By Ananda, May 2000

We are NOW in alignment of planets, the most major one of the 24 that have occurred since 1978.

Such a frequency of alignments has not occurred in some 25,000 years, that is at the end of the last Aquarius Age.

Whilst such a close alignment occurs every couple of thousand years, we are now experiencing a culmination synchronization with other events: we are AT THE SAME TIME going into the sunspot maximum peak plateau, according to NASA which is set to last another 2 years ending with the alignment of the planets of September 2002; whilst ending the galactic cross that began last August, the event that occurs once in 12,901 years.

The planets align in this last Omega Phase of the Galactic Crossing, or solar system burp, as the Solar Wind prepares to go for its male cycle, an out breath of 11.5 years, that takes us to 2011, the present Omega Zone synchronization Attractor Field, induced by some Great Future Novelty Congruence.

We are witnessing the cascade of waves in the celestial mechanics of the waters of time a space of the regular Galactic Trumpet Cosmic Ray volley, or tidal wave, in the cycles of the planets, and synchronization to this Galactic Conjunction Time, which is approaching us on the horizon of 12 years.

THE END GAME BEGINS, we are now set into the threshold of the last episode of history, which will commence 2002, towards the Omega Point Union that is beyond imagination.

With the Cosmic Ray anomalies that switched on in 1994, we are not only anticipating the usual galactic trumpet, but a New Universe is absorbing our own, as the Unity Keys demonstrates. In 1996, for instance, time received 1 more second to the minute.

Coming out of this Gyrascopic Compression phase at the Dawn of the End Game, Let us Emanate Out the Realization of the Unity Of Unity's as All Is God, beyond the elitism's of racism, spiritual Nazism, black and white brotherhood chauvenism, and instigate a Midway marriage of information technology, fused with Pan Gaia'n process of Gnosis.

Let us prepare for Star Ship Mo ther Ship Earth, our Time Ship Earth, by the Shamana's instigation of the 80 Earth Grid Point Akupuncture gravity anomaly zones, by 2012, linked to the global dance and symphony. Are you ready for OMEGA?

Let us utilize the musical harmonics of creation. Let us use the harmonics of the speed of light: 144,000 nautical miles. Tuning our instruments of Christed Gnosis to 432 hz and 144 hz, so that we resonate with creation, and the geometrical instigation is Virtually born from our Unity Christ Self Spirit's. As extensions of our Coherent heart Grail's Overflowing.

Let us position ourselves into Sacred Dance, so that we can dance the ancestors, and the ancestral memories into synthesized Diamond Body Fusion and Beyond, through All Is God.

So that what the SUN drums into our time and space waters in the next 12 years is: the Uni-PHI-ed coherence of our ecstatic stances, and compassionate dances, our 8 Hz integrations, and Vortexijah Star Ship Unifications of our Total Field Synthesis.

As the suns winds blow into our pineal glands and set off our hormones aflow, so let us know that our Unity Self is giving first signal to go. Let as dare, as All Is God, to dedicate ourselves to our Unity Self's to be Us, to Be our Pineal glands, and all other glands that cascade in resonance with this symphony of life.

As the Sun is changing and has been receiving a 5 N-Space signature on its North pole (see Sun Gate Conspiracy articles in PDF format on page), so a new universe of coding is gleaming through its song, and hence our own hormones resonating gong, switched on by this solar piper.

Now is the Time to dedicate yourself fully to your Unity Self, Phase Conjugate, with your Star Ship Vortexijah, even every part of your physical self, yes, as All Is God.







Ananda, May 5th, 2000, 3:30 am