all-null reductions indivisible to the infinitely-one hyperdense hyperverse All-One Macro foundation… That is, physical reality is an illusionary shell simulation contiguously composed and comprised of hyperdimensional All-Oneness.


That the AUM Yantra also was found to have a geometrical arrangement from its Bindhu point that correspond to the vacuum asymmetrical morphology of the bi-vacuum boson’s when perturbing matter, and the positive and negative energies of the given vacuum excitations, as well as representing the vacuum symmetry shift, in the composition of the fundamental particles of the fermion type, a shift caused by the triangular vortex and mirrors dipoles of uncompensated sub-elementary particles, reveals some major fundamental machinery behind the Sri Yantra automotives.

The researchers conclude that the Sri Yantra:


“Is comprehensive enough to contribute not only modern knowledge, concerning different fields, elementary particles, distant interactions, but as well the ancient holistic perception of World Mystery in forms of sacred geometry, based on trained intuition of most sensitive individuals of the past.”

—Dr. Alex Kaivarainen DYNAMIC MODEL OF WAVE-PARTICLE DUALITY: Hidden Parameters, Golden Mean, Eigenmoments, Weak and Strong Interaction. Pp 8-10


Dr. Kulaichev notes that the Sri Yantra's Complexity mathematics computations, far exceeds the requirement of our modern computers. Thereby, the hyper-mathematics of the Manumerator, that governs the God Computer of the universe, remains far ahead of our state of the art computer science.

Here we excerpt a few sentences of Dr. Kulaichev's  description of the Iterative method constructing the Sri Yantra, relates (since it is highly technical, only the outlines that can be comprehended by a wider audience are here conveyed):


"With the help of linear and circular equations and a sequence of super position (of co-ordinates) of the matching line points each structural component may be described by algebraic equation.

"The volume of required analytical transformations is boundless even for high-power computers. Thus for first step of transformation (from four required ones) computer must perform more than 10^11 operations, and a volume of calculations on each succeeded step, at least, in 100 times more than preceding one. Morever, the investigation of such resulting equation requires to operate with a number representation of 4 thousand figures. These demands very far exceed the capacities of modern computers."

—Dr. A.P. Kulaichev, `Sriyantra and its mathematical properties. 1984. Indian Journal of History of Science, 19.279-292.


The hadronic horizon’s infinite to zero reduction thereby becomes of quintessence to utilising the Sri Yantra hypercomputer…. Thus the hadronic force’s reduction of infinite to 0, can be classified as the True form of the Bindhu.

That the 27 Triangle Vertices of the Sri Yantra correspond to the 27-line Configuration whose symmetry group is the Weyl Group of the 78-dimensional Lie algebra E6; and that the 27 Triangle Vertices also correspond to that of 27-complex-dimensional space E7 / (E6 x U(1)); and the 27 dimensional Jordun algebra — is another story of the God Computer, for another chapter.



Since all of the 8 meson hadrons and all of the 9 baryon hadrons are all-one hyperdense media of overlapping of wave-packets, the hypermorphology of the internal hadronic dimension is a clearly wed unity of all hyper-symmetrical and isoasymmetrical interrelations of the Sri Yantra hypergeometry. The iso-stellated tetrahedron cube mesons and the iso-Sierpinski tetrahedron baryon’s, have an intergeometrical interarrangement, whereby all symmetrical components are hyper-mobius looped, in a hyperklein bottle, to every other iso-symmetrical hadron relation… As Santilli clarifies:


“All hadrons have a charge radius which is the same as the range of the strong interactions… To activate strong interactions…. Hadrons must enter into conditions of mutual penetration of their charge distributions. The emergence of nonlocal interactions under these conditions is then beyond scientific doubts.

“Hadrons are not ‘empty spheres’ with points in them… on the contrary, according to clear experimental evidence, the interior of hadrons is given by one of the densest medium measured by mankind in laboratory… Massive particles have a wavepacket at least of the order of the size of the hadrons (1 fm)… In the hadronic structure the constituents are in condition of total mutual penetration, one inside the others, resulting in the hadronic medium i.e. the hyperdense, medium composed by the complete mutual penetration of the wavepackets and charge distributions of the hadronic constituents.” –Isorelativities, pp 322-323


Sierpinski Tetrahedron


Thus, each of the hadronic iso-symmetry spheres contain each of the other hadron iso-symmetry spheres (all the mesons and all the baryons)…

Here, the hyperdense medium is hypercomposed into an All-One Hyper-Morphology of “everything is everything else.” Our intergeometrical modelling (summer 2000), unifying all of the 5 platonic solids via their composition by the Vortexijah iso-tetrahedrons (and iso-tetrahedron-wheels), unifying all opposite faces through the 4D mobius klein bottle (single surface toroid folding through the 4th dimension) hyper-isorotation of all opposite iso-symmetry faces, whereby every solid is every other solid (see our Intergeometry page for details and computer animated models to clarify), as All-One Macro Hypergeometry appears to describe the hadronic Yantra hyperelative hyperindex continuum…


Klein Bottle Thread called the "Shiela Structure, from the work of Shiela Morgan and our colleague Dr. Melanie Claire Purcell, whom with Steven Rosen, are the 3 "Klein Bottle Philosophers" in the world. Download Dr. Purcell’s PDF file here


As Santilli continues:


“[diagram of a hyper-toroidal sphere, containing the hypermobius interrelationship of all hadron mobius wave-packet interpenetrations, as all-one single sided toriodal hyperloop arrangement —Ananda] A schematic picture of the hadronic structure emerging from the experimental data on the size of wavepackets and of the charge distribution of hadrons…. Essentially consists of constituents each one inside all the others… this occurrence suggests a departure in the interior hadrons from the geometry of empty space… In fact, the identity of the size of all hadrons with the range of the strong interactions, the dimension of the wavepackets of the hadronic constituents being equal to the hadrons themselves, the hyperdense character of the hadronic medium, and other data… establish the impossibility for conventional relativistic formulations to be exact for the hadronic structure… Evidence of… the existence of deviations from the Minkowskian geometry of interior hadrons. First time experimental verification of the isominkowskian geometry, iso-poincare symmetry and related isospecial relativity for the interior of hadrons is provided by the behaviour of the meanlife of unstable hadrons with speed which 1. Is at variance with Minkowskian behavior 2. Confirms the behavior predicted by our isomonkowskian geometry 3. Provides a verification of the isodoppler law

The isominkowskian geometrization of the physical medium in the interior of hadrons with isotopic law… was subsequently proved by Aringazin to be ‘directly universal’, i.e., including all possible generalisations via different expansions in terms of different parameters and with different truncations, while preserving the frame of the observe.” –Isorelativities


Thereby, our hyperunifications of all symmetries through intergeometrical iso-symmetries became the confirmed conformity of the hadronic hyperdense medium… This hyperdimensional hyperdensities of hypergeometry, furthermore, are revealed to exhibit speeds faster than the speed of light, due to their ultra high density — startlingly, the hadronic internal heart force horizon is comprised of hyperdensities that are soo dense as to be beyond our 3rd dimensional speed of light limit local spatial geometry, the implications of these observations are beyond profound:


“One of these studies… by de Sabata and Gasperini… who confirmed via the use of conventional gauge theories the preceding hypothesis by Santilli that the maximal causal speed inside hadrons is greater than co, as recovered… for the structure of the nuclei.

“The second phenomenological confirmation… by Nielsen and Picek who computed deviations from the Minkowski geometry inside pions and kaons via standard gauge models in the Higgs sector… A deformed Minkowski metric inside hadrons, which is precisely of the isominkowskian type… The change in numerical value  of the isotopic element in transition from pions to kaons… is necessary because of the change of the density (all hadrons have approximately the same size, but different rest energies, thus having different densities which require different isounits).” –Isorelativities. Pp 328


Thereby, the hadronic atomic densities, with greatest speeds that are superluminal, now directly verify the visionary albeit numinous inspiration source that imbibed us in the late 1980s, which utilised the paradigm of ‘atomic densities’ by new bonding arrangements of the electron closer to the atomic nuclei, in a string of octave densities, now has the clear observational evidence that precisely describe this state. Which lead me to write in September 1991 the following:


“Emmanuel to me appears to be a number of things. I understand and remember that Emmanuel is part of a universal state of consciousness shared by group consciousness in dimensions and planetary systems throughout the universes and throughout the dimensional densities… part of the Emmanuel group consciousness structure are in interuniversal, and interdimensional extraterrestrial human forms, generally beyond the fourth density but who can lower there atomic density and enter… what we call our present physical reality of perception.

“I would also perceive the Emmanuel process as a state of awakening dormant parts of my own brain, activating parts of the other two thirds of the cerebral cortex of the brain, by synchronising both hemispheres of the brain [8hz], thus unifying conscious with subconscious, to gain access to superconsciousness. Having an acceleration of brain neuron transmissions etc.

“I have understood through the Emmanuel process that there is a universal collective superconsciousness [All-One Hadron Macro Mind], and that this is used in the communication process. This interpenetrates

the entire cosmos

“I have witnessed the star ships manifest physically, as I have worked with them, and have clear memories of other planetary, dimensional, multi-universal experiences in the human form or outline image [axiomatic hadronic hyper-archetypes, whose hyperdensities preserve the space of the observer] — though generally having merged into an atomic density where the electrons are close to fusing with the nucleus of the atom [clearly describing the hadronic horizon] and thus time/space are further collapsed [hadronic hyperdense medium of non-local hyperspace, and non-linear, hypertime connections] and the atoms are emitting photons, particles of light — or the light body. Thus one could say the human extraterrestrial and interdimensional form has been defrosted into a physical higher atomic density light form, or as pure Higher Light — the Original Form [describing the hyperdense photon saturation of some of the hadron densities, and the All-One Macro Irreversible Hadron Primordial Hyper Model].

I sincerely believe that every person has the possibility to reconnect to their own group’s band-width within the universal superconsciousness.”

—The Light Of Emmanuel: Explorations Into Oneness, Ananda/Emmanuel, Aton Publishing, 1992. Section The Emmanuel Story, signed September 1991, pp 7


These are the remarkable descriptions that prophetically preview the hadronic foundation mechanics of our reality, founded upon the Numinous Emmanuel contacts imbibing the greater atomic density coupling paradigms that are the hadronic horizon and the densities of its hyperdense medium, with superluminal threshold speeds due to the enormous density of hadrons… Faster-than-light speeds are also post causal (post-karma, where cause and effect interpenetrate oneanother like the hadronic wave packets… This Emmanuel notion of superluminal post-causality, now has its hadronic verification.

These now remarkable premonitions, highlighted into hypersignificance, are further explored:


human race had originally been in a Light Body form, which slowly densified its Light mass into bio-plasmic and other similar states — lowering the atomic densities into the varying densities of the universe. It was recalled how some had become trapped into the lower densities, loosing their ability to re-ascend into greater octaves of atomic density, commonly understood as other dimensions. And how there came a

division in those who had not fallen into the lower densities… A division that occurred up through even the higher densities.

“One group which did not loose its Light Body form or its connection to the Intelligent Infinity or All-Oneness — felt it was their duty to awaken those who had fallen into the sleep of the universal Dream, to their Light Body expressions and equal connection and  to decode the living memories of the past out of the DNA or memory cells. Many regressed right to the point of the original fall of man into the lower densities, where man became locked from the atomic Light Fusioned Body. Some couples pioneered down these awakenings more than others. Together these couples were able to increase their atomic densities, when they together channelled the intelligent universal energy [All-One Macro Hadronic Unified Force] through their memory cells. The memory cells awakened further energy and linkages [iso-electron clusters of magnecules and hypermagnecules, and other superconductor configurations like ORME and cooper-pairs] to the Light Body State [All-One Hadronic/Aether Unified Field Body], beyond atomic fusion [hyper-iso-superconductivity], way beyond what is known as the speed of light [properly describing realisation of hypertemporal hadronic configuration], into the state known as All-Oneness.

“This transformation caused numerous members of our Confederation to break through the fall state and re-establish their connection to multiple density expressions — interdimensional. Some chose to remain in the visible spectrum for those who had not yet chosen to reconnect to the All-Oneness. These acted as bridges to those who ascended into the highest levels possible of the All-Oneness.

“It was recognised by the reconnected ones, that man serves an extremely important purpose to the universe. He is the bridge, or wedding ring, that reconnects the dream of the universe back into the All-Oneness. But yet the Force, or electrical force of the universe, when united with the All-Oneness, creates a new level of Being. It was thus thought to be necessary that parts of the Confederation remain in lower densities after having established the reconnection physically with the All-Oneness, to directly connect the two principles and to guide those who had not yet made the interdimensional connection with All-Oneness.

“Eventually all members of the race had managed to defrost the frozen light of their atomic densities into totally awakened Light Body Forms. This process continued and is continuing. They could, however, still decrease their atomic densities and become visible in the lower densities, as well as perform duties in these levels of vibration [the reality formulation comprised upon the foundation stability of interpenetrating wavepackets of the hadron horizon hyperdense media].

“However, it was also realised that other parts of the universal mankind race, following the ancestral line, were still trapped in lower densities or dream realities, in other star systems which we had never connected with, and which had been less fortunately placed in position to the conflicts… There were thousands of planetary systems in various dimensions, octaves and densities, that were either in the heat of the old conflicts, not recognising, themselves, that they were in the middle of these manipulations, or had never broken the amnesia or recognised the law of All-Oneness. They had never broken the memory veil in the DNA, because they had not collected into a social superconsciousness, or even superconsciousness, and thus were unable to fully unlock the memory block stored in the cellular memory, via connecting the scattered Light Codes in the DNA [hadronic 8 hz phase-conjugational phase-gathering of the DNA laser holographic continuum, into superconductive Whole Light Coherency].

“The Earth today is in the middle of an atomic density shift [new hadronic emissions now clearly emerging in an independent magnetic field, and hadronic emissions registered from the new ‘exotic materia’ now influxing our solar system, together with other impulses transfiguring the plasma-sphere of our solar system, transforming every planet into massive energy doubling, interplanetary warming, aurora activations, and inversion of many previous astrophysical laws [that join the 48% increase in Neptune’s brightness since 1996], as the human race upon its surface is slowly awakening its social superconsciousness, which breaks it free from the control groups. Lifting a civilisation from a collective unconscious, to the collective superconsciousness, which then further plugs into the collective universal super-consciousness [All-One Hadron Heart Mind] etc. A good number from the Confederation to incarnate into the consciousness of this planet, beginning many thousands of years ago, simultaneously projected into multiple time-frames [describing the multi-time index of structure arrangements of hypermagnecules, which operate in the hadronic hypertemporal and hyperelative conformations of hypermathematics [with plural frame of time in the future, past and present, in 4 directions of time travel, exhibited in sea shell growth, and other temporal iterations]. The Emmanuel unit or group is part of our original Confederation. Some of which operate in the highest densities of the cosmic Christ, and with others in the multiple universe’s higher densities [thereby modelling the hadronic densities axiomatic within any myriad of multiverses cross-indexed to our own, through the hadronic hyperdense medium and beyond]… this existing as a simultaneous incarnations… existing more as inter-universals, having multidimensional principles, as well as inter-universal access [descriptions par excellance of hadronic hyperconductive hyperrelative materia, axiomatic to all hyper-hadronic density domains of any open ended multidimension and multiverse, as implicated in hadronic mechanics…].

—ANANDA, SEPTEMBER 1991, Groupe De Lucinges, France. Light Of Emmanuel, Pp 17


This remarkable above account that I wrote 15 years ago at the age of 21, now describe a pseudo hadronic hyper-history, where the hypertemporal and hyperelative continuum compossing our living life architecture and ecosphere, naturally is implied to have such hadronic hyper-axiomatic links within the multiversal holographic  hypermechanics,  undulating upon the All-One Hyper Hadron Macro Foundation  of the Hyper-Operator of All-Oneness… Interestingly, based on the Emmanuel atomic density paradigms, I also explain that each respective density is interlinked to all other spaces of that same density form, which is parallel to the hadronic hyperdense medium hyperlinking to all hadronic hyperdense mediums within the multiverse as All-One Hyper-Medium:


“…So as to increase their atomic densities and move into the next octaves of dimensional atomic density in Mars. This specific group was also connected

and in harmony with the Confederation… most of them unified into group consciousness in those higher atomic density octaves, and eventually opened the gateway into higher universes.

“A few of them remain in the higher densities of Mars today, but due to their realm of experience are equally united with the same densities in some of the other planets of this solar system, such as Earth, as well as other systems throughout this galaxy and the higher universes. For this unified state is not isolated by one particular planetary system, but is united throughout all systems of Light in service of the One

Infinite Creator. In other words that density or dimension is linked into the interuniversal super-consciousness [All-One Hadron Universal Heart-Mind].

ANANDA, Light Of Emmanuel Pp 20</